then i saw my cat ears


may I interest you in neko-mami (ama-nyan?) and megane!amami

May I present to you: Jensen “I Hate Cats” Ackles and Misha “My True Form Is an *Actual* Cat” Collins

So I’m reposting this image on my art blog because it’s buried on a blog I no longer use, and this image deserves to see the light of the sun again.

This was from Chicon 2015.  There’s a pretty funny story that goes with it.

My friend and I came up with the idea to ask them to wear cat ears.

(Here I am, trying to push the blame off on her… let’s be real: this was MY idea.)

Anyway, we giggled at the thought of asking them to wear the cat ears and play with a ball of yarn because, I guess, we’re bad people? It was funny talking about it. It was funny planning it. 

But then, when you’re standing in line holding two headbands with cat ears clipped to them and clutching a tangled ball of yarn and slowly approaching two of the most beautiful men you’ve ever seen, it maybe doesn’t sound as funny anymore.  Because you’re going to have to look these men, who you are suddenly TERRIFIED of, right in their BEAUTIFUL GODDAMN EYES and ask them to do something VERY silly.

My friend and I planned our strategy while waiting in line. Everyone says that the photo ops go SO FUCKING FAST. Well, they’re not lying. We knew we wouldn’t have a ton of time to explain what we wanted them to do. My friend asked me if we were actually going to do this. It wasn’t too late for us to take our own ears off and stash the pairs we brought for Jensen and Misha and just ask for  hug instead. But no, I had bought those damn rainbow cat ears, and I had this image in my head, and I was all in at that point. We agreed that she would hold Jensen’s pair and go straight to him and explain, and I would hold Misha’s pair and the yarn, and do the same for him.

It was finally our turn. I made a beeline for Misha, holding out the ears in offering. His eyes zeroed in on the headband and he gave a bemused smile.

“CanyoupleaseputtheseonMishapleasethankyou!” I managed to squeak out. Misha smiled and took the headband and put it on, and the moment those ears touched his head he got this haughty little look on his face. His back arched just a little bit.  I swear, in that moment, that man became a fucking cat. He somehow just casually embodied the collective universal feline energy, and it was instantaneous.

I glanced over at my friend, and she’d clearly asked Jensen the same thing, because he took the headband, and with the BIGGEST, MOST EXAGGERATED long-suffering sigh and a massive eye roll, he put the ears on his head. He looked fucking adorable. And grumpy. He literally WAS a grumpy cat.

We moved in to pose, and I remembered the yarn. I held it out at them, babbling something like, “Canyouguys, justlike,  playwiththeyarntogetherTHANKYOUSO MUCHOHGODOHGODOHGOD”. Misha grabbed the yarn and held it out to Jensen, who gave another eye roll.  I stepped back, unable to do anything other than SQEE internally. And then…click. It was done.

They took their headbands off and handed them back to us. Misha fussed with his hair.  Jensen was actually smiling, but in a very sassy, y’all are weird and I don’t understand you and I think there is actually something wrong with you kind of way. My friend and I thanked them profusely, and we started walking away, dazed and euphoric.

We must have gotten about five feet away when we both heard Jensen call out, “I FUCKING HATE CATS!” We looked over our shoulders, and Jensen and Misha cracking up was the last thing we saw as we were ushered out of the room.


So yeah. That’s the story of how Misha is apparently an avatar of sacred feline grace, and Jensen just really fucking hates cats.

And now this image exists.

You’re welcome, internet.


Also, I’ve recently started using this as a meme background for my “Quotes Without Context” on my meme page.

The quote that inspired me to use this image?

“I’d rather be watching the news with my cat.”

If anyone is interested in were I got the ears, they were purchased from PricelessCompanions on Etsy. They are awesome.

