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Hi again, for The Bayverse Decepticons reacting to discovering they have a teenage human daughter with their deceased human s/o, could you add Soundwave please and add the TFP please? Thank you 😊

I’m just gonna assume you meant the Decepticons from TFP, feel free to correct me if i’m wrong lol

Bayverse Soundwave

- Being in orbit makes it difficult for him to keep up with his s/o, especially since he is perpetually busy with spying on varying governments. During a slow moment his curiosity gets the better of him and he decides to check in on them and see where they are now. Imagine his shock when he finds news of their death and that there was a baby too… His baby.

- Any mission he was in the middle of has been brought to a full stop because he needs to find them i m m e d i a t e l y. As if he didn’t already feel intense guilt over what happened to Frenzy, Ravage, and Lazerbeak, now he finds out he has a child he didn’t even know about and has no idea where they are. Being the surveillance officer that he is, it doesn’t take long for him to track you down. He taps into phones, webcams, anything he can do see how you’re doing.

- He has very mixed emotions about seeing how well you’re doing. Of course he’s relieved to see that you’re happy and being taken care of, but he wishes it was him making you so happy. He knows that there’s nothing he can do for now, but the second Megatron gives him a mission on Earth he’s going to retrieve his daughter and nothing will stop him.

TFP Megatron

- He is in complete denial about everything. He never got close to a human, he never had a relationship with them, and he definitely never had a human s/o, that’d be ridiculous. He recalls hearing something about the s/o dying and saw it as all the more reason to forget about them, so he did. Years later he finds himself bored and looks up his-totally-not-s/o, he never did read the article. He just saw the title and moved on. After he reads the whole thing he’s in shock. 

- The baby was noted as having some bizarre medical anomalies but was released from the hospital since they didn’t appear to be hurting them. He looks into the symptoms and sees that all of them can be explained by the presence of CNA. After some debating with himself he gets Soundwave to figure out if it’s at all possible it’s not his. It takes a while but he is able to get ahold of some of her DNA to compare it with Megatron’s CNA and finds the similarities.

- Megatron wants nothing to do with his daughter and has no intention of visiting her, but Soundwave still shows him the address just in case he ever wants to. One time one of the mines they were excavating for energon happened to only be a few miles away from her home, and thanks to her fearless spirit she no doubt got from Megatron she goes to check out all the weird noises that have been coming from there. Megatron sees her and tries to scare her off before she can get too close, but her defiance proves to be more than he expected from a mere human. Maybe she would be worth getting to know.

TFP Starscream

- Nothing about this is good in his eyes. His relationship with his s/o was strained and a major source of stress to him because of his fear of Megatron finding out about them. It becomes too much one day and he leaves them with no warning and never looks back. That was hard on him too, but he didn’t want to continue putting their life and his own on the line for a relationship he knew was doomed from the start.

- When he finds out about his daughter he almost has a sparkattack. He had thought that having a human s/o was as risky as it got but now there is a child too? This is infinitely worse. Megatron can never know about this. Megatron puts Starscream through enough as it is, if he knew about his child Primus only knows what he would put them through. Sure, it would be nice to have a relationship with his daughter, but it would never be safe.

- The only time he ever came close to meeting her was when he was on his own away from the Decepticons. He’d check in on them here and there and was relieved to see they were living a happy, healthy life. He considers introducing himself but thinks better of it. If she did anything to call attention to herself it would inevitably get to Megatron and he doesn’t want to even think about what he would do.

TFP Soundwave

- He’s known from the start that he had a daughter with a human. He was dedicated and invested the second he knew his s/o was pregnant and did everything he could to be there for them and get them baby supplies (Megatron knows about this and is okay with it as long as he still performs his duties as the TiC). It was very hard on him when his s/o died and it took everything he had not to take the baby for himself. 

- He always knows where she is and how she’s doing. He keeps track of her grades in school, doctor’s appointments, and any and all social media accounts. He even made a fake account to befriend and talk to her. For the most part she just talks about school stuff and memes, but it’s something. Lazerbeak has also been sent to check on her a few times and sometimes to leave gifts with a note saying it’s from ‘dad’. If her phone breaks she can expect a new one that day. 

- His daughter finds out about him when she stays up late the night before her birthday to try and catch him leaving her birthday present at the door. She was expecting to see her mysterious human father, not a giant robot bird. When she jumps on him trying to stop him from leaving until she can get some semblance of an answer, Soundwave gets a distress signal. Lazerbeak carries her to a remote location so Soundwave can introduce himself and try to explain everything.

TFP Knockout

- He had no idea. Absolutely none. It was little more than a fling that he ended with little warning and promptly moved on from. He didn’t believe them when they tried telling him they were pregnant. That’s impossible, he’s a doctor he would know. As time goes by his mind keeps going back to what they said. They weren’t serious, they were just trying to keep him around. But what if they were pregnant?

- He starts researching the possibility of a cybertronian-human hybrid and discovers that while extremely rare, it could theoretically happen. Now he feels bad and is considering calling them up to try and fix things but finds out they died a few years ago. Oh. Now he feels really bad. He loses his motivation and decides to leave her be. It’s not like he’d have the time or knowhow to raise her himself.

- After a while he feels a longing in his spark to go track her down. He finds her and her new family and is relieved to see that at the very least she’s happy. The parents look like they really love her and do everything they can. He checks in on her from time to time but doesn’t plan on intervening ever.

