then i met up with adam

But Like

why doesn’t Adam (AKA the Beast) turn into a human sooner.


She learned to love him way before he was about to die.

Major plot fail, Disney.

I want Adam running into the library in human form one random day.

And Belle’s like “WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?”

And Adam’s just so excited that she loves him that he just stands there, breathing heavily (because he’s run through the entire castle to find her) and says softly, “You love me.”

And Belle says, “Um, I’m sorry. I’ve never met you. How did you find this castle? Who are you?”

And Adam just comes up to her, practically gliding across the room because of all the height and weight he’s lost. “It’s me, Belle,” he says, gently hugging her.

She fights it only enough to look him in the eyes (because he’s still strong despite him not having a hulking figure anymore), and that’s when she can have an actual “It IS you” moment that makes sense. 


At Mishawaka High, he was a skinny misfit who got along with people, had girlfriends. He cofounded a fight club that met in a field behind a Celebrations Unlimited, where weddings and receptions took place. “I think we probably came up with some rules. No hitting in the balls, a good rule. There was a guy that rode by on a bike one time. He said, ‘What are you guys doing?’ So I fought him.”

                                      HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ADAM! ♡ 

With You It’s Different

Logan Howlett x Reader

Words: 1,346

Request: Can you write a Logan fic where he is his usual gruff, grumpy self with a hard exterior but around y/n he is super nice and always pays attention to her and is a huge teddy bear with her. I just love Logan wow. Thank you!!! :)

“I said no,” Logan growled, his voice reaching your ears. That’s odd, you thought, Logan wasn’t one to lose his temper often. You got up from your place on your bed, moving towards the voices. Scott seemed adamant about something that Logan was definitely not approving of. You stopped just short of them, watching Logan with a small smile. He really was gorgeous. His beautiful brown eyes met yours, the previous tension dissipating at the sight of you. He all but forgot his argument with Scott, sidling up to your side with a smile. “(Y/N),” he greeted happily. You returned his smile in kind.

“Logan,” you replied. Scott seemed a little put out, leaving the two of you alone so he could go work out his own issue. “What was that about?” You questioned.

“Nothing,” he answered, shaking it off. “Anything interesting happen while I was away?” You chuckled softly, following Logan’s lead.

“You were only gone for two days.”

“I know.” He turned to you with a smile. “But a lot can happen in that time.” Still smiling, you wrapped your arms around him. You really did miss him while he was gone. Two days or not, you always missed him when he left. He eagerly returned your affections, pulling you closer into his chest. “I take it you missed me.” He teased.

“Oh ha-ha,” you grumbled into his chest, pulling back after a moment. “You wouldn’t last a week without me.”

“That’s what you think,” he winked.

“That’s what I know.” You smirked at him, loving being around him. You should really tell him how you felt. But what if everything changed because of it? What if he didn’t feel the same way and things became awkward between you two?

“Everything okay?” His eyes were shining with concern.

“Everything’s fine.” You pulled him into your spacious room, shutting the mahogany door behind the two of you. “How about a movie?”

“Sounds great,” he smiled. You plucked up your laptop, lying back on your fluffy pillows as Logan joined you. He wasted no time in getting comfortable, wrapping an arm around your shoulder so you could lean on him. You did so, turning on (Your favorite movie). It was a pleasant time, Logan adjusting himself occasionally so you could get even closer to him. By the end of the movie, you were practically in his lap, your warm bodies completely relaxed into one another. You were tired, your head sinking further into his chest. You felt the vibrations of his laugh on your back, causing you to laugh in turn.

“Tired?” You nodded. “You can sleep.” He whispered, placing a sweet kiss to your forehead. Your eyes slowly drooped, your last thoughts of Logan as you drifted off into a peaceful slumber.

The scent was different, you mused. It was fresh and smelt of leather and spices. You breathed it in, further burrowing your head into the wonderful aroma. But it was more than that, it was comfortable and warm. You were so content, lying there. At least until you felt a hand rest softly against your back, a sigh sounding next to you. Your eyes flew open, your mind halting all mental processes. Looking up slowly, you met the groggy eyes of Logan. Heat instantly crept up your neck, spreading a brilliant blush all over your cheeks. He smiled down at you, his muscles stretching beneath you.

