then i saw he was a janitor

During filming, Tom Hiddleston endeared himself to the cast and crew by serenading them at the piano between scenes. At wrap, each day, he graciously shook hands with everyone involved and thanked them for their work, from the janitor to his costars. His clear musical talent and unpretentious behaviour on set quelled any suspicions that the Englishman wasn’t right for the part.


IMDB, about the filming of I Saw The Light.

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When I Look At You

Word Count: 2024

A/N: This is a song lyric inspired fiction… type thing?? I’m not good with fiction terminology, if that’s even a thing haha oops. It’s based off ‘When I Look At You.’ By Miley Cyrus. Anyways I love this so much actually :D If any of you want to send me requests I would love to take them, and I’d love to know what you think of my writing! Part 4 of Jealousy will be out soon btw! Much love <3

Everybody needs inspiration

Everybody needs a song

A beautiful melody,

For when the nights are long.

'Cause there’s no guarantee

That this life is easy.

    You sat in the diner by yourself, staring down at your laptop. It was midnight, and although you weren’t exactly supposed to be there, you needed to get out of the hell hole that was your house. It had just been constant fighting between your mom and dad. Although they were divorced, they were still forced to live with eachother until your mom got back on her feet. Their constant yelling and screaming at eachother were bad, but not as bad as your depression and anxiety that had been acting up lately. It was bad, and there seemed to be nothing anyone could do about it. So here you sat, trying to write some stupid paper about 'how far would you be willing to go to find the truth’ but nothing was coming to mind except the shit show that was your life. You had no inspiration, no motivation, and honestly you just wanted to cry. Just as you decided it was time to give up, a familiar pair of arms wrapped around your waist. You turned to face Jughead, and he gave you a small smile, and you attempted to return it, but he could tell something was off.

    “What’s wrong?” he lightly questioned, and you leaned into him, enjoying the feeling of peace while it lasted.

     "Nothing anymore.“ you whispered, only wanting him to hear you, not that there was anyone else in the diner. He nuzzled his head into the crook of your neck.

    "Bullshit. Please tell me what’s up.” he mumbled against your skin. You grabbed one of his hands that held tight on your waist and he rubbed small circles on it.

    “I’m stressed because of my parents, I feel like absolute depressed and anxious garbage, and I don’t know what to write for my damn essay. But none of that matters now, you’re here.” he squeezed you tighter with one arm, he and used the other one to open your laptop.

    “We can deal with everything else later, because I can’t allow that. But first, Let’s see what we’re working with…” he said, opening word. “How far would you be willing to go to find the truth..” You stared at the screen, just looking at the blank page made you want to scream and throw your laptop in a blender. “Write about Jason Blossom and his death.” Jughead suggested, and you perked up, an idea forming in your head. Jughead was on the search for truth, and he so far had gone to great lengths for it.

    “Or even better, I could write about you trying to find the truth about his murder.” you said, quickly typing. Jughead watched as words flew across the digital page. He took in every detail of you in this moment, your fingers as they typed, how you bit your lip in concentration, even how your hair fell down across your face and you didn’t even bother moving it because you were so in the zone. He wondered if this is what you felt like when you watched him write. You turned your head and kissed him.

    “My inspiration.” You mumbled against his lips.

Yeah when my world is falling apart

When there’s no light to break up the dark

That’s when I look at you.

When the waves are flooding the shore

And I can’t find my way home anymore,

That’s when I look at you.

    “I can’t do this anymore Jughead!” you yelled, collapsing onto the ground. It was becoming harder to breathe, and your vision was blacking out. Everything around you was blurry, the tears in your eyes distorting everything you looked at.

    “ Y/N please listen to me, everything is going to be okay!” he said tenderly, trying to not let his worry show. He grabbed your shoulders and he looked you in the eyes, his heart breaking as he saw the tears flow out of them. “Listen, I want you to breathe.”

    “I can’t!” you cried, shaking your head.

    “Yes you can, please Y/N. Just try.” he was doing his best to stay calm, but seeing you like this tore him apart.

    “What’s the point Jughead! I can’t do this anymore, I have no reason to!” you sobbed.

    “Y/N you have me!” he yelled.

    “You could do so much better, you’ll find so much better and you’ll leave and I’ll be completely alone!” you bitterly yelled. Y/N looked at him, and started to cry even harder.

    “Juggie I’m so sorry, please don’t cry!” she sobbed. Jughead hadn’t even noticed that tears were rolling down his face, and Y/N had never really seen him cry before. Sure she saw a tear or two every once in a while, but never this many. Her chest got tight and her heart shattered. Jughead pulled her into his chest, and they held eachother.

    “I could never do better than you.” he whispered, rubbing circles on her back. She held onto him tighter, wanting nothing more to make him stop crying. She could feel his tears fall onto her shoulder. “It’s you who could do so much better, I’m not good enough for you Y/N, I-”

    “Forsythe don’t even say that! I love you more than anything in this world, you make me feel less broken and alone and I don’t know what I’d do without you.” she whispered.

    “You do the same for me.” he said, kissing her forehead. You make me feel whole.“

    "Juggie, I know now that my home isn’t a place, my home is you.” she smiled up at him. He leaned down and kissed her, cupping her face.

    “You’re my home too, Y/N.” he leaned his forehead against hers, and smiled back down at her.

When I look at you,

I see forgiveness,

I see the truth.

You love me for who I am.

Like the stars hold the moon.

Right there where they belong,

And I know I’m not alone.

    “I’m sorry.” Y/N whispered, standing by Jugheads locker at school. He crossed his arms and stared at her.

    “You’re in my way.” he said coldly, although it killed him to talk to her like that. She stepped away from the locker, and he turned his back to her and opened it up. Rummaging through his backpack for his math notebook he did his best to ignore Y/N behind him, no matter how badly he wanted to kiss her and hold her.

    “Juggie can we please talk about this?” she asked.

    “Don’t call me that.” Y/N felt tears stinging in her eyes.

    “Jughead please!” she begged, and Jugheads heart broke at the sound of her voice. He turned around and saw a tear roll down her face.

    “Okay! We can talk if you stop crying.” he said, closing his locker and pulling her into the nearest janitor closet. The door closed behind him and he looked down at her.

    “Jughead I’m sorry! I know that you feel like I’m lying because I have things to hide from you and that I’m distancing myself because you think I’m going to leave you but that’s not the case! Things at home are getting worse and… I was scared to tell you what was going on.” Jughead looked at her worryingly.

    “What do you mean? What’s going on?” he asked, stepping towards her.

    “They… they kicked me out Jughead.” she started to sob, and she wrapped his arms around her. “I’m homeless and I’m alone and maybe I deserve it. Maybe I don’t deserve a home and a family, I’m just a big problem!”

    “No you aren’t.” he whispered, rubbing her back. “And you aren’t alone, you’ll never be alone. Come stay with me.” He said.

