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Sexy Santa [a Ray Palmer imagine]

Request: I’ll be a bitch and ask for 2 one-shots. You could do both, one of them or neither. Could you write 8 with Winn Schott and 20 with Ray Palmer pretty please?😙

‘20: “I’m going to tell my children Santa’s a pervert.”’

a/n: i died writing this; plus dat gif. Rip Jules.

Ray is ecstatic when this time of year rolls around. He started decorating the Waiverider the day after Thanksgiving. Not just Christmas decor either; Hanukkah has to be recognized as well. Ray doesn’t discriminate. Honestly, it would be cute…if you weren’t hit with a flying dreedle this morning.

You’re met with a string of tinsel when you enter the main room. Sputtering stray strands, you glare up at your fiance; who’s nailing it to the doorframe, wearing a long Santa Claus hat that ends just below his butt. “Oh, hey honey! Ho, ho, ho; merry Christmas! Or happy Hanukkah! Whatever works, I guess!” he grin like a Cheshire cat, going back to the nail.

Giggling, you pawl at the white pompom, making him startle; almost hitting his thumb with the hammer. “You know, this hat ends at the right spot.” you smirk, watching him step down from the ladder. “You’re like a…like a sexy Santa.” you purr, pulling the collar of his ruby red sweater, which makes him blush.

He laughs nervously, peering down at you. The hammer rest in front of this stomach and lowers ever so slightly. “Well, I wouldn’t say sexy…” he snorts, walking around you to put the hammer on the table. “But I do have a present for you!” he exclaims excitedly, spinning on his heel to find you pressed up against him.

Watching the way his adam’s apple bobs, you bite your lip, running your hands up his chest. “See, that could sound soooo wrong if it wasn’t you…” you pause, “I’m going to tell my children Santa’s a pervert.” you snicker in his ear, eyeing how his jaw clenches. “Because, I mean, really, he is.” you shrug, peppering kisses along his neck.

Ray giggles; hands descending down your body and pulling your waist. His doe eyes sparkling wide, he smiles from ear to ear. “No! You can’t tell our children that! It would ruin the holidays for them!” he argues, “Now do you want your present or not? Sexy Santa doesn’t have all day!” he chuckles, grabbing your hands.

A sigh escapes your mouth and you nod your head. Ray gives you a cheeky smirk, pecking your cheek before going to move. Pressing your palm to his chest, you stop him; your gray shirt sleeve riding up. “Wait, is it you? Do I get to unwrap you?!” you ask happily.

Whining, he nibbles on his lip, “…Later.” he confirms, sneaking around the desk to grab the medium sized box with snowman wrapping paper. “Tada!” he rejoices, placing the gift in your hands. Immediately, you tear the paper off, finding a small leather book with (your first initial).P. “Y/N Palmer.” Ray mutters, blushing, “I know it’s early, but-”

“I love it.” you cut him off, pressing your lips to his. Unlatching it, you open the book, finding notes on every page, all starting with ‘To my Y/N’. Tears begin pooling at your eyes, “Aww, Ray…” you blubber, attacking him with a hug, “I love you, sexy Santa!” you sniffle, kissing his grinning face.

Without a warning, Ray’s hands snake around your thighs, lifting you up on the table. “Okay, you can unwrap me!” he smirks, placing your hands on his chest. “Wait,” he mumbles, running to the other side of the room; the pompom dangling against his back. He slaps a light green bow on his heart before coming back to you. “Okay, now you can unwrap me!” he says cheekily.

“When Lauren Cohan came in to audition, hers was one of those auditions that you were just excited about. You drove home thinking, ‘I can’t believe we found this girl – she’s lightning in a bottle!’ She was an actress of such depth and skill. We showed her to the studio and network and they flipped over her. It felt like such a slam-dunk. But I think we did a great disservice to the character because we didn’t spend enough time thinking about how to tie her into the boys’ story. It’s a road show and we’re in a different town every week, so if you’re going to run into the same character over and over again, you better have a damn good reason. And it better be the same reason, because if it’s a different reason every time then it starts to feel like, 'Hey, Bela, I can’t believe we keep running into you!’ We started to get crushed under the weight of the absurdity of it. When Ruby shows up, you don’t need to explain it because she’s tied in with the demon mythology. When Bobby shows up, it’s because the boys called him for help. But with Bela you needed to explain it every time, and it started to get more and more difficult to write our way around that.”

“The other mistake we made was we had so much fun with an antagonistic female and were so taken with a woman who could screw the boys over at every turn that we weren’t careful about balancing it and it made her screw over the boys so badly – put them in life-threatening danger over and over again and let her get the upper hand on them over and over again – that she became unlikable to the fans because she was irredeemable.”

Right from the end of her first episode, Bela shooting Sam without any hesitation or remorse set her up as an instant she-needs-to-die enemy, yet then she came back to take the boys to a high society gala… “We thought we were being clever,” Kripke admits. “For that little moment when Dean says, 'You’re not going to shoot anyone,’ and then she does, we thought, 'Wow, that’s surprising, that shows someone who’s badass!’ We didn’t really think through the implications as carefully as we should have. For a character that’s going to come back and slow dance with Dean, that’s not the best notion. You couldn’t come back and have a funny effervescent episode where they all work together because she just tried to have them killed two times. People watch the show for Sam and Dean, so a character that makes then feel like idiots is not a character that people are going to warm up to.”

“Had we figured it out in time, I think we could have made Bela work,” Kripke believes. “You create all these things with enthusiasm and the best of intentions, but hindsight is twenty-twenty. I’d work with Lauren again in a heartbeat. She worked so valiantly under all of the obstacles we placed on her.”

—  Knight, Nicholas. Supernatural: The Official Companion, Season 3. Titan Books, 2009: 10-11.
Lawful Good (superAU)

Fandom: RWBY
Paring: Ladybug (Ruby/Blake)
Words: 3085
Description: Ruby Rose is a superhero in the City of Vale, and recent student to Beacon University. Only problem is, her sister’s roommate is also the girl that Ruby is always having to rescue. Hopefully she can keep that part a secret from the overly investigative law student. 

You can blame @relatablepicsofblakebelladonna for the AU. I’m a sucker for Superhero stuff (see here for my other ruby and blake-centric platonic super hero fic shameless self promotion yay). See their page for more info on this one though. Hopefully i did it justice. 

The world blurred as she ran, the edges of her vision fading away. She could still see though, everything in front of her seemed to be standing still as she moved around the people, even outrunning vehicles. She was unstoppable, a force of nature, the wind itself incarnate; and she was late.

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The Fallout of Fall Festival

I am re-posting this after editing some things and splitting it into two parts, because it was a monster.  Thanks to @teamhook for helping me out with some advice.  The next part should appear soon!

Summary:  Emma and Killian were well on their way to becoming an official ampersand couple in their small town of Storybrooke, Maine, when a surprise visitor caused a rift between them.

Word Count: approx. 9K


The Storybrooke Fall Festival was one of the favorite events of the year in the small town in Maine.  Pumpkins and hay bales were brought in by the cartload to take over Main Street for a day and tables were set up with people peddling wares from candles to handmade jewelry to wooden carvings and other stands were serving food.

As town sheriff, Emma had to work all day (although what she was meant to protect the festival from other than the off-chance that a scarecrow came to life, she wasn’t sure).

As the daughter of Mary Margaret and David Nolan, Emma had to help set up and break down half of the tables and other decorations.

At least she got paid in free food and apple cider for the entire day.

