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Went to Tokyo today for Jump Festa and take this opportunity to take pictures with these awesome poster! ✌🏻 Haikyuu giant poster @ Shibuya

yep after trying to find this for almost an hour.. almost give up~ i tried to find this at the usual place they put haikyuu poster on (engeki posters) but i cant find this there today and i almost cry i swear 😢 but luckily i found info from twitter (bless whoever posted about it) that told the exact place and i freaking run there 😂 good job myself for not giving up! 👏🏻 btw im in rush finding this poster because i have to catch my last train home (if i didnt take the last train i might sleep on some Tokyo’s pavement 😵)

Yes Captain (Steve Rogers x Reader One-Shot)

Summary: You sass Captain Steve Rogers, your boyfriend, on a mission and he’s not too happy about it.  You know your favorite punishment awaits you when you get back.

Words: 2,260 (I need to learn to narrow it down!)

Warnings: Smut

A/N: Ok, this is probably not the greatest for two reasons. One, I typed this quickly.  Two, I’ve never wrote full on smut before.  I’m still practicing so I hope to get better in the future.  I hope you enjoy!

You had been working as an Avenger for the past few years now, and you loved every minute of it.  You weren’t a superhero, or a rage monster, or a God, but you were a master assassin and a master hacker.  You were orphaned at age 15, after both your parents were killed in a small plane accident.  Being in foster care wasn’t for you, and you soon ditched that and ran away, but not before learning a few hacking skills from your foster siblings.  You’re parents left you money in their will, but you weren’t allowed to get into that account until you turned 18.  As you became more educated in the hacking world, you were able to hack into the account with ease; and from there, you were able to live off that money.  

One day while searching the deep web, you came across a company that would train you as a master assassin, for the right price.  Seeing as you got bored easily, you decided to give it a go and spent the next four years training with them.  You soon became their best trainee they ever had; you were always a fast learner which made it easy.  You thought you were good enough to stay off the radar, but alas, S.H.E.I.L.D found you, well, more like Nick Fury.  He cornered you on the street one day while you were getting groceries and he gave you an offer you couldn’t refuse.  You usually liked to work alone, but being in a team setting intrigued you and peeked your interest.

Next thing you knew, you were moving into the Avengers Tower and you found yourself a whole new family. You were closest with Clint and Natasha seeing as you three had the most in common with being trained as assassins. Usually you always sparred with one of them, until one day, you were to spar with the Captain himself, Steve Rogers. You had to admit, you did have a crush on him.  I mean seriously, who wouldn’t?  That all American boy next door face and those huge shoulders and arms; arms strong enough to pin you down as he slammed into you.  Okay, yes, those first few months you fantasized about him, a lot.  

One day while on a mission, you had sassed back to him.  You were sarcastic, you couldn’t help it!  Turns out, Steve does not like being sassed to while on a mission as he takes them very seriously.  After the debriefing of the mission, you made your way back to your room where he followed you.  An argument ensued, clothes were ripped off, and that was how you found out Captain America himself loved being dominant in the bedroom.  He loved taking you to the edge, just to pull back in order to punish you for sassing him.  

You were able to keep your relationship purely physical for a little bit, but soon, both of your emotions got caught in the middle.  You had a serious talk about what you both wanted out of it, and it turned out, you both wanted it to be a real relationship.  You were ecstatic for two reasons; one, Steve in public and around others was the sweet, gentle, perfect boyfriend; two, in the bedroom, Steve was dominant and demanding, just the way you loved it.  The two of you did make love every once and awhile, but that was usually reserved for special occasions or when either of you got hurt on a mission.

It was early in the morning as you were putting on your suit and getting ready for a mission; Steve already getting things prepared on the Quinjet.  Your suit was almost identical to Natasha’s, but you had a few more hidden compartments for your knives.  You were great with a gun, but you were perfection with knives; your specialty. Clint and Bucky were the only other ones accompany you and Steve on the mission.  Natasha was supposed to go but ended up getting injured on her last mission and she wasn’t clear for battle yet.  It was a simple mission; go in, hack into the mainframe, get out.  Tony was throwing a party tonight.  You had no idea why, the man was always throwing parties, but you didn’t mind; always willing to let loose after a mission.

A few hours later the four of you were airborne, heading towards your site.  

“Everyone got their earpiece in?” Steve asked with his Captain voice.  The voice you loved.

“Yep” Clint and Bucky said in unison.

“Aye aye el Capitan!” you said with a smirk on your face.  Steve gave you a look which you knew too well.  While he was always professional when he was leading a mission, he couldn’t help but worry because you were his girl.  You always tried to lighten the mood, to get him to smile, but it wasn’t working today.  

“Alright, Bucky and I will clear the outside of guards, and then move in to take out anybody inside.   Y/N, Clint, find the mainframe, get the data we need, and get out.  Are you clear?” Steve asked as everybody nodded.

The Quinjet lands as Steve takes your hand to lead you to the back.  “You be careful in there Y/N.  This should be an easy mission.  In and Out.  Got it?”

Being the sarcastic ass you were, you couldn’t help what came out of your mouth, “That’s what she said.”

Steve let out a frustrated sigh at your words as he tilted his head back.  “Really Y/N?”

“I’m sorry!  I couldn’t help it!  You walked right into that one!!” you giggle as you stand on your tip toes to give him a kiss, his lips perfectly melting into yours.  “I’ll behave, I promise.”

“You better”, he says as he grips your ass, “or there will be punishments involved.”  He gives you one more swift kiss before he joins Bucky up front, then rush outside.  

After a few moments you heard Steve over your comms, “First and second floors clear.  Clint, Y/N, go straight ahead to the stairs when you come in.”

“Our turn” Clint said as he gripped his bow.

The two of you came barreling out of the Quinjet, running straight inside the warehouse and up the stairs.  Quickly scanning the rooms of the long hallway, you finally reached your destination. Just as you were about to kick open the door to the mainframe, you heard footsteps nearing you and soon enough, there were a half dozen guards.  

“Go, I got this” Clint said as he raised his bow.

You kicked open the door, gun aimed in front as you surveyed the room.  No guards.  “Mainframe is clear.  Clint’s outside the door taking care of guards.  This doesn’t look difficult so I should be-ungf” you cut off as one guard shoved you into the desk.  He used one arm to pin your arms behind your back as his other smashed your head into the tablet. “Mother fucker!” you yelled.

“Y/N what’s going on?” you heard Steve over your comms, concern lacing his voice.

The more you tried to wiggle out of his grasp, the harder he gripped your arms and slammed your head into the desk.  You could taste the blood from your lip busting open as your cheek throbbed in pain.

“Agent Y/L/N!!” Steve said with more authority, “What’s happening!  Are you okay?  Barton, can you get to Y/N?”

“A little tied up at the moment Cap” Clint stated as he will still fighting off the guards outside the door.

“I’m FINE!” you snap back, finally finding your voice.  In that moment, you were able to finally able to get into a position to fight back.  You kicked your leg back and shattered the guards kneecap as he fell with a thud.  Turning around, you threw a small circular Taser at him; he convulsed and then passed out.  You plugged in your USB and got to work.  

You heard shuffling right outside the door before it burst open.  Turning your head, you saw three worried men staring at you.  “Hello boys” you say coyly, “just about finished.”

Once you were finished, the four of you rushed to the Quinjet and took off, heading straight back to the Avengers Tower to get ready for the party.  Steve wouldn’t even look at you and you know you pissed him off. You had been sarcastic, sassed back, and got yourself injured.  That was the one thing Steve hated about missions with you.  Even if the injuries were miniscule, it always put him in a sour mood.  