    “What?” she asked, looking up at him.

    “Come live with me.” he said again, smiling down at her.

    “Where do you live?” she asked, a bit of excitement present in her voice.

    “Don’t tell anyone, but I live at the Twilight Drive-In.” he whispered, and she stares up at him in shock. He laughed and pulled her towards him again.

    “You wouldn’t want to live with me.” she said. “I dance around too much and sing off key, I eat way too much and I yell at the screen while I watch movies and tv even though they can’t hear me! I sleep all day or I lay in bed and watch YouTube and I talk in my sleep-”  

    “I already know, and I think it’s adorable.” he said, cutting her off. “You’re perfect to me Y/N, and if your parents don’t want you then I’ll sure as hell take you.”

    “Oh Jughead…” Y/N fought back tears, but for a different reason this time. “Are you sure?”

    “Absolutely.” Jughead said, grabbing her hand.

You appear just like a dream to me,

Just like kaleidoscope colours that cover me

All I need, every breath that I breathe

Don’t you know you’re beautiful?

    “I swear Y/N, if you don’t give me back my beanie-”

    “What are you going to do?” Y/N interrupted him, giving a smirk.

    “I’m going to do….” Jughead trailed off, trying to think of a punishment for the (y/h/c) girl standing on the bed smiling down at him. “This.” he said, running towards the girl. He jumped up on the bed and tackled her, pinning her underneath him.

    “Sucks to be you.” she said, grinning ear to ear. Jughead looked around for the beanie, but couldn’t see it anywhere . He looked down at Y/N and she giggled.

    “Where is it?” he asked.

    “That’s on a need to know basis, and I’m sorry, but you don’t need to know.” she said.

    “Actually, I think I do. That’s my beanie.” he playfully argued.

    “Actually, you don’t.” she laughed, trying to mimic his voice.

    “Y/N, please!” He begged. Y/N attempted to sit up, but couldn’t. She fell back down on the bed, and Jughead gave his best puppy dog eyes and stuck out his bottom lip.

    “Is Jughead Jones giving me puppy eyes right now?” Y/N laughed. Jughead rolled his eyes and sighed. He leaned down and fell onto Y/N, now laying on her. He buried his face in the crook of her neck, and she kissed him on the forehead.

    “I think you’ll be okay without it for one day.” she said. Jughead groaned, and it tickled Y/ns neck.

    “I won’t be though! I feel like I look like an idiot without it. Not that I look any better usually.” he said, raising his head so he was looking at her.

    “Um, no.” she quickly sat up, pushing Jughead up too.

    “No what?” he asked, confused by her sudden change in behavior. He sat on the edge of the bed, and pulled Y/N onto his lap.

    “You never look like an idiot. You’re adorable.” Y/N said in a very serious tone.

    “Not exa-” Jughead was cut off by a kiss. He pulled back, and looked up at the girl on his lap. “What was that?” he asked.

    “What I’m not allowed to kiss my boyfriend?” Y/N teased an he chuckled.

    “No, I mean-” again he was cut off with another kiss.  

    “You’re so handsome Jughead.” she mumbled against his lips. He pulled back again and stared at Y/N, and she admired his sweet smile plastered on his face. His hair was messed up, wild and free from his beanie, and the setting suns light shone through the window, lighting the room up beautifully. Y/N felt like she was in a dream, and if it was one she hoped she’d never wake up. He reached up and cupped her face, and she leaned into it.

    “How did I ever get so lucky to have you?” Jughead asked softly.

    “I could ask you the same thing.” she said, leaning down to kiss him again.

    “I love you, Y/N.”

    “And I love you, Forsythe.” she whispered.

A "Shitty" Exam

When I was a junior in high school, something very embarrassing happened to me and I’ll never forget it. I just finished taking my exam for algebra II and I had to use the restroom, so I ask my teacher and he said yes. I walk into the restroom and the smell of shit hits me like a ton of bricks. I was disgusted, but I had to do my business. I enter one of the stalls and what I saw was horrifying- SHIT smeared all over the wall. Sorry for being gruesome, but it was EVERYWHERE. I was so shocked that I screamed. Shortly after, a girl from my class comes into the bathroom and asks if I was okay. The restroom was right across the hall from my class, so everyone heard me scream. I nodded and we walked back to the classroom.

But it didn’t end there. My teacher asked why I screamed. My face reddened as I looked at my classmates, who were all staring at me. I said “I saw something bad and the janitor needs to be called.” He gave me a confused look and asked “What did you see?” At this point my face felt like it was on fire and my hands were sweating. I said “Someone…. smeared their feces on the wall.” And then I sat at my seat. I don’t know why I was so nervous; I didn’t do it! I think it was the fact that I had to say that in front of the class.

Locker room

Warning: Smut ahead! This half of the story isn’t too graphic, but definitely sexy. The next half will be much more intense. Link to part 2:

Summary: Betty gets a naughty impulse when Jughead mentions a hot shower.

Jughead and Betty had been in the Blue and Gold office for hours typing away at their latest story. Resurrecting the little news paper had turned out to be a popular venture, and the two novice journalists found themselves putting more and more time into their project. This also meant spending more time with each other, alone.

Jughead sat up from his laptop, groaning slightly and stretching his neck. “And they say writing isn’t physically demanding. My neck and my back are killing me from sitting here this long,” He lightheartedly complained.  Betty walked up behind him, and began massaging his neck with her delicate hands. He tilted his head forward, giving her unrestricted access to his strained muscles. Low toned sighs and groans escaped him as Betty’s fingers pressed circles into his tight muscles, relieving some tension from his hard work.
“God you’re the best…” He said under his breath.

Her hands slid down his shoulders and chest where she clasped her hands together, hugging him from the back and planting gentle kisses below his ear. “Feel better now?” She whispered, her lips brushing against his skin with each word. His neck was relaxed but he felt tension building low in his belly. He breathed deeply, trying ignore the surge of hormones, but taking in her sweet vanilla scent he found no release; only more tension. ‘God how does she do that to me?’ His thoughts were enough to shake him back to reality.

“Much better, I think all I need now is a hot shower and a good night’s sleep” He turned his head and kissed her on the cheek. He stood from his chair, breaking their embrace. For Jughead it was bitter sweet, but he knew he needed to make space between him and the blonde haired vixen. She awoke a sexuality in him he wasn’t sure how to handle, and he didn’t want to take any risks of making Betty uncomfortable.

“Well, walk me home first?” She playfully said. “You know, since you’re going that way?” A giggle escaped her, and Jughead felt a grin spread across his face. How could she effortlessly make him feel so good?

