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He is a bully, and where I come from bullies take desperate young girls like your daughter and force them into prostitution and when they finally get knocked up, they peddle them to johns who get off on that. After they have the kid, they push them right back out on the streets even before they have a chance to heal. And those kids… they use them too.

Some people deserve to be punished.

tw: child sexual abuse, rape, emotional abuse, suicide-baiting, transmisogyny 

I never do call-outs ‘cause they take forever, but this has to stop. 

@sleepdontvisit claims they’re on a campaign to root out “inclusionist pedophiles and pedophile apologists.” 

Instead, they almost exclusively target bi trans sexual abuse survivors, frequently flat-out lying about what those survivors have said. 

(In their whole call-out list, there’s only two people who aren’t trans. And the cis people only get called out for supporting “pedophile apologists,” they aren’t calling the cis people pedophiles.)

They consistently link to receipts that don’t support their statements, knowing that people won’t click through and read all that. 

Many of their call-outs have hundreds of notes, and have goaded exclusionists and even some inclusionists into sending anon hate, suicide-baiting, and death threats to inclusionists who are bi trans sexual abuse survivors

It’s not a coincidence that bi and trans people (especially trans women) are the ones that are most frequently stereotyped as sexual predators, in both the gay and straight communities. 

(DID U KNOW: Part of the reason that the acronym wasn’t “LGB” till the early 90s was that radical lesbians said bi men shouldn’t be allowed at Pride because they were rapists.) 

It might be relevant that sleepdontvisit seems to be very biphobic, saying things like, “Why are literally all of the big bisexual bloggers literally the most cringeworthy people I have ever encountered?”

there are two lesbians on their list, out of all the bi people. 

they’re both trans women. 

And now they’ve begun going around harassing trans inclusionist survivors who haven’t heard of their campaign, by implying that they’re “pedophile apologists” too if they haven’t called out these people yet. Or if they say that it’s not okay to call CSA survivors “pedophile apologists.” 

They guilt-trip and threaten anyone who won’t help them in their smear campaign, even discoursers who are calling out individual people already. They are goading exclusionists to harass these people. One of their victims has already deleted, that I know of. 

When one survivor called them out for things like posting content about pedophilia in the ace positivity tag, their response was to go through that person’s blog and list everyone they’d reblogged from who themselves had ever reblogged from one of the people on the list. Which may have been well-intended but comes off as intensely harassing. 

And then they falsely claimed that "ace/aro minors… are being told by adults that it’s ‘normal’ for children to be sexual, so it’s important for them to identify as asexual.”

(That person even said “If you’d like, I can give you a list of exclusionists that none of you are no-platforming (and one of which went hand-in-hand with discourseprincesa and doing just as much harm but is still being defended)” and instead of taking the information, they ignored it, and instead tagged another post to boast that inclusionists ignore callouts but exclusionists call out all their TERFs. I know for sure that one isn’t true, @allosexisterfs​ is mine and it contains a list of about 250 exclusionist TERFs, that sleepdontvisit hasn’t said a word about that I know of. BUT ANYWAY) 

If you care about survivors, please spread the word to no-platform sleepdontvisit, and to stop spreading their lies. 

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  • Sam: How are you feeling today, Danny?
  • Danny: I do not.

Dan vs Phil


The top two edits which erased Ruth Negga were recently reposted from Pinterest in the Preacher tag and got more than 150 positive notes so far. 

A lot of people might be unaware that Ruth Negga was erased by Photoshopping her out. I reblogged the post myself before I figured out what had happened and went back and deleted it.

This is racism. This is misogyny. Let’s not contribute to it. There are already plenty of photos of Dominic Cooper and Joe Gilgun together! You can celebrate them together without LITERALLY ERASING A BLACK WOMAN because she doesn’t fit your worldview. Please, whether you reposted this purposefully or on accident, reconsider this and call it out when you see it.

noregretsfoolsgold replied to your post “hurm”

I feel you, every damn interviewer asks about sott and it’s great and Niall likes the song but gosh, I think we all know his answer by heart at this point, ask him about his own music, like in the capital interview he tries to redirect the answer to himself saying the song is so Harry it’s like when people listen to my music and think is so Niall…ASK HIM ABOUT HIS MUSIC HE LOVES TALKING ABOUT THAT AND HE DESERVES ALL THE ATTENTION ON HIMSELF ugh

I know? Like yes, somebody asked him once, then that’s it. Enough already. I deleted my reblog of that latest capital’s video cause I thought it would be different and it was good in the beginning but when I listened towards the end, urgh, immediately deleted reblogged post. I’ve had enough. 





