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Do you think that Girl Meets Secrets could happen? And could you please explain me GMIDF cause I'm really confused, and I think that I know the game changer but I'm not sure.

No, I don’t think Girl Meets Secrets could happen. This isn’t a show like 90210 or Gossip Girl. That kind of drama didn’t happen on Boy Meets World and it won’t happen on Girl Meets World either.

Ilha Das Flores is going to be taped today, so we will find out more tonight. The theory is that someone or multiple people will “blow” because the real Ilha Das Flores is an island that was created by a volcanic eruption during the Pleistocene Era. We also have the lesson from True Maya about the most beautiful flowers growing out of the ashes of volcanic eruptions. It should shake the current relationships on the show. That said, I think we all need to manage our expectations because I highly doubt any significant changes will happen in terms of new couples getting together.

There’s also a short film called Ilha Das Flores that centers around materialism and basically how we need to treat people better. It has the potential to be related to this episode too, especially in terms of a few of the characters’ arcs post game changer.

HI i am BACK and i had a great time (maybe at some point there will be photosets, primarily of sunsets and of me crying about the STAR TREK EXHIBITION we went to in seattle which was so good!!! go if u can!) and i will be properly back once i have seen the new star trek movie/recovered from jetlag

also i bought an excellent star trek shirt they are all pulling the best faces and i met @nyogu and we read out trek novel blurbs to each other and talked abt derrida and academia and fandom and music writing and she is luminescent and SO smart and funny and kind and amazing and just!!!!!! what a real life human to exist in the world

pokemon go is so wild to me like…. pokemon is real. people are behaving as if pokemon is real. “I’m out of pokeballs so i gotta walk to the nearest pokestop to get more” “oh wait for me i have some lures we can use” like what. augmented reality has become reality. the future is now


Well that was fast. It’s already happening.

Sorry tags, don’t mean to shamelessly promote this but… YEAH. 


I checked it in the subreddit this morning and was like “oh god, no way…”

Then I actually got in there, and was impressed.Pokemon Go only came out like what… A week?? Not even??? Already the game was hacked and modified for the twitch chat to play like any other Twitch Plays Pokemon streams. We can walk around in the real world with our trainer, catch pokemon, and even explore real life areas. We found a dancing bear statue and got stuff from it.Jokes aside though about the war in the tags, this is a pretty cool stream already from the get-go  (no pun intended).

Hilariously I say GOOD!

Now I can play the game without having to do any exercise….
Or go outside in general. 

Give it a check when you have the time.

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Hey Jeffrey, I was wondering if you had any tips for people with violent impulsive thoughts. And for people who self harm. Thank you. You're a ray of sunshine in this world, and I'm very glad you exist.

I’m glad you exist!
The answer is self-care.
The first bit of advice is to find someone to talk to about all that’s going on. You deserve a real live caring person who will listen and respect you. This usually looks like a teacher or counselor, or you can google the Trevor Project.

While you’re looking for that person to talk to, it might be good to exercise. I know it sounds crazy at first, but if you’re having thoughts about acting out in violent unhelpful ways, it can be good to act out in helpful ways instead. Go for a run. Play wheelchair basketball. Get moving.

When I think about self-harm, I think about feeling out of control. Do you know that it’s not up to you to keep life or other people or circumstances looking and acting the way they “should”? You don’t need to take responsibility for the whole world. Also, sometimes people say that the pain of self-harm is the only thing that feels real to them. We can start practicing enjoying other very real feelings. Your emotions are valid. Your feelings matter. You matter.

Find someone to talk to. You deserve to be heard. 💛

Playing Pokemon Go is becoming dangerous | New York Post

Beware: “Pokemon Go,” a new smartphone game based on cute Nintendo characters like Squirtle and Pikachu, can be harmful to your health.

The “augmented reality” game, which layers gameplay onto the physical world, became the top grossing app in the iPhone app store just days after its Wednesday release in the U.S., Australia and New Zealand. And players have already reported wiping out in a variety of ways as they wander the real world — eyes glued to their smartphone screens — in search of digital monsters.