“Good morning,” he greeted, pulling you ever closer to him.

“Whoa,” tumbled out of your mouth. Graceful, you chided yourself. But you couldn’t help it. Never had anyone looked so utterly delicious as he did in that moment. His lips were parted, his eyes were slightly dazed, and his hair was mussed. You wanted to taste him. Dear God, you wanted to taste every inch of him.

“Something the matter?” He asked, a slight frown tugging at his lips. And oh how you wanted to kiss his frown away.

“Nothing,” you reassured, pushing yourself up so you could get a better look at him. The golden rays of sunlight creeping through the blinds illuminated his figure to make him look like an angel. Your hand twitched, the sudden itch of wanting to run your hands down his body so, so hard to ignore. You really, really should tell him how you feel. But no, not yet. “I’m going to take a shower but I’ll see you downstairs.” He nodded, sending you one last smile as you entered the bathroom. Your body was on autopilot, going through the motions of turning everything on by itself. A million scenarios of what could happen if you told Logan the truth ran through your mind as you turned on the faucet. Each one was washed away with the cool water drenching your body. You had to force yourself out of the shower and down the stairs, your entire body just wishing to drop down into the Logan-scented sheets. He greeted you with a beam when you arrived in the kitchen, the anger present in his current conversation fading away. Strange, that same thing happened yesterday. You added a mental note to ask him about it later. He dropped a plate filled with breakfast in front of you, the smell of food brightening your mood. You looked over to the Professor, greeting him with a nod.

“Good morning, (Y/N),” he received, “I expect you slept well.” For the second time that day, a warm blush covered your face. The little shit knew. He had a perceptive smile on his face and a pointed look in Logan’s direction.

“I did, actually.” You said eloquently, looking down at your food instead of the two other occupants. Charles bid you both a good day before leaving the two of you alone. Once he was gone, you looked back up at Logan. He seemed peaceful, his eyes not leaving you for a second. You squirmed under his scrutiny, wishing he’d look away. “What is it?” You finally asked him, your eyes connecting.

“It’s nothing,” he shook his head, a smile playing on his lips.

“Logan…” you pressed, wanting to know why he was looking at you that way. If the feeling in your stomach had anything to say about it, you really shouldn’t mind. He took a step closer to you, his eyes never leaving you. As soon as he was within reach, he lifted you off your feet and held you close to his warm body. You giggled, holding onto his shoulders and pressing your head against his. After a moment of squeezing you, he placed you back on the ground.

“They want you to go to Rome to locate a mutant.” Logan stated, answering your unasked question. Wait, what? You’d gone on missions to retrieve mutants before.

“And…?” You inquired.

“You’re going alone.” He responded, his jaw clenching at the statement. Oh. You’d never gone on a mission alone before.

“It’s alright,” you shrugged nonchalantly. “Nothing I can’t handle.” He sighed, pulling you back into his heated embrace.

“You could get hurt.” His voice sounded pain, his body tensing beneath your arms.

“Everyone here is constantly going on missions; alone or together,” you argued.

“But with you it’s different.” Logan stated. You furrowed your brows, escaping his hold so you could get a better look at him. His eyes were shining with worry, his lips pressed together tightly.

“Why?” You breathed. He didn’t verbally respond, pressing his lips so softly against your own, you could almost fool yourself into thinking it was a dream. Just as quickly as he placed them there, he pulled away. Your body missed the warmth of his already.

“I’m so-,” you cut him off, surging towards him. Your lips met his in a frenzy, your hands grasping at his hair to give you a better angle. He returned it just as eagerly, his mouth moving against yours so perfectly. You could practically see the fireworks, your body moving ever closer to his muscled form. Pulling away, you smiled at him. Maybe now you could tell him how you felt.

