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I loved u before but bruins are your boys (aside from the Stars) and lemme tell u I love you 100x more now LETS GO BRUINS LETS GO๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

ahhhhhhhhhh YES!!! I love my boys a lot! (i had to wait until this morning to answer this because I was pouting about the game last night when you sent it lol)

like… I will openly admit that my thing with the Stars is more of a thirst thing than anything (as if anyone is surprised by that lmao). But I live in Rhode Island and work in Providence, where my company has a box at the Dunk, so I am lucky enough to get to go to P-Bruin games a couple of times a year! And like… I think every one knows how New Englanders are when it comes to our sports teams, so even though I’m new to hockey and I am now probably loyal to a fault. (I try to not be too obnoxious about the Bruins, because I know that a lot of people don’t like them? and like, everyone is entitled to their opinions and I guess the Bruins play a tough brand of hockey BUT as guys… their current team is just… Good and Soft.)

Some examples of my favorite things ever:

-Torey Krug fighting Brendan Gallagher. I fucking screamed when he did it, and it’s even funnier that Krug’s like, all of 5′9″. But it was the best thing ever.

- Anytime Krug and Chara stand next to each other. Seriously. Just the best.

-BRAD MARCHAND. JUST EVERYTHING ABOUT HIM. what a fucking guy okay, what a guy. (The Pest…against homophobes)

- Patrice Bergeron is literally prince charming, and like… a beautiful man all around. 

- Jack Edwards calling Adam McQuaid’s last big fight. So fucking funny. Actually, I love Jack & Brick, who call the Bruins games on NESN. I HATE when the games are on NBCSN and those other guys are doing it. THE WORST

-Zdeno Chara somehow manages to find strange things to wear that fit him?? Like, it’s undoubtedly horrifying but the guy is trying lmao (x), (x)

- last week somebody tried to start shit with Czarnik (just got called up from Prov in Oct - i saw him play in Prov the game before he got called up!! - he’s also like 5′9″ and one of the lightest players in the NHL) and Chara was pissed. Such a Dad. 

- DAVID BACKES. That man. I cried when they played the tribute to him at St. Louis. Also he loves dogs and he and his very beautiful wife do tons of charity work I love them

-  “He definitely makes me better” Patrice Bergeron about Brad Marchand. (Remember the time Patrice gave Brad a card thanking him for being such a good liney??? so soft)

- THIS VIDEO (it’s bergy)

-Tuukka Rask training by himself

- Carlo and Chara being d-partners when they’re twenty years apart in age…. just…what a concept 

- the time the team dressed up as TMNT (with marchy as splinter i just can’t lmao) and visited Boston’s Children Hospital

anyways this got long but I love the Bruins and if anyone who follows me likes them we should yell about it on game nights together :)

I headcanon that Undertale Papyrus has ADHD.  His favorite stims are body movement stims, like hand flapping, leg bouncing, and rocking in his seat.  He can’t stand being still!  UT!Sans has unconsciously picked up the leg bouncing from his brother.

Underswap Papyrus has ADD.  He likes to stim orally the most: chewing on popsicles/posicle sticks, toothpicks, lollipops, etc.  He tends to not notice that he’s chewing on his hoodie strings until US!Sans reprimands him.  Luckily, Sans always has a stash of chewy things on him for Paps.

They both have auditory processing issues, but handle it differently.  UT!Papyrus is very blunt about it: “The Great Papyrus has no idea what you just said, but appreciates the sentiment, whatever it may be, nonetheless!”  If US!Papyrus can’t understand after a few awkward “What?”s, he just shies away from the conversation with a “Uh, yeah.  Sure, buddy.” and hopes whatever the person just said wasn’t too terribly important.

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flintwood + percy weasley "Can you two cut it out?"


“Can you two cut it out?” Percy snapped, glancing up from the proposal he was writing with irritation clear in his furrowed brow and pursed lips. Marcus and Oliver were currently tangled up together on their bed, shirts off and hands busy across each others skin.

“Aw babe,” Marcus cooed with a snicker, and Percy listened as Oliver smacked Marcus on the arm.

