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Coming to you from my lunch break with the menu for the SweePara collab event starting from May 1st.

They’re going to offer what’s called a collab set for 650 where you get to choose 1 food and 1 drink from the following list. If you order a set you get a coaster and a paper lunchmat (I guess? I’ve only heard ランチョン used as “luncheon”). You can add on to your order a limited number of times for an extra 500 yen each (meaning @xiil3gendary and I will have to go multiple times) and for every extra drink receive a character sticker, which are randomly doled out, because of course they are.

Anyway, the menu!

Saihara Shuuichi’s Mystery Curry Soup

Toujou Kirumi’s Black Maid Pasta

Amami Rantarou’s Omlete Rice*
(They call it オムライっす to pun off his speech pattern)

Monokuma Family Curry

Yumeno Himiko’s Magician Waffles

Akamatsu Kaede’s Hardworking Pianist Pancakes

Ouma Kokichi Coffee?!?!

Iruma Miu’s ♥♥ Drink

Harukawa Maki’s Berry Poison Soda

Momota Kaito’s Galactica Soda

Kiibo’s Robot Drink

…some of these names were cleverer than others.

Anyway so yeah. Birthday month is shaping up to be awesome!

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First huge fight..

Waves crashed against the pilings, immersing Kristoff’s foot in water.  He looked down in disgust.  Fitting, he thought.  He pulled it up from the edge of the pier and sat farther back, glad that the waterproofing on his boot kept most of the water out.  The tide was coming back in.  Had he really been sitting out here that long?

He should get up and go find lunch.  While he was at it, he should march right back to the castle and apologize.  That would be the right thing to do, but instead he was unable to move.  He was still angry and he didn’t know how to come to terms with that.  The shouting match hadn’t gotten them anywhere.  Every time he tried to collect his thoughts to get a word in, Anna was there, talking too fast, wanting explanations and getting more and more irritating.  When she dared him to leave, his answer to her was to walk away.  He’d have the final say one way or another.

Anna probably didn’t want to see him right now anyway and he deserved that.  But she was also wrong and he didn’t know what to do to fix this. Worry and regret began to take over and he wished he was normal and knew what to say and do to make this right. His head fell into his hands.  

“She probably doesn’t want to see you ever again,” he muttered to himself.

“That’s a little extreme, don’t you think?”

Kristoff whipped his head around to see Anna standing behind him.  He almost smiled before the events of last night washed over him.  He set his mouth firm again and turned to look out at the Fjord.  “How’d you find me?”

“One of the guards tipped me off that you were down here.”

Her knee touched his leg when she sat down.  It made him feel ill at how he had spoken to her last night.  He wanted to reach out and hold her and tell he was sorry.  But he also wanted finish what they had started talking about before things had escalated.  Despite all his awkwardness and social ineptitude, he still knew things needed to be resolved between them.

When Anna spoke, her voice was unusually quiet.  “I waited for you to come back and apologize.  But you didn’t and it made me even madder at you and at how stubborn you can be.  But then I started to realize that maybe I was the one that needs to apologize to you.”  

Kristoff didn’t respond at first, instead watching Anna from the corner of his vision pick at a loose thread on her skirt.  

“I tried to find you,” she continued, keeping her head down.  “But you weren’t anywhere.  I probably would have looked all evening, but it was getting late and Elsa told me that maybe it was better to let things cool down.  You know, get a good night’s sleep and see things from a fresh perspective.”

“Then I’m in trouble,” Kristoff  huffed.

“I couldn’t sleep either,” Anna said.  “I did see the sun come up this morning and it was so beautiful and all I wanted to do was tell you about it.   You know, it was the first sunrise I’ve seen since we were in the mountains looking for Elsa.”

Anna’s hand moved to rest on his knee, palm open with an invitation.   When Kristoff looked at Anna, she was smiling.  But those beautiful eyes that he loved so much held a fear in them and it almost destroyed him.  He slowly slid his hand over hers and entwined their fingers.

“I’m sorry I yelled,” Kristoff said softly.

“Me too.  And I’m sorry I called you a stubborn ass.”

Kristoff let out a hearty laugh.  “I should be offended, but it’s true.”  

It wasn’t long before they were both laughing and Kristoff was blushing like he always did whenever he was around Anna.  He pulled Anna onto his lap, keeping his arms around her waist as she cupped her hands on his cheeks.

“No more fighting, alright?” Anna said.

“I can guarantee you that won’t be only time.  I’ve been told couples argue from time to time.”

“Okay, but not like that again.”


Anna was still holding her hands to his face, gazing into his eyes with relief and love.  “We didn’t get much resolved last night.  Do you want to talk about things?” she asked.

“Yes,” Kristoff answered. “But right now we have something more important to do.”

“What’s that?” Anna asked.

Kristoff took a quick look around to make sure they were alone.  “Make up,” he said right before pulling her into a deep kiss.

you know after the events in Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon, Charleena wrote a murder-mystery/romance based on the events in the train.

and you know that she made all the characters thinly veiled versions of the real people on the train. and charleena needed a romance so she went for the two people that seemed to have the most “chemistry”

a few months later in a bookstore Joe Hardy is cracking the frick up reading the back cover of the new charleena Purcell in which “Miss Natalie Clue must uncover the murderer and capture the heart of rugged FBI agent Franklin Hardington.”

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Tbh I love singular character universe swaps soooo if u have anymore to ramble about I'd love to hear it

Well if we’re going with the fahc Gav and Kings au Gav switch, the difference would be really obvious to those who are close to him. Like the Fakes would immediately notice the much softer, much more open Gav. He’d be more genuine smiles and very obvious confusion when he doesn’t get whats going on where they’re more used to sharper smiles and snippy sarcasm. Kings verse (more specifically King ryan since he is Gav’s husband) would probably notice the different way fahc! Gav holds himself. There’s a distinct defensiveness in it, one grown from his line of work that’ll definitely have Ryan raising an eyebrow to it.

idk i don’t have much to ramble on it cause its like. a Weird Idea i’ll probably never do a fic on but its interesting to think about idk.