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Again, an AU where Chrom gets a brief short-term memory loss.

I’ve done this scene many times and it’s still giving me trash ideas like this but I couldn’t help it lmao.

  • Hajime Isayama: *gets Armin some spotlight, treats him like an actual main character, doesn't let Mikasa Ackerman, who is also a main character, have even an actual conversation for about 30 chapters*
  • Ere//min shippers: lol nobody cares
  • Wit studio: *shows us a filler Eremika scene, replaces Armin with Mikasa in two or three scenes, gives Mikasa the spotlight she deserves*
The messenger boy: Part 4 | Alfie Solomons

Your mouth felt like cotton wool and as the heels of your palms spread along the mattress, you realised it wasn’t your sheets you sprawled in. Face buried into the pillow you tried to recount the last few things you could remember.

There was that party you went to for starters but that was a couple of nights ago, wasn’t it? Alfie had, in fact, driven you home after he’d taken some time to let his hands wander. “Shot ya’self in the foot, din’t you? Told me, you did. Right off the bat. ‘Looking for a respectable gentleman tonight’, you said, yeah?” those had been his words.

The next few days had been strictly business but that hadn’t stopped a stolen glance or brush of a hand here and there. There was something going on with the Shelby’s and you’d known to keep out of it until otherwise asked or told.  

Oh, right. There it was. You remembered. Alfie had struck a deal and he’d called you into his office, a bottle of whisky and two glasses on his desk.  In the time you’d come to know Alfie he didn’t really drink; he sipped. He could nurse one glass the entire night but see to it that yours was always refilled.

“Y’know why I like you, pet?” he’d started later on and you could remember the conversation quite vividly now. “…you’re cheeky, in’t ya? Bold. Not to say ya’ disrespectful, right, ‘cause I wun’t ‘ave it but you’ve got a smart mouth, yeah?”

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Vanilla dreams!

Helloo!! Sooo, this is what a dreamed. I’m really sorry for any incorrectly applied term, english isn’t my first language 😊 oh and, I love writing, and yeah I’m not the BEST writer, but anyway, I hope you enjoy my dream, maybe you can dream it too😏


We were like in a family dinner, why? maybe because I was with family irl that day lol.

It’s a calm environment inside here. My family has been planning this a few weeks ago.

Some of my aunts and uncles are here, as well as my cousins. It’s good to spend time here with them.

As for my companion, the most vulgar boy that could ever cross your life, or that’s what they say, did me the honor to come with me.
I told Ryuji about this family meeting, and of course, he made all what it’s on his will to let him go with me, after all, there’s free food.

I was sitting in an individual couch scrolling down on my phone, while he was, too, with his phone, but lying in a larger couch across the room, perpendicular to mine. If that makes sense?

To pass the time, we were exchanging playful looks; I would wink at him and he would only stick out his tongue. His cheeks, painted with a soft pink, hiding them with his phone.

After some time talking all together, one cousin, sitting on a wheelchair wearing a thick layer of cast around her foot started talking about how she accidentally forced her leg causing her to trip and break her ankle. I looked across the room at my aunt’s and uncle’s faces that were filled with worry at my injured cousin.

My face went completely rigid as I suddenly realized something… Ryuji.

I turned the other way around to look at him and he kinda gazed down, proceeding on lying his phone on his stomach frowning his brows, a troubled look on his face. I quietly said to myself “ohnonono boy no" 

I wonder if my aunts heard me..

I placed my phone on the couch and stood up. I sitted next to him; where Ryuji was still lying. I slowly bent towards him and hugged his head putting my hands above his ears thinking that in that way, he won’t listen anymore what they were talking about.

“It’s ok, it’s ok” I murmured repeatedly.

I could feel his warm breath caressing my neck. And I gently started brushing his hair with my fingertips. “It’s ok..”
He calmly placed his arms around my waist slowly petting me as I felt his lips against my skin twist into a smile.


His arms hugged me harder causing me to bend even more, pulling me closer.
“I know it’s okay, I just wanted a hug from ya”

Followed by a sweet kiss on my neck.

My face felt somehow hot by Ryuji’s tight embrace as well as a slight embarrassment caused by his little joke.

We snuggled in each other arms and took a short nap just like that.

I still wonder if my aunts were seeing us..

I snuggled deeper into him enjoying the hot night around his strong arms, just before I woke up.



Weeee! So this is what I dreamed, its kinda short but I hope I made myself clear along the story and I hope you liked it 💕

P.S.: I really wonder what my aunts would say if I snuggle with a boy like that OR EVen bring that boy to the house!! //////

Thanks for taking your time reading me!


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Could you please do an edit for Nobuyuki wet? Glasses/shirt not needed. ;]

@dreamfar628 hi, i failed. enjoy :’)

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hey y’all i’m coming out of nowhere and springing this on you because apparently i have built up the audacity to. i will be having a blurb night tonight 6 august 2017, and here are the following topics you can vote for yo holla at me!

  • peter parker
  • fluff night
  • sinful (nsfw) night
  • harry styles
  • bucky barnes
  • steve rogers
  • t’challa
  • domestic!au night
  • soulmate!au night
  • tom holland

have fun voting, you have until 8:45pm bc blurb night will start at 9pm :))


“Real monsters are far easier to deal with than imaginary ones.”

Chapter 2 was fantastic. I didn’t think that the dragon and what happened to Achaka were going to affect him that much, and I was pleasantly surprised by what it did for the story. 

   i ju st laughed rlly hard because i realized i made this blog while i was literally in london on vacation & thought i’d be hella low activity but then i stuck around , made a bunch of friends & what i thought would be temporary became like. this is my life now LMAO


I Constantly Thank God For Esteban // Panic! At The Disco

might as well let the first art thing i post on here be of my trash daughter

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Apparently this is unpopular: you can like Hamilton and not be a terrible person