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If your still doing the sentence fic thing can you do "oops they saw it, well surprise I guess!"

I just had to do the Avengers with this one! Hope you like it!

“Oops they saw it, well surprise I guess!” You said while looking at the Avengers.

“[F/n] what is all this?” Steve asked looking at the feast you had prepared.

“Did you make this for us?” Bruce pointed to the spread. Looking like the mission had turned into a code green. Good thing you made his favorite.

“Well you guys are always out on missions and haven’t had a home cooked meal in god knows how long so I wanted to surprise you guys. But someone didn’t warn me you guys got back!”

“I’m very sorry Miss [L/n]” J.A.R.V.I.S apologized.

“It’s fine J.A.R.V.I.S I’m sure you were doing something else”

Looking back at the team you gestured to the food “Shall we?”

The team nodded and sat down. They all began to eat as you sat in your chair eager to know if they like it.

“Oh my god! [F/n] this is so good!” Tony said with a mouth full.

“Really?” You smiled

“Yeah why didn’t we know you could cook like this earlier? I would’ve liked this more often” Clint chuckled.

“Yes, it is quite a meal thank you [F/n]” Thor was the next to compliment.

You smiled wider. They actually liked the food you made! “Can you give me the recipe to this pot roast?” Nat pointed to her plate.

“Yeah sure!”

“I think we should make a tradition of this” Tony suggested.

“I agree, as long as it works for you [F/n]” Steve added, always that one to be conscious of others schedules.

“Are you kidding? I’d love to!”

“Then it’s official! Sunday’s will be [F/n]’s official feast night!” Thor proclaimed making everyone smile and laugh. Who would’ve thought one dinner night would end in a tradition?

‘Leave the first sentence of a fic in my askbox and i will write the next lines (incase I want to do more than five)’

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do you draw gijinka ships? if so, can you draw an flf couple of any two gijinka pokemon that you think would make a cute pair?

A sketch of F!SableyexF!Carbink?

((I know anon said cute but I prefer unlikely couples. I’ll redraw them separately eventually, just because I really like them. I mean they’re still cute so it sorta counts.))



gif request meme » Borderlands + favorite minor character


countdown to jaebum’s birthday: D-21 
abc’s of jaebum: f is for forehead

honestly if Emma and Regina’s relationship ever went further, they’d probably still explain it all with Henry™ like

“can I kiss you? just,,, you know for Henry obviously”
“we should move in together. it’d be easier for Henry”
“will you marry me? I meAN Henry would like that right?? AHAhaha hah    ha”
“I love you… uh I meant - - for Henry of course why else would we−”


The Coronation scenes, suggested by @space-delinquents
Eliot | Margo | Alice | Quentin

if you should know don’t know by now i’m kind of in love with opal…..