then i gave up and thought id do a clary one

“Roles Reversed”

Book/ or show: Shadowhunters

Pairing: Alec and Magnus (Malec)

Fanfiction genre: Alternate Universe, Fluff and Romance

Idea from: @alec-imstraight-lightwood (To see the original idea, click here)

Prompt: We all know and love the story of Alec and Magnus who fight demons together in the Shadow World. But where would they be if the Shadow World didn’t exist? This follows the events of the alternate universe in season 1, episode 10. 


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Magnus' Annual Summer-Is-Over Party

Alec and Magnus’ first meeting takes place at one of Magnus’ brilliant high school parties.

(I decided to include the entire thing, even though I got a little carried away. I hope it’s not too long. I gladly take suggestions.)


Once Alec could finally join his friends at lunch, they were already discussing something secretively. Most of his friends were a year younger than him, but his sister had always been one of his best friends even if they were complete opposites, and so he had just started hanging out with her friends as well. And of course there was Jace. Jace had started out at his grade, and they had been best friends for so long, Alec almost forgot sometimes that he hadn’t always known Jace. But Jace had had so much going on in his life with moving between foster homes almost every other month, that at some point he had failed too many classes to keep up. Now he was in the same grade as the rest of them, Clary, Simon and Isabelle.

Seeing Jace with Clary now, as he entered the cafeteria, he couldn’t help but feel a bit warm inside, as Jace reached out to wipe off a crump off Clary’s cheek. Jace had always been in love with Clary, but things had been complicated, since Clary’s parents had been Jace’s on and off again foster parents. Now, he was finally in a group home, although Alec suspected Jace hated it there, he also knew that Jace enjoyed being able to show how much he cared for Clary. The only ones who didn’t know were Clary’s mom and stepdad, and Alec could understand why they would keep it a secret from them, at least for now. They most likely still wouldn’t accept it.

“Alec!” Isabelle cheered as she noticed her brother approaching. “We were just discussing something, maybe you can help…” she started, but Simon, as usual, had to interrupt her.

“Behold, she’s about to ask you something offensively gay,” he said. Izzy shoved at Simon with irritation.

“It’s not offensive, but you know, Alec might possess a little bit of gaydar. I’m telling these guys that Magnus Bane, he falls somewhere on the sexuality spectrum, right? Surely, no one with that much glitter in his hair is straight,” she said matter-of-factly. Alec looked around, and they were all staring at him waiting for an answer.

“Magnus who?” Alec said, although he knew exactly whom they were talking about. The guy was a legend at the school just because of his parties and his bold sense of fashion. Alec had never actually met and talked to the guy. He’d always just ignored him, thinking he was a bit intimidating.

“You guys, leave Alec alone, alright,” Jace shot Isabelle a warning look, because she looked as if she was about to make a joke about Alec’s fake obliviousness.

“I thought he was dating that girl, what was her name? I think she was a foreign student,” Clary offered to deflect the attention, which Alec appreciated. He never really liked being the center of attention, that’s why he always hung out with Jace or Isabelle, because they were always the center and so no one would notice him while they were around.

“Alec?” Isabelle wrinkled her nose.

“No, Magnus. Magnus was dating a girl, I’m sure of it,” Clary was searching her mind for a name.

“Camilla?” Simon narrowed his eyes.

“Camille!” Clary exclaimed.

“Yeah, she was only here for a year, while her dad was working in the states. I think she moved back to France,” Simon shrugged.

“Too bad, she was kind of a babe,” Jace recalled, and Clary slapped him lightly on the shoulder, but he just grinned back at her. “Unless you’re into redheads of course.”

“Why are you talking about Magnus?” Alec wondered, while taking a bite of his apple.

“He’s having his annual summer-is-over party and Izzy got hold of an invitation,” Simon said with fake astonishment. Isabelle shot Simon a look that could kill.

“I was thinking we should go? Jace wants to go too, right?” she looked hopefully at her friend.

“Why would someone celebrate that summer is over though?” Simon interrupted again.