Please read this before you read the rest:
I do not subscribe to this theory. It was just an idea that I had. I am not saying Solas is blameless. I am not excusing him. I don’t view this theory as exoneration. He still has free will, at least in certain respects. Finally I am not trying to vilify Mythal she is neither good nor evil. I love her character almost as much as I love Solas’ character.

I also added some counter arguments 

THEORY Solas is under a Geas (going to get tin foily):

We know Mythal had placed Solas into her service before the fall of Arlathan. Whatever that service may be. My idea is that it is similar to how Abelas was but still different.

Trespasser Cole quotes possibly about Solas

“He did not want a body. But she asked him to come. He left a scar when he burned her off his face.”

“Bare-faced but free, frolicking fighting, fierce. He wants to give wisdom, not orders.”

Because of these quotes there are theories that Solas was a spirit of wisdom. But basically it seems like she asked him to serve but he told her he only will if he can remove the Vallaslin. It left that scar on his forehead. “Barefaced but free” Could be referring to the Vallaslin being gone and he is free from slavery yet serves her willingly. From drinking the well we know you don’t need the Vallaslin to serve under a Geas. “A soul is not forced upon the unwilling.”

My ideas/ theories. Solas rose to ‘godhood’ by climbing to the highest ranks in Mythal’s service. Became Fen’harel. He was basically her right hand man, her wolf. And to him she was like a mother. He protected her and lead the people under her service most likely, at least for a time before her murder. She put pieces of her soul away for safe keeping, went into Uthenera. If it is possible for her to communicate without her soul in a host body, could Solas have created the Veil under a compulsion from Mythal? Really far out theory, I know. He could be under a Geas and still have done that on his own. This would be really huge though, if it were true.

Flemythal quotes from DA2

“Before I go, a word of advice. We stand on the precipice of change. The world fears the inevitable plummet into the abyss. Watch for that moment and when it comes, do not hesitate to leap. It is only when you fall that you learn whether you can fly.”

“Regret is something I know well. Take care not to cling to it. To hold it so tight that it poisons your soul.”

Flemythal Quotes from DAI

“I nudge history when it’s required. Other times a shove is needed.”

Lavellan asks why she hasn’t helped “What was could not be changed” (very much assuming it’s about the Veil)
Lavellan says we could learn from you  “You know not what you ask child.”

“For a reckoning that will shake the very heavens.” (literally?)

“You seek to preserve the powers that were but to what end? It was because I taught you girl. Because things happened that were never meant to happen. She was betrayed as I was betrayed as the world was betrayed. Mythal clawed and crawled her way through the ages to me. And I will see her avenged! But so long as the music plays, we dance.”

In the post-epilogue scene before Trespasser Solas says “The failure was mine. I should pay the price. But the people, they need me.”  Solas says “I’m so sorry” Flemythal says “I am sorry as well, old friend”. I think in context, Solas is apologizing to Mythal specifically for having to petrify her host body and take some of her power because the orb is destroyed and it was his fault. I think he knows she still has some souls locked away. When Flemythal apologizes she may be referring to her willing him to create the Veil. Or not and this paragraph is bullshit.

So, Solas created the Veil and then went into Uthenera and I think Mythal woke him once shit started getting real and it was time to fix that.

So, what if his plan is on account of a geas? Like the well. A part of him feels a compulsion from her will. We already know that served her in some way during Arlathan. So maybe Mythal is putting him under a compulsion to tear down the Veil. This could support the possibility of redemption. If you could break the Geas somehow. You wouldn’t need to fight him… potentially.

