then he's making ve noises in his sleep

Dean/Cas: Fire

(Fix-it) written for September 18, 2017 ♥

Some nights, when they have the luxury of going to bed without an alarm, and all he can hear is the hum of the radiator plus the soft, contented noises Cas makes in his sleep, Dean lies thinking about just how they got here, about all the times that could’ve broken them.

It’s always been about eschewing convention, from the very second they laid eyes on each other. As star-crossed as any two could get: a warrior of God and a faithless man. By all accounts, they shouldn’t have worked, too much fire in both of them to truly last. Yet the fire made them brave (some would say foolish) and Cas left everything to save one man, who then tore through everything to save one angel.

And now they’re here, in a bunker in Kansas, curled up together like an old married couple, climbed into bed at ten so Cas could read while Dean caught up on emails. They still hunt occasionally, interspersed more and more with dinners at Jody’s and Cas taking Dean to the farmer’s market. Claire comes to stay with them when school’s on break, not so outnumbered now thanks to Eileen. Not that she didn’t have them wrapped around her finger before.

It used to scare Dean how easy it was, that first night when he asked Cas to stay and Cas fit in like he’d always belonged. Waking up together and laughing at Cas when he burned a panful of eggs to a crisp. Laughing that soon melted into kissing, which prompted Sam to plead, “Leave room for Jesus.”

They hold hands when they’re at a diner sharing pancakes and waffles at 1am, because Dean’s become the sort of guy who tugs his boyfriend closer just to see him smile. They could go out for burgers but he cooks them instead, ever since Cas told him that his are best, and Dean thinks he’s reached the pinnacle of being ‘whipped’ when he’s happy to let Cas take charge at IKEA.

Some nights, Dean wonders, with all they’ve been through, if he should be more generous with saying ‘I love you.’ He’s never felt about anyone how he feels about Cas, and sometimes those three words aren’t enough to express it. The sentiment is there in all they do, from the coffee he pours for Cas to the kisses he presses to his hair. The photographs that Cas tacks onto their wall, scenery shots and ‘selfies’ they’ve taken on the road. In the way Cas smiles at him with fondness tucked into the curve of his pretty mouth. That sappy exasperation hasn’t changed, like Castiel can’t help but be in love with him.

But when he sees Sam and Eileen signing to each other, ‘I love you’s over breakfast and folding laundry, and he catches how Eileen beams at Sam every time, Dean thinks maybe there’s something to it that can’t be conveyed by action alone. He thinks of all the missed chances, the bitten back words, the time they wasted in the past nine years. They’ve come so far and overcome so much. There’s nothing to keep him from telling Cas the truth.

So, tonight, he turns to Cas, pulse ringing loudly in his ears as he touches his palm to Castiel’s cheek. Cas blinks sleepily but smiles back, filling Dean’s world with a palette of blue. “Dean?” he mumbles softly, leaning gently into Dean’s hand, and the inner fire that Dean remembers ignites in his chest, steady and warm.

He has no need to glance at the clock. It ticked past midnight minutes ago.

“Happy Anniversary, Cas,” he says. A flutter of his heart and then, “I love you.”

Bear, with whom Payne is besotted, was born in March, and named for the growling noises he was making during his first sleeps. So far, no photographs have been released, but he instantly shows me one on his phone. And here, I can exclusively reveal that the heir Bear is – as you’d expect of a baby with that name, born of two professionally good-looking parents – very cute.

‘We’ve only shown him in glimpses,’ Payne says, explaining their decision to shield him. ‘We don’t want him to have the pressure that me and Cheryl have, as household names. We want him to enjoy himself first and then figure it out.’

Sleeping Arrangements

(( @endlcss-possibilities and I were talking about Dark and Wilford sharing a bed either platonically or as Darkstache and their sleeping arrangements and this happened ))






Frowning, the grey skinned ego opened his eyes and rolled over, coming face to face with a sleepy-eyed Wilford who was still incessantly shaking him.

“What?!” Dark snapped, voice slurred from sleep and vision blurry until he blinked it clear in the low light of the room.

Wilford was pouting. “I’m cold.”

“So?” Dark asked, rolling his eyes and moving to turn back over and go to sleep.

“You’ve stolen the blankets!” Wil complained, pulling at the duvet wrapped around Dark’s form and making whining noises until Dark rolled back over and sighed.

“Fine. Get in the duvet then!”

“You’ll just steal them again,” Wilford moaned, “Let me snuggle you now so you can’t get the covers away from me.”

“No.” Dark muttered, “I can’t fall asleep with you cuddling me.”

