then i look at my math textbook and its like

Multiverse Theory (Jeremy H. x Reader)

Request: ‘do you think we were made for each other?” w jeremy 

word count: 849 (its so short rip im sorry) 

((but also i like how it turned out and dont wanna add anything else in fear of ruining it u feel??))

“I hate history,” Jeremy muttered to himself, hunched over a textbook as he sat on the other side of his bed.

“I hate math,” You responded, putting numbers into your calculator. Your boyfriend looked up, sticking his highlighter behind his ear and giving you a weak smile.

“How about we trade, you do my history paper and I’ll do your math homework?” He proposed, knowing you’d decline.

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the day you hugged me
everything in my mind stopped

after a while,
if you don’t like something you won’t do it

I hate physical contact from anyone

the last time I let someone hold me,
was after my dad died and I needed someone to hold the pieces of my heart together while it broke

after that I quit letting people touch me because affection gets people attached and I couldn’t risk losing anyone else because the result would be me losing my mind

so when your arms wrapped around me like a vine growing around a tree,

I was stunned when I wanted nothing more than to become rooted in the ground to that very spot and let you grow out of control and cover me up with every inch of you

I wasn’t used to kind gentle fingers caressing my face as if I had a fragile sticker stuck on me

I was used to being roughly handled as if I were the insides of a spray can, being shook up only to be spit out at others convenience

when you looked into my eyes like I was the answers in the back of your sixth grade math textbook, I could tell you loved me

holding your hand made me want to learn Braille just so I could read the hard earned callouses embedded on your palms

being touched by you was like heaven relocating its location to every spot you’ve come to know

in that moment, I become more attached to you then the stray cat I named Snowball that wondered into our yard when I was nine and my dad told me not to name it because once I did, when it would die, I would die a little inside

I named you home
because home is where you feel the safest

and for once in my life I felt safe in someone’s arms
-L.B (you’re a huge inspiration and a reason I started writing so I wanted to share this with you.)