There wouldn’t be time for debriefing tonight because of the party; that would have to wait until the morning.  You made your way to your room; Steve nowhere in sight.  You stripped off your suit and headed into your shower, washing the grime away.  You winced as the water hit your face; your cheek already bruising and your lip slightly swollen from it being cut open.  You heard your bathroom door slam and you knew it was Steve immediately. He opened your shower door and he stood there naked, naked and perfect.  You saw Steve naked too many times to count, but he always took your breath away.  

He backed you up against the wall as he took your wrists and raised them above your head, pinning you there. His eyes were full of lust, and his breathing was deep.  He looked like a wild animal; about to devour you.

“Do you know why I’m angry?” he asked as his eyes bore into yours.

Your eyes closed as you let out a soft sigh.  “Because I sassed you sir.”

“Good girl” he growled before his lips were on your neck; sucking and biting your milky skin.  You let out a moan, cherishing the way his lips felt.  He bit down a bit harshly and you noisily cried out.  He grabbed under your thighs to lift you up and you readily wrapped your legs around him as you needed to put pressure on your aching clit.  He walked out of your shower, lips still attached to your neck as he made his way to your bedroom; you a moaning mess in his arms.  His lips found the trail to yours and he kissed you gently, not to disturb your cut lip.

“I love you” he whispered to you quietly, “but you were naughty today” he said as he dropped you to the bed.  You peered up at him through your long lashes as you licked your lips; knowing what would happen next.  “You know what happens when you sass me, don’t you” Steve rasped out.

“Yes Captain” you purred.

Steve sunk to his knees as he lifted your legs over his shoulders.  You leaned up on your elbows to keep your eyes on him.  He spread your lips, and a smile appeared on his face, loving the way your pussy glistened with your wetness.  His tongue darted out to wet his lips before he flicked his tongue over your sensitive nub.  

“Fuuuuuck Captain!” you screeched out as your legs tightened around his head.  He moved his hands to grip your thighs, holding you still as you wiggled around.  His tongue swirled around your clit mercilessly, leaving you right on the edge.

“Fuck Captain…don’t st-stop. Right there sir!” you breathily cooed. As you said that, he removed his tongue. “You don’t get to come until I let you”.

You throw your head back to the bed with a groan as his tongue started at your clit again.  He entered a finger inside you this time, crooking it just the way you liked it.  The profanities left your lips as your walls started tightening around his finger. Steve noticed and pulled back yet again.

“Please Captain” you whimpered out.  “I’ll-I’ll be good next mission” you begged.

You heard a low chuckle from him as he inserted two fingers, hitting your sweet spot instantly.  He attached his mouth over your pearl one last time and you were a withering mess in seconds; Steve finally letting you cum. Your orgasm rippled through your body as Steve kept his fingers inside you, coaxing you down from your high.  When you were finally sated, he removed his fingers and flipped you over so you were bent over the bed.  

Steve slapped your ass once before moving to your ear.  “Hang on tight baby girl, this will be quick” he rasped out as he sunk into you from behind; both of you moaning together.  He gave you a minute to adjust to his size before he started thrusting deep inside of you.  The only noise in the room was the skin on skin from him pounding into you and your loud moans.  You felt his strokes become sloppy as his hand reached to massage your already sensitive bud.  Both of you came together as you simultaneously cried out; his hot seed spurting inside you.

You laid there, bent over the bed as he slowly left you.  Steve went to the bathroom to get a washcloth and came back to clean you up.  The two of you got dressed in a hurry, already late for the party.  Before opening the door Steve leaned down to give you a tender kiss on your lips.  “I love you” he said in a soft gentle voice.

“I love you too Steve” you smiled up at him.

He opened the door for you, and the two of you walked down the hallway towards the party, hand in hand.

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Down 2 pounds this week!

Yep, that’s right, I called bullshit on my weigh in from yesterday and tried again today! 

I am now at my lowest weight from the first time I tried losing weight the healthy way back in 2013 when I met my fiancé! I studied abroad in Ireland for the first half of the year when I lost the 35ish pounds, but I gained it all back plus some to hit a new highest weight after I returned to my university in the US and had a particularly tough semester. 

My lowest weight from my second attempt in 2014/2016 was 168 (I think I saw that number almost exactly a year ago) and my goal is to get back there by May 8 when I start my new job 🤗🤗🤗

Originally posted by thecynicalcrayon

HW: 225 lbs.

CW: 179 lbs.

Total lost overall: 46 lbs.

Goal weight 1: 195 lbs.

Goal weight 2: 190 lbs.

Goal weight 3: 185 lbs.

Goal weight 4: 180 lbs. 

Goal weight 5: 175 lbs. (4 lbs. away)

Goal weight 6: 170 lbs (9 lbs. away)

Goal weight 7: 165 lbs. (14 lbs. away)

Goal weight 8: 160 lbs. (19 lbs. away)

Today I started another version of the Inktober. :D

I take part in the symposium of the overglaze (porcelain) painting. Today was my first day and I tried to remember how to do it, because I didn’t do this for about three years. And I got pleasant emotions! I had to get used to the old pen, cause sometimes it gets clogged as soon as turpentine dries up. Yep, this thin stick with a metal tip is my pen. :D

I made the first plate to sample and it’s not finished yet. After the end of the symposium and the burning of porcelain, I will try to make good photos.

Fish out of Water pt3

Humans are weird, and when you get the chance to get to know one and understand them better, you take it. But there are rules about interfering with human affairs, and breaking them might come at a higher price than you were willing to pay.

Part 1, 2

Reader x Yoongi

Mermaid Au

Fluff, humor, maybe some angst? Not much though.

It had been one of those nights that Yoongi couldn’t take a moment to collect his thoughts, just had to keep working until the bar closed. It was packed all night, and by the time it cleared out he was exhausted and his feet hurt. But he wasn’t in a bad mood, unlike some other nights that this happened. He was looking forward to buying ice cream and meeting you under the pier.

“Alright, I’m out.” He said to Jimin when he was done cleaning up.

“Not yet, you’re not.” Jimin said. “There’s some girl here to see you.”

Yoongi frowned at Jimin. He didn’t remember anyone telling him they were going to stop by his work, and couldn’t think of a reason for them to.

“What girl?” He asked, and Jimin shrugged.

“No idea, but she’s been staring at her feet the whole time. I tried to ask her why she was here, but she just said she was here to see you.” Jimin gestured toward the front of the restaurant. “She’s over there.”

Yoongi sighed. “What kind of person wouldn’t even give you a name—“ He stopped talking as he walked closer. You were sitting, staring at your toes—something you definitely did not have last night—wiggling them in wonder.

“Do you know her?” Jimin asked quietly, putting a hand on Yoongi’s shoulder.

“Yeah, I just—I don’t know what she’s doing here. Give us a minute, okay?”

Jimin nodded, and Yoongi made his way over to you. You noticed him approaching, and smiled brightly at him.

“Yoongi! I was so worried that maybe you weren’t here tonight, or that you didn’t want to talk to me, or—don’t faint.”

Yoongi must have looked dizzy—he felt dizzy—and he sat on the bench next to you.

“But you’re…You’re not…You have feet.” Yoongi had just come to terms with you being a mermaid, and now he finds out that you aren’t one? It was all a little disconcerting.

“I know, isn’t it horrible?” Your smile had faded.

“What?” Yoongi really didn’t understand what was happening.

“My father found out about me talking to you.” You sighed.

“The sea king?” Yoongi clarified.

“One of them.” You corrected. “We got in a fight, and he took my tail away.”

“That… Doesn’t make sense.” Yoongi said weakly.

“Do anyone’s parents make sense?” You asked, raising an eyebrow. “I think he’ll let me return to the sea soon, but I don’t know what to do until then. I was hoping you could help me?”

Other people might have accused you of lying about being a mermaid in the first place, that perhaps this was all a scam. But Yoongi knew deep down that wasn’t the case. He had seen the complete wonder in your eyes as he talked about living on land, had even touched your tail. There was always something so genuine about you that he didn’t question it.

