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I Know A Guy - Peter Parker x Reader

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Pairing: Peter Parker x reader
Warnings: [N/A]
Fandom: Marvel

It was the end of Spanish class and Peter was making his way to his locker when he heard a familiar voice call to him from behind.

“Peter hey! Wait up” he turned to see you, one of the prettiest girls in school, not to mention Of of the smartest waving at him. To be honest Peter was surprised you even knew his name. He even looked around to see if there were any other Peter’s around just to make sure you were talking to him.

“M…me?” He stammered once you approached. You let out a sweet laugh at his flustered reaction.

“Yeah you doofess” you said playfully hitting him in the arm. If he could without looking like an idiot Peter would have punched himself in the face. What a stupid response.

Peter’s liked you for a long time. Like he’s already said you’re pretty, smart, but also down to earth and really nice. You sat beside him in math and history and always said hi to him but because of his own awkwardness the conversation would never go past a greeting. Jesus Christ he’s never even heard you say his name because no matter how much you tried he never tried to talk back to you, just because he was too scared of looking like an idiot. Things were going to be different now though, becoming Spiderman has given him a new sense of confidence. He wasn’t going to run and hide anymore. He was going to have an actual conversation with you like a normal guy.

“So anyway Peter” you continued “heard a rumour that you’re friends with Spiderman. Is it true?“.

He takes back what he just said, now was a good time to run and hide. Peter instantly felt himself start to start to sweat at your question. This was all Ned’s fault. If he hadn’t blurted that out in front of the entire gym this wouldn’t even be happening. Yet again, if he hadn’t he probably wouldn’t be talking to you outside of class either.

Peter stumbled upon his words for a second or two but after taking a deep breath he managed to give you a clear and proper answer. <br>
“A…ah yeah I do. It’s no big deal” he said shooting you a nervous grin “he’s a nice guy”.

“Really? That’s so cool-”.

“Don’t listen to Parker” Flash Thompson said appearing out of no where and wrapping his arm around you’re neck. You and Peter both cringed. Flash was the opposite of you yet he acted like you two were dating. It made Peter’s blood boil. <br> “Come on, this is the guy who I heard was going to build the Death Star out of legos after school one day-”.

“Death Star? You like Star Wars?”.

Once again you found a way to surprise Peter. Smart, pretty, nice, down to earth, and a nerd. You were becoming even more appealing by the second. <br>
“Oh yeah” Peter chuckled “me and Ned are building it”.


“That’s not the point” Flash interrupted once again “Parker’s a nobody. Why would a guy like Spiderman give him the time of day? He’s obviously lying”.

“Oh please” you replied with a roll of the eyes “I mean Peter’s probably the nicest guy that goes to this school. He’s probably never lied a day in his life. I believe him” you finished shooting Peter a sweet grin that could have made anyone’s heart start to beat out of their chests. His cheeks went pink at your words. He couldn’t help but feel guilty because that wasn’t true. The past few months of his life have only been a lie.

“Whatever so [Y/N] want to get something to eat after school?” Flash asked with a smirk.

“Er ah Flash I would ah love too… but I have to do something after school, sorry?”.
Peter couldn’t help but feel somewhat smug as he watched Flash walk away looking defeated, he immediately felt bad for it though. Once Flash was gone you turned to Peter. “If you couldn’t already tell I’m not actually doing anything after school. Maybe you can ask your friend Spiderman if he’d like to stop by my place?”.

“Ah [Y/N] I don’t think I can…”.

“Jeez Peter I was joking” you laughed “no dear god don’t ask Spiderman to show up at my house. I don’t want to look like a crazy fangirl. But… you know I’d actually really like it if you stopped by tonight. We could hang out? Talk about that Death Star of yours?”.

He felt as if he couldn’t breath. You of all people were inviting him over to hang out? This was the greatest thing that’s ever happened to him. Well besides being bit by that radioactive spider…

“Y…yeah that would be awesome!… I mean s…sure why not?” He said desperately trying to act as casual as possible.

“Fantastic, you know where I live right?”.

“Yeah of course I do… Crap that sounded really creepy what I meant was that I’ve been there a couple times for parties and stuff. I’ll be there around six if that’s okay?”.

“Sounds great” you said giving him one last smile “I’ll see you then” with that you turned away. Peter didn’t take his eyes off you until you completely disappeared down the hall.

 Peter arrived at your house thirty minutes late. He got held up stopping a bunch of bank robbers and showed up at your house still in his suit, which he had to change out of behind a bush in your backyard.

Once he successfully stuffed his costume into his backpack, he raced to your front door and rang the door bell. A few minutes later you were in the doorway grinning back at him.

“Hey look it’s Peter I suck at being on time Parker” you teased not looking actually upset. In fact maybe Peter was imagining it but you looked almost relieved to see him, as if you were scared he wouldn’t show up. As if he’d ever do that. He’d have to be crazy to stand you up.

“I’m so sorry I had to help my aunt”.

“Don’t worry about it just come inside” you said ushering him inside. Peter gave your parents a quick greeting then you lead him upstairs to your bedroom. Your house was really nice, definitely better then his apartment in Queens. Peter couldn’t help but look at the family photos hanging on the walls. After all these years your smile managed to stay just as pearly white. There were a lot of photos of you and your friends from school too. You really seemed to have it made.

“I’m happy you came over Peter” you said once you both entered your bedroom and you shut the door behind you “you’re in a bunch of my classes and I’ve always wanted to hang out, you seemed really nice. I’m happy we’re finally doing it now”.

“Me too” he replied sitting down on your bed. Soon the smile on his face faded into a frown. He wasn’t being honest with himself. No way someone like you who had a nice house, such good looks, and so many friends would want to be around someone like him.
“Look I know you’re only talking to me because I know Spiderman or whatever” he finally muttered making your smile vanish as well.

“Are you joking?! Peter the Spiderman thing was just an excuse so I could start a conversation with you. I mean all we’ve ever said to each other before was hello. I really like you for you. You’re smart, funny, sweet. Honestly I would have tried to talk to you before but I didn’t think you liked me. You know because whenever I try to talk to you you hardly respond”.

Peter went red.
“Oh that. That was really only because I was nervous about talking to you”.

“It seems like we’ve both have been wasting a lot of time huh?”.


