then gender can be a color wheel

☐male ☐female ☐other ☑none

Happy Pride!  I’m agender.

What does that mean?

Well, we talk about gender as being a spectrum, and a lot of the time, people hear “spectrum” and think of the spectrum of visible light, which looks something like this:

Many people think of “male” and “female” as being two extreme poles, and assume that anyone nonbinary is somewhere in the center.  

This gives a sort of inaccurate idea of view of gender, though.  The idea that “male” and “female” are “opposites” at the ends of a long line does a lot of disservice to both binary male and female people (cis or trans) and leads us into the kind of thinking that gives rise to things like rigid gender roles that put so much pressure on male and female people.

The two “binary” genders we are most familiar with are a lot more similar in a lot of ways than either of them are to some other genders, and a lot more complementary than opposing. So, illustrating them as polar extremes is silly! 

But that doesn’t mean we have to throw out the spectrum analogy! If you learned color theory or have used many graphics programs, you are probably familiar with a spectrum that looks more like this:

This is a much more useful illustration for how people relate to gender.  There are places where colors overlap and places where they do not.  A person’s identity might be one gender or a combination of more than one.  For people who identify as more than one gender, they might experience them all at once, or one at a time, or somewhere in between.  

Just like two colors that are different combinations of the same two primary colors, two people who identify the same way, might engage with their respective identities differently– and one person’s relationship to their own gender identity might change from day to day. You can visualize quite quickly when looking at a wheel that it’s easy to travel from one point on the wheel to another, and traveling from 1 to 10 doesn’t always mean passing through 4 or 6 to get there– everyone can have a different journey and identify in many different ways over the course of their life (or, for some people, even in the course of a short amount of time) and there are many ways to get to the same place.  

Well, that’s cool, Tea, you say, but you’re only talking about people with gender identities, and you said you don’t have one.  How do you fit into this model?

Well, I still have an external experience of gender, because of the ways that I interact with gender expression and presentation, and because I still have an assigned gender, and all of the external experiences of being perceived as having a gender, but it’s entirely external and has no internal identity component– that is, no little voice or guide or compass telling me what my gender identity is. The way I relate to gender has zero overlap with internal gender identity, which is something I only know exists because enough people with an internal gender identity have told me they definitely have one, and I trust my friends’ accounts of their internal experiences, just as they trust mine.

So, to put it another way: 

anonymous asked:

Your reverse racism response doesn't make much sense to me. First off the definition if reverse racism I have found tracking other sources, includes acts of prejudice as reverse racism. After all, if I'm black and I murder someone for being white, you wouldn't say that's not racist. Second, the idea and scale of an institution is vague in your post. A group of friends? 10 kids? A 100 man gang? Thirdly your logic assumes that an institution comprised of white people cannot oppress o (continued)

Cannot oppress other white people. My question is, why call it reverse racism to begin with? Why isn’t there just ‘racism.’ I think all that’s been mentioned and discussed is racist, it just varies on scale. Individual, group, institutions.

Okay so this is going to be my Big Long Sociology Student Post, and that will be the end of it on this blog. Any responses can be directed as asks at my personal; replies or reblogs to this post will be ignored.

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What made you decide to make a tumblr: @papabay and @ghostbananas made some really cool Nerdjiten art so I’d just wait for them here lol. I literally gave zero shits about the tumblr, I only came for the pics lol.

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ya’ll I’m gonna get REAL for a second here

as someone who suffered with their gender identity as a child, absolutely NOTHING pisses me off more than gender stereotypes

idk why tf some people have it set in their minds that certain things can ONLY be for certain genders

it is honestly SO detrimental for a child to be denied something because someone else thinks it’s not appropriate for their gender

children should NEVER be denied something because of their gender

ESPECIALLY if it’s something harmless like a toy or an article of clothing or whatever

who tf cares if a little girl likes to play with Hot Wheels or a little boy wants to wear the color pink? CARS ARE NOT ONLY FOR MEN, WOMEN DRIVE CARS TOO. AND PINK IS JUST A FRIGGIN COLOR, IT’S JUST A COLOR GUYS, A COLOR

so yeah, in conclusion, gender stereotypes suck and are more detrimental to your child than letting them have the thing you’re denying them in the first place :)