“Of course. What can I do?”

“I just need somewhere to sleep, I won’t bother you for anything else.” You assured him, and Yoongi frowned down at your feet.

“You can stay with me. I live in a group house, so there’ll be other people around, but it’s safe. I’ll sleep on the couch, I don’t mind. You’ll need shoes. And some actual clothes. This—“ He pulled the sleeve of the bathing suit cover. “Wouldn’t work even if it did fit you.”

You shook your head. “I hate to ask all of this from you, Yoongi. I’ll pay you back, somehow. I promise. Also, what’s a couch?”

“I’ll explain, but first—why don’t we get you some shoes.”

You decided that you didn’t particularly care for the strange things humans wore on their feet called “flip-flops.” Not only were they difficult to walk in, they kept falling off.

“Sorry, I have a moped but I walked today… It would have saved your feet some trouble.”

“Is that a kind of shoe?” You asked, slipping your foot into the flip-flop for what felt like the millionth time that night.

Yoongi laughed slightly. “No, it’s a motorized scooter…” When you stared blankly at Yoongi, he tried a different explanation. “You know what a bike is, right?” You nodded, noticing something shiny on the ground and picking it up to study it.

“Yep, I see those a lot along the beach all the time.”

“It’s kind of similar to that, in a way. But you don’t have to pedal it, and the seat is different.”

“That sounds strange.” You said, flipping over the shiny thing. “What is this?” You asked, holding it out to Yoongi.

“A quarter. You can use it to buy things.”

“What kind of things?” You asked, walking ahead of him. You had no idea where you were going, so Yoongi didn’t know how you were so confident in the direction you were walking in.

“Clothes, shoes, food… Most things.”

You nodded thoughtfully as Yoongi caught up to you, then you reached over and took his hand. You turned it palm-up and placed the quarter in his hand, closing his fingers around it.

“For the flip-flops, and letting me stay with you.” You said, giving him a smile.

Yoongi shook his head, trying to return the coin to you. “You should keep it, you found it.”

“And now I’m giving it to you.” You said, shaking your head. “I have to pay you something, right?”

Yoongi couldn’t help his laugh. “You really don’t. But okay, if that’s what you want. Thank you.” He pocketed the quarter. “This is where I live, by the way.” He pointed to a tall house, painted a dark blue. It looked fairly well taken care of, but old, and there were patches on the roof.

“I like it.” You said happily, following him up the stairs and through the front door.

Yoongi had hoped that everyone would have already gone to bed, but Seokjin and Jungkook were playing a video game, elbowing and shoving each other on the couch occasionally.

“There’s food in the fridge if you’re hungry.” Seokjin said, not looking up.

“I’m surprised you’re back so early, I thought you had a date…” Jungkook stopped when he saw you, which made Seokjin look up as well. “Oh.”

“Don’t make too much noise, Taehyung has work first thing tomorrow morning.” Seokjin said, and Yoongi’s eyes widened.

“No, it’s not like that—she just needs somewhere to stay for tonight. Which means I’m going to need the couch.”

Jungkook tried to brush some chip crumbs (and who knows what else) as Seokjin nodded in understanding.

“Well in that case, welcome.” He stood, walking over to you with his hand outstretched. “My name is Seokjin, that’s Jungkook, and I can introduce you to everyone else in the morning. There’s food in the fridge if you’d like some, and let me know if you need anything.”

You leaned sideways toward Yoongi’s ear. “What’s a fridge?” You half-whispered.

“It’s a box that keeps things cold.” He replied, just as quietly. When Seokjin raised an eyebrow at him, he nodded his head to the side, indicating for the two of them to step away from you and Jungkook. “Can I talk to you for a second?”

“Yoongi, who is this girl?” Seokjin asked, watching as you walked over to the tv and tapped the screen.

“Someone I owe a lot to. Is it okay if she stays here for a few days?”

Seokjin glanced from you and back to Yoongi. “Did I hear her ask what a fridge was?”

Yoongi sighed. “She’s not… From here.”

“Yoongi? Why are there small people stuck in a box?” You asked, and Seokjin gave Yoongi a look.

“Not from here? Where is she from then?”

“Please, Seokjin. It’ll only be for a few days, I promise.” Yoongi said, avoiding the question. Seokjin was the owner of the house’s nephew, and had complete power to kick out anyone he wished.

“We’re already pretty full, Yoongi. Seven people in one house is a lot, and you want to add another?” At Yoongi’s silence, Seokjin sighed. “She doesn’t have anywhere else to stay?”

Yoongi shook his head. “I’m the only person she knows here. I can’t just leave her on the street.”

Seokjin sighed, looked up at the ceiling, and then back at Yoongi. “Okay. A few days. But then she either has to start paying rent, or move somewhere else.”

“Thanks Seokjin, I owe you.” Yoongi looked over to where you were now sitting with Jungkook happily eating Doritos. He caught you eye and smiled. “Come on, I’ll show you to where you’ll be staying.”

Yoongi found some of his clothes for you to wear, laying them on the bed as you wandered around the room.

“Being up this high doesn’t bother you?” You asked, looking out his window. It was only on the second floor, and heights had never particularly bothered Yoongi.

“I guess I never thought about it.” He said, glancing up as you stepped away from the window. “I’ll step out while you change, okay?” You agreed as he stepped out, pulling the door shut behind him. 

Yoongi waited for what felt like forever in the hall, and was about to knock on the door and ask you if you were okay when he heard you scream. 

“Are you okay? What happened?” Yoongi asked, opening the door and hurrying in. You walked out of the adjoining bathroom to look at him, your eyes wide. You were wearing his jeans and a hoodie, which already looked a bit strange because they didn’t fit. But you were also wet, as though you had been standing in the rain. 

“Is everything alright?” Seokjin asked, peaking into the room, concern on his face.

“You have a waterfall in your house.” You said in wonder, pointing to the shower that was still running. Yoongi hurried past you to turn the water off, and sighed when he saw Seokjin’s face. 

“Everything’s fine.” He said, walking back over to shut the door on the older man. “Good night, Seokjin.”

Yoongi only hoped that he could either think of a reasonable excuse for you in the morning, or that you would be gone soon. He guessed that too many questions probably weren’t the best idea for a once-mermaid-now-human who was trying to appear normal, and he was determined to help you. It was the least he could do after you saved his life. It was just going to be a bit complicated, that was all.

A/N Yay I updated finally! I was thinking about updating Disposable, but then I decided to update this instead. I only semi-proofread this, so I’ll check it again in the morning if I get the chance. Thank you for reading, I really appreciate all the positive feedback I’ve gotten! You all mean so much to me. <3 As always, let me know your thoughts and feelings on this! Reader might have a hard time fitting in, as well as convincing her father to let her return to the sea! <3 <3 <3

SugarDaddy!Cal Pt.15

A/N: Well, well, well you guys I have returned. I know this chapter is long overdue and I apologise, but these are the last few days of school and when you’re in honors classes that apparently means give loads of work to the teachers.Then I was going to upload it hours ago but Oliver (the guy Connor is based on) spontaneously took me out for ice cream and shit. Anyway, I’m satisfied with this chapter and it’s long as hell, but I hope you all enjoy it. Remember 100 notes and feedback for 16.💕

**WARNING**: Loads of profanity, but that’s all.

One/ Two/ Three/ Four/Five/Six/Seven/Eight/
Sixteen/ Seventeen/ Eighteen/ Nineteen/Twenty{END}

“I’m so glad you got a haircut.” You teased Connor as you ran your fingers through his now neatly trimmed and styled hair.“I don’t know what the hell you had going on with it yesterday.”

“Oh shut up, Y/N.”