“Well I don’t want to waste anymore time then” you said popping down on the bed beside him “tell me about Peter Parker and for gods sake don’t bring up Spider-Man. I just want to know about you”.
Ironically if Peter was to tell you truthfully everything about himself he’d have to bring up Spider-Man but just as you requested he skipped through that part.

You two talked for what felt like hours. He told you about his Aunt and you made him promise to introduce you to her. He learned a lot about you too. You both laughed a ton, turns out you were really funny. Another thing to add to the list of things that made you amazing.

Eventually your dad knocked on the door and announced that it was time for him to go so reluctantly you walked him downstairs to the front door.

“This was fun. Really Peter I can’t remember the last time I met someone so easy to talk to. Thanks for stopping by”.

“Trust me it was my pleasure. Thank you for putting up with me for this long” he chuckled making you laugh once again. Did he mention that your laugh was cute because it was. If he could have it as if ringtone without it being creepy he would. “See you tomorrow Pete” you said and too his great shock you leaned over and kissed him on the cheek. Even after you closed the door he was left standing on your porch blushing like a maniac. He said before that being bit by a radioactive spider was the best day of his life. That was lie. Today was by far the best day of his life.

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hello! I've just stumbled upon all your wonderful and amazing work/art/animation you've guys have created so far. BUT! I need to know when skeletonblood is coming out or an update on how far you guys are now! p.s. draw and post more kookaburra

( I don’t like tldr, I think its fucking lame. So do read or don’t read that shits up to you guys. But it would be very kind if you did. )

This is a really big question actually, and we have had it posed like several times in forms of asks, and just like things we stumble upon on the net. Yeah “Skeletonblood” is still happening. SB ( as it’s abbreviated ) is an iteration of a film concept of the same name, and was what Douzlia was built on. Back then when it was just me ( Alex ) I reworked the scripts and designs of the for film ver. into a game to make showcasing Doulzia’s visual approach and narrative sensibility to an audience in an actualized form conveyable and, relatively more manageable for myself to handle.

Transitioning into working with Doulzia’s first core staff member Suzuka, I reworked the Idea a second time to make drawing imagery and also working with themes and concepts synergetic between us ( actually ending up with something much closer to SB film ver ).

Along the way many people entered the fold ( whether they are in the staff page or not ) we have made so many friends. Douzlia became a huge global network of really intelligent yungs. I could never thank those people enough for all the love and support they give us through this. I’m enormously thankful always.  

Since then a lot of unpredictable things have happened that changed my projection for our future. It looks likely we will be able to follow our goal with a much more straight path to animation then what I initially could see, which we are all very fortunate for and also excited about. Of course still following it in our quasi amorphous Doulzia way.

Still the skeleton of 2 games both SB and another sibling game “Tadaima” are in our back pocket, and both will likely manifest in the future ( in some form ).

uhm haha this is weird to explain here, please keep reading I’m almost done…

For now what those game projects boil down to is a place for us to pull from as development material that will spill into all Skeletonblood related animation ( Like Open Mike and Paul White’s “Dang is Invincible” ) and eventually into its own animated film. Beyond that the characters and ideas inside SB are important to us, and so for a while they will be majorly involved in representing 90% of our presence as a studio.

- Alex 

oh and Kookaburra bit is mega noted, here is a potential redesign draw Suzuka did during “Dang is Invincible” production that I told myself I would only release in our first book, but will put out here cause you were damn sweet. 

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Hello! I stumbled upon your blog and saw that your art work is super beautiful!!! 😍 also I was wondering for your commissions, do you not draw furries cuz it makes you uncomfortable or is it cuz you only draw humans? Sorry for asking this but I'm just curious cuz I wanna possibly commission you in the future. ; o ; thank you very much! 💙

I’m honestly not opposed! Or uncomfortable. Just that.. I’m not the best? There are other artists much more adept at it than I. But I mean, yeah ;;v;; I can try?? (I’ll get to answering asks later. Gotta work on commissions now!)

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i have stumbled upon this blog because of vanohm. #shameless. do you mind an e3 ohm and a b2 vanoss for the thingy? take it as however you want! xD now let me just crawl back into the vanohm dungeon—i mean, thank you!

Yeah! Crawl into there…… (・_・;

I mean… I love vanohm too… ju-just enjoy this……

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after noodle's senior prom (at her sketchy inner city high school) she tells the guys to pick her up out back. they catch her making out with a girl, and i mean like, the girls against the wall and their giggling between really long french kisses. what do the guys do in response? do they say anything or just say silent and awkward? sorry i freaking love seeing noodle grow up


The Whole Band ™:

  • When Noodle’s bandmates roll into the back parking lot of her high school in search of the prize, (Noodle herself) they all stumble upon something surprising.
  • “Hey, I never knew she was one of those lesbeans, yeah, Russ?” frikin murdoc it’s lesbian you uncultered swine
  • Woahhhh,” 2D would murmur, face pressed up against the window. “Is now a bad time?”
  • Russ would just stare in shock, not knowing what he should do. Should he go outside and split the two up? Should he drive away and come back later? Should he correct Murdoc?
  • Rolling down the window, Russ would stick his head outside. “Should we come back later?” He’d called, eyebrows raised. This catches Noodle’s attention as her head swings back to Russ, a wild blush spreading like wildfire across her cheeks.
  • “N-No, it’s not a bad time,” she’d stutter, giving mystery girl one last kiss before said departure. “Bye, ____.”
  • The drive home would be kind of quiet. No one is upset that Noodle kissed a girl, but everybody was just slightly taken aback.
  • “So,” Murdoc would say, finally breaking the silence. “How was it?”
  • “How was what, exactly?” Noodle would ask, looking through Instagram on her phone. “Because prom itself was kind of underwhelming– I had to go outside and get some fresh air because it was so hot in there.”
  • “Yeah,” Murdoc coughed. “To rub uglies with that girl-”
  • Noodle, we are very proud parents,” Russ would interrupt, his face distorted with an awkward smile, trying to avoid conversation. “And we are so happy regarding any of your decisions.”
  • russ is scared and sad bc his girl is growin up
  • 2d just stares out the window in the back of the car, twiddling with his thumbs
Auston Matthews

First Imagine ft. Mitch, my meme son

Also look at these dorks

Angst and basically a whole paragraph of it is just Auston appreciation.

