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Macfit L.H

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warning: smuuuuuut - this is so smutty holy shit, I don’t want to give much away but just prepare yourselves.

word count: 3600+ 

summary: y/n watches Luke work out and becomes a little horny

requested?: yes, honestly I love this whole concept - Luke working out with macfit. Like just seeing him work out is one of the most attractive things I’ve ever seen. Don’t forget requests are open and I reply to all!

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There are good and bad things about Luke getting into fitness, a good thing is that his stamina is now through the roof and he is constantly wanting to go at it like rabbits - which I have no issue with. But there is the downside where he wants me to workout with him.

I’m pretty lazy when it comes to being active, that’s why Luke and I worked because we were happy staying home all day and eating junk food and watching movies. But now Luke is constantly asking me to go workout with him, because apparently macfit is the best gym around. Yet not once have I said yes, because as I said, I’m lazy as fuck.

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So I hear you're a b1a4 supremacist, and I'm here to learn. I'm a bit overwhelmed by the amount of content so if you could help a sistah out and hit me up with some links or just a list of must watch variety show things or livestreams or reality shows or whatever that they've done, i'll be forever grateful thank youuu

jfc i’m fucking honored you came to me, anon-sshi ok wow.

buckle up and listen it’s gonna be a messy ride full of keyboard smashing also caps locking is that even a word.

THE ALMOST ULTIMATE B1A4 VARIETY SHOW LIST, bc even as a supremacist, i have memory flaws but keep your faith in oppa amen.


watch it here >>>

praise the lord bc after 6 years and counting the gems are still up on that site. i’m telling you i have been coming back to MTV match up at least ONCE A YEAR. it’s that great, it’s THAT LEGENDARY i pity new idols who don’t get to experience variety shows with MTV i’m not even joking. please watch it.

* fun fact: do you know who invented being awkward on variety shows? CNU. broad shoulders? CNU, established 2011. long hair don’t care? shin dongwoo, blood type A.

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So I am in love with your biker Anti and wanted to know if you have any hcs?

sure! i could whip up a few for ya! the edit was based off a convo i had, but i’m actually starting to like this au myself! 💙

  • anti’s bike is a little old fashioned, but he loves it to pieces. it’s got big handlebars.
  • he’s mostly been a lone wolf, but has slowly starting taking a fondness towards dark and wilford’s group.
  • he loves riding on open land under the stars. sometimes he stops for a few minutes to lay out underneath them.
  • typically wears a leather jacket, chains, ripped jeans, boots, the whole works, but sometimes he’s lazy and wears his gaming sweatshirt and his black skinny jeans.
  • wears a green neckerchief to hide his scar.
  • has quite the trash mouth and sometimes doesn’t think before he speaks. thus, ending with him getting into a few fights and black eyes.
  • has an apartment in the city that he likes to cruise around in, typically at night. he likes to joke and call himself the ‘night rider’.
  • always gets chinese food on the weekends. 
  • doesn’t like anyone else touching his bike and doesn’t give rides, unless he comes to trust you enough.
  • once stopped in the middle of the road to help two kids cross it on their way to school.
  • has a few tattoos on his arms, but one on his side. he only allows certain people to see that one. it’s a green eyeball and tail that reminds him of jack.

I slept in this morning!!! Lazy pants!

Went for my cardio at lunchtime! Got in my 2 miles and then jumped on the bike for 15 minutes! I think I am gonna go for a nice lifting session this evening! 💪👍

I had chicken and spinach for lunch and it was delicious! I do still feel like I want more food though! I will probably make a keto pizza to feast on in a bit! 😋

