then i made it in a bar setting

How cool are plants? My mornings usually look a little like this, chocolate + oat + banana smoothie bowl (going hard on the oats) and lots of pretty fruit, rawnola and peanut butter cookie dough to top. I have a big sweet tooth so I love these kind of breakfasts. 

Last week I set myself a health challenge, to stick to eating only wholefoods and things made by me for seven days. I had lots of homemade snacks in the freezer to munch on in between meals and had my smoothies for breakfast, carbs like rice and potatoes with lots of veggies and greens for lunch and dinner, and my homemade snacks for in the middle. Eight days later and I survived, didn’t even eat one Clif bar either. Not that I have an issue with any store bought food/snacks, but I wanted to challenge myself and my food and it also meant less package products and less waste. I love having homemade food to snack on (like brownies, oat bars and muffins) because I make them to my liking and know exactly what`s inside them, plus I store them in the freezer so they last forever. 

Recently I`ve been trying to be more conscious of what I`m eating, why I`m eating it, and keeping up my exercise regime and I`m feeling really good with my body these days. The mornings are getting colder now (9 degrees Celsius this morning) and I can see the warmth of my breath against the chilly air outside when I go out for my run, but every time I get back home I feel great, and so that feeling keeps me motivated every day to keep doing it.

A doctor made it his regular habit to stop off at a bar for a hazelnut daiquiri on his way home. The bartender knew of his habit, and would always have the drink waiting at precisely 5:03 p.m.

One afternoon, as the end of the work day approached, the bartender was dismayed to find that he was out of hazelnut extract. Thinking quickly, he threw together a daiquiri made with hickory nuts and set it on the bar. 

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you can’t claim to have nooooothing but boundless compassion etc for alcoholics and then turn around and paint anyone who drinks or frequents a social setting where drinking happens, like a bar, as being like, a selfish hedonist who is only drinking for pure fun because they love partying! Guess what: some of those people you are demonizing ARE ADDICTS. Also, I think it’s important to talk about how LGBT communities often have higher than average rates of substance abuse and addiction, but I think boiling that down to “LGBT people are alcoholics because all the LGBT spaces are bars which totally a deliberate decision that LGBT people made with like, agency, and other options available to them, because they love to party” is offensive and stupid! LGBT people have high rates of substance abuse/addiction because we have high rates of trauma due to homophobia and/or transphobia, because statistically we tend to also be vulnerable in other ways, and because alcohol companies AGGRESSIVELY target LGBT communities, events, etc (ever seen a Pride parade sponsored by a liquor company? I have seen SEVERAL), and that’s just scratching the surface honestly - like there are so many social and economic factors that go into this, which is true whenever you see any demographic of people who have higher statistical rates of substance abuse/addiction. 

Cool, Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader

Prompt: Reader is a famous singer who covers a Hamilton song at one of her concerts.

Words: 1203

Author’s Note: What? Another fic? Amazing. BTW I wrote literally all of this at work. Somebody stop me.

Warnings: Cursing. I just can’t stop myself.

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For you, the impromptu little concerts were always your favorite to perform in. While the thrill of singing to a gigantic, sold out crowd was irreplaceable, there was just something special about an intimate little venue.

You always made this well aware to your publicist, and she did her best to squeeze in these little performances whenever she could. That’s how you found yourself at Joe’s Pub at the Public.

Halfway through your set, to a crowded bar of no more than one hundred people, you took a seat on the provided stool.

“It’s very hard to be here in the room where it happens-” This was met with a thunderous applause.

The Public Theater, in its natural state, was known as the birthplace of Hamilton. You were made painfully aware of this when this venue was booked. Being a heavily closeted Hamilton fan, you were certainly tempted to just recreate the damn show and make everyone watch.

“It’s hard to be in the room where it happens without taking on the beast that is Hamilton: An American Musical.”

Any phones that weren’t out before certainly came out then. All ready to record and capture the moment as it was taking place. You took a deep breath, realizing just who might see this the second you’re off stage.

You limited yourself to a few songs - namely The Room Where It Happens, Satisfied, and Dear Theodosia. As you took your final bows and made your way backstage, a phone was immediately shoved into your hand.

“Yes, Laura?” You chuckled, knowing it was your publicist without having to check the caller ID.

“Mr. Miranda has extended an invitation for you to attend his show at your earliest possible convenience.”

You stopped dead in your tracks. Holy shit. News travelled fast.