Now to the conversation that sparked this entire theory in my head. When he is speaking to the Inquisitor, if they drank from the well, Solas says “You are Mythal’s creature now. Everything you do, whether you know it or not, will be for her. You have given up a part of yourself.” If you romanced him he says “I begged you not to drink from the well! Why could you not have listened!?” If you didn’t romance him he says “Why did you do it? I warned you not to.” The word ‘begged’ with the romanced Inquisitor is big in a subtle way. It shows how deeply it pains him and how much he cares about this topic. Being that he is more attached to a romanced Inquisitor it is really upsetting to him, it’s personal. When he speaks to the Inquisitor on this subject he gets angry and suddenly seems very sad. Like he knows what you’re in for, from experience. What if he gets so angry because he knows the cost of it and he doesn’t want the Inquisitor to be compelled to do morally questionable things, as he is compelled to do. What if Solas is one of Mythal’s creatures.

An argument could be made that Solas doesn’t want the Inquisitor to drink from the well because it is eternal servitude. Which he is obviously not ok with. But what I kept wondering is this; If he is such a huge supporter of Mythal and loves her so much, why would it make him so irate? Why would he be so supportive of her? If it were any of the other gods I would totally understand. I am honestly stumped on this part. I just know that the things that get a rise out of Solas are always significant in some way.

If the Inquisitor drinks from the well, for some reason they can’t use that power to find out who Solas is. If you drink from the well you can speak to his agents in Trespasser and they don’t attack you. Yet you cannot discover his identity through it. Someone on twitter asked Patrick Weekes about this and Weekes replied with ‘Spoilers’. I’m wondering if Mythal may be intentionally hiding things from the Inquisitor because Mythal needs him and is working with and/or controlling him in certain aspects. So it is either because she is controlling him in some way, this theory. Or she just doesn’t want the Inquisitor to stop him because they’re buddies with similar goals.

Another huge point. In the quote above from Solas “Everything you do, whether you know it or not, will be for her.” This means it’s possible that if she is influencing him through a Geas he may not know that she is the one compelling him to tear down the Veil. This means he also may not have known she compelled him to create the Veil. For all we know she had just as much of a hand in this as he did. AGAIN not vilifying Mythal, not exonerating Solas.

When Solas brings a romanced Lavellan to Crestwood, he is actually planning on telling her everything. Patrick Weekes said so in the Nerd Appropriate podcast. What if the reason he backs out of his plan to tell her at the last minute, is because he can’t tell her from the compulsion? If Mythal is making it so you can’t find out who Solas is in Trespasser or any time. This could mean Mythal is the reason that Solas kept pulling away in the romance. The reason that Solas makes Cole forget. The reason he keeps everyone at an arms length after he sees them as people. Mythal might be the reason he didn’t tell Lavellan the truth. He really could have planned on telling her everything but if he had, Mythal knew he would ruin their plans. And what if he wasn’t aware of the compulsion during the romance as well? He plans it all out in his head. Knows exactly what to tell her and suddenly out of nowhere he can’t. He feels repelled for some unknown reason. It certainly would make the romance more beautiful and tragic, which is a very Weekes-y thing to do. Maybe when Solas told Cole he “Had no choice” but to leave her, he meant it literally. There is part of his mind saying 'I need to tell her the truth, I love her’ and as soon as he gives in there is another part that is saying ’the people come first’.

It makes sense that Mythal would do this. I wouldn’t hold it against her. A serious emotional entanglement with a mortal could completely ruin their plans (if these are her plans.) She would have no choice but to draw him away. It would be a mom drawing her kid away from the woman he loves for something necessary. I doubt she would take pleasure in it.

Of course, if this theory is incorrect (which it probably is) it wouldn’t make the leaving Lavellan part odd. It is a part of his conflicted character. And once again it would not exonerate him. I’m just going to keep repeating this so people will understand that I’m not a blind and biased Solas fucker.

The final point I will touch on is this theory and Solas’ personality. He is a very conflicted character. He is a good guy. He genuinely does want to help people. And Weekes made a point to show this. He has major flaws but he also has really beautiful ethical convictions. Yet a lot of the things he has done and plans to do seems to conflict with some of his convictions. He is often morally ambiguous, which isn’t really bad or good. But he has major convictions that are extremely important to him. It seems like there is this odd polarity in his mind throughout the whole game. His emotions can shift through extremes as well, it seems. The mages he kills (can kill) for example.