Part Two Part Three Part Four Part Five

Word count: 2,137

Warnings: None

Song suggestion of the day: I’ve got this friend by the Civil Wars

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A feeling of undeniable, unadulterated helplessness and utter dispair became all-consuming as you made a desperate bid to come to terms with what you were hearing, staring between your two best friends who stood hesitantly opposite you on the other side of the kitchen bench. It was the blonde who spoke first, watching you with wide-eyes as she awaited your reaction. “I’m sorry we didn’t tell you earlier..” she sounded deflated and you hated the negativity that was surging through you at the sound of her voice. “We decided it was best if Mitch was the one to tell you… You’ve been tight since kindergarten but apparently-” Steph send light-hearted glare towards the brunet boy stood beside her, causing him to wilt and grin across at you sheepishly.

“Only, I might have forgotten…” he murmured, raising a hand to rub the ever-reddening back of his neck with embarrassment. 

Sure, you’d been out of town for a while and there might of been some things that had slipped their minds but you couldn’t believe that Mitch had just forgotten to tell you he was dating steph now. Then again, it was Mitch Marner so you couldn’t be sure. The boy would probably forget his own name if it wasn’t sewn onto his jersey. 

Of course, you couldn’t kid yourself. The real reason that you’d become so worked up about the whole thing was the fact that you’d only just escaped the life-ruining grasp of your three-year-long crush on Mitchell Marner. As if to add to your misfortune, tonight you were going to admit it to him and finally move on with your life.

You glanced back over at the two of them, switching back and forth between their matching expressions as they anxiously awaited your response before faking a smile you sincerely hoped didn’t look like a grimace of pain. You were happy when they were and if whatever made them happy just so happened to be each other, who were you to get in the way? “I mean, congrats and yeah..” you managed to stumble out. “Wow, I, uh, wasn’t really- I mean it’s just weird for me…Not bad weird! Just different weird..”

They glanced once at each other before returning their attention to you. “..You’re okay with it?” Steph questioned quietly. 

“Sure! Yeah, fine!” You responded cheerily. “I mean, it’s not like you need my blessing or anything. You do you! or each other..I’m going to just stop talking.”

Mitch had let out a boyish laugh before a suffocating silence could descend upon the three of you. “Now, that’s out of the way.. I come bearing gifts..of news. Admittedly that’s not as great as actual presents…”

Steph was rolling her eyes. “Get to the point before she dies of boredom.” The blonde prompted.

The boy glared. “Okay, okay.” He turned back to you, an almost malevolent twinkle in his eyes, making you rightfully wary. “I have found you the perfect match!”

This only succeeded to illicit groans from you. Mitch fancied himself matchmaker, and what better victim than his perpetually single childhood best friend. “Mitch, I swear to god-”

“Come on, this is a good‘un.” He pleaded. “Steph even helped me out, and you’ll notice she has great taste.” He waggled his eyebrows at you while the girl in question rolled her eyes yet again and delivered a light whack to his bicep.

“Don’t you trust us?” Steph chuckled, turning her gaze back to you with a small smirk painted on her features.

“I trust Steph LaChance, it’s mitchell marner who’s got me wary.”

“Hey!” mitch protested. “i’m totally trustworthy. Name one time-!” He was cut short by the sound of the doorbell, a wicked smile lighting his features at the sounded.

Sighing, you moved to get the door, straightening the tattered leafs shirt you were wearing as you did so. You were greeted by the sight of a suited up Auston Matthews waiting patiently on the doorstep, causing you to smile. Despite only meeting him a handful of times in person, his constant appearances in Mitch’s snapchats certainly seemed to make up for lost time as his presence provided you nothing short innate reassurance and familiarity. 

“Mitchell, your boyfriend’s here! Get your stuff we’re going!” you called back into the house before turning to properly greet Auston, attempting to engulf him in a warm hug. A smile lifted the creases of his mouth as his muscled arms moved to return the gesture, squeezing you ever so gently.

“hey,” you greeted, smiling softly up at him.

“hey,” was his reply as he turned to lead the way to his car. “how’ve you been?”

“alright.” you answered truthfully, climbing into the passengers seat as he buckled himself into the seat beside you.

As if sensing your dejection, he frowned slightly as his brow furrowed and deep-brown, soulful puppy-dog eyes trained their full attention on you. “you’re still not over him are you?” he murmured quietly.

This only caused you to let loose an exasperated huff. “Was I really that obvious? It’s bad enough half his family know, let alone Stromer and McDavid. I’m almost properly over him, it’s no big deal.” 

At the sight of Auston fixing you with a look of clear disbelief, you caved. “It’s just a shock. I’ll get over it after a couple of days.” you told him truthfully.

“Then why do you look so sour?” He coupled this with a small grin, letting you know he was lightly teasing but the concern in his eyes said different.

“They’re trying to set me up.” you admitted. “right now I just feel like curling up at home with as much chocolate as I can eat and watching The Incredibles five times over.”

“Solid plan.” The boy beside you agreed but it was lost amongst the sound of the car door opening as, much to your chagrin, Mitch and Steph hopped into the backseat, their hands securely resting in each other’s palms. Noticing your frown, the San Francisco-born teen beside you was quick to start the car.


You’d been on exchange overseas for the past year or so, which explained your lack of knowledge when it came to relations between your two best friends. Still, your temporary bitterness at the two of them didn’t stop you from attempting to enjoy a hard-fought game of hockey. Neither did it stop you and Steph screaming your lungs out after Mitch was unfairly penalised or gasping audibly whenever he took a big hit. Obviously, no matter the amount of times Mitch went on the ice, you couldn’t help but worry, especially given the power behind some of those slapshots. Your anxiety wasn’t helped by the way Steph wouldn’t stop glancing over at the leafs bench until Mitch was once again back on the ice.

Patrik Laine scored a minute into the second period. You’d heard about the supposed “rivalry” between Laine and Auston after the american was drafted first overall over the Finn. You’d no clue if this was true or not, as Auston hadn’t actually mentioned Laine at all in the time you’d known him. Still, you had to give it to the eighteen-year-old, he had an arm on him.

“Hey,” Steph murmured as the period concluded. “I didn’t realise that you still…” she trailed off, looking visibly uncomfortable. “If I had’ve-”

“Steph, don’t. Don’t apologise.” You replied quietly. “and for the record I am over him.” you added with a pointed glance towards her concerned expression. Still looking hesitant, she moved off the subject. 

“Auston’s cute, noh?” Steph questioned, with a knowing smirk.

