then i grabbed my laptop and purse and hauled down the hallway

A Part of Me - A Brett Talbot Fanfiction - Part I

Your phone began vibrating against the wooden desk in the Devenford Prep library during your free period. It was your cousin. Again. Quickly throwing closed the scattered books in front of you, you grip your bag and hurry out into the hall to answer the call.


"Hey (Y/N), I know it’s getting annoying but could you look at a symbol quickly? It’s important…”

“Lyds, you keep forgetting I’m Wiccan, not druid. Send it and I’ll look though, I might even do some research on it as well. I’m getting nowhere with my history project and want a distraction” you reply, rolling your eyes at the druid-like symbol Lydia had just sent to your phone.

“It’s 100% not anything Wiccan or from any magick I’ve seen before. I’ll do a little digging in the library for you on druid symbols" 

"Thanks. And since you’re into the whole spell casting thing, could you do a luck spell for my friend Malia. She’ll need it to pass math" 

"I don’t just cast random spells” Your eyes would roll out of your head if they could at her ignorance.

“Come on, you do freaky Wiccan stuff" 

"Freaky? Coming from the banshee who runs with werewolves. Yeah, I’m the freak” You laugh finally “I’ll look at it and call later. See you around, loser" 

Heading back into the dusty and extensive library, you direct yourself towards the mythology section up two flights of grey stairs. You stared at the titles until you finally find a book of symbols in mythology, there didn’t appear to be any stand-alone books about druidism.

Sitting cross - legged in the corner of the empty floor, you flick through the book, comparing the symbols on the page to the one on your screen. 

A familiar voice suddenly yelled from the top of the library stairs.

"I finally found you!” Your best friend Marissa grinned, hurrying next to you “Were you literally hiding from me this time?”

“Nah, I’m just helping my cousin with something” you shrug, putting down the book.

“Oh it’s that weird one that likes fictional creatures" 

"I guess that’s one way of putting it…” you slowly nod, pursing your lips.

“I feel like you’re planning on skipping Math…"  She hinted more than predicted.

"We should go now” you sighed at the reminder “We have that and then rehearsals for the production and we’ll be skipping classes nearer to opening night anyway, we shouldn’t miss any now”

“Fine! But that’s ages away!” She whined, grabbing your hands and hauling you to your feet.

After a strenuous day of equations, formulae and a horrifically unprepared rehearsal, you really just wanted to go home and take a nap. However that wasn’t an option. Marissa clutched your arm and dragged you outside to her car where your overnight bag lay on the backseat. It was the night of our monthly sleep over, the only night her parents were out.

“This is going to be so much fun!” She squealed, accidently speeding past a stop sign “My brother bought us vodka and Jägermeister! I’m finally going to get the truth out of you about your crush!" 

"Marissa. How many times have I told you, I don’t have a crush on anyone” I reasoned, but she once again didn’t believe me.

She pulled recklessly into her driveway, using the lawn to straighten up. You entered through the glossy brown door and into the hallway where row upon row of Anderson family portraits stared at you. Before for you knew it, a clear, carbonated drink was shoved into your unsuspecting hand. 

You drop your bag by the hat rack in the corner and meet the beaming face of Marissa’s older brother Leon. He swished his head to the side to move the floppy brown hair that was impairing his vision. 

“Hey (Y/N), I thought you’d like a drink if you’re spending the night with Marissa” he teased her “and I’m going out with friends now, but if you’d like to share my bed tonight, I’d be happy too" 

"Oh God, Leon! It’s been a whole 30 seconds before you hit on my friend. It’s a new record, you creep!” She ushered him out the door, shoving him off the front step.

You follow Marissa into the kitchen and watched her pour a drink for herself, mixing the vodka and lemonade together. You assumed Leon had made you the same. 

Scanning through Marissa's DVD collection, you pick out the obligatory pink copy of Mean Girls for the sleep over. After a few more vodka mixers, you each had a Jagerbomb and drummed up the courage to write “Send your cutest delivery guy or girl” in the additional requests box when ordering pizzas online.

“Remember, we’re both single now, but I have double the chance you do with the random pizza person. The perks of being bi” Marissa laughed and you had to join in, she was finally getting over Brett. They hadn’t even been dating long before they broke up, but he had treated her horribly.

When your pizzas arrived, they were delivered by a middle - aged, balding man. It was an embarrassing moment for you all as Marissa burst into a fit of giggles, nudging you towards the guy.

“Jagerbomb after the pizza!” Marissa squeaked, pouring Monster into glasses and plopping in a shot of Jägermeister into each.

“I’m not sure that’s a good idea” you reply, slurring your S’s.

“It’ll be fineeeEe!” She hiccupped.

You take the shot and screw up your face before settling down again. It didn’t taste bad, you just wondered how uneasy your stomach would feel in the morning.

“I’m gonna put my night stuff on” Marissa clung to her banister for dear life before dragging herself up the cream steps to her lilac room.

You follow behind with your bag, but you decide to take the crawling approach to her room, pausing on each step to snooze a little. When you did sluggishly plod through her door, she appeared to have found a new lease of life as she danced dramatically around the room to an old backstreet boys ballad. 

“I played my part and kept you in the dark…now let me show you the shape of my heart!!” She belted out, it took you a few moments to realise she was crying.

“Stop thinking about that blond dickhead” you drunkenly clutched her face and planted a loving kiss on her forehead “You’re a beautiful princess and you deserved to be treated like one!" 

Her face suddenly lit up with excitement. 

"I know Brett’s Facebook password! We could have a little fun before bed!” She pulled her laptop onto her lap as you climbed under the covers. 

She tapped the mouse pad a few times before pushing it towards you. 

“I don’t know what to write!”

You thought a while before your drunken fingers began wandering over the keys. 

‘Friends, family, collegues… I thought this would be good time to announce that my cousin and I are going to have a baby. We’re expecting a boy, but you never know with mixing the familiar genes!’ SEND.

“That was brilliant (Y/N)!” She screamed with laughter “I’ve got an even better idea!" 

On her laptop, she scrolled through her picture folders before she clicked a 'Brett’ folder.

You shield your eyes and look away. 

"I did not just see that!” You yelled dramatically, trying to erase the sight of Brett’s nude from your mind.

“I’m going to post it for everyone to see!” Marissa cackled.

You drop your hand on top of hers and she stops. 

“I can’t let you do that. It’s unfair and an invasion of privacy. Did you send him nudes? What if he posts them?” You explain to her, trying to change her already made up mind.

“(Y/N) I’ve sent one nude that I can deny being me, I never show my face and just think about how many times he stood me up! It was 4 times! Do you know how embarrassing it is to wait 2 hours outside a restaurant for no one to show?! He pushed me to the floor and yelled get away from me! He deserves so much more than this!” She convinced herself, pressing the post button to Brett’s Facebook before logging out so you couldn’t delete it.

“You shouldn’t have done that” You could feel yourself sober up at the guilt and the sympathy for Brett. You knew you should be supporting your best friend but it just seemed so wrong. Marissa simply shrugged before stuffing her face into the pillow and immediately drifting into a heavy sleep.