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So I am in love with your biker Anti and wanted to know if you have any hcs?

sure! i could whip up a few for ya! the edit was based off a convo i had, but i’m actually starting to like this au myself! 💙

  • anti’s bike is a little old fashioned, but he loves it to pieces. it’s got big handlebars.
  • he’s mostly been a lone wolf, but has slowly starting taking a fondness towards dark and wilford’s group.
  • he loves riding on open land under the stars. sometimes he stops for a few minutes to lay out underneath them.
  • typically wears a leather jacket, chains, ripped jeans, boots, the whole works, but sometimes he’s lazy and wears his gaming sweatshirt and his black skinny jeans.
  • wears a green neckerchief to hide his scar.
  • has quite the trash mouth and sometimes doesn’t think before he speaks. thus, ending with him getting into a few fights and black eyes.
  • has an apartment in the city that he likes to cruise around in, typically at night. he likes to joke and call himself the ‘night rider’.
  • always gets chinese food on the weekends. 
  • doesn’t like anyone else touching his bike and doesn’t give rides, unless he comes to trust you enough.
  • once stopped in the middle of the road to help two kids cross it on their way to school.
  • has a few tattoos on his arms, but one on his side. he only allows certain people to see that one. it’s a green eyeball and tail that reminds him of jack.

I didn’t learn to ride a bike until I was seventeen. As a small child, when most kids learn, apparently, as the story goes (which I might add is in fact true); kids, regardless of the age would be pummeled over the head (with bats or piping) while on their bikes and yanked off for the purpose of theft.

I lived in a colorful area. Let’s just say my parents had every reason to fear, but their own anxiety, of me getting hurt stunted my inner growth; and there would be countless situations whereupon they would have to make hard decisions for the sake of my safety, but at the cost of my potential.

This protectionism failed, as danger was often something that ironically lived with me, but their intent was noble; though in the end it caused me to severely rebel—Because someone like me can’t be caged. I die slowly in labels and cages.

When I did learn to ride a bike, I did so on a men’s 10 speed (I’ve always made due with what I have).

I’m 5’ 2". This bike was huge, but I mastered this thin enemy on the sometimes unpaved roads down in Key West. I learned the hard way too. I was a hot mess. I would come home bloodied and bruised. I often fell upon large rubble as this area really did not have sidewalks then. I physically learned how to properly fall during that time.

A car hit me toward the end of that summer. I went into the air. I was alone. There was no one there to help me and I never gave it much thought then either: I got up and limped to my bike, as the lazy driver of the car yelled out from the window: ‘Are you okay?’ I rode back home undeterred and thanked God I did. The next morning, I could not wait to be free again.

I am honored with a particular bruise from that era—My shin actually experiences recidivism issues; as even today, when summer hits and my color eases back into its most comfortable self; the albino shadow of that bruise pops up through the darkening of my leg.

Every summer since the time I was seventeen; I have looked at it, shook my head and smiled. I salute it as if it were a well deserved badge.

Upon reflection of this memory, knowing I’ve had these past ten years to step away, decompress from the urgency of simply surviving; I believe I’m understanding that I’ve been kind of in fear of my own inherent strength, because all that stress to catch up to my own force had caused me to harden. I think I depreciated my path in the process.

Maybe this juncture of awakening was all part of the plan. I believe this actually to be true.

In my mind’s eye, I can see my seventeen year old self and I see her straddling this blue bike between her short legs; making motions with her hand for me to come…and I’m relieved right now, because that feels like home.

*Walks back to self*


Lazy mornings with my men 👪

We decided to sleep in today and eat breakfast together. Felipe had the day off, so I cooked a massive breakfast for all three of us. Then we heard a knock on the door. It was a delivery man with a big package for Aaden! When we opened it, we found this little bike from @officialmrsbolden! Felipe put it together immediately while I got Aaden dressed, then we went on a walk around the block with Aaden riding his bike. Thank you so much for the bike Mahari, Aaden loves it! 💗  

Love, Raegan

Ocean Blues

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Words: 1500?

Warnings: Just fluffy stuff :) 

Notes: A short cute beach fluffy drabble shit that got my mind off crap. I hope you all enjoy it! 

