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the first time somebody bakes a cake especially for isak, he’s four years old. it’s half vanilla half chocolate, and the edges are burnt black. across its face is scribbled elsker deg in a trail of lumpy blue icing, and it’s- perfect

even has it wrapped up tight in a raspberry box, bow nestled lopsided on the lid.

isak’s huddled himself up small in the corner of the hospital’s playroom, and he’s crying, knees tucked in against his chest, dimpled hands over his face. even sits down on the floor in front of him, cross-legged. squints his eyes a little around an awkward smile when isak peeks through his chubby fingers to glance at him - isak’s cheeks are even puffier than usual. 

“i want my mom,” is all he says. quiet, thick voice sticky against his palms. 

even scoots closer, lifts his shoulder nervously. he’s two years older than isak and even he hadn’t been allowed in isak’s mom’s hospital room - he too had been ushered into the dumb playroom with all the drooling babies.

“baked you cake,” he whispers. isak doesn’t respond, so even reaches out, strokes the curls back so, so gently from isak’s forehead. he’s seen isak’s mom do it before, when isak’s small and sleepy in her lap. “look? here.” 

it takes a few moments, but when he peels the lid away, isak eventually drops his hands so that he can carry out an inspection. crosses his legs and leans in over his knees to peer inside at even’s creation. 


for a moment, until he scrunches up his pink-tipped nose, and huffs, tipping his chin up defiantly when he combs out even’s gave, “wha’s it say?” 

oh, even remembers, jaw dropping, isak’s not in school yet. he can’t read. 

“it’s ‘kay,” he smiles. he wriggles around on the floor, shoes squeaking against the linoleum, until he’s sitting at isak’s side. as they both lean back against the wall, he takes isak’s hand softly and tugs it over. 

he traces the letters slowly with isak’s fingers as he reads aloud, “elsker deg.”

isak- doesn’t smile. doesn’t laugh. but some of the hot, black ice in the bottom of his tummy melts, and he nods, and when even’s busy tearing a piece of the cake off for them to share, he leans in - and presses a kiss to his friend’s cheek. 

“elsker deg,” he says. 

In the Rough

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 (you are here), based on @skygemspeaks​ ‘s prompt

Previously: Yuuri, runaway prince of Yutopia, has found himself in the service of Victor Nikiforov, crown prince of the neighboring country of Rus. As a prospect for Prince Victor’s personal bodyguard, Yuuri was granted an audience with the Tzar. At first, Yakov is skeptical of this “Yuuri Nishigori” that his sons found on the side of the road, but he’s won over by Yuuri’s eloquence and earnest desire to be of help. Prince Yuri, though, doesn’t seem to share his father and brother’s opinion. Regardless, Yuuri’s appointment is confirmed.

Yuuri doesn’t know what it is that he expects when they leave the Tzar’s presence, but it’s certainly not to have Victor complaining about how tired he is. “Travelling is hard on the body, Yuuri,” he says wisely. “We should go to sleep early, since we have to get an early start tomorrow anyway.”

Oh, Yuuri thinks. Maybe he’s not as immature as I thought. “Then, if Your Highness would point me toward the servants’–”

“Call me Victor,” Victor admonishes. “I already told you that. And Yuuri, don’t you want to sleep with me?”

“Huh?” There’s no way to respond to that other than shock.

“You’re my personal guard, after all. You should be sleeping nearby, not all the way in the servants’ quarters.” Victor doesn’t seem to understand the implication behind his words, and that makes Yuuri feel at least a little bit better. He still has to figure out how to decline, though; Victor is one of the more stubborn people he’s known in a while, and it’s going to be hard, as a servant, to change his mind.

“You’re welcome to retire, Victor, but I’m afraid I’m going to have to borrow Mister Nishigori.” Yuuri’s saving grace come in the form of a young man with dark hair. “We have to go over your schedule for tomorrow and ensure that he knows what’s expected of him.”

