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I Think I Know What Happens Before Breath of the Wild?

so i saw this tumblr post and it instantly got the gears in my head turning and i came up with a theory as to what happened 100 years in the past before the events of breath of the wild.

so to start off, link and zelda already knew each other long before ganon appeared. (we know this because he already had the champions shirt before ganon appeared, so he was already close to the royal family.)

at some point, zelda regains her memories of her past lives, meaning she learns what will inevitably happen to her and link.

she knows that going on a quest and battling ganon will hurt link and possibly get him killed, so when ganon appears, she tries to stop him alone. however, it’s too much for her to handle. and when ganon awakens, he takes control of the sheikah guardians and they start to destroy castle town.

the king of hyrule sends link to stop zelda from hurting herself by trying to fight alone. “you must save her… my daughter.” so because she’s trying to protect link, link ends up needing to protect her too. they escape castle town and head into the woods near hyrule field.

despite zelda’s wishes for her and link to not need to face ganon, they must anyway. soon enough, the guardians catch up to them. link and zelda run and try their best to fight them off, getting dirty and injured. they are briefly separated, but zelda catches up to link later. link loses the master sword’s scabbard and the sword itself is badly damaged.

link is severely injured in battle and then this scene happens:

he collapses and struggles to get up. at this point, zelda has caught up to him and is right behind him. 

link is still extremely weak though, and slumps over after getting up. directly in front of them are 2 dead guardians and 1 active one. which is this scene in the e3 trailer: (you can tell that these scenes from different trailers are the connected because the positions of the 3 guardians are the same in both.)

zelda is behind link, which is why she isnt seen here. the guardian targets link and prepares to fire

before it can fire, zelda stops it, defending link.

unfortunately, link is already gravely injured and soon dies from his injuries. 

with link dead and zelda injured, the sheikah have been left to fight off ganon and the guardians. the sheikah use the power of their 4 divine beasts to seal ganon’s true power, and ganon becomes the primal calamity ganon. when ganon’s true power has been sealed, most of the sheikah are gone (having disappeared, scattered, or died.) 

zelda puts link’s body into the shrine of resurrection so he can heal. and then brings the master sword to the great deku tree to be restored over time.

zelda then returns to the castle and stays there, using her power to keep herself and ganon bound to it

zelda, ganon, and the rest of hyrule wait for the hero link to awaken 100 years in the future.

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i can remember all three times I got “dragged” or cussed out on tumblr lol

1. I was dating this guy who at the time seemed like “the perfect guy” but his kissing really bothered me cause he was always forcing his tongue down my throat and thrashing it around and kissing me so hard my head would sink into the mattress and I couldn’t move it or my lips at all. And whenever I tried to show him how to kiss me properly and slower, he would never do it. 

So I turned to tumblr. My mistake lol. I was like “If yall was dating somebody who was basically perfect, but their kissing turned you all the way off, what would you do?” And everybody was chewing my head off about how kissing isn’t even that important in a relationship and it was a stupid question to even ask, and kissing doesn’t measure up to everything else you like about that person and if you really cared about them you would just teach them how to kiss and you sound so immature blah blah blah. I was like damn I must be childish AF and just deleted it and prayed it didn’t get anymore reblogs lmao.

2. I was in the middle of a pregnancy scare and I was doing a whole bunch of research online about pre-cum. And from the multiple articles I read, I gathered that there was no sperm present in pre-cum, but if a guy were to bust a nut and not wipe himself off AND urinate before entering you, the pre-cum could push the sperm from his first nut into you and you could get pregnant. So I made a post about it on tumblr, warning niggas because I know yall like to get that first nut off before sex so you’ll last longer. And this post blew up with people thanking me. Then I get an anon going off on me about how they’re a med student and I was 100% wrong about pre-cum not containing sperm and that I was fucked up for spreading false information to so many people and a bunch of other cuss words. I was just going off what I read and I feel like even if I was wrong about the sperm being in pre-cum, I was definitely right about everything else and it was helpful. No idea what other negative responses that post got cause I delete posts after 1000 notes if it’s still blowing up. Not tryna find out either lol.