Kind of like Anders but way more controlled. His mind Shifts back and forth between his opinions as well. What if that is a result of his morals conflicting with the Geas? One side of him pulling at another. He wants to tell the romanced Lavellan everything but he can’t. He wants to believe in this world but he can’t. He doesn’t want to tear down the Veil but he has to.

I also trust Cole’s faith in Solas. It makes me think Cole knows Solas means well. There is redemption in his conversations with companions throughout the entire game, if you really listen to the banter. That’s pretty much what Solas’ story is about, redemption. What if this whole time he has been hating himself for things he was compelled to do or not do?

EDIT: from tumblr conversation Basically IF this is true it gives more reason as to why he despises slavery so much and the Qun. And (if this is true) it’s sad that he lead a slave rebellion only to become partially enslaved. It is the exact thing he rants about with Bull about the Qunari. He isn’t laboring for Mythal, he gave a part of his mind to her. Half of his free will is taken from him. If he is under the Geas he basically has lost a part of himself. That would be so fucking sad. Especially if he really was a spirit of wisdom at one point.

EDIT: All that being said I can see some holes in this already and yeah if the Geas made none of the major decisions his own, it would lessen his character. So maybe not, it was an interesting idea to play with though. I was thinking maybe the Geas makes his primary focus something to do with the Veil or something like it in general.

I think if he is under a Geas, it wouldn’t be like she is literally controlling him most of the time but like they say a ‘compulsion’.

Unfortunately we really don’t know enough about what the Geas entails to know the level of free will he would have. That is the main opposition to this theory. Like all Dragon Age theories we rarely know enough to be certain. Which is why DA is fucking awesome.


queerbaiting expose

Hi everyone! I’m working on a thing, an important thing! It’s a big project that aims to expose and explain queerbaiting to genpop folks who have no clue what it is or what it means. 

I’ve interviewed a lot of professional people already (psychotherapists, professors, etc) and now I’m at the stage where I really want to get some personal stories to flesh out and give voice to this huge issue that affects all of us! So if you would like to chat to me about this and possibly take part please msg me or comment in some way here :)

FYI I’m a journalist IRL so will be getting this published once it’s done. I had just started working on it when my orphanswanqueen account got deleted (typical!) so if you could reblog this post so it reaches as many folks as possible that would be swell. 

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anonymous asked:

Are you not even going to answer any asks about that su post or even acknwoledge how many feelings you hurt making that post. Youre a rly popular fandom artist and to not even apologize is really shitty of you. Havin a "bad week" is no excuse. I'm not trying to be rude or anything but just bc you're in a bad place doesn't mean you can take it out on others.

you’re misunderstanding the situation.  I am sorry that I phrased the post in a confusing way, but the sentiment I was trying to express is the complete opposite of the one half the people reading it seem to have taken away from it.

here is what I meant:

to the people who think that stevonnie uses they/them pronouns because they are “multiple people” and not one person who is agender/nonbinary, you are  wrong.  my evidence is as follows: 1. they are patently NOT multiple people, it’s been established over and over again that they are one person, and 2. the other gem fusions don’t use they/them, but she/her, ergo fusions use singular pronouns, ergo the they/them stevonnie uses is singular, because they are nonbinary/agender

I was not trying to excuse myself by mentioning my bad week, but rather expressing a my distress that my poor phrasing would lead to this situation.  I expect several more in the future when people miss this one.  I expect unfollowings (they’ve probably already happened).  the only relevance my “popularity” has to this is that my mistake was seen by 52k people and shared over and over again before I had a chance to rectify it or explain myself.  which kind of sucks.

I didn’t answer any earlier asks because I reblogged my original post with an explanation, but later deleted it because I had hoped enough people had seen it and wanted to let it blow over.  but this is the ask I’m answering now.  feel free to share this now so that other people get the message.  thanks.

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So I remember when I had a very small blog I always wanted to participate in bigger bloggers’ BOTM, and now that I have 42k of you lovely people I thought it would be nice to host one of these myself!