I am also officially sick of work this week! People make me crazy sometimes! Take me now Lord! 😂

first kiss in the rain w/ dino ↴
  • short + sweet
  • because I need to hit the hay
  • you and chan were hanging out on his day off
  • he loves spending time with you
  • his best friend
  • you both decided to go bike riding 
  • he wanted to stay active on his days off
  • because he believed if he got lazy, he’d be lazy forever
  • which is semi-true
  • “wait up!”
  • you call after chan and he continues to speed up ahead
  • “it’s going to rain soon! I’m not trying to get wet!”
  • you look up at the sky and see how dark it was getting
  • the clouds filled with water
  • blocking the sun 
  • you could feel the moisture in the air
  • this only makes you speed up even more
  • you finally catch up to chan
  • but the rain began to fall
  • you look up again
  • and for the slightest second you were distracted
  • your bike and you went tumbling down
  • you scream and chan immediately stops
  • “y/n!” 
  • he drops his bike and runs up to you
  • your bike fell on top of you
  • and the rain wasn’t making it any easier
  • “are you hurt?”
  • he lifts the bike off of you
  • he checks your body
  • examining your legs and arms
  • “no, nothing hurts”
  • you notice a few scratches
  • but they didn’t even hurt
  • “you scared me! I thought you got run over or something!”
  • chan pulled you into a hug quickly
  • “Im sorry! Im okay!” you reassure him
  • but he still seems ticked off
  • “do you have any idea what I would do if something happend to you?”
  • “I’d go crazy!”
  • chan keeps rambling on and on
  • his voice getting louder because he couldn’t hear himself over the pouring rain
  • you felt flattered that he cared so much about you
  • just as much as you cared for him
  • the only way to to shut chan up
  • was to kiss him
  • you grabbed his cheeks and pulled his face close to yours
  • you smile before pressing your lips on his
  • chan smiled in the kiss
  • and you were satisfied that your plan worked
  • you pull aways slowly
  • chan rubs the rain that was getting in his face, off
  • “now let’s go home before we both get sick”
  • you stood up and chan followed your steps
  • “you drive me crazy” 
  • he laughs before collecting his bike
  • “but you know you like it”

↠ masterlist ↞

requests are open!

Have Some Art.

While I’m out of a tablet, I might as well share some works of mine that have yet to be seen.

This was originally a part of a project of mine to mimic the artstyle of the Super Mario Kart boxart with the roster of Mario Kart 8, back when it was still fresh and new. A sort of, old meets new (or new meets old maybe?) to celebrate the grand new game. That was along with some Mario Kart 8-bit remixes (hahaha geddit) that I did. I only ever did get around to Mario though, and I got halfway through Luigi’s when I realized that I hate bikes, and cursed myself for attempting it.

But oh well, it’s fun to think about what could be if I wasn’t a lazy butt.


Hi friends!!

I have enjoyed my week of recovery, but I’m ready to get back into moving my body. I do enjoy the week off after a race, but I need to get out of my slug life ways. And that started this afternoon!

Scott was here to visit on Friday! And we went out with some friends for karaoke. It was highly entertaining and a great time with scott and all my friends. We stayed out later and enjoyed ourselves :)

Saturday was therefore a very lazy day for scott and I. We did make it out for a bike ride though! Not until the evening haha but we made it out! We rode about 20 miles with a stop at the end for Dairy Queen. It was nice :)

Sunday we were much more productive! We got up, went to church, went to the grocery store, and then made lunch together. He had to head home a bit earlier than normal because he was making dinner for his mom.

Once we left I decided to head out for a run! My legs felt ready to run, so I figured I might as well see how they would work. I kept it short and sweet, but it felt good to get out there again! It’s nice to run right now and not have a plan to follow I can just do what I want :)

And that’s what I did tonight! I headed out after work intending to run. But I got not even a half mile in, realized my legs didn’t feel great, and I didn’t really feel like running haha so I didn’t! I decided to have a nice sunny walk instead. Felt really nice :)

And that’s what I’ve been up to lately! Hope you’re all doing well :)

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Friday Follow = Your Favourite Blogs :3

ah shit that’s a hard one :/ I got too many and I might forget to list some but that’s okay ! @my-sisters-bike @mrjacktheripper @tedbundy @dahmeresque @2mgxnx @mansongrl @basementtapes @the-observer-42099 @serialkillersandmassmurderers @serialselection @martwica-kolan @dylanneric @jeff-bundy @wh0rerror @hankirisuto ummm I got like a hundred more but I’m too lazy to keep going my dude so here are some :p , that’s good enough?!