“Yeah sure.” Was your reply, attempting disinterest because there was no way you were giving Mitch any ideas. Still, you were pretty sure it was a crime to not find Auston Matthews adorable in some form. He wasn’t what you would classify as traditionally attractive, with no slim, high or pointed features but in no way did this make him any less appealing. He had deep, sorrowful, brown puppy-dog eyes; plump full lips with an adorably prominent cupids bow, fluffy brunet locks, a sharp jawline and an insanely cute nose. There was no denying his sweet, loveable demeanour either. If you hadn’t of been so engrossed in Mitch when you’d first met the young leafs #34, you probably would have been pining after him like a lovesick puppy.

Once the third period started, it only took another minute or so before the Jets fans’ frustration began to bubble over the edge. Those few clad in navy fell back on the chant used in the previous game at Auston’s expense. You swore that if you heard the phrase: “Laine is better” one more time you’d punch something.



You turned at the voice, finding yourself face-to-face with the eighteen-year-old, Finnish, Jets’ winger; Patrik Laine himself. The blond-haired, blue-eyed teen smiled warmly down at you and you couldn’t help but smile back.

“Hey,” you replied. Laine made you a little uneasy, you weren’t sure if it was the fact that he was a total stranger or that you felt that you shouldn’t be talking to your friend’s so-called “rival”.

“Wrong team.” Laine joked, good-naturedly as he nodded towards the leafs logo on your shirt.

You laughed a little, almost awkwardly, unconsciously tugging on the hem of the navy material. “Heh, yeah. You play well though.” you complimented, ducking your head a little as you did so. 

He smiled at this, a light dusting of red making its way across his fair cheeks. “Thank you…”

“Y/N,” you added, in answer to his unspoken question. He smiled, repeating this once to himself. The both of you stood in a slightly awkward silence for a moment, with you fidgeting with your hands as Laine shoved his into his pockets. He coughed quietly after a moment, causing you to finally look back up at him.

“Were you waiting for someone?”

you nodded. “a couple of friends, they’re driving me home.”

“Oh,” he nodded. “boyfriend? Are you… I mean do you-?” 

Before he could finish a large slam sounded from behind you causing you to jump nearly a foot in the air, clutching your heart as you turned to stare, wide-eyed at Mitch and Steph who were attempting to hold in snickers whilst they stood alongside an Auston Matthews who looked so utterly furious that it terrified you. All sanity forgotten, you turned away from Laine to prod the bear. “Auston, are you alright?” you questioned, your tone laced with concern.

“These are your friends?” Laine questioned, regaining your attention as Auston stalked forwards, placing himself on your right-hand side.  

“Yes.” the elder boy cut in, voice dangerously low. Tension hung thick in the air as silence fell upon the four of you, causing you to shift uncomfortably.

“Well, it was really nice meeting you!” You smiled up at Laine, attempting to diffuse some of this and get going. You didn’t like the look on Auston’s face, nor the uncomfortable atmosphere that clung to the two rookies. The Arizonan obviously eager to leave, turning swiftly on his heel to stalk towards Mitch. Upon realising you hadn’t followed, he returned to your side, placing a large hand on the middle of your back, gently steering you away.

“You too, Y/N! I hope we get a chance to meet again.” Laine replied sending a small wave your way which you mirrored over your shoulder.

“That’s unlikely.” Auston muttered lowly from your right. Only once outside did he drop his arm as you turned to glare. Mitch could barely contain his giggles, failing to disguise them as coughing.

“What was that for?” You quipped. Firmly crossing your arms over your chest. “I’m not the president. I don’t need an escort.” Auston was a great guy, he really was but right now you were fuming. It was as if you couldn’t speak to another guy unless you were accompanied by Matthews or Marner. It was really grinding your feminist gears.

“Can we not do this right now?” Auston muttered. “Just..Just get in the car, okay?”

Mitch had stopped laughing and Steph was glancing between the two of you and her boyfriend nervously.

“Fine!” You replied, which seemed to be the only thing you could say without regretting it later. Without another word you climbed into the backseat and buckled yourself in, with Steph joining you moments later after a worried glanced shared with Mitch. The smaller boy in turn sent the american a pained look that Auston couldn’t decipher. Eventually Mitch gave up attempting telepathic communication and just shrugged.

“Great,” Auston murmured with a huff as Mitch closed the passenger-side door behind him. 

Letting Her Go

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request: Would you do a letting him go type of one but harry is writing it about letting y/n go?

ooh this was such a good idea, thanks for requesting it! here it is, i hope you enjoy x
(if you haven’t read “letting him go” you can check that out here)

My heart is heavy as I try to put my thoughts into words. I never thought a day would come where I would be able to say that (y/n) was no longer mine. She was my everything. Hell, she still is. She’ll always be everything I’ve ever dreamed of and hoped for. I will always love and care for her, even if she doesn’t feel the same way. Even if she forgets about me and what we shared, I could never even dream of forgetting a single thing.

It has been about two months since she left, though it still burns in my memory as if it was just yesterday. Watching her leave broke my heart into a million pieces, and I know that they will never heal back together the same way. As I walk around the home we shared for three years, I can’t help but be reminded of all the memories we’ve created. How we would stay in bed all day, enjoying each other’s company. The times we sat in the living room watched her favorite movies over and over, because she loved them, and because I loved her, I grew to love them too. The times we would dance around the house to our favorite songs as we cleaned. The times I’d come home and play new songs for her right after I had written them in the studio, making sure she was always the first to hear them, as she was not only my biggest fan but my biggest critic. The times I’d cook for her and she’d insist on helping me, teasing and picking on me until I obliged. Though, truthfully I only let her pester me because of the big smile she’d get on her face while doing so.

That’s one of the many, many things about (y/n). Her bright smile, her laugh, how stubborn she is, how things have to go her way or she isn’t having it. How stunning she looked in the morning as the sun came through the windows and lit up her face perfectly as she slept. How gorgeous she is no matter what she looked like or what she wore or how she did her hair. How beautiful her soul is, and how kind her heart is. But most importantly, how she made me felt. Ever since she left me I’ve felt like I was missing half of myself. I always knew she was the piece I had always been missing, and now that she is gone I am not whole anymore. And I know for a fact I’ll never feel whole again.