“Looking at your schedule, I could push a couple things around if you’d like to see it tomorrow night. You’d have to miss-” She droned on for a bit, all of her information falling on deaf ears.

He wanted you to see his show.

“Y/N?” A call of your name broke you from your trance.

“Make it happen.” You said simply, handing the phone off to the person who gave it to you.

Out of my way!” Jonathan cried, weaving through the narrow halls of the Richard Rodgers theater. God, he hoped Lin hadn’t left yet.

He was halfway out the door when his phone insistently started buzzing. One of his dear friends happened to score tickets to Y/N’s show - something he had to miss because he was performing that night. That friend had been texting him all throughout it, boasting and altogether showing off.

Jonathan had elected to ignore it, but this particular stream of texts caught his eye.- one word, specifically. Hamilton.

He hastily opened the video, an upbeat Y/N tearing Satisfied to shreds. He pivoted, sprinting back into the theater.

“Lin!” He cried, seeing his dressing room door at the end of the hallway. The door swung open just as he approached, a tired Lin with his backpack slung over his shoulder greeted him.

“What do I owe the plea-” He was immediately cut off with a phone being shoved in his face.

“I’m a girl in a world in which my only job is to marry rich. My father has no son so I’m the one who has to social climb for one.”

Lin shut down, eyes transfixed on the tiny screen in front of him.

“She-She knows who I am?” He chanced a look at Groff, who nodded in return, “What do I do?”

“Invite her to the show and maybe all your creepy dreams will come true?”

Lin did just that. Within minutes, he had the e-mail of her publicist, and was frantically typing away at an e-mail he hoped would be charming and witty and not at all creepy.

It was another fifteen minutes of tense silence, refreshing his email every few second before he received a reply.

Y/N has received the invitation with excitement and has opened up her schedule to attend tomorrow night’s performance.

Lin was nearly on the floor with this announcement. For the first time in awhile he felt the same excitement he did when he would perform in high school - nervous, unsure, scared shitless.

As he stood backstage for his first entrance, he became severely aware that you were out there. Two rows back, center of the house, taunting him.

He had never changed out of his costume so fast, practically tearing his costume in half on his way to his dressing room.

“Settle down, man. You’re the least chill person I have ever met!” Daveed called as Lin passed. He was met with a tense glare, which he jokingly recoiled at. “Alright, I’ll just go out there and butter her up. We both know all the ladies-”

Lin’s door slammed, cutting Daveed off with a bang.

He hesitated to go out, until it was nearly thirty minutes after he had retreated backstage. He had been a fan for a long time, he had admired you for as long as he could remember. He could go out there and completely make a fool of himself.

He’d have to move away, create a new name and identity for himself. He’d never be able to show his face in public again.

He shook the thought away as he finally tiptoed his way back to the stage, lingering stage left as he peeked out to see who was left.

He watched you happily chatting away with Jonathan,laughing at something he showed you on his phone.

Stupid Jonathan and his stupid ability to be charming with literally anyone he came into contact with.

Lin took a cautious step forward, immediately gaining your attention. He stood sheepishly under the dimmed stage lights, still keeping his distance.

“Hi.” He waved, before stuffing his hands into his pockets to keep them from doing anything weird. He watched you for a moment as you said nothing back to his uncomfortable greeting. Jonathan looked back and forth between the two of you, a smirk growing on his face.

I’m in love with you.” You blurted out before you could stop yourself.

Lin’s head tilted and Jonathan burst into laughter as what you said dawned on you.

“I mean- I love your work, not that I don’t admire you! You seem like a really great guy! But how could I know that I just met you?” You nervously chuckled, kicking yourself for not bringing your publicist with you - who specialized in getting you out of these types of situations.

“If it’s any consolation-” Lin finally stepped forward, now only a couple of feet away from you, “-I’m totally in love with you, too.”

Jonathan took this as his queue to exit, happily skipping away - no doubt ready to tell anyone he came into contact with about this encounter.

“Cool.” You grinned, at ease that he was just as easy going as you could have wished.

“Cool.” He confirmed, an easy smile gracing his lips as more of the cast piled on stage, each greeting you in kind.

None of them held a candle to Lin’s greeting, though.

Let’s Play Pretend

Prompt: “Pretend boyfriend for a family Christmas party.”
Pairing: Jared x Reader
Word Count: 1,024
Warnings: language, drinking
A/N: I just felt like I needed to spread the Jared love with a Christmas type oneshot (don’t worry, there will be a Jensen one too)! Hope you guys like it! Anyway, feedback is cool :)

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The Good Girl - Teaser Summary (it's just an idea)

It’s kind of personal, really.