Lazy mornings with my men 👪

We decided to sleep in today and eat breakfast together. Felipe had the day off, so I cooked a massive breakfast for all three of us. Then we heard a knock on the door. It was a delivery man with a big package for Aaden! When we opened it, we found this little bike from @officialmrsbolden! Felipe put it together immediately while I got Aaden dressed, then we went on a walk around the block with Aaden riding his bike. Thank you so much for the bike Mahari, Aaden loves it! 💗  

Love, Raegan

Ocean Blues

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Words: 1500?

Warnings: Just fluffy stuff :) 

Notes: A short cute beach fluffy drabble shit that got my mind off crap. I hope you all enjoy it! 

The waves crashed on the tall, dark ridged rocks. When they folded over themselves and bubbled white foam, it made thunderous sounds that you could feel in your chest. It was a clear sky, not a cloud in sight and the birds were bathing in the sun. You decided to take your bike out for a short ride to the beach, planning on being lazy by laying on the sand for the entire day. The sand was hot and it clung to your legs as you padded your way to a open spot near the water. 

You laid out your extra large beach towel that Sam bought from the superstore then applied some sunscreen. Your body sunk into the Earth’s natural memory foam and let out a much needed deep breath. Behind your eyelids, your mind played back the events of yesterday. A hunt. Arms saving you from a fall. And those same arms holding you, while the voice who owned them rang truth into your ear. Castiel’s voice lingered in your thoughts. 

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Hello friends!!

Sorry (again) for the lack of posting. It’s been a busy week!

I’ll just do some bullet points to avoid writing a novel haha:
-scott and I had a great weekend in Grand Rapids!! The wedding was super fun and we got to spend time with friends we hadn’t seen in a while. Grand Rapids was a really fun city and we enjoyed our time there :)
-I ran along the Grand river on our last day there. It was so nice!! I felt like I could have ran there forever
-Tuesday I went to my run group and we did hills! It was a good workout! That was the first day of my period though, so I wasn’t feeling the best, but I powered through and felt good after :)
-Wednesday I went for a group ride at the bike shop in town. HOLY POOP that was a hard ride!! They were going so fast!! Like 20 mph on anything remotely flat. I didn’t think I was gonna make it multiple times, but with the help of everyone there letting me draft off of them, I finished and didn’t get dropped! It was hard though. I want to go back, but I’m nervous now that I know what it’s like! But I know riding with them will make me a better biker. I just gotta work hard to keep up!
-yesterday after work I got in a few miles, which felt good! This week at work was busy so I was pretty tired, but didn’t have any reason not to run, so I did!
-today I was a bit lazy this morning so I delayed getting out to run. It was HOT by the time I got out! My body is not ready for 80 degree running again! I know I just need to acclimate a bit more, but I was a hot sweaty mess after this run. It’s supposed to cool down a bit again soon so that will help too :)

So that’s what I’ve been up to!! I’ll definitely try to post more regularly again! I’ve been doing stuff, just slacking at the posts

Hope you’ve all been doing well!! :)


Summary: Dan wants punk!Phil to meet his parents, but Dan’s parents might not approve.

Word Count: 2042

A/N: Sorry I didn’t quite incorporate the pastel part so much! Based off of this prompt on the phanfic tumblr: “Pastel!Dan brings his older, punk boyfriend Phil over, and Dan’s parents don’t like him.” 

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Flexibility, Love and Trust

Summary: Everyone in this world has a soulmate. Each person has a tattoo that appears somewhere on the body when they turn seven and their soulmate matches them, the key to finding out who they are and soulmates can feel each other’s pain and sadness. For Isak Valtersen, soulmates scare the shit out of him. But can meeting a new boy change that?

A/N: This fic follows the events in canon, but adds the soulmate aspect to it. Enjoy!

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Hi friends!!

I had a great weekend in Michigan with scott! Hope you all had good ones too!

Since I had my first summer Friday (I work 9 hour days and get every other Friday off in the summer) scott had the great idea of going to cedar point! We hadn’t been in years so we were really excited!!