It was mainly my fault that she decided to go, she felt like I wasn’t being myself anymore. She was right, but it was only because the realization that I would never deserve her was finally hitting me. I wasn’t good enough for (y/n). I never will be good enough for her. She deserved someone much greater than I will ever be, and though I hate the mere thought of her being with anyone else, I honestly hope she finds the man who deserves her one day. I’m sure he’ll feel unworthy, much like I did, but the difference between him and I is that he will be worthy. He’ll appreciate her with ever fiber of his being, he’ll love her with everything he’s got. He’ll do everything I didn’t do enough, even if I did feel like I did the best I could.

But I also hope that he realizes how big and important his task is. That he knows what his responsibilities are. If he were to somehow stumble upon this, there is some advice I’d like to give. First of all, I know what you’re thinking. “Why should I take advice from the guy who lost her in the first place?” Yeah, yeah, but hear me out. Yes, I lost her. And I’ll never forgive myself for that. But if you happen to be the one for her, then lucky you. Because you’ll never have to endure the pain and heartbreak that I continue to experience. But that doesn’t mean you can just half-ass everything. You have quite big shoes to fill, mate. 

Now, if you’re still reading, here’s the advice. Always be there for her. It’s easier said that done, believe it or not. There will be good days and bad days, days where she’ll never want to leave you side and days where she doesn’t want to be near you. But you have to know how to handle the bad, and cherish the good. When she’s having a rough day, get her some flowers or her favorite candy, because she loves romantic gestures. It’ll make it as if she wasn’t in a fowl mood at all that day. And when she’s in a great mood. relish in that. Make her feel wanted and loved. Don’t ever leave stuff lie or leave a mess. She’ll feel like you either don’t care enough, or think it’s her job to clean up after you. Trust me, you only make that mistake once and learn from it immediately after. Speaking of which, don’t get on her bad side, because she can hold a grudge. Try not having her talk to you for three days. Yeah, I’ve been there, and it’s not fun. When she’s cuddling with you, rub her back or play with her hair. I always told her she was like a kitten or something in another life, because she absolutely loves when you do that. Make sure you remind her how beautiful she is, because there are plenty of days where she feels anything but. And if you take anything from this, then let this be it; never take a single day with her for granted. Cherish every moment you get with her, and realize how damn lucky you are to have her.

Though I hate to say it, there will come a day where she falls in love with someone else. And when that day comes, I’ll feel extremely torn. Not only will it feel as if my world is falling apart, my world will also be the happiest it’s ever been. Because (y/n) is my world. And she always will be.

-Harry x

if you have any imagine ideas feel free to request them, requests are always open x

aussie-bookworm  asked:

When recording TBS, do any of actors flub their lines by accident? If so, would we be able to listen to the bloopers?

Oh yeah, absolutely. I am an extremely cruel director and make them do single takes of entire episodes (sometimes 25+ pages) and, while they are all very talented professionals, there’s bound to be some stumbling. 

Putting together a blooper reel is something I’m kicking myself over not keeping track of at the start because now there is just hours upon hours of footage that I in no way shape or form have any time to listen through and pull clips from. Maybe someday we’ll hire someone to do that because there are some good moments. 

One of my favorite bloopers from early on was in a Caleb episode. This was still in the first season, when I was trying to figure out the best way to record/take notes during recording/direct/etc. I now sit on my bed as the actors sit at a table in front of me and use 1-tap touch to highlight the script for notes, but back then I was trying a bunch of stuff out. 

I didn’t want my note-taking to interfere with sound, so I sat out in the hallway with my headphones and left Julia and Briggon in my bedroom. So I’m sitting on the floor staring at a closed door, and Briggon and Julia are just on their own. Briggon gets to a line that went something like, “I had a rough day at school”, but instead of school, Briggon goes full-adult and says “work”. And even though I couldn’t see Briggon’s face, I could just hear him have that moment of, “wait, what”. 

I don’t know why, but that was such a fun, funny moment - Briggon plays a teenager extremely convincingly, but he definitely slips up sometimes. 

Happy Easter!

Sonic: What’s with the floating eggs?
Blaze: These are no ordinary eggs, Sonic. They grant those who stumble upon these eggs a gift. Whether that is a Sol, an equivalent to a Chao in your world, or a treat.
Sonic: So what’s with the fancy dress?
Blaze: I was born on Easter Island. It is custom for me to wear appropriately for this day, just as my ancestors have in the past.
Cream: Easter Island? Mr. Sonic, weren’t you born on Christmas Island?
Sonic: Actually, yeah, I was! We should go visit that place when the time comes. As for now, let’s go egg hunting!
Blaze & Cream: Right!

Caught Up

Requested by anons: Hey there! Could you please write a sirius x reader (eventual smut) where the reader is james’ twin sister and james is against them dating so they date secretly and james finds out? Thanks ||/\|| Can I have a Sirius x reader where he has a curvy girlfriend (not fat) and he absolutely loves it and he thinks she looks really good in the school uniform and a lil smut if you want

Word count: 2018

Warning: A teensy smidge of smut

Originally posted by jesimahcah

“Please, Y/N, everyone knows I’m his best friend,” James scoffed at you as you were walking together in the great hall to have breakfast.

“And I’m not contesting that, brother,” you argued, choosing to call him that because you knew it ticked him off. “What I am saying is that Sirius likes me better,” you explained.

“That’s rubbish and doesn’t even make sense!” he exclaimed before sitting down, in front of Sirius, Remus and Peter.

“What doesn’t make sense?” Peter asked, curious.

“James here is unable to accept the fact that while he is Sirius’s best friend, Sirius still likes me better as a person,” you explained with a playful smirk, still standing.

Sirius took the time to strike a pensive pose, before answering.

“I’d say that’s a correct analysis of the situation,” he nodded.

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That Got Away: A Criminal Minds Fan-fiction Part 10

Inspired by: Katy Perry’s “The One That Got Away”

Union Pulse’s “Better Days”

Featuring: Spencer Reid x Reader   Setting: Season 4   Rating:  Teen

A/N:  My poor characters! xoxo Stu    Warnings: Violence

I do not own the characters from the show, images or lyrics.

Part 1  Part 8 Part 9

“Finally, you have caught on, Dr. Reid.” Miriam Y/L/N responded over the line. “Now, if you look to the monitor on your right, you will find the thorn in my side. You will also see my “errand girl” as you called her.”

