then he just looks up and looks at jensen


Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: none

Words: 1197

A/N: This is really cute (:

You stared into Dean’s eyes, mesmerized by a color green that shouldn’t exist, but does in his eyes. You didn’t want to look away, and you didn’t. The two of you stared at each other, grinning widely as you absentmindedly reached for his hand, him meeting you halfway. You slowly leaned forward, your eyes not once leaving his hypnotizing green eyes, your lips brushing against each other as he leaned forward, too. Finally, you closed your eyes, allowing yourself to look away from his eyes, and-

“What are you doing?” You sighed as you dropped your phone onto the couch and looked up at Jensen, frowning as he sat across from you on the next cushion.

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Let Me Love You - Part 1

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 1,019

Summary: The reader has not heard from Jensen in over two years, he randomly calls one day and it completely turns her world upside down.

What the fuck?! All you can focus on are those damn gorgeous, green eyes. You haven’t heard from the dumb ass in two years. 

Why is he calling you? What the hell would you say?!

You let out a small sigh of relief when you see that he didn’t leave a voicemail. It’s probably just a butt dial, there’s no reason for him to be contacting you.

You really need to get a grip, Y/N. 

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Undeniable Heat Chapter 8: Waiting on Saturday

Jensen Ackles x Reader

1150 Words

Story Summary:  You’ve just gotten a job as one of the makeup artists on the set of Supernatural. Nervous on the first day, you become completely awkward, winning the affection of the divorced Jensen Ackles. You try to fight your desire for him, but he thwarts you at every turn. Will you be able you separate work and play, or will you let Jensen win?

Catch Up Here: Masterpost

The rest of that day passed in a blur. Jensen had followed you back into the trailer, needing his face made up for the day’s work. He had a huge smile on his face,  you kept blushing while looking at him. You caught Jeannie and Jared sharing knowing looks, which just made you more flustered.

As soon as the men left, she rushed over to you. “Come on, we’re going to get coffee, and then you’re going to tell me everything.” She squealed, pulling you out the door, towards the food tents. You blindly let yourself be pulled along, still reeling from the fact that you had given in and agreed to go on a date with Jensen.

After making you sit down at the table in the far corner, she went and poured two cups of coffee before bringing them back. Making sure no one was looking, she leaned forward, her elbows on the table. “Alright, so what happened?”

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Pairing: Misha Collins x Reader
Word count: 1,086
Warnings: None. Light angst I guess.  
Challenge:  This was written for @babypieandwhiskey’s Cam’s Darndest Things Writing Challenge. My prompt was “Have you pooped today?”

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anonymous asked:

hi!! just a thought that hasn't left my head for months, so I thought I'd just ramble to my fave blog. feel free to ignore this, it's just musings! I think one of the most telling interactions (in terms of their... sex lives, I guess?) between the js is the gif where Jensen comes up behind jared during an interview and plays with his hair: "let them see the beautiful hair". I think maybe jensen knows jared has a hair pulling kink, because jared suddenly gets super brushy and embarrassed (1/2)

(2/2) just the look jared gets on his face, like he wants to be invisible, like everyone knows what’s going on, like it isn’t just a playful hair tousle to him. and the smug look jensen gets on his face. idk, it looks like an inside joke to me, and not a completely clean one. but hey, maybe I’m looking too into it! idk, but that’s the fun of tinhatting to me ;)

Hello, dear anon!

Oh, headcanons and magnifying glasses are definitely part of the fun! Thank you so much for bringing this moment up. I’ve been seeing a delightful amount of gifs about this moment in connection to the NashCon hair pat on my dash lately. I do think there’s something going on here…

…just look at how Jared goes completely lax for a moment there. His hands just drop on the table and his face takes on this… very satisfied expression. Is this foreplay or aftercare? It really is too bad we can’t properly see Jensen’s expression here, but I would categorize that smile as smug, most definitely.