“But I’m cold!”

Dark ignored Wilford’s complaints, rolled back over and closed his eyes. Still, Wilford wouldn’t leave him alone, complaining and moaning and shaking Dark to stop him from going back to sleep, but Dark continued trying to sleep.


“Just get in here!” Dark hissed angrily, lifting up his arm to give Wilford access to the covers and Wilford slid inside the duvet and snuggled Dark immediately. “We can sort this out in the morning!”

“But…will you be able to sleep.”

“Mm.” Was the only response he got, the grey-skinned ego already falling asleep.

Chuckling softly, Wilford buried his face into the back of Dark’s fluffy hair and wrapped them into the duvets so they could spend a warm night together.

The next morning Dark woke over-heated, with Wilford wrapped around him and the duvets trapped underneath him. Wriggling, he was unable to get out of Wilford’s hold, but the duvet moved and Dark was able to breath properly again. Sweaty and grumpy, he was at least comfortable, so Dark settled for more sleep with Wilford wrapped around him. They really did need to sort out their sleeping arrangements, but for now, it was comfortable enough.

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you know how there's a video of jacksepticeye noises? there needs to be one for mark. he makes the weirdest noises on his crash bandicoot videos. I've noticed b/c I've been watching them on repeat to go to sleep to. Speaking of crash I really wish he'd finish the first game. He got so close and just stopped. I need closure.

I love those types of videos, tbh. Are there really none for Mark? That’s a damn shame because a 5+ minute long video of nothing BUT his weird noises would be absolutely comical

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Congrats with 1000 followers 🎉🎉 I want to request a fluff scenario with number 40 for Jun if it's okay 💕

40. “I’ll keep you safe.”

It was a rainy night again. You were laying on the bed with your boyfriend, and he was already dead asleep, but you weren’t. The thunder noises disturbed you and you were uncomfortable.

You kept shuffling in the blanket, trying to find a nice position which can help you fall asleep faster. But nothing seemed to work. The thunder noises continued and you flinched when you saw a lightning this time.

Noticing a movement next to you, you opened your eyes and looked up. Yes, you’ve successfully woken up Jun.

“What’s wrong? You keep moving.” He said with his sleepy voice, which made you smile before you hugged his arm and moved closer to him.

“I can’t sleep. I hate thunder storms..” You whispered quietly, embarrased because you thought he’ll laugh at you or make jokes about it.

But for your surprise, you felt his strong arms wrap around you and pull you closer into his embrace. 

“I’ll keep you safe.” He said as he kissed your forehead and pulled the blanket over you, so you wouldn’t be cold. “Now try to sleep, babe.”

You smiled as you closed your eyes, and before you noticed, it seemed like you didn’t hear the thunder noises anymore. All you could hear was your boyfriend’s breathing and his calm heart beat.

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yooooooooOOOOO "I think I love you." WITH MURIEL PLEASE IM BEGGING YOU

You were falling asleep in your book. You kept jerking awake as you attempted to keep your eyes open to no avail. You could’ve sworn you were reading when movement shook you from your nap.

“I’m up!” you say almost defensively. Muriel, now standing from his spot next to you on the floor, looked down at you with a small smile. He leans down, picking you up with ease and cradles you as if you were a baby. You want to fight, you weren’t a child and you didn’’t want to go to sleep yet. But Muriel was so warm, you were cozy. You make a huffy noise, eyes closing again as another wave of sleep washes over you. Half-awake, you feel Muriel place you down somewhere soft, his bed. Practically melting into it, you finally began to doze off when you hear it. Barely a whisper.

“I think I love you.”

Stay With Me

Fandom - Supernatural

Characters - Dean, Cas, Sam

Summary - Dean is sick; Cas and Sam cheer him up.

For @sirasslessunicorn

Words - 914

“Dean?” Cas taps his fingers on the frame of Dean’s bedroom door, peeking his head into the Winchester’s room. “Are you okay?”

Dean props himself up on his bed and turns his head towards the door, looking at his boyfriend with tired eyes. “I feel like crap.”

Cas’s expression softens, and he sits beside Dean, running his fingers lightly through the hunter’s hair. “Why don’t you sleep?”

“I’ve been trying,” Dean says as he shifts himself closer to Castiel, burying his face in Cas’s chest. “I can’t. Can’t fall asleep.”

“Do you want me to stay with you?”

Dean sighs into Cas, making a noise that the angel takes to mean yes, please. Shrugging his coat from his shoulders, Cas pushes himself and Dean down into the bed gently, wrapping an arm around Dean. Slowly, Dean falls asleep, his breathing evening out and his grip on Cas falling limp. Cas turns his head to look at Dean, smiling at the sight of him; Dean looks so peaceful when he’s asleep, lips slightly open, hair messy.