“That’s depends,” He tilted his head to the left, mimicking her playfulness in his own sarcastic way. “Is my company worth waiting 15 minutes for?”
Betty lifted an eyebrow at his out of place question, still smiling, standing before him awaiting his explanation. He continued, “A pipe broke at Archie’s. We’ve been using the locker room until it gets fixed next week. Arch showers in the mornings with the football jocks and I in the evenings, football jock free”. They shared a quick laugh, Jughead forgetting for a moment why they were even talking. He swore her laugh could make him forget his own name.
“So will you wait up for me? I’ll be all clean and pretty when I’m done,”

Betty’s expression changed into one of slight surprise and contemplation. She sweetly replied “of course Juggie. Go on then” He parted with a quick kiss, and headed towards the locker room.

The boys locker room wasn’t such a bad place, despite the usual brow of testosterone fueled jocks that crowded the place during school hours. It had been recently renovated, and was now clean and modern. Not wanting to keep Betty waiting, Jughead quickly stripped his clothes off, and got into the large communal showers.

* * * * * * * * * *

‘A hot shower? God Juggie, why did you have to say it like that?’ Betty thought in frustration. She had deliberately been flirting with him, even trying to rile him up with her touches and kisses… but he mentions one everyday occurrence (of which he happens to be naked and dripping wet- not fair) and Betty’s knees nearly buckled. Then he drops the bomb that he’s showering there. At the school. Right now. He realized it was just him and her in the entire building, right? Not even janitors at this hour…

Betty’s mind was wandering shamelessly. She’d fantasized about the mysterious writer before, but never had she knowingly been so close to him while he was doing something so… so…

In her mind’s eye she saw him, water streaming down his body, soap suds across his chest and flat stomach, his eyes closed as he lathered his jet black hair. She felt a heat between her legs, and she whimpered at the sensation. 'Oh my god I want him’ she finally admitted to herself. Before she realized what she was doing, Betty found herself opening the door of the boys locker room, and walking in as if she’d done it a thousand times.

Then, suddenly she was frozen. Despite her initial bravado, she actually had never been in there before. Looking at the white and blue tiled room, it appeared nearly identical to the girls locker room, but laid out in reverse. In a lazy pile on the bench in front of her was Jughead’s clothes and backpack. She heard the water from the showers suddenly stop. 'Shit, he must just be finishing’ she thought. Her pulse raced, she knew he was going to turn the corner at any minute, and then what was her plan?

Down the hall from the entrance, Jughead stepped out of the showers, and wrapped a towel across his hips. He breathed a sigh, satisfied that his body and mind were clean, and headed for his belongings.

When he rounded the corner, Betty could not believe her eyes, no she could not Believe. Her. Fucking. Eyes. Jughead jumped back in utter shock at her presence. He was soaking wet, his hair was tousled mess and still dripping down his neck, his chest. He gripped his towel, and Betty’s eyes were drawn to a thick line of hair trailing from his belly downward.

“Jesus christ! Betty! What are you-” He swallowed, adjusting his towel to be sure he was as decent as possible. “What are you doing in here?” He finally spat out.

Betty paused for a moment. Then, suddenly finding confidence, she replied “Well, you told me to wait didn’t you?” He continued to stare at her, dumbfounded. She giggled, “I got impatient”.

Jughead laughed nervously. “Alright. Well I’m done, I just need to get dressed”. She stepped closer to him as he spoke. “Uhm.. it’ll just take a second Betty,” she was now standing right in front of him. Her hands were clasped in front of her hips, her eyes scanning his nearly naked body.
“Betty? Can I get dressed?” He squeeked.

“Hmm..” She slightly twisted her upper body from side to side, feigning a difficult choice. “I don’t think so” She said confidently.

“Well I’m not walking you home like this” He gestured to his toweled hips,  “just because you think I’m eye candy Bets,” his sarcastic wit attempted to break the tension. Betty smiled, but continued on, determined to get her way.

“I don’t want to go home yet anyway,” she said coyly, slowly running her hand up his chest causing Jughead to gasp. He grabbed her hand and held it still, his eyes full of confusion and excitement. 

“Okay Cooper. What’s going on here?” He asked, still hiding behind a playful manner. She responded with a kiss, hungry and wet. Jughead groaned at the intense feeling of her lips, her tongue brazenly searching for his. She pulled back, giving him her best sultry gaze. He was undeniably excited, but still he feared any reciprocation would be too far. He spoke again, voice shaking.

“Betty I don’t have any clothes on, it’ll just take two-” He was cut off by the blonde suddenly pulling off her sweater, and unclipping her bra.

hc that bitty is still kind of afraid of the dark (moreso due to childhood trauma than irrational fears) which is why he always leaves his door open when he sleeps, to catch some of the light from the hallway. The more he starts sleeping at Jack’s, who has blackout curtains and likes the room pitch dark, the more he finds he can’t sleep at all. Jack notices but can’t put two and two together. After a few months, when Bitty is a little more brave and a lot more confident in their relationship, he brings a nightlight with him. Jack laughs a little when he sees it, kinda like “what is that??? haha”, but when he sees Bitty’s face he starts to sober up. Bitty tells him it’s his old nightlight, and he understands if Jack wants it off but he’s still afraid of the dark when he knows sounds so childish but he always just thinks of that dumb janitors closet and–

and then Jack’s on him, kissing him softly and holding his hands between his. They make a compromise to leave the curtains open, and looking over at his sleeping boyfriend washed in the pale glow of city lights, Bitty’s never felt more in love.

Stuck Here with You

Request: Your the first blog I’ve ever made a request too and I’m excited to see what you write 😊 Prompt’s 22, 46 and 47, Riverdale , jughead 😋✌🏻

22: “You had one job!”

46: “How did I get stuck here with you?”

47: “I swear, the world is against me.”

Requested by: @idonthavehusbandsihavelovers

A/N: Hello hun! Thank you so much for your request, sorry it took me so long. It’s been a busy past few weeks, but here ya go! I’m so glad you chose me as your first blog to request to!

Warnings: none.

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You mortal enemy. Jughead Jones. Everything you two did was clash and for some reason you two just couldn’t get along, though you didn’t know why. Jughead was actually quite kind, when he wanted to be, and you’d seen him around his friends (the few) and how he acted, and sometimes you wished he would act that way around you.

But ever since you met him, when you’d “by accident” sat in “his” booth at Pop’s a year ago, he’d done nothing but sass at you. And then, eventually you began to become to prideful to let his snarky comments go past you, and you began to insult him back.

It was jokingly of course, but every so often you could feel a sense of tension unexplainable come between the two of you and you’d fall silent. Just stare at each other until another would say something, and the arguing would come again.

So, because of this, despite every attempt at trying to find someone different, Jughead was left with you for help on his new article piece in The Blue and Gold school newspaper. See you were an excellent writer, even better than Jughead some would say, and Jughead just couldn’t get this piece out of his mind and on paper.