She’d been up since the crack of dawn helping her dad line the street with hay bales and then settling a dispute between the nuns and August Booth about who had which table.  Fortunately, it was resolved quickly without her having to incarcerate a nun or August.

By the time the festival officially opened at nine in the morning, she was ready to take advantage of the free beverages as she walked to the booth where Ruby was serving coffee.

“What can I get you, Sheriff?” Ruby called cheerily.

“As much caffeine as you can fit into a cup. Or a bucket.  Whichever will keep me upright for the rest of the day.”

“How about one cup and you can come back for more?”

Emma huffed.  “Fine.  But if I fall asleep on a hay bale, I’m blaming you.”

She grabbed the cup and took a large gulp. “Ugh, needs sugar.”  Ruby pointed to the bin of sugar packets next to the coffee dispenser and Emma started adding ample amounts of the powder to the coffee.

“You’re going to crash so hard once that wears off,” Ruby commented.

“Not if I come back here as much as I plan to today,” Emma retorted.

“Unless you plan on chugging caffeine until your heart finally gives out, you will eventually crash.”

“Yes, but hopefully I can hold it off until I’m lying in bed after the chaos is over.”

“Just so long as we don’t run out of coffee,” Ruby said impishly.

“Don’t even think about it.”

“Has she started on her caffeine high yet?” said Elsa as she walked up.

“You try working the entire festival, including set-up and breakdown, without coffee in an IV,” Emma grumbled.

Elsa wrapped an arm around her friend’s shoulder and squeezed quickly before dropping her arm.  “The place looks great, Emma.  You and your parents have outdone yourselves once again.”

“It’s all Mom.  Dad and I are just the manual labor.”

“Either way, it looks fantastic.”

“I’ll pass on the message.”  Emma looked around.  “Did you ditch Liam at home?”

“You know how much of a grump he can be when it comes to town spirit.  But—” She trailed off and looked away.

“But what?  Elsa?” Emma said with suspicion lacing her tone.

“Killian’s here,” Elsa answered quietly.

Emma groaned.  “Can I get whiskey in my next coffee?”

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Out of the Frying Pan (35/?)

God, they even had to use a cart – the theme of this show was absurd. Emma tried to maneuver the thing around the corner of an aisle, wheels scraping painfully on the floor, the noise making her squeeze her eyes shut and that was a mistake.

She heard the sound of colliding carts before she felt it, arms shaking a bit as they desperately tried to hold on to her cart.

“Sorry, sorry, sorry,” Emma mumbled, taking a step back and yanking the cart with her. And of course it was him.

Whatever, world.

AN: I just have to again say how much I appreciate the response to this story and how psyched you guys are about it and I make my husband read every single message like it’s show and tell. Honestly. @laurnorder makes this 800 times better and @distant-rose reads all my words and makes gorgeous aesthetics. They’re the best. 

Living it up on Ao3 & tag’ed up on Tumblr.

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Bullets Pt. 7

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The tension in the air could have been cut with a knife, Tommy and Polly prolonging the stare. They couldn’t see the figure’s eyes, but they were sure he was staring back. He didn’t move and neither had they, until Tommy put his arm out slightly, motioning his men to come closer and they did, his eyes still refusing to move.

“We’re here to see Ruby’s father” Tommy was the first to speak, feeling Polly stiffen beside him at his words. The silence prevailed. Elouise’s heart was about to beat out her chest as she watched from a distance, her hands clammy around the gun, her grip loosening. She knew this definitely wasn’t the plan and she couldn’t bare to consider things had gone wrong already. Her breath caught in her throat when she finally heard the man in the shadows speak.

“Well I guess that would be me.” The figure stepped forward non-chantilly, running his dirty fingers through his thick beard as he rocked on his heels, “Not brought your fucking caravans with you today eh? I would of liked to have seen that, yeah. Now that, that would have been a sight.”

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Blue Diamond: Why Sapphire fears her and why Blue hates fusion (Garnet).

If you didn’t watch the new Stevenbomb please refrain from reading if you don’t want to get spoiled if you did or don’t care be my guest. And please note I will be spoiling the entire bomb so I suggest you do watch it before reading this post on Blue Diamond and this will also feature Yellow Diamond.

Now this we all remember when garnet first told the story of how Sapphire and Ruby first fused this was when we were first introduced to Blue Diamond. Now when we first meet Blue Diamond this was from a flashback and from what was presented she was definitely shown to be an antagonist. She did have a clam demeanor when she was first presented along with a professional and apathetic manner  to her indicated with her conversation with Sapphire. But after the fusion with Ruby her patient persona went out of the window extremely upset with Sapphire and ready to shatter Ruby. From that indication it seemed just as straight-laced as Yellow but just with a different type of presents and she was clearly painted as a villain. Which is why I was shocked to see this happen

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Time to level up

When Podrick says “You’ve kept your vow,” to Brienne in S7Ep4, it’s a callback to Brienne’s first meeting with Catelyn in S2 (”I’m no lady,”) and it’s a chance for Brienne to show how hard she is on herself, but there’s something else. 

It’s a sign that the protection assignment has outlived its usefulness. 

All three of Catelyn’s surviving children are home. They have Winterfell, and they have each other. They don’t have to live in disguise. They are as safe as anyone in Westeros can be at this time. So Brienne kept her vow…now what?

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Okay but tell me I’m not the only one that thinks Qrow is Ruby’s biological dad

I mean I’m just looking logistically because

  • Ruby and Yang are very close in age, but have different mothers. Two years apart which isn’t much when it comes to kids as it takes 9 months just to make one and that’s if you do it on the first try. Yang would have barely been a year old when Ruby was conceived, so Taiyang to be both of their fathers, he was cheating on Raven or they split real quick Taiyang instantly went scodolly-dopping with Summer afterwards. 
  • Yang has her father’s last name but Ruby doesn’t. If Taiyang did split with Raven and get together with Summer afterwards, wouldn’t it make sense for the Ruby to take Taiyang’s last name as well? *Note that taking the male’s name may not be the tradition in the RWBY world as it is in our world. According to the Weiss’s father’s first name is of French origin while Schnee is German. It’s also evident from the family photo that he originally had dark hair unlike the rest of his family member, which implies that he married into the family and took the mother’s last name. Basically, I could be wrong and the last names could be for nothing but aesthetic reasons.

  • If Taiyang did cheat on Raven with Summer, I highly doubt Qrow would be chill with it. This is just speculation but we all know that Qrow isn’t shy about his feelings towards people. If Taiyang hurt his sister (by cheating on her), I think Qrow would be super salty and everyone would know there was bad blood. But, no such tension is mentioned.

  • Qrow took time out of his busy schedule of protecting the world, in which he disappears for long periods, to bond with Ruby and PERSONALLY teach her his scythe techniques. This is more than him teaching her casually whenever he’s ‘in town’. I don’t know if any of you have ever tried to learn a craft from someone else, but it’s not instant, he really had to make the time and stick around long enough/visit frequently enough to make sure she was learning correctly and not procrastinating. Especially since his job takes him all over the globe, he’s have to make a conscious effort to come see her regularly. Now this is a lot of extra work especially since Taiyang is a teacher at a combat school and could adequately teach both of the girls just fine. Heck, they’d be sparing partners. This only makes sense if Qrow had a reason for wanting to teach Ruby, perhaps a parental/instinctual reason.

