then i remembered this scene ;w;

I finally saw CACW last night and I have been OBSESSING over Bucky in Bucharest. I need to know every detail about what he was doing during the two years he was off the radar. 

Top left: Kinda cheating because it’s just the base sketch for this doodle I did a few days ago but w/e it’s thematically appropriate

Top right: The dude is so visibly anxious in that scene at the market that I just wanted to see him turtle into that hood ; ;

Far left: Headcanon that the leather jacket we see Buck wearing in the movie isn’t the first jacket he’s gone through. He was significantly smaller when he went AWOL at the end of Cap 2 and he totally accidentally ripped through his original civvies once he started beefing up XD

Center: Journaling, remembering. It goes without saying that Buck was a Brooklyn Dodgers fan when he was a kid in the ‘30s. 

Right: In the apartment scene Bucky had these fucking orange wrapped caramel candy bars sitting on top of his journal and I THINK THAT’S REALLY FUCKING CUTE

Bottom: I don’t think Bucky sleeps so much as crouches on top of that depressing fucking sleeping bag and shakes for a few hours every night while trying not to anxiety barf into his only pillow. Like outside of cryo I’m 95% sure Bucky hasn’t actually slept since the ‘40s. 


Shout out to all of the Zutara fans who also watched American Dragon - ever pick up on the fact that both Jake and Zuko are voiced by Dante Basco and that both Rose and Katara are voiced by Mae Whitman? I’ve often wondered if the fact that Rose and Jake ended up being a canon couple subconsciously caused me to ship Zuko and Katara because their voices fit together as a couple in Dragon.

But then I watch Zuko and Katara scenes in Avatar and remember that I ship them because they were fiery and interesting and full of friction and tbh I just never liked the idea of Katara with Aang so w/e. Guess I can just stick to pretending that Zuko and Katara had a fling at some point as grown ups and that they’re a silly old, arguing couple together in Korra because they’re the only original members of the Gaang left alive (I was super sad that old Zuko and Katara didn’t seem to have ANY scenes together in Korra). 

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I think civil war turned a lot of fans against steve. Which is sad cause its his film. People see steve as a hypocrite for not telling tony about his parents (bc in other movies, he was clearly fed up w/secrets and lies). I wish that scene never existed. the way some fans want steve to act makes me a little uncomfortable. many of them want steve to bow down and beg tony for his forgiveness. Not even as a friend but as some guilty puppy who should feel miserable forever w/out tonys forgiveness.

How is Steve not telling Tony about his parents hypocritical though like ???
And what was Steve gonna do, call up this guy he’s no more than work colleagues with and be like “yo so by the way, your parents death? you remember Bucky? my other half? the stars to my moon? the apple to my pie? well turns out he’s been tortured and brainwashed since 1944 and he’s the infamous Winter Soldier, and he killed ur parents, but like idk where he is now or what he’s doing so this entire dialogue has been pointless
People that are that bitter about it have inflated the importance of Tony and his opinion to Steve, and reduced the importance of Bucky to him. Binch, he wasn’t ever going to do a single damn thing that put Bucky in danger unless it was completely unavoidable. And if that means not telling Tony, a notorious hothead who gets violent/lashes out when he’s hurt/angry, about TWS and his parents then it is what it is. Bc like Tony would have tried to find him and kill him or hand him over to the US government which is the same thing.
Anyway, they weren’t friends before the film, they weren’t friends during the film, frankly i couldn’t care less if they’re friends after the film.

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that scene with spidey taking of his suit in the trailer was... Good

it was.

v good.

watching the scene and realising Peter Parker is supposed to be 15

remembering that Tom Holland is like 20

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OMG OMG OMG!!! The song playing on your blog!! That's Prompto's theme song! Where did you get it?! Your Prompto and Noctis header plus the song made me remember that scene again!!! You made me all emotional when I just came to visit your blog TT^TT

Well… The title is actually ‘Bros on the Road II’ but yeah, I do think it’s more like Prompto’s theme song because it was used in the scenes that are focus more about Prompto >w< And I’m sorry for making you emotional but I do agree with you and that’s why I used it in my blog because it’s appropriate with my Promptis header *O*

As for where I got it, I bought the complete FINAL FANTASY XV Original Soundtrack.


In the 75th episode of ‘88 Osomatsu-Kun, there’s this super cute exchange between 50-year-old Osomatsu and Totoko. Despite the fact that Totoko can’t seem to remember what exactly Oso gave her, she seems determined to prove to him that he was always super sweet to her (and try and justify why she’d much rather be marrying him instead)!!