“Cas…” Dean mumbles in his sleep, moving himself closer to the angel. 

Cas grins, chuckling to himself and wrapping his arms around Dean tighter. 

“Dean, you in here?”

Cas glances at the door to see Sam walk into Dean’s room. “Hello, Sam.”

“Oh, hey Cas, I didn’t know you were…” Sam trails off, gesturing to Dean. “Is he okay?”

“I believe he’s sick.”

Sam sighs, running a hand down his face. “Oh, jeez. He’s gonna be… difficult, then.”

“Cas?” Dean blinks awake, rubbing his eyes. He sits up, peering at Cas and Sam curiously. “Why’s everyone in my room?”

“Dean. How’re you feeling?” Sam asks.

“Crap,” Dean answers tiredly, leaning against Cas’s shoulder. “I’m till tired.”

“Go back to sleep,” Cas orders, patting Dean’s hand gently. 

“I won’t be able to fall asleep again, now that I’m awake. I might as well get up.”

“Oh, no,” Sam says, moving to block the door. “Cas is right.”

“Sam, move.”

“Dean, go back to bed.”

“Sammy…” Dean says quietly, yawning and rubbing his eyes. “Move out of the way.”

“Dean, just go back to bed. You look exhausted.”

“You do look tired,” Cas agrees from the bed. 

“Cas,” Dean warns, turning to face his boyfriend. “Don’t agree with hi- AH, SAM!” Dean shrieks as Sam takes hold of his shoulders and walks him forwards, pushing him onto the bed. “Sammy, what the hell?!”

“You need to sleep, Dean. So sleep, or I’ll make you.”

“You’ll make me?” Dean asks in disbelief.


“Yeah, right,” Dean scoffs, starting to get to his feet.

Sam rolls his eyes, pushing Dean down onto his back and kneeling next to him on the bed. “Cas, help?”

Cas grins, already knowing what Sam’s plan is. “Of course.”

“What’re you-” Dean cuts himself off with a sharp intake of breath as Sam’s fingers scrabble over his sides. “Sam, don’t you daAHAHARE! CAHAS! SAHAM!” Dean bursts out into loud laughter as Cas pulls his arms above his head and pins them under his knees, leaving his underarms open to Sam’s attack.

“If you don’t want to sleep because you’re ill, you’ll want to sleep because you’re exhausted,” Sam reasons, wiggling his fingers unbearably over Dean’s skin. “And trust me, you’re going to be exhausted after this.”

“Sahaham, stohop,” Dean giggles as Sam’s fingers move down to his stomach. 

“You’re giggling, Dean,” Cas points out with a smile. “It’s cute.”

“Shuhut uhup!”

Cas raises his eyebrows, his hands descending on Dean. 

“Wahahait, noho, Cahahas! Dohon’t!”

“Don’t what?” Cas says innocently, blinking at Dean.

“Just… gehehet your hahands away from mehe!”

Cas tilts his head up, looking lost in thought. “Okay,” he says, pulling his hands away without touching Dean.

Dean sighs in relief before Cas starts talking again. “You know, I don’t need my hands to tickle you,” Cas says with a feral grin, focusing his attention on Dean’s hips.

Dean shrieks as he feels a new sensation; something that completely contrasts with Sam’s fingers, which are still scribbling over his stomach. The new sensation is electric, and it seems to be flickering under his skin.


“My Grace,” Cas answers with a smug smirk. “You see, I don’t even need to touch you.”

Sam laughs, loving the sight of Dean laughing, loud and carefree. “Let me guess, you’re going after his hips.”

Cas nods, sending more Grace to other parts of Dean’s body; his neck, sides, knees, and even his feet.

“CAHAHA- SAHAHA- PLEHEHEHE- PLEHEHEHEASE!” Dean laughs, his feet drumming on the ground, his arms fighting furiously to escape their pin under Cas’s knees.

“Will you go to sleep?” Cas asks.


Sam chuckles, retracting his hands from Dean, and Cas lets his Grace slowly die down into nothing.

“Well, my work here is done,” Sam says with a smile, standing up. “I’m gonna go to the library. There’s some research I need to do.”

“See you later,” Cas says with a small smile, waving as Sam walks out of the door.

Dean sighs, letting his body melt into the bed and closing his eyes.

“I’ll leave you to sleep,” Cas says, starting to stand up.