“Adam Driver, for instance, I have to give credit to Greg Silverman, who’s the head studio for Warner Brothers. They had worked with Adam…and they said, ‘So what about this Adam Driver?’ and usually, no offense to studio executives, but you get their notes and you’re like, ‘Yeah, ok…’ But this was an amazing note, and so I flew to Brooklyn and I met him and I still didn’t really know about him to be honest. I just didn’t know how he fit in this part, but we gave it a shot and he immediately showed up and started making interesting choices. We took a character that could’ve been the most clichéd in the whole movie, and maybe still is, but I think it was Adam who started to ask the right questions about that character. Why does he have this ridiculous tape recorder when people are standing behind him with camcorders and computers, typing all this stuff up? Why does he write on yellow legal pad and use post-it notes and dry-erase boards? And it’s because that’s the way his brain works. He’s an analog guy in this digital world. He’s so damn smart that he’s working the math out in this tactile way. And he started to bring all this stuff to life. I remember in one of the first scenes we did, he sat down at this desk and banged his leg on the table and dropped his bookbag. And I remember thinking, ‘Oh, that’s terrible, should I call cut?’ And I realized, ‘Oh no, he’s being Paul Sevier. That’s how Paul Sevier enters a room.’ And it just made it better and I’m quite impressed with Adam Driver. I think he’s probably gonna be one of the most important actors of our generation.”Jeff Nichols

“Adam Driver was the idea of Kathy Kennedy. Not that Adam Driver was the idea of Kathy Kennedy. For this movie, it was her idea. I mean, he existed prior. But she brought him up, and we immediately thought, ‘Oh my God, this guy would be amazing’.[…] And Adam would just go into these fantastic rages. Not at anyone, just sort of… It’s his process. But I loved the guy, and working with Adam was one of the highlights of my professional career. […]  And now we go to this scene, where we actually get a very different side of Kylo Ren. Where we see how unlike Vader he is. How tempestuous he is. How uncontrolled he is. […] We were really throwing sparks his way. I think the moment I actually just fell in love with Adam Driver was in his timing of this line. ‘Anything else?’”J.J. Abrams

“I’ve seen him in Girls and like the rest of the world I was like - ‘What is that guy?!’. The way he looked, the way he acted.. it was so unusual, it was so completely unique and new. […] So I offered him the part, but the deal died […] because his schedule was just too busy. […] Then I literally saw like 60 guys, some of them were really famous, but all it did was cement my certainty that there is no second choice to Driver. There is a lot of great of actors, but no one is even close to like him. So I called him up and said – ‘Look, I think it needs to be you and I going to find a way to contour the shooting schedule to make it possible’. […] So then I checked with Jason and Tina […] and I said -‘Look, we going to shoot on weekends and we are going to have this really wonky schedule, but it is the only to get Driver’ - and they both said – ‘Do it’. They knew. They knew there is no one like that.“ - Shawn Levy

"It’s not important to me Adam’s personal past in terms of role because he is just a wonderful actor. But I was very struck by the idea that he understands both sides. He is an artist, he has experience in the military and he went to Julliard. These two things were very impressive to me because it’s breaking any kind of cliche of either thing. […] So I loved that he is very balanced and understands different sides of the world and of people. And he doesn’t broadcast any of that, it’s just something that he knows and he brings. He’s very reactive and doesn’t over analyze everything. And what a pleasure was to work with him.”  - Jim Jarmusch

Miss Danvers,

While I didn’t expect to be notified of your every shared byline or chance to edit an obituary below the fold, I did expect these little notes of yours would share all relevant information.

Such as Kara Danvers, cub reporter, landing Supergirl herself as a source. The same Supergirl who can only grudgingly be summoned by James Olsen with his very muscled arm twisted up his back. The same Supergirl you apparently only met under my direction all those months ago.

How interesting, Kara.

How very, very interesting.

I did have a message from Carter about this Martini thing you caught, but I find my mood isn’t much inclined towards sharing. I seem to only remember the part where he said “oh my God, tell Kara she sucks”. So there you go. Your name didn’t come up when I saw Adam.

As you know, I much prefer to quote myself whenever possible, but just this once I’ll defer to Walter Lippman.

