then good luck

If you wondered about my thumb

I’ve enlisted aid and plan to hack the thing to bits on Friday. Should make for an entertaining weekend. Please no sympathy. I heal. I simply didn’t want anyone to worry and people continue to ask me when I am planning to have at it, since I made the mistake of mentioning there was something wrong with it. I plan to drink heavily, take swabs, confiscate the dissected bits, and spend time making certain the surgeon’s cutting arm is well-lubricated.

That means I am going to get the poor devil drunk. He hates cutting me.

I don’t blame him.

1D Hiatus: Day 562

* Niall arrives in Australia 

* Nick Grimshaw mentions Harry on the BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show

* Liam posts a video on Instagram

* Liam does some radio promo and performs ‘Strip That Down’ at Q102 Philly

It’s Jun 27th, 2017.

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allseeingcat  asked:

Wow! You're a great artist! It took me a long time to get where I am now, and I'm not even that good haha

thank u so much!! & dont worry its not a race! ur doing good where u are now. everyone improves at their own pace & we r all working to get better together ^^

Pidge is very used to surpassing everyone else’s knowledge in her special interest within a month (when stars were her special interest she got asked for advice by actual astrophysicists), so after Coran still manages to correct her about the castle’s mechanics six months after they became her special interest, she is annoyed and baffled at the same time.

Coran, mainwhile, is quietly laughing at Number 5’s attempts to surpass his knowledge in what has been his special interest for literal centuries.

July Tuesjade Prompts!

July 4th- Dyed Hair!
Ever thought Jade would look a little bit more snazzy with some jazzy hair colours? Wanna add a new style? Is it her favourite neon green or a radical purple! Do you think she’d ever stray from her natural hair? We’d love to hear any stories you can think of- what if she gets someone else to do it for her? :o Let us know in a post and tag it with our iconic #tuesjade so we can appreciate all of it!

July 11th- Dogs!
Now if there is one thing our softe bean Jade loves it is her sweet sweet Bec! But she loves all sorts of dogs too! What doggies do you think she’d look great with? Join us as we fantasise about what a great pup mum Jade Harley would be! Tag us or tag your own post with #tuesjade and we’ll do our best not to post lotsa puppers :>

July 18th- Trickster!
Obligatory but for good reason! We never got a canon representation of her trickster look but we would love to see your representation! What’s the candy that really gets her going? And how overly sweet is her outfit? What would she do as trickster and how would she act! We’d love to know what you think because so us she’s already sweet enough- tag it with #tuesjade so we can see!

July 25th- Grimbark
One of the spookiest moments in the comic was when Jade was taken over! Although she looked cute she acted so mean! But all Jades are valid! What is your idea of her outfit or her attitude in her Grimdark form! We’d love to see your own scary jades at the #tuesjade tag!

Thank you for all you guys have already submitted over the last month, we’ve loved your content and we cant wait to see more! You guys are the best!