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Ocean Blues

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Words: 1500?

Warnings: Just fluffy stuff :) 

Notes: A short cute beach fluffy drabble shit that got my mind off crap. I hope you all enjoy it! 

The waves crashed on the tall, dark ridged rocks. When they folded over themselves and bubbled white foam, it made thunderous sounds that you could feel in your chest. It was a clear sky, not a cloud in sight and the birds were bathing in the sun. You decided to take your bike out for a short ride to the beach, planning on being lazy by laying on the sand for the entire day. The sand was hot and it clung to your legs as you padded your way to a open spot near the water. 

You laid out your extra large beach towel that Sam bought from the superstore then applied some sunscreen. Your body sunk into the Earth’s natural memory foam and let out a much needed deep breath. Behind your eyelids, your mind played back the events of yesterday. A hunt. Arms saving you from a fall. And those same arms holding you, while the voice who owned them rang truth into your ear. Castiel’s voice lingered in your thoughts. 

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Yay, more JackSepticEye fan art xD I got inspired to make this a while back while watching his Turbo Dismount videos but I just now got around to actually drawing it. I need to stop being so lazy at drawing nowadays;;

Anyways, I hope you all enjoy this one. :3 I hope Jack likes it too!

I do not own the Septic eye or the pink bike from Turbo Dismount.

Pink Bike belongs to the creator of Turbo Dismount

Septic Eye belongs to JackSepticEye

This is mere fan art.

For therealjacksepticeye

I hope you like it, Jack :D I love your Turbo Dismount videos (Especially the one where you keep killing Billy! lol)

Enjoy everyone ^^