  • Tai: *Knock knock knock.* Yang? You up? Breakfast is-*Tai asked as he opened the door to his daughters and froze in place.* Oh... My... God... *He thought as he sees Yang sleep in bed. However, she wasn't alone for in her arm laid was her girlfriend Blake.* Wha... What do I do? Do I wake them up? Do... Do I let them sleep? *He panicked when suddenly he saw Yang stir in her sleep, pulling Blake closer to her as Blake sleepily smile and snuggles her Blake farther into Yang causing her to smile as well.*
  • Yang: ... I love ya Blakey... *Yang slept talk*
  • Blake: *Blake's cat ear twitched tickling Yang as she replied in her sleep.* I love ya too Yangy.
  • Tai: ...
  • ~Two mornings later~
  • Yang: *Yang yawned as she slowly opens her eyes, blinking slowly before here eyes open wider when she see her father, Ghira, and Kali all standing across from them, Tai and Kali holding their scrolls taking pictures.* ...
  • Tai: ...
  • Kali: ... Heeeeey... Don't mind us.... *Kali whispered nervously laughing.* We'll just be going now... *Kali whispered and slowly backing away.*
  • Tai: Yeah... Breakfast will be ready in an hour. *He whispered following Kali.*
  • Yang: ...*Yang slowly looks towards Ghira.* Uh...
  • Ghira: I tried to stop them. *He said walking out and closing the door.*
  • Blake: Uh *Blake woke up blinking.* What's up?
  • Yang: Nothing love. Just go back to sleep. *That was the last day Yang Xiao-Long ever slept in at her or Blake's Parents house.*
  • ~~~~
  • Qrow: Raven. Give me your damn scroll. You're drunk.
Random fact: In Mexico, it’s a common belief that if you cuss out at a ghost, it’ll leave you alone.

OK, so this afternoon I was in voice lesson, just blasting ‘Sebben Crudele’ like a pro to revise italian pronunciation and overall style and all of a sudden the room got super chilly. I got a shiver down my back. My teacher’s cats just suddenly woke from their nap and looked up, ears perked, to somewhere behind my back. Mind you, there was a mirror in front of me and I couldn’t see anyone behind me, then I FELT A FREAKING FINGER RUN OVER MY BACK.

So I kind of panicked, messed up my singing, my teacher stopped me, began to correct me, and I heard something shuffling in the corner, so I turned around. Still nothing. Teacher saw me turning around to look at the corner so he went “What are you looking at?” and I just shook my head and looked ahead again. He then calmly looked at the corner and went “Sácate a la chingada, pinche cabrón!” (Losely translated= Go fuck yourself, son of a bitch)

I kid you not, the room got cozy again immediately after he did that and he continued the lesson like he hadn’t just cussed a ghost outta the room.

skye07  asked:

Ohhh!!! you wrote the knitting Tony story!!!! I've been hunting that story for a long time!!! (was on a reading spree on your Tony tag, I'm having a swell of a time) So HOW ABOUT!! Someone finding or just ended up in Tony's stash room (it might be a floor if we are being honest, I would with his resources). I am salivating just imaginging the AMOUNT of yarn Tony must have collected, of all colours and types. Just, please. I would love you even more if you decide this prompt worthy~~

You mean that story I sent to bloody-bee-tea about Tony knitting? I’m surprised I haven’t written more Tony knitting, tbh. Hope you like it! Look out for under the cut!

This work can also be found on my Ao3 here.

Natasha had been investigating her new home when she stumbled into it. The room was gigantic, cube shelves covering the walls. Every single shelf had balls of yarn in it, starting with red in one corner and spreading in a circular rainbow of yarns, except for the few columns of shelves that were filled with needles, hooks, counters of some sort?

Natasha felt nervous for a reason she couldn’t explain. Perhaps because this room felt deeply personal? That the person who had set it up had taken time to organize it just right?

She stayed just long enough to tuck a gun under some soft yarn before she left. Each room needed at least one weapon hidden in it.

“Why would you ever need this in my stash?” Tony complained, shoving the gun into her hands. “You can use literally anything in there as a weapon. The straight needles can be used to stab people and the circular needles can be used as garrotes. My double-pointed needles can be used in close combat. And if your attacker is allergic to wool, he’s gonna be in for a bad time.”

