then he left :(

The Librarians on Social Media

So I spaced out in class and basically came up with headcanons for everyone’s most used social media accounts

Cassandra: Tumblr

She has a blog full of just soft and sciency stuff: science side of tumblr, pastel edits, bi pride posts, cute outfit ideas, and her favorite self care activities. Basically her little escape from the rest of the world. She put a lot of effort into her blog layout when she spent time in the hospital; so it’s really organized.

Ezekiel: Reddit

Memes, so many memes. And updates on new tech coming to the market. He has daily visits to all the paranormal and dark web subreddits too. He’s definitely been a victim to the nosleep subreddit for many sleepless nights.

Jacob: Myspace

Jacob hasn’t touched proper social media since he was a teenager BUT he did have a Myspace account that he may have put a touch too much effort into. Ezekiel has definitely found it and laughed about 16 year old Jacob’s profile picture for days

Eve: Facebook

Eve, being one of the few people in the Library to actually have friends and connections, definitely uses Facebook. Originally it was to keep track of her old military buddies when she was off duty but now her feed is full of the cute animal videos she was tagged on by Ezekiel and Cassandra.

Flynn: Wikipedia

Did anyone really think Flynn would have a social media account? Like I wouldn’t be surprised if late 20s pre-Library Flynn had dating account profiles made by his mom but Flynn obviously spends a majority of his free time editing Wikipedia articles.


Round 9 (with @thecitykeepsevolving and @dailyimpulses) and Round 10 (THANKS TO @whatmightbes)

Round 9 was amazing to see with two people who had never seen the show before

and Round 10 was amazing due to a massive set malfunction and the fact that my new canadian friend brought me ketchup potato chips

also Colella snuggles make everything better

*Hamilton character* x Reader fics
  • Caden: So have you read any of the x reader fics yet? I don't really like them but it's interesting to read
  • Me: Wait seriously? Why the fuck are their x reader fics in this fandom
  • Caden: Gotta give what the people want
  • Me: C no they died like a couple hundred yeas ago and are the founding fathers what the fuck
  • Caden: the founding daddies***
  • Me: I hate you

possibly heartbreaking thing about andromeda

someday ryder will have to tell their crew about the reapers and liam might just crumble upon himself :)

I can’t remember whether or not I love you.
That’s the funny part about it. I remember everything you said to me, everything we did together. Nothing escapes me now; memories of you and I laughing together, me crying on your shoulder, and us smiling at the stars hold tight to my mind. Part of me still daydreams of it. Part of me wants to forget you exist. All of me knows that’s impossible.
Maybe I can’t remember because my body doesn’t want to go through that pain again. The feeling of being ripped away from you sent me into a constant state of self loathing and fear of abandonment. I still don’t forgive you for that much.
I lay here, staring at the sky and all of its lights as though they’ll give me the answer I’m looking for. Nothing will, though. I’ll never get the truth. The question’s been buried too far into my soul, my psyche, my everything.
Now I wonder if you still love me, too.

jake peralta doing IT for/because of amy santiago