The waves crashed on the tall, dark ridged rocks. When they folded over themselves and bubbled white foam, it made thunderous sounds that you could feel in your chest. It was a clear sky, not a cloud in sight and the birds were bathing in the sun. You decided to take your bike out for a short ride to the beach, planning on being lazy by laying on the sand for the entire day. The sand was hot and it clung to your legs as you padded your way to a open spot near the water. 

You laid out your extra large beach towel that Sam bought from the superstore then applied some sunscreen. Your body sunk into the Earth’s natural memory foam and let out a much needed deep breath. Behind your eyelids, your mind played back the events of yesterday. A hunt. Arms saving you from a fall. And those same arms holding you, while the voice who owned them rang truth into your ear. Castiel’s voice lingered in your thoughts. 

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Hi friends!!

I have enjoyed my week of recovery, but I’m ready to get back into moving my body. I do enjoy the week off after a race, but I need to get out of my slug life ways. And that started this afternoon!

Scott was here to visit on Friday! And we went out with some friends for karaoke. It was highly entertaining and a great time with scott and all my friends. We stayed out later and enjoyed ourselves :)

Saturday was therefore a very lazy day for scott and I. We did make it out for a bike ride though! Not until the evening haha but we made it out! We rode about 20 miles with a stop at the end for Dairy Queen. It was nice :)

Sunday we were much more productive! We got up, went to church, went to the grocery store, and then made lunch together. He had to head home a bit earlier than normal because he was making dinner for his mom.

Once we left I decided to head out for a run! My legs felt ready to run, so I figured I might as well see how they would work. I kept it short and sweet, but it felt good to get out there again! It’s nice to run right now and not have a plan to follow I can just do what I want :)

And that’s what I did tonight! I headed out after work intending to run. But I got not even a half mile in, realized my legs didn’t feel great, and I didn’t really feel like running haha so I didn’t! I decided to have a nice sunny walk instead. Felt really nice :)

And that’s what I’ve been up to lately! Hope you’re all doing well :)

Flexibility, Love and Trust

Summary: Everyone in this world has a soulmate. Each person has a tattoo that appears somewhere on the body when they turn seven and their soulmate matches them, the key to finding out who they are and soulmates can feel each other’s pain and sadness. For Isak Valtersen, soulmates scare the shit out of him. But can meeting a new boy change that?

A/N: This fic follows the events in canon, but adds the soulmate aspect to it. Enjoy!

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We got our HDA Distance Harness the other day! It fits her so nicely! We haven’t gotten to try it out on walks yet because it’s been so hot.

I also found a Springer dog exerciser (bike attachment) on eBay for about $80. What a steal! I’m hoping to start bikejoring with this pretty lady soon!


Summary: Dan wants punk!Phil to meet his parents, but Dan’s parents might not approve.

Word Count: 2042

A/N: Sorry I didn’t quite incorporate the pastel part so much! Based off of this prompt on the phanfic tumblr: “Pastel!Dan brings his older, punk boyfriend Phil over, and Dan’s parents don’t like him.” 

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Looks like the weather is going to relent for a while giving me an opening to go ride today FTW.

We were originally due for rain Friday through the weekend, then it was going to be spotty some days and crazy the others, then we got some rain in the middle of the night Friday, it spit for 5 minutes but was overcast yesterday and today its sunny out there. Weather be cracra.

So I guess I need to get my lazy ass up and put on some bike friendly clothing. These pants are hammer style and there’s no way I can ride in these. The legs alone are big enough I can fit my entire body into them. But they so are comfy.

Plus I just finished up some laundry so I have fresh clothes to wear to ride when I mount my steed. I mean ride my bike. Nothing wierd or sexual about my relationship with my bicycle, honest. 0:D

i left my bike in yamanobe on sunday, so i had to go get it tonight, so i can ride it to work tomorrow.
I stayed for dinner, so I ended up biking back in the dark.
the first chunk of the ride was scary because I was literally just on the shoulder - I stayed on the oncoming side so I could see cars coming from a distance, and then I just got off into the weeds whenever someone came by.
after a while the road changed to where there was a kind of sidewalk on either side of the road, so it was safe to go faster then, and stay on my bike.
i had my iphone with the flashlight on propped up in my basket, because I’ve still been too lazy to put a light on my bike, and there aren’t enough lights for me to see in front of my front
wheel. my phone falls and slips a lot.