It would be Dean x Reader.

Summary: I was a good girl. I went off to a private Christian college because I knew there was a bad girl waiting to be set free. I wanted a career, so I made a choice. I went away. I didn’t smoke. Didn’t drink until I was 21. No bars until I was 23. Didn’t have sex until I was in love, or at least I thought I was in love. I’ve always liked who I am, but there was a pretty distinct shift when I was 25. Six friends. One guy. One piano. One drink. One bar. Everything changed. I’m different now, and I’m certain I’ll never forget that leather jacket or those green eyes. Jan. 24th, 2012. The day Dean Winchester rolled through town.

Would you guys be at all interested in a story like that?

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I posted about it on twitter soon might as well show it here too.
I’ve been trying to buy a real Dance Dance Revolution arcade can for a long ass time and it’s just not happening. Either they aren’t for sale in my area or someone beats me to it. But, if you recall, I’ve made my own arcade cab previously I figured I’d DIY it.
I am building an arcade style USB Dance pad with wood and metal. I cut the control box out of a soft pad and I’ll be soldering the new wiring on to that. I’ll also harvest the bar from my old set up to go on this new one as well. Still a long way to go but hey, it looks like a real pad at this stage!
Included photos of the soft pad in case you were wondering what was in those things.


Crazy Skills & Combos Gymnasts Have Only Shown in Training (so far) Part 3/: Skills I found after already making gif sets for Kohei Uchimura and Simone Biles

(L-R): Triple Tuck (HB), Weiler Full (UB), Triple Twisting Side Somi (TumblTrak)

Holiday Jealousy || Newt Scamander x Reader

Request: May I request something? I reaaally want a jealous Newt x reader. And fluff. And maybe it’s set during Christmas time? I’ve been having a rough week and i want something to cheer me up because I can’t even get excited for Christmas 😥 Thanks xx

((I really hope you enjoy this!))


You and Newt were going out on Christmas Eve. Not as a couple, but more as a friend wanting to show the other an amazing bar she found. So you led him down the street, quickly walking down an abandoned alley, and then into a pristine bar than some of the other ones in the town. You even made sure it was a wizard bar, knowing he’d be far more comfortable there.
“So Newt, how do you like it here?” You questioned, admiring all the Christmas lights decorating the bar and ceiling.
“It’s rather nice.. I have to say that I’m i-impressed at it.” He gave you a slightly shy smile and you beamed back at him.
“A couple of shots of giggle water and some butter beer please.” You asked the bartender, who immediately set the things down. You turned to Newt, pushing him a shot.
“Come one Newty, it’ll help you relax.” You wiggled your eyebrows with that and he gave a small playful huff before drinking it, letting out an adorably loud laugh. He flushed slightly as you giggled, before just so he wouldn’t feel left alone, knocking back your own shot and having a loud laugh force its way out of your mouth.
“See that wasn’t too bad, now here, to make it better drink the butter beer.” You said with a large smile, knowing how he wouldn’t decline that type of drink.
The two of you spent the rest of the night talking and laughing, making sure to remain sober since Christmas was the next day. However when you were both getting ready to go, a man slid up beside you, practically ignoring Newt.
“Why hello, I couldn’t help but notice such an attractive lady such as yourself here.” The man leaned in a bit closer as you flushed a bit, but also leaned away from him.
“A-ah thank you..” you stuttered out, not exactly one for talking to anyone but Newt.
“Aw don’t be shy, you’ve got such a pretty face, especially with that blush.” He reached over to touch your cheek before you felt Newt pull you away with a frown.
“Go away.” Was all Newt said before leading you out into the street. You didn’t complain, quite glad to be away from that man.
“I’m sorry about that Y/N.. I just.. I didn’t like him talking to you..” his cheeks turned a light pink as you looked over at him.
“Newt.. were you jealous of that man?” You asked, trying to hide your smile.
“W-well.. maybe.” Newt looked away as you two continued to walk back to his apartment.
“Hmm, well you should really know.. if choose you over him any day.” You stated with a grin, looking over as his face slowly got more red.
“R-really?” He asked quietly, glancing up into your eyes with his brilliant blue-green ones.
“Yes really silly.” You slowly took his hand, smiling when he didn’t pull away. However you both decided to look up and noticed that the hotel manager had put up mistletoe at the front door. This made you smile even wider, your cheeks flushing as well.
“O-oh.. I’m can I k-kis-” Newt began, but was cut off before he could finish.
“Yes you may.” You finally answered, pecking his nose before leading him up the stairs and into the warm apartment, where a bright Christmas tree welcomed you.