The two of you had been roaming the mall shopping for hours on end. You knew that Connor needed a well deserved girl’s day, and what’s a better way to spend it besides shopping with a fashion major? You were dragging Connor towards Tip N’ Toe for scheduled pedicures.

“So, what’s your plan for me and Felix?”

“Not sure yet.” You admitted to him.“ He kind of refuses to talk about the subject.”

“That’s Felix for you.” Connor chuckled although he found no amusement with his situation.“ Hold things in until shit hits the fan.”

“Maybe you two need this little break. It might help you grow stronger or something.”

“What about you and Calum? You haven’t said much about him.” Connor quickly changed the subject and you rolled your eyes.“ Uh oh.”

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Belle (Gaston Imagine)

Request:  Hello! I hope you aren’t too filled with rqs right now but I was wondering if you could write a Gaston/Reader story in which Gaston asks the Reader to help him out to win Belle’s heart and the Reader agrees? But as the reader is helping him out and giving Gaston advice they both end up falling for one another and grow even closer by each passing day?-  anonymous

Tags: @brooke-supernatural16, @sherlocks-timetraveling-assbutt 

Let me know if you want to be tagged in what i wright.

I have officially created a 13 Reasons Why imagine blog called @hotchoclatefml, follow me and request if you want. 

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A knock at your door awoke you from your slumber. You let out a sleepy groan and cover your face with a pillow. The knocking gets louder, until you have no choice but to get up.

“Coming!” You grumble out as you stumble to the door. The knocking subsides as you swing the door open to reveal a smirking Gaston.

“Well did you forget about our plant to meet today?” Gaston walks into your house and swings the door closed.

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The Ones With Thorns {Flowershop! Jaehyun}
  • Pairing: Jaehyun X Reader
  • Request: “hi hello! can i request a flowershop!au with jaehyun i really liked the one you did yuta :DDDD”
  • Genre: Fluff; Flowershop AU; Bulleted scenario
  • Word Count: 1570
  • Summary: While working in a family owned flower shop, you are surprised when the son working there tells you he has no knowledge on flowers.

A/N: Again, I don’t really know anything about flowers, just did a lot of research so sorry if any of the information is incorrect? I don’t think this is my best work either, but please enjoy!

  • ever since you were young, you wanted to be a florist
  • you weren’t sure why you wanted to be a florist, but there was something about it that made you want to become one
  • you always had an interest in flowers
  • you liked how pretty they were, how there was a meaning behind each flower, their scent
  • and throughout the years, you learned how flowers can make someone’s day
  • as the years went by, it just made more and more sense for you to become a florist
  • it was your dream
  • but your family was not always supportive of your dream
  • they thought you had more potential than to become something more than just a florist
  • but they loved you so they let you go through with it
  • the dream survived
  • you had to deal with a lot of rude adults
  • you know how adults loooveeee asking what you want to be when you grow up?
  • well when you were younger, they’d just laugh and shake it off, thinking it was just a phase
  • in your teenage years however, they’d say things like “can’t you do something better with your life?” or “why would you want to be a florist?” or “that’s ridiculous”
  • you never let anyone get in the way of you and your dream though
  • because here you were, working at a nice flower shop, making a good amount of money, for your third year working there
  • the shop was a family business and you had the honor of becoming apart of it
  • the shop was started by an elderly couple who has now retired and passed down the shop to their children
  • the now store owners were a middle aged couple who loved you like you were their own child
  • you loved working there
  • they made working a fun environment and you loved your job even more because of them
  • while working there, the store owners would always talk about his son to you
  • they’d talk about how handsome and smart he was
  • if you didn’t know any better, they were trying to set you up with him
  • because they were always feeding you this positive talk about him
  • one day he comes by and you meet him for the first time
  • like wow they really weren’t joking when they said he was handsome
  • like wowie his smile, his dimples, his biceps, his face, just him in general
  • if he were around you any longer, you’d fall in love
  • after he left you found yourself wishing that you could see him more
  • luckily for you he decided to work at his parent’s flower shop
  • it was such a surprise for you
  • a nice one though
  • it was such a gloomy day, the sun was nowhere to be seen and the skies were grey
  • you were hard at work and heard a voice say, “my son, jaehyun finished college and is working here now,” you look over to find the source of the voice and find yourself looking at a pair of father and son. but as soon as you see jaehyun smiling, it immediately brightened up your day
  • like what grey skies?? i can only see sunshine from here
  • anyways, his dad leaves you two to be, so it was just the two of you
  • his mom was off of work today and so were all the other workers
  • you tried to make small talk
  • “…so you finished college?” you asked
  • “yep,” he said, popping the ‘p’
  • “that’s cool. what was your major?”
  • he was a business major because he wanted to own and expand the flower shop and promote it as well
  • the small talk was really awkward
  • you really tried your best to not make it awkward
  • you’re sure he tried too, but you figure you two are just an awkward pair
  • the next day instead of talking about college, you talk about flowers
  • you figure it would be appropriate since you guys were in a flower shop
  • “what’s your favorite flower?” you asked. “i love azaleas” 
  • and you assumed that he would know stuff about flowers because his whole family does
  • but you realize he doesn’t when he says “uhhhh i like the ones with thorns”
  • and suddenly all the awkwardness has faded away
  • jaehyun stammers and says he doesn’t know much about flowers
  • you let out a dramatic gasp because isn’t it strange that the son in a family of florists, really knows nothing about flowers??? and even the fact that he wants to run the shop one day??
  • you’re just in shock and jaehyun has no idea what to say or do
  • like the florist you are, you feel obligated to teach him
  • “do you want me to teach you?”
  • jaehyun who is flustered with the question stammers out a “sure?”
  • so now every day when the shop was near closing time and you both didn’t have any work to do, you two would sit down together and talk… about flowers
  • you’d show pictures of some flowers and tell him the name and its meaning
  • he was overly fascinated by it? you’d say “this is a sunflower and it means adoration and loyalty.” and he’d be like “wOWWWW?!!! ADORATION AND LOYALTY?? Crazyyyyy”
  • and you’re just like “um ok”
  • i know i say ‘like’ a lot im sorry
  • and this went on for another few weeks
  • “this is a carnation and it m-”
  • you thought that he was acting strange but you kinda liked it and to be honest it was cute
  • because if it was any other guy he would be bored out of his mind
  • so you were glad he showed some interest? even if it was very exaggerated? 
  • you look forward to your ‘teaching’ sessions because of his cute reactions
  • also because he was a cute boy himself
  • and because he was such a nice person to be around
  • ok now one day you’re with him and he asks you about this flower
  • it was a purple iris
  • and if you’re being completely honest, you don’t really remember the symbolism behind it
  • i mean there’s a lot of flowers and it’s hard to remember them all!!! you just momentarily forgot
  • you don’t know where you got this idea but you had the idea of just making up a meaning because he wouldn’t know right???
  • “it means royalty” you say, knowing that it isn’t
  • and here is your mistake
  • because jaehyun opens his mouth to say, “actually it means wisdom and hope”
  • and you turn to him like ???, looking for an explanation to how he knew that
  • he does that thing that guys do when they feel awkward or shy by putting his hand behind his neck
  • “i have a confession to make,” he says
  • confused you is still confused
  • “i lied about not knowing about flowers… I know just as much as you, probably more since I knew the meaning of an Iris and you didn’t”
  • “wHY”D YOU LIE” was all you could say
  • “when you asked me what my favorite flower was I was going to say rose but for some reason I forgot what a rose was called because I was very nervous. then you asked me what i meant by that and I didn’t want to say that I momentarily forgot what a rose was because that would make me seem pathetic so i made up the excuse that i didn’t have any knowledge about flowers, even though I do. and then you asked me if you wanted me to teach you and i said yes because again, i was nervous and if i said no it would be rude, right???” jaehyun rambled
  • “…why were you nervous?” you asked
  • “Because I was talking to a very attractive person who I maybe liked at the time, but for sure like now”
  • “you like me??” you say in shock BECAUSE THE PERSON WHO YOU LIKED, LIKES YOU BACK
  • he nods and you can feel your heart swell with joy
  • “i like you too” you say, as jaehyun’s face lights up, his dimple more prominent than ever
  • “then be mine?” he boldly says
  • ok but dating florist! jaehyun would be lit bro
  • you would receive a lot of flowers
  • while you two were working, sometimes he’d just go up to your station and give you a bouquet of flowers
  • “i made this for you”
  • it would be so sweet
  • and if it was your birthday or some other special occasion, he would get you all of your favorite flowers
  • because his favorite person deserves the best
  • ok and if you two were ever alone together in the shop.. (you would not do anything dirty, don’t think like that) you would probably turn on some music and dance or sing really loudly to it
  • and you love hearing him sing because his voice is so soothing and it’s your favorite thing in the world
  • when he found out that you love to hear him sing, he would always sing for you, especially when you were feeling low
  • you already know jaehyun likes to cuddle
  • his cuddles are so warm and comforting
  • jaehyun would be such an affectionate boyfriend
  • he’s the sweetest, loves you v much
  • you love him v much too
  • a v cute couple in love