Mike Schultz, a 21-year-old communications graduate on Long Island, New York, took a spill on his skateboard as he stared at his phone while cruising for critters early Thursday. He cut his hand on the sidewalk after hitting a big crack, and blames himself for going too slowly.

“I just wanted to be able to stop quickly if there were any Pokemons nearby to catch,” he says. “I don’t think the company is really at fault.”

Goodbye TVD.

This might be an unpopular opinion, but I am sad that TVD is coming to an end. I know that it’s the right thing and I want it to end on a high instead of being dragged out but I will miss it and the amazing cast. Most of all I am going to miss this little community we built and how this show brings us together. I am going to miss how it encouraged me to start writing and discovering a new passion of mine. How I started making gifs and got to push myself to learn a new skill. How these actors and show makes have inspired me to start a career in TV. And to everyone of this sterofam who has been there when no one in the real world was and accepting me when I felt like an outsider. I know it’s been a rough ride at some times but I am very grateful for these last few years.

So despite what other people say I am going to miss TVD.

Shit abusive parents say

“You don’t want to be spoiled, do you?”

“I don’t want you getting any funny ideas.”

“That was years ago. Get over it.”

“You were a difficult child.”

“I’m only doing [extremely shitty thing that wasn’t even remotely necessary] because you made it necessary.”

“I did [things that I was legally and/or morally obliged to do as your parent] and THIS is how you repay me? How ungrateful!”

“I am the adult. I am your parent. I am in control.”

“You don’t call the shots here.”

“I could kick you out if I wanted to.”

“You’re the reason I don’t have a career.”

“Life isn’t fair.”

“You’re not going to survive in the real world with that attitude.”

“There’s no manual for parenting. How was I supposed to know [blatantly abusive thing that every pamphlet and advert says is a definite nono – also it’s literally illegal and everyone knows that] wasn’t the right thing to do?”

Feel free to add more :)

Close as Strangers 2

Finally here, the love you guys have given to this story is amazing and I appreciate all of you who have supported it and loved it so far. Definitely will be continuing this one.

Close As Strangers Part 2 (Part 1)

Requested; so much (thank you btw)

Luke x Reader

(Before the phone call)

Luke’s POV

“Thank you all so much for coming out tonight! We love you! Please drive safe, and we’ll see you all soon!” I yelled into the mic at the end of our 15th show. It’s been a long rode to get to this one, and we still have about 20 to go, but I wouldn’t trade this opportunity for the world. The only thing that would make it better is if my girlfriend Y/N was here. She was the one who pushed me to be a better musician and write better lyrics about real problems. She taught me how to write and do things for myself, not to impress other people or make them like me. The boys all adore her also. Calum has grown an extremely close bond with her, Michael is always the one to do really scary stuff like skydiving and cliff diving with her (the things I could never do because of my fear), and Ashton gives her almost fatherly advice because he is 3 years older than her and it’s heartwarming when I catch them on the couch after a show and he’s treating her like his own.

Lately though, she hasn’t been herself. Usually when I call her after a show or an interview or even to tell her goodnight she seems…distant. Almost as if she’s tired of the same old conversations we have. It usually starts off with a hello then a how are you and then a goodbye and i love you. It saddens me that it seems like she’s done talking. I know she’s hurting back home, and I know she misses me and wishes I could be there since I haven’t even held her for 6 weeks. I have people that help keep me company and help keep my spirits lifted on tour, and it’s a big help because without them I’d be crying over how much I miss her. One of my good friends Arzaylea came on tour with us for a little while, just to be here and support us. A lot of magazines and interviewers ask if we have a thing, and I always say no because, well we don’t. She knows about Y/N, and Y/N knows about her being here. I can tell that Arzaylea being here isn’t in Y/N’s interest because of all the rumors, but I make sure to tell my baby that I love her not anyone else. No one, ever since I met her, has caught my heart that way she does.

After this huge show, everyone was around me, giving me high-fives, hugs, and congradulations all around. Arzaylea was the last to greet me, and she gave me a big squeeze around my waist.

“Great job dude! Wanna go out tonight? Celebration?” She clung onto me harder than usual, and had her face extremely close to mine. All I did was smile confusingly at her being so kind, and responded with a ‘maybe’. Then I patted her shoulder and walked off to a quieter area of the room to call my girlfriend.