Hey guys im not dead, just took a lifting break for a while :-) . I’m back now, anyway, I went to U-ta and see this. There’s a lifter out near me who keeps doing this, because if you remember (ya probably don’t) but in a recent haul at this SAME u1ta, i told of someone who left empty boxes. I REALLY WANT TO KNOW WHO THIS IS, BECAUSE THIS IS JUST FUCKING UNACCEPTABLE. And its a CLEAR CASE, SA’s will easily spot this and probably check the cameras. This is what made it hard for me to lift today because I had to be CONSIDERABLY stealthy on my methods because of dumb people like this. FOR THE SAKE OF ME AND FELLOW LIFTERS DONT LEAVE EMPTY BOXES PEOPLE, BAR CODES DO NOT SET OFF ALAMS, I REPEAT, BAR CODES DO.NOT.SET.OFF.ALARMS !!

a niall oneshot

word count: 4305

warnings: sexually explicit content

He was there. I knew it.

I could tell by the swarms of excited girls, by the mass of big, burly security guys roaming around and of course by the way he kept looking over at me every chance he got.

He wasn’t obvious, by any means, but it still made me feel like my body was being set on fire and my throat was constricting in on itself, every time I felt his drunken glare focus on me.

I pretended not to notice. Pretended that my feet didn’t feel like heavy slabs of concrete weighing me in place every time I saw him out of the corner of my eye get up from his booth and strut around. Pretended like I didn’t feel maybe a slight hint of jealousy when I would watch him over the rim of my glass as he laughed with some other random girl at the bar.

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The water hits like ice so that I scream in pained shock; Negan curses as he adjusts the temperature, his clothes soaking deeply as mine in the stall.  I know he’s using up the little reserve of hot water we have for this, but something about his consideration gets under my skin all the more.  He doesn’t have the right to play the good guy with me.  I’m not special enough for that, he’s made that perfectly clear.

“Fuck this,” I go to leave, to walk my freezing ass back to my room, when I’m lifted and set back under the shower-head.  “Fucker!  Let me go!”  I squirm, slip, and find myself quickly grateful for Negan’s arm securing my waist.

He slaps a bar of soap in my hand.  “Wash the fuck up before I scrub your ass down myself.”

“You don’t own me.”

Negan chuckles.  “Lucky fuckin’ you, ‘cause you’re bein’ a real fuckin’ pain in my fuckin’ ass.”

“So what?  What are you going to do, Negan?”  As a man steadfastly against sexual assault or the general abuse of women his threats ring hollow.  He won’t seriously hurt me.  “Nothing…” I push back into him, move my head to growl in his face  “You’re so full of shit.”

“So are you,” Negan’s lips curl up in a nasty smirk, like he knows something about me I don’t.

I turn, look up, and set the soap back on the shelf.  He chuckles at the childish defiance, arches brows in challenge…It’s still my move.  There’s a thought to knee him in the groin and walk off, victorious, but that’s not what I really want.  I don’t want to win, I want to fight.

The second my hand goes up it’s behind my back, pinned between the wall and my body.  Negan blocks the stream with a wicked grin; he’s close enough I can feel his breath on my face.  I’m the one who closes the gap, sets my lips on his, tentatively raises my free hand to his shoulder before digging nails in.  He’s the one that deepens the kiss with a grunt.

…Dwight’s the one that interrupts…  “Boss?  Ya in here?”

“Fuckin’ D-bag,” Negan mutters out of the kiss, fingers still gripping the side of my boy-shorts.  “WHAT?!”

“Everythin’s ready, we better haul before they slip away.”

“I’m gonna fuckin’ kill ‘im some fuckin’ day I swear to fuck.”  Negan mutters, then sighs.  “Gimme five fuckin’ minutes you scarred prick!”  We listen together as Dwight walks out before Negan gives me a dead serious look.  “Wash the fuck up and fast, you’re comin’ with us.”

…This time I don’t argue, this time I do as I’m told…

Leave it to ol’ Dwighty-Boy to fuck shit up, haha!  Seriously though, there’s a reason they don’t get to bang now and will get to when they do so…yeah…just be patient, lol!  Also, in the bottom gif, technically Negan and Lorien are both still dressed (Negan fully, Lorien in her tee and boy shorts).  Next up is the start of Negan’s introduction to Rick and the Alexandrians…and Simon should be back soon…

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(Bottom gif from @mypapawinchester. Top gif from Google.)