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Yo, but imagine Our!Ciel and Real!Ciel doing things like proper British noblemen and catching up over tea.

Our!Ciel: Who, me? Well, I cross-dressed, saw aunt Red get violently murdered, ate some curry, shared a bed with this girl, went through a couple of subtext-laden asthma attacks, set fire to this dude’s mansion, met my favourite writer and got handcuffed to him while I was being accused of murder, slapped my seemingly dead butler a couple of times, got attacked by his clandestine cats, took a cruise, put on a blond wig, saw Lizzie slay some zombies, got stranded in the middle of the ocean, had this moment with my butler where we both stared at the sun for a while, wore bunny ears, participated in an oddly dramatic egg hunt, went to school, became someone’s fag, used almost-naked women and laxatives to win a cricket game, felt the need to enter my-butler’s-who-was-then-acting-as-as teacher office in a very sexually suggestive manner, fell into a river, participated in a tea party which wasn’t as anticlimactic as you’d expect a tea party to be, really, took a trip to Germany, met a witch, ended in a bed with her too, got poisoned, entered a giant cauldron with my butler while unclothed, had a PTSD-induced identity crisis, made super lame jokes about mass murder, took the witch-who-wasn’t-really-a-witch home with me, almost lost my life because Lizzie misunderstood what I’d meant when I told her I had business in Germany, started a boy band, got stripped of my shirt while in a carriage, did some other stuff that lead to the prince’s—did I mention there was a prince involved?— butler getting murdered, and now here we are. *calmly sips tea* What have you been up to all this time?

I need a fic now where before the fight with Rhea, Kara gives the necklace to Cat for safekeeping in case she doesn’t make it.”- thank @xy0009 who graciously let me write this for her 

“Aren’t you supposed to be out pummeling that alien queen into the concrete?” Cat asked, watching Supergirl land gently on her balcony.

“I am, soon. Sooner than soon,” Kara said, looking at the countdown that was playing on the corner of all the screens behind Cat’s desk. Fifteen minutes left. “I just had a talk with Kal. Er, Superman.”

Cat’s eyebrow lifted at the accidental name drop, tucking away the information for… nothing, probably. She couldn’t exactly start printing every little slip up Kara made in her presence. But it was always nice to know more than other people. “Did he give you some tips on not getting snatched by that god-awful cape?”

“No, although that would be helpful if he had any,” Kara said, twisting the end of her cape anxiously around her arm. “He just said some stuff about… about fighting for people that you cared about. His girlfriend, mostly.”

“Superman has a girlfriend?” Cat asked, sidetracked for a moment at the thought of Lois Lane finding out that her precious superhero was going home to someone else.

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Infatuation - Part 3

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Summary: You are now a Pre-K teacher and you meet Jaebum, a single dad. 

Genre: Romance, teacher, single dad

Warnings: smut in later chapters, swearing

Definition of Pre-K: teacher for children at the age of 4

“Jaehwan, why don’t  you go sit in the living room and watch some TV. I have to go to work.”

Jaebum knelt down and kissed Jaehwan’s cheek. 

“Dad where are you going?” There was sadness in Jaehwan’s tone. 


He patted his son’s back to prompt him to leave.

Today Jaebum was in a bit of a bad mood. After Jaehwan left the room, Jaebum began speaking to Jackson. 

“Babysit Jaehwan today. I have to finish up last week’s case. I think we found the murderer, but now I have to investigate this case even though it’s you and Yugyeom’s job.” Jaebum spoke firmly to Jackson.

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The Handsome Boy Next Door

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Pairing: Kang Daniel/Reader
Summary: You lived in a quiet apartment building until someone finally moved into the apartment next to yours. 
Tags: Fluffy Comedy with a dash of angst, mentions of Jeon Wonwoo (SVT), reader is an otaku
Word Count: 4.1K
A/N: I’d been meaning to write this in full fic form but I don’t think I’ll have the time so I decided why not do a scenario post? This is the short version of what what I originally wanted to write but I figured it was good enough XD Hope you guys enjoy!

