then i didn't anymore

god why is there so much drama with bts these days

SpazerCo plushworks is coming back

I’m getting back my little plush workshop back! So I guess my hiatus is coming to an end monday! So I’m gonna make a new pricing post soon this week! That I promise and open the commission slots on the following friday!

As to what happened, I was being booted from where I live (moved in my grandfather to take care of him till he passed) since my grandfather had passed away so there was no one to stop them from getting rid of me with excuses like “he’s stealing grandpa’s tools and pawning them” but it was them that was doing that and blaming me for it. They even stole one of my sewing machines and an expensive air compressor. So I decided to leave but before I walked out they tried to blackmail and extort money from me. So since November I had been really miserable. Getting into really heated arguments and after my grandfather passed I got into really nasty fist fights with them. (Gauze was so important living there) So I had moved out highly risking being homeless but I had to since I was being hated that much. Even though I pulled my own weight and more b6 repairing a shit load of stuff but was never appreciated in the end. But thank goodness I was temporarily taken in by an uncle who I hardly see but took my side and helped me find a place to live. So I get to have my workshop back and a place to sleep comfortable in. So I’m definitely gonna open up shop to replace a lot that was lost. So thank you, thank you very much for being real patient with me! I’ve been through a lot these past few months but its coming to an end this weekend but I need a week to setup the shop completely.


I just wanted to get some folks together to pay a tribute to somebody who’s, not only been by my side for the duration of this amazing journey, but somebody who has devoted his entire professional life to service this country. The best Vice President America has ever had, Mr. Joe Biden.


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do not repost anywhere

Keith is taking his job srsly and I’m glad about that

first time doing a comic it’s 4:30 am and I’m dead 


You’d better watch your back…you don’t want to get bitten.

a gift for @dazaiosamu-s , happy birthday Areen!! ♡

I’m sitting in the same coffee house i met you in for the first time. i have nothing else to write on. but I’m watching these two, coffee in hand. they look and talk as though they are on a first date. i hear her telling him how she got the scar on her hand and what her favorite kind of pizza is (its pepperoni). and i cant help but wonder if anyone thought of us here. did they listen to me tell you about my favorite coffee, how i broke my leg, or how beautiful i thought you were. did they listen to us laugh, see us smile? i wonder if they thought back to a first date they had in this very coffee shop. i wonder how many first dates this coffee shop has seen, how many relationships it has unknowingly helped to create. how many laughs it has heard, and how much happiness it has created. it sure created some for me. i can only hope ill be sitting in this coffee shop smiling with you again soon.


Favorite relationships: Isak og Eskild
Where are you ↵
on my way home
I’m coming.


Happy 25th birthday to our multi-talented, endlessly charming honey rapper, Mino! Thank you for not giving up on your dreams and for showing us that fear can only stop you if you allow it. You have truly been an inspiration to all of us. We will always protect and support you, Jinwoo, Seunghoon and Seungyoon as your Inner Circle. We love you! 💕