  • While Yang learned fighting techniques from her dad, I don’t think Ruby got the same training from Taiyang. If you look at the way Ruby fights without her weapon, you can see that she lacks hand-to-hand combat skills. Even a basic showing of these skills would be enough to prove that she’s gotten some training from Taiyang but as evident from her fight with Mercury, she displays none, having to run away instead.*Note: This could be because she was busy learning from Qrow but again, Qrow would have to be around for a large amount of time if he kept her so busy and preoccupied with other techniques that she doesn’t even take a battle stance when she’s forced to fight without her weapon. Even if she was just Yang’s sparring partner and neglected to learn hand-to-hand combat skills by choice or because she just wasn’t good at it, she would still do that move if only out of reflex from a childhood of her sister’s punches. This only makes sense if she was never asked to spar weaponless against her sister, if her training was conducted by someone else and focused on speed and flexability (i.g see Qrow’s fight with Winter, he shows a large about of speed as he is able to easily dodge Winter’s attacks.)

  • It makes for a good story twist. Like I can see at least a 2 episode run with it first being revealed and then Ruby having to come to terms with the news. She’d lament over being lied to her whole life and Yang would say something uplifting like “I don’t care what the facts are, we’re sisters. Always have been, always will be.” It could even be done through an old letter from Summer, which would give a segway into finding out more about Ruby’s mom, why she left and how she died.

So what do I think happened? 

I think that like his sister Raven, Qrow thought his work was either too important or too dangerous to have any attachments(e.g children) so he, like his sister, left his child in the care of his partner. Taiyang and Summer stuck together, being former teammates,(their relationship could have blossomed into love, it could not have. Ruby says that Taiyang misses Summer when speaking to her grave but you don’t have to be romantically involved with someone to miss them dearly). They lived happily for a while, but as explain in the song Red like Roses Part II, Summer had to leave to fight for a mission of some sorts, in which she died. With her mother dead and her real father constantly away Taiyang decided to raise the two girls as sisters. Raven and Qrow would still watch from afar. Unlike his sister, however, Qrow did more than just watch. He taught Ruby how to fight, probably helped her design her weapon, and mentored her while keeping the guise as her ‘Uncle’.

Just to be clear, I don’t think Taiyang sees Ruby as less of his daughter. I think he really does mean it when he says he’s glad to have his girl’s back because they are his girls. He sees them both as his daughters and loves them equally, I just think there’s more secrets in the family tree the adults are letting on.

Young Love

Summary: youngdan! Youngphil! Dan saves Phil when unfortunate events occur while out playing with his friends. Phil’s true feelings are revealed during a sleepover.

Word count: 1691

Genre: angst, fluff

Note: this is a oneshot I’m not really sure if I want to continue it but who knows, first fic I’ve ever submitted bare with me haha. Also I’d like to note that Dan and Phil are in the 13-14 age range (I also had to re-upload this due to minor fixes)


“Now where are you going so early?”

“Um gonna play with Phil and Ruby.” Dan said skipping around the kitchen nibbling on a pice of toast his mom made.

“Don’t be out too late alright.” She called.

“I won’t!” Dan yelled and was running out the door excited to see his friends and continue their adventures. The air was warm and the grass was damp. Summer was Dans favorite season, when the flowers scattered across the fields in bright oranges and pinks, and the sunsets could be shared with his very best friends, but most importantly because it’s when Phil came to visit.

“Dan!” Ruby said running to wrap her arms around him. “Ruby!” Dan returned hugging her back. Her red hair tangling in the breeze. “Where’s phil?” Dan asked looking around.
“Up there.” Ruby giggled pointing to the tree above them. Dan smiled seeing Phil swinging his legs while sitting on the branch directly above their heads. “Look out below!” Phil called before slipping himself off the branch tumbling ontop of his friends. They fell back in a fit of laughter. “Are you ready to go exploring.” Phil said smiling at Dan with wide blue eyes hand outstretched. “I’m always ready.” Dan said jumping up and running passed Phil challenging him to race. “Hey no fair! You got a head start.” Phil whined but broke out laughing as he watched Dan trip over his own feet and fall flat on his face.
Ruby held her stomach from laughing so hard. Dan just huffed looking back to his friends as he too broke out into a wide smile. “Hey it’s not funny!”

“It’s quite funny.” Ruby squeaked, still laughing. “I thought I was the clumsy one.” Phil snickered

They all spent the rest of the day playing tag and exploring for hidden treasures to which Ruby found a rusty bottle opener and Dan held up an old sock but screamed and flung it into Phils face. They all sat on their backs pointing to the various shapes of the clouds and laughed when Phil pointed out one he claimed looked like Dan. To which Dan playfully shoved him. The sun began to go down signifying that the Day was almost over and all would have to go back home. “Hey guys up here.” Ruby called up from a steep hill. Dan and Phil struggled up the dirt that kept pulling them back down but finally made it up both of them trying to catch their breath. Dan dramatically fell to the ground holding his chest “I’m gonna die right here.”

“Nooo, I’ll save you Dan!” Phil played along pretending to resuscitate his heart. Ruby just rolled her eyes laughing at their little show. “Guys look isn’t it pretty?” She asked barely whispering. Dan gazed up his breath catching as he stared at the view in front of him. Building lights twinkling in the distance, purple and pinks jut across the sky making it look straight out of a fairytale. Phil stepped to the edge of the cliff to which a few pebbles fell. “Phil be careful.” Ruby said worry written across her face. Phil shrugged, only holding his stance mesmerized by the view. “Dan look at-” Phil began to lose his balance as the rock under his feet began crumbling. Ruby screamed.
Dans arm shot forward grabbing phils arm. Phil held onto dan as tight as possible, the rest of his body dangling off the cliff. “Phil hold on.” Dan yelled desperately holding onto his friend with all the strength he had. Phil looked up at Dan his eyes wide in fear “don’t let go.” His voice quivering as he spoke.

“I won’t.” Dan said through clenched teeth digging his heals into the dirt under him. “Grab my other hand.”
“I- I can’t I’ll fall.” Phil cried tears dripping from his eyes. Dan stared straight into phils eyes determination and adrenaline rushing through his veins “I won’t let you fall.” Phil weakly lifted up his other hand towards Dan. With one swift movement Dan grasped phils other hand and pulled. Phils body emerged over the side of the cliff. Phil fell on his stomach as Dan fell back wards. Both boys lay there for a while panting, hair sticking to the sweat on their foreheads.

“Dan, Phil !” Phils mom rushed over followed by dans mom and Ruby. “Are you boys alright.” Dans mom asked worry written all over her face. “Phil you scared me half to death !” She hugged Phil tears in her eyes. Dans mom pulling him in an embrace, looking over him to spot any injuries. “Mum I’m okay I promise.” She looked as if she was holding tears back. “Ruby told us what happened and I- we were so worried we thought we lost you both.” Ruby rushed over to Phil hugging him tightly. Phil hugged her back showing her he was okay.

It was only then Dan could feel his cheeks were wet with tears. Phil ran over to him throwing his arms around Dan. Both crying but smiling through their watery vision. Happy that life had given them a second chance. Phil sniffled pulling His friend close burying his face in the crook of dans neck while Dan tightened their embrace. They parted and Phil looked at their moms and Ruby
“Dan saved my life.” He croaked. Smiling at his friend .“Dan I don’t know how I could ever thank you.” Phils mom said rushing over to hug Dan.

“Your a hero!” Ruby exclaimed, they all laughed even though everyone was still shaken up and very much emotional.That night phil slept over at dans, both of them fighting sleep.