No one else could either, so he’d asked you and secretly delighted you’d tried to play off your excitement, and grumble about what you were gonna get out of this. He’d offered you a meal at Pop’s and you’d teasingly joked about you sitting in his booth, to which he scoffed.

So that’s how you found yourself, sitting in the old and dusty room that use to buzzle with people scrambling for articles to be put in the school’s news paper. Jughead sat in front of you, his eyes staring at you intensely as you tried to word together Jughead’s messy thoughts on a well written article.

It had been two hours and you’d only come up with two sentences, you were frustrated. Not only by your lack of ideas, but Jughead’s constant heated staring. 

“I can’t do this.” You said begrudgingly, handing the messy paper back to Jughead.

He sighed, frustrated. “You had one job!” He yelled, watching you gather your things. “You had one job and you can’t even do it? I thought you were an amazing writer.”

You glared, angry and hurt by his harsh words. “My job? It’s your damn article!” You snapped, slamming your bag on the ground to turn and stare at him in anger. He glared right back. It lasted a while until there was a smack and a wooshing sound, and suddenly everything seemed much quieter.

You looked around confused, until you saw the lights in the hallway of the school off and everything seemed eerily quiet. You looked at your watched and gaped at the time! It was already ten o’clock. What you thought had been two hours must have been much longer.

You felt your stomach twist. Your school had an automatic lock system, which meant the front doors wouldn’t open until the janitor came in in the morning. You turned to Jughead and saw the same fearful expression on his gaze. You slumped back down in your chair, your bag falling to the side as you moaned in frustration.

“Look’s like we’re stuck here.” You mumbled. Looking up only to see Jughead staring at you with that calculating gaze once again.

“I swear, the world is against me.” He finally mumbled, dropping his head to his hands. You scoffed. “How’d I get stuck here with you?”

You gasped, insulted. “What, you think I wanna be stuck here, with you either?”

He shook his head, ignoring you as he stared down at the blank page. “I could literally be doing anything better than this.”

Shocked, you finally let yourself ask the question that’s been bothering you since you met Jughead. “What did I do so bad that made you hate me?” You asked, your voice shaking as you stared ashamed at the ground. You missed the way Jughead’s head snapped up and he stared at you with wide eyes. “I mean, ever since we’ve met, you’ve done nothing but insult me or get mad at me. I know I’m not innocent, I ju-” You were cut off by lips hitting yours. Your eyes widened and you leaned back, making Jughead lean even more over the table as you tried to rationalize why this was happening.

When he pulled back you gasped an intake of breath, cheeks flamed and eyes wide. You looked up at Jughead who only shook his head, “I don’t hate you.”

“Th-Then why?” You whispered.

“I-I… really like you. I did the moment we met when you actually spoke to me with caring eyes, but i’m not good with feelings. And I’d rather push them away than admit them.”

Your mouth opened to say something but instead all you did was suddenly smile. Jughead stared at you in shock, and with a grin you reached for a blank piece of paper. “It’s a date!”

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The Affair - Chapter 4

Summary: The reader has dinner at Negan’s like originally planned. 

Characters: Negan, Reader (OC)

Rating: Mature

Warnings: Swearing & Smut.

Notes: Things start warming up a bit. Sorry for the lack of updates on stories, I’ve been super busy with things! 

AO3 Link:

Tags: @jasoncrouse @ronweaselz @hiddlesdowneyjr @ali-pennell @melodicdolls @namelesslosers @deepsouth @shanaatjelove11 @warriorqueen1991 @caitydestroys @acklesdowneyandhiddles-ohmy @jaylaelizabethw @prettyepiic @negans-dirty-girl @mamaredd123 @jdmsgal @alyisdead @memphisgirl1977 @negans-network @esmerhya @carrter5 @karaokke @freaktesque *As always, please let me know if you want to be added to the tags or if you wanted to be taken off!*  

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I work at a nursing home and I feel so bad for the residents there. 80% of the staff don't care about their jobs and neglect the residents, which is elder abuse. One nurse bitched about having to walk across the facility (which is not that big) to take a resident back to her room. YOU left her there in the first place! Poor Dorothy (who is blind btw) was sitting in her wheelchair in the hallway for 10 minutes before a fucking JANITOR saw her and began to push her to her room.

Yeah I feel the same way about the residents and staff I work with. Yeah, there are some problem residents that it’s hard to feel sorry for, but there are some that are really sweet that get yelled at by my coworkers for minor shit. And often they’ll let one of the problem residents just have his way because he’s annoying and no one likes dealing with him(me included, but I don’t give him his way because it has become a vicious cycle). But 90% of the residents are pretty cool if you give them a chance. There are only the two residents I have to be firm with and, admittedly, have no patience for. I haven’t worked with most of the others yet but will be training in another house soon.

The other day one of my favorite residents who is old and has a learning disability was in the kitchen helping me with the dishes when my boss came in to drop off some medical gloves. She saw that his pants were falling down again(honestly only a couple of inches, so no big deal). Instead of asking him to pull them up she screamed at him to go put his belt on. This resident everyone claims is hard to win over but he loves me to death and it’s because I don’t yell at him over stupid shit and don’t treat him like a prisoner. I just ask him, politely, to pull up his pants and he does it.

Some of the residents that I adore I hear my coworkers bitching about all the time. Like this one guy has brain damage and is really old. Like most old people he loves to tell stories. But with his brain damage he has short term memory loss so you’ll often have to hear the same story over and over for a good hour before he realizes he needs to move on. He also tends to tell the same stories over and over regardless of the time between each conversation. Each shift I hear about his farming days, how he overcame alcoholism, his three legged dog, and so on. I don’t mind his stories. I think he’s adorable and if he was my family I wouldn’t have put him in one of these homes. He’d be home with me.

My company has a policy that we’re not allowed to be friends with our coworkers or the residents. I think some of my coworkers are taking that too literally. It’s not like I’m taking them out for drinks, I’m just showing a bit of humanity. A lot of them light up when they know I’ll be working at their house that night or look sad when I’m not. -Abby

Plus, she’s amazing !

Part 2 

Requested by anon 

plus!sized reader x Luke Alvez

Title : Plus, she’s amazing !

Pairing : Luke Alvez x reader

POV : Reader’s

Word count : 2718 (I have been deprived of feelings okay don’t judge me)

 A/n - I literally went wild with this and tried to write a more positive story because most plus!sized reader fics are kind of depressing. I still touch upon insecurities, but it’s far more light hearted. This will also be a multi chapter fic if you guys want :)

Thank’s to @madamredwrites for the title, you are amazing <3 and @lostdreamsanddeadroses for beta reading this piece of fan trash :)

Also thanks to @happilygubler, @sassygeek77 and @zugzwangxo who encouraged me to write Luke Alvez fics. WE NEED MORE!!!