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I’m going to try to go to bed at 10 tonight. Tomorrow is going to be my first really long day. I’m looking forward to it but I’m also nervous!
Today was mostly a lazy day. I slept well. The sun was out when I got up. I read for a little. Showered. I wanted to get out of the house for a bit. So around 10 I got my bag and headed out.
I bike downtown and mailed Jess’s birthday present. I was hoping to make it look a little nicer but it wouldn’t fit in the envelope. But that’s okay. At least it will be there by the end of the week.

I left there and biked all the way down to whole foods. I thought I would just get cake. But then i walk walking around and I decided to get stuff to make sandwiches. I got a good avocado this time.
I also got a rose and vanilla deodorant that makes me feel so pretty. I had a nice conversation with the cashier about it. I have like 6 different deodorants going so I’m for sure the authority on natural deodorants.
I headed home and felt good. Until I was at the mail boxes. I was opening my mail. My pretty collar pins came, and my makachin patch as well. And then all of a sudden i was shaking and hot and sweaty. I don’t know what happened. I hadn’t eaten yet and I just felt terrible. I went upstairs and made my avocado lettuce tomato sandwich. And it was perfect. Exactly what I wanted and needed.
I hung out for the rest of the afternoon. Figuring out my schedule and where I’m supposed to be and when. Which is when I realized I had no idea where camp was tomorrow with art rageous. Eventually I got in contact with Amanda and it’s at a Jewish summer camp. Which is cool but it’s 5 miles away and there’s no easy bus route. So I will be biking that. Its only like a 20 minute ride but it feels really intimidating because I haven’t done it yet. So I’m nervous. But it’ll be okay. I hope.
It started raining again. Got really dark. A few trees came down even! I had to go to a meeting for figure skating camp. I caught the bus up there. I took the earlier bus just in case. And I stopped over at the bank since I had the time.
I wandered to the rink. Hung out in the lobby. Read for a bit. The meeting was good. The other girls all have at least 15 years of skating experience. Except Kea! I’m excited to have her thete, she’s a sweetheart. The meeting went well and I wish I had more ideas for them. But this is my first time with a sports camp. It was funny though this is Kea’s first camp at all and I dont know how much experience she has with kids. Lots of concerns about their abilities. But I find people do that a lot, under estimate kids. Mostly when they don’t have a lot of experience with them outside of family. Its going to be a fun week though I’m looking forward to it.
Kea was nice enough to give me a ride home. So I got back earlier then expected. Made a salad and cooked a pizza. And now I’m just writing this and I’m going to wash my face and get ready for bed. I plan on waking up early tomorrow so I can have a good breakfast and pack a lunch and not have to rush. I have studio kids set up in the morning, then art rageous at 1. Then ballet. It’s going to be a long day! Goodnight everyone. Stay safe.

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(for the drawing meme!)ಈ_ಈ

Send one for me to draw my muse wearing:

ಈ_ಈ : Mun’s lazy day outfit

Reference pose here!!

Just to clear it up.

