then gender can be a color wheel

it’s 3am but i made a gender field to describe my gender experience (the colors are v important) anyways usually I feel like “??lizards maybe??” in brown, but rn I’m feeling very “almost boy” in green. maybe even turquoise.

I know that there are real words for these genders, but “almost boy in green” feels a lot more like my gender than “demiboy” but ya know

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Name: Cassie
Nickname: tbh Cassie is a nickname so… Some people also call me Cass. I will also respond to Heist online for obvs reasons.
Birthday: November 8th
Height: 5′11′’
Sign: Scorpio!
Sexuality: Bisexual
Gender: Female
Favorite color: uuuuh blue or purple 
Time right now: 1713
Average hours of sleep: mmmaybe 6
Lucky Numbers: 6! 
Last thing I googled: “Chernobyl” because of this awful horror movie on Syfy
Number of blankets I sleep under: One during the summer, variable over the winter
Celebrity crushes: Sebastian Stan has been growing on me tbh. Scarlett Johannson. Matt Bomer? Idk I’m a fickle being, these change all the time.
Favorite book: Wheel of Time rn, because the bae is reading them and I can share my excitement with someone
Favorite bands/artists: Nicki Minaj, Ed Sheeran, Florence + the Machine, Mumford & Sons, Fall Out Boy, like a million others. I LOVE music.
Last movie I saw in theaters: …Ant Man?
Dream trip: Oooooooh I go to Greece and Italy and see all of the old temples and monuments and everything! 
What am I wearing right now? Jeans and a Cap t-shirt, haha

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Nicknames: Mainly TEB and variations of it
Birthday: August 11th
Height: 1,75 metres, kinda. Me and my friends can’t reach a consensus about whether that’s right or not.
Sign: Lannister Leo
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Favorite Color: Used to be purple, now I don’t think I have one anymore (I hate them all)
Time rn: 18:35
Lucky Number: 7, 29, 512
Last thing I Googled: Uh… Probably porn? Maybe something related to Sasaki Kojirou or John Cena.
Word that comes to mind: Fuck
# of blankets I sleep under: One blanket and one thingy, hugging two other blankets and one other thingy.
Celebrity crush: No one specific, I think.
Favorite Book: The Silmarillion /// Wheel of Time (um… one of the 14)
Dream Trip: Finland.
What am I wearing?: School uniform
Who I tag: Anyone who wants to do it