There can be no higher law in journalism than to tell the truth”.

For what it’s worth, I consider that the highest law of friendship, too.

I may be out of reach for a while. I’m sure you’ll adjust.

  • Burr: *string of low-key insults and accomplishments of Hamilton* WHATS YER NAME MAN Alexander Hamilton *deathly applause*
  • Burr: *string of low-key insults and accomplishments of Hamilton* The Schuyler sisters are the envy of all. If you can marry a sister, you're rich son
  • Burr: Yo turns out we had a secret weapon an immigrant you know and love who's unafraid to step in he's constantly confusing confounding the British henchmen EVERYONE GIVE IT UP FOR AMERICAS FAVORITE FIGHTING FRENCHMAN
  • Burr: you haven't met him yet you haven't had the chance cause he's been kicking ass as the ambassador to France but someone's gotta keep the American promise you simply must meet Thomas Thomas
  • Burr: There's trouble in the air you can smell it ALexander's by himself, I'll let him tell it.
  • Burr: *string of low-key insults and accomplishments of Hamilton* welcome folks to the ADAMS ADMINISTRATION
  • Also Burr: never formally confirms his own identity to Alexander

Sirius Black x Reader

Request: Hello! Can I get a imagine? Where I was part of the marauders and dated Sirius and was Harry godmother. And instead of him going with his aunt he goes with me. And when Sirius comes out you are happy and Harry is kind of confused because his aunt who barely glances at men is head over heel for this guy “she just met”. So her and Sirius explain everything.

Originally posted by nellaey

“So, Sirius… you and Y/N, huh?” Amidst the small giggles emanating from all around him, Sirius throws a long arm around a pink cheeked Y/N. “’S right, boys. Jealous, are you, Prongs?” James throws his head back and laughs, Adam’s apple bobbing up and down with the movement. Winking at the rest of the group, he yawns in an extremely exaggerated fashion, slowly snaking his arm around Lily’s waist. “Actually, Pads, I got my Lily flower here, so –” “Like hell you do, Potter!” Lily snorts, scooting away from James and his outstretched ram, nearly knocking Peter over in the process. James pouts at her, leaning on the couch behind him and crossing his arms behind his head, the picture of relaxation. “I’ll win you over eventually, Evans,” he chuckles, making Lily roll her eyes. Sirius turns to Y/N, amusement written all over his face and laughter sparkling in his eyes. “Him and Evans?” he chuckles, glancing over at the pair once more, James staring at Lily with a smirk on his face and a lovesick expression in his eyes and Lily pointedly looking anywhere but in his direction. “Not a chance,” Y/N responds, grinning up at her boyfriend adoringly. With a tug of the hand, Sirius pulls Y/N off the floor and drags her into the corridor.

“Pads! What –” Y/N gasps in surprise, forgetting the rest of her sentence when Sirius pushes her up against the wall. She closes her eyes, sucking in a much needed breath, flustered at their proximity. “I-it’s past curfew…” Sirius chuckles lowly and dips his head even lower, only stopping when they’re barely a hair apart. “I don’t care.” The force of their lips connecting would’ve made Y/N’s head slam against the wall, but Sirius places his palm in the way, cushioning the back of her head with his hand. “I don’t care,” he mumbles, pulling away to press light kisses against her jawline. Y/N loses herself in the feeling, the feeling of his hands caressing her waist and his lips ghosting against the most sensitive parts of her neck, letting her head fall back and her eyes flutter shut. Suddenly, Sirius pulls away, making Y/N whimper and look into his eyes. “Forever?” he asks, and with all his cockiness and arrogance, Y/N hears nervousness in his tone, nervousness that he’s going to lose her. Her heart swells and she closes the distance between them, pressing her lips to the corner of his mouth. “Forever.”