Mark Tuan (Got7) x Reader (Gender Neutral) 

Word Count: 763

Genre: Fluff

“Do you happen to know where my light blue hoodie has gone off to?” he questioned, a tiny smile tugged at his lips.

“Your what?”

“My light blue hoodie. You know the one I wear all the time. My favorite hoodie.”

It was a few hours after Mark, and the rest of Got7, left for the airport. They began their latest worldwide tour in a couple days. You were ecstatic for them, but you knew that you were going to miss Mark deeply. Mark and you had been dating for a couple of years now, so his traveling was something that you have accepted. Mark had swiftly became a figure in your life that filled a very gargantuan void in your life. He was home to you, and it was the worst being away from him. However, you understood that it was his job and you would be reunited soon enough. For now you were going to try to enjoy the quiet and alone time while you had the chance.

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Unintended: Stiles Stilinski

requested: by anonymous

pairing: Stiles Stilinski x Female!Reader

word count: 3.8k

warnings: swearing, cheating, lots of adrenaline

summary: You and Stiles ended things in complete disagreement, leaving your relationship ruined. After several years apart, the two of you finally come face to face in a moment you naively believed wouldn’t happen.

a/n: I got carried away but I don’t care!!!!! It’s 3 am and I have to be up at 8 so thanks for ruining my life!!!!!

“I can’t believe you, Stiles,” You spoke, shaking your head as you crossed your arms over your chest, “This is just… it?”

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au where jeongguk decides that the best way to confess his feelings for jimin would be through flowers. it’s a good plan honestly, it’s a safe option. the only thing that jeongguk didn’t account for was the fact that somehow, every time he tries to gift jimin flowers, something happens and he never gets to finish the speech that he painstakingly wrote to let jimin know just how much he adores him. at least jimin seems to be enjoying the flowers.

“gukkie! do i get flowers today?”
“oh my god. you knew??????”
“oh. um. no flowers today though. i’m sorry.”
“aw. it’s okay, i’ve got a flower for you!”

Harringrove Mechanic

(I can’t stop writing these two because ughhhhhh i gots too many ideas) 

Summary: Steve is a businessman and Billy is the mechanic who works out the kinks in his car.

Damn it, damn it, damn it! Steve hit his steering wheel multiple times and leaned his head on the dashboard, letting out a frustrated sigh. Of course! Today of all days his car decided to break down on him. This was his first big meeting after getting out of high school. His dad was breathing down his neck about getting this agency to partner with them. 

Steve put a hand through his hair and closed his eyes. 

“Fuck!” He went inside his small apartment to call the mechanic. While he waited for someone to pick up, he thought about the past year. He graduated and started working for his dad. However he couldn’t live in his parents house anymore and found an inexpensive and tiny apartment in the city outside of Hawkins. The commute was hell, but it was worth it to have his own place. 


“Oh hi, yeah um… my car won’t start. I think the battery is dead or something. But i really need to go to work. So, if someone could hurry down. That would be great.” He talked so fast that he forgot to breath and had to take a huge gasp after he finished. His hand kept going through his hair and he felt super nervous. 

“…” Steve groaned in exasperation when no one responded. 


“Yeah ok, address?” 

“534 Oak Avenue apartment 3B. It’s a 1981 BMW, brown. ” Steve heard a small grunt of acknowledgement and then the line went dead. 

“Rude.” Steve muttered. He walked outside to his car and waited 10 minutes for any sign of the mechanic.  This couldn’t possibly get any worse. He closed his eyes and tilt his head back towards the cloudy sky to calm himself before the mechanic arrived. Hearing a screech of tires, he opened his eyes and scanned the street. He saw the crappy tow truck and started walking towards it. 

Watching the drivers side door open, his breath caught in his throat. He stared at the man until he turned around. 

“Well, if it isn’t Steve fucking Harrington!” 

“Fuck me” Steve muttered to himself. Billy Hargrove was standing in front of him, lit cigarette in his hand. He wore a dirty wife beater and those stupidly tight jeans. 

“Well, well, well…” Billy looked Steve up and down. He smirked, which caused Steve to flush slightly. Steve shook his head to get out of his stupor. 

“Billy…How are you?”

“Shitty, but it seems like my day is turning up.” Billy stepped closer to Steve and puffed smoke into his face. Steve closed his eyes and breathed in, choking on the smoke. As he bent over coughing, Billy chuckled and opened up the BMW’s hood. When Steve stopped coughing, he turned around to watch Billy. He couldn’t help but admire the view in front of him. Billy bent over in those jeans really made his ass look-Shit! Ever since he moved away from home, Steve felt more comfortable with himself and started to feel different towards men. He was looking at his sports magazines differently than he used to. Admiring muscles with lust rather than envy. Steve wouldn’t admit it out loud, but he was starting to feel like he might like guys… in a sexual fashion.

Billy slammed the hood down with a  loud bang, breaking Steve’s train of thought. Steve jumped a little and moved to smooth down his hair. He felt incredibly flustered. Wiping his hands with a towel, Billy turned around to smirk at Steve.

“Well, your battery is dead.” 

“Oh ok, then can you just jump start me?” 

“No,  pretty boy. It’s dead, fried. I need to replace it.” Steve cocked an eyebrow at his old nickname, first said in the locker room showers. His pants tightened when he recalled that moment, with Billy’s golden naked body practically leaning over his. Steve shuffled on his feet to cover up his visible arousal.

“I need to take this back to the shop.” 

“Fuck… well, do you know how long this might take?” Steve asked, practically pulling his hair out. He was already late and his dad was going to kill him. 

“Calm down Harrington. Come on, let’s go.” 

“What do you mean? I go with you?” Steve asked as Billy started connecting the car to the tow truck chain. 

“Yep.” Steve looked at Billy confused. Billy rolled his eyes and sighed. 

“If I can fix it today, then you could probably make it to wherever you are in such a rush to get to.” Steve’s mouth opened into a silent ‘ooh’. Billy chuckled and got into the drivers seat of the truck. Steve hesitated, contemplating whether he should get into the truck and be stuck alone with Billy Hargrove. 


“Coming.” Steve hopped into the passenger seat and put his seatbelt on. He tried not to look at the guy next to him, but he felt eyes staring into his head. 

“Are we going or what?” Steve blurted out. Billy chuckled and started the car. 

“Right away, your majesty.” One boy sighed, while the other smirked and drove the truck away with the BMW in tow.