  • You moved to an apartment building in your 2nd year of college because traveling from your house back to your campus was a PAIN.
  • (You could have stayed in a dorm but you did not like having to deal with curfew and the noise level)
  • Most of your neighbors were elderly women who always questioned why you weren’t dating or married yet.
  • It almost made you wish you stayed in a dorm, but it helped you master the art avoiding confrontation.
  • You lived next to the only empty apartment in your building because its owner had apparently passed away there. No one wanted to rent an apartment that might be haunted.
  • The landlord had been trying to lease that room for AGES and you’d thought she’d given up. But one day, a year and half later, you heard noises from the apartment next door. You were lowkey freaking out because what if it was really haunted???
  • Then you looked out your window and saw a moving truck below. You stuck your head out into the hallway to see people moving furniture into the apartment next to yours.
  • You texted your landlord to ask if someone had moved in next door and she seemed happier than she’d been in a LONG time. She’d managed to find someone who was willing to move into the apartment and she made you promise not to mention it could be haunted when you met your new neighbor.
  • There was a bad taste in your mouth as you closed your phone. What if weird shit started happening? Did that mean you’d have to leave your new neighbor to fend for themselves?
  • In the end, you decided to make up for it by giving your new neighbor a nice welcoming present.
  • But what could you even give?
  • Well, you did have that extra limited edition Saitama figure, but who the heck gave a 150,000 won figure away as a welcoming gift to some stranger? Besides, you didn’t need your new neighbor to know that you were a hard core otaku.
  • You decided to give them two of the spare jars of kimchi your mom had given you on your last visit home. (She always gave you more food than you could ever eat alone.)
  • You were about to step out the door dressed in your sweatpants and oversized One Piece sweatshirt when you realized you were not appropriately dressed to greet anyone.
  • It took you nearly 45 minutes to make yourself look decent. Your brushed out your hair and wore a simple gray sweater and some jeans. You judged yourself for really trying this hard, but you also had to remind yourself that your neighbor probably did not need to know you didn’t have you life together.
  • You finally walked up to your neighbor’s door and knocked. You stood around for a good thirty seconds and no one answered. You knocked again, and again no one answered. At that point, you leaned your ear against the door to try and hear if anyone was on the other side of that wall, but you heard nothing but silence.
  • Your new neighbor was not home. Great. Just. Great.
  • You decided to walk back into your house and just give the kimchi to them another time.
  • With your sour mood, you defaulted to sit out on your patio which was overcrowded with dead plants. It was a small space but it was big enough to hold a swinging chair. You sat completely drained of energy and started to sketch in your sketchbook.
  • You had been so focused on doodling that you didn’t notice there was a cat on your balcony until it landed straight on your sketchbook.
  • It meowed up at you and you nervously lifted a hand for it to know your scent and get used to you. The small cat start lapping at your fingers with the thick bristles of its tongue and you laughed at how it tickled.
  • “You lost, buddy?” you asked it, knowing it couldn’t respond. This cat was obviously lost, there was no other reason for it to be on your patio. You pet the cat’s head and ruffled its ears as it purred. You lifted it up and checked its collar. The name tag read “Rooney”.
  • When you flipped the tag over, you saw the owner’s name inscribed on the back. Hi! This is Kang Daniel, if you found my cat please call me!
  • You quickly dialed the number and waited.
    • “Hello?”
    • “Hi, Daniel-ssi, I found your cat.”
  • His tone immediately perked up from there. He kept on thanking you for a good two minutes before he actually asked you where you were. You gave him your apartment building’s address and he started to laugh.
    • “Is something funny?”
    • “No, no. I just moved there today. I guess Rooney isn’t used to the new place.”
    • “Oh, you’re my new neighbor then. I’m in apartment 101, right next to yours.”
    • “I’ll be right over, thank you so much for finding her.”
  • You had no chance to protest on him coming over to your door. You looked around and saw how messy your house was. There was no way you were letting him come inside. You cradled Rooney in one arm as you grabbed a paper bag and threw in the jars of kimchi you’d planned to give him.
  • By the time you were done, he was buzzing at you door.
  • You rushed to door and looked through the peep hole. You squeaked at the sight of your new neighbor.
  • He was hot. There was no other way to get that through. Like sure, there were a lot of good looking people out there, but this guy was one of the best looking boys you’d seen in a LONG time.
  • His soft looking pale brown hair and chiseled chin had you drooling, but you had to remind yourself to behave like a proper human being as your shaky hands opened the door.
  • “Rooney!” the boy shouted as he reached for his cat. Rooney quickly jumped out of your arms and into Daniel’s.
  • Dammit he was even more handsome face to face and you wanted to crawl into a hole and hide.
  • You waited until Daniel was done reconnecting with his cat before you greeted him. He bowed to you in apology as he hugged and petted Rooney. You could only smile at his concern over his cat, because it was really cute how much he cared.
  • You held out the paper bag full of the kimichi jars as you blocked the view to your apartment. “This is a welcoming gift. I wanted to give it to you earlier but you weren’t home.”
  • “Oh! Thank you so much!” he gave a shy laugh, showing off his eye smile as Rooney perched on his shoulder. “I wasn’t home because I was too busy looking for this kiddo.”
  • You nodded and smiled at him, understanding why he was out of breath over the phone now. He was probably searching as hard as he could for his cat.
  • Before you had to make up some excuse as to why he couldn’t come into your apartment, Daniel bid you goodbye, thanking you one more time. He quickly darted off to his apartment and you realized you hadn’t been breathing properly the whole time.
  • As you lay in bed thinking about your hot neighbor, you deliberated over how you wanted to deal with said hot neighbor. Like obviously you couldn’t treat him the same way as you treated the old granny neighbors you’d had for the past year and half. But how would you go about approaching him?
  • In the end, you decided you were going to try and be Daniel’s friend. Not just because he was cute, but because he seemed like a genuinely nice person.

