then i declare you bonded for life


“Do you, William Arthur, take Fleur Isabelle…?” In the front row, Mrs. Weasley and Madame Delacour were both sobbing quietly into scraps of lace. Trumpetlike sounds from the back of the marquee told everyone that Hagrid had taken out one of his own tablecloth-sized handkerchiefs. Hermione turned around and beamed at Harry; her eyes too were full of tears. “…then I declare you bonded for life.”

Practice Makes Perfect

And I’m backkkkk. I fell into the beautiful fandom of the lunar chronicles and lost my writing for a little while. It feels good to write SOMETHING again (haven’t touched my own stories in weeks)

I have another one in the works. can’t wait to share. Enjoy =)

The bed sank down beside me. I turned and his scent hit me. My heart leapt into my throat as the realization hit me. He was home. I was half asleep as I pulled myself towards his side. My hands shook, my eyes were still closed as I tried to find him in the darkness.

“Cassian. You’re back.” He pulled me into his chest, the bond finally loosened it’s death grip on my heart. It throbbed with joy, with content at finally having it’s missing brought back.

He sighed happily as his hands found my waist, "I missed you too love.”

“You’re not allowed to leave. Ever again,” I mumbled against his chest. I fit right there, in the crook of his neck. It was as if the gods had crafted this beautiful man especially for me. Everyone else seemed to believe that was true too.

Cassian’s laugh was soft, but I felt it against my temple, “I promise. Never again.”

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Do you really think the time jump is good for Bellarke? It's a new beginning, which is great for the show because I was tired of that grounders vs sky people thing, but I can't see why it's positive for Bellarke. They will need to know each other again, and that takes time. Besides, they may not get reunited soon and Bellamy could be in a relationship. In a show of 23 episodes I'd tell you yes! but with just 13 episodes, I don't see writers pushing them to canon.

The fact that every other couple save Bellarke is together is important. It tells us that the show does not care enough about the development of those other relationships to show it on screen. You can expect all of those other relationships to grow and change, I’m sure we’re going to come back to at least one of them broken up, but we’ll see none of it. 

Meanwhile, because Bellarke has been separated for these 6 years, we will get to see every single last bit of their development and it will all be new to us. This is how you build an endgame main pairing. You don’t miss a minute of time together. 

Also, let’s just be real, The 100 doesn’t care about “time” when developing relationship, save for one instance (Bellarke). Clarke and Finn got together in the 4th episode of Season 1 and broke up in the 5th. They’d known each other for 11 days. 

Clarke and L/xa shared their first kiss in 2x14. They’d known each other for 10 days. 

Murphy and Emori meet in Season 2 for one episode (Rubicon -Day 47), but don’t see each other again until Wanheda Pt 1 (Day 137). When we see them again in Hakeldama (Day 147) they are clearly in a relationship.  Murphy makes the “You’re not the only one trying to save someone you love” statement in Perverse Instantiation (Day 165). This means that, Memori were in a relationship for 28 days before Murphy realized he loved her. 

Marcus and Abby could be considered an exception to the rule, as they’ve most likely known each other their whole lives. Their relationship is antagonistic in the beginning of Season 1, but that begins to change in 1x11. They share their first kiss in 3x09, have sex 15 days later in 4x02, and have the first mention of love (from Clarke, but Kane doesn’t deny it) 14 days later in “Gimmie Shelter”

Monty and Harper were a Dark Horse in the ship game and most people were taken by surprise when they first had sex in “Red Sky at Morning” (3x14). And exchange declarations of love in “The Other Side” (34 days later). 

Do you truly, honestly believe that what Bellarke shares is less than these other couples? Do you think that 6 years and 7 days is actually enough time to break the bond that they built? When Clarke still radios Bellamy everyday, even without knowing if he’s alive? When Bellamy dedicated his life to ensuring that she didn’t “die” in vain? 

I have a friend from high school who moved abruptly (army family) and we hadn’t exchanged any contact information because the relationship was so new. At the time they didn’t have a Facebook and after a while I stopped looking, but we happened to run into each other again after 8 years, by pure coincidence (they now attend med school with my best friend) and it was literally like picking up right where we left off, but more mature.

Bellamy and Clarke’s relationship isn’t “normal”, it wasn’t build the way we build ours. They were literally partners for do or die, life or death moments and decisions. They shared things with one another that they’d shared with no one else. Their relationship is built to last. Believe in it. 