TFP Breakdown

- He rarely gets a chance to spend quality time with his s/o and eventually he thought it would be easier to break up than try to balance a risky relationship where they barely see each other. It was nice while it lasted, but everything good comes to an end doesn’t it? It wasn’t until years later that he found out about their untimely death and felt horrible about it. Maybe they’d still be alive if he’d stuck around…

- Then he sees that the baby, having no immediate family was put up for adoption. Baby? What baby? They died not that long after their break up so there’s no way they found someone else and had a baby with them, there just wasn’t enough time. It dawns on him that it’s his child and he sets to work on trying to find them. He’s sad that he’s missed out on this much, but excited at the possibility of having a daughter.

- When he tracks her down and sees her having a great time with her adoptive family he doesn’t know how to feel. He wants to be there for her and raise her himself, but he doesn’t want to ruin what she has with this family. He keeps an eye on her the best he can and tries to interact with her but never quite gets the nerve to. If she ever finds herself in danger though, he’ll be there before she knows it.

I dunno guys I just drew somethin’.

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Your such an icon in my drawing journey I just wanted to let you know I followed you years ago and I'm so glad I got to see your art progress so much. Just keep enjoying your art and you'll only go up!! ☆

Really? Oh my gosh that’s so honoring thank you so much. I’m grateful for that, i really am, i’m grateful you’ve stuck with me this long. 
i know i’m very hard on myself i have to work on it

Thor and Loki Headcanons based off of my cats: Thor and Loki


  • A piece of shit
  • Has soft and flubby tum
  • Has a sock, doorknob, towel fetish
  • Screams at people when they pee/shower
  • Doesn’t like hats
  • Buries things he thinks are shit: food, his brother, actual shit
  • Hates life
  • Is an angsty asshole
  • Scared of living and old people
  • Likes dogs and boxes
  • Shows affection by grabbing your pants or throwing himself onto you


  • A precious boy
  • Has an addiction to ice cubes
  • Likes sunny days and warm blankets
  • Screams at himself in the mirror
  • Stares at things for too long (is cross-eyed as fuck)
  • Makes bird sounds
  • Really quiet and reserved
  • Constantly relaxed and stoned
  • Isn’t fat, just fluffy
  • Has really dumb moments
  • Just appears out of nowhere
  • Sheds all the time
  • Gets scared easily
  • Gets the hiccups like a lot
  • Is a precious little bean who needs to be protected at all costs

“Dream?” Angelica asked. “What’s going on? Is she having a vision?”

“No,” Zayn said, when it was clear Tess couldn’t speak. “One of her visions is coming true.”

flickers part xxi, coming tomorrow

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Warm-up #3
Words: 737

Earlier, when the ship streaked across the sky, Shiro had followed its contrail with his eyes, but he had centered in on it with something profound and unrecognized in his mind.

The red one is intense. His back is straight, but his arms are crossed over his chest. It looks defensive rather than angry. His eyes are bright and glassy under lowered eyebrows, but his gaze is sharp. Penetrating. Shiro feels a jolt inside his gut whenever it’s turned on him. The set of his mouth is thin and tense, though the lines that make up his face are soft. There’s something about them that beckons to Shiro to trace his thumb along them, and he doesn’t know why.

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Maya I hope you know Harry was the one who came up with "Tommo The Tease"? I think it was Twitter questions in one of their concerts in fetus times asking what their stripper names would be and Harry went "He would be Tommo The Tease". I'm sure Harry knows everything about his teasing ways 😉 And I suspect Louis knows and remembers where that nickname originated from. 😏

Anon, I DIDN’T KNOW! I made those tags not having a clue, now I’m on the floor, thank you

♡ — my muse and yours

Selene: Inanallas…… you have a lot of markings on you….. did they hurt a lot to get?

Inanallas: Oh yes. Some worse than others but it’s for it not to hurt when someones jabbing you repeatedly.

Selene: who did them? The Keeper?

Inanallas: the Keeper? ooooooh no no no noooooo! The Keeper didn’t know I had them for months until I accidentally set my sleeve on fire. My brother did it.

Selene: Your brother! How did he learn how to do all of that! I didn’t think the Keeper taught it to people other than their apprentices.

Inanallas: Oh, we don’t ask about how Thenvas learns things, the answer is always terrifying. But he and I worked out the designs and then he did all of the work. My other siblings, Nehnara and Samahllin helped some too– mostly just holding me still while he worked. Took weeks. The ribs were torture I blacked out a few times I think. Thenvas is an asshole.

Selene: That’s terrible! Why would they agree to help if it was that bad?!

Inanallas: Who else but siblings would help you with an incredibly bad idea where they get to poke you repeatedly with a stick and draw all over you. 

Selene: [exasperated sigh] 

Selene: Inanallas did you see something just now?

Inanallas: What! Oh, oh! No of course not it was just – just a trick of the light I think. Or my mind. One of those.

Selene: Are you sure? You nearly did a triple take. 

Inanallas: Yes! I definitely saw nothing odd at all. 

Selene: You did didn’t you!

Inanallas: …………..noooooooooo?

Selene: [stern] What was it?

Inanallas: [GROANS] [mutters] a ghost.

Selene: [sighs like a kindergarten teacher] Inanallas, ghosts aren’t real.

Inanallas: [conspiratorially under breath] that’s what the chantry wants you to think.


Tace: Oh you’re gorgeous!

Des: I am aren’t I? You have looks and good taste it seems. 

Tace: Oh Maker’s Balls, your voice is gorgeous too. Talk more.

Des: [grins so hard it’s audible] about what exactly?

Tace: Anything.

Des: Perfect! I’ll talk about my favorite topic: Me.