After Jensen goes, we’re gifted with this blushy face. Sure Jared, you’re so annoyed and bummed by his behaviour. If looking at your partner all heart-eyed and glowy counts, that is. I agree with you, sweet anon, he must’ve felt a little embarrassed - but by his own reaction or by what actually transpired? We’ll never know.

It feels amazing to have a special someone touch your scalp. At least for me, it’s one of the best physical feelings in the world. I definitely think Jensen worships Jared’s hair - we’ve seen Jared rub his head on Jensen a few times, ruffling his hair around while making bedroom eyes at him and his hair has been found stuck on Jensen’s stubble. I’ll admit it - I love imagining how that may have happened.

Anyway, thank you so much for the message. I love to talk about these sweet little moments and swap headcanons. I’m grateful for your kind words, anon! I hope you have a very lovely weekend ahead of you.


I was scrolling through my dash with my nephew on my lap. He got all serious and said “Scroll back up.” So i did and it was that famous ‘who’s butt is this?’ where it shows a man’s wet jean clad butt (you know the one)

He just takes one look and says “That’s Dean’s butt. Keep going.”

And I’m like???? What?? How did you know?

He just shrugged and muttered “Look at the arms, it’s him.”

I have never been so proud in my entire life.  


Saw this truck near my house. 

“We’re on the pull”. I’m sensing an AU.

Imagine falling asleep while filming

(Sequel to  A Long Time Coming)

You were filming a motel scene for Supernatural, and you and Jensen were supposed to be sat beside each other on the bed as Dean flicked through a case.

As soon as you sat down next to him, resting your head on his shoulders, your eyelids grew heavy, and throughout the entire scene you were fighting to stay awake.

“Hey, what about this?” Dean said, pointing to something on his laptop screen, “This looks like our kind of thing.”

When you didn’t respond, Jensen improvised.

“Emily?” he asked, looking down at you and realising that you were asleep.

He smiled fondly, jostling you awake slightly, “Em, you okay?”

You blinked up at him, blushing when you realised that you’d just fallen asleep on the job.

Someone behind the camera called cut and Jensen grinned at you, “Sleepy, Y/N?”

“Shut up,” you chuckled as he lent in and kissed you, “You and Dean make great pillows.”


Imagine skyping with Jensen

“C'mon Jence, they want us back on set.” You sighed when you heard Jared’s muffled voice in the background, no doubt coming from somewhere behind Jensen.

“I guess that’s my cue to leave.” A frown automatically found its way to your face at the thought of losing the imagine of his face already. You’d barely seen your husband in the last three months, you understood that his schedule was always packed and you kept in contact daily but numerous phone calls and texts could stop you missing him.

“I’ll call you once we’re done?” The look of disappointment on his face matched your own as his reluctance to leave you showed.

“Just hurry up and come home, I miss you.” Your stuck your lip out in a mock pout, a look you knew won Jensen around every time.

“I miss you too, time will fly by I promise.” He bit his lip as he repressed a sigh. He hated being away from you just as much as you did from him.

“J c'mon!” The impatience in Jared voice was clear as he shouted louder from his hidden position.

“Okay okay! Bye sweetheart, I love you.” He blew you a quick kiss as he shifted the lap top around on his lap.

“I love you too.” You blew one straight back, listing to him fumble about as you waited for him to end the call.

“Crap.” He cursed under his breathe, his brows furrowing together in pure confusion. His eyes narrowed as he squinted at the screen. “How do I turn this thing off?”

“The buttons right there.” You could practically sense Jared’s eye roll as he pointed at would he had to do. You couldn’t help but giggle at the cuteness of Jensen’s lack of technology knowledge.

“I don’t see no bottom!” You could hear the frustration in his voice as he threw his hands up in the air.

“Hey Y/N.” Jared smiled quickly, directly at the camera as you waved back at him. He smiled once more as he reached for the correct button. “Bye Y/N”

jelly Jen (1/infinity)

So about the “hand on hand” action…

Remember that time Matt got up on stage and Misha came real close to him and Jensen got obviously jelly?