I pulled out my phone and quickly clicked on her contact, where her picture was of her with cake all over her face from when I smashed it into her on her birthday. That day was probably the most fun we’ve ever had together, and I just had to get a picture to remember it. It rang only 2 times before she picked up. On my side of the phone, you could hear a bunch of chatter and loud laughs, but on her side, it was dead silent, which worried me.

“Hi darling.” I said sweetly.

“Hey babe…” She dragged it on and sighed. These phone calls were starting to not be enough for her to keep holding on, and everyday was a mystery. Each time I called, I always feared one day she would just be done and hang up. But I took my chances just to hear her sweet voice.

“Baby don’t sound so sad please…I can tell you about our show tonight. One of the best crowds, I’m dripping sweat, sang all the notes on key. I’m really missing you babe I wish you were here.”

I tried to sound as enthusiastic as possible to get her spirits up. But nothing worked, and she fired back at me with a forced sentence with frustration pouring through her words.

“Well that’s great, Luke.” I ran my hand over my face to keep my composure. She wasn’t making it any easier to be away from her.

“I think I’m going out with the guys tonight. Just a celebratory thing, nothing special.” I couldn’t just say I’d be going out with Arzaylea. She’d flip out and not speak to me. In a way that was a bad move on my part because I told her I’d always be honest with her. But I’m sure once I tell the guys about it they’d be down to go with us, so in the end I was going out with the guys, they just didn’t know it at this point.

“Ok, have fun.” She sounded tired, like she’d just ran a marathon and was trying to catch her breathe, so I sighed and hung my head low before saying goodbye.

“Lukey c’mon we’re leaving!” I heard Arzaylea call in the background. I quickly tried to hold my hand over the speaker of my phone so Y/N wouldn’t hear the name Arz called me. That was Y/N’s nickname for me, and only hers. Arzaylea never called me that because she said that she respected my relationship too much to ruin it. I don’t know why all of a sudden she’s being so much nicer than usual and trying to stay close to me. I moved further away from my spot and spoke into the phone.

“I’ll be back soon, I love you.”

“Love you.” She said quickly, and I hung up with a heavy heart and a slight headache coming on, and walked quickly out to our car.

Hours Later…

I woke up in my clothes from the concert, the button down shirt I was wearing was torn open, and Calum was in the other bed, snoring like a mad man. My sheets were all messed up, and I could hear a slight buzzing on our bedside table. I ruffled my hair while picking up my phone, and the first thing that caught my eye was the time. 2 AM. I smacked my hand on my head in disbelief. I was suppose to call Y/N when I got home! But an even more heart wrenching feeling, was that it was her name on my screen calling me. I was slightly worried and confused. She’s fast asleep at this time, and would only ever call me in the dead of night if it was a real emergency. She didn’t call me this late if she missed me.

I quickly answered with a groggy voice, and heard a sentence that ultimately scared me, but this sentence could make anyone else shit their pants.

“Hey, we need to talk.”

Dun dun dun….sorry to leave it on a cliffhanger guys! But I just wanted to get both sides view of what’s going on in their lives since they’re not with each other. This is everything that happened while Y/N was with Andrew! Request for part 3!

Hollywood is like high school and like in high school, I’m never going to be the popular girl and I’m one hundred and ten percent okay with that. I don’t want to be the popular girl. The popular girl can never say anything wrong; she can’t mess up; she can’t be seen as anything other than a goddess on the highest of pedestals and not one hair can be out of place. I’d rather be real and fuck up and have the messiest hair, because let’s face it, my hair is a wild lion’s mane. I’d rather be Troian who has the best friends in the world who speak up when I can’t find the words. You may not be able to stand my face or my personality but thank God you’re not the only person in this world.

Also, insulting the way somebody looks is a laughable insult because haven’t people learned that beauty is what’s inside you; your creativity, your intelligence, your empathy and your kindness to your fellow man. You know what’s hot? A huge heart and a beautiful soul. Keegan Allen, you have that in spades, and you didn’t deserve that to be said about you because none of it is true. Nobody should be made to feel small just because they don’t fit what is someone else’s standardized ideals of beauty. Have an awesome week, every one. I know mine is starting off perfectly.