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This had to go well. Andi left the unit under you, you had to do this right. You were familiar with the BAU. Garcia and you were good friends but you hadn’t met the team at all and it was frustrating. “You’ve got this Y/N, the force is one with you.” you mumbled, playing with your necklace. The elevator doors dinged open and you stepped out, heading straight for the doors where a group of people stood crowded around a few desks in the bullpen. You recognized the lanky tall one to be Spencer from Penelope’s polaroid wall. He looked quite different with the 4th doctor get up. You also recognized Prentiss, the new unit chief, who seemed to be in the middle of a briefing.

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Ohh this is kind of late and probably really random but I just remembered being a freshman in HS and sitting at the lunch table with the few friends that I made so far that year and this cool janitor that worked at the school saw my art and asked me to design a tattoo for him and tbh, I wasn’t very good at drawing and to this day, I still have lots to learn but back then when the kind janitor asked for a design, it made me happy to know that people paid attention to my art and I? I think he wanted me to draw bulls or something and so I did. A few days later, I gave him the design and I wasn’t very proud of it but I tried my best and he gave me $20 bucks and I remember being really surprised? I was shook. Like… someone wanted to give me money for my art lmfao? I don’t even remember the guy’s name but I do remember him being a young guy who was probably in his late 20’s or early 30’s and he kind of reminded me of my older brother, too haha.

The Four-Leaf Clover

A/N: Hi guys! It’s me again. So this short story popped up in my mind. I hope you guys enjoy reading it! And I apologize in advance for any grammatical error. English isn’t my first language.

Your feedback is appreciated, like seriously!

PS I hope you guys liked Where The Lines Overlap. x

Word count: 1,684

Rating: General but is a bit sad and gloomy

Summary: You’re the typical shy girl, considered as invisible. With an unknown reason, Calum is drawn to you. Simply put, he noticed you when everybody ignored you. But to his surprise, there’s a reason why.

Chapter One: HOPE

There are times that Calum just doesn’t understand things, one of them is you. For him, you are the complete opposite of what he looks for in a girl. But here he is, utterly in love with you. Drawn to you like a moth drawn to fire.

Calum dubbed you as the ice princess for a reason. You barely smile. You seldom talk with anyone. You’re contented with being on your own little world.

He has a thing for girls who are animated. Who exudes warmth and friendliness. Something that is anything but you.

You’ve put up a lot of barriers. You wear mask after mask of emotions to cover up the real you.

 But why? Something that Calum wonders a lot. Surely, no one could be that icy. He thought that maybe you are acting that way because you’re a new student.

“Hi, y/n!” He smiled.

“Hello.” You timidly replied.

He was about to start a conversation with you but you left the room, leaving Calum all alone.

 Another failed attempt.

Later that afternoon, he decided to write a song on the rooftop of the school. To his surprise, he saw you there. Sitting on the floor, with a pen and paper. You looked up, stopped writing, and gave him a shy smile.

He approached you. “I’m sorry, I didn’t think someone’s here… I.. uh.. I can leave if -”

“No, it’s alright.” You smiled. “I was just finishing something up.”

“If you wouldn’t mind me asking, what are you finishing up?” He asked, sitting opposite you, considering your personal space.

“Oh.. uh… a story.”

“Really? I didn’t know you write!” He smiled. “I wanted to write a song today so uh I went here.” He paused. “Where do you publish your story?”

“I just keep it here.”

“May I read some parts?” Hoping he wasn’t being a pushover.

“Sorry. But uh, I’m not yet comfortable sharing my story.”


He continued talking about his songs that he composed recently (singing some parts to you) to make you a little less on your guard. He really wanted to break your barriers. And for him, it was working. He threw in a few funny jokes and puns which made you laugh. He shared his love for music with you. And even though you didn’t talk much, he felt that you were really listening.

“I don’t know I really like playing the bass more though-”

Your phone buzzed. “I’m sorry… I need to go home now.” You stood up. “See you.”

See you. Two words that made Calum hope that something good will happen between the two of you.

Chapter Two: FAITH

Calum developed a habit of going to the rooftop, hoping he might see you there. Each day, he grew expectant, but is crushed by the fact that you weren’t there.

This day, he was losing hope. Should I still go there, he thought. Was he going crazy? How can a girl like you affect him so much? He wondered.

He found himself going up the rooftop even though he knows that you will not be there. ‘See you’ was a lie, he said to himself.

He reached for the doorknob, thinking to himself that he is, indeed, going crazy.

I am going crazy, he thought. You were sitting on the floor, writing. You looked up and smiled at him. Now he’s imagining you being there.

“Hi, Calum.” You greeted him.

“H-hi.” He felt relieved. He approached you and sat on the opposite side, minding your personal space. “Haven’t seen you here in a while.” He broke the ice. “If it doesn’t bother you answering, what’s the story about?”

“It’s about a girl who can’t seem to find her place in this world.”

“Wow, that’s pretty deep.” And cliché, he wanted to add but considered not to because he might offend you. And besides you two aren’t that close enough. He might drive you away. 

“I just can’t write this chapter properly.”

His heart fluttered, you are now sharing something with him. A secret you and Calum share, he thought. “Why?”

“I don’t know… I just.. I can’t see the purpose of my story anymore.”

His heart broke a little. “Don’t feel that way… how about adding a new character? Someone who’s there to support your main character? A new friend or something like that?”

“I guess… but I don’t know what kind of character should it be..”

“Do you.. do you want any help?”

“Oh.. uh, I appreciate your offer but I need to finish this on my own…”

“No worries! But you gotta promise that I’ll be the one of the few people to read the whole book, okay?”

You laughed. “Okay. I promise.”

“I really have faith in you. I’m rooting for you. I know you can finish your story.” Calum smiled. “And I’ll be your number one fan when you become a famous author!”

Faith. A word that you haven’t heard in a while. You felt refreshed. What Calum said gave you new ideas for your story.

Chapter Three: LOVE

He seldom sees you in the classroom anymore. Your elusiveness there did not bother him a lot, though. Everything was fine for him because he always catches you on the rooftop, writing your story.

“Hey!” He greeted you, sitting opposite you, minding your personal space. “You’ve been inspired now, huh?”

You nodded. “I think I found the answer.” You looked at him and smiled. “Thank you.”

He became proud. Thanks to him, you found inspiration. This is a start of something new, he thought. “Aww, shucks, it’s all you, y/n. I know you’re a great writer.”

You smiled. “Thank you so much.”

To Calum, seeing you smile and doing the thing that you love makes him so proud. To Calum, you’re already a winner. To him, you’re someone successful. And even though he could not tell you his feelings because it might be to soon for all that, he makes sure that he’s always there for you.

You could feel his love. You could tell how sincere he is whenever he says he believes in you. You’ve never felt anything like this. You’ve never expected that someone will notice you. And yet, here is Calum, proving you wrong.

Thanks to him, everything became clear.