(This is Part 1, hehe)

Five Days

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— you and yoongi had a huge argument and you packed your stuff and left.
pt. 2 / 2(?)

gif isn’t mine!!

yoongi x female! reader

warning: my lame writing i’m sorry

note: this can be read alone, the other part/s are just extra

Four days passed since you had that fight with Yoongi. Usually, you would forgive him right away, but this wasn’t anything like the fights you’ve had before. You thought back to the other day.

“You just get in my way!” he yelled at you.
Your eyes widened, and so did his, as soon as he realized what he said.
“Oh? I just get in your way, huh? Well, I’m sorry, for worrying and caring for you. I didn’t know that was such a bad thing. I’ll just take my leave then!” you yelled back. You didn’t mean to, you were just taken back that he had said that to you. 

“Wait, [Name]- I didn’t-”

You were walking around his room, gathering your things that you had left there. 

“Stop-” he tried to stop you but was cut off by the harsh slam of the door.
You walked out the door, where you found Namjoon and Jin standing there in shock. You assumed they probably heard what happened.
“[Name], are you okay-” Namjoon asked, but you ignored him and continued your way to your vehicle.
You started your car, tears at the corner of your eyes. You tried, oh, you tried, to keep them there. You knew you failed as soon as cold tears had hit your thigh.
You arrived at your house. As soon as you entered,your housemate, Jaeyeon, was startled by the door slamming.
“Whoa, [Name]! Everything okay?” she asked but when she saw your crying face, her question was answered. “What happened?”
“Sorry, Jaeyeon. I don’t feel like talking at the moment. Just, leave me to gather myself and my thoughts for now.” you wiped away another tear.
“Ah, okay. Just tell me when you’re all good.” she smiled at you.
You nodded and tried to give her a smile back, but you probably gave her a sloppy one.
You walked to your room and closed the door softly.

Surely he didn’t mean it, right? You understood how his work can be frustrating and sometimes too much for him, but did he really need to yell at you like that? Did you overreact? Questions started to flood your brain. Why did this have to be so hard? Your thoughts were interrupted by your phone ringing. It was probably Yoongi again, you thought, but still went to check just in case it wasn’t. You looked at the caller ID, your phone screen displayed “Jaeyeon”.
“Hello?” you spoke.
“Oh gosh, hello, [Name]!! Jisung just came home from vacation and asked me where you were!”
“Oh.” was all you could manage to speak out.
“Anyways, Yoongi came by today. Again. Asking if you were already back. He tried to make me spill where you were, but I respected your privacy and the fact that you needed to be left alone for now so I didn’t tell him.”
“Ah, thanks, Jaeyeon. Also, I’ll call Jisung later, telling him what happened. Unless you already told him.”
“Yep, I already filled him in. He threatened to beat Yoongi up but I somehow persuaded him not to. He’s so overprotective sometimes, it’s almost-” she was suddenly interrupted by someone yelling at her, but you couldn’t really hear it. “Jisung’s yelling at me to make dinner.. I’ll talk to you later, [Name]!”
“Okay. Bye, Jaeyeon.”
“Bye!!” was the last you’ve heard of her before she the call ended.
“[Name]!! Dinner’s all ready!” you heard your mom yelling at you from downstairs.
“Okay!!” you replied and ran downstairs.
You sat on a chair and watched your mom serve the food.

“Hey, mom?” you called as you put your plate into the sink.
“Yes?” she responds, setting her glass of water down.
“I decided, and I’m going back.”
“Are you sure?”
“Yes, I’m sure. These past few days gave me enough time to think.”
“Okay. I respect your decision. I was getting worried that maybe you and Yoongi would end it this time around. I really like him, seeing that he makes you happy.”
“Thanks, mom.” you engulfed her in a hug.

You were woken up by the loud alarm clock.
“Aish.” you grumbled and looked out the window.
Today was a brand new day and you were ready to start. You managed to drag your tired self downstairs to the kitchen. You found your mom making breakfast.
“Oh, hi, [Name]!! Good morning! How was your sleep?” she smiled sweetly at you.
“Good, I guess.” you muttered.
“Well, are you ready to go back?” she asked you, her back turned to you.
“Yeah. I’m pretty nervous though.”
“Don’t be.”
“Thanks, mom.”

Your mom had just dropped you off at the boys’ dorm. Your suitcase trailing behind you, you nervously and slowly walked to the door. You hesitantly pushed the doorbell. You could practically hear the boys from the inside fighting who would get the door, and you giggled at that.
You heard grumbling and groaning and then you saw the door opening, only to find the man that was inside your mind for the past few days.
“Yoongi. I came here to apologize.”
“You don’t need to. I’m the one who needed to apologize.” he pulled you into a hug, a little scared that you’ll push him away, but you didn’t, which took him by surprise. You just hugged back.
“Oh god, Yoongi. I missed you.” you mumbled.
“I missed you, too. Oh my god, you don’t understand.” he broke the hug and leaned in to kiss you. You didn’t stop him.
Neither of you pulled away for a good minute, until he broke it off to get air.
“Min Yoongi. I love you so much.”
“I love you so much too.” he flashed his signature gummy smile.
You two were about to kiss again but the cheering of six particular boys interrupted you.
Yoongi rolled his eyes, “I swear to god.”
You giggled. It was only five days, but they were long ones. You missed this too much, and you were happy to have it back.

oh my god i finally finished writing?? sorry if that sucked, i’m literally a “rookie” at writing >< but anyways this is the end of that!! hope y’all enjoyed that >< that was pretty short i’m sorry ah aLSO I felt like i needed a title so my lame self named it “five days”



we hung out with our future adopted dog again & it’s official, taz is moving in with us! i had tried to show that i was ready but allowing for his family to figure out if they had any reservations, but we decided today after another day in the park. we had all had the feeling that it was a good fit from the start, but just in case things changed, i tried to be easygoing about it. but yep, it’s happening. i am so, so happy. 

he is so smart, super well trained, & energetic but gentle when the situation calls for it, & very loving. i can’t even express how special he is. i guess he passed the test to be a therapy dog at one point but the owners didn’t follow through with it. ah, look at me, bragging about my boy already. geez, i’m such a proud furbaby mom.

& i haven’t wanted to be too intrusive & snap pictures of him while we were getting to know each other, but he’s sleeping over on tuesday to start getting him used to a new space, & when he’s relaxed, i’ll take one to show you babes then. yaaaaaaay it’s really really happening!!!

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Did you see that? (HARRY STYLES)