Phil turned his body to face Dan.
“Your my favorite person in the whole wide world.”
Dan turned to face Phil, his blue eyes glittering against the moonlight and Dan swore he could see the entire galaxy in those eyes. “Really”

“Really, really” Phil said giggling.

“Good cuz your mine too.” Both smiling and snuggling deeper into their blankets. Though Phil was a couple years older than Dan he never felt younger, he felt the same to Phil and frankly never wanted either of them to get older. “Hey dan?” Phil’s whisper barely audible through dans thoughts. “Yeah?”

“Remember when you liked Jenna?” That was random, Dan thought. Nevertheless he remembered the girl from his art class and her butterfly burettes, she was quite mean to dan always laughing at his choice of clothes but even still he still longed to hold her hand. “Yeah.” Dan wondered why Phil asked since it seemed very out of place. “How did you know you liked her?”

Dan had no idea what to say, he didn’t like Jenna anymore and he didn’t want to talk about her “I dunno, I don’t like her anymore.” dan defended. Phil nodded. “Did you want to kiss her?” Dan felt his eyes widen “no!” He whisper yelled. His friend just laughed at his flustered state
“Oh I just thought that’s what people did when they like someone.”

“I didn’t..I-i didn’t like her like that.” Dan sputtered. There was a long pause, waiting for Phil to answer, maybe he fell asleep- “what if I liked you like that?”

Dans whole body stiffened. The question playing over in his head. He sat up from his spot on the bed and looked down at Phil whose brows were pulled together and eyes stared curiously for dans response. “Do you?” Dan asked softly. Phil bit his lip thinking it over before responding “um I don’t know.” He shrugged. “It’s o-okay if you do.” Dan stammered. Phil’s eyes back on his, now it was Dans turn to feel on the spot. “really?” Phil asked as Dan laid back down. Dan just nodded his head with a small smile. He never liked a boy before but he did like Phil, he did want to hold Phil’s hand, maybe he even wanted to kiss Phil…just a little. Dan slowly inched closer , tracing the stripes on his friends pjs. He looked up bumping their noses together, both boys laughing softly. He couldn’t help but look at Phil’s lips, and up at the blue eyes, he could see the yellow and green flecks and details that made Phil’s eyes practically glow. Why was he stuck with boring old brown? Dan brushed his nose against Phil’s leaning a little closer until he felt a warm breath against his lips. He looked up at the boy in front of him waiting for him to pull back but he didn’t instead he closed his eyes and slightly parted his lips. Dan leaned forward slotting his lips in Phil’s. It was warm and soft. Dan liked it, he really liked it. The feeling of Phil’s lip between his sent sparks through this body. Dan pulled back staring at a breathless Phil mischievously then tilted his head the other way and pressed against Phil’s lips again the feeling was indescribable. They both giggled. Phil pecking Dans lips again and again enjoying the new discovered action. Phil wrapped his arms around dans small frame and pulled him closer until Dan was laying comfortably on top of the other. Phil mindlessly playing with dans fringe as Dan relaxed to the touch. “We should probably go to sleep.” A soft voice whispered. It was late but Dan didn’t want to sleep he wanted to keep kissing Phil but the feeling of sleep was tempting. “Yeah.” Dan yawned. He snuggled his face into the a warm spot on Phil’s neck, he felt two arms lightly wrap around his back. “Goodnight Dan.” Dan just hummed into Phil’s neck knowing his friend would understand the small action. The familiar smell of Phil filling his senses. Both fell soundlessly asleep, Phil truly was Dans favorite person in the whole wide world.

Thanks for reading ^ . ^ I know it’s not the best but I had fun writing it

Play With Fire~5

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Part 4

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He watched as he held his daughter in his arms. Out of all the people, you had to become close friends with Aliester. Fist clenched by his side, a growl escapes the back of his throat as he hears Iris giggle when Aliester throws her in the air and catches her in his arms. 

“ Is there something bothering you?” Adam approaches Bobby, glances over at the little one in Aliester’s arms. Bobby breaks the gaze from watching his daughter and Aleister to Adam. 

“ She chose to befriend him, get close to Iris, my daughter. I don’t want her growing up and calling him “ dad.” 

“ Then do something about it” Adam says. 

“ I don’t want to hurt Y/N, she’s Iris’s mother” Adam nods, “ Why don’t you borrow her then return her to Aliester? I’m sure he won’t mind” Adam chuckles.  

“ I don’t think he’s going to give her up to me knowing that I hurt Y/N” Adam rolls his eyes. “ The past is the past Bobby, Iris is yours too. You should be in her life” 

“ I know” Bobby hears Iris giggle, it pains him to not be able to hold her. Aliester holds Iris, kissing her cheek before his gaze follows the two across the hall. His smile drops from his face, as he glares making eye contact with Bobby. He feels on tug on his bear, glancing down the smile lits up back on his lips. 

“ Are you hungry bug?” He asks Iris, who looks up at him with her wide eyes. She has Bobby’s eyes and nose and the rest is you. He do anything to keep you and Iris safe, he turns his back to the other two still watching making his way back to the room he shared with you. 

Walking into the room, you turn off the tv smiling seeing Iris and Aliester. He puts her down, she makes a run to you hugging your legs. 

“ Hi baby, did you have a good time with Aliester?” She nods, you leaned down picking her up brushing her hair behind her ears. 

“ Ali is good boy” she says. You laugh, looking towards Aliester who playfully rolls his eyes and pouts at the nickname. “ You know you adore her, don’t pout about it” you say. 

“ That’s true, but guess who was staring at me while I was with her?” 

“ Who?” you ask, an eyebrow raised. 

“ Adam and Bobby, the two were talking in hush, hush tones” rolling your eyes, you set Iris on the floor as she took a hold of one of her toes, she plays with it while you sigh and run a hand down your face. 

“ Those two are nothing but trouble. They better not be up to something or get anywhere near Iris” 

“ Trust me, they won’t. They will have to get through me first” Alister says, a growl escaping his throat. “ I appreciate it Black, I do. You’ve been there for me from the start, thank you.” 

He makes his way over to you, sitting down next to you. 

“ What are best friends for” He says, sending you a smile.

“ Ali is da best!” Iris yells, with her hands raised clapping her hands. You laugh along with Aliester looking down at the beautiful angel that makes your days brighter each day. 

A week goes by, things are better then ever. Iris is still on the road with you, Bobby hasn’t gone near her which made things better. Ruby was watching Iris while you went to get your new gear for the show tonight, you were beyond excited for it. As you finished up putting your gear and admiring it in the mirror, getting approvals, Ruby rushes in. Panic written on her face, as she takes deep breaths.

“ Ruby.. what’s going on?” you ask her. Looking around her, there was no sight of your daughter.

 “ Where is my daughter, Ruby?” She swallow the lump in her throat before she answers. 

“ IwaswatchingherbutthenIturnedaroundandshewasgone” Ruby said in one breath. You took a hold of both her shoulder, “ Slower.” She nods.

“ I was watching her, I swear Y/N. But then I turned around and she was gone. The door was opened, Liv must of walked out and didn’t close the door. I am so sorry!” Ruby said. Your eyes got wide and punched her in the shoulder.

“ Ruby! How could you let this happen!” she gives you an apologetic look on her face before you rush out the room followed by Ruby. She kept saying how sorry she was, but you were worried about where would Iris might be. You had searched everywhere until coming into catering where you heard her giggle. Running by the table until reaching where she was, “ Iris!” you called out to her. She turns her head in your direction, your heart drops into your stomach as you see who was holding her. 