WHY THE FUCK DID POUSSEY HAVE TO DIE??!! I loved Poussey and she was really cute and she made the show worth watching………….also she’s super hot. Why couldn’t they have strangled Skinhead Helen instead? The only way the writers can make up for this is to either have her be alive again or have Piper die or get let out and have the show continue sans Piper. I am going to do some ugly things to those writers. I channeled all of that angst into finding a ton of adorable pictures of Poussey while I cry endlessly. C’mon!! She had a girlfriend and was going to get a job!!! Those writers know how to break your heart and they just had to use the best, sweetest character to relate the show to the real world. Fuck.

Nose Kisses

9 Batman couples + Nose Kisses

“Here,” Tim said as he crawled through the window, holding out a bag from 7-11. “I got you chocolate. Since, you know, you said you were craving it.”

“Omg,” Steph moaned, making grabby hands at the bag. Tim handed it to her. “You are the best boyfriend ever. Come here.” Tim leaned down over her, closing his eyes and puckering his lips–but her kiss landed on his nose, not his mouth. He opened his eyes, surprised. Steph was giggling.

“You are too cute,” she said. “Now go save the world, and you can have a real kiss when you get back.” Tim smiled sheepishly and gave her a little salute.

“Yes ma’am,” he said, and he slipped out her window and grappled into the night.


“Cass,” Jason said. He looked at the girl next to him. Or on him, was probably more accurate, because she was currently clinging to him with all her might. It was adorable, but– “I have to go to the bathroom.”

“No,” Cass said, her voice muffled from where it was pressed into his side. “Stay here forever.”

“I’ll be gone like two seconds, tops,” Jason promised.

“Unrealistic,” Cass said.

“So is staying here in bed forever. We do have to eat, you know,” Jason said, amused.

“But you’re warm,” Cass said. “And I’m comfy.”

“I am too, but I have to pee,” Jason said. Cass held him tighter. Jason sighed. “Think of it this way. The sooner I leave, the sooner I come back.”

“Fine,” Cass said. She loosened her hold–a little–and leaned up to him, planting a kiss on his nose. Jason huffed out a laugh and she released him. Jason rolled out of bed and sprinted for the bathroom, half for show and half because he really had to go.


“Why are you staring at me?” Barbara asked. She didn’t move from her spot, staring at the computer screen. Dick smiled.

“Because you’re beautiful,” Dick said. “And I like beautiful things.” Babs’ eyes flickered to him briefly before going back to the computer.

“I’m busy,” she said.

“I like watching you work,” Dick said honestly. “Your eyebrows furrow a little, and it’s really cute, and you look so focused.” The corners of her mouth twitched, but she still didn’t look at him. Dick felt like she was issuing a challenge for him. Challenge accepted.

“Do I look more focused when I’m Oracle or Batgirl?” Dick had to think about it.

“Mmm, equally, probably. But when you’re being Batgirl, you’re beating the snot out of people and being awesome, but as Oracle, you’re being awesome while doing things you love. So you look better as Oracle. Don’t get me wrong, there is something about a girl in a Batgirl suit that is very…mmm…but you in your element, hacking things and being smarter than everyone, well. That is very attractive to me.” Babs’ eyes went to the ceiling, then she eyed him without turning her head.

“What do you want?”

“Nothing,” Dick said. That, of all things, made her turn her head, and Dick swooped in and kissed her nose. She blinked, surprised.

“Boop,” he said. Then he stood up. “That’s all. I’ll leave you to work.” He started to walk away.

“Wait,” Babs said. Dick pivoted around to face her. She was biting her lip. “You can stay.” Dick smiled and sat back down. She moved, faster than he would’ve expected, and kissed his nose in return. Dick felt whiplash from the quick movement.

“Boop,” she parroted and then she turned and faced her computer. Dick grinned.


“Come back alive,” Clark said. Bruce frowned at him.

“It’s just patrol,” he said.

“Anything could happen,” Clark shrugged. “But please don’t die.”

“I’ll…try not to,” Bruce said, at a loss as to what else he could say. Clark grinned and dropped a quick kiss on the leather covering Bruce’s nose. Bruce frowned at him again.