A cute lil ghosty telling you that gender isn’t as simple as people make it <3

Ghost from positivedoodles, who says her images are free to use for any noncommercial purposes

image by james

[[image description:

A purple circle with a cute orange ghost in the center. Top text reads “Gender is more of a color wheel than a spectrum” Bottom text reads “Nonbinary does not mean between male and female”

Both information in the livestream demo Bioware streamed and the Character Creator Demo released September 29th 2014.

Bioware on Twitch, Gameplay Demo
Dragon Age of Youtube, Character Creator Demo

Gameplay Demo and Character Creator Demo: Character Creator

  • The current start screen for Inquisition (which may change) shows both a line of Mages and a line of Templars marching to Haven for the summit, choosing to start the game shows the building (I believe it is the Haven Chantry) being blown up and consumed by the Fade. A Templar’s shield flying into the screen, this is the first scene in the Enemies of Thedas trailer.
  • PC versions of the game are controller compatible, allowing both game pad and controller peripherals to be used with Inquisition.
  • When Gender tarot cards show up they are randomized, as neither gender is default. Sometimes the Male cards are showing and sometimes the Female, they can be manually switched between at this point.
  • You will pick a specific spec for a class at the beginning of the game (i.e. Rogue: Archer, Rogue: Double Blade, Warrior: Sword and Shield, Warrior: Two-Handed, Mage) These are not permanent and only determine starting skills, they can be respec-ed later or the Inquisitor can have a combination of two within the actual game (as long as they are the same class skill).
  • There are difficulty levels: Casual, Normal, Hard, and Nightmare. Difficulty can be change within the game, however, doing so will lock out difficulty achievements for that playthrough.
  • When you choose a race a default voice is chosen by race. Qunari and Dwarves are given the flatter American accent, while Elves and Humans are defaulted with the British accent. However, you can change these within the CC.
  • There is a 2D slider on a grid for more specific and smaller tweaks, such as size and shape customization. As the cursor is moved around the shape and size of the feature will change.
  • Scars can be moved across the Inquisitor’s face and positioned with vertical and horizontal sliders.
  • Some notable sliders are: Ear Lobes, Eyelash Style, Broken Nose, Double Chin, and Adam’s Apple for both genders.
  • Makeup is also available for both genders.
  • Several pieces of information on the Color Wheels. Almost all Color choices will have Color Wheels, except for Hair and Skin colors. Eyeliner has a restricted Color Wheel with usual/normal base colors. Also Tattoos have free ranged Color Wheels as well.
  • Eyes do/can have Central Heterochromia, meaning the inner iris can be a different color than the outer. However eyes cannot have Complete Heterochromia, meaning the Inquisitor cannot have two different colored eyes.
  • Replication Codes to share Inquisitors with friends is not currently being developed. However, it is a feature that they wish to add and will be looking at adding Post-Release. The idea is that the codes will utilize the Dragon Age Keep and make for easier sharing.
  • Tattoos are dependent on race. Human will receive generic tattoos, Elves will have Vallaslin, and Dwarves can have brands. Qunari do not have the option of tattoos.
  • Instead Qunari are given specialized replacement for helmets. Qunari will receive war paints called Vitar (spelling?), they are toxic to all other races and have distinct patterns as well as stats. These war paints like helmets can be hidden with the hide helmet option.
  • Beauty Marks are currently not within the CC, but are a suggestion they may look into adding.
  • There is currently not an option for Character customization in-game later (like the Black Emporium), but is something they will be willing to look at as a Post-Release feature later on.
  • Lighting within the Character Creator is close to most of the lighting sequences within Inquisition. Also the first sequence after the CC exposes the Inquisitor to many different lighting changes, so it is a short restart instead of having to restart a character later in the game.
  • There are options for Hornless Qunari.
  • Horns can also be broken, asymmetrically broken, sawed down, or metal tipped.
  • Qunari receive 4 hair styles with almost each hair style matched with each style of horns. There is no size slider for horns, their size being preset.
  • Qunari skin tones range from the usual pale greys, to Sten’s bronzed tone, to jet black. Other Inquisitors range from pale to Vivienne’s black tone as well.
  • There are no sliders for Height or Body Type, instead Height and Body type is dependent on racial body types.
  • In cinematic scenes Qunari will look down at Dwarves and Dwarves will crane their heads upwards. Male Qunari and Female Dwarf having the starkest contrast.
  • Around 62 different variable affect the Inquisitor’s appearance, the combinations of them all providing billions of unique appearances.
  • There are no game portraits of the Inquisitor, as it was sacrificed for stylized icons that indicate health state of the Inquisitor and party.
  • Elves have the largest ears and still retain some of their unique mousy looks from DA2