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Adfhhc if you're up for it, coldatom + 81

81. If you buy that, I’m leaving you.

“If you buy that, I’m leaving you,” Leonard declared.  That, being the ugliest sweater Len had ever seen in his entire life.  It was huge and looked like it would be itchy and uncomfortable, with a quilted snowflake pattern on the front.  It was quite literally an ugly Christmas sweater, however out of season it was. “Pretty sure I’ve seen grandmas at bingos wearing that atrocity.”

“You’ve gone to bingos?” Ray asked, completely ignoring his boyfriend’s disapproval for the garment that he seemed to be seriously considering tossing into their shopping cart.

“Oh, I have.  Bingo is a great team bonding exercise for my rogues, you know.”

Ray blinked.  “See, I can’t even tell if you’re being serious with that or not.  Why do you have to deadpan everything?  It’s so hard to figure out when you’re joking.”

Leonard hummed; now it was his turn to ignore his boyfriend’s statement.  “I’m surprised Mom or Dad hasn’t suggested bingo as a team building thing yet.”

“I still don’t think Sara or Rip would appreciate you calling them that,” Ray said.

“I still don’t think I care.  What’s important here now, Raymond, is that I can’t let you buy that sweater.”

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Gladiator (movie) AU

Pairing: Cherik
Warnings: N/A

I listened to the movie soundtrack again and could NOT get this AU out of my head all weekend lol. So have approx. 650 words of my favorite scene from the movie, with Erik as Maximus and Charles as Lucilla.

@lachatblanche - because I know you love gladiator aus :D

It is late in the afternoon when a man sweeps into Erik’s cell at the gladiators’ barracks, shrouded in a long cloak and hood to conceal his face. A lifetime has passed since their last true parting, and yet to Erik there is no mistaking him for any other; even now Charles is as he has always been – brilliant and regal in bearing, his outer radiance belying a core of steel.

“My brother’s had Emma arrested. We can’t wait any longer; we must leave tonight. Azazel will take you to the gate at midnight where Alex will be waiting with horses.”

Charles is pale and a little breathless, fearful and determined both as he gazes at Erik with those sharp blue eyes. He knows what risks Charles has taken – is taking – to help him and for the briefest moment, Erik has no words to express his gratitude.

No words for the man he once loved with his whole heart.

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headcanon: scorbus wedding

“We are gathered here today to celebrate the union of two faithful souls…”

Scorpius smirks and takes his best friend’s hands in his own. “Scared, Potter?” he whispers teasingly.

Albus raises and eyebrow and smiles wickedly. “You wish.”

“Do you, Scorpius Hyperion, take Albus Severus…”

In the front row, Harry and Draco were both sobbing quietly into their handkerchiefs, their cheeks a vivid pink after sharing two bottles of Firewhisky a few hours before the ceremony. Ginny was looking at them fondly but quite worriedly, and Lily and Hugo were stifling laughs. Hermione turned and beamed at Ron; her eyes too were full of tears. Rose was beaming at her best friends from the side, her bouquet of lilies covering her face and hiding the tears rolling down her cheeks. James, on the other side, was sniffing and clearly holding back his own waterworks. (From the back, a huge, bellowing sneezing sound could be heard from Hagrid.)

“… then I now declare you bonded for life.”

For @freshmeatfriday, I’m reccing @shawarma-palace and their Tristhad fics, like allll of them. I fell in love with their writing at first chapter with the modern AU Model Citizen, and haven’t looked back since. The Postwar series is an absolute favorite, the perfect fix-it that played on a seamless continuation of the canon story, luring you into its Arthurian atmosphere with seemingly little to no effort. A beautiful journey of old losses and new beginnings, deep-rooted uncertainty and grounding beliefs, and above all, patience and love. Canta’s three Stanzas, on the other hand, are such short & sweet pieces, sneak peeks into life stories untold. I could go on and on, but I believe this is one of those writers whom you could have no idea about the topic they’ve chosen to write about and still believe they’ll do a good job. It’s such elegant writing with a firm handle on each character’s layers and complexity, allowing for subtle displays of emotions that spoke more of their bond than any spelled-out love declaration (a personal favorite when it comes to flavors of storytelling, in the interest of full disclosure). Also, beware of cleverly on-point imagery casually slipped into the narrative, leaving you reeling at the perfect word choices when you’re least prepared.