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Bodyguard [Michael Clifford AU; 4]

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

He left you in tears that night. You felt as if he tugged on your heart strings, tangled them together into a little bow tie and left them for you to untangle. To top it all off, you couldn’t run to Ben considering he kissed you and you didn’t return the favor. You stumbled to your room and threw yourself onto the bed, your head in a swamp of thoughts. Slowly, exhaustion took over

You gripped the edges of your bathroom sink. It was currently 6 in the morning and you were attempting to clear your thoughts. Today is going to be one hell of a ride and you are one hell of a mess. You stared at yourself in the mirror. Your hair was dripping wet and your eyes were hazy. You clenched your fists an shut your eyes. You weren’t going to let your emotions come in the way of saving your dad. Not today. Quickly, you brushed your hair and blow dried it not bothering to tie it up. You changed into a round neck black tee and black soft cut offs. 6:47 a.m. Might as well eat breakfast. You padded the hallways, your feet bare of shoes. It was significantly cold. Not much people were awake, only guards that offered you stiff smiles. You bowed your head awkwardly in return, making your way to the canteen. It was empty except for the cooks. “Big day today, huh?” One of them asked. You softly scoffed. “Way more than that.” You say, grabbing the tray. “Good luck.” The lady called after you. You simply nodded your head and took your regular spot beside the windows. You were ¾ done with your food till your heart dropped when Michael walked in the room. He looked completely fine, his dark hair in its usual style. You could feel the heart strings tighten. You got up and tip toed to put your tray away. “Y/N,” Dammit. “Leave me alone.” “Y/N we need to talk,” You whip around, nearly stumbling because of the close proximity. “Really?” You force a bark of laughter. “Cause I clearly remember what you told me last night in the Greenhouse. Honestly Michael,” You looked to the side and watched the bodyguards roll in. There strolls in Clary with her perfect hair and perfect body and perfect self.You grit your teeth. “You’ve made yourself more clearer than the Ichetucknee River. There isn’t anything else to say.” You attempt to make a  detour around him. “Your not listening to me,” He grips your forearm. “Im not listening to you?!” You whisper/screech. “Why do you have to be stubborn-” “Michael just- Everything you said was right. Yeah it isn’t right for Bodyguards to kiss there guard-ee’s or whatever but I just want to get this off my chest before this horrific day starts.” You take a deep breath, your throat tightening on you. You stare at his chest instead of his eyes. “I-um-I have- I dont know if its the correct term but I have fallen in love with you over these past months and I know its a rule and all but thats alright and I get that you don’t feel the same but lets go back to the mission. When its over, ill get my dad to let you start your career on becoming an official and well that’s that.” You sigh and wriggle out of his grasp. “Follow me,” He mumbles, grasping your hand and tugging you in the near by corridor. “Mic-” “You never let me talk do you?” He chuckles. You flush red and look anywhere but him. “Okay listen,” He lightly touches your chin. “Every time I try to confess, you realize im always interrupted?” You think for a moment and remember Ben’s constant out bursts. Involuntarily, you let out a giggle remembering Mikey’s cursing. “What ive been trying to say is that I really have fallen in love with you too. Probably before you even realized it. And every time you push me away, you do realize that doesnt stop me from loving you? Your laugh, your eyes, your nose,your lips, you. Its all I want. Not Clary. Not ever Clary.” He smiled softly. You let out a chuckle. “You realize this unbelievably cliché? And coming from you? This is something id never expect.” You say. Michael laughed. “Well you better savor the moment cause its not happening again.” You feign pout. “Just my luck.” He laughed before cupping yoru cheeks, pulling you in for a long kiss to the point where your lungs were screaming for air. “So so so in love with you” He murmured, continuing to kiss you. “We’ve got a meeting coming up,” You sigh against his lips, wrenching yourself from Michael. He sighed and watched you walk to the Control room.

“So we’re ready?” You asked, scanning the rather large group of armed people. Murmurs of yes spread throughout. Your heart was filled with emotion. People were leaving their families, not knowing if this was their last goodbye or not. A lump formed in your throat. 

“Lets go.”

A line of soldiers walked out the room followed by the guards, the tutors, the officials, the guards and lastly the elites. You felt Michael approach you. “Your taking the SYCO boundary,” You announced. “What?!! Fuck no! I am staying with you!” Michael protested. You sighed and turned to face him. “Michael, this isnt a ‘oh i wanna do this so ima do it’ its an order.” You said, your voice slightly trembling. He frowned. “Youll come back?” He asked, his eyes filled with emotion. You smiled. “Where would I even go?” You grabbed his forearm and leaned in for a kiss. Michael placed his hand on the nape of your neck, holding onto you like you would crumble within seconds. “Ill see you soon.” You whisper against his lips before walking away. 

Your heart dropped as you looked at the SYCO agency building. You were on the top of a building, a rope connected that would transport you to the top of the SYCO building with a  zip line. It gave off a ominous feeling in the pit of your stomach. You turned to Mila, your accompaning General. She nodded at you. The both of you zipped to the top and entered the cellar that led to the main hall of the agency. “Mila,” You whisper, sliding out of the small space. “I’m-” Suddenly a hand was placed over your lips. And just like that, the world went black.


Hey!!! I finally wrote it after legit months of procrastinating which I am so sorry about, btw.