You can find the scene (plus the entire episode w/ the subs!) here!

not to get into hänschen rilow meta again but look his line on totally fucked being “you’re fucked if you speak your mind” is REALLY SIGNIFICANT and representative of a large part of his character—hanschen isn’t silent during the classroom scene (instead of speaking out like Melchior) bc he genuinely agrees that what the teacher is doing is right or bears any ill will towards moritz, he’s silent bc he knows that if he speaks up he’ll be punished

so like!! I think it’s important to 1) recognize that bc it’s an important distinction and 2) recognize it w/o using it further vilify Hans and remember that he’s a 14 year old who just wants to get through school without being expelled and not some like cruel evil bully who enjoys seeing the teacher tell at moritz

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hiiiiiiii i really like your tumblr and i'm very thankful that you made it ! but i have a question, what theory is the january 10th 2017 post is about ?? (the one w/ keith asking "who are you" and lance saying "your mom") it's been bugging me the moment i saw it ! :o (sorry for my shitty english ew)

hellooo there!!! first of all.. thank you so much!! 😚😚😚hmm do you mean this one? correct me if im wrong hehe anyway soo if you havent already this theory comes from the s2 trailer and this specific like.. 0.3 sec scene:

and my friend and i were just joking around about how maybe thats lance?! and i remember reading some theories on my dash about how lance may have been captured by the galra because hes missing in some group scenes🤔🤔…of course this is all speculation and they just mightve chosen certain scenes to show in the trailer or we could just be looking into it too much lol. we’ll find out next week!!!

hi caloncho anon!! officially dubbed u that in my head btw lol yessss!! i completely agree also Pasa El Tiempo from that album fits them perfectly too but im thinking more for like angsty/sad klance and like severeal seasons in after they’ve gone through so much together…also speaking of spanish indie music i was talking with my mom the other day and apparently she used to listen to some indie music when she was my age too and i had no idea lmao? and she showed me this band from Spain called hombres g and i really liked si no te tengo a ti for klance its soooo melodramatic but idc👋


I remember when you scolded me in Junior High. You said the same thing. It was right after we got crushed in a practice match before the tournament. I figured we were destined for failure in the real tournament. “Even if we’re not confident that we’ll win, even if other tell us we don’t stand a chance, we must never tell ourselves that”. End quote. 


G o o d b y e, Mr. Chandler.

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Tae left as fast as he could the next day mumbling something about early morning recording and you were left to your apartment doing, same as every other day, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. After finding some book that looked as if it had never been touched, you get a call from a very distraught Jimin. "Hel...","Y/N! What did you do?!Tae and Namjoon-hyung have been screaming at eacother all morning and it sounds like fists are about to come out!" "w-what?"

Part 1 

“You heard me, Namjoon and Tae are about to fight. Just what the hell happened?” Jimin’s voice was even more frantic as he gripped the phone against his ear and watched the chaotic scene begin to unfold in front of him. 

“Why can’t you just accept that Y/N is mine now?!” 

You could here Taehyung’s voice through the phone. “I don’t know, Jimin. Everything was fine last night…” but then you remembered the phone call you got, “wait… Namjoon called me last night when he was drunk.” 

“And? What did he say?” 

“He said he loves me but I didn’t think much of it… maybe Tae thought he was confessing?” you offered an explanation. 

“…” You heard silence on the other end. 

“Jimin! Are you alright? Say something.” You were starting to grow impatient.

“…Just come here as soon as possible, okay?” Jimin’s voice was so quiet that you barely heard it. “How many times do I have to tell you that I didn’t do anything!” You heard Namjoon’s voice roar over Jimin’s. It sent a shiver down your spine. 

“I’ll be there as soon as I can; it’ll be okay.” You hung up, grabbed your coat, and walked out the door. 

- Devi ^^


#mancrushmonday I was looking through a @chadwickboseman #gifset on #tumblr and whoever made these gifs thought that these scenes were worthy. The top is from #42, the second #getonup I then remembered reading a recent article from W Magazine and here’s the quote “With a charmingly crooked smile and quiet charisma, Boseman has a movie-star quality about him…"When he arrived at W’s photo studio at TIFF, he eagerly scooped up photographer Caitlin Cronenberg’s infant son in his arms, melting hearts in the process.” Awwww ☺ So here’s to child loving men out there! #chadwickboseman #mcm #mce #captainamerica #blackpanther #fanlove #fandom #babies #babylove

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I shall forget, to have thee still stand there, remembering how I love thy company.
( I’ll forget it, and you’ll have to stand there forever. I’ll only remember how much I love your company. )

And I’ll still stay, to have thee still forget, forgetting any other home but this.
( I’ll keep standing here, even if you keep forgetting. I’ll forget that I have any home besides this spot right here. )

the one scene that never fails to make me legit bawling has to be this one. ill admit ahiru and fakir has been my top anime couple™ since i was 9, if 4th grade me had to choose one (even tho….little me was absolutely repulsed by romance irl, let alone in any anime)

 but having rewatched it recently w/ a friend to share in my suffering and having that nostalgia uppercut me thru the fucking jaw only amplifies how much my heart hurts for these nerds -_- !