  • Must be following me ( @mvgtvr )
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  • Winner will be picked on Oct 1st when I get home from uni


  • You’ll get a follow from me (if I’m not already)
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  • I’ll add you to the Deities Network (if you aren’t already, it’s full of amazing people)


rock-and-roll-trash-can  asked:

I just wanted to let you know that I removed the picture and apologized to the artist but they are continuing to harass me. I'm no longer posting art and they continue to make posts about me. I never mentioned their name and they keep mentioning mine. I've had to change all social media because of this which has affected my job. Please keep this private as I don't want anyone to know that I have changed anything

I was going to respond privately but tumblr seems to hate how much proof I have that you are a blatant liar and a thief so I’m taking it as a sign. You had your chance to apologize privately over the past 2 days and this ask is bullshit and here’s why:

You are lying to me AGAIN. Like, do you know who I am? Do you realize how I know this is a complete and total lie? A littler memory refresher:

You posted a fake screenshot of me sending you death and rape threats (surprise, I’m tevintlar on twitter!) and I know every part of this ask is a complete and blatant lie other than the part where you’ve moved accounts instead of actually admitting you were wrong and have been lying publicly to your “fans”! :)

In case you don’t remember the fake screenshot in question, you know from your tumblr callout post:

Seriously what the hell?

You telling Booker for 5 hours that they should just watermark their art and ending it with “I guess I’ll just commit suicide” was unnecessary! YOU escalated the entire ordeal when we were reiterating why stealing art is bad, who it hurts, and that you should apologize and not do it again. I’m fucking ABOVE sending threats. I’ve experienced them and it’s bullshit that you’d lie like this. I’ve had too many people close to me VERY RECENTLY die and I don’t wish that on anybody.

I get it’s frustrating being called-out, but you should have listened to Booker. This is how it SHOULD have gone down and Booker wasn’t even the OP for that. I WAS:

You also ALLOWED this ChaseO8 person to post BOTH mine and Bookers twitter handles on their iFunny account.

So not cool! Also you are lying again because YOU posted this!

I talk to Booker regularly and have been involved in this entire ordeal very intimately, you know, because you made a FAKE SCREENSHOT OF ME SENDING YOU DEATH AND RAPE THREATS. Booker hasn’t once mentioned an apology you’ve made either privately or publicly and I just asked them and they confirmed. Not to mention you blocked about 5 people including me 2 days ago! The reason we are still making posts is because you haven’t apologized and you LIED on those callout posts.

You deleted your post, but do you remember how you responded to Booker?

i also have a full screenshot as well with the time since it’s not A FAKE SCREENSHOT

I already reblogged your response before you deleted it but I’m going to post it here for you too!!

I am sorry you had an anxiety attack, I truly am since I’ve had my fair share of them, but you brought it on yourself. Did you stop to think that maybe if you apologized and took down the stolen art after we caught you, we would stop trying to explain to you why art theft is wrong? Did you stop to think that maybe if you weren’t stealing art in the first place, you wouldn’t have been caught stealing it and you wouldn’t have had one at all? Booker told you they didn’t give you permission to post it. You should have listened. 

You are using your anxiety as an excuse to get yourself sympathy and to get out of apologizing. I also have anxiety! Guess what? I don’t purposely put myself in situations where I’m 100% in the wrong like stealing people’s art! Your anxiety is not the reason you’re upset. Your anxiety was triggered because you got caught doing something wrong and for once people are angry at you and demanding you take action. You feeling guilty or upset does not mean you are right. You are wrong and the way to fix it is to apologize and stop stealing art.

Stealing art does not make people happy. You might get a few likes out of it, but think about it. Is making the OP mad and hogging their spotlight for yourself worth it? AND I’m going to say this again: if you had simply linked back to all the OP’s pages in the first place, we wouldn’t be as angry. That’s at least one tiny effort you can make!

You are an artist. I know you are an artist. Art theft affects you personally. Who’s to say in a few years you won’t be selling cosplay props or even your old cosplays or doing makeup tutorials on youtube? You would be hurt if people stole your photagraphy and posted it elsewhere. You would get less attention and be less likely to make money off your craft, which is what most artists aim to do. Booker and the other artists you stole from all probably take commissions. You are hurting their chances of making money that some of them REALLY NEED. Heck, not even money! How much of an ego boost do you get when people comment on your cosplays? It validates you and inspires you to do better. You’re robbing artists of that too.