(They have Hannigram too, but sadly I’ve just found out about them this week through #Tristhadweek and have been guilty of indulging myself in all the Tristhad goodness since).

(I am also sorry if they’re, like, already super well-known and I’m just repeating what everybody’s already agreed upon, as I’m still relatively new around here and seriously they are so good).

OMAKE - Sugita Tomokazu & Nakamura Yuuichi - ”Through the Other’s Eyes”

- their relationship from people around them point of view -

Kamiya Hiroshi: “I got enough with Sugita kun’s Nakamura this and that story! Someone please ban him from talking about Nakamura!”

Ono Daisuke: “‘Seiyuu that I want to be my lover. 1st place: Nakamura Yuuichi’… Eh? This one from Sugita-kun, isn’t it?”

Wakamoto Norio: ”No one knows whether they join at the hips or not”

Suzuki Tatsuhisa: “Nakamura san has a beautiful voice, no wonder Sugita san is charmed~” (Sugita mentioned before that beautiful voice is something that make him fall in love with someone) 

Shimazaki Nobunaga: (based on episode when Sugita set his goal on something precious) “Nakamura san definitely wouldn’t lose!”

Hirakawa Daisuke: “Oh… The one that Nakamura kun is intimate with, certainly Sugita kun”

Yusa Koji: (the first time he met Nakamura long time ago) “So.. you are the rumored Nakamura kun, aren’t you? Sugita kun said that you’reå really really close friend…”

Miyano Mamoru: (Q: Any place that Sugita possibility go to) “Nakamura san’s place!”

Terashima Takuma: “Can’t find Sugita san… Shouldn’t you asked Yuichi san instead of me?”

Okiayu Ryoutarou: “Sugita kun always ‘Nakamura this~ Nakamura that~’ until I want to call Nakamura to stop him”

Yasumoto Hiroki: “Sometimes I pity Nakamura, he always have to deal with Sugita kun declaration of love” 

Morikubou Shoutarou: “Both of you must be really close friend on your previous life~!”

Morita Masakazu: “I think that they really have deep connection, the bond that they share each other”

Yasumura Makoto: (told Nakamura) “You already have Sugita, right! He is your ‘Only One’.”

Yoshino Hiroyuki: “Nakamura san, I wish you forever happiness with Sugita san”


Mizuki Nana: “I know that both of them are lovey dovey. Even when three of us are eating together, the conversation are ‘Nakamura this~’ and ‘Nakamura that~’”

Kobayashi Yuu: “Best friend should be only one; like Nakamura san who will do anything to make Sugita san happy.”

Watanabe Akeno: “I went with them to electronic stores. I got enough….”

Kitamura Eri: “Women all over the world who after Sugita kun are lose to Nakamura kun”

Hanazawa Kana: “Right~ The relationship between those two are too good.”

Yuki Aoi: “When I’m in the same room as them, I feel like third wheel”

Kondo Kanako: “Sugita san and Nakamura san already been through a lot of things, together”

Asami Imai: “Please feel free to show your love for each other”

Asakawa Yuu: “Are they dating?”


Washizaki Takeshi: “Nakamura kun, I left Sugita kun in your hand.”

Kikuchi Yumi: “Sugita san, looks like that you’re busy in the night. Nakamura also.”

Endo Masaaki: “Only two of you also not bad, right? How about getting married?”

Mafia Kajita: “Sugita san and Nakamura san are codependence. They can’t live without each other.”


Done! Yay! I’m not supposed to post this one, because I just found it several hours ago accidentally! But this is so amazing, to be able to know how friends, colleagues, Sugita group member, think about their relationship. 

I just know that IF i don’t post this one right now, it will end as translated but never shared. Good thing must be shared :D although I think that you bored already with post with this two hahahaha.

*source available on request*

@meggory84  Piggyback rides. Plural. 

“This is so uncivilized my master.” The eloquent voice of Obi-Wan whispered, knowing well the answer that he would receive.

“You really must get over this embarrassment, my padawan. A Jedi should not use pride as a reason to not ask for or offer help.” The voice wasn’t over harsh, but Obi-Wan took it as a lesson that it was meant to be. Obi-Wan squirmed on the back of his master, feeling the muscles of his master’s back ripple as he carried him from the training room heading to the medical center. His legs were wrapped around the impressive giant, wishing the inappropriate thoughts away. He had been in love with his master for a few years, but was eagerly waiting until his knighthood to approach him. Moments like this were torture, even if he wouldn’t trade them for anything in the world.