I do. And it’s always good to bring it up, so let’s look at the moment in detail

look where Jensen’s eyes are. Misha wrapped his arm around Matt and Jensen well, let’s just say he was clearly not too happy about it, and here he comes to remind Misha of the fact that he’s there too>>

He tries to touch/wrap his arm around Matt too, (obviously in order to get Misha’s attention, look, again he’s looking at Misha, not Matt) just to be a part of that or y know, just to ruin Misha/Matt “happy moment” ahahha

And it kinda fails.

And that’s when shit gets serious.

Jensen DOES NOT like it at all anymore.

Matt and Misha were way too close for Jensen’s liking. So he chose a different tactic, let’s make Mish jealous, let’s see how HE likes it

And Mish DID NOT like it much…

He did not like it AT ALL.

And it was then that Jen decided to just put his hand on Misha’s, you know, very “subtly”, Jensen-”subtly”

And Misha approved.

With Enthusiasm.

Let me also remind you that it all began when Matt mentioned going off the stage while Misha still had his arm around him. And all of a sudden Jensen started caressing Matt’s face,“asking him to stay”, cuz “he just clearly wanted to have Matt there with misha and himself so very much” that right after having made Mish jealous he sent Matt off the stage juuust like that>>

and let’s just say it looks like they both (Mish&Jen) knew exactly what the Matt-caressing moment was about

Judging by their expressions here Misha knew. And Jensen knew that Misha knew and was quite happy with himself. :D

and so it could get all back to their happy hour…

this was my first ever j2m, and it was the best. I was like so nervous, my tummy was literally spinning. I was like the 3rd in line and Jared looked at me and smiled and winked while he was taking a photo with someone else and it so cute. He looked like he was so happy to see me and let me tell you, it seriously feels so amazing. I got up to them and I said “I’m back” and Jared says “ I see that sweetie and smiles. And jensen said "hey sweetie” misha was just smiling at me. And then jared he says to Jensen and Misha “this girl is amazing.” “She was the one who talked at the panel last year about AKF and fighting with being bullied” And they all smiled at me and then I said let’s do the sandwich. So they both all hug me and then squeeze me together, it was like I was in heaven, The best part about this is that they werent rushing me to get out which was actually pretty amazing. I looked at them all and smiled and I was walking away and Jared said “come back here, I want a hug” so I went and hugged him. And then I said I love you and he said I love you to doll and I went hugged Jensen quick and I said your amazing and I love you and he said “no your amazing and I love you and I high-fived Misha and he winked at me. My heart is literally filled with love and happiness I am so happy. I love them so much. they keep me going everyday.

Jealousy (Audrey/Reader)

not requested, i just love audrey and i’ve been watching bex on the killing soo that prompted this aggressive imagine :-)

reader and her gf audrey are at a party and someone gets too comfortable w the reader


“I’m gonna go look for Audrey!” You shouted to a drunk Noah who was lying his head on Riley’s lap.

He gave you a thumbs up before closing his eyes, “I got him, don’t worry, go look for Audrey!” Riley reassured you after noticing you worriedly glancing at Noah.

Giving her a smile, you made your way through the sweaty bodies in search of your girlfriend.

“Y/N, hey!” Brooke shouted from her position on the kitchen island, Jake standing in front of her.

“Hey, have you guys seen Audrey anywhere?” You asked.

“I saw her go outside a while ago, might wanna check there?” Jake suggested.


Walking out onto the porch, you were immediately hit with the potent smell of weed.

Just what you guys needed, a bunch of intoxicated and high teenagers that you had to kick out in a few hours.

After asking a bunch of other people, you were finally pointed in the direction of where Audrey sat with Emma and some other people from school.

Audrey looked around the yard and when her gaze finally landed on you, she flashed you one of her adorable smiles which you returned.

Before you could even make a move towards her, somebody gripped your wrist, making you stop.

Your girlfriend shot you a confused look as you turned around and came face to face with the most annoying boy on campus, Michael.

This boy literally did not understand the meaning of the word no, he knew you were with Audrey yet he continued to bother you on a daily basis.

