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This is Why You Can

I have been thinking in this idea for a while its a Jared x Wife!Reader, hope you like it “Imagine Jared having an emotional breakdown and the reader shows him all the good things he have done and how much he means for a lot of people” - @bemyqueenofdarkness

Pairings: Jared x wife!Reader Mentioned: Jensen, JJ, Misha, Mark & some crew

Warnings: Emotional breakdown and angst!!! with a fluffy ending

Summary: I took this story from personal experience. My mom did this for me a few years back and I have since lost the video but it meant so much to me.


The moment you walked into your house, you knew something was wrong; the air around you felt heavy and thick as if it was almost suffocating. You stopped dead in your tracks when you could finally hear the faint sounds of music floating down the stairwell and as your mind wrapped around the melody; your heart stopped.

“Jared!” You yelled as you dropped the bag of groceries on the floor in the entry before you tore through the house toward the stairs knowing exactly where he would be. You took the steps two at a time and with every step, the heart breaking music got louder. Sure enough, when you pushed open the door to your bedroom, you could see the large lump of your husband’s body under the blankets, curled in the fetal position in the middle of the bed. His eyes shot up to yours and you felt your heart break as a fresh wave of tears poured from his blood shot eyes.

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Live Free, Chapter 15: The Beginning of the End! Will You Stand and Fight?!

On Ao3

Chapter Summary: The verdict is found, and everything gets almost immediately worse. A surprise guest gives the people of Motorcity a little inspirational push.

Art and writing by @splickedylit and @toastyhat


Best Friends

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7

I breathe out my frustrations as I let anger settle in, because why can’t you see this is for the best? I’m doing this for you, for me, for us, for our friendship. I did this because I didn’t want to lose you, but I feel I almost did. As I sit with my phone in hand, overwhelming heartache spreads throughout my body, and once it reaches my eyes, even I can’t stop the storm that hits.

Some angst lolololol oops ! Hmm I think this series will end soon, probably just a few more parts! ✌🏻Don’t be shy and give me feedback if you want!

Could you imagine November with Harry? 

He’d start to play Christmas music one song at a time when he thought you weren’t paying attention. He’s already talking about how his Christmas shopping is almost done, but you know how he is - he’s going to keep buying gifts right up until the last minute because he doesn’t know how to stop. He doesn’t know how to not give. He’d spend the entire month deliberating over which charity to donate to. He’d talk to you about how early you could put up the Christmas Tree without being ridiculous (though he’d end up not caring and put it up in the middle of the month anyway). 

He’d buy so many little trinkets and useless decorations. They’d be all over the house. Your favorite figurine, the one your Grandmother bought you when you were 7 at that flea market, would be put into storage for a few months so that his little reindeer could take its’ place. Christmas prints would replace his almost-priceless art prints and paintings in the hallways and the living room. Festive holiday towels would hang in the kitchen and the bathrooms. Pine scented soaps and cinnamon scented candles would be strewn about. 

Harry in November might be my favorite thing to think about.

I love Moana so much it’s just so good and pure and the music is incredible and everything about it is perfect and I wanna go and see it again and again because it’s literally the best thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life I haven not stopped thinking about it for literal weeks it’s SO. GOOD.


the lighting is different in all of them it’s making my eyebrow twitch

also, i just realized i take so few selfies rip so making this post was a struggle in itself lol

also queen of procrastination accomplished this on the last day of 2016 yay me

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Because I will never not enjoy speculating…

It would strike me as strange if the series ends without seeing Michael again.

Lucifer’s explanation of “he’s singing show tunes and touching himself” and God saying he wasn’t in any shape to fight – it kinda makes me think that they’re holding Michael in their back pocket for the end of the show or something. It also seems odd to leave him in the corner while Lucifer is back on the board.

Lucifer and Michael were the original mirrors for Sam and Dean. The big, big difference between them is that when Sam was “cast out” by their father, Dean went after him.