Victor pouts, but doesn’t protest that much. Something tells Yuuri that this may be a recurring argument, but at least for now he’s letting it go. “Don’t keep him too long, Otabek. We have an early day ahead of us!”

The man– Otabek? What an odd name –just raises an eyebrow. “You rarely have early days, Victor. You get up whenever you please.”

“Which is pretty early!” Victor protests.

Yuuri is looking between the two of them in shock. Is this really how servants in this country interact with their employers? Never mind the fact that Victor is a royal, it would be unheard of in Yutopia no matter the person’s rank.

Otabek doesn’t look in the slightest as though he’s joking, either. “By your standards, maybe. Now, we really must be going. I’d like to get some sleep tonight as well.”

He steers Yuuri away, keeping his shoulder in a vice grip until they get to the library. “My name is Otabek. I’m the captain of the guard. Before you ask, yes. You do outrank me.”

Yuuri blinks. “I know. I wasn’t going to ask that.”

The captain of the guard is in charge of the general guard, but personal guards are handpicked by the royal family. Therefore, they have more authority. That’s nearly unanimous, no matter the country.

Otabek’s eyebrows furrow just the slightest bit, but his expression is otherwise unreadable. Yuuri hopes that he hasn’t given himself away, and that he’s not sweating with nerves. But Otabek doesn’t say a word about it, instead pulling out a roll of parchment.

“Victor is well-loved by most, so in terms of protection, you aren’t going to have much to do. Always be on your guard, of course, but you’re more of a glorified babysitter than anything else.” He gives the scroll to Yuuri. “That’s his schedule for the rest of the week.”

“Is… why are you giving this to me?” The parchment is about as heavy as Yuuri expects, considering Victor’s title as crown prince, but there isn’t a reason that he should be the one carrying it around.

Otabek shrugs. “Victor is usually good about being where he should be, but both he and Yuri have a tendency to skip lessons they dislike. It’s your job to make sure that Victor doesn’t.”

“If I notice Prince Yuri ditching something, should I stop him?” Not that he thinks he’ll actually be able to, but he can at least try if it’s expected of him.

“Generally, if you see Yuri, either Georgi or I are very close behind him. I assure you that Victor will be more than enough to handle on his own. Just memorize that schedule and do your best to stick to it.” Otabek’s expression hasn’t changed once. “Two more things before I can let you go. You are free to ask for my help with Victor. Georgi frequently does, and he’s been Yuri’s guard for years.”

“I’d never dream of it,” Yuuri says hurriedly. “I’m sure you’re busy enough without doing my job for me. Not to say that Georgi doesn’t do his own job, but–”

Otabek cocks his head, considering him. “You really are interesting. I can see why they like you.”

Yuuri stops rambling. “Um… thank you? I think?”

“Don’t. I haven’t yet decided whether or not I like you. Your work ethic and dedication will decide that.”

The fact that he isn’t glaring only makes that a more intimidating statement. Still, Yuuri decides that he likes Otabek. People who avoid snap decisions tend to be very good judges of character, he’s learned.

He manages a smile. “Alright. You mentioned that you had something else to tell me?”

“Yes. Victor is much more than he appears to be. Keep that in mind and do what he asks.” Otabek shoots him a look that almost looks amused. “That includes his name and your sleeping arrangements.”

Yuuri just gapes at him as he puts a hand on his shoulder and leaves the library, leaving Yuuri to find his own way back.

He manages, if only after about an hour of aimless wandering, to find Victor’s room again. He doesn’t have any nightclothes, so he’s planning on just sleeping in his undershirt and trousers on the chaise at the end of Victor’s bed.

What he’s not planning on is having Victor jumping at him as soon as he opens the door. “Yuuri!”

“Your Highn–Victor, what are you doing?” Yuuri barely manages to keep the both of them from falling to the floor. “Shouldn’t you be asleep?”

Victor looks at him with wide blue eyes. “I decided to wait for you.”

Oh no, Yuuri thinks, face burning as he averts his eyes. He’s cute. Why is he so cute?