Y/N holds back tears as she looks at the baby in her arms, rocking back on forth on the balls of her feet. She lets out a breathless laugh as he coos and grips her finger tightly. “Harry.” Her head snaps up and she looks at Lily and James in front of her, two of her best friends, smiling uncontrollably as they stare at their new son. “Harry James Potter.” Sirius moves over to James and claps him on the back, trying to act like he’s not about to cry too, but failing miserably. “And… and we want you to be the godparents.” Y/N nearly drops Harry at those words, which would probably have made James and Lily rethink their choice for godmother. “Y-you what?” Sirius’ dumbfounded expression makes everyone laugh, and once they start, it takes them a while to stop. Everyone has tears streaming down their faces and James grabs Sirius, pulling him in for a hug, burying his face in his shoulder.

When the pull apart, Sirius strides over to Y/N and takes the baby from her hands gently. “Hello, Harry Potter,” he says, and lets out a laugh when he smiles toothlessly. “I bet you’ll look pretty great on my bike.” Lily gasps at that, her eyes widening incredulously, and Sirius bursts out laughing at the expression on her face. “Just a joke, Lils,” he laughs, handing Harry off to her and rejoining Y/N at the edge of the room. “It really wasn’t a joke,” he whispers in Y/N’s ear, making her giggle and slap his arm. James joins Lily at her arm and peers down at his son’s face, absolute love filling his expression. He glances up at the two godparents and smiles. “You’ll be there for him, right?” Y/N nods furiously, unable to fathom not being there for her godson. “Forever.”

Y/N gapes at the house in Godric’s Hollow – or the remains of the house that stand where Lily and James’ lot used to. The shutters flap wildly in the wind, banging against the sides of the broken home, the lights still on inside and illuminating the living room. She distinctly hears the mewl of a cat in the distance and instinctively turns her head towards the sound, only to see the familiar jet black motorbike pulling up next to her. “Sirius!” she yells, running towards him, and he jumps off the vehicle and meets her half way, carrying what looks like a bundle of blankets. Upon closer inspection, though, she sees that it’s Harry. She lets out a tiny gasp at the sight, covering her mouth with her hand and holding back tears. “I – I can’t believe that Peter would…” she trails off as she lifts her eyes to Sirius’ gaunt face, wild hair, and bloodshot eyes. “You’re his godmother,” he mumbles, holding Harry out for her to take, and she accepts him numbly. “Sirius… Sirius, we have to tell them, they can’t take you!”

He simply shakes his head in response, moving a little closer. “Nobody will believe me if I tell them now,” he says, then dips his head, capturing Y/N’s lips in a kiss. It’s the most passionate kiss they’ve ever shared… both of them pouring their feelings of guilt, sadness, and love into it. It feels a lot like goodbye. By the time Y/N opens her eyes, Sirius is already mounting his bike and revving the engine. Before he leaves, he says one more thing. “Forever?” Y/N watches it fly away, climbing higher and higher, picking up speed, until it’s out of sight. “Forever.”

Y/N’s leg bounces up and down as she chews her thumbnail, staring at the television with unwavering attention. “Aunt Y/N!” Her head turns so sharply at the sound that she gets whiplash. Wincing and rubbing her neck slightly, she sees her thirteen year old godson standing at the doorway. As always, her heart skips a beat when she realizes how much he’s grown to look like James. Pushing the thought – and the sadness that comes with it – aside, she rises off the couch and turns to look at him fully, smiling as she does so. “What’s up, Harry?” He grins and flops down on his seat, running a hand through his already messy hair. “Is it alright if Ron comes over to play some quidditch?” he asks, and Y/N smiles inwardly. It’s impossible to say no to him. She’s about to respond to Harry’s question when she hears a quick knock on a door. She pauses, listening carefully, then hears the knocks again, but much louder this time. She ruses towards the door, flinging it open with Harry right behind her. Flinging the door open, she comes face to face with –