“ Put my daughter down, Fish” you glared. He gets up with Iris in his arms as he walks over to you. You grab her out of his arms, stepping back.

“ How dare you” spatting at him holding her close, kissing her cheek. “ Iris, baby. You scared mommy” she looks at you before wrapping her little arms around your neck. This was her way of saying sorry. You rubbed her back while continue to glare at Bobby, “ She’s beautiful just like you.” He says. 

“ You come near her again, I won’t hesitate to..well you know” you didn’t want to finish the sentence in front of Iris. She didn’t need to see you yelling.

“ She came running to me Y/N” He says. Kyle who walked over, nodded his head. “ She was running around until she came here, and crawled into Bobby’s lap” He says. 

“ you aren’t allowed to touch her, look at her or speak to her anymore”  

“ Y/N, look. I’m her dad-” Iris pulls her head out of your shoulder and looks at Bobby.

“ Dada?” She asks, you look down at her then to Bobby. Just great, just what you needed right now.  

“ Yeah, daddy’s here princess” Bobby cooed to her, you stepped back shaking your head. “ No” you mouth to him. He sighs reaching out his hands for her, she outstretched her arms for him to take her. 

“ What’s going on here?” Aliester says, he was standing in his ring gear just coming from his match, sweat dripped down his chest.

“ Ali!” Iris yells, outstretching her out to him instead. Bobby’s face drops as he sees Aliester, Aliester takes Iris from you, holding her close. 

“ Iris found Bobby apparently and now due to Fish’s mouth, Iris knows” Alister glared putting Iris down. Iris goes and hides behind your legs peering out from the right side. Alister steps in between Bobby and you. 

“ If you ever come near her, I won’t hesitate to rip your throat out” Aliester whispers to Bobby, making sure Iris didn’t hear it. Bobby chuckles, looking him up and down. 

“ Empty threats is all you are Black” Aliester turns his head to you, “ Go and take Iris back to the locker room. I need to handle something.” 

You nod, not even questioning him as you take Iris by the hand leading her down the hall. But not before looking back to see Aliester throwing a punch towards Bobby. Kyle jumps in as well, and that’s all you see. 

You make your way into the locker room where Ruby had her head in her hands with Liv comforting her with Dakota by her other side. Her head shoots up as she hears the door open, she sees it’s you and Iris. Ruby stands up, hanging her head. 

“ Ruby” you call out to her. She raises her head up, a frown on her face. “ Next time, keep an eye on her and don’t let her out of your sight. Please, I beg you” she nods. 

“ Your not mad at me?” you shook your head. 

She opens her arms, you walk into the them hugging her. 

“ uby! Mama!” Iris hugs yours and Ruby’s leg, making everyone laugh on how cute she is. 

“ She ended up finding Bobby, and Bobby told her who he was to her” Ruby pulled away, her eyes wide. 

“ And what happened?” 

“ Aliester came to save the day like always” 

“ I’m beginning to think he has a thing for you” you give her are you serious look. She nods, Liv and Dakota agree. 

“ No… he’s Aliester, my best friend” 

“ Who has feelings for you, he cares so much about you and Iris. It’s like he’d do anything for you” 

You bite your bottom lip as it hits you, maybe Aliester does have feelings for you. But you promised yourself you would not get into a relationship with another man. Aliester treats you good, he’s good with Iris and he’s there for you whenever you need him. Maybe you should really talk to him, test the waters.

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could you do a garnet x reader with fluff please? thank you so much! :-)

Absolutely :D Enjoy! -Mod Rose
Song Mentioned: Stronger Than You 

You can’t remember how long you’ve been lying there, having woken up from a nap and lying dazed with your gaze unfocused. There’s a warm sensation under you but you don’t shift to see what it is.

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ruby imagine where you're bi, and you're dating her. so you're at some sort of famous event, and you see you're male celeb crush. you fan girl, Ruby gets upset because she thinks youll leave her for a guy. you guys get in an argument. when u get home, you're still mad at each other. then you're like "I'll never leave you, I hope this will make sure you'll never leave me" *bends down on one knee* Ruby, will you marry me?" I'm having the Rose feels and I think it'll be cute. thanks!!

When I had first come out as bisexual, no one ever really thought I would end up with someone of the same sex; everyone just assumed it was a phase and that I would grow out of it once I had graduated.

But boy were they wrong about that.

I had first met Ruby when she was filming in New York for Orange is the New Black, as I was an intern at a fashion company in the city at the time. We had literally run straight into each other, and I took her out for coffee to make up for the bruise she was no doubt going to have on her bum. The relationship had blossomed from there. She had asked for my number, and texted me everyday, asking if we could meet up again.

Obviously, I said yes.

At the time, I had no idea who she was. To me, she was just a gorgeous girl with a strange accent and killer tattoos.

We eventually started dating, and I made the move to LA a few months after we met, coincidentally being offered a job down that way. Hence, the development of our now 1 year long relationship.

“Babe, come on!!” Ruby groaned, stomping her feet childishly and impatiently. “You take forever to get ready!” I rolled my eyes, fluffing my curls up a bit and turning in the mirror, checking my dress in the back before finally deciding I looked ok.

“It takes time to look this good,” I winked at my frustrated girlfriend, grabbing my phone from the charger and holding it tightly in my hand, holding Ruby’s waiting hand with my free one. “Let’s get this over with then.”

“Wait,” Ruby tugged on my hand, pulling me to her chest and wrapping her arms around my waist. “You look so beautiful…” She leant forward, capturing my lips with her own, her hands rubbing small circles on my lower back. I let out a muffled noise, pulling back from her lips and raising a brow.

“I thought we had to leave?” I teased, squealing when she picked me up all of a sudden, spinning me around playfully, her smile making me smile. “Ruby! Stop!”

“What, I can’t have fun with my beautiful girlfriend,” she pouted, her hands tickling my sides lightly. “I just wanna make sure I can still make you smile.”

“Every minute of every day you do that,” I blushed, pouting when she began to coo.

“You’re such a cheese ball,” she grinned, her hands cupping my cheeks, her lips pressing against my own for a short time. “But you’re my cheese ball..”

“I can’t believe I’m in the same room as Taylor Swift right now,” I let out a shaky breath, my grip tightening on Ruby’s hand significantly. “This is insane.”

“The perks of dating a celebrity I suppose,” Ruby just shrugged, pulling me through the throngs of people that were gathered in the entrance of the Teen Choice Awards hall. “Come on, I wanna go see some friends.”

“I like these friends of yours,” I grinned, just barely catching a glimpse of One Direction and Justin Bieber greeting each other with wide smiles and open arms. “This is a dream come true…”

“I thought I was your dream come true,” Ruby stopped in her tracks, turning to face me with her lips pouted.

“You are baby,” I sighed, pecking her pout softly. “You’re the best thing that’s happened to me… It’s just strange for me to be in the same room as all these people…”

“Well get used to it babe, because I don’t plan on coming alone to these things ever again,” she ran her hands down my bare arms, lacing her fingers with mine and pulling me closer, her forehead resting against my own. “I love you.” I flushed a deep red, my eyes lowering to the floor to avoid her intense gaze.

“I love you too…” I mumbled, looking up at her through my lashes, rolling my eyes when I saw the stupid grin on her face.

“I love that I can make you blush this easily,” she cooed, pressing her soft lips to my red cheeks, making me blush even more. “You’re so cute.”

“Alright, stop embarrassing me,” I pulled away from her lips, tucking my head into her neck to avoid further embarrassment. “Are you gonna introduce me to any of your friends?”

