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I can picture CP encouraging TH to pursue this gig and telling her to walk into Thorns front office to express her desire to be involved. CP is already doing things like this in small ways and I think she helped TH make the jump. Supportive AF

Yes I can see this happening


Classy angels in white

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Please forgive me: this isn't mean to be ill will towards fan artists and it's hard to word this. While I don't agree with the back-handed insult dealt by the recent anon (since I commend and applaud all who draw for you), I do agree that it gets a bit frustrating when notifications for this tumblr page pop up, but it's fan art drawings and not new Zombietale pages. Is there another way to let people checking the notifications that it's fan art with something other than tags or no?

No, but I do have a solution for you, or at least a couple of things for you to keep in mind, friend! 

1. The comic only updates on weekends! (There has only been one exception to this ever, I think.) If something goes out on a day that isn’t during the weekend, (aka Friday night to Sunday night, Japan time), then it is something else.

2. The queue (which only uploads fanart) uploads specifically twice a day, at 8:00 and 16:00 Japan time! You can find out what that is in your timezone and avoid those posts.

3. If you are only interested in reading the comic, that is what @ztcomic exists for! I reblog the pages to it almost immediately after they’re uploaded here.

tl;dr: If you’re here exclusively for the comic go to @ztcomic.

@pilferingapples Have I mentioned lately that you’re awesome? Because you are.

collab with @vivilartista!!

here are the precious kids!! I had so much fun drawing Cyan, especially her hair!! And happy birthday Cyan!! <3