Plus they’ve already shown us how easy it was for Lucifer to hop from vessel to vessel, so even if they can’t get Adam Milligan or young John back, there’s not really an excuse. We could easily say, “well, that story has already been told” or “let’s stop recycling old plots,” but… there’s definitely more that could be said. Chuck and Amara got closure. Lucifer and Michael got tossed into jail.

What I’m really, really torn on is whether or not I wanna see Michael!Dean.

On one hand, seeing Jensen actually play another character (which pretty much everyone else has had a chance to do) would be fucking wonderful. Especially if Lucifer wasn’t exaggerating and we do get to see Unbalanced!Michael!Dean.

On the other hand, between Sam, Dean, and Cas, Dean is the only one who has never said “yes” to an archangel, which kinda paints him as the poster child for free will.

And on the other other hand, Dean is supposed to be the “firewall between light and darkness,” and a nice dose of angel grace would balance out the whole turning into a demon thing.

But… yeah. I’d like a satisfying end to Lucifer and Michael’s story, not a throwaway line that Michael is in the cage masturbating until the end of time

I finally finished the thing!! How many hours did this take? Too many tbh.

But it’s cute. So all’s okay.

The long and the short of it- I became Hidden Block Trash™️ because of the Hidden route in Asagao Academy, and wanted to draw a thing for it.

There were gonna be more toys and whatnot added to this? I had Mr Bunny added into the sketch and a bunch of other things I was gonna add scattered around, but ArtRage crashed on me and I ended up like an hour+ of sketching. I couldn’t be asked to add it all back in again, so I just threw in a ton of Nokeballs? Hana still has a Clefairy Clepixie plushie though. It’s just a headcanon I have that Hidden Block!Hana gets given a Clefairy plushie by one of the boys.

I gave Ian an antler. I don’t know why. The colours are a bit off I think, but it’s almost one am rn and I’m too tired to fix it.

Caddy please stop yelling, Hana has the sads. And you are the only one who hasn’t noticed, for whatever reason.

Anyway… hope y’all like this?

A: Nine months, maybe a year.
C: But that’s the worst case scenario, yeah?
R: We’re hoping so, yeah.
L: So the chances are that it’s not gonna happen…

I don’t know why I am so obsessed with this particularly moment in this scene. But I can’t stop thinking about the way Robert says “stay positive” like he is almost cracking a smile maybe to comfort Liv and maybe to convince himself of his own words. And suddenly all I can picture in my head is when he will hear that his husband is going to prison for 12 months (even if I know Aaron will not be in it that long), but during this moment Robert and all his efforts to “stay positive” will break and his face will just show us how much he is hurt (I know it will, knowing the powerful acting of Ryan in those kind of scenes). [And then, just imagine Aaron catches Robert’s eyes and they just know, just this one minute, they know how much it’s going to be hard but also how much they love each other.] So yeah I’m looking forward to see the episodes of next week and on the other hand I’m preparing myself to be crushed by emotions.

Okay but imagine Bokuto, Kuroo, Kenma and Akaashi watching what just happened on tv

They all got together to cheer on Karasuno at one of their houses

Kenma complains that Kuroo dragged him along and spends the beginning sitting in the corner playing games on his handheld and acting like he doesn’t care, but he keeps dying cause his eyes are more on the tv screen than his console. By the end of the second set his console is abandoned and his stomach tightens every time Hinata goes to spike

Bokuto and Kuroo yell every time Karasuno scores. Akaashi tells them they’re going to get noise complaints. They get so excited when they see how into the game Tsukishima is. Bo yells about how he wants to play them again

Kuroo feels such a swell of pride watching how much Tsukishima’s blocks have improved

When Tsukishima makes the final block to take the set, Bokuto and Kuroo go NUTS and almost miss Tsukki actually celebrating but THEY SEE IT



Akaashi sits quietly watching Kuroo and Bokuto cheer and hype each other up about Tuskishima celebrating, and he smiles to himself thinking about what Bokuto said to Tsukki back at training camp