“Well I think Ed just walked backstage, so we can go say hi to him…?” she hummed distractedly, no doubt searching for the short ginger.

“YES!” I shot up, tugging on her hand in an effort to pull her backstage quicker. “LETS GO FIND HIM!” I pulled her along behind me, weaving my way through the various celebrities, not letting Ruby stop to talk to her friends.

“Geez, what’s got you so excited?” she huffed, digging her heels into the floor to stop me from continuing my search. “It’s just Ed..”

“Just Ed?!” I squeaked, staring at her in disbelief. “This is Ed Sheeran we’re talking about… Ginger Jesus!” I swooned, dramatically fanning myself with my hand. “God the things I would do to that man…”

“Seriously?” Ruby rolled her eyes, a frown taking over her entire face. “Go be with him then if you love him so much.” She pulled her hand from my own, stomping away from me with her hands fisted tightly beside her. I stood there for a moment, utterly confused as to what had just happened. Ruby openly flirted with her friends (even if it was a joke) infront of me, and I never went crazy jealous…

“Fucking hormones,” I sighed, abandoning my search for Ed in a hopes to find my grumpy girlfriend, squeezing through the people crowding the stage, standing up on my tip toes, finally spotting her sat in her seat, glaring at the floor infront of her. I ran over to her as best I could in my heels, crouching down infront of her slumped over body. “Ruby what the hell was that?”

“Don’t you have your boyfriend to find?” she huffed, staring down at me with hard eyes, her brows furrowed. “I’m sure you would rather be with him.”

“But I love you,” I pointed out, tugging on her arms in an effort to get them to uncross, sighing in defeat when she fought back. “Seriously, stop being so childish about it… You have your celebrity crushes and I have mine.”

“I don’t fangirl over them in front of you because I love you and don’t want to make you upset,” she shot back, her blue eyes glassing over like she was about to cry. “You seem to have no worry in making me upset.”

“I’ve never met my celebrity crushes before, so excuse me for being a little excited,” I rolled my eyes, standing up and taking my seat next to her, scooting over so I was as far away from her as I could get. “We will talk about this when we get home. I don’t want to cause a scene.”

“Oh, because it’s just horrible to be seen with me right?” Ruby spat, doing a similar action to me in her seat, her fists clenched tightly in her lap. “Why don’t you go sit with all the boys you like. You clearly have a shot with them seeing as you’re still technically into them.”

“Stop being dramatic,” I rolled my eyes, ignoring the confused looks we were receiving from the people walking past, obviously sensing the tension. “And you have no right to bring my sexuality into this. Now shut up and look like you’re having fun..”

I heard the apartment door slam shut behind me, making me jump and wince at the loud sound. Fucking asshole.

“Do you have to wake the neighbours up?” I rolled my eyes, slipping out of my shoes and leaving them in the corner of the room, throwing my phone on the bed.

“I don’t give a fuck about them,” Ruby spat, shrugging her blazer off and throwing it in the walk in, quickly discarding herself of her clothes, slipping a random shirt on over the top of her naked body. “I can’t believe you would willingly leave me to go find a boy you’ve never even met!”

“Need I remind you that that boy is your friend,” I raised a brow, slipping out of my dress, opting to throw one of my own shirts on, not wanting to give her the gratification of wearing one of hers. “And I was bringing you along with me, so I wasn’t technically leaving you..” I picked up her dirty clothes, throwing them in the hamper, stopping short when I heard a soft sniffle behind me. I turned around, dropping her blazer on the floor and running to her, sitting next to her slumped over form on the bed. “Are you crying?!”

“No…” she sniffled, wiping under her eyes with her thumbs, her body shaking softly. “It’s allergies…”

“You’re not allergic to anything,” I rolled my eyes, wrapping my arm around her and resting my head on her shoulder, smiling softly when she pulled me onto her lap out of instinct. “Why are we fighting over Ed Sheeran?”

“Because he’s amazing and you could have him if you wanted to,” Ruby sighed, looking up at me with slightly bloodshot eyes. “I don’t know why you’d ever settle for someone who can’t give you what you want…”

“What are you talking about?” I cocked my head in confusion, cupping her cheek with my hand when she lowered her gaze, forcing her to look me in the eyes. “Ruby, I want to be with you because I love you and you’re the best thing that has happened to me… Where is this all coming from?”

“I heard you the other day,” her voice cracked at the end of her sentence, tears rolling down her cheeks. “You were talking about having kids and a massive family and I can’t give you that… I can’t give you kids.. But any other man can…”

“Oh babe,” I sighed, sliding off her lap and kneeling between her open legs, my hands rubbing her thighs softly. “I don’t care about that… We’ve always talked about adoption and I’m happy with the family I have now… You, Ru, Chance and Cricket are all I need right now…” I wrapped my arms around her stomach, resting my head on her chest, wincing at the alarming rate of her heartbeat. “I’m never going to leave you, not for any man or any woman.” I let out a shaky breath, unwrapping myself from her body and crawling over to the bedside table, taking out a hidden black box from underneath and crawling back over to my confused girlfriend. “I hope this will make sure that you’ll never leave me either…” I lifted one knee so I was only kneeling on one, opening the velvet box in my hand, revealing a sparkling diamond ring I had managed to acquire from a local jewellery store we both loved.

“Oh my god!” Ruby’s eyes widened, the blue orbs staring at the ring nestled in its pile of cushions. “That’s… Oh my god!”

“I think I’m looking for a ‘yes’ not an ‘oh my god’,” I chuckled nervously, squeaking when she yanked me onto her lap, her lips colliding with my own in a messy kiss.

“Fuck yes,” she mumbled against my lips, a massive smile breaking out on both of our faces. I pulled away from her, giggling at the tears running down her face as I slipped the ring onto her finger, knowing it was a perfect fit as I had stolen one for measurement. “I can’t believe you’re the one that asked…”

“Do you want me to take it back so you can ask first then?” I raised a brow, throwing the box behind me and pushing her back on the bed so I was hovering over her surprised form.

“God no,” she chuckled, lifting her left hand to her face and admiring the ring. “It’s the exact one I wanted as well.. How did you know?”

“You’re not very subtle…” I shrugged, lacing my fingers with hers and placing them above her head, a smirk spreading across my face. “Can we consummate this engagement?”

“Aren’t you supposed to do that with marriage?” she laughed, letting out a shaky breath when I begun to place kisses down her neck.

“We consummate everything… And I plan on making you scream my name out multiple times tonight…”

The Dark Side

Summary: Sam x Ruby 2.0 x Reader threesome with blood kink.

Warnings: Threesome, smutty smut, blood play, knife play

Word Count: 3500 (I can’t do anything short anymore!)

A/N: This one is dark and intense, y’all. And I’ve never written anything like it, so feedback is appreciated.

This was by far the stupidest decision you’d ever made.

You’d heard about the Winchesters, of course. Was there anyone involved in the hunting life that hadn’t? Last you’d heard, Dean was dead and Sam was off the rails, out of his mind with grief.  There were even a few stories floating around that Sam was running around with a demon. You’d never met them, and while you could empathize with losing someone you loved, the Winchesters just felt like some story to you. Some hunter urban legend about the dangers of making deals with demons.

The legend became real when you met Sam.

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I'm Gonna Make you Sweat (Alyn Crawford x MC)

(Suggestive. Scenario where the princess is dedicated to working out between lessons. I also enjoy writing a gutsy MC for certain suitors, so she’s more opinionated here.)