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Kitty Cat

where y/n surprises Harry with one of her favourite kinks.

warnings: smut and kink

this is literally my favourite kink after the daddy kink and it drives me insane all the time. So I decided to write a one shot about my kink :) enjoy! xo ML

Harry has been so stressed lately, he had to do a bunch of promo for his debut album and it exhausted him a lot. His performances were always amazing. He was finally getting the recognition he deserves and all the fans were all excited for him. His solo career was going so well. I was so proud of him.

So since, I was so proud of him I wanted to surprise him. I wanted to show him how proud and happy I was. I adored him so much.

I loved our sex life so much, but I wanted to spice it up a bit. He knew how much I loved roleplaying and knew about my favourite kink but we were never able to make my fantasy come true. You see, I loved dressing up. I loved the idea of dressing up as a kitten.

Harry was on our bed reading a book while I was in our closet on my knees looking for the new costume I bought this week. I grabbed the bag that was hidden between my shoeboxes and coats and smiled to myself. I ordered so many different things last week and I was so happy that I could finally wear them. I couldn’t wait for him to see this.

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The animals of River Haven 

In December my partner and i moved across the state to our Dream Home in the rural, wooded areas around Olympia WA

After a week or so i noticed quite a few outdoor cats were living under and around our new home (it was empty for nearly two years). The two i saw the most, both orange (see photos), had frostbitten ears and were visibly skinny. I began feeding them and making a bed on the porch.. slowly but surely more cats showed up. Suddenly we realized all these cats had been living Under our house before we moved in, making it more theirs than ours.

Once i began feeding them i realized they’re not feral, just abandoned/neglected. I have treated their wounds (which have decreased to almost nothing now that i feed them & they have a safe place to sleep), providing food and water, first aid, heating mats and a heat lamp for any critter that needs it.