“Mastah Jinn! Mastah Jinn!” Obi-Wan turned his head and looked down to see a small crechling approach them both. “Hello there, young one. What can I do for you?” Qui-Gon took the moment to re-balance the padawan on his back.

The small boy smiled widely and pointed at Obi-Wan. “When Obi is done with his piggyback ride, can we get one?” The master couldn’t help but chuckle, knowing full well how injured Obi-Wan’s pride would be with such a statement.

“He’s not…I’m not…” Qui-Gon laughed at the trained negotiators response.

“I’m sorry little one. It would seem that my Obi-Wan may have broken his ankle while training in the obstacle room. I’m just trying to get him the healers.  Once he’s in their capable hands and healing, I promise to return and play with you.”

“Promise?” The little tyke had bright blue eyes that reminded him so much of Obi-Wan and those eyes always managed to get just what they wanted. “I promise. Now off with you.”

“I am not getting a piggy back ride!” Obi-Wan groaned and Qui-Gon snickered. “I remember a time when you loved to get piggy back rides. I sometimes miss the days that you wanted to play.” Obi-Wan regretted the sadness in his voice at the end, thinking back to the days when their relationship wasn’t so silent and formal.

Feeling the press of his head against his own, Qui-Gon smiled. “There won’t be many more days left between us. Soon you will be on your own. I will miss the boy that once was, but I will mourn the loss of the man you’ve become in my daily life.”

Why was his master so sad when those words came out? He could bridge this distance and offer up a reason, but he wasn’t ready, it wasn’t time. He had to wait. The code was clear in this as with all things related to the Master/Padawan relationship. He must wait to declare his feelings when the bond was no longer in place, it must be this way to ensure that both the Master and Padawan are protected. It however didn’t make situations such as piggy back rides on strong muscular backs any easier!

Three weeks later….

“Padawan, this is ridiculous!” Qui-Gon’s voice rose from behind the head of his tired and filthy padawan.

“You really must get over this embarrassment, my Master.” He was really enjoying this moment way too much and he would be sure to milk it for all that it was worth. It had been a horrible mission. The mud covered planet was still coated to their bodies, but they made it out with only Qui-Gon injured. He had a deep laceration in his thigh that made it impossible to walk.

“Those words were meant for an impudent young padawan, whom was easy to transport to the temple healers. I’m twice your size and almost twice your age! This is ridiculous.” Qui-Gon groaned and knew the real reason he wanted down, was because this young man was a bronze god wrapped in sin. The closer to his body he came, the harder it was to control his own wayward responses. Obi-Wan was twenty-five and not far from his trials, a time when he would finally leave his old decrepit master and forge his own life. He didn’t need the burden of Qui-Gon’s confession, he was in terribly, horribly lost in love.

The bigger man tried to shift on the back of his padawan, only to grasp tighter when he started to fall. He felt Obi-Wan wrap the force around his body to sustain the extra weight upon his back. “We landed earlier than expected; therefore the healers weren’t ready with a hover bed, so you are stuck with me. I promise to be gentle, but you really must relax and realize this is for the best, your pride be damned.”


“Trained extensively well by you, my master.” Qui-Gon couldn’t help the smile and muttered under his breath a few expletives.

“Such language, my poor broken Master.”

“Remember this well, MY padawan. I WILL heal and I WILL have my revenge.”

“Jedi do not crave revenge.”

“Shut up and get me to the healers, Obi-Wan" The smile that graced the face of the younger man could have lit up the entire temple. “Yes, my master.”

“Obee! Mastah Jinnnn!” The three year old bounded toward the pair and jumped up and down in front of them.

“Hello young one. Are you enjoying the gardens today?” His master always had a way with children, stray pets and anything that could look at you with big eyes and rule your world immediately.

“Yes! But now that you are here, Can we get piggy back rides like you promised?” Obi-Wan laughed out loud at the request, thinking they had quite enough of piggy back rides to last a lifetime lately. “Absolutely! Why don’t you round on your friends.” Qui-Gon laughed as the young boy toddled over to a group of younglings and saw their faces light up with awe.

“Master, you know this is going to end badly?”

“Always make sure you leave time for play, my young one. This is the final lesson that I wish to impart to you. Our mission’s leave us drained, tired and often disillusioned, but if you take the time to visit with the younglings and leave your heart open to their light. Well, it can provide us with the healing to our souls. The healers can only repair the physical and often we don’t have time for soul healers. Have fun with me, Obi-Wan?”