To everyone asking me why I’m disappointed and irritated by “The Giver”:
Yes, as a movie by itself, it was an alright movie and was relatively interesting. HOWEVER, it is based of a classic novel with intricate themes, hidden messages, and controversies. First, the setting made it appear that they somehow lived in the sky. The writers changed many small/medium details- injections instead of pills, the age of the ceremony, the jobs of Fiona and Asher, etc., etc. The excessive use of futuristic technology (for example, holograms and hovercrafts) all throughout the movie that were never in the book was quite annoying. The sequence of events was unruly. Even in the first scene, Jonas saw the color red before he was even announced the Receiver. When Jonas started receiving the memories, he received them in the wrong order or not at all. He never had a memory of actual physical pain or the transfer a sunburn. The writers turned Jonas’ “stirrings” and slight attraction to Fiona into head-over-heals-run-away-with-me-love (literally). Heading towards the end, the writers of this movie just made the rest up. They made it into a romance movie and got lazy with the details of Jonas’ escape. I mean come on, really, the boundary of memories? And Jonas just happened to get a motorcycle? That sounds a lot easier than biking there. I don’t even KNOW what they were aiming for with Asher trying to catch Jonas with a hovercraft then just dropping him in a river. After Jonas’ long journey, they failed to show him beginning to dying, as described in the book. AND FINALLY THE WORST OF ALL. THE ENDING. The ending is the best and most controversial part of the book. In my personal opinion, Jonas died in the end of the book. They didn’t even leave that option open in the movie. In the book you’re not supposed to know whether or not Jonas lives. You decide for yourself. Not in the movie! They tell you that Jonas sleds through this magic boundary and suddenly the world is perfect again. THEY RUINED THE WHOLE BUILD UP AND CONTROVERSY OF THE BOOK. This is by far the WORST book to screen conversion I have ever seen.

Yay, more JackSepticEye fan art xD I got inspired to make this a while back while watching his Turbo Dismount videos but I just now got around to actually drawing it. I need to stop being so lazy at drawing nowadays;;

Anyways, I hope you all enjoy this one. :3 I hope Jack likes it too!

I do not own the Septic eye or the pink bike from Turbo Dismount.

Pink Bike belongs to the creator of Turbo Dismount

Septic Eye belongs to JackSepticEye

This is mere fan art.

For therealjacksepticeye

I hope you like it, Jack :D I love your Turbo Dismount videos (Especially the one where you keep killing Billy! lol)

Enjoy everyone ^^

#1 Neighbor!5SOS: Young First Impressions

[Requested: Nope but let’s get jiggy with it]

(Y/M/N)- Your Mother’s Name

(Y/F/N)- Your Father’s Name


At the age of 6 your parent’s told you that you would be moving to a new house. You were so young and didn’t understand that they were transferring for their jobs. Your 6 year old self couldn’t bare to part with your current house, but despite your tantrums, you and your family switched houses within 3 months. Your new house was slightly bigger, but it just didn’t feel like home. You refused to go inside and sat on the steps of your porch pouting as your father helped the movers with the boxes. You saw your mom watching the progress of the moving and was then greeted by your neighbors. Your dad stepped away from helping to greet them as well and later gestured to you to come to them. You continued to pout and stood next to your parents who introduced you to Mr and Mrs. Clifford. “Wow, hi (Y/N), how old are you?” They asked. You felt your face grow red and held up 6 fingers to tell them your age. “6? Wow, you know, we have a son who is about her age.” Mrs. Clifford said. “Really?” “Yeah, give us a moment, Michael? Son could you come out here?” Mr. Clifford called out. You stood there uncomfortably shy to meet your neighbors, you looked at their house and saw a kid with messy blonde hair. He was silent and made eye contact with you before going to his parent’s side. Your families started to talk and the both of you impatiently stood beside them until Michael asked if he could go back to playing. His parent’s agreed as long as he took you along. Michael looked at you and led you inside where he was playing with Legos and watching Pokemon on TV. You stood and watch Michael continue to play as usual, he looked at you and furrowed his eyebrows, “do you not like playing with Legos or watching Pokemon?” he asked. “I like playing with them… I like watching Pokemon.” You said shyly before sitting on the floor and playing with the blocks. The two of you were quiet at first but once Pokemon came back from commercial the two of you couldn’t help but talk about what Pokemon you would have if you were trainers. “You can’t get all the legendaries Michael!” You said. “Of course I can, I’m gonna be a Pokemon master.” He says proudly. “What if I wanna be Pokemon master?” You said, “I wanna be like Misty.” “Well I’m going to be Ash and my Pikachu will beat your whole team.” He says while sticking his tongue out. “Not if I use flamethrower.” You said pouting. “Water Pokemon can’t use flamethrower.” Michael says. You pout even more and make a face at him. You heard Michael laugh and he playfully hit you with a pillow. You grabbed the pillow and hit him back. The two of you continuing to play until your parent’s said it was time to go home. “(Y/N)?” Michael calls out, “wanna play again tomorrow?” He asked. You nodded and smiled, “tomorrow.”