“James?” She blinks at the first word out of the man’s mouth, then lets out a dry sob, giving him a once over. When they’re eyes connect, hers ecstatic and his slightly confused, she runs into his arms. She inhales his scent – even though she hasn’t seen him in twelve years, she can still recognize it. Sirius reciprocates fully, burrowing his nose in her hair and breathing in. “Um – aunt Y/N, who is this?” Harry asks awkwardly, staring at Y/N in the ‘stranger’s’ arms. Y/N chuckles at this, pulling Sirius inside the house. “Harry… this is Sirius Black. Your godfather.” Harry’s eyes widen in recognition and he mimics Y/N’s earlier action of giving the man a once over. “Y-you knew my father?” he stammer, and Sirius gives Harry a watery smile of his own. “We were best friends.” Harry nods, seemingly processing this information, then glances between Y/N and Sirius. “And you two…” Sirius laughs, wrapping an arm around Y/N and pulling him to his side. “We made a promise that we would be together –” Y/N cuts him off with a grin of her own. “Forever.” And they finally are.

a love like sparkling soda pop

“A boy met a boy. They were in the flush of youth. They were in love that felt like a dream, like a sparkling soda pop.”

Doukyuusei (feat. Yuuki Ozaki) by Kotaro Oshio  || Lovefool by The Cardigans || Anything For You by Ludo  || You & Me Song by The Wannadies || Still into You by Paramore || Stereo Hearts (feat. Adam Levine) by Gym Class Heroes || Chocolate & Ice Cream by Plumb || Lucky (feat. Colbie Caillat) by Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat || Never Quit Loving You by Jill Barber || I Do Adore by Mindy Gledhill || I Won’t Give Up by Jason Mraz || I’ll Never Be Lonely Again by Ludo || Never Quit Loving You by Jill Barber || La Vie en Rose by Daniela Andrade || Sore to Kaze no Waltz by Kotaro Oshio 

Her Better Man – A Hiddleswift Drabble

He knew about the song. He vividly remembers the day she told him about it.  Lying in bed as the Roman sun seeped through the curtains.  He could tell something was wrong with her, that something was plaguing her mind.  When he asked, she said that she had written something a few weeks before.  A song, an emotional one.  One she had considered keeping for herself to record but that after she met him, she decided it was best recorded by someone else.  She had gotten a response that morning that this someone else definitely wanted to record it.

He told her that was great and she smiled weakly.  It is, she said.   But he could tell there was more.  When he pressed further, she would simply say that she wrote a song about Adam.  Right after we broke up, she added.  About how I felt.  About how I was.

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Not to dismiss what Killian did or anything, but how much is Emma going to really care? Shocked, certainly. But she knows Captain Hook sometimes murdered people for funsies. He’s told her as much. And this guy was her grandfather, yes, but she doesn’t know him from Adam? She’s never met ANY of her grandparents, mostly thanks to Regina’s murderous rage. And Her Majesty gets to coparent her son.

It’s so like Killian to worry that this will be one evil act too many, that she’ll change her mind about them being True Love and all that. He’s self loathing to a fault. But I really think after she thinks about it, she’ll be okay? Which yeah, is kinda messed up, but this is the show where serial killers are family.

Bottom line, I’m still pissed AF that the writers thought this was a good idea. But I don’t think it will derail CS too much. Remember when we are all freaking out about Killian telling them Bagel was alive? Good times. I had faith in him then and I have faith in him now. He might angst about it for a bit longer because he has so much more to lose. But he’ll tell the truth. He won’t let their life together start with a lie, because he’s NOT certain imp who shall remain nameless.

It’s just after 2am in the morning UK time, and just after 6pm in LA when the phone rings.

“Has Andy managed to peel you off the ceiling yet?” Zayn asks.

There’s a laugh on the other end, light and happy and Zayn knows if he was anywhere near a mirror right now, he’d have to turn away cause he knows he’s grinning so wide.

It’s not a complex equation at all.  Happy Liam simply equals the best Liam.  Okay, any Liam is good but happy, giddy Liam is right up there.

“Shurrup you, or I’ll remind you how you were the first time we met him.”

“Leeyum! I thought we agreed we were never going to discuss that again.”

He hears the sorry that’s caught in and amongst Liam laughing once more.

“Andy was more star struck than me though, and Adam had his mouth open and closed like a goldfish all night, I was coolness personified.”

“Then why did it look like you were crying with joy in that pic babe?”