On last count i feed roughly 6 ‘outdoor’ cats and two Muscovy Ducks - all of which showed up skinny & continue to show up daily for food. One of the newer/friendlier kittens is not neutered and i would really love to get him fixed to avoid more homeless kittens… He’s the grey and white one in the photos.

[i also have two adopted cats & one rescued indoor cat // with access outdoors via an enclosure]

I want to be able to continue to help any animal that shows up, but i need your help to do that. 
All proceeds from this listing go DIRECTLY to food and medical care (so far around $200 in vet bills) for any animal in need.

Even one dollar helps, if everyone who sees this donates $1.20 we will be able to afford quality food & nutrients for the neglected animals. 

Donations Rewards:
- $10 receive a handwritten post card
-$20 hand written thank you letter and Sticker that reads “Respect the Wilderness”

* please note nothing physical will be shipped for the $1 & $5 donations because i want as much of this as possible to go directly to the animals. if you do not want a postcard/letter/sticker simply say “No Rewards” in the note to seller section 
* etsy charges a $0.20 fee for each listing sold

Thank you a TON for taking the time to read this - i know we are all struggling & hustling to get by - if donating isnt in your budget please consider sharing this listing. xoxoxo

The Cat Lady

I used to have three beautiful cats. Chloe, Jewel, and Mercy. My sweet girls. I had the perfect family. A husband Greg, my son Dylan, and of course the cats. Jewel was the snitch. Always pacing around the table, warbling for whatever we had. She had developed a taste for green beans. Mercy was the prim lady. Always cleaning herself. Always sitting on the bookshelves. And always found where I hid the cat treats.

Jewel was my favorite though. Whenever my lap was available, she was sitting there. At night she’d sleep at the foot of the bed. In the morning, she’d wake me by kneading my chest. Greg would laugh and say she was just making sure my heart hadn’t stopped. Her version of kitty CPR.

Greg and I were considering getting just one more when the accident happened. Greg was on the way to the clinic with the cats to update their vaccinations, and… well, I’m almost thankful that my babies didn’t suffer.

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Rent-a-Boyfriend™ Drabble

Read the original: Rent-a-Boyfriend™
Read more at Service Series

Words: 1.7k
Genre: Fluff. Lots of it. 
I know this fic is a favourite amongst all of you and though I don’t have any ideas for an entire sequel, I hope this will suffice. 

You’re scared for your life.

Okay, maybe that’s a bit dramatic but you can’t call yourself over the top when Taehyung’s your boyfriend.

And recently you learnt how much he loves to celebrate holidays.

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The Disappearing Pets

No one noticed when the strays started to go missing. It was just a cat here, another there, nothing too unusual for feral animals. Even as a kid, I was used to them coming and going of their own accord and sometimes wouldn’t see them for months. It was just how things worked in a small country town.

But then Sassafrass disappeared. She was the Binders’ beloved Siamese cat, an elderly girl with only one good eye and less teeth. She would sunbathe in a basket filled with blankets from dawn until dusk and then go in to sleep between them on the couch while they watched their evening programs. She rarely left her basket and never left her yard.

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A SUBURBAN GOTHIC COLLECTION: perpetual state of decay

[suburban haze]

The crew gets meat at midnight, but they never can go far. They hold each other too close and lie about who they are. Rows of perfect houses, but the mothers still want more. They chain smoke in the bedroom and there’s fights behind the door.

[high school lovers]

But fate is a cruel mistress, girl, the prettiest in the world. She dresses loosely in a bathrobe with her hair up in curls. Because we were kissing for hours with her hands in my trousers, she could not contain herself, suggests we go back to her house. But here it comes, this is the crux, she vomits down my rental tux.

[blurred nights]

I have dreamt about what it’s like to die. And I saw myself becoming shadows again. Just like I did when I was a kid. I saw my bones crack open and all the things I’ve been hiding from you spill out.