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is it bad that all i can think when i see posts about rami calling his sister his wife is the scene of elliot kissing darlene 'cause he doesn't remember who tf she is

w o w. he’s morphineing into Elliot here

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about that izzy will punch alec thing: I think it's not as bad as it looks in the promo. I remember that bc I have a bunch of screencaps for theories from all the promos (lol) and that bts pic kat posted actually fits that scene -in one of the promos we see clary holding a seraph blade and walking towards someone (w purpose) and she's wearing the same clothes she is on that bts pic- so my guess is: izzy and clary will fight against alec for "teaching" (maybe not 100%), not actually fight

so (IT DIDN’T FIT LOL) what you think about my theory?

After 202? I think that Izzy punching Alec and Alec’s “I would do anything to take those 30 seconds back” might be related. I think that Izzy’ll be really angry at Alec for taking such a risk and she’ll question how much she actually means to him. And he’ll tell the “30 seconds” thing to her, trying to apologize, but she’ll have none of it. And that will later on lead to the punch and also to her siding more and more with Aldertree who will appreciate her. Too late will she realize that she’s trusting the wrong person (as the spoilers said). And I think that by the end of the season Izzy and Alec will stand more on less on opposite sides because she’ll get too deep and won’t be able to get out. Todd Slavkin said that there would be an emotional scene with Izzy and Alec in 210.

Last Review for "Stealing On The High Seas"

Alright! Last review for this amazing story~!

I would have submitted this earlier, but I ended up finishing the story late last night and I just passed out afterwards lol! 

Anyways, this chapter was SOOOOOOOO SWEET AND TENDER~! Ahhh! I love it so much! 

I mean in the beginning I felt sad for Weiss because she spent hours blaming herself for what happened with Ruby, and of course Ruby couldn’t do anything to pacify her feelings because she was still asleep. BUT once Ruby woke up and could cuddle her poor crying lover, I just melted inside and I cried because the scene was SO FREAKING BEAUTIFUL AND HEARTFELT~! ;w; Just Ruby constantly kissing Weiss to show her rather than tell her that it’s okay and she never blamed her at all. Ahhh Just remembering it now makes me wanna cry again. 

And G O D when they finally said I love you to each other… I just kind of combusted inside and I felt my soul momentarily leave my body. I just never tire of them loving each other, especially this deeply! Deeper than the sea itself! That’s just beautiful.

I found it so cute how Ruby was so ready to take on the day, but Weiss is like “No, you are staying in bed all day.” I swear she was already acting like her wife because she just gave her captain orders to stay in bed haha I loved it so much. Especially with how Ruby tried to argue with a Schnee of all people. Adorable, simply adorable. 

AND THAT DRESSING WOUNDS SCENE!! Ahhhhh oh my gosh!! wow! Definitely one of my favorites because it really showed how much they both love and trust each other and the fact you dove deeper into Weiss’s regrets about the wounds scarring. GOOD STUFF RIGHT THERE. REALLY REALLY GOOD STUFF! and ooooooh man, those kisses! Those freaking scar and tender kisses… have you ever read something and you feel like every word is making your heart scream and beat louder and louder in your chest? Because that’s how that whole scene made me feel. Just wow! Amazing!

My all time favorite quote from this chapter would have to be when Ruby reassuring Weiss that she didn’t mind at all about the wound scarring: “And besides, you’ve shown me just how beautiful scars can be.” I swear I melt into a pile of goo every time I read that… It’s just the most gorgeous thing she could say to Weiss and it just kills me every time. I love it. 

And then how after that, Ruby said that their scars will always be something she’ll be proud of because it symbolizes their love for each other… BEAUTIFUL! SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL! 

AND THEN in the end when they said that even after all that, even if they are who they are, they will never regret choosing each other… God damnit, it brings me to tears! How can two people be so damn beautiful and perfect?! UGHHH I LOVE THEM. 

Okay now since I’ve thoroughly gone through each chapter, I’ll just list all my favorites before I end this (not including the ones I already wrote above):

-Their first banter about Ruby drinking alcohol

-How that banter lead to Weiss saying “You might as well use your mouth then!”

-ALL OF THEIR KISSES including the ones with water~!

-“You swashbuckling scallywag.”

-How Weiss became a part of the crew

-The dolphin scene

-Their first night sleeping together and realizing just how deep their affections go

-Ruby constantly making sure Weiss was okay about anything

-the fight scenes

-The tragic scene when the scar was made and Weiss immediately jumped into the water to save Ruby

-The Weiss and Yang scene and how they were both crying that Ruby was saved… she was alive.

-The I love you scene

-More kisses

-And finally the scars, and what it symbolized for both of them. 

Before I end this super long review (sorry about the length btw), I just wanted to say, if it wasn’t already obvious, Hana this story is so special to me. It has a special place in my heart and I can never thank you enough for creating it. It’s beautiful, exciting, emotional, and one hell of a ride to read. I hope these four reviews for this story can help you realize just how much I love it and how much I love your work so much. Please never stop making such beautiful creations. 

AHHHHH my goddd thank you agains sososososo much again im sorry i took so long to publish ive just been keeping these for myself for a while ahahaha