You were a blogger, you posted videos on a website called youtube as a job. It paid really well so you go lucky with that, but, it also helped you meet your best friend. Harry Styles. Your channel was getting big at the time. A company had asked you to interview the band of one direction for their new album release “Made in the A.M”, you obviously the job just so you could meet the handsome boys. As soon as the day came you were super nervous, you put a red bleached flannel and black tank top with a black bracelet that would show a little bit, then light blue ripped jeans that made your butt look amazing. Your Hair was in loose waves and you had very natural makeup on.
You made it to the set of the shoot, they gave you little flash cards with the questions you were supposed to ask the boys and when a small game you guys were going to play at the very end. They sat you down in a teal seat across from a teal couch. You stared at the card trying to remove the nerves. After ten minutes of you just sitting there, you heard a group of British voices getting closer. You snapped your head up as Niall, Harry, Louis, and Liam made their way over to you. Your mind began racing, Niall gave you a small smile as he gave you a hug. “Hi, I’m (Y/N), I’ll be hosting this interview today,” you said as they each gave you a hug and said there name as if you were just meeting them. “So, what’s the plan for this?” asked Liam as he sat down in the chair. “Well, I’m first going to ask you some questions, then we’re going to play a fun game to end it off,” you replied. They all nodded their heads.
“Ready to film?”
“Ok, We are filming in 3..2..” The camera guy point to you. “Hey, Guys! It’s (Y/N)! Today I am joined by the handsome lads of One Direction!” you basically yelled at the camera as the boys waved at the camera. “ I am going to ask a couple questions, forgot to tell you earlier but some of these questions are group ones and other are specifically for one person.” “Should’ve told us that earlier! We would’ve tried to be more prepared!” laughed Niall sending laughter through the whole room. The questions went great. You didn’t have to ask anything super awkward. “Now! Time for the game! The game is called “Who said it?”, basically you each get a piece of paper and a pen. You write something that you would say. You hand all the papers to me and I choose a paper and get to read it out loud. Whoever guesses who wrote that gets a point and we will play for 4 rounds because there are 4 of you. Got it? Good! Let’s play!” The game was a lot more fun than you thought it was going to be. It was the last round, Harry, Niall, and Liam were tied. “Louis! You need to get a point this round, buddy! You’re falling behind!” you laughed reaching for the papers. “I know, I know, I think I’ll get it this time!” he smiled at you. As you-you were looking through the papers you saw that they 5 papers in the pile. You about to say something until you saw the little piece of paper said
You should text me after, love :)
You blushed at the paper and you put it next to you so the camera couldn’t see. At the end of the whole game, Liam won. They ended the video said thank you to you and the boys. When you were hugging them good-bye Harry was the last one, as you wrapped your arms around his neck he whispered in your ear, “I mean what the paper says.” You pulled away and put the paper under your phone case. He smiled and walked away with the rest of the boys. Getting home felt like forever, Harry’s voice kept replaying in your head, you were still dazed from the whole experience. You got into your same apartment in L.A. and quickly sent a text to Harry. He replied even before the text was sent. You two started talking and that’s how your friendship was created.
   Sadly, the boys never really approved of your guy’s friendship. They always told Harry they should hang out with someone who “would help his career”, Harry didn’t care, you two still hang out whenever he was in town behind the guy’s backs. This time you two hung out it was different Harry had just started his solo career. You two were going to hang out for real without any seeking around. You phone lit up.
   Harry- Almost to your flat
   You- Okay, Meet you downstairs
You ran downstairs to meet up with Harry. “Love!” you heard a voice say you turned around and saw Harry leaving a black car running towards you with his arms open. “Harold!” you replied running towards him. He wrapped his arms around your waist as your arms tightly wrapped around his neck. You pushed away and gave him a huge smile. “C’mon you’re going to love where we’re going.” He said grabbing your hand and pulling you to the car. You got into the driver car. Harry told you where to go and where to turn to make it to your destination.  It was around 9:45 at night, you pulled up to a dark cemetery. “Um, Harry? Are you sure this is the right place?” you mumbled. “Yes, of course, it is, C’mon yer not scared are you?” He asked flashing his bright green eyes at you. You gave him a worried smile and pulled your attention back to the cemetery. Harry jumped out of the car and ran over to your side, opening your car door. Stumbling from the nerves you got off the car. Harry had a stupid grin on his face the whole time looking back and forth between you and the cemetery. “Wait, I got you something.” He said going towards the trunk of the car. You looked around worryingly, slowly your head turned away from the car to stare at a lamp post. A figure appeared, it looked a person sitting down, legs crossed on right under the light. “Harry? Look!” you exclaimed walking towards Harry digging in the truck. “Yes?” he asked popping his head out. “Do you see the per-” you looked away for two seconds and the figure was gone. “I swear there was someone under that street light.” you told him. Harry chuckled, “You’re just scared, don’t Worry you’ll be fine, here take this.” He held out a black sweater, you’ve seen this black sweater before it belonged to Harry. He had gotten photographed many of times. You slid it over your head, it was huge it went past your knees in lengths and the sleeves basically dragged across the floor. Harry’s scent brushed past your nose as you slipped it on, it was quite the relaxing smell. “See, don’t you just look cute as a button!” He flashed you the same cheeky grin he had on his face earlier. The comment made you smile even through the horror that was filling your body. Both of you walked into the cemetery, you made sure you were close to Harry as possible. Harry wanted to find a giant tomb people would sneak into for fun. He was silent trying to remember what he read online about it. Flashlights from their phone were the only things giving light off at the moment. Harold looked back for more than a couple seconds, a lady walked towards some tombs behind them, he carefully watched the lady remembering what Y/N had said earlier. The Lady walked behind a tomb and vanished. Harry snapped his focus back in front of him. “Are you Okay? We can go back if you want? We can come back during the daytime?” you asked noticing Harry drastic change in mood. “I’m alright, love, you just want to get out of this.” He replied trying to keep his cool. You two walked for another 5 min until the tomb Harry was looking for. Y/N looked back for only couple seconds like Harry did before, she saw the lady look down at the tomb from before. “H-harry, look it’s her again.” the fear in your voice grew as you pulled Harry’s arm closer to you. You felt Harry’s body tense up as he looks towards the lady. “Maybe, she’s, um, just visiting, C’mon.” Harry reached down holding your hand tightly. He kept walking while you followed, but you didn’t remove your eyes from the lady. The Lady looked up from the tomb and stared right at you, chills were sent down your spine. Your grip on Harry grew tighter and tighter, you probably broke his hand. The lady slowly started walking towards you, progressively she got faster and faster until she was sprinting towards you and Harry. “HARRY! SHE COMING THIS WAY!” you yelled yanking him around. “Shit, Run, Y/n, RUN!”. You didn’t think twice you ran up the hill as fast as you could with Harry following right behind you. As you two we’re running the steps got faster and faster. Harry ended up running in front of you to lead the way. You two jumped over tombstones and ran faster than you ever have. Y/n could hear the footsteps right behind her. Then a cold hand reached for the back of her neck but missed. The fingers grazed against your warm skin. You screamed and dropped to the floor in a panic, causing Harry to stop. Your breathing got heavy. “What happened? Y/N answer me. What happened?” He asked trying to catch his breath from running. “She-She touched my neck. She tried to grab me.” you wheezed. Harry looked around and the lady was nowhere to be seen. He didn’t say anything, he just picked you up from the ground, you wrapped your arms around his neck, crying into his chest from the fear. He slowly walked over to the car, so, he could hear were the lady was coming from. Harry kept circling in place as he walked, on the third time he circled around he saw the lady crouched behind a tomb watching them, He walked backward never removing his eyesight from her. A car drove by, he was only a few feet away from the car. The street light lit up the lady’s face, her skin was thin, she looks boney as if she hadn’t eaten for years. She stood up making her way over to him, slowly. Harry ran super fast with you in his arms in the car. This made you cry harder because you knew she was there. You just kept your face buried in his chest and pulled tighter around his neck. Soon enough, you were in the black car’s passenger seat with Harry, turned on the car and speeding away from the cemetery.

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Three Cheers for Five Years

This is my fic for @winchester-writes Drinking Writing Challenge! I had number 17. Blue Chair Bay Rum!

Warnings: Angst. Just the usual.

A/N: Stole the song title from Mayday Parade, but it’s not really based off the song. Guess you could spin it a little if you tried. And I know I promised Wayside Inn today but I needed to get this posted! Chapter 2 is queued for Saturday afternoon!

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You were sat listening to Steve on the phone with Natasha.

“I don’t need a date, Nat.”

“Because you’ve already got one.” you said through gritted teeth. You and Steve had been dating for almost a year now yet he had kept your relationship a secret from his friends. At first you had been able to understand but you had to listen countless times to them trying (unknowingly) to set him up with women or seem him go to the Avenger’s tower alone.

“Okay, yep. I’ll see you later. Bye.”

Hearing him put down the phone you quickly picked up your book again and tried to appear interested in it. Steve came in and sat down next to you.

“There’s a thing at the Tower tonight.”

“Ok.” you said, bluntly, still pretending to read.