Liam lets out an indignant sound and Zayn pictures him pouting, plumping out his lips and if he wasn’t expecting visitors in the next half hour, there’s only one way Zayn would want this phone call to go.

“Was not, anyway shurrup or I won’t tell you about our plans for world domination, me, him and you” Liam’s words interrupt Zayn’s thoughts but as he’s about to reply, continue the playful sparring Liam carries on.

“Missed you though, Drake’s amazing and okay Andy may have taken far too many pics of me standing there just staring at the stage with my jaw almost on the floor, but you’re my main squeeze babe.”

Zayn giggles.  “Good to know love.”

Silence fills the air for a moment, and he’s sure he hears the sound of Liam yawning then.

“It’s great though this innit? What we do, that what we do, from where we started out, we’re doing this, could pinch myself a million times and still don’t believe it, even though we’ve paid our dues, we’ve earned it.”

The sound of a sigh fills the line.  It’s true though, from five teenagers with questionable choice in fashion to them all rubbing shoulders with people Zayn whispered the names of with awe before.

“It’s going to get better,”  there was a time when Zayn would say that, sound all confident but still doubted that, wondered if everything they wanted ultimately wouldn’t happen.  All too much of a mountain to climb.

Not now.

“It is,”  Liam’s voice is filled with certainty, just like always. “2 little boys from Wolverhampton and Bradford.”

“Always smashing it.”  Zayn finishes.  

Shower Thought

It would be super cool if somebody made a movie where all the famous mass murderers and serial killers met in real life. But then I can just see Adam Lanza tripping downstairs, TJ being an asshole, Dylan getting his feelings hurt, John Wayne Gacy freaking everyone out, Jeffrey ends up eating someone, and WW3 Happens. Just like a shitload of chaos and destruction.

I met my sister’s new boyfriend over the weekend and he brought up how we need Common Sense Gun Control™. I asked him to pick a shooting incident and to give me a law that would have realistically stopped it. He kept trying to get away from answering the specific question, but I kept bringing him back to it. He couldn’t give me an answer to it, but still was adamant that we need some sort of gun laws.

I do not like my sister’s new boyfriend. 

Tiffany Adams

1. How long have you been polyamorous or been practicing polyamory?

I was a serial monogamist through my teenage years and after another break-up when I was 22, I spent some time single and decided that I did not want to pursue any more monogamous relationships. 6 months later, I met Phillip on OkCupid. I told him on our second date my thoughts about non-monogamy and he was in agreement. We dated for three years before we began seeing other partners and during that time we learned about the term polyamory and read The Ethical Slut. It was September of 2012 when I started actively dating other people.

2. What does your relationship dynamic look like?

I follow a non-hierarchical relationship structure. All partners are important and no person has privilege over another. I try to value people over relationships and build with others something customized to fulfill everyone’s needs. I really like the relationship anarchy model because it allows me the freedom to expand my view of “partner” to include non-sexual relationships, which can be just as intimate and committed as sexual ones, for me.

3. What aspect of polyamory do you excel at?

I’m a very empathetic person, so I tend to do a good job of recognizing that everyone has a different experience and that other’s feelings are valid even if they don’t reflect my own.

4. What aspect of polyamory do you struggle with?

I can become overwhelmed by demands on my time and energy. Sometimes, I just seriously cannot process anything else! This is when I tell my partners I’m overwhelmed and let them know what they can do to help (give me space, bring me ice cream, etc.) I also do not go on any “first dates” and I’ll cancel any non-essential plans and just take a break.

5. How do you address and/or overcome those struggles? ^^^

6. In terms of risk-aware/safer sex, what do you and your partners do to protect one another?

We focus on communicating, both with new and existing partners. This includes sexual history, STI status and testing, partners, contraception, etc. We try to keep information freely flowing and make partners feel safe discussing sensitive topics.