“You know, before I met you, everything seemed useless. I felt hopeless. But thank you for loving me.”

His eyes widened. He did not know how to answer. “…. you knew?”

“Of course! I’m not as numb as you think I am.” You giggled.

And since that day, Calum looked forward going to the rooftop.

Chapter Four: LUCK

As soon as happiness filled Calum’s every day life, sadness came in. After that incident, you rarely visit the rooftop. He does not even see you in the classroom either. It’s as if you vanished.

How could he not even see you? Were you avoiding him on purpose?

Calum’s luck ran out.

“Hey, John, have you seen y/n?” He asked his seat mate before leaving.


“You know, y/n. Shy girl. Ice princess. Sits at the back.”

“We don’t have any classmate named y/n.” John looked confused. “I’m sure of it.”

“Huh? But…”

“Cal, I have a list of students in this class and there’s no y/n y/l/n.” John was the treasurer of the class so he’s certain about it. “Maybe she’s… well.. maybe that’s why…”

“Can you just tell me?” Calum said impatiently.

“Well, I sometimes see you looking at the back but there’s no one sitting there. And then there’s this one time I saw you talking just by yourself… but I assumed you were practicing for an audition of a play or something so I shrugged that off..”

“What? Are you sure??” Calum’s head was aching. If you weren’t real… if they can’t see you… “John, is there.. is there a ghost story you know about….”

Suddenly, it hit Calum. That is why his classmates were ignoring you. That is why no one’s talking to you. That is why you seemed invisible

Because you are.

But why can he see you? Why him?

“Well, I heard that there was a girl who died on the rooftop a few years ago. They said that the girl loves writing some of her stories there.. but the girl had a heart attack while writing.. runs in her family…the janitor saw her lying on the floor with a pen and notebook beside her.”

Goosebumps. That was what Calum felt. “But you can’t remember her name?”

“Come to think of it, y/n is her name.”

“You’re not messing with me, right?”

“Of course not! Why would I make this up?” John looked at his phone. “Well, I better get going… I don’t wanna be late for my part-time job. See you.”

He remembered you with those last words John said. See you. Two words that made Calum question everything. He will never see you again.

He slowly walked up the stairs. Not knowing how to react if he sees you sitting on the floor at the rooftop.

He breathed deeply before opening the door. Chirping birds and the warmth of the sun welcomed him. He looked around, still no trace of you.

He felt defeated.

“When you said you didn’t see the purpose of your story anymore… you didn’t mean the story you’re writing, huh?” He said, talking to no one. “I still wish I could read the story that you were working on.”

He sighed and sat on the floor. “I’m still thankful I met you, though. I hope you’re doing fine wherever you are.” He smiled. “Look out for me, will you? I’ll miss talking to you.”

As he stood up, he noticed something growing out on the floor. He observed it. And to his great surprise, it was a four-leaf clover. He picked it and glanced around. “Seriously?” He giggled. “Thank you.”

They say that a four-leaf clover brings luck to anyone who finds it. And each leaf represents hope, faith, love and luck. For Calum, you are his four-leaf clover.

No Chance

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Requested by anonymous:

“I’m happy to see that you’re taking requests for the 100, so can you write something where the reader and Bell used to be a couple on the ark but the reader is locked up on a cell for stealing medicine for her mother and then gets locked up and then is send to earth? But Bellamy thought that she didn’t want to be with him anymore? So when he sees her on earth it’s a HUGE surprise for him? Lots of fluff! Thank you! (Both pov maybe?)

Warnings: Mild language, FLUFFF, some angsty shit

Note: I did it in third person so you can still see what each are thinking :) xx

*yn* glanced down at her watch, biting her lip to suppress a nervous sigh that wanted to escape from her lips. She had fifteen minutes. Fifteen minutes until the guard leaves his post and the medicine supply vault unattended for exactly two minutes. 

She had two minutes to get in, get the right medicine and get out, or she was totally and utterly screwed.

*yn* was so deep in thought as she walked down the hallway that when a hand grabbed her forearm and tugged her into a concealed corridor she let out a loud yelp of surprise.