Gameplay Demo: Gameplay

  • Part of the Deep Roads is Valammar, the entrance being in The Hinterlands and often surrounded by Nugs. There are several options to entering the area (i.e. finding the key, early exploration reward, or through a plot event). One of the area missions is dealing with the Carta
  • Darkspawn will return, specifically further down in the lower levels of Valammar.
  • Tactical view is high recommended for mid-battle screenshots. Also the transition between Tactical view and Real Time is flawless.
  • Trackers and Damage Floaters can be turned off. Damage Floaters can also be adjusted so only controlled characters is given floaters or the entire party can have them turned on.
  • If you fall over a ledge the Inquisitor respawns to their previous position. Enemies pushed over ledges fall to their deaths.
  • Any armor in the game can be customized and upgraded with materials collected from around the world.
  • Health does not instantly heal after battle. Health can instead be regained via potions or specialized bombs, but potions are limited and the number carried can be determined via per companion/character. Health will slowly regenerate outside of battle, the speed depending on the difficulty (e.g. casual will regen the fastest). There is no injuries due to this new system.
  • Barriers can be cast by mages and will eat damage for a time, Guard is activated in various ways by warriors and will protect against damage as well.
  • The reason for cutting back on health spells is to open up the party for any and all companions, rather than clustering or discarding a mage as a spam healer.
  • The Spirit Tree for mages also possesses a revive spell, also a bomb much like Mythal’s Favor, and companions and the Inquisitor can be manually revived by sending another character over and helping them up with the Interact button. This takes longer to do than the revive spell or bomb, which is instant.
  • ‘Power’ is like the Inquisition’s funds, it can be used to expand, build, or further the story-line and world. Allowing for the Inquisition to have impact on the world as well.
  • Friendly-fire is it’s own mode and can be toggled on and off separate from difficulty. It only adds more challenge for those who want it.
  • Spells and abilities can be used out of combat to prepare for upcoming battles without engaging.
  • Most combat can be disengaged from, most likely boss battle can’t.
  • Free roam and side quest enemies do not scale to the Inquisitor’s level. Main plot enemies scale within a set range and those quests/plots have recommended levels stated at the War Table.
  • Mages (unless Knight-Enchanters) and Rogue Archers (when equipped with bows) will not have melee attacks, but will have several evade options to put distance between them and the enemy.
  • Regular enemies will dwindle in numbers and then repopulate. However, Story enemies and High Dragons are permanent kills.
  • Companions approval will be indicated by events, conversations, and continuances in their story. Also there will be indicators that a companion approves of an action, just no number or amount system.
  • Specialized armor (i.e. Templar) will look the same/similar instead of changing with a companion’s style.

anonymous asked:

whats the difference of neutrosis and agender? im agender but im jw where the two differ

Well they can be interchangeable, but definition-wise:
Neutrois refers to having a neutral gender. Agender refers to lacking a gender. So say if you took a color wheel to represent spectrum of gender

Neutrois would typically be the white bit in the middle. It’s neutral to everything else. Agender wouldn’t be on the wheel at all.


anonymous asked:

Can you direct me to any reputable sources for info on familiar spirits that specifically addresses the sexual orientation of the practitioner. I'd prefer to find objective sources that have no social agenda. It seems like most noobs say it doesn't matter if the familiar spirit is the same sex as the witch, but I fear this is out of political correctness. Most of the reading I come across that even mentions this says it should/must be the opposite sex even if the practitioner is gay/bi/etc...