“I just wondered if it was ok to go?”

“You always do go why should today be different.”

“Are you ok?” Steve asked his hand falling onto your thigh.

“Am I ok? Steve you haven’t told anyone abut us. You haven’t let anyone come round in case they see me. Why am I such a big secret?”

Steve sighed, “You know I just want to keep you safe I-”

“I understood that for the first few months but now I don’t feel safe. I feel like I’m constantly hiding whilst you go out and live your normal life. You don’t need to keep me protected 24/7 and actually wouldn’t I be safer being friends with a group of Avengers instead of one?” You picked up your book and held it over your face so Steve didn’t see your lip trembling holding back frustrated tears.

There was a moment of silence before Steve spoke.

“I’m sorry. You know I wanted to protect you and like I always do I take control and decided what is best even if it’s not. I never meant to keep you a secret…not this long anyway. I admit I was probably too scared but now I know it has to happen. So…will you come with me tonight?”

You peered over your book at him, and he looked apprehensive.

“Only if you want me to.” you said.

He took the book out of your hands and pulled you closer. Of course I want you to. I love you and I’d love everyone to meet you. I’ve just been stupid not to take you sooner.”


You were both stood outside the tower just about to go in.

“Ready?” Steve said his voice laced with nerves.

“No, but I think we’ve waited long enough.” you replied.

So you went in.

As you walked through the door, Steve’s hand gripped firmly in yours, there were various shouts of “Hey!”.

“Who’s this?” Natasha said, smiling as she hugged Steve with one arm. You noticed the background talking had quietened down as though to listen in. Steve brought you next to him slipping his arm round your shoulder and said;

“This is [Y/N]…my girlfriend.”

Then the noises stopped altogether.

“Your girlfriend? What did you pick her up this morning?” Tony joked.

“No…erm…we’ve been together almost a year now.”

A pin could drop in the room in that second. Natasha stepped forward brows furrowed. “You’ve never mentioned [Y/N] before” she said although in her annoyance it came out almost as a hiss. You felt the need to stand up for Steve.

“I was annoyed as you are…well probably a little more. He wanted to keep me safe so-”

“So you kept her a secret? You let me try and set you up with people and-”

“Hey, I said I didn’t need dates.”

“WELL CLEARLY NOT.” Nat shouted in Steve’s face and although you somewhat understood why Steve did it you couldn’t help being on her side a little. You attempted to intervene again.

“Natasha trust me, he’s heard enough shouting from me. I’m just happy he’s finally let me meet you all, I’ve heard so much about you.” you smiled, lightly touching her arm. Natasha breathed out as though releasing her anger.

“I’m sorry I don’t know much about you, at least it will give us a lot to talk about.” she smiled taking your arm and leading you further into the room but not before sneaking a glare at Steve.


It was getting later and you had now been introduced individually to each person in the room and were now sitting between Sam and Wanda, engulfed in laughter at the jokes Sam was making, Steve came over and sat on the arm of your chair.

“Are you ready to go?” he smiled.

“Yeah I guess so.” you felt slightly saddened than you had to leave your new friends so son.

“Don’t worry [Y/N].” Sam said, “We superheroes all need our beauty sleep to look this good [he pointed at his face and you giggled] so you wont be missing out on much after you go.” You smiled and waved forward to hug him and Wanda then made your way round the room saying goodbyes.

Tony pulled into a hug and said; “Despite what Cap thinks, you are always welcome here.”

“Thank you.” you said, really meaning it and then you laughed as you both glared at Steve approaching who tried to look innocent as possible.

“I hope you’re not trying to start another war Stark.” Steve winked leading you away.

The last person you said goodbye to was the first face you met when you entered.

“I can’t believe all the time we’ve missed out on knowing each other but we will all have to make up for it [another glare at Steve although this time it was light hearted]. We should go for coffee sometime soon okay?” She pulled you in for a hug as you replied;

“I would love that.”


As you and Steve got into the taxi, he breathed out deeply as though he had been holding his breath the whole night.

“I had Nat in my ear for hours about not bringing you sooner.” He moaned, running his hands through his hair.

You leaned into his shoulder, smiling. “Well she had good reason to. Maybe you’ve learnt your lesson.” Steve chuckled and put his arm round you as the taxi pulled off towards home.

Kicked Out (Part 7) || Buttercream Squad Imagine

“I was wondering how long it would take you to ask,” I sigh, “But we need to do this with Zoe too.”

“I understand, but can I ask you something?” Joe asks nervously.

I nod my head encouraging him to continue, “Did she…”

“Let’s just wait for Zoe yeah?” I cut him off. He nods his head, “You going to be alright if I go out tonight?”

“Yes, Joe I’m a big girl remember?” I tease shoving him away from me.

“Yeah, I remember.” He says chuckling.

Once Joe and the Boys are gone. I find myself staring at the ceiling, my thoughts running through my mind like an animation. Changing and moving as fast as they come. They travel from Jack to my brother to my sister to my mother. From Love to Hate. From the night sky to the morning sun.

The sound of my phone buzzing interrupts my changing thoughts and draws me back to reality. My eyes trail down to where the screen is illuminating the area. A text notification is what had disturbed me.

From Jack Maynard 11:43 pm

Hey, Do you want to talk?

I pick my phone up to reply.

To Jack Maynard 11:44 pm

Yes please

A few moments later my phone rings. I pick up instantly a smile overtaking my face.

“Hi,” he breathes through the phone.

“Hi,” I say back, “You didn’t go out with the others?”

“Nope, not feeling it after what happened tonight,” Jack laughs.

“Why? You love getting drunk.”

“Yeah, that’s true, but you weren’t going,” My chest swells and I suppress the urge to scream at his cuteness.

“That’s cute,” I chuckle closing my eyes.

“Only for you,” He says chuckling.

“Calm down Randy, we only kissed once,” I laugh.

His laugh graces my ears making smile wider than before, “I better be able to kiss you again Tiny.”

“Hmm, I don’t know,” I tease, flirting with Jack.

“So that’s how it’s going to be?”


“Fine then I won’t tell you about how cute you looked today then,” He says, I can practically hear the smirk in his voice.

“What do you want?” I ask.

“Do you want to go on a date with me?” He asks boldly. My stomach flips and I feel smirk drop from my lips, quickly replaced by a smile.

“Yeah, I would like that a lot,” I say shyly.

“Or we could skip this stage and go straight to marriage?” Jack jokes making me laugh.

“You wish, Maynard,” I laugh tiredly.

“You tried?” He asks.

“A little,” I yawn.

He laughs softly, “Go to sleep ill see you tomorrow.”

That’s the last thing I hear before my eyes shut and the world slips away. His voice lulling me into a comfortable sleep.

Cyber Savior//Jeon Jungkook (Part 5)

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader


Summary: Two teens desperate for some sort of support in their life, find it through an app.

Author’s Note: Hello everyone! I am sorry for the wait, but here is the next part to my Jungkook series! Enjoy~

xoxo Sara


You felt nerves rise up in your stomach; he wanted to call you? You have never heard his voice before, nor has he heard yours. The most you have ever seen from him is his profile picture.

You didn’t respond right away, as you pondered over the pros and cons of a phone call. An obvious pro, was that you would be able to hear his voice. But, an obvious con, would be him being able to hear yours. Along with that, you wouldn’t have a long time to think about what to say. Over text, it was easy to think of what to say, but when on a call, trying to think of what to say would cause awkward silences that no one was fond of.

After a few minutes of thinking, you felt your phone vibrate in your hand. You looked down and saw his name pop up on your screen.

C’mon, it will be fun~

You sighed softly, pinching the bridge of your nose as you thought of your next message to type.

I guess, for a little while, though. I can’t be very loud.

Awesome. I’ll call in a minute~

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