“Perce,” Oliver tried, shifting slightly so he could catch his partners bright blue eyes with his own. “If you take a ten minute break, Marcus and I will make it worth your while - help you release some of that tension.”

Marcus snickered again but also turned to look at him. “And Oliver is so good with his tongue…”

Percy grumbled and glanced back down at the document he was writing - it was due on Monday and he really needed to get back to it, but - “fine. Ten minutes.”

“Trust me, that’s all we need.”

(send me a ship + a sentence and I’ll write the next five!)

once my fic is posted I am going to FUCKING DESTROY this whole fanon idea that ichi is a malicious jerk because listen yes while he’s occasionally sadistic and yes he’s a shitty NEET and yes he has a super cynical outlook on life he’s also warm and soft and needs to be protected so stop making him worse than he already is

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royaiiiiii for the ship ask


shops for groceries: I feel like Roy would be given to impulse “bargain buying”. He goes to the store to pick up a gallon of milk…and comes back with five bags, one of which is entirely filled with fancy Cretan cheese they will never use, but it was on sale! ” So for the sake of their budget–Riza does the grocery shopping.

kills the spiders: Roy, whose reaction to spiders is literally, “Kill it! Kill it with fire!”

comes home drunk at 3am: I I honestly can’t imagine Riza drinking much, so probably Roy? Although he wouldn’t come home; Riza would have go out and fetch him.

makes breakfast: Mm, definitely Riza. She’d be the first awake in the morning, so it makes sense that she would fix breakfast. But once in a while, Roy will get up earlier, and surprise her by preparing the food.

remembers to feed the fish: Roy. Not so much because Riza would forget, but because if either of them had a fish, it wouldn’t be her. She doesn’t get the appeal of pet fish (dogs are better). And since I don’t think Madame Christmas would have wanted a dog or cat under foot, a fish was probably one of the few pets Roy could have had growing up.

decorates the apartment: Assuming that at some point they actually marry and share an apartment together… *waggles brows* I headcanon that neither of them would do much to decorate. Riza strikes me as someone who furnishes based solely on function; I can see Roy just never getting around to really doing anything. They’d pick the necessities, like curtains and basic furniture, and then leave the apartment more or less bare. So both? Neither?

initiates duets: Roooyyyy! Oh! Snap, snap! Spark, spark!…

falls asleep first: I want to say Riza, if only because that way I can imagine her falling asleep held in Roy’s arm, while Roy marvels at how peaceful her face looks and looks at her with such love and grins like the sap he is. *buries self in fluff*

I come bearing Tales of Foolishness! So, day before yesterday I wander into the Subway down from work (where I’ve been enough they recognise me. Unfortunately.) Pre-lunch rush so it’s empty, the guys are all out the back. I call out a friendly hello so they know I’m there.

Sweet guy who always seems to end up serving me: Just give me a sec?

Me (cheerfully): Take all the secs you’d like.

Together: *awkward spreading silence*

Me: I’m so sorry that sounded so wrong I take it back, I mean take all the TIME you’d like, please, as much TIME as you want!

Him: *obviously trying not to laugh* Thank you.

Cue me valiantly resisting the urge to facepalm and avoiding eye contact, him valiantly resisting the urge to burst into laughter (all credit to him for that one!), and me fleeing with my sub.

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Concept, Apex walking like a gecko

Yes!! … I need to find videos of geckos walking lmao

tfw i’m a cold and broody ass but when i think about my young self, the 5 year old who wanted so desperately to draw original characters and play with them and make them interact i get moved because i can finally do that 

Shoutout to @soulsofthedamned, @munofmanyminds, @slccplcssnights, @thedonovxns for being the only four troopers to reply to my females. Bc this is starting to get pathetic.

Bonus: shoutout to @brillivnt and @perniciiem for voluntarily coming to me and asking to rp with my females. 


do you know that (8/8) : bts edition

rape being used as a weapon of war is so heart wrenching. it was used during the partition of india, the french used it in algeria, serbians used it against bosnian women, it’s being used right now in syria and what’s so heart breaking is the fact that women choose to commit suicide because of the possibility of being raped. humanity never learns, we really have failed.