[boredom of teenage girls]

Milkshakes and cat eyes, lipstick and french fries. Internalize so much but so little. Don’t make us feel belittled world. Sneaking cigarrettes at lunchtime, sun feels safe and sublime. Pink sparkly sunglasses, lemonade by the pool.

[throwing bottles]

By the light of the LED display of the VCR recorder, you kiss my neck, I whisper in your ear: this is my downfall. As you squint and you grimace, we both know your heart’s not in it.


And all we see, are kids in buses longing to be free. Some cities make you lose your head, endless suburbs stretched out thin and dead. And what was that line you said? Wishing you were anywhere but here. You watch the life you’re living disappear. And now I see, we’re still kids in buses longing to be free.


can you say cute??

like…i mean…automatic win. cat ears. you cannot go wrong. even meredith is in fact #shook


no words needed

she just looks so powerful??? RADIATING?? 


@tree-paine i’m a fan. hold your own secret session please. 

Reaction #17 “First Kiss”

Wishes Note: squeal reaction to reaction #13: Baekhyun, Chanyeol, Jongdae, & Sehun; squeal reaction to Reaction #9 & Reaction #6: Jongin, Junmyeon, Kyungsoo, Minseok

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Baekhyun rolled over in his bed, the image of you sitting there on the college campus park bench etched in his mind.  He thought of how you waved to him, one of his closest friends, as if nothing was wrong.  That you were still with him, still beside him.  As he walked over, he remembered thinking how he just wanted to kiss you.  How everything would turn out alright, like that he could never lose you.  So as clear as day, he walked over, took the book that you were reading from your hands and kissed you.  The softness of your lips on his was what still engraved in his mind.  The way he felt you smile into the kiss.  How happy he was.  But unfortunately for him, this was a dream and when he pulled back it wasn’t daylight, you two weren’t on a park bench, and she wasn’t anywhere close to you.  The women how were kissing was the women that ruined everything.   He had doubts about the relationship for the first time, and she knew it.  Now he saw you, standing in the doorway, tears running down your face as he tried to get the wretched woman away.  

“___!”  He yelled as baekhyun no matter how hard he run couldn’t reach you.  “___!”  He slammed into the now closed door that wouldn’t open as he struggled against the wood, he suddenly shot his eyes open, finding himself sweating in bed.  His alarm waking him, the place where you had once been, empty and bare.  Sighing he tired to remember how happy you were the first day, with the first kiss.  

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Chanyeol walked into his shared apartment with Yixing.  Yixing currently had his arm wrapped around you as you were crying into a blanket.  Fury and jealousy overtook him as he threw his keys down with his backpack.  Yixing turned his head as he smiled at his friend.  Chanyeol ran over as Yixing’s smile quickly went away when he saw Chanyeol’s eyes, reading the jealously off of him.  

“What’s wrong ___, did something happen?”  He asked, taking your hands in his.  You laughed through your tears as you nodded.  

“We were watching eight below.  One of the dogs just died.”  Yixing pointed to the frozen movie screen.  

“Why, why would you do this to me Oppa?”  You exclaimed, hitting Yixing who gave out a laugh.  Chanyeol let out a sigh as he sat on the couch next to you, pulling you from under Yixing’s arm into his own.  

“Here, cry on me, Yixing doesn’t like it when his shirt gets wet.”  Chanyeol  stated with a little more spit than what he had initially intended.  “Yixing rolled his eyes as he stood up, grabbing the popcorn bowl.  

“I’ll get more snacks.”  He shuffled into the kitchen as Chanyeol raised your chin to look at him.  

“Please stop crying, I hate it when you do that.”  

“But Chan!  The dog, he just…he was okay a couple of minutes ago.”  You whined as Chanyeol kissed you out of instinct, a reassurance one.  Both of you froze when you realized what happened.

“Why did you do that?”  You whispered as he whipped a tear away from your now dry eyes.  