“I guess you’re hooked now, Tsukishima”

Peace Amongst The Noise (Part 2-Joker’s POV)

The noise. It never stops. But living in Gotham you’d think one would get used to the noise. But not that kind of noise. Not sirens or shouting or gunshots, but rather the constant noise in his head. Almost like a deafening static that JUST. NEVER. ENDS. But it can be turned down…


Harleen Quinzel. That pretty little doctor who thought she was so smart. He never counted on her being a challenge. It was never supposed to get this far. She was never supposed to know what she knows now…

She seems to be the only thing that can turn down the noise. Her voice, her touch… Was there a name for something like her? Could she even be simplified enough for that?


That’s not important. There’s too much to do tomorrow. No time for distractions. Just go to sleep

But how could one sleep with that noise? He knew he couldn’t, so he gave in; wrapping his arm around her waist. The feeling of relief washed over him as he felt her fingers tracing the tattoos on his skin. She knows every line by heart. The noise gets quieter as she presses her soft lips against his forehead; her hand running through his hair. Her touch is so delicate and caring, which to him is so…. incredibly unfamiliar.

Gotham’s nightly soundtrack still raged on, but things were quiet now….


No one wants you when you have no heart and
I’m sitting pretty in my brand new scars and
You’ll never know if you don’t ever try again
So let’s try, let’s try, let’s try

All you sinners stand up, sing hallelujah
Show praise with your body, stand up, sing hallelujah
And if you can’t stop shaking, sit back, let it move right through you
Say your prayers, say your prayers, say your prayers

In case y’all were wondering, this is the new official All The Stars In Texas theme song. Come cry with me.

sonador-reveur  asked:

Hola ❤ This one was long, in fact very long and I usually get bored while reading something this long but I didn't while reading this one and for some reason I really like it; So what was your inspiration behind "Experiences and experiments [from October 2011] " 😊

It is entirely about tripping on salvia divinorum, which I did twice back in 2011. Stylistically there was some influence from Tool’s Rosetta Stoned, which is its own drug-influenced ramble, and set the pace for me to just keep going and going and keep talking. I think I wrote it a few weeks after my second trip, and I very deliberately let myself slip into something almost like a flashback, feeling kind of like I was high even though I definitely wasn’t (I’d never have been able to write a damn thing while on salvia). I let that feeling take me over, and I just started writing. I kept going, basically non-stop, for about ten minutes, and ended up with a wall of text with virtually no punctuation. I did a bit of editing to make it easier to read and to fix a couple of lines, but mostly it is as I wrote it originally. There are lots of references included in the poem that I could go through if you’d like, but it would take quite a while so I’ll only do it on request.

My RE 7 AU

Opposite Consequences AU:

Evelyn isn’t as evil, but uses her powers out of fear to control and still craves for a family’s affection, she thinks its the only way. But unlike the game, Ethan tries to convince her that her actions are wrong almost throughout the story. Depending on how you defeat her in the end, you actually save her and are able to finally convince her to stop using people to hurt others and try to hide her from Umbrella.

Thats all I can think of for now on the AU.

qrowin-shitposts  asked:

How far do you think season 2 will go (To chapter 70 or to chapter 72) and how do you think the chapters will be spread out about the 25 episodes? A theory I have is that chapter 50 will be around episode 10, not episode 12 or 13. Season 1 had 2 sections of "calm before the storm" (1-4 and 14-16). I think season 2 will too, but they will take place after major arcs instead of before. I'm thinking chapter 51-53 will be episodes 11-12 and chapters 69-72 will be episodes 23-25.

You are already clearly better at this than I am.

For an endpoint, my current guess is 70, but without covering the entire chapter. They did that with the first season finale; the manga doesn’t really care about hard stops for its arcs, but the anime crew should for their medium.