First off it’s not out of political correctness. The reason being that gender and sexual orientation are not a political affiliation nor is recognizing reality a pithy way of being hip. A minority percentage of humans and animals all over the green earth are intersex, bisexual and homosexual. This is not politics unless ducks are politically correct. I watched two clearly male mallard ducks with the dark green heads stay by one another’s sides and have sex multiple times over several years at the duck pond near my house growing up. I disagree with your assertion that only newbies say familiar spirits are not always opposite gender. I have read several books on the subject including academic ones and not all familiars are different gendered from their witch. From a witch trial testimony: “Their spirits usually have knowledge of their bodies…She also saith, that men Witches usually have women spirits and women witches men spirits….” Trial testimony of Margaret Johnson, Lancashire 1663. Note the usually and the explanation of why it’s usually that way. Very specifically usually not always. Grayson Magnus writes in Authentic Witchcraft, “people of alternative genders sometimes have problems relating to their spirit companions. This stems from confusion about the definition of their own gender in relation to it.”
“The answer is simple. Your spirit lover should be the gender to which you are attracted.”
“it is also important to understand that the relationship with the spirit companion will challenge your perceptions of gender identity, regardless of your sexual orientation. This is not a threat to sexuality.”
Two other significant writers on familiar spirits and witchcraft Lee Morgan and Orion Foxwood both LGBTA witches do not even address gender of the familiar spirits in their books but instead prefer the gender neutral it except when recounting anecdotes: respectively A Deed Without a Name and The Faery Teachings. Donald Tyson in Familiar Spirits a Practical Guide for Witches and Magicians “in their essence, spirits do not possess either gender, but when they manifest in human form, they usually manifest either a masculine or feminine outer appearance. The sex they assume is not arbitrary, but in outward revelation of their true nature, so it cannot be disregarded or treated lightly when considering the composition of the familiar.”
Although same sex familiars are not the most common, let’s cover a few: an Leictestershire Cunning Woman named Joan Wilimot 1618’s fairy familiar was in the form of a woman that the master (the coven’s leader? The devil?) had blown into her mouth. (Wilby Cunningfolk and Familiar Spirits pg. 61) Walter Ronaldson of Aberdeenshire 1601’s familiar was a fairy man with a shaved beard and white linen clothes. (Wilby 62) Dorset Cunningman John Walsh 1556’s familiar appeared as a man with cloven hooves. (Wilby 63) the preview in Google books stops short of chapter six on sexual relations with familiar spirits. Hopefully I can check with Faery Lizzy or Ioqayin to see if they have that book for more info on homosexuality/bisexuality and familiar spirits. But most significantly, are my conversations with other witches and magicians I highly respect. Oberyn Kunning, Lee Morgan, Grayson Magnus, Ioqayin, FaeryLizzy, Taylor Ellwood, RJ Stewart, Shivian, StoriesandConjure and Orion Foxwood with each same sex familiar spirits were either embraced, a non issue or a curiosity up for debate, but never entirely ruled out.

So I suppose I can conclude with the most significant point the familiar spirit is the pair to the witches own soul. And what exact gender form that companion takes is only relevant but not everything to the equation. Your spirit familiar can be your compliment in any number of ways like on the color wheel where both red and yellow are opposite of blue and it’s arguable that black the absence of color is opposite blue too. Embrace variety and ditch the binary dogmatism in spiritual thinking.

Thanks for the great question. I know I came across contrary but this is a passionate issue for me close to my heart. And maybe if there isn’t already an article on it there, there needs to be.