Previous Chapters: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5 , Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9,  Part 10, Part 11, Part 12, Part 13, Part 14 Part 15 Part 16 Part 17 Part 18 Part 19  …Or go to the Masterlist, lol!

Why do you Think I Call Her Kitten?

A/N: For some reason my tags didn’t work on this one, I don’t know why! Hopefully they will next time. <3

Request:  Can I have one where misha is engaged but gets drunk one night and admits he loves the reader and it’s her he wants to be with ?

Pairing: Misha x Reader

Warnings: Lots of alcohol, but mostly fluff

Word Count: 964

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Misha was out with some of the other cast from Supernatural. Everyone was back in Vancouver after a small break from filming. You were there as well, Misha had announced that he had gotten engaged the day before, so Jensen made everyone go out since you all had one last day before everyone had to be back on set.

“She asked me to marry her. I couldn’t turn her down!” Misha yelled over the loud music and the other voices in the bar.

“That’s great man,” Jensen said with a that’s my boy tone, patting him on the shoulder, “really, I’m happy for ya.”

You could swear there was hint of doubt on Misha’s face, but it was probably just wishful thinking. You had been in love with Misha almost since you had started working on the show, but by the time you were ready to tell him, he had just started dating his now fiance.

Misha looked down the bar at you, with unsure eyes, but smiling. “What’s wrong with you kitten?”. Kitten was his nickname for you, your first week on set there was a stray kitten that had wandered on set, and the soft hearted person you were, you took it in. You couldn’t keep it at your hotel, and you since you didn’t have your own trailer, you kept it in Misha’s trailer because he wasn’t there that week. The next week when he came back to set, he found you with the small kitty in his trailer; and since then he’s just called you kitten.

“Nothing’s wrong, and my name’s Y/N, Mish.” You protested. Though you really didn’t mind him calling you kitten.

“And my name’s Misha.” He teased. This exchange happened often when he called you by your nickname.

“You know, you two are gonna have to quit flirting now that Misha’s gonna be a married man.” Richard chimed in.

“We’re not flirting.” You both deadpanned.

Rob threw his arms up in surrender, “Fine, fine, I’m just messin with ya.”

You rolled your eyes and everyone else joined Misha in an awkward chuckle.

As the conversation flowed between all of you and the night progressed, Jared thought it would be a good idea to start buying Misha shots.

“Jared, you know what happens when you get Misha hammered.” You said to him.

“What?” He said in defense, “Things get interesting?”

“Quit bein a party pooper Y/N” Jensen chimed in. It was obvious Misha was fine with doing the shots. You were just having a hard time keeping your jealousy at bay.

“I’m not, Jare, get me some shots too.” You were going to prove that you were fine with everything; and getting drunk was how you were going to do it.

An hour later and you had done four shots. You may have wanted to get drunk but you also wanted to pace yourself. Misha however was a different story, he was completely hammered. Everyone was laughing at the ridiculous things he said. The jokes he was telling, the way he was making fun of other cast members, and you had to admit, he was pretty funny.

You took your fifth shot and started to get hot. Tequila always made you feel like your skin was going to melt off, so you took off your top shirt so that you were just in your tank top, and you rolled up your jeans into capris. You hadn’t noticed the way Misha was looking at you, almost in awe.

He had just finished what he was saying, something about a guest role he did years ago, when he pointed at you and loudly announced, “But that girl, right there? I wish she had asked me to marry her.” Everyone stopped laughing and looked at him, surprised. “What?” He said, throwing his hands up, a grin growing on his face. “I’ve loved her since I found her with that cat in my trailer, why do you guys think I call her kitten?”

You could swear if your jaw dropped any lower it would fall to the floor. You were bright red, though a lot of it was from the buzz you had. You got up, faster than you probably should have, and turned to walk out of the bar. Misha must have snapped out of it and realized what he said because the next thing you heard was a stool falling, and Misha yelling after you, “Y/N, wait!” but you ignored him and kept walking.

Once you were outside, you took in a deep breath and sat at one of the tables with an umbrella on top of it. The weather was perfect, not too hot, not too cool. Misha came rushing out of the bar and spotted you, he walked over to you and sat down next to you.

“Y/N, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean-” but you cut him off and leaned in to kiss him. It was quick, but you needed to do it, you didn’t care how drunk he was or how buzzed you were.