I’d almost be willing to say that the second season will get cut off at the end of 69, there’s just enough tying of loose coup ends in 70 that I can’t see anyone wanting to start a season with that still left to do.

(To really embarrass future me, I think they’ll snip Eren’s Shadis flashback, keep the bones of the bar scene, have a few ominous shots of the leftover titan serum, and then have the final cut of the season be Zeke having destroyed Reiner.)

Once you bring in Shadis’ story, you officially open the chapter on Grisha’s story. That flashback is the primer for the basement, and I think the third season would be better served having that as part of its recent history.

So that would give them 25 episodes for 35 chapters, roundabouts, with a ton of action scenes that don’t translate to much animated time.

Also, thanks to the difference in content depth between what the first season had to work with and what the second does, the second season can stretch material to fit that schedule without creating Trost 2.0.

I… think. I did mention that you’re better at this than I am.

Your estimation for where 50 lands sounds about right to me, and. I am afraid I am otherwise useless here, as much as I really appreciate any opportunity to think about what the second season holds. Every time I flip through the chapters to get a better feel for what might take how much time, I start wondering if they’ll reserve full episodes for things like Sasha’s chapter, and all reason falls apart.

imagine the class goes on a trip overseas and have to go by plane

adrien being scared of planes like he thinks its gonna be all ok because he can handle heights as chat noir but once the plane takes off he freaks the hell out

hes sitting on a window seat and marinettes next to him so he gets a death grip on her shirt sleeve

marinette almost passes out cause oh shit her crush is touching her but then she realises hes really freaked out and she tries to calm him down and he ends up falling asleep on her lap with her stroking his hair

(alya takes like a million pictures)

when the plane is landing adrien wakes up completely missing the pilot saying they’re about to land so he feels the plane go down and hes like: aaaHHHHHHH OH SHIT WERE CRASHING and marinette has to try and get him to stop freaking out again

When Dragon Age slowly takes over your life you get very strange ideas. In my case, I’ve been spending way to much time playing (and giggling over) the ‘Which Naruto Character Fits Who Best?’ game. 

It’s a very fun game.

So far I have:

- Orochimaru as Morigan. (Because oh my gosh. Can you see it? Please tell me you see it! Because I’m currently thinking about that much more than I should be.)

- Orochimaru as Leliana. (Looking at it from a DA:I perspective. He would be a spymaster, a very ‘the ends justify the means’ sorta person. And wouldn’t entirely understand why you wouldn’t kill the threat, sorta thing.)

- Naruto as Alistar. (Because I whole heartedly adore Alistar. He’s such a little dork and likes to crack jokes, and I love him.)

- Sai as Zevran. (This might be stretching it? I haven’t finished Zevran’s storyline yet. But I think it works?)

- Sai as Cole. (Little confused cinnamon roll that will also kill you? Why yes. I think so.)

- Jiraiya as Ogrhen. (*snickers*)

- Sakura as Leliana. (I’m leaning towards DA:O for this one. Where she’s strong, and steadfast in her beliefs, and you can tell she’s just sort of sad. Again I haven’t completely finished her storyline so sorry if this doesn’t fit.)

-Sakura as Vivienne. (I am 120% behind Sakura as a mage. I think she’d be perfect. I think she’d learn both healing magic as well as offensive/defensive magic. But she wouldn’t cross into the dark stuff.)

- Ino as Josephine. (I think she would be good at diplomatic things. Plus she’s lovely and likes the finer things in life. And she can also be a little spitfire. ^^ Though I’m playing through Josie’s romance line currently, so I don’t know how well that fits.)

- Sasuke as The Human Noble Warden. (You know the OC? The one who becomes a warden in DA:O? Yeah. I think it would work splendidly. And not just because I may ship The Warden and Alistar quite a bit. ^^’ (and if i do you can’t prove anything.)

And yeah. So those are what I have right now. Thinking of aesthetics for them because I have no self control. ^^’ What do you think? Or do you have any suggestions to add to this list? Or ones that I should cross off?