You’ve lived in the neighborhood for about 2 weeks and your parent’s were happy that you adjusted quickly despite you being the young age of 6. You were playing on the playground set your dad had set up during the week, kicking your feet up to go higher on the swings. You stopped when you saw a soccer ball roll into your side of the yard. You were confused for a moment, got off the swing, and picked up the ball to see the name, “Calum” scribbled on with sharpie. You looked to the side to see a kid standing there with a shocked face, as if he was trying to process the situation. Before you could answer he ran back into his house and you stood there holding the ball. You waited a bit wondering if he would come back out, he never did so you kicked the ball back into his side. You got tired of playing and decided to go back inside to take a nap. You looked out your window from your room to see that kid back out to his back yard and holding the ball, looking around, then back to playing by himself. The next day you were going to play again, you stopped to see his ball right in the middle of the yard again, and him nowhere to be seen. Again, you kicked it back to his side, played for 20 minutes, then went back inside. It became a sort of routine to see his ball accidentally in your yard everyday, your response was to kick it back, play, then leave. This day you found the ball in the yard, but this time scribbled poorly on the ball was the word, “sorry.” You looked at his house to see him waiting at the door and you tossed the ball back to his side. He came out of the house and picked it up shyly, “sorry my ball keeps going on your side, I’m really bad at playing.” He says sheepishly. “Why do you always hide in your house when it happens?” You asked. “Well, my mum said I can’t go into other people’s yards because it is rude.” He says with a light blush. “Well, I’m tired of always kicking your ball back.” “I’m sorry.” He says with his voice fading. You smile slightly at him, “if it ever goes on my side you have permission to get it back.” You said and he looks up at you smiling back. “My name is Calum.” He says facing the ball in his hands with his name. “(Y/N).” You said smiling back.


Your mother re-married and that meant moving into a new home. You never really liked the guy, but your mother was too blind to see through your new step-father’s actions. You were 6 years old, but definitely knew the difference between a good and bad person. You moved in a neighborhood where the houses were built really close to each other. You saw where your room was going to be from outside, a small roof that was built under your window almost touched the roof of your neighbors house. You thought it was strange, and wondered if it was an inconvenience to whoever had that room. Your mother called you in and before you headed inside you saw a boy exit out of the house next to you. his hair slightly covered his face and he had a growing smile. He got to his small bike that was laying on his lawn and before he left he caught you watching. Your mother called you in once more. You entered the house and saw your step-father already taking a lazy position on the couch while your mother mindlessly started cooking and humming like in a trance. “(Y/N) go watch TV with your new daddy.” Your mother says. “I don’t want to…” You say right back. “(Y/N)-” “It’s fine, go up to your room then.” Your step-father said with a passive voice. You pouted and went up the stairs, when you got to second floor you saw how much of a mess it was. The one thing on your mind being that your mom was probably going to be the one to clean up and do his bidding. You looked around until you got to your room. You had a small bed that wasn’t really comfortable, but you couldn’t complain. As much as you missed your old house, there was nothing you could do. You messily put the bed sheets on the bed and laid there closing your eyes, escaping into day dreams. Your eyes opened later to a knock at your window. You rubbed your eyes, sat up, and walked to the window turning back the curtains. The window was slightly dirty, and the light from the other side looked a bit hazy from the dirt, you opened the window to see the same kid who left his house a while ago. “I had a feeling this would be your room.” He said and you silently stared back at him. “‘To think that the man who lives in this house would get married’ well that is what my mum said…” “You know that this guy….” “Is a jerk? Yeah. Ah, but don’t tell my mum I said that, I shouldn’t be rude.” He said sheepishly. “I…. Hate him.” You said looking at your fingers on the windowsill. “You and your mum look pretty nice… What does she see in him?” “I don’t know.” You said looking away with a frown forming on your face. “Ah, hey, come up here… I have something for you.” He says. You look around to get a small box and used it as a step ladder. You sat on the roof slightly scared but liked the view that you got from it. “Here, I got this at my friends house. I got an extra one for you since you just arrived.” He said holding out a chocolate bar. You smiled and opened it, breaking a small square and eating it. “There, you’re smiling now right? My name is Ashton by the way.” he says. You look at him and smile back, “(Y/N)…. Thanks for the chocolate.”


