then i have college

- So Matt is a giant Star Wars nerd

- his mom got him into it when he was younger and it helped to bond their relationship after everything with his dad

- (they have matching wookie onesies and the first Christmas after Matt and Dan start dating his mom gets one for her as well, her own quiet form of approval)

- but anyway part of Neil’s real person training that Matt puts him through is marathoning all the Star Wars movies

- Neil doesn’t get the hype but likes how excited Matt gets over them and if anything, some of the action scenes are pretty cool

- so when the first of the new ones comes out, you know Matt is HYPED

- and he buys tickets for all the upperclassmen and Neil for the midnight screening and because things are less tense now, offers them up for Andrews lot too

- here’s the thing though, somehow it never got found out that neither Kevin or Nicky had ever seen Star Wars

- Kevin because Riko he didn’t have the time for trivial things like movies at the Nest

- Nicky because his parents didn’t believe in aliens and though it was a waste of time and sacrilegious beyond that

- so Matt goes through the whole process of watching all of them again with those do, which, lbr he was gonna do before the first movie anyway

- so the night the movie comes out they’re all at the midnight screening, Matt and Dan in their matching wookie onesies, neil in a Star Wars shirt Matt got for him, the twins weirdly wearing matching black zip up sweatshirts? But no one mentions it

- but while the movie is on it gets too hot in the theater and even though Andrew would never ruin his aesthetic like that, Aaron gives in and takes his off

- and they get out and lo and behold Aaron is wearing an old beat up Star Wars shirt

- and Andrew unzips his to reveal a matching shirt to Aarons but gives no explanation and just starts walking out of the theater and that’s that

- everyone’s just a little shocked cause through the entire process of watching all the old movies and making plans neither of them mentioned even having watched the movie let alone apparently being fans?

- when Neil asks Andrew about it later on the roof, because it’s Neil’s turn in their game, so Andrew tells him

- Tilda was gone a lot of nights, when he first moved to Columbia

- and one day when he and Aaron were leaving for school, they both showed up downstairs wearing matching Star Wars shirts, Andrew’s that he had gotten from Cass, Aaron’s that Luther had sent him for Christmas one year

- they didn’t talk about it, Andrew didn’t let them

- but when they got home that night, and Tilda was gone, Andrew popped in a Star Wars movie

- and they sat there never talking and watched it

- and it sort of became a thing they did whenever Tilda was gone

- and to this day they still never discuss any of this but as if they weren’t going to see the new one

ahaha… i wonder if I should move this blog… I feel so stressed out and unsafe on this blog right now. I literally don’t want to open my google acc for Tamamo. 

people that voted for donald and all his package deal be like

“They’re ignoring us. It’s like they’re only in it for themselves.”

“This is not how you rule for the People!”

but me over here, furiously writing letters to Reps:

“Yeah, it’s weird how that worked out. It’s like the majority of American citizens knew this was going to be a fuster cluck. You think maybe the predisposition of behavior patterns might have clued most sane people onto something?”

anonymous asked:

Why do you reblog so many “e-beggar” posts. Like college students asking internet strangers for money? This is coming from a poor college student. I don’t get why people feel entitled to strangers money and gifts?

you sound like a horrific human being and i hope you have a terrible day! 

  • Those Studyblrs: my favorite pen is this $420 amethyst-gold-plated-crusted-ruby angel pen that only writes in platinum ink straight from heaven
  • Me, a Poor College Student: my favorite pen is that one free pen someone gave me at campus fest freshman year that I have lost about 7 times, and yet it somehow miraculously always turns up again in my bookbag

the season one finale was about max learning that david isn’t a complete airhead and that he actually acts cheerful because he knows the world is a shitty place and he chooses to still see the good in it

the season two finale was about david learning that max isn’t a complete asshole and that he acts bitter and angry all the time because he knows the world is a shitty place and chooses to not get hurt by refusing to see the good in it

livin’ for these parallels