“Because…Because I wanted you to stop crying.”  He whispered back, as he kissed you once more.  You sighed into the kiss as Chanyeol heard Yixing returning, quickly pulled away, still not letting out of his grasp.    

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You stood outside of the pub after contemplating about going in.  Since the last time you saw everyone, you had lost a bunch of weight and looked great as you wore a simple black dress.  You fiddled with your clutch as you were tempted to walk away, but then quickly turned and saw Kim Ya-ra, one of the hottest girls in high school come around the corner.  She smiled as she saw you, her two minions best friends followed closely behind her.  Her family was extremely well off, while yours was, but mostly didn’t include you in the picture.  Smiling you gave her a polite bow as she barely returned one.  

“Well, well, well…if it isn’t ___.  You’ve lost weight.”  she raised her eyebrows as she looked at your choice of shoes.  You didn’t have that much time to change from the closing the shop, and was hoping you were arriving late.  You nodded your head as she quickly gave you another once over, deeming you something in her mind.  

“And contacts!”  One of her minions stated as you subconsciously felt like the loser in high school once more.  

“Yeah, I kept losing them, so I got lasik.”  You looked around to see if anyone, anyone else was coming.  

“They’re probably all in there, I never would have thought you would be at one of these things.” she raised her eyebrows as you nodded.

“Yeah, well, Jong-dae stopped by my shop and told me about it, and I thought-”  

“How sweet of him.  Still helping out the less fortunate I see.” She teased a sly smile on her face.  “Didn’t you use to have an insane crush on him in High School.”  You felt yourself begin to recede back into your high school ways as she eyed you.

“No, it’s not…”

“Yes!  She got locked in a bathroom stall because the leader of his fan club found out.  That one and only time he ever spoke to you.”  Her minon number 2 spoke up.  You felt your phone vibrate as you looked at it.  It was one of your employees calling off work tomorrow.  

“Oh, sorry, Something came up at my shop, I have to go.  It was…not as pleasant as I hoped to see you again.”  Walking around them, you stopped walking when you saw Jong-dae standing there, mouth slightly a gapped.  You felt your cheeks grow pink as you quickly bowed and walked away, leaving behind the past you thought you ran from.  

“___!”  You heard your name called as you quickly turned a corner ducking behind one of the shop doors.  Tears catching in your eyes as you saw Jong-dae run past the shop, oblivious to you hiding.  When you realized he was gone, you started to walk back to your shop, your apartment just above it.  Keys dangling in your hand as the cat keychain swung beneath it.  

“___.”  His voice rang through your ears as you looked up to see Jong-dae standing there.  

“Sorry, I had an emergency.”  You spoke, as he eyed the vacant shop.  “My cat.”  You said, looking at the window you’re perfectly fine cat was sitting in the shop window, gave a meow.  “Is going to die tonight.”  You mumbled as you glared at the feline.  

“Is it true?”  

“What true?”  you asked fiddling with the keys.  You wanted to run and hide in your blankets with the stupid cat, but he was standing in the doorway.

“That, I’m the reason you got locked in the bathroom stall?”  

“I got locked in the bathroom stall because of immature adolescents who couldn’t deal with the fact that their feelings wouldn’t be returned.  That bitch got rejected by you three times before that incident and just seeing you help out any girl would have been locked in the stall.”  You walked past him trying to open the door, his hand quickly shot out gripping your wrist.

“Is it true you liked me?”

“Did you hear the entire conversation?”  You asked as he took a step closer as you backed up.  

“Is it true?”  

“Maybe, what does it matter that was-”  Jongdae placed a hand on your cheek as kissed you.  His lips lingered as you stood there slightly stunned.  

“Sorry, I’ve just wanted to do that at least once in my lifetime.”  You stared wide eyed as you blinked up at him.


“Can I have coffee, I want to discuss something with you.”  He turned the key in the door as he pushed it open.  He walked as you looked at his back stunned.

“Wait, what?!”  You yelled following him in, a smile on his face.           

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