“Goodbye,” he said, walking to the Batmobile.

“If you die I’ll be upset,” Clark called.

“I’ll be upset too,” he said back, and he got in and drove away, already looking forward to coming back.


“Come here often?” Tim turned to see Jason, leaning against a wall of the alley.

“Um,” Tim said, looking between Jason and the unconscious would-be mugger on the ground. The victim had run off long ago. “Do you?”

“Nah,” Jason said. “I’m just here because I heard there was some nerd beating up a thug and I wanted to see the show.”

“I think it was more impressive than that,” Tim said. Jason shook his red hood covered head and walked toward Tim. Tim crossed his arms and didn’t move or break eye contact, although they both had white lenses covering their eyes, so it wasn’t really eye contact.

“It really wasn’t, Resturaunt Boy,” Jason said, and then he booped Tim’s nose with the lower half of his hood. Tim thought it might’ve supposed to have been a kiss, but it hurt. He rubbed his nose.

“Hey,” he protested. “Was that a kiss?”

“Hey,” Jason said in a whiny imitation of his voice. “Whatever. See ya around, Replacement.” Tim all but blinked and Jason was gone.

“Was it a kiss?” Tim asked the empty alley.


“You are cute,” Steph said, hugging Cass from the side. Cass turned to face her, raising an eyebrow.

“I am?”

“Very,” Steph confirmed. She leaned up and kissed her on the nose. Cass felt herself going red. Steph giggled. “That’s cute, too.”

“It is?”

“Yup,” Steph said. “Trust me, I’m an expert.”


“Dick,” Jason said.

“Yeah?” Dick asked, still half-asleep. Jason was leaning over him and looking at him thoughtfully.

“Dick,” Jason said again.



“Stop,” Dick said, opening his eyes. “What is it?”

“I’m going to kiss your nose,” Jason said.

“Um,” Dick said, but before he could say anything else Jason swooped down and did the deed. Then he flopped over and laid back down.

“There,” Jason said smugly, although he wasn’t sure why he was smug. Dick moved.

“Jason,” he said.

“What is it, Dickiebird?”

“Jason,” Dick repeated.

“Oh, come on,” Jason said.

“I’m going to kiss your nose,” Dick said, completely serious.


“I’m going alone,” Damian said. Steph frowned.

“No,” she said. “I’m coming, too.” Damian turned to face her.

“Stay here,” he said.

“I am coming with you,” Steph enunciated. “Just try and leave me behind.”

“Please,” Damian said. Steph blinked in surprise. “I want you safe.”

“Wouldn’t the safest place be at your side?” Steph wheedled. Damian grabbed her wrists.

“Please,” he said again, and Steph realized, suddenly, how important it was to him that she stay safe.

“Fine,” she conceded, promising herself to call Kara to keep an eye on him. Damian sagged in relief.

“Thank you,” he said. “I have to go.”

“Kiss for luck?” Steph said, and without waiting for an answer she leaned forward on her tippy-toes and kissed the nose of Batman’s cowl. She leaned back on the balls of her feet. He looked sort of baffled.

“We can exchange saliva when you get back,” Steph said. “Now go so you can have some prime Steph-kisses sooner than later.” Damian looked adequately chided and he swung his leg over his Batcycle and revved it up. He paused to look at her.

“Tell Supergirl I say hi,” he said, and he drove away without another word. Steph smirked. He knew her too well.


“Kon,” Tim rasped. Kon’s head turned so fast he probably would’ve gotten whiplash if he hadn’t been Kryptonian. Tim’s eyes were open and he was staring at Kon. Kon was at Tim’s side in an instant. Tim had been passed out for the better part of the day.

“You okay, dude?” Kon asked.

“M fine,” Tim said. “Gonna go back to sleep in a minute.”

“Don’t die, okay? I thought you were dead,” Kon said, ashamed of how his voice broke.

“I know,” Tim said quietly.

“I have to tell you something,” Kon said, gathering up his courage.

