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Again, an AU where Chrom gets a brief short-term memory loss.

I’ve done this scene many times and it’s still giving me trash ideas like this but I couldn’t help it lmao.

  • Hajime Isayama: *gets Armin some spotlight, treats him like an actual main character, doesn't let Mikasa Ackerman, who is also a main character, have even an actual conversation for about 30 chapters*
  • Ere//min shippers: lol nobody cares
  • Wit studio: *shows us a filler Eremika scene, replaces Armin with Mikasa in two or three scenes, gives Mikasa the spotlight she deserves*
The messenger boy: Part 4 | Alfie Solomons

Your mouth felt like cotton wool and as the heels of your palms spread along the mattress, you realised it wasn’t your sheets you sprawled in. Face buried into the pillow you tried to recount the last few things you could remember.

There was that party you went to for starters but that was a couple of nights ago, wasn’t it? Alfie had, in fact, driven you home after he’d taken some time to let his hands wander. “Shot ya’self in the foot, din’t you? Told me, you did. Right off the bat. ‘Looking for a respectable gentleman tonight’, you said, yeah?” those had been his words.

The next few days had been strictly business but that hadn’t stopped a stolen glance or brush of a hand here and there. There was something going on with the Shelby’s and you’d known to keep out of it until otherwise asked or told.  

Oh, right. There it was. You remembered. Alfie had struck a deal and he’d called you into his office, a bottle of whisky and two glasses on his desk.  In the time you’d come to know Alfie he didn’t really drink; he sipped. He could nurse one glass the entire night but see to it that yours was always refilled.

“Y’know why I like you, pet?” he’d started later on and you could remember the conversation quite vividly now. “…you’re cheeky, in’t ya? Bold. Not to say ya’ disrespectful, right, ‘cause I wun’t ‘ave it but you’ve got a smart mouth, yeah?”

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A Quiet Moment

[Life is fast and tough and sometimes boys need their rest.]

Knuckles was an enigma of claws, long sideways glances, and mumbled, foreign words. Half of the time, Sonic didn’t get him, but he was used to going with the flow, watching as things cropped up before him and taking note of them. Sonic was perceptive, observant, everything common sense said he shouldn’t be, because if there was one thing he had time to do at the orphanage, it was watch the tourists. He was good at picking up subtle things, small eccentricities and habits that made people unique. In a different life, such a skill would probably save his life—being able to quickly pick up cues was a valuable thing—but, in this one, it just made him really obnoxiously attentive to those most important to him.

Right now, that was solely Knuckles, so he knew he could recognize every little tick of Knuckles’s head and shoulders, the way he rubbed his hands when he was nervous or worried, even judge the inflection in his voice. He could read Knuckles’s emotions like a book when he really tried, but he didn’t like to try all that often; made it unfair, plus he knew Knuckles hated it. The echidna wore his thoughts on his face most of the time and Sonic didn’t want to feel like he was intruding on something so sacred. So, he usually just pretended not to see, and it was working to an extent.

Still, even with all of that, he didn’t get Knuckles the way everyone else seemed to think he did. The teachers watched the way they interacted because Sonic was Knuckles’s first friend, the other students watched because they had never seen Knuckles laugh as freely as he did with Sonic, and the ghosts watched because they could see the death on Knuckles but also the life that Sonic brought out of him. Sonic was perceptive, sure, but he didn’t quite understand what made Knuckles tick, how he got up every morning with all the expectation and angst the world heaped on his shoulders. He admired Knuckles for it, but he couldn’t predict his actions or anything. Hell, most of the time he barely had time to pick up on his expression before Knuckles was punching him in the shoulder for a slip of the tongue.

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I Constantly Thank God For Esteban // Panic! At The Disco


i’m so weak for su aus and fusions lmao don’t look at me… these designs are so good tho..!!

(first design by @elvirasteckningar and second design by @frogopera)


“Real monsters are far easier to deal with than imaginary ones.”

Chapter 2 was fantastic. I didn’t think that the dragon and what happened to Achaka were going to affect him that much, and I was pleasantly surprised by what it did for the story. 

This includes text posts, tweets, Random stuff or Just names of files

“ what if death is Just Level 2? ”
“ if it’s 1 or 100 sins your still getting sent to hell, so why not go down for 100,000,000 sins and come down here a legend “
“ ___ Your added to the list of things that have ruined ___’s Life “ 
” I kill people lmao “
” Seriously Trust me on this, This thing saved my life “
” ____’s Butt.. That sounds cute “
” I smell ______ aesthetic “
” I’m so petty “
” Inception music “ 
” Save me “
” ____ I blame you “
” I am a bean “
” Yes!! I killed them so many times!! “
” S/he’s checking out ____’s Asss “
” It’s now on my computer forever “
” sassy ____ comin’ to steal your Man/girl “
” The demons are coming “
” Remember this child is worth it all “
” The way ____ looks at ____ Breaks me “
” Bro “
” AH so NOW you admit it! “
” got a masters degree in being ignored “
” Child- why you scream? “
” can we talk about that thicc? “
” I couldn’t help myself.. “
” sad sons.. my boys.. “
”  I Thought we were PALS _____! I thought we were goddamn PALS “
“  Yeah I had balls “
” Jokes on me s/he’s actually called ____ “
“ your not the first person to tell me that and you won’t be the last! “
” S/he Loves ____ More than us “
” Did you Mean my son? “
“ ___ is pure “