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I Live in Nightvale
  • Reasons why my town is actually Nightvale:
  • One time somebody stole a bowl of soup. We know this because my family came home to a dirty bowl in the sink and our crock pot lid off. We don’t know who stole the soup or why, but nobody had been home all day.
  • A moose fell in an old well and couldn’t be saved. A local family took it home and ate it, we think.
  • I have a cousin who disappears into the woods with nothing but a bear skin sometimes and reemerges after a few days.
  • The same cousin has such a high pain tolerance that he fell fifteen feet out of a tree onto a bucket and slipped three disks in his back and yet wasn’t in enough pain to go see a doctor for three years.
  •  “Do not go into the woods next to the playground, unless you are on the path. Only enter the path with a teacher. Do not ever leave the path. If you enter the woods and get hurt, it’s your fault.” (A message from the teachers of the only school that was given the first day of school every year)
  •  “The birds fly into the windows often, it’s okay. Ashton, go put the bird in the woods, but keep yourself out.” (eighth grade english)
  •  There’s a carnival every year. All the same people run the same booths and same rides in the same spots every year. One year the swings didn’t come. Now nobody mentions the swings. One time I mentioned how much my older sister used to love the swings and she looked at me blankly. We literally don’t talk about the swings anymore.
  •  We have a first selectman instead of a mayor. Wade Cole has been our first selectman for literally longer than I’ve been alive. Nobody runs against him. Last year somebody ran against him and lost, and now he’s moved out of town. Wade Cole is still our first selectman.
  •  We have as many churches than other public spaces combined. Three churches. One restaurant, one post office, one public library. The library barely counts, as it’s open four hours a week.
  •  Mr. Welcome has always been the social studies teacher. He teaches math once in a while. He used to keep a pig’s brain in the freezer. Or maybe it was a cow’s brain. The story changes every time we ask.
  •  One school, pre k to eighth. 200 kids, just about. And yet, nobody’s parents are in the PTO. Who is in the PTO? Not my mom, who’s also a teacher. Not my dad, either. Not any of my friends’ parents.
  •  There used to be a store and a gas station. It burned down. Now nothing is there. There is grass and then a church on one side and a cemetery on the other. Nothing but grass where the store used to be though.
  •  The bears wake up every spring. Most people take their bird feeders down so the bears don’t get them. Aunt Liz leaves hers up, bears are common on our road.
  •  Everyone is Norwegian, and everyone is related. We have the norwegian festival every winter to celebrate how Norwegian we are. One time a man got up and sang in Swedish at our Norwegian fest. He’s not allowed to sing at the Norwegian fest anymore.
  •  Mr. A drives a fifteen passenger van with tinted windows. Mr. A gives rides to schoolchildren in his van. But Mr. A is a beloved member of the community, loved and trusted by literally everyone. The van is a symbol of his large family, also loved by the community. Mr. A is my favorite person.
  •  Plays I participated in in middle school:
    •   “Joust” (King Arthur but with boomwhackers instead of swords. Boomwhackers are hollow plastic tubes that play a note when you hit something with them. We harmonized with the boomwhackers. I was a knight called Sir Prize)
    •   “Attack of the Killer Grasshoppers” (A skin cream turned members of a school science fair into giant grasshoppers. Potatoes painted green turned them back into people. I played a deaf old janitor named Mr. Stardrifter)
    •   “Magic Tree House” (Actually normal. I was Jack. It was awesome.)
    •   “The Ever After” (A talk show reuniting and reconciling fairy tale heroes and villains. I was the sleazy talk show host. By far my best middle school role. My name was Monteray Jack Chesterfield Williamson III)
  •  “One time I saw Hunter C. in the woods. He was eating a tree. Hunter C. is cRaZy!” (one of the many Hunter C. memes. Hunter C. was strange)
  •  Crazy hair day equals most people use washable hair dye, one person per grade is Pippi Longstocking, somebody does the bottle up do thing. At least one boy does a Mr. Welcome hairdo. One person doesn’t do anything and is ignored all day.
  •  Candy on Fridays except when there wasn’t school unless it was a good friday and then you get candy anyway because after all, Candy on Fridays.
  •  In the summer the swing mats from the school playground always go missing. One end up in the orange math game thingy that nobody uses. Nobody knows who’s doing it, but it happens every year.
  •  The Lego Man who lives in the brown house. Nobody knows his name but sometimes he leaves packages of Legos on his driveway for the kids. He works for Lego. We aren’t sure who he is.
  •  There’s these little wooden houses? Everyone has at least one, usually of the Coach and Four? But like? Nobody I’ve ever asked has been able to say where they come from? But everyone has one.
  •  Last winter every town around had at least six inches of snow. I spent Christmas in a sweatshirt. No snow. Usually we get way more snow than the surrounding towns. We were in a weather bubble or something.
  • Also weather related, driving up from the town I go to high school in, there’s a corner. One specific corner. If you watch your car’s thermometer, when you go around the corner, the temperature drops a least five degrees every time.
  •  I’m related to literally half the town. Of the around 1000 households in town, 500 of them are related to me. My grandpa counted.
  • Uncle Arnie man. My Uncle Arnie died when I was like six and then I replaced him. With some random guy who went to my church. I called this man Uncle Arnie for years. Literally until I was like fifteen. I found out Uncle Arnie died last year. I’ve been calling Ray, Uncle Arnie for nine years, and nobody corrected me. I found out because he spoke in church and his name is Ray. Not Arnie. His wife is not my Tante Ruthie. I don’t even know who she is, but I’ve been calling her Tante Ruthie. Nobody corrected me. For nine. Years.
Omorashi story

When I was 17 I had a boyfriend named Ian. Ian was very attractive, about 6'3. He had long dark hair that fell over his eyes which were bright green. He was slim, but toned.
He usually held himself together quite well, regardless of the situation. That is until the day in question. Our class had gone on a field trip, about an hour away from school. He was almost late for the bus that was taking us, I could tell he had been running when he say down with me on the bus.
“Where were you?” I asked.
He shifted in his seat, adjusting his skinny jeans.
“I was on my way to the bathroom when I realized I was late.”
He moved around a bit, trying to get comfortable.
“You gonna be okay?” I asked resting a hand on his knee that he was bouncing gently. He smiled.
“ Yeah babe. I’m good. Not like I’m gonna wet myself or anything.” he laughed. But I could tell he wasn’t so sure.
We reached the foreign town that we were visiting for our language class. As soon as we were stopped, Ian jumped up. He quickly went still though and jammed a hand between his thighs. I heard a soft moan escape his parted lips. I grabbed his elbow and led him from the bus. He immediately headed towards the bathrooms but our instructor stopped him.
“Stay with the group please Ian.”
I could see his eyes widen with distress.
“ Please, I just need to use the bathroom. It’s an emergency. I’ll be quick I promise!” he pleaded.
“We’re late. You’ll have to wait until lunch. You’re not a little kid anymore, you can hold it.”
Defeated, he carefully walked back to me.
Not too much later I noticed him fidgeting a lot. The trip was all on foot since it was a small area we were visiting and it was obvious that walking was becoming agonizing for him. Frequently he stopped and hunched over, holding himself. His face was bright red and he was sweating as he struggled to hold back the flood in his bladder.
He took off his belt after a while and asked me to put it in my bag.
“ Too much pressure.” He whimpered for only me to hear.
I grabbed his hand and tried to soothe him.
“ You’re doing so good baby. Not much longer now.”
We stopped in front of the restaurant we were meeting at for lunch and waited for the other group. Ian practically begged to go inside, but the teacher insisted that he wait. Unfortunately for Ian’s poor bladder, the other group was late and he was forced to wait through lunch. We had a reservation to make and the teacher said it would be rude to leave the table.
He sat completely silent at the table, one hand firmly on my knee, the other grasping at his crotch. His whole body was trembling with the effort he was making. He looked at me with tears in his beautiful green eyes, almost begging me for help.
As we got ready to leave, he walked over to the bathrooms only to find them occupied. Since we were already running late, there was no way out instructor was letting him wait until they were free. He would just have to wait until we were home which would be another hour.
He and I walked to the busses and I helped him up the steps. He was clearly at his limit, and I was shocked he could move his legs so far apart without losing it right there.
We took our seat near the back and settled in. He was breathing hard and rocking, changing positions every few moments. I wrapped an arm around him and tried to comfort him.
“It’s alright sweetheart.” I whispered, rubbing his back. He got closer to me and whispered,
“I can’t hold it much longer. Oh God it hurts so much.. I really can’t wait anymore, I’m gonna piss myself.” He began crying and bouncing hopelessly, grabbing at his crotch like a toddler.
He shoved his hand down his pants to get a better grip.
“Help me” he pleaded. I had read somewhere that a man can’t pee and cum at the same time, so I did the only thing I could think to do. I threw my coat over our laps and moved closer to him, then carefully replaced his hand with mine. I could feel wetness where he must have leaked.
I started touching him, making him hard. I got him as close to climax as I could and kept him there. He whimpered and cried into my shoulder the whole time, begging for release. He was able to hold on that way until we got back to the school.
I stood and helped him up. He could hardly walk. His thighs were pressed together so hard his body shook as I led him through the building. Suddenly he froze and a strangled yelp came from his lips. He shoved his hands between his thighs.
“Nononono not right here! Ooohh God.” He buckled forward. I looked down to see a small wet patch forming and I immediately grabbed him, pulling him to and empty hall to prevent any further embarrassment for my poor Ian. He was crying by now and babbling to himself,
“It’s coming out, oh my God I can’t wait anymore. I can’t hold it. I’m sorry”.
I hugged him tight.
“Just let go love. It’s okay now, no one would blame you.”
He gave me a horrified look.
“I can’t!” he squeezed his knees together.
“Can you move?” he shook his head violently as another stream soaked through his jeans.
He sobbed quietly as I held him.
I pulled his hands away and massaged his swollen bladder. He squirmed and danced as he fought the urge to pee. But he quickly lost the battle and a long spurt escaped soaking his thighs and legs making a huge puddle as he finally let go. He moaned loudly as he went, finally able to relieve his aching bladder.
Once he finished he stared at the puddle with tears in his eyes.
“What am I gonna do?”
I went to our shared locker and got his gym shorts for him. He went and cleaned up and I got the janitor. Ian was very embarrassed but luckily no one saw him wet his pants. No one except me, and though I’d never mention it to him, it was something I’ll never forget.