3. I made a post one day about how I didn’t understand why some people go to concerts and just sit there and record it the whole time cause I feel like they were missing out on the full experience just so they can watch a fucked up choppy video with terrible sound later. I also said I could understand recording some clips, but doing it the whole time was annoying because they’re always blocking other people’s view, especially little people like me. And let me tell you…people started going the fuck off. “Why the fuck do you care so much?” “Why does it fucking matter”, “omfg just leave people alone, let them live their lives and stop judging them all the gotdamn time!”. One person gave me this long ass sob story about how they record every show they go to because their cousin and family members weren’t there to see it with them and I should be ashamed for judging other people so harshly. In my head, I’m like “I didn’t come at nobody as a person…I didn’t come at nobody’s sexuality, gender, religion, lifestyle, financial status, etc…. and they really coming at me hard as fuck over this post

and I think that was the exact moment when I stopped taking anybody on tumblr seriously ever lmao….like…fuck yall thoughts

anonymous asked:

During the past week, I've gone through a break up. It got me so depressed, but when I got on your Tumblr. I started smiling and laughing at some parts. Your drawings really cheer me up. Thank you for existing and for your cute/lovely art. P.S. I'm a big fan :3

Im so sorry to hear that Nonny!! Im glad i could do a little something to make you smile!❤️

ADM: Please read it!

Hey guys Dan here. I’m really sorry for stay away for a long time. Lately my internet is horrible and I can’t publish anything at all. I want to answer the questions, I want to draw Ben answering your questions, but unfortunately it is not being possible. Today I finally got into the tumblr and I saw that I reached 900 followers and it made me very sad. I’m away and I couldn’t offer content to all of you, it really pissed me off.
I don’t know when my internet will be stable again, but I hope it’s soon! I miss you all! I’ll not abandon the ask-dr0wned-ben, I promise. Creating this blog made me happy, I met nice people, I had fun! I’ll be absent, but I ask you to be patient with me, please don’t give up on me. Thank you for being here, this is important to me and I hope to thank you in brave!

I was making a text post about how i get emotional when I talk about my OCs and tumblr got concerned when I looked up gifs for “crying” and “sad”

listen the crying gif options were full of anime girls and punk alice in wonderland edits i just needed more options 


I haven’t seen it yet

I managed to get nearly to five in the afternoon before I broke down and got on tumblr. 

So…I’m still gonna watch it. I kind of have to, I owe it to myself, really. 

But, in trying to understand the depth of my grief and devastation rn….I just. I was so afraid of this. So afraid. 

There is though, this stupid, foolish hope in the back of my heart that this isn’t the end. That they’ll make a fourth episode. That they’ll fix it in series 5. That this isn’t the end. 

That this was the rug, the rug they pulled out from beneath tjlc. To knock us off the scent before their bigger, better, reveal. Before they really make history. 

But I am so afraid. So afraid that this was it, this mess of fakeness, this terrible, insulting, disastrous let down. 

If this is it, and truly they never did have a plan, they never intended to make landmark lgbt content. Then that is so very heartbreaking. Because it wasn’t imagined, the evidence was there, it fit, it made sense. Everything was right. There. 

If not, if this is a trick, a clever deception to lead us into the real reveal. To break us completely before giving us exactly what we asked for. How cleverly cruel of them, how truly horrible. And yet this is what I so desperately hope for. 

In any event, there are a number of very disappointed people in need of camaraderie and comfort. For anyone in need of someone to talk to, rant at or speculate with, I am available. And I encourage everyone to stick together, everything will be okay, one day. For now, all we have is each other.  

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ʚ♡⃛ɞ Last song I listened to: hakuna - california (LOVEEE)

ʚ♡⃛ɞ Favorite tv show: ever? dexter, gilmore girls, lost (etc.) but what im watching atm is: the new lemony snicket series & hell on wheels (netflix)

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My husband said he dislikes my therapist because going to therapy isn’t “doing anything” for me, meaning I’m not cured and still have an eating disorder. I have so many thoughts, but I also got criticized for siting at my desk and being on Tumblr “all the time,” so I guess I’ll just have to go stare at a wall or read and avoid looking at my phone or getting on the laptop while Joshua is home, then write out those thoughts when / if he leaves.

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