“No,” Dean mumbles, eyes staying closed as he reaches out and grabs Cas’s hand. “Don’t go. Stay with me.”

Cas sighs softly, a small smile gracing his lips. “Okay.”

Needless to say, when Dean wakes up in Cas’s arms 3 hours later, he’s feeling much better.


Our little R is almost two weeks old already! Since stealing baby snuggles and staring at his perfect little face is way more fun than Tumblr, this post will be brief.

Little R:

  • Sleeps in 2-4 hour stretches at night
  • Lost his umbilical stump on day 11!
  • Does NOT like to be naked
  • Grasps our fingers
  • Makes little noises in his sleep
  • Is not picky about bottles or diapers. He loves the Dr. Browns bottles and we’ve switched to Target diapers because of quality and cost, and so far have had no issues.
  • Has beautiful, blue-grey eyes
  • Has his daddy’s mouth
  • Likes to pop his arms out of his swaddle and sleep in the Rocky pose
  • Either loves or DESPISES his paci, depending on the day
  • Is on formula. We had difficulty breastfeeding in hospital and the staff didn’t have the time to help us work around the issues, and my very limited milk supply is now totally gone. I’ll be honest, this has been the hardest damn thing for me. We had one good latch at the hospital and 2 OK latches, and those experiences were irreplaceably wonderful, but in the interest of his health, we went the formula route. I went to my OB for reassurance that we were doing the right thing. At the end of the day, his overall health–emotional health included–is my foremost priority.
  • Has had one of 3 hepatitis-B immunizations. Until his 3rd and final shot, we’re avoiding places like restaurants and grocery stores.
  • Is very much loved! ❤❤❤

The tak tak tak of the laptop keys woke you. You should be used to the sound by now, it follows you everywhere, at least when he’s near. Sitting up, you realize that you’ve fallen asleep on the couch again, the patent leather leaving lines on your skin where it touched the seams. “MC?” His baritone is soft, the sound unexpected. He hasn’t looked up from his laptop, did you make some small noise? “Jumin… sorry, I fell asleep.” You feel sheepish, your intention had been to wait for him to finish, you had a bottle of wine set aside cooling, ready to pour to celebrate the end of another impossibly long day. Glancing at the phone still clutched in your hand (did you sleep with it again?) you see that the hour is late. “Perhaps you should move to the bed MC,” the words are a question but the tone is an order. You glance up at him, eyes only finding the back of his dark head. His gaze is still on the laptop. You feel your expression drop, at once grateful and disappointed that he can’t see your unhappiness. “That sounds like a good idea…” your words trail, hoping he might continue, offer to take you there or… something. But, “Good night MC.” The tone is final and you know that he is far too embedded in his work to even notice you. As you rise from the couch, your phone buzzes, reminding you insistently that you have missed messages. Swiping the screen, you see they are from Seven. The thought of the intelligent, bright red head brings a smile to your face, the message previews suggest he’s sending you cosplay selfies again, little snippets of text, “God Seven Oh Seven lo-” “Wanted you to be the first to s-” “Have you eate-” The messages make you feel warm in a way someone who isn’t your other has no right to make you feel. You must have been absorbed because you never heard Jumin turn in his chair. “Your phone was buzzing incessantly while you slept. Was there some emergency?” His face is mildly curious, had he wanted to check your phone while you slept? He lifts his own cell, checking for messages, flicking away the ones he finds insignificant. Probably forwarding them to Assistant Kang. You shake your head, “No emergency…” for some reason you don’t tell him who they’re from, even though there really is no reason not to. His dark eyes on you are knowing though, “You were smiling as you read them MC, who are they-” but his phone rings, rescuing you from him seeing the telltale flush on your cheeks. If he hasn’t answered that call, maybe things would have been different…


Been so absorbed in mysme RP lately, sorry for the absence. Here’s a little snippet to tide you over :3

DM: Okay so as goblin2 dropped, goblin3 is still standing and hasn’t noticed you yet.

Barbarian: even after we killed his buddies?

DM: Mhm. So as goblin3 looked around, confused, the noise you’ve been hearing since you came here finally revealed. Another goblin, bigger than the first three sleeping, snoring. *makes a loud and obnoxious snoring noise*

Rogue(me): I must ask… how is the goblin sleeping? Is he…

DM: He’s sleeping upright, snoring as loud as he can.

Barbarian: I swear if he’s not actually asleep—


DM: I… okay. But he’s asleep.

Sorcerer: I use charm.

DM: Okay… I’ll just let this happen. You charm the sleeping goblin, but… nothing happens. Because he’s sleeping.

Sorcerer: aw…