It was a great day together! The weather was hot, but not unbearable. And the park was surprisingly empty (making the fast passes we bought not worth it haha but oh well!). We also realized that we are indeed getting older because some of this big coasters made us not feel the best haha. But we had a great all day date together and I’m glad we went :)

On Saturday we headed out for a bike ride, but it didn’t go the best. It was super hot that day and scott was just not feeling the greatest. We were hoping to have gone further, but I’m still happy with 30 miles :)

That evening we got dinner with Scott’s family for Father’s Day, which was nice! My parents were out of town this weekend, so I wasn’t able to see my dad. But I’ll be back in a couple weeks for the 4th! Happy Father’s Day to all of the dads out there :)

Sunday scott and I were pretty lazy. We had a busy weekend so we used Sunday to recharge! It was a great weekend with my love though! I love weekends when we get a lot of alone time after not seeing each other for a while :)

Last week ended up being a down week in terms of exercise for me, not really on purpose though. I didn’t run at all!! This week I plan to kick it back in gear. The temps are supposed to relax a bit so it should be good :)

Happy Monday!!

Just to clear it up.

To everyone asking me why I’m disappointed and irritated by “The Giver”:
Yes, as a movie by itself, it was an alright movie and was relatively interesting. HOWEVER, it is based of a classic novel with intricate themes, hidden messages, and controversies. First, the setting made it appear that they somehow lived in the sky. The writers changed many small/medium details- injections instead of pills, the age of the ceremony, the jobs of Fiona and Asher, etc., etc. The excessive use of futuristic technology (for example, holograms and hovercrafts) all throughout the movie that were never in the book was quite annoying. The sequence of events was unruly. Even in the first scene, Jonas saw the color red before he was even announced the Receiver. When Jonas started receiving the memories, he received them in the wrong order or not at all. He never had a memory of actual physical pain or the transfer a sunburn. The writers turned Jonas’ “stirrings” and slight attraction to Fiona into head-over-heals-run-away-with-me-love (literally). Heading towards the end, the writers of this movie just made the rest up. They made it into a romance movie and got lazy with the details of Jonas’ escape. I mean come on, really, the boundary of memories? And Jonas just happened to get a motorcycle? That sounds a lot easier than biking there. I don’t even KNOW what they were aiming for with Asher trying to catch Jonas with a hovercraft then just dropping him in a river. After Jonas’ long journey, they failed to show him beginning to dying, as described in the book. AND FINALLY THE WORST OF ALL. THE ENDING. The ending is the best and most controversial part of the book. In my personal opinion, Jonas died in the end of the book. They didn’t even leave that option open in the movie. In the book you’re not supposed to know whether or not Jonas lives. You decide for yourself. Not in the movie! They tell you that Jonas sleds through this magic boundary and suddenly the world is perfect again. THEY RUINED THE WHOLE BUILD UP AND CONTROVERSY OF THE BOOK. This is by far the WORST book to screen conversion I have ever seen.

How My Cullen Helmet Went From a Ridiculous Blob to a Super Rad Lion 

If I’d had my way, I’dve preferred to sculpt it and cast it in resin, but time, money, lab space, and not wanting to fight with all those uncuts killed that plan. So I set out to see if it was possible to just make the damn thing from foam. Turns out it is! I was kind of completely making this up as I went along. I’ve never made a helmet before and didn’t know if this would work at all. But it does, so here’s how I did it: 

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Yay, more JackSepticEye fan art xD I got inspired to make this a while back while watching his Turbo Dismount videos but I just now got around to actually drawing it. I need to stop being so lazy at drawing nowadays;;

Anyways, I hope you all enjoy this one. :3 I hope Jack likes it too!

I do not own the Septic eye or the pink bike from Turbo Dismount.

Pink Bike belongs to the creator of Turbo Dismount

Septic Eye belongs to JackSepticEye

This is mere fan art.

For therealjacksepticeye

I hope you like it, Jack :D I love your Turbo Dismount videos (Especially the one where you keep killing Billy! lol)

Enjoy everyone ^^