“I don’t care. I love you. I have since you started calling me Kitten.” He didn’t know what to say. He just kissed you again. When he pulled away from you, you just looked at him for a minute.

“It’s, you I wanna be with, Kitten.” You could hear his voice crack, like he was getting ready to start drunk crying.

“Then be with me, but you’re drunk.” He rested his head on your shoulder. He smiled up at you, he was glad that Jared made him take all those shots. You looked down at him, pretty amused at the drunk man.

“You should go home Misha, I think you have a phone call to make in the morning.”

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Ok but WHAT IF I made a Full Metal Alchemist au?

It would probs be more structured and have a set bar for muns so everyone can help draw to follow the plot of fma but like seriously who would be interested? Like Alfred as Roy and maybe gilbert as Ed and ludwig as Al and it could just go on

so 2016 might have been the shittiest year i have ever experienced, and i think many of us can agree. but its time to move away and look forward to a new year, which has a really low bar set for it.

i did this last year as well, so i think i’ll make it into a tradition now. all the people below have made my dash so much brighter, and i am in awe of their beautiful blogs! so thank you to all my mutuals, non-mutuals, and even my followers for making this year a little more bearable. i’m sure i forgot some people, so check out my +blogroll.

let’s hope that 2017 brings us something better. love you all <3

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Drabble 12: Coffee Cup (Thomas Jefferson X Reader

Request!: Thomas x Alex’s Little Sister Reader with angst prompts 3 + 16 ??

Paring: Thomas Jefferson X Reader

TW: yelling, over protectiveness, mentions of the dead beat father that created Alex.

WC: 442

A/n- Welllllllll this isn’t really Thomas X Reader but….


Your coffee house was cooling down from it’s first morning rush.

The doorbell ringed and you turned around knowing exactly who it was, “Hello, mr. Jefferson.”

“Hello, ms. Hamilton.” Thomas took his usual seat at the bar.

“The usual?”

“Only if it comes with your number?”

“Haha. I would, but I think my brother would have a heart attack, and we try to avoid that at all costs right?”

Thomas made a thinking face, “Eh…”  

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The first time I went to @pistachi0n’s house, she made me a cup of coffee.  "Milk’s in the fridge,“ she said absentmindedly.  Setting my mug down, I turned and reached for the handle.  Realizing her mistake, she leapt in front of me to bar the door with her body.

But it was too late.

Inside the fridge lay a thirty day economy order of mealsquares, bricked up cask-of-amontillado-style across an entire shelf.  A physical calendar of careerism and atomized modernity, each tiny prefab loaf a testament to another day’s neglect of the domestic arts.  Somewhere, Alice Teller shivered.

"DON’T FUCKING JUDGE ME!” she screamed.

But it was too late.

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it’s been a pretty bad year for everyone, but amongst all the tragedy, anger, and pain were people who made this year a little less crap. in honor of them, i’d like to give a special shout out to some of my mutuals and friends- i love everyone on this list and hope that we all have a better 2017 (it’s not like the bar is set very high)

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As someone who spends an unhealthy amount of time thinking about Maul and his character motivation- I really want to compare notes with Filoni. 

Savage was an interesting situation, but to me where it shined was when Maul insisted that they couldn’t simply be brothers- someone always had to be the master. That made sense in regards to Maul, his character and his past.

I liked the Shadow Collective- because it failed. Dooku was spot on when he antagonized Maul about it. Maul had no idea how to run a criminal organization. Sidious sure as hell didn’t teach him anything about politics and I don’t think he got any management skills living in a dumpster either. So that plot made sense. 

Maul wanting an apprentice to leave behind a legacy is an understandable end game. Maul having a modicum of self awareness and wanting to be a better master to Ezra than Sidious was to him is a great bit of realistic character development. (of course that bar is set incredibly low, but Maul saying he wouldn’t have betrayed Ezra is pretty weighty considering how Maul was betrayed).

I am not, however, too keen on Maul’s “we could have been friends” bit tonight. I, personally, do not think that word exists in Maul’s vocabulary.It just trivializes the really great and complex story that has been woven thus far. 

IF (and that’s a big’o if) Maul is teetering on some redemptive path, in his own eyes if not ours, it is a hell of a lot more than needing “a friend”. At its heart, yes, it would be about Maul having someone he empathized with, someone he trusted, someone who would him humanize. And in a different story maybe that could have been Ezra or Savage.  

But no. Maul needs more than just a hug (though he really needs one). 

I can really only hope Maul is taking a page out of Palpatine’s book and is still attempting to manipulate Ezra…