then good luck

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im writing a fic and need a suitable title, do u have any poetry recs on love? im too embarrassed to give specifics ;;;;; im sorry

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HC: I like to imagine that even when Victor and Yuuri get into an argument/fight, they'll still be in constant physical contact with each other: touches assuring that yes, we're having a disagreement right now, but I *won't* ignore/leave you just because of this. They won't speak to each other, they're petty that way, but a hand on a shoulder- have you showered already? A hand on an arm- have you eaten yet? A hand on a waist- are you sleepy? Those simple things. (1/2)

AWWWWWW this is so sweet and I totally share this headcanon!!! They slip into bed still angry with each other but after like, a minute, Yuuri silently slips a hand around Victor’s waist and Victor quietly cuddles against him and they’re still mad but that doesn’t change the fact that they’re in love :( :( 

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I am writing an original story. In this story, there's a black character that is really important to the plot and since i wanted to make her more real, i went to those anti-racism blogs and pages over the internet to ask about their experiences (i am not POC) and how racism affects their lives. While some of them were really kind and liked my concern to actually educate myself, some were really rude and said i couldn't write about POC cause i am not POC. Does this makes sense?

Hi anon! :D

The reactions you got make sense, yes, because there is much debate about this topic.

Anywho! I’m not really going to give my opinion on it, instead I am going to link you to this wonderful blog (Writing With Color) that should give you a ton of information that you’re looking for on writing a black character! :3 The link itself is to their Compilation of General Topics and I know you can submit questions to them and get amazing and detailed answers from them :D If you want help with this, they are deff the go-to place on Tumblr, least that I know of personally :3

Hope this helps, and I wish you the best of luck with your story! <3

Mod Aerrow

My personal opinion is that if you do a bunch of research to ensure that your POC characters aren’t written in a racist way, then you should be good. Representation in literature and media, when it’s correct and positive representation, is always a good thing. 

Take this with a grain of salt because I’m white. 

Mod Marie-Rose

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Hello! I love this blog so much. I have a fic-writing advice question: I want to do a historical Shallura fanfic, but I am currently frozen because I want to do research but there's just so much? Do you have any tips for writing historical fanfiction? Or evading writer's block?

Honestly, my biggest tip for historical fiction of anything is:

  • only do what is absolutely necessary in terms of research before you start the story.
  • do more research as the need for it is presented. need to have a fancy meal? then look up the information.
  • tumblr has lots of resources for historical fic, and specific history dedicated blogs. use them!!
  • historical license and inaccuracy is to be expected. it’s fanfiction, which can have even looser standards with this than published fiction in many ways. have fun with it.
  • have fun in general

For writer’s block:

  • take a break from your computer. take a walk. shower. but let your brain wander to the scene you’re trying to write. this might be what you need to help get it all flowing
  • make a list of things you know you want to happen in the story. it helps keep your thoughts in place and you may start seeing connections between events you never would have thought of!
  • NOTE: this list does not have to be detailed. sometimes my bullet points are entire conversations. sometimes they’re “they looked at the stars & romantic shit” and that’s it. both are awesome!!
  • don’t be afraid to write crappy things. at least you’re writing - and you can always make it better! plus, something you may think is crappy may seem really good like two days later. just let yourself experiment and fail and revise!
  • find something that is exciting to you to write in every scene. if there’s a scene you find boring, it may not be necessary.
  • i know for me i have to write in chronological order like 99% of the time, but even i make exceptions if there’s a scene i really REALLY wanna write, even if it’s like in the last third of a story. this can be a great ‘mini-ending point’, something you know you want to get to somehow, and can help the direct the fic. it’s totally ok if by the time you actually reach this mini-ending point it no longer works or you have to tweak it, that happens to me all the time!
  • have a good writing playlist, even if it’s just to listen to before writing (i know i need music to write but not everyone’s like that, which is totally fine!!) even if the lyrics don’t fit music can be a HUGE inspiration/motivator

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hey, if i were to draw you something, is there anything in particular you would like?? (sorry that im not off anon im just feelin kinda shy)

:0!!!! o h man i p much straight Shit Myself whenever someone tags me in a drawing so idk maybe draw ur fave w some of my hcs?? i luv seeing ppl using my hcs it makes me feel important