Spencer spun in the security desk’s chair, watching the basement room that was holding Y/N. Another woman had enter the stonewalled room, she was practically prancing toward Y/N. Spencer could see his lover’s mouth speaking to the unsub, the recognition blatant on her features. His stomach felt like it was digesting itself. “Now that you lost JJ, you don’t need to threaten Y/N. Miriam?” Spencer started. “I will come quietly.”

“Oh, I know you will, Dr. Reid.” Miriam mused. “No, this is for your team. They need to learn that deals should not be disrespected.”

The mail carrier unsub approached Y/N, slapping her across her already bruised face. The devilish woman grabbed Y/N’s hair, pulling her up so her eyes peered into the camera hidden high in the rafters. The woman’s dark hair and cruel eyes shone back at the BAU, a clear, “Say Cheese!” on her lips. Spencer swallowed. The unsub wrenched Y/N right arm behind her back, shoving her back to the floor.

JJ ground her teeth and pushed against the barrier above the ladder. The grating of stone on metal muted the sounds of her strained breathing, the mechanical whirling and the distant chatter. It was the size and shape of a man hole cover, but JJ could tell it wasn’t leading to the street.

With an extra boost of effort, she lifted and slid the capstone aside. A rubber mat shifted with the stone, masking it from view. Her strong arms pulled her body over the threshold, on to the next floor. She was in a service closet, only 16 square feet of floor space. JJ tried the rectangular door handle, it was graciously unlocked. Upon exiting, she knew exactly where she was. She stared at the central elevators, just off the hotel lobby. She was free!

She ran to the concierge desk to get to a phone to call somebody down. Once she reached the desk, she heard Emily’s voice.

“Yeah, Morgan, the leader of the team is the aunt. Apparently, the plane ticket purchased for tomorrow was part of their ruse.”

“Emily!” JJ called, stumbling around the desk toward her friend. Prentiss caught JJ as she spun in surprise.

“Morgan, JJs here. I’ve got her.”

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Altar (E.D) PT 9, FINALE

“Hold me.” I cried and he scooped me up his large arms. “I’ve got you now kitten..and I’m never letting you go.” He whispered while pressing a soft kiss to my temple. He placed me in his car and drew the seatbelt over me. Then he got into his side. I crawled over the middle seat he had installed and crawled into his lap. While driving with one hand, he was stroking my back lovingly with the other, whispering sweet nothings like “you’ll be okay.” And “it gets better.”
I choked out a sob as I held onto his tux. “All I wanted was for him to love me.” I muttered. “I know kitten. He’s delusional to not see what he lost.” Grayson said reassuringly. Grayson’s phone lit up, Ethan’s name flashing along the screen. Grayson extended his arm but hesitated before drawing it back, “Don’t answer it. Please.” I whispered. “Wasn’t planning to.”

“Where are you taking me?” I asked about an hour later. Grayson replied with a soft hum before I smacked his chest lightly. “Ow! Its a surprise.” He groaned as he rubbed his chest soothingly in circles. “We’ll be there soon. Just close your eyes and sleep.” Grayson mumbled as he kept his eyes on the road ahead of him. “Fine.” I sighed and snuggled into Grayson’s side for comfort.
About 15 minutes later I felt as my body was being lifted up from the car. I knew it was Grayson who was carrying me, so I didn’t bother to open my eyes. But I did anyways.
And he looked like a greek god.
The way his wavy hair fell just a bit onto his forehead. The way his pink, plump lips were pulled into a small smile as he walked. The sparkle in his eyes when he looked at me. He finally set me down on a cliff. I turned around and raised my eyebrows in confusion. “You don’t remember this place?” He asked softly as he took a step forward.

I was 19 while Grayson was 20. We walked along the path together, stumbling upon the cliff we were currently at. “Too bad Ethan got the stomach virus. He could’ve been here with us.” I laughed as I starred out into the sunset. Yeah, but this can just be our spot.“ Grayson smiled at me and blushed slightly. “So this will be a secret from Ethan?” I asked, raising an eyebrow. “If you want it to be..” Grayson mumbled as he stood closer to me. “Fine. Its our secret Dolan.” I grinned. “Good. Now let’s make a promise. They always do this in the movies.” Grayson said and I laughed. “Fine, what promise?” I rolled my eyes playfully as Grayson sucked in a breath. “If you ever confess to Ethan about how you love him and he rejects you…promise to give me a chance.” Grayson said as my mouth fell slightly ajar. “What?”
“I’m not saying I love you or anything. Just give me a chance when the time comes, okay?” He asked. “Okay..” I mumbled and smiled softly.

“I remember.” I breathed as Grayson nodded.
Grayson stared at me with pure adoration in his eyes and smiled softly.
“Lets dance.” He said grabbing my hand. “But there’s no music!” I said as Grayson pulled me into his arms, wrapping them around my waist and mines going around his torso. “Use your imagination.” He whispered and I giggled.
I nuzzled into his neck, breathing in his cologne as we both swayed to the sounds of the wind.
We danced for about 5 minutes, I went to pull away to go sit down
But Grayson had other plans as he held me in place, right in his arms.
I rolled my eyes in and squeezed him closer to my body. He let out a soft chuckle which made a blush rise up to my cheeks. What if Ethan was in his place right now. And we were dancing like this together after being happily married.


Stop thinking about Ethan while you’re with Grayson. Stop thinking about someone who doesn’t love you. Stop thinking about someone you can’t have.
Thinking about it now, Grayson was the one who had always been there for me, trying his hardest to make me laugh and smile, offering me his shoulder to cry on when I was left crying or heart broken. The one who loved me with every fiber of his being. And I couldn’t be more thankful for him.

“Give me your hand,” he said while keeping his eyes on mines. I gave him my hand hesitantly, which he gently rested on his chest.
“Do you feel that?” He asked quietly, stroking my cheek the the bud of his thumb. I slowly and softly nodded my head as I felt the beat of his heart quicken.
“That’s what you do to me.”
“Because I love you Y/N.”