“Why does it have to be so hot on cardio day?” I muttered beneath my panting breath, knitting my brows together in frustration as I continued to sprint along the garden trails.

It was nearing the end of July, and Wysteria’s climate was beginning to show it. The lush grass that surrounded the palace had been tinged with a pale yellow, and the metal gates had started to rust from constant exposure to the elements. Birds took shelter in the shaded orchard, and cicadas seemed to be screeching their objections to the balmy weather. Even I was affected by the extreme heat as I persevered through my morning jog, feeling the sweltering, blazing sun beating down upon my skin with every step.

As I passed by the garden’s intricate shrubbery, my pace gradually slowed until I was standing motionless in the middle of the cobblestone path. It was difficult to decipher whether it was a heat-induced mirage or pure imagination, but I could hear Giles’s admonishing voice ringing in my ears for the second time today.

“I’m not certain that it would be best for you to continue your athletic endeavors, your highness,” he had cautiously explained this morning over breakfast. “You might get injured and be unable to visit Lord Halbert this weekend.”

I recalled having placed the buttered toast I was prepared to eat back on my plate while levelling the chamberlain with my eyes.

“I’ve been doing the same routine for years now, Giles. I promise to stretch carefully,” I replied politely. I appreciated Giles’s guidance, but sacrificing my health for the sake of courting stuffy noblemen like Lord Halbert was not something I was willing to do, especially when I already had someone else in mind to be my prince consort.

The two of us had proceeded to bicker throughout breakfast until I abruptly left the dining hall and slipped on my favorite pair of yoga pants and a tank top. Despite Nico’s requests to properly style my hair, I threw it up in an unkempt ponytail and set out for the garden in a huff. I was determined to prove to Giles that staying in shape would have a higher chance of earning me a prince consort than shoving the laws of proper etiquette into my head.

Suddenly, a hand clamped down on my shoulder, interrupting my train of thought.

“Ah-!” I yelped.

The strength of the hand had caused me to lose my balance, and I began to tumble forward; however, a second hand caught me around my waist. My savior pulled me close to his chest and strapped his arms around me in a protective embrace. A bright flush rose to my face when I realized he was shirtless.

“You should really be more careful, Princess.”

“Oh, Alyn! I’m sorry, I didn’t realize it was you,” I sighed, feeling my heart pound against my ribcage.

The handsome knight released me from his hold, and I turned around to examine his face. Underneath the intense sunlight, his flesh seemed to be radiating with a golden mist, and his scarlet eyes were gleaming like rubies. A mischievous grin graced his lips as he gazed down at me, muscular arms folded over his broad chest.

“And I didn’t realize you enjoyed running. I thought sweating was an activity saved for more common people,” he scoffed, reaching up to run a thumb across my perspiring forehead.

I could feel my face heating up at his touch. It was rare when I ran into someone on the palace grounds during breakfast hours, and when I did spot someone, it was normally one of the landscapers or Robert painting the morning sunrise on a canvas. Never before did I worry about my appearance in yoga pants until Alyn Crawford proved that it was indeed possible to look gorgeous while exercising.

“You sound like Giles,” I chuckled nervously. “He seems to believe that princesses aren’t capable of working out without hurting themselves.”

The haughty knight smirked and said, “Well, then perhaps you can prove him wrong.”

“I’m not sure I know what you’re implying.”

 “Race me.”

“What? Alyn, surely you’re joking,” I exclaimed, not bothering to mask the surprise in my voice.

The younger Crawford brother grinned warmly at my confusion and pointed in the direction of the knights’ training center. From our current position, it was stationed on the opposite side of the palace grounds.

“Do you see the sparring arena? If you can beat me there, then I’ll tell Giles that I can be your personal trainer,” he explained jovially, his eyes flashing with excitement. “That way, he might rest easy knowing you won’t be hurt under my care.”

I knew this game. Alyn often made wagers with his knights during training in order to motivate them into working harder, and he always allowed his men to win. This would be an easy challenge.

“Fair enough, Sir Alyn,” I agreed humbly, curtseying to him. “I accept the terms and conditions.”

The pair of us crouched on an intangible starting point on the cobblestone path, inching until our shoulders were level and our heads were facing toward the goal. Our skin was touching and sticking together with sweat. From the corner of my eye, I could see Alyn grinning from ear to ear at our close proximity.

“On your mark, get set. Go!”

I hardly had time to register what was going to occur when Alyn gave the verbal command. We both sprung up from the ground at the same time, but his legs were already far in front of me. He was incredibly fast, and his agility was impressive. It was evident that I was never going to win. As I continued to race after him, I noticed a clearing in a hedge nearby that was just large enough for a certain princess to slip through unnoticed. Glancing to make sure Alyn was far ahead of me, I darted through the shrubberies, scratching the skin on my shoulders on the sharp briars inside. It was a painful path to take, but it cut through the center of the garden in a direct line toward the knights’ training center. It appeared to be a clear method to achieving victory. After a minute of bracing myself against the foliage, I emerged on the other side and practically threw open the door of the sparring arena…

…only to find Alyn propped up comfortably against a marble column, a smug grin tugging at his lips.

“What took you so long?” he asked tantalizingly, stepping forward and poking my forehead.

I stood before him in a panting mess. Rogue strands of hair had fallen out of my ponytail, and perspiration was dripping from my face; however, the young knight didn’t seem exhausted in the slightest. Sweat was clinging to his muscles, but his breath was steady and his hair had fallen the same way as it had before the race.

“Why aren’t you the slightest bit tired?” I inquired bitterly, ignoring the previous question.

“Probably because I didn’t cheat by trying to run through the bushes like an idiot.”


Suddenly, a devilish look sparkled in Alyn’s crimson orbs as he eyed my quivering form from head to toe. His index finger ran softly over the cuts I had received from my adventure in the shrubbery, and as it lifted, I saw that it was coated in my blood.

“That looks pretty bad. I’m sure you wouldn’t want Giles to see that when you go back inside, would you?” he teased, a sultry, husky tone slipping into his throat.

“N-no, I guess not,” I replied bashfully.

“Well, if you don’t want Giles to punish you for injuring yourself, I’ll have to punish you for cheating.”

My eyes flashed with fear as Alyn suddenly ducked and threw my weight over his shoulder. One of his hands slid down to my butt suggestively and the other reached for the door handle.

“Alyn!” I cried, my face as red as the man’s eyes. “What are you doing?”

I felt his chuckle vibrate through his lungs before he replied.

“I’m going to make you sweat, Princess. Consider this to be the ultimate workout.”

Steven Universe is possibly the only show where I want nearly all the antagonists to be redeemed (and safe and happy)

Jasper? Give her a break she’s so tired.

Ruby Squad? (including eyeball)? Save them from space and let them run around on Earth.

Bismuth? Dude, she doesn’t need to stay in that bubble. I’m fairly certain she could be reasoned with.

Diamonds? Harder, but hey. If anyone can convince them to at least tolerate Earth, it’s Steven. 



Dear Honoka-san, I love U’s. When I saw U’s, all these normal girls shining so bright, I kept wondering how could i be like that, and if i could be a leader like you. I finally understand. I’m fine the way I am, I can look at my friends, at all the things around me, and run on straight ahead. That’s what u’s is. That’s what it means to shine. I’m not going to follow you, i’m going to run forward, in search of my own place… With everyone. Someday. Someday…

Mommy Said No Ice Cream (Jay Park X Reader)

You never planned that, you were just enjoying your new relationship when boom! pregnant. You were scared to tell Jay, he has a career, he is all over the world, he has a reputation of a player, how is he going to stay with you and take care of a kid? well actually two, twins… yay.

