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Daily Derp Donations

So ever since I began to do the Daily Derps a few weeks ago, people have sent me requests of who they want to see. The problem is, if I do these requests, there’s no stopping others from requesting derps as well. With how popular the derps are among you guys, I worry I’d be getting request after request, to the point I’d no longer want to take them. The Daily Derps would become more of a chore to me other than a fun, personal goal, and I don’t want that. To solve this problem AND still let you guys send in requests, however, I’ve decided to open up what I’m calling the Daily Derp Donations! Pretty much, if you donate at least $5, you can have an FE Derp of your choice added to my list of derps to do. You’ll get the derp of your choice, get your name in the speedpaint, and help support the comics! I’ll also let you know the date the Derp is scheduled for, so you know when you should expect to see them! I’ll also send you the file of the Derp to let you use as you please (with credit, of course)!

If you’re interested in donating, there’s a link on our main page that will take you to our donation page!!


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