“Gr- Oh!“ I exclaimed as he wrapped one arm around my back, backing me into the tree behind us and molding my lips with. He gave me a searing kiss, pressing his body against mines as he deepened it and I couldn’t help but sigh contently into him.
I grabbed his biceps with my hands, pushing forward to press myself even closer to him. I was lost in Grayson, his scent, his taste, his eyes, his touch. But I snapped out of it when I realized what we had just done, pushing Grayson back slightly. He moaned against my lips softly, leaning in to kiss me even more but I pushed his chest away.
“What, kitten?” He asked softly, hands trailing down my spine, leaving a trail of fire behind it.
I refrained from kissing his now swollen lips again so I bit my own.
I stared at him in awe, something tugged at my heart as I took in his disheveled state. His hair was laying wavy and flat on his head, strands sticking out in different directions, tuxedo wrinkled and cheeks flushed.
He looked like a mess, but as he locked eyes with me, I couldn’t help but realize that the one person I needed, was right in front of me all along.
He was the one. The one who’d go to the moon and back for me, and I was too blind to see it. I was going for the wrong person the whole time. Going after something I could never have. But I had someone even better. I cupped Grayson’s cheeks and let out a shaky breath I didn’t even know I was holding. “I love you too Gray. I didn’t realize it at first. But you’re the one. The one I want to be with.” I breathed. Grayson broke out into a smile as a single tear strolled down his cheek. He was crying. “Wait, why are you crying. Shouldn’t I be crying?” I sniffled and laughed softly as he quickly wiped it away. “Its just…I loved you ever since we were kids. And I knew you wanted Ethan so I pushed you to him. I wanted you to be happy even if it meant I was heartbroken. But here we are and you chose me over him.” Grayson smiled softly and I crashed my lips against his once again. It was a perfect fit and
I felt happier than I had felt in a long time.

A/N: the end of Altar 😭 as you can see Y/N didn’t exactly end up with Ethan. She ended up with Gray. Hope some of you aren’t mad at my plot twist 💙

The Red Pill

I really identified with Cassie Jaye when she said something like, when hearing the MRA talk about men’s issues, I wanted to include women’s issues. I have that same problem right now. I stopped calling myself a feminist a few weeks ago because I did what she did I just stumbled upon some issues that were misrepresented by the left and “fell deeper down the rabbit hole” but I still catch myself thinking “yeah, well, what about women”. Like why do I feel this way sometimes? Am I still getting over a victim complex? or is it more like I might feel weird because I was taught all men are evil but really they were the victims all along? It’s just so interesting to me. 

Opening your eyes to things that were always hidden, looking at both sides and coming to your own conclusions is such a good feeling. There needs to be more of that in the world. We need more people talking about this instead of shutting people down. 

We Need A Medic!

Green-eyed monster? Curious… I hope to hear more about that later.

Yeah… I think something happened here. Just a hunch.

Yes, now go help them! Be the hero you were meant to be!

That’s something I like to call, foreshadowing.

And I just got it also represents that neither Ava nor Wrathia could survive against Titan on their own.

Oh, that’s quite something to stumble upon.

Who's your Germany nt boyfriend quiz!

Hallo and welcome to the ‘who’s your Germany nt boyfriend quiz!’


So grab a piece of paper and a pencil and let’s get going!

(tis for taking down your answers hihi)

Question # 1: You can’t live without:

a. Ice cream

b. Your glasses

c. Bacon

d. Flowers

e. sunshine

f. make-up

Question # 2: Choose a color:

a. yellow

b. pink

c. black

d. green

e. blue

f. red

Question # 3: Where would you want to spend your vacation:

a. In a yacht in the middle of the ocean

b. At home, with hot chocolate

c. Go to some party

d. Visit relatives

e. Diving

f. Spend time with your boyfriend

Question # 4: Your favorite pastime:

a. Daydreaming

b. Reading a book

c. Movie marathon!

d. Making doodles from a piece of paper

e. Hanging out with friends

f. Surfing the net

Question # 5: Your most preferred sweets:

a. lollipop

b. marshmallow

c. popsicle

d. peppermint

e. skittles

f. bubblegum

Question # 6: Choose a music genre:

a. Indie

b. Classical

c. HipHop

d. RnB

e. Rock

f. Pop

Question # 7: Your bag is:

a. currently out of reach

b. I don’t have a bag

c. really small

d. really neat if you look inside

e. the milky way

f. really, really big

Question # 8: Choose a place:

a. Somewhere quiet

b. The toy store

c. The candy store

d. The mall

e. A library

f. A club

Question # 9: Choose a movie (or most preferred):

a. Spirited away

b. The Lego movie

c. A walk to remember

d. Rise of the guardians

e. The adventures of Tintin

f. The fault in our stars

Question # 10: Choose a LOTR character:

a. Frodo

b. Bilbo

c. Gandalf

d. Legolas

e. Sam

f. Gimli

Question # 11: Favorite type of weather:

a. Rainy

b. any kind

c. Cloudy

d. Stormy

e. Sunny

f. Sunny with a rainbow in the sky

Question # 12: Choose a drink:

a. lemonade

b. tea

c. orange juice

d. gatorade

e. water

f. some energy drink

Question # 13: Choose a snack:

a. Lay’s

b. I don’t like chips

c. Doritos

d. Pringles

e. Cheetos

f. Ruffles

Question # 14: Do you want to have a boyfriend from the Germany nt?

a. What?

b. ooh, trick question

c. yes?

d. no, I just stumbled upon this post

e. if it’s possible

f. Duh.

Question # 15: What word best describes you?

a. awkward

b. cute

c. strong

d. lovely

e. happy

f. cool

Now count all the letters and the letter that has the most count is your Germany nt boyfriend!

Mostly A’s: Marco Reus

            Because he’s real awkward, and that’s enough


Mostly B’s: Toni Kroos

            Because, yeah, you’re that kind of girl 

Mostly C’s: Manuel Neuer

            Because apparently you like goalkeepers

Mostly D’s: Cristoph Kramer

            Because you like people who are as cute as flowers


Mostly E’s: Julian Draxler

            Because being happy is one part, and looking good is another 

Mostly F’s: Mario Gotze

            Because Mario Gotze.


Hooray! now everybody’s happy !

Hope you guys enjoyed this!

 p.s.: if you get a tie in the scoring, then you’re a lucky one 

funny story

so last year during math class we were talking about circles and how to find the arc length (it’s a section of the distance around) and my 50 year old male teacher asks what we use to find this. no one was really in the mood to answer any questions that day, so I took it upon myself to answer it. now note, I’m usually pretty quiet in all my classes, but I’ll answer a question here or there. this is because I tend to stumble over my words and mess them up sometimes. so the answer was circumference, and I raised my hand to be called on. He calls my name and what do I say?