“Babe! I didn’t know you’d be here!” He slurred, an obvious sign that he was under the influence.

You struggled to get out of his grip, “Let me go or i’ll have Jake kick your ass again.” You threatened.

A couple weeks ago, he wouldn’t let you exit the school building and you thought you were done for since it was after school and the building was practically empty, but Jake came to your rescue and literally knocked him out.

Guess he didn’t learn.

“Michael, I swear-”

“Hey! She said to let her go!” Your girlfriend growled from behind you.

Audrey quickly pulled you out of Michael’s grip and to her side before glaring at him, “You just don’t know when to quit, do you?”

By this time a crowd had formed around you three and anxiously awaited his response.

Michael chuckled but immediately stopped when Jake slapped a hand on his shoulder, “It’s time for you to go.”

Jake and Noah escorted him out as you wrapped your arms around Audrey.

“You alright?” She asked.

Nodding, you pulled away, “I just don’t wanna be here anymore.”

“Of course, let’s go.” Audrey kept one arm around you as you two made your way through the house.

After a short and silent drive to your house, it was finally time to say goodnight.

“I’ll call you before I go to bed?” You asked as you leaned in to peck her lips.

Audrey nodded, “Goodnight, beautiful.”

“Night babe.” You mumbled as you got out of the car.

Before going into the house, you turned to see Audrey wave before she drove off.

Your girlfriend really was the best.

I went to VanCon with two photo op ideas that I really wanted to do, one was for J2 and the other was J2M (if they still had any at registration). The J2 didn’t happen because I was missing the prop BUT this one turned out awesome. This shirt makes me giggle and I decided to wear it for J2M because I ship a bit of everything and didn’t want it to pertain to just one specific ship. I was totally prepared to just get a big squishy hug if they didn’t look like they were down for it.

I went up to them and said “so I have this shirt here and I think it’d be funny if you guys would stand around me and either laugh at it or give a “seriously?” look while I try to look all innocent. Jensen you can totally do the face you did to the camera during ‘fanfiction’ if you’d like.“ They all read the shirt, laughed to each other, and said "sure, no problem” Honestly I thought it wasn’t gonna turn out cause Jared put his arm around me unexpectedly and I though he’d accidentally cover the words and Chris snapped it so quick I had no clue what my face was doing but I was wrong and it worked out awesomely!


Imagine braiding Sam’s hair”

“Sit still!” You whined as he squirmed underneath your hands. You ran the comb through his hair once more before you set to work.

“Just hurry up.” He chuckled slightly. You’d begged him for months to let you do this and you’d finally worn him down. He sat silently on the floor as you parted his hair and gave him two matching braids.

“There.” You clapped excited when you were done, snorting with laughed when you realised just how ridiculous he looked.

“Are you happy now?” He turned to look at you with an eye roll but smiled anyway.

“Very.” You smirked smugly as your fingers ran over his plaited hair. “Thanks for letting me do it.”

“Anything for you.” He smiled at you as he brought his face closer to yours, planting a gentle kiss on your lips.

“No way!” Dean’s voice echoed through the room and he began laughing uncontrollably, using the doorframe as a support. You even joined in when he pulled his phone out and began taking pictures of his brothers new do. 

There was no way Sam was living this down.


 This will have to be my favorite photo, I love it so much its literally everything. It was super fun to do this photo as well. So i was waiting in line and a lot of people looked and me and was like what in the world. I had their body guard look at me and just laugh smile, and he said this is gonna be an interesting photo. I get up to see them and they both smiled at me cause the recognized who I was! One of the helpers asked Jensen if it was okay if i could these props especially with the tail and he said heck yes we can, this looks fun. And he asked me we get to wear those cat ears to right, and i said yes and he smiled at me. Both of their faces just lit up and it made me so happy. Jensen looked at me again and said oh i saw you earlier and I am like yes you did and i like giggled. Then misha was like where are my cat ears, I want them too. So he put the cat ears on then Misha said before we posed for the picture “ This is the craziest thing we have ever done and giggles and then jensen said nope, i think this is pretty cool. So as we were posing for the picture they kept swaying there tails back and forth acting like little kids they are, i am pretty sure that they wanted to keep they tail and ears. After the picture, i both gave them a hug and jensen said take care and we love you and Misha hugged me and just smiled and winked at me. I honestly didn’t think anything could beat last year because it was just amazing in every single possible way but this year did beat it and the experiences I had with them, was just amazing and I cant believe it happened and Jared will always have a piece of me with him and it feels great.


