then he exists


I do have another character that I’ve spent precisely negligible time playing. Two whole hours racked up since before Heart of Thorns’ release, aw yeah.

I still have many more things I wanna do and levelling up an alt isn’t exactly conducive to that.

So I’m gonna feed him books to powerlevel him when I have enough.

What do you mean use my level 80 boosts, I might need those in the future!

These are older doodles, done back in, what, May of this year?

Also starring @thetinycharr as a unique hat.

anonymous asked:

I really like your idea of (definitely older) Yuri and Otabek having to move in with Yuuri and Viktor, so what if Yuuri and Viktor were in bed one night when they heard some... interesting... sounds from the next room?

I’m going to Hell for this.

never forget when the king of china snatched everyones wig