But Jay actually took it pretty well. Of course he was shocked, he couldn’t believe he was going to be a father, he always thought Kiseok was going to be first one to have kids, but he man up and took full responsibilty. His parents were excited and accepted you and the kids growing in your belly with open arms, yours were pretty upset, they didn’t even knew you had a relationship before you announced that you were pregnant.

He was your rock, he helped you as you grew bigger, he was there to help you with mood swings, with cravings, baby clothes, everything there is. As your belly grew bigger, his love for you and the babies did too. In a blink of an eye you were already at the hospital giving birth, he and the aomg members along with his family and a few of your friends- your parents did not live in Korea- waiting outside. After 12 hours you finally brought 2 healthy babies on earth, one boy and one girl, both of them absolutely perfect, you were tired and covered in sweat but as soon as you heard them cry and looked at their small form, you could only smile and oray they are healthy. When Jay saw the two small kids laying on their crib he couldn’t take his eyes away from them, how their hands formed in fists, how they moved their little feet, you helped him take one into his arms, his little girl. His eyes filled with tears, he didn’t thought he could love something so much, he never thought something could be perfect, but there they were. Then he took his son, he gave a kiss to his forehead, feeling a little bit more sure about not breaking them, the small human grabbed his index finger with his whole hand making Jay giggle. He turned to you, he saw you lloking at him with a smile

“Thank you”
Now the twins were two and a half and you were engaged with Jay. The public does not know about you or the twins yet, you both had agreed that they were too young to be on the spotlight, you decided to come out with the relationship and the kids after you have officially tied the knot.The kids were a beautiful mix of two cultures, since you were a foreigner they have gotten your sunkissed skin and your light green eyes, their eyes were also not that hooded, they also did not have monolids, their eyes were pretty big for the asian standard, you have already prepared them to know that they might look a bit different as they grow from their friends, but that does not mean they are not beautiful. But one thing they sure got from their dad is that they were extremely hyper, running around and causing trouble, mostly when Jay babysat them, they have already realised that Jay was not as strict as you, you were the one doing all the punishing and keeping the rules most of the time. So when Jay told them that they would spent the whole day with them at the studio with their uncles they were super excited, you loved your kids and being a mother, those two years now you were by their side as much as you could without losing yourself, you might be a mom but you were also a woman and a lover. Jay took them to the studio and you went to the spa. As usual the kids runned around like devils and poked and messed with everything they found while Jay tried to control them.

“Don’t Yumi Ruby Park, do not touch this”

He called his daughter, who was ready to poke a very expensive vase and throw it down. She smiled and extended her arm

“What did I say? Do- ahh great”

She had poked it and threw it down, the vase turned to little pieces. She- thinking that this was a game- laughed and clapped her hands. He scooped her in his arms and ticckled her

“Didn’t daddy tell you not to do that? didn’t we say that you have to listen to me?”

He scoled her, but they both knew it was more of a teasing than scolding, he was weak! Then he heaard Loco scream for help. He turned to him and saw his son having his hands wrapped around his neck while he bounced on his stomach

“Minjoon let uncle alone, his contract hasn’t ended yet”

The boy listened to his father and got off hyukwoo. He then hugged him and apologized when hyukwoo sat up properly, he was like you, joking around aggresively and then apologize cause you felt bad. Hyukwoo laughed and hugged the little man back, instanly forgiving him. Jay did the wrong thing and let yumi down, who immidiately runned down the hall, searching for her next victim

“Yumi come here”

Jay yelled as he runned after her, hoping she already hasn’t breaked something. As he turned the corner he found her in Kiseok’s arms- Minjoon’s godfather, her godfather was Sunghwa- and giggling. She always had a crush on him, saying that she will marry him when she gets older, she has even bought him a ring that matched hers for his birthday.

“There you are. I told you to not run away”

“I found ki-ki”

she said and grabbed kiseoks cheeks, making him laugh. She had nicknames for every one, the best one was pretty duck, she has heard the guys call him ugly duck and she got up in the couch next to him and told them to stop it- thinking that they were making fun of him- saying that it’s not nice to call someone ugly and hugged him tightly, so after that scene she only called him pretty duck.

“You did didn’t ya? Now come on it’s time for lunch”

He opened his arms but the little girl just turned away and hid her face on Kiseok’s neck, wrapping her small hands around his neck.

“No, I want to play with Ki-ki”

“even your daughter prefers me over you”

Kiseok joked. He loved the kids like they were his, he always wanted to be a father and now that Jay had two children it was like practise to him for the real deal. They made a deal with yumi, she would eat lunch if Kiseok was there, they walked to the living room and yumi still did not let go off kiseok

“your daughter has a thing for older men doesn’t she?”
Sunghwa said, earning laughs from everyone. Jay warmed up the lunch you had packed for him and the kids and brought it to the table, with little spoons. They ate suprisingly quick and silent not causing much trouble, but when they finished their lunch yumin and minjooon walked to their dad and smiled up to him. Uh oh

“what is it?”
“Ice cream”
They said together. You have warned him about that, they shouldn’t have ice cream, they had yesterday and you didn’t want them to catch a cold. He lloked at how their eyes looked bigger and they stuck their lower lip out
“Mommy said no ice cream”
“pwleaseeeeee daddy”
They said tugging his arms. He hesitated, but he could not go against those faces
“I guess i’m sleeping on the couch tonight”
He said to himself as he got up and went to the fridge with the little daredevils following him. He knows you are not going to be pleased when you hear about how daddy gave them ice cream, he has promised to be a little bit more strict with the kids. He gave the ice cream to the kids and they both instanly snatched it away
“thank you daddy”
they said together and sat down. Yumi was already half way through it but minjoon stopped and looked at his dad, he got off his sit and walked to him, he took his dads arm and gave the ice cream
“Mommy said no ice cream”
He was always a momma’s boy, whenever you scolded him he would always cry his eyes out and repeatedly apologize, when you were upset about something he would not leave your side and hug you until he thought you were okay. Jay smiled at his son and gave him a kiss
“good boy”
Yumi looked up, her cheeks full of vanilla ice cream. She looked at her brother and then back the ice cream, she put it down and wrapped her arms over her small chest
“Fine, no ice cream”

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Hello, Darling

Pairing: Crowley x Reader

Words: 1,973

Request: CrowleyxReader and you are the lil sis of the boys and Crowley kidnaps you to get revenge but you have always had some feelings for him and when he takes you to the room to torture you, you confess your feelings and he suddenly walks to leave the room to get the tools, but you call him Daddy and he stops and begin to torture you but in a sexual way… Lots of Smut and really long, please❤️ I know it’s a lot to ask, but, you know, you write amazing and it would be great to read it from you, so? - @craftersdust

Hey so, this isnt a specific request I just really want a smut fic where at the end Crowley insists he cum on readers’ glasses. like, I literally dont care what else happens, i just need that lol. thank you! – Anonymous

Author’s Notes: I kind of tweaked both request, but I hope you all like it. The smut is complete trash because I can’t ever write any good but thank you! I couldn’t think of anything better for the title. Don’t forget to send in your request. - Haley xx 

Your name: submit What is this?

As soon as I heard Crowley’s voice echo off the walls, I knew I wasn’t in my room in The Bunker. My temple was throbbing like there was no tomorrow and my eyes where blinded by the large overhead lights.

Keep reading