Obi-Wan swallowed the heart that was threatening to burst from his chest. They would be off to a world called Naboo within the day for simple negotiations, but in the mean time they had a moment, this moment together to lighten their hearts, together as in all things.

Love You With My Life

Draco Malfoy x Reader

Request: Any chance for a wedding one shot? (with him carrying her bridal style to their apartment afterwards)

A/N: This one may have gotten a little longer than I had originally planned..


Your name: submit What is this?

You smoothed the invisible wrinkles in your white dress with shaking hands in front of the mirror. You let out a quivering sigh as you adjusted the veil slightly, your eyes locking onto your face in the mirror. 

It was your wedding day.

“What if I mess this up?” You asked quietly as you turned to your friend of eight years, Ginny Weasley.

“You won’t.” Ginny reassured, walking towards you, your bouquet held in one hand and her bridesmaid bouquet held in her other. She passed you yours and you clasped it with shaking hands. “Y/N. Trust me, Draco is head over heels for you, we can see it in the way that he looks at you. Personally, I don’t like the slimy git, but you’ve managed to change him somewhat. He’s actually more bearable now.”

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I don’t buy this idea of human nature being inherently selfish, comparative, competitive, aggressive and materialistic, which is what this society often promotes. But rather, I believe that we are wired for kindness, compassion, intimacy, connection; the nature of love that bonds us all together. What interferes with this, is what I believe creates the disfunction in human beings, thus being what we claim as “human nature”.

Our society constantly promotes selfish, egoistic behaviors. Declaring that we are only worth our weight in what we do, or what we own. Even our relationships are seen as possessions, which is why singleness may be scoffed at, and many of us don’t think we’re whole without someone else.

We look at people and think they’re “better” because of their possessions, or positions. But this is all a ruse to convince you that you need to have more, in order to be more. This in essence tramples on what humanity truly is, and generates immense suffering.

You ARE MORE than what you have, how you look, and what you do.

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10 things u love most about stelena?

OK, this will be long. You have been warned. None of these gifs are mine.

1. Dobsley chemistry:

I really love this kiss because you see how much they relish each other, it starts of sensual and slow and then they break apart but when they bring their lips back together, there’s a sudden urgency, an itch to have more of each other now and it leads to this:

Nina’s expression in this gif, the way her eyes shine, her expression, Elena in this moment is completely in love and completely aroused and completely dazed and intent on Stefan. So when people tell me that Dobsley chemistry is platonic or nonexistent I’m like … … … …. I mean, you’re wrong, but OK I’m not going to try and convert you.

2. Their safety:

Emotional safety is the sexiest thing ever and it’s actually quite a shame that a lot of fans don’t understand that and Stefan and Elena felt safest with each other, you see it in their hugs, the relief on their faces, they don’t need to say “I felt so safe”, it’s in the way they entwine around each other, meld together, in how he closes her eyes, in the way she creases her brow.

3. Their influence on each other:

I always come back to this but Stefan and Elena are the ones who truly push one another, they make the other one understand the importance of life, of being alive and everything that comes with it, friends, family, school and they want to share their experiences with each other, they want to be alive for themselves but want each other there throughout their journey and that’s sweeter, more romantic, more profound than co-dependent declarations of “you ARE my life” or “I can’t live without him” etc. etc.

4. Their inability to let each other go:





External image

Delena and Stelena fans don’t like to talk about this but Stelena was actually a pretty tumultuous relationship and there were moments when one of them would try to walk away from the other but they couldn’t because their bond was inescapable, it was too strong to ignore, their love was undeniable, something that couldn’t just be pushed aside, which is why it’s great to listen to their song choices. “Gravity” — something always brings me back to you, it never takes too long. “Give Me Love” — it’s been a while but I still feel the same. “Stay” — […] makes me feel like I can’t live without you and it takes me all the way, I want you to stay. They’re magnetic, always being drawn back to each other.

5. Their playfulness:

I never, never, ever understood how anyone said that Elena was never laughing or happy in the Stelena relationship when the whole point was that Stefan brought her to life again and continued to do so. Yes, Stefan is broody (when he was still Stefan), yes he carries the weight of the world on his shoulders but the whole point was that being with Elena lightened that load for him and in return he lightened hers, reciprocity, symbiosis, they were always laughing and joking around and just being total dorks with each other.