“You use the circumcision.”

my class just stared at me and a couple chuckles were heard from around the room. my teacher was mortified, and just replied “you mean the circumference?”

I said “yeah, what did I say?” and he just laughed and continued with the lesson. I had to turn to my seat partner and asked what had happened. she explained what all went down. now I avoid speaking in classes all together.


Description: Your car broke down at the freeway in middle of the night, you’re scared as fuck, and to put the cherry on top, a guy on his Harley Davidson stopped behind your car to… To help you out, so calm down…

A/N: Did you say biker Naruto? Yeah so I couldn’t stop thinking about this one, and I don’t believe I’ve ever seen, or read biker Naruto, so… This is what I’ve produced, yet another AU trash. Lemme know if you like it, or not.

Today was supposed to be a day of relaxation, and peace, today was supposed to be an interlude from scalpels, needles, blood, and adrenaline. After a 14-hour shift that didn’t belong to her in the first place, Hinata Hyuga soon to be M.D. could not wait to come home, and unwind. Although she certainly wasn’t looking forward to the 45-minute drive home that was waiting for her. The young medic got into her car, and it took her five tries to finally get her car started. For the past few days her car has been, well acting up.

Hinata turned on the radio in hopes that the jolly melody would somehow assuage her continuously growing tension. Hinata literally just merged onto the highway when suddenly, she heard a clunk in her engine, killing it.

Exhaling loudly, Hinata walloped the steering wheel, and took her phone from the passenger seat. As the ringing on her phone continued she anticipated for a familiar voice to pick up, but she was disappointed. The distraught damsel had to leave a voicemail instead,

“Nii-san? Hi, I’m sorry if you’re asleep but my car broke down again, I know you told me not to take it anywhere today but the hospital called, and I had to come. It’s really late, but can you pick me up please? Call me back, I’m sorry again.”

Hinata sighed, her eyes scanned the road it was clear, and feeling somewhat brave she decided to get out of her car.  She opened the hood, and tried to look for something, anything. Now Hinata doesn’t know much about cars, which is exactly why she called her mechanic, also known as her cousin Neji.

Hinata took out her phone once again to call for a towing truck, much to her demise her phone had died too.  “No…” her consternation swiftly crept up to her, she knew crying, and shaking will not help the shitty predicament she was currently in. She is in the middle of the freeway, her phone is dead along with her engine, she hoped she soon wouldn’t follow, so she calmed herself down, and tried to think of a way to get out of the damn road.

Hinata’s cogitation was disrupted by an echoing sound of an engine, it was beginning to come closer to her, squinting her eyes she saw a motorcycle approaching. Hinata crossed her fingers hoping the biker would simply elapse her, and keep moving. Naturally her prayers were disregarded as the speed of the bike began to abate. Hinata quickly closed the hood of her car, and walked as fast as she could into her car, however a raspy voice prevented her from doing so. “You alright there miss?”

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anonymous asked:

My own vegan humor is when people are mean or rude to me for being vegan, or they crack jokes or what have you, and then I just tell them "my family and I are vegan because my dad had a massive heart attack and almost died at the age of 43, he even worked out every week and was on a paleo diet, but his arteries were blocked because of animal fat and animal protein :)" so yeah, that's a fun one to quip. My dad stumbled upon the document Forks Over Knives, then we made the switch ❤️🌱🐮🐷

I hope he’s doing alright now! That sounds very scary.

Human: A Teen Wolf Fanfiction- Chapter 4

Plot: A Teen Wolf fanfiction based on an original character, Sophia Tuteur.Sophia Tuteur is Scott McCall’s cousin. They are both the same age, and she has been living with Scott and his mom since she was eight years old, since her parents are always on the road due to work. This is Sophia’s point of view to everything going on.(Story does take place in the same timeline as the show.)

Originally posted by itsbecauseteenwolf

After school I sat on the benches while the boys were practicing.

“Hey. Whatcha reading?” I heard Allison asked as she sat down next to me.

“Oh nothing.” I quickly answered, hiding the book about werewolves from her. She raised her eyebrow at my reaction.

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anonymous asked:

Ever since I know your blog I hate it when people say their sun sign as it meant everything omg it became a pet peeve (I almost write kink lol english is confusing) of mine. And I can't explain it to everyone because they aren't my friends but ugghh ;_; They think they're so into astrology but they wouldn't even care even if I tried to explain, this is so frustrating ;_; Btw you asked what other anons I was (this was long ago I'm sorry), -Ghost anon ~1~

and I’m Caprisun anon, the anon that asked about “The most awkward moment in life”, also the one that stumbled upon the other astrology blog, and I know I’ve sent some other asks but I can’t really remember now lol. So yeah, I’ve been pretty active here! But it’s just so warm and comfy please let me stay here… under your bed ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Ok, sorry, I’m just kidding… or am I? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) -Ghost anon ~2~

HAHAH Your confusion with kink/wink is completely understandable. English indeed is confusing af. And OMG, YES. I get you, Ghost anon, so much. I fight against this almost everyday (the drama), because everyone on SNS thinks they’re sooo good at understanding Astrology… Not. Like, I don’t mind people not having the knowledge necessary to properly discuss it, I’d just like for them to refrain from talking about what they don’t know (and this applies to every subject, tbh). And they’re pretty comfortable with that level of knowledge because most of the time they just wanna talk about themselves… Astrology is so much more than that. But I have to understand that some people just don’t have to know it all, some people are not even meant to deal with Astrology at all… So I have to deal with the fact that I can’t correct everyone because not only would it made me arrogant af but also Astrology, again, just isn’t for everyone. And that’s ok. Doesn’t mean it doesn’t annoy me when I see wrong stuff written all around, though. So yeah. I totally get you. I used to correct everyone, nowadays I just let it go or else I’d be annoyed all the time and life is too short. I have to admit, though, that in real life I’m a lot more confrontational because it’s really hard for me to control myself with my Mercury Retrograde and all so if someone is saying wrong stuff in front of me in an arrogant manner there’s 0% chance that I won’t correct them. lmao

OMG, you’ve been here a lot then! I feel closer to you now, knowing that you’re the same person that did all of those questions. <3 Please stay as long as you want but I’d advise against going under my bed because 1) you’d scare the shit out of me because I’m not the bravest person around and 2) honestly there’s no other reason I’m just someone that gets scared really easily so please don’t do that lmao But please keep on sending the interesting questions that you always do. :) Hope you have a great tuesday!