then i just do what the courier tells me!

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Animorphs/Temeraire cross (HDM optional)

Oooh boy. Well ain’t this fun.

“My Grandpa G is an aviator,” Jake told Tobias. “He’s retired. Lives in a cabin in the woods with his dragon Jael. We could tell them about the Yeerks. Then we’d have a dragon on our side.”

“Don’t you get it?” Tobias said. “We can’t tell anyone about the Yeerks. The Yeerks can infest those Hork-Bajir things. Why couldn’t they infest a dragon? All the dragon clans in California could be infiltrated.”

“Didn’t you say Elfangor told you they have to feed in a Yeerk pool every three days?” Jake said. “They live way out in the Sierra Nevada. There’s no way they go to a Pool every three days.”

“On dragonback? They could get to a Pool in Santa Barbara easy.” Jake felt his spirits drop. There really was no one they could turn to, was there? But Tobias’s eyes lit. “We could morph dragons, though. We’d kind of have to, if the Yeerks have dragon-Controllers.”

“Jael’s a courier-weight,” Jake said slowly. “But we could walk right into any pavilion in Santa Barbara. I’m sure any dragon would let us polish their scales for free.”

Meanwhile, in the Yeerk pool…

Jael stared miserably through the bars of her cage at Iskierka, the old Kazilik lounging on a pile of gold in the area of the Pool for voluntary Controllers. Her dear old Gareth was waiting for her back in his cabin, with no idea why she disappeared all the time without telling him where she was going, and this greedy old serpent joined up with her captors and got to have gold for it, too.

Iskierka caught the little courier staring and hissed. “If you want gold, you have to make bargains. I get to fight in exciting battles and win gold, and all just for having a little slug giving me orders that I want to follow anyway.”

“And what about your captain?” Jael said.

“Don’t you know what the modern dragons say these days? Dragons don’t need captains. We can do what we like. Anyway, Edriss 902 is my captain. She just happens to be a slug from outer space.” Iskierka lifted up a strange, terrifically sparkly rock in a possessive claw. “And she gives me jewels from outer space, too.”

Izaya looked so distracted in the latest episode it’s like he’s thinking of Shizuo

“I wonder if I can see Shizu-chan.”

“Ah no I’m a bad man who manipulated a little girl to kill Shizu-chan, so better not. After all, I still want to live.”

“Why did they leave Shizu-chan? Ah probably something like ‘when the flea’s dead I’ll introduce you to Kasuka’ right?”


“Oops, not bad. I can feel strands of hair flying off. But you’re not Shizu-chan.”

“So it wasn’t Shizu-chan. But, maybe I can entertain myself.”


What, over already? From a single kick? Well, it’s from Mikage-chan. But - as I thought, Shizu-chan’s still the best after all.”

“Hey at least you can see your love, even if he’s all banged up. Mine won’t even come to see me when I’m in the hospital. So don’t look so glum, courier.”

“Ah finally someone understands. Please do…courier.”

“Like how I lie that I hate Shizu-chan. Well technically it isn’t a lie - I’m just not telling the whole truth.”

“…No Shizu-chan in sight. Well, time to look at pictures of Shizu-chan.”

“Who knows? I settled that issue long ago. Now I have to deal with the issue of Shizu-chan. He didn’t even come to visit me when I was in the hospital you know? I’m having Shizu-chan withdrawal symptoms even his pictures can’t cure. It’s like a disease. That’s right, I should tell Mairu - it’s your precious Hanejima Yuuhei’s older brother who made me become like a disease.”


“Just like Shizu-chan.”

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Hey there! I've your package right here! [Whistles to himself] [Totally didn't read it] [Please don't notice the broken seal] You'd be Miz Rousseau, 'less I'm mistaken.

[she notices, but just laughs lightly] [she understands being too curious for one’s own good] [takes it gratefully and gives him a warm smile] Oui, that would be me. [flirtatious flutter of her lashes] But do tell me, cher. What did I do to get such a handsome courier to appear on my doorstep?

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For your detective Dave and bird Kankri, does Dave have a beauty mark like with Roxy for the Christmas one?

ahh it’s actually just some oversized freckle, I tend to draw very dot-like freckles sometimes so I can see why some of them might look like beauty marks haha you can see it as either, I don’t mind!

Anon:Hi, Sunny, Do you mind telling me what font you use whenever you write your url in your art? its really nice !!

thank you! it’s courier new 8′) (same font as HS)

Anon:What will you do when Homestuck ends?

just keep doing what I’m doing right now ;v;

I mean as long as I have pictures I want to draw for it I’ll do that

Anon:you should get a friend to partner with you on a project! that way they can write and you can draw. you might be able to pull together a full blown web comic that way…. haha just an idea

I actually wanted to do something similar with a friend of mine! to discuss ideas and stuff but well she’s always busy so it’s been already almost a year and yeah