7. What is the worst mistake you’ve ever made in your polyamorous history and how did you rebound from that?

I think my worst mistake is thinking that I can avoid vulnerability in polyamory. When Phillip met his first partner after me, I realized that I was letting another person into my life, someone I barely knew at that point! I struggled hard with the discovery that all the walls I had built around my feelings and insecurities had to come down for me to be able to actually have multiple intimate relationships; and it still hits me, those times after a rough break-up or a friend lies to me, when I want to build the walls back up, go inside and never come out, but that would definitely be a mistake! The joy and satisfaction that comes from being honest and vulnerable with so many awesome people ends up being maybe the most rewarding and fulfilling part of polyamory.

Actors: Star Wars Imagines

Imagine meeting Adam Driver and Oscar Isaac at a party and you notice both of them looking at you and whispering things to each other. Minutes later, both of them walk up to you and…the pick-up lines started. 

 "Damn, is your father a baker cuz you got some sweet buns.“ Adam said smiling. “Are you an Oscar? Cuz i’d love to take you home tonight.” Oscar said butting in. “Are you from Tennessee? Cuz you’re the only ten i see.” Adam fired getting closer to (Y/N). And both of them just kept on going and going and going until…

 "I’m sorry but i’m taken.“ (Y/N) said backing away from the both of them. "Hey! There you are sweetie! I see you have met Adam and Oscar.” A deep British voice was heard. “Sweetie?!” Adam and Oscar exclaimed. “Yep. Adam, Oscar, meet my fiancée, (Y/N).” John Boyega said smiling down at you.

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Adam would have been the hottest and coolest guy of the whole University, that one who is surrounded by all cheerleaders :)

University AU where 

Adam is ROTC, majoring in Poli Sci

Sam is that childhood friend who’s about to graduate med school

Mercy is…I mean we know she’s a history major.  There’s nothing to change there.

Warren is in grad school, met Mercy because he was a student worker.

Kyle is in his first semester of law school after graduating undergrad a semester early

Ben was studying abroad for a semester, winds up transferring for the completion of his degree.  Meets Mercy and Warren at a party where he’s definitely on something and they bring him home.

Christy is complicated because she was  Adam’s high school sweetheart, but they broke up.  Everyone thinks they still bang but no one is sure.  She’s wants her degree in nursing but has a minor in history now because she can’t stand Mercy.

Honey is the hot TA that everyone wants to tap

Peter isn’t dead.

“He wakes to find the familiar warmth of her body gone. It isn’t a surprise. This was their standard routine. One of them always slinking away as daylight broke on their forbidden rendezvous. Despite that, Kylo couldn’t help the feeling of disappointment that washed over him. The comforting weight of her small frame in his arms now an already fading, albeit pleasurable memory. And it would remain that way, just a memory; until they met again. They always did. Caught up in a fury of lips and hands. Soothing an ache that only seemed to deepen the longer they went without one another. 

No, he need only wait. Because like death, they were inevitable.”

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I agree with A! Cam seems very manipulative, and you can tell just by how MGK went to bat for her despite admitting that he hasn't met them / doesn't really know them. He was really aggressive and adamant about how the girls bullied Cam, which was really out if character for him at the time considering he has a daughter and was really big on treating women with respect. Idk what's up with him now.

the one thing i don’t understand about this message is the part where you said mgk was big on respecting women…


okay, listen up people, I’m going to say this once,

Callie Adams Foster is an orphan, who’s been in the system her whole life. When she met the Fosters she didn’t think they would ever adopt her. For her it was just another family, another house, people, etc. Callie is destined to sabotage herself, because she never had a real family.

That’s why she let herself be with Brandon. Because it wasn’t real. It was part of the illusion that she created for herself. She was so certain that they’d never adopt her that she had sex with him, because as I stated above, she’s an orphan and spend her whole life in the system. For her having a family is surreal and something that can never happen.

As soon it happened she came clean to her parents about the sex she had with her foster brother, ready to move on with her life, forgetting it ever happened.

Brallie is not some beautiful fairytale in which the boy and girl want each other deeply, but can’t be with each other. Brallie is a toxic relationship that needs to end.

I need you to ask your parents if they think that Brallie is okay, because if you ship it you’re going to need your legal appointed guardian to give you some sense.