“No,” Tim said. Kon blinked in surprise. “Come here.” Kon leaned in closer, because he wasn’t sure how to refuse Tim ever, let alone now. “Closer,” Tim said, and Kon leaned in closer, and they were almost sharing air, and Kon’s heartbeat was pumping out of his chest. Tim moved his head slightly, and brushed his lips across Kon’s nose.

“Was aiming for your cheek,” Tim mumbled.

“What–what was that?” Kon asked, feeling his face heat up and he was touching his nose like an idiot.

“A promise,” Tim said. “We can do this later. For now I need sleep.”

“Don’t die,” Kon said again.

“Won’t,” Tim said, and his eyes dropped close, and Kon leaned back. “Later” sounded like an awfully good promise.  

The CHARACTER GROWTH, the CINEMATOGRAPHY, the NARRATIVE STRUCTURE. I’m honestly in awe. Regardless of how I would have done things with the story, I can’t deny that this film and ending truly were exactly what was needed. So beautiful that as soon as I was safely ensconced in my room I fell to the floor and sobbed, because it was everything I hoped and everything I didn’t and in the end it was everything I needed to witness, here, now, on this day, in this world, where I sometimes wonder where the good is. It’s here, in fallible characters who learn and make good, and in the actors and writers and directors who tell unapologetically gay stories in unapologetically real ways. I miss this beautiful thing already, and am thankful that I’ll always have it to go back to. Thanks, Looking, for making so much good out of the far-too-few minutes you were given. I’m boundlessly grateful.

My name is Micah Martin, a 24 year old Guild Wars enthusiast from Belfast, Northern Ireland.
Through my teenage years it was GW1 that kept me sane and safe during hard times. While out in the real world I’d get bullied and never given a minutes peace, I always knew when I came home I’d have the guild/alliance I was in to chat to. We’d run duo Underworld runs or FoW and it’d always make me so happy to have that community to rely on when my mood was low.

I moved to Guild Wars 2 much later in life when I finally had my own gaming PC. And it’s all but consumed me completely.

This is why when I decided to go and get a new tattoo, I decided to start a Guild Wars based piece, starting with Dwayna on my upper arm. Money is tight so it still requires shading, but hopefully at some point I can eventually complete the piece with Lyssa, Melandru, Grenth and Balthazar.
No matter if in 10 or 20 years down the line I don’t have Guild Wars in my life, I’ll always remember how much it meant to me. The communities and friendships I formed and the fun and safety it provided during the tough times.

Tattoo by Joe Mullan of Joker Tattoo Studio in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

When I was a schoolboy, I was seized by the idea that everyone has an invisible tail at his back. This tail is very light, a million miles long, very thin, and trails behind as we walk, from birth to death. The tail extends far away, beyond our world, and originates in the Land of the Dead. When we walk, the tail is reeled out from its source. When we have pulled out the entire tail, we die.

The strategy for a long life, therefore, is to try to avoid pulling out your tail. In order to do this, walk null-homotopic paths as much as possible. When you return, follow the same route. Never go through a tunnel. (My ideal world was a universal covering space of the real world (if there is such a thing).) My idea completely obsessed me; I was trapped by my own fantasy. I even came to loathe people who crossed my path behind me.

—  Michio Kuga, Galois’s Dream: Group Theory and Differential Equations

Mayoral confirms Wolfsburg move | July 20, 2016
- videos {1} {2}

Real Madrid have officially confirmed that Borja Mayoral will spend next season on loan with Wolfsburg. The player already left Real Madrid’s training camp in Montreal to finalize his deal with the German club.

I’m going to be gaining experience and will be looking to perform as well as I can to come back here. I’ve played for the best club in the world, something that very few players get the chance to do. I’m grateful to my teammates, coaches, physios and everyone who has offered me their support day in, day out. I’ve had nine unforgettable seasons at Real Madrid. Right now I’m feeling a lot of emotions, but if I had to sum them all up, I’d give a heartfelt thanks for everything that the club has offered me and how it’s helped me over the years. I’m going to try to perform to my best to come back here”. Mayoral

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Do you like Lisanna ? What do you think of her ?

Yes, I love her (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ I think Lisanna is amazing for being able to go though the entire Edolas thing and come out of it with a smile on her face. Loosing not only your friends but your real family for years and trying to adapt to a new world where everything is different must’ve been lonely, even if she had Edo-Fairy Tail to hang out with. And when she finally got settled in Edolas, she gets ripped out of there and returned to her old world where a lot of things have changed as well since she’s been gone.