(A/N: okay can i just say how much i love Cara Delevingne. like she is so gorgeous and sweet lieeekkk just kill meee. okay enjoy the imagine cX)

“Hello” a young girl beamed as she got up to the mic. “Well hello there” Jared smiled kindly. “Okay my question is for Jared sorry Jensen”, “Haha” Jared mocked and pointed at Jensen jokingly. “You’re a child” Jensen laughed. Jared quickly looked back to the girl who had a question, “So sorry please continue” he smiled.

“Okay so my question is what was your first impression of Y/N when you met her?” she asked smiling. Jared look over to where you were standing, on the side of the room and smiled at you. “Well when I first met her I was on set for one of her photoshoots because she was his wifes friend. And she wanted me to meet her cause she thought I’d like her. Which I did.” he smiled. “So my first initial thought was “Oh my god she’s gorgeous”. Then she introduced herself and I was like “Uh yeah I know who you are duh”” he giggled. 

“You should’ve heard the phone call I got from him after they met. He was like being a hardcore fanboy” he smirked. Jared looked down and tried to think of what to say next, but got lost in the thought of when you two met and how he started falling for you in that exact moment. “In other words I just knew I wanted to be with her from the moment I met her” he smiled and winked at you as you smiled back at him. 

After everyone stopped clapping and awing Jensen spoke, “Um I would like to know what Y/N’s first impression of you was” he smirked looking at Jared. Jared bit his bottom lip as he smiled, “Come on up sister” Jensen looked over at you. You started making your way to the stage when Jared said “Please spare my feelings” jokingly. 

You stepped onto the stage and everyone cheered as you hugged Jensen then stood next to Jared. Jared gave you his mic so you could speak. “I love you Y/N!!” someone shouted from the crowed, “But I love you more!” you replied into the microphone. “Hi” you smiled, “Okay so what was your first impression of Jared?” Jensen asked turning his chair towards you and rested his chin in his hands like a child waiting to hear a story. You laughed and look at Jared. “My first impression of Jared was one, “holy crap he’s tall”, everyone laughed including Jared. “And he’s really sweet and handsome” you smiled at him. Everyone awed, and Jared took the mic for a second “Guys that’s not really what she thought she’s just trying not to hurt my feelings”.

You rolled your eyes and spoke up “I’m tellin the truth babe. For me it was love at first sight” you kissed his cheek. He stood up from his chair and hugged you tightly. Everyone was awing and clapping at the display of affection. “Alright I better step down so y’all can continue” you smiled, “Yeah get out of here Padalecki” Jensen joked. You laughed and gave him a hug, then gave Jared a quick kiss and a hug, and then walked off the stage back to where you were standing previously. 

The panel then went on, and Jared would look at you and wink every so often throughout the rest of the panel.


“(Y/n)!” Dean called out after jumping from his chair and smacking his knees on the desk. “Your damn dog did it again!” You came out of the kitchen then, looking at him confused.

“Did what?” You asked. You looked at Dean, who was giving you the “I-know-you-know” look.

“Scared the ever loving crap out of me.” He growled at the little Yorkie as she sweetly rubbed up against his leg.

“Oh sweetie, she just loves you,” You explained. “She just wants to play.”

“She likes to watch me squirm.” Dean sighed. “She does it on purpose, you know.” You just giggled and went back into the kitchen. Your dog looked up at Dean and gave him a playful little yap, making the hunter jump again.


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