6. Their simple magic:

Stefan and Elena are able to have magical moments in the craziest or most mundane circumstances and it’s grounded but it’s powerful, it’s the beauty of life, like a ferris wheel kiss or a waterfall or a dance move or a champagne celebration, there is no billowing wind or slow-mo camera shots because they aren’t proving a point, they’re being humble in their magic that they create together and for each other.

7. Their commitment:

No matter what, the need for the other to be safe, the sense of urgency that the other is OK that doesn’t go away, they constantly go hard for each other and rely on one another and will do just about anything for each other.

8. Their dances/connection:

I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a hundred times, there is a reason why I say dancing is a Stelena thing, their connection always come through when they’re dancing, whenever they dance it’s always at a make-or-break point of their relationship and they reconnect, they re-magnetize, yes, even if this last gif, 4x19 because I just have to point out that in this gif ^^ Elena doesn’t have humanity, she’s telling Stefan she doesn’t feel anything, so then why is her thumb stroking his? The SE connection is strong in dances.

9. Their angst:

Because oh my GOD, my feels.

10. Just how happy they make each other:

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Fic: More to Magic

2.4k words, G rated. 

Over the years Draco has learned that there are two types of magic: boring magic, and evil magic. There really isn’t much more to it than that. At least, there isn’t until he has Astoria and Scorpius. 

Once upon a time this was meant to be a little headcanon about baby Scorpius enjoying his dad’s spells? And now it’s 2.4k words of Malfoy family fluff. I can’t say I’m entirely unhappy with this development. 

Beta’d by the awesome @bounding-heart.

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Reversed Roles: Part 9

Summary: The reader is Jared Padalecki’s little sister. She’s finishing filming a movie and Jared tries to convince her to take a role on his show.

Word Count:2467

Warnings: None

Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5Part 6Part 7 – Part 8

‘You’re a clumsy little bitch, aren’t you Dumpling?’ The anti-septic stung in your wound and you fought to hold in your cry, knowing that would just make it worse.

“Quinn. Wake up. You have a guest,” Jared’s voice cut through your dream… wait. Quinn. That wasn’t Jared. It was Sam.

You must have fallen asleep on set.


You cracked your eyes open and rolled over to see what Sam was talking about. There, in the motel room you were crashing in with the Winchesters, stood Crowley. The King of Hell.

What a bastard.

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“None of the others had noticed a thing.”

“Harry — you’re a great wizard, you know.”
"I’m not as good as you, said Harry, very embarassed, as she let go of him.
"Me!” said Hermione. “Books! And cleverness! There are more important things - friendship and bravery and - oh Harry - be careful!”

One of my best friends is Muggle-born,” said Harry, “and she’s the best in our year.”

“Funny how that sometimes happens, isn’t it?” said Slughorn.
Not really,” said Harry coldly.

“…then I declare you bonded for life.”


A New Court, Part IV

Part I   II   III   V    Part VI  Part VII   Part VIII Part IX

AN: You all are just so wonderful. Whoever sent me the anon screaming ‘WHY ARE WE GOING TO THE NIGHT COURT?!?!?”: You made my day! It was wonderful! Thank you! I love it when you all get emotional hehehe

Enjoy part IV!

Despite Tamlin tugging at my hand, I remained rooted to the spot, heart pounding in my ears. “Wh-Why? Why the Night Court?”

Tamlin’s green eyes filled with something like sorrow, like pity, but he continued tugging. “The King of Hybern has asked me to attempt an alliance with Rhysand,” he snarled softly. “I’ve no doubt he’s asked me to do this personally because of our…history with the Night Court…but as I’m the only one who can do it, as no other Courts have yet to ally themselves with the King’s cause, we’re going.”

I kept my feet cemented to the ground.

Tamlin stopped tugging for a moment. “You did say you wanted to be able to do something, correct? Am I correct in remembering how you begged me to let you out?”

I nodded slowly. “But…Tam…I can’t.”

I prayed to the Mother that he would mistake the rising hysteria in my voice for fear. If I was being honest, it was fear, but not fear of Rhysand. Fear that if Rhysand and I were in the same room, if we beheld each other, especially after the news of my pregnancy…fear that Tamlin would smell the bond and put the pieces together and declare outright war on the spot.

Not that we couldn’t take the Spring Court. But a lot of lives would be lost, and this new little life wiggling inside of me would be put at immense risk.

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