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“I’ve been waiting a long time for you." 
“I swear, I’m not crazy!”

“You sure they’re here?” Ethan asked as Aiden paced the halls and searched for the source of the smell.

“I’m telling you they were just here.” He growled and stopped outside a cupboard.

“Maybe your mate’s the janitor.” Ethan joked until he heard a snuffling from inside. “Well open it up see who it is.”

When he opened it Aiden’s heart clenched and he smiled at you. "I’ve been waiting a long time for you.” He muttered softly and crouched down next to you.

“I don’t have any lunch money, already spent it.” You wiggled your sandwich to prove your point and he shook his head.

“You’re my mate and… I’m a werewolf.” Aiden told you and Ethan flinched when he saw your eyes widen. “I swear, I’m not crazy!”

“Well…” You hummed and glanced to the book that was sat in your lap, blushing when Aiden spotted he typical werewolf on the front cover. “Prove it.”


Read part one here x part two here x

Fandom: Teen Wolf

Pairing: Stiles x Reader

Warnings: Smut



    “Turn around. Ass up.” He ordered and of course I obeyed him. God, I love this side of him. As soon as I was in that position, he slammed into me fast. Each thrust was deeper, and more pleasurable, causing me to bite my lip to keep from moaning out loud and getting punished once again. I felt the metallic taste of my blood coming from the spot where my flesh was tangled between my teeth. “Do you like daddy fucking you baby girl?” I could mentally see his smirk. “Y-Yes” I struggled so much for this word to not be heard as a moan. 

    After a few minutes, he allowed me to talk. All the noises I was keeping inside of me came out as a scream, while I came on his dick. Stiles rode out my high, and I felt him twitch inside of me warning me he was about to do the same. Since he didn’t wear a condom, he pulled out, turned me around, placed me on one of the huge desks and jerked off until he shot his load on my stomach. His groans and my heavy breathes were the only sounds to be heard in this room. When he finished, I ate the liquid that covered my bare skin, and bent down to lick him clean. I finished my job and he ordered me to get back up on the desk. Stiles lowered his head to my clit and mimicked my actions from before, his tongue swirling around my walls. He kissed his way up my neck and to my lips, hands roaming up my naked body.

     “God, I’ll kill him and any other guy that talks to you like that again. You’re mine.” I smiled at what he had just said. Nobody made me feel the way Stiles did. He made me feel loved, adored, wanted. “We should probably go out.” We dressed up and as soon as we opened the door, we saw the janitor with a very shocked expression on his face. “What were you guys doing here?” He said, the shock never leaving his face. “How long were you outside?” Stiles responded, probably earning time to find out a believable excuse. “I just got here because I heard someone scream.” “Oh, that was because coach told us to come here and pick up some stuff he wanted and a box accidentally fell on my foot?” I was half explaining-half asking him. “Oookay?” “Y/N I think we should go now and give coach the things.. um the stuff that he.. asked us.. to bring- him.” Stiles broke the awkward silence that we were in, trying to memorize the excuse I made up. “Uh yeah, let’s go.” I grabbed his arm and we took off to the lacrosse field. As soon as we stopped, we started laughing so hard. “I can’t believe he fell for it.” I said between giggles. “Well, I think we should ‘bring coach some stuff’ again.” He wrapped his arms around my waist, looking at me. “My place?” I asked and his lips turned into a goofy grin. “Definitely, gorgeous.”


Prompt Request #30 – Liam Dunbar

Requested by Anon

Liam Dunbar x Reader

5. “The saddest part is that you’re so much better than this and you don’t even realize it”
72. “Because I love you dammit!” 

”Y/N, What are you doing in here now again?” Liam exclaimed as he saw you all curled up into a ball in the janitors closet, it’s been the third time this week he found you there.

You tilted your head up to meet his eyes and now he could see that you’ve been crying. ”I-I got p-pushed again.” you stuttered and hid your face again due to the embarrassment.

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anonymous asked:

First of all I love your imagines they are wonderful. Second could you do a number 1 for Jay (from Descendants ) and a number 17 for Carlos ( also from Descendants) ?

1. “Come over here and make me.”

“No. Left foot. Left foot! Jay! I told you!”
“I know. But you’re pretty cute when you’re angry.” He went to touch your face but you slapped his hand away in annoyance. He gave a look of mock hurt as your nostrils flared.
“You seemed to be the one leading. I thought the man was the one who lead.”
“Well, you can lead when you can actually dance.” You remarked, going to put the record back to the beginning.

“Now get over here and grab my waist.” You told him.
“Come over here and make me.” He challenged with a smirk.

“You know what?” You threw your hands up and began to stride out the room.
“I’m done. I’m so done. If you’re not even going to try then-” all of a sudden, your arm was yanked back by a grabbed on your wrist, Jay pulling you into his chest and twirling you, leading you around the dance floor before dipping you before the music finished.
“What was that you said about me not even trying?”

17. “Looks like we’ll be trapped for a while…”

“Help!” You called up through the basement.
“Help!” You voice was raw and hurting.
“It’s no use. We’re stuck down here.” He told you as you jumped down from the box, leaving the air vent to flow without your echoes.

You sat down, slumped against a wall and rested your head back, closing you eyes as you fists clenched.
“Looks like we’ll be trapped for a while…” he turned around and saw your sat, your quickened breaths and quaking arms.

“Y/N?” He quickly slid over to you, asking you urgently.
“How long do think a while is?” You asked with a trembling voice. Your eyes were tightly shut, as if even a crowbar couldn’t pry them open.
“Why? What’s wrong? What’s the matter?” Your eyes opened and he saw they were scared and full of tears as you quietly said:
“I don’t like small spaces. They seemed to get tighter and tighter and then I find it hard to breath.”

As if it was a Godsend, you heard the familiar barks outside the basement doors. You let out a shaky breath as Carlos cautiously left you and ran to the door.
“Dude. Good boy. I need you to go get the janitor. As quickly as possible.”