You were 6 when your parents decided to move houses. You hated change and would rather have everything be the same as it’s always been. You held the small bouquet of flowers your old class from your school gave you close. You stared at the window at the passing buildings and people, sticking your tongue out. “(Y/N), don’t make faces, it’s rude.” Your mother would say. You hugged your flowers tight and saw some wilting, “ah, mommy, the flowers.” “Told you not to suffocate them. We will put them in water when we get to the house, we are almost there.” Your mom said. “Ah, (Y/N), look over there, that must be your new school.” Your Father points out. “I hate it.” “You could make new friends there too.” “Nope, I hate it. I liked my old friends, I liked our old house.” You say with a pout. “Ah, you must hate change don’t you…?” He questions before putting his eyes back on the road. Minutes later, your father stopped the car in front of a rather large house. The movers were already there and and unloaded most of the boxes from the truck. Your father opened the door to the car and you shimmied your way down still holding the flowers. You heard a car pull up at the house next to yours and saw two older boys run out of the car laughing and heading inside. Their mother scolded them but laughed along with her husbands remark. A third boy around your age hopped out of the car and glanced at your house then at you. You looked away quickly, holding your flowers against your chest. “Ah, you must be our new neighbors. It’s so nice to meet you, I’m Liz this is my husband Andy.” She says greeting your parents. “Thank you for the greeting, I’m (Y/M/N), this is my husband (Y/F/N), and my daughter (Y/N).” “Awe hello there (Y/N), you know I have 3 sons actually.” Liz says, “two of them ran inside though.” “Ah but we have our son who is about (Y/N)’s age. Lewi.” Andy says gesturing him to come over. He was slightly chubby and had blonde messy hair, freckles covered his blushing cheeks. The parents started talking, and eventually you started to wander off to the side bored. “Uhm, so what’s your name again?” He asked following you to the side. “(Y/N)…. And you’re… Lewi?” “It’s Luke, my dad just calls me that as a nickname…” He says with a slight blush on his cheeks, “so where are you going to school?” “Ah… The one a few blocks from here.” “Then I guess I’ll see you around then.” “I… Really don’t want to go.” You said looking down at your flowers. “I promise you people there are pretty nice.” Luke says. “It’s just that… I hate change. I’ll be alone and no one will talk to me so…” “Hey, weren’t you listening? I said I’ll be there.” He says nudging your hand lightly. “You sure you would wanna be by the new girl?” You asked. “Well you’re my neighbor now too so, I feel like I’ll see you a lot…” “Thank you Luke….” You said before handing him a flower from the bouquet. You heard your parent’s call for you, and Luke doing the same to him. You smiled after entering the house, feeling that living here wouldn’t be as bad as you thought.

A/N: Soooo this is the first part of my new series and I hope you like it. There will be more parts coming soon, especially part 2. This was something that I thought would be fluffy and cute :3.

I dedicate this preference to all you students going to school tomorrow (or today). It’s going to be difficult, seeing teachers you dislike, toxic people, stressing on your grades and all of that, but I believe that each and every one of you can survive that first day with your head held high. I also wanted to post this preference just so you guys (the people who probably go on tumblr during school to escape like I do) have something to read and smile about. First day’s really suck, but it’s a new year and every one of you get to start fresh, make those A’s, and shake off those toxic peeps B) Hell, message me to tell me how your day was :)) Smile a lot everyone :D

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How My Cullen Helmet Went From a Ridiculous Blob to a Super Rad Lion 

If I’d had my way, I’dve preferred to sculpt it and cast it in resin, but time, money, lab space, and not wanting to fight with all those uncuts killed that plan. So I set out to see if it was possible to just make the damn thing from foam. Turns out it is! I was kind of completely making this up as I went along. I’ve never made a helmet before and didn’t know if this would work at all. But it does, so here’s how I did it: 

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