You are also 17. You are months away from being a legal adult. I have a 3 year old cousin that understands stealing is wrong better than you and also knows when to apologize.

You’ve yet to ACTUALLY do anything and you are still stealing art:

Stop. Lying.

Stop. Stealing. Art.

Stop. Faking. 

Stop. Acting. Like. You’re. In. The. Right.

You. Are. An. Art. Thief. 

Fix. It.


We’ve. Told. You. How. To. Fix. It. Every. Time. We’ve. Responded. To. You.


Hi guys! I’m sure a lot of you have seen the really disgusting blog that has been made with the sole purpose of saying truly awful and untrue things about Louis. Here are three things I recommend doing if you can:

1) Report them for malicious speech. I doubt that Tumblr will delete the blog, unfortunately, but it doesn’t hurt to try.

2) Block them. Don’t give them the opportunity to follow you or reblog your posts, should they decide to continue with their streak of nastiness.

3) Don’t reblog their posts. I reblogged one already because people had added content proving how wrong they were about something, but I won’t be giving any other posts the time of day. Any and all content from that blog is useless and it doesn’t deserve to be seen by anybody.

PSA to anyone using my themes @ (or anything else)


im kach and im the owner of this site currently holds a few tumblr themes of mine, which are the neoboards theme, the AC themes, and the good ol’ default neopets theme that you might have seen around (it was very popular at some point)

unfortunately my site is reaching a critical condition as about 90% of it is dedicated to something entirely different and ive unfortunately reached my server quota just a few minutes ago – granted its only 500mb so its normal but the rest of the site is actually constantly growing so i actually need as much space as i can get.

the point of this is that i will unfortunately delete everything not related to that something entirely different from my site, and this includes the tumblr themes, as well as the pet and AC team sorter i have up (not like a lot of ppl use those, but w/e)

i believe quite a few people are still using my themes and unfortunately deleting them from my server will most likely completely break any of them (except the neoboards one i think). another problem is that my old url is kind of stuck in limbo (not used but unclaimable) and its most likely written on all my themes, so people who are using my themes and suddenly see them broken will have no way to contact me and ask whats wrong.

anyway, because i want them to be used anyway, ive rehosted all my themes (and the sorters) on this blog and updated all the codes for them to still be working. 

so if you are using any of my themes please check to update your coding and make sure it still works.

im afraid i had to delete the king skarl theme entirely bc it happened to be already broken bc i lost some files im sooooorry if anyone was still using that one…

i also havent gotten to reuploading the AC themes, i figured since AC season is over people arent using them anyway. ill be reuploading those over the next few days or something

if you are interested in the sorters, check and/or

id appreciate any reblogs since i dont think i have much influence since i deleted and id really want as many people to see this as possible to avoid broken themes!! thank you

I messaged the person who reposted my gifset and she has taken it down (without the courtesy of responding to me), but it doesn’t really mean anything because she’s posted two stolen images since. This is extremely frustrating because she has almost 10,000 followers, so everything she posts completely undermines the people who made the content in the first place (my gifset had only been uploaded a few hours ago and it was already at 400+ notes when it was deleted).

In the health/recovery/fitblr communities in particular, people don’t seem to realise that people actually spend time making graphics and gifs, so there is an insane amount of reposting. It’s annoying because people have turned blogging into a game of numbers (follower count, amount of reblogs, etc) at the expense of the people that actually bother to make original content.

This isn’t the first time this has happened to me, and I see it happen to people I follow all the time. I’ve even made a post about it before, but I still see very little discussion of it, which is sad because it’s literally everywhere (just take a look in any tag: fitness, health, yoga… You have to wade through hundreds of reposts to find any original content).

I think it’s sad. We should be encouraging people to make unique new content, and to develop skills in photography, writing, and graphic design. But the amount of art theft that goes on is really off-putting. If you’re a content-creator of any kind in this community it seems that you will inevitably have your stuff stolen, and it is really frustrating.

I think this problem is mostly down to general ignorance and a culture of unsourced content (encouraged by websites like weheartit, reddit, pinterest, etc). Which is why I’m making this post, because I think it’s important for people to realise that reposting/art theft/source-removal is crappy. This is really just a rant, but if you want to read/reblog my thoughts about reposting in a more organised form you can take a look at this post.