then decided she looked too nice not to include others

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well this isnt really a question but I really admire your attitude to ur body. ur a beautiful woman and its so nice to have a positive example of a woman not berating herself for how she looks or ashamed to enjoy her own beauty. too many people are negative about themselves [me included] but seeing u makes me remember theres other options. also ur really hot and ur selfies are too :-D

Thank you so much! It’s funny because I’ve never been happy with my figure. Not even for one moment have I been, and there was a switch somewhere there a few years back when I just decided that life really is too short to be stressed out on trying to be perfect. I still diet to get to healthier weights and that kind of thing but I’m not after perfection. I’m really happy just being me. One thing that’s always helped me is we live in a narcissistic society. No matter how bad you think you look, no one cares. People don’t really have time to be out there judging you for having non-matching clothes or messy hair or no makeup. We’re all doing our own thing. So don’t be hard on yourself and don’t be worried about the perception of others!