“That’s not healthy or appropriate,” Yuuri chides gently. “No servant should be getting in the way of something you need. And you need as much sleep as you can get.”

Somehow, Victor manages to talk Yuuri out of his original plan of using the chaise. Not twenty minutes later, he’s standing in too-big nightclothes borrowed from Victor, being tugged onto the bed. Victor latches onto Yuuri and falls asleep quickly, breathing going soft and even.

Yuuri, on the other hand, doesn’t get much sleep at all.

I’m running on OC fuel again, so uuuuhm… here you go!
I actually just wanted to draw Connor because of his messy hair but I just couldn’t see it as finished without adding Jack. I can’t explain why. I also can’t explain why Jack is wearing sunglasses.
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Hi im noora and i guess my knack is art?? The first two are bday cards for my friends (theyre album covers) done with markers and the third one is a painting for art class on the topic of “motherland” but i think theyre neat

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Hi, I was looking on the Ghost Force wiki and saw that Nathalie's named has changed to Liv, and there is a ghost companion named Flubby. Is there any new info on Flubby or Nathalie's name changing? Thanks

Heyo, I’m actually an admin on the GF wiki! Nathalie’s name change isn’t official per se, but Xan (he gets a lot of exclusive material) revealed the change on his instagram. I’m kinda upset about it actually cause I really liked the name Nathalie!

As for Flubby, I’m not really sure if he’s a character anymore. The last and only time he was mentioned was back in an article in 2013. He could be stuck in developmental limbo, which is a shame.

colourofcrumar replied to your post “i’ve been talking abt this with a friend but i’m kind of mad that emma…”

i’ve read that she regretted being involved in Aloha and that it pretty much ‘opened her eyes’ to whitewashing in film? at least she’s learning.

that’s???? not enough???

“I’ve become the butt of many jokes,” she said, referring to her role in Aloha. “I’ve learned on a macro level about the insane history of whitewashing in Hollywood and how prevalent the problem truly is. It’s ignited a conversation that’s very important.” and then she went onto talk about how she as a white woman was cast as love interests for older men

like none of this sounds like she’s regretful? none of it directly addresses what she did wrong and instead blames the “industry” while trying to be like “look listen i understand because i too have been discriminated against because i am a woman”

sorry but i’m not here to praise white mediocrity… hold white actresses directly accountable for choosing to accept roles that were meant for woc. none of this “but the industry” bullshit. they need to be held directly responsible. 

This just in:

If you tell me you’ve read and liked my stuff, I will thank you from the bottom of my heart and my entire week will be made.

If you tell me you’ve re-read my stuff because you liked it so much, I will fall in love, propose marriage, imagine us having a house in the suburbs where we’ll raise our 2.5 kids and a dog before we move to the country and grow old together, and die on the battlefield with your name on my lips. 


Seth #6: Real Time with Bill Maher in a nutshell.

“This is what troubles the shit out of me. When this guy does something or says something stupid or lies, it’s ignored by his supporters. […]  We need this guy to be good and the problem is, when he gets up there and says ‘they reported that there wasn’t a standing ovation and there was’, that doesn’t fucking freak you out? That doesn’t worry you?! How does that not worry you? How does that not deeply concern you?”

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Vilu, hi! i'm really sorry for bothering you but I just wanted to ask if you could explain why everyone's hating on hacksaw ridge? i'm not really good at politics and stuff so does this have something to do with that? thank you in advance and sorry again :((((


  • mel gibson (the director) is a known antisemite and demon
  • who even watched hacksaw ridge and not fell asleep?

people say “if you don’t lower your standards, you’re gonna end up spending your whole life alone!” like being a healthy, happy, financially independent single adult is actually worse than being stuck in an abusive and/or emotionally unfulfilling relationship with someone who isn’t willing/able to meet your needs. like no offense, but I think I’m gonna choose to be happy rather than throwing myself into a relationship just for the sake of being in a relationship.