Not to mention how guilty Lisanna must’ve felt for making her siblings grief, her real ones and their Edolas versions when she got returned to Earthland. So I can understand why she’s so devoted to them now and admire her mental strengh. 

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Hey, I'm a little confused, this game changer is like another plot twist that will like change the whole storyline?

There are two decisions that could be made.

Decision A changes the whole plot forever. Honestly, I doubt they’d go this route and if they do I have very real concerns.

Decision B doesn’t change the current landscape of the story that much.

It’s all about when the boys and Smackle find out about the news, how they react to it, and how the potential of Decision A occurring wakes ALL of the kids up and forces them to realize some what they really think and feel.

The Illusion of Proficiency

I will sometimes open seminars by having students emulate real-life knife tactics used by criminals, working through a handful of techniques that I have picked up from various sources over the years. The point of the exercise isn’t to train these techniques for self-defense purposes, but rather to illustrate the glaring differences between how a practiced knifer utilizes a blade, and the fantasy that most martial artists train for. It’s a hard truth that being the “most skilled” with a blade often means little in a real world altercation. The criminal isn’t interested in fighting with you, and he is going to stack the odds well in his favor before he engages you.

Time and time again I have seen highly-skilled martial artists fall apart under the pressure of a simulated real world assault. Disarms universally turn into fumbling messes, flowing counters become bungled, techniques are lost in the chaos. Training goes out the window.

This is because, too often, martial artists become preoccupied with the “illusion of proficiency”. Flashy patterns, slick disarms, visually stunning two-man sets. Increasingly complex drills, the novelty of an unexpected lock or strip… These things capture the students imagination, and often the teachers as well, but in the long run, they are detrimental to ones training.

The criminal will not reveal his weapon to you before he attacks. If an experienced knifer is intent on taking your life he is going to conceal his advantage, you’ll never see it.

The criminal will not attack head-on. There will be no squaring off, no signaling of intent. He will attack from the side or from behind.

The criminal will not attack from a distance. The attacker will be in your space, probably with you cornered. There will be no room to apply a fancy technique, he will be on top of you before you know what’s happening.

The criminal may approach you as a friend. If you do see the attacker, he likely won’t seem menacing. He will come with a smile and engage you, get you to let your guard down, then he will attack.

The criminal will not fight “fair”. There will be no honor, no dueling, no fair play. It will not be limited to a one-on-one altercation, and there will be no concept of “right and wrong”.

The criminal will attack with murderous rage. The primary difference between sparring and murder is the intensity with which the attacker will come at you. Sparring is measured; you find your angles, study your opponent, adapt and make adjustments. Murder on the other hand is blindingly fast, it’s violent and primal, and there is no time to flow, to find your techniques… It is instinct.

The criminal won’t stick around. In the real world once the damage is inflicted the attacker will disappear quickly. They won’t be around for you to fight back, they won’t care to see their handiwork. They will strike and vanish, perhaps never letting you see their face at all.

So ask yourself, are you training to BE proficient, or to APPEAR proficient? Do you train to look smooth, or do you train to engage an opponent who attacks from a foot away, in an enclosed space?

More importantly, what can we learn from the criminal mindset? Perhaps the most valuable lesson would be to practice stacking the odds in your favor, at all times. Controlling whatever space you find yourself in, knowing your escape routes, identifying weapons of opportunity. Also, being conditioned to have your weapon in hand before an altercation starts. I have seen lots of people who “thought” they could deploy a knife while being attacked, I have yet to meet the person who can do it consistently in an uncontrolled, non-patterned scenario. It’s always best to have your hand loaded when things escalate. Knowing violence, understanding the criminal mind, being familiar with the environment in which one may be attacked, these things are far more important than any drill one can learn.

Honestly I wish I could go back in time and tell kid me that one day you’ll be able to go outside and find pokemon in the real world bc it would’ve blown kid me’s mind 

 Hell its blown adult me’s mind

 i love the fact that theres pokemon everywhere and other trainers 

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