then come crying about it with me

I remember seeing a post about INTPs telling people that it’s okay to cry or something. I can’t find it now, but it just popped into my head along with a highly stereotypical scenario.

I was in the car with my mom, an ENFP, who was talking about her friend considering trying shrooms. Apparently her friend told her about how a lot of people experienced a… cleansing? effect. Like one person couldn’t stop crying for hours but permanently felt much better after.

I basically ended up saying, “Ohhhh, she cried for that long? That would explain a lot. Crying is one of the best ways to release inner tension and stress hormones. She probably got rid of a lot of stress hormones.” (Of course I didn’t word it that way.) (Also I don’t know much about the whole stress hormone thing; I was just brainstorming out loud.)

But my ENFP mom wasn’t too happy about me coming up with possible explanations to Yet Another Thing in what she sees as a judgemental way. 

don’t talk boueibu with me Ill get the weirdest ideas like talking about what the english names would be for boueibu characters if they got changed in a dub so far we got Phillip for Ibushi, Edison for Kinshiro, Julian for Akoya, Charles for Io, Jake for Ryuu and deciding between Mikey and Mickey for Yumoto I should be stopped

Okay, hi. I’m fucking salty and sad and annoyed so I’m gonna get that shit out of the way and we can move on to something that doesn’t make me want to punch a wall.

She flew home yesterday. She’s down for a week. She called me and told me she was coming home two weeks ago. She asked me if I wanted to meet up. She said to think about it. She said she wanted to. I want to. I’m not going to. I can’t. I am so not okay today. Time is moving unbelievably fast and also glacial and I just want to eat cheese and cry but my body can’t even muster tears anymore. I am just a fizzy drink being constantly agitated and the pressure will build and tears will soon explode and probably ruin someone’s blouse and also evening. The fun is in the mystery of when that will happen. I feel a pull to disengage with everyone and step back and shut down, and I feel an equal pull to continue seeking connection and to dive in and to be brave. Things feel too soon and I don’t want to wait and I feel self destructive and like I am being reckless with others and right now, it seems like there is no way I can win or feel like things are right or comfortable or safe. I hate the discomfort of it all. 

Also and this goes without saying but America can you get your life together and stop shitting all over human rights? Can I wake up any morning without wondering who isn’t considered a person today? Cool.

Let’s dig for some gratitude now. Last night I turned my brain off at the gym for 5k and charged my Garmin because the sun is starting to peek out. The sky is blue. My legs feel strong and they are getting stronger. My armpits are fuzzy. My room is clean and my bed is made. I can control that. I continue to move forward in whatever form of me this is. 

Okay, good talk.

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Im 16 and im about to be 17 soon.I have a problem with being out in public I mean I can go with other people but I still dont like being outside period.I can manage to stay calm in small self served stores but big stores I get panic attacks and im the only one in my family like this.I want to know how I can I be more comfortable or get over this fear because im trying to get a job and start going places with my friends and I feel like such a freak.

I’m sorry you’re dealing with this. I’ve always had extreme social anxiety when it comes to being out and about and dealing with others face to face. It got terrible for me from 9th grade to 12th grade to the point where I had two or more panic attacks daily and would miss class to hide in the bathroom and cry because I felt so out of control and scared for no reason. It did get better on its own, eventually. I think the age you are now is a rough one for your emotions. Try your best to ride it out. Don’t stop going out and trying to live your life. I made the mistake of sort of locking myself down and I think I contributed to it lasting longer. I’m 23 now and I still have anxiety battles but it’s not near as bad. I know it feels like you’re a “freak” because your heart and your mind are in two different places but it’s not something you can control. I mean really, it’s not. It’s going to happen. You will have those anxiety triggering thoughts. You just have to try to push through them. Talk yourself down. I hope you realize you’re capable of that. You can be stronger than your fears.


I’ve had people in the past tell me (and good friends of mine) that events like the recent tournament, some Noble galas, the Civil Unrest storyline, etc. shouldn’t be happening, and that all RP should be purely about fighting the Legion, because this is a worldwide invasion and etc. etc.

BUT. This is not true - we don’t see the demons invading any other part of Azeroth, only on the Broken Isles. “But that’s a game mechanic!” some of you might cry, creeping ever closer to the dark corner of not having fun. Fine then! Don’t take it from me, take it from fucking Blizzard who just put up a page about mini-holidays (a real, canon thing coming in a new patch) which included THIS little ditty.

If I may quote an excerpt, *ahem*

“It’s a chance to unwind a little, away from the lurking danger of the Burning Legion.”

People are doing stuff other than fighting. This isn’t an “Everyone in the world” battle. Throw your parties, hold your festivals, you do you. Because Blizzard just acknowledged that NPCs are doing the same.

I’ve been mulling over the idea of starting up a writing exclusive blog because I’ve been having things I want to talk about that I feel would be annoying or gratuitous on my main, but then I thought,

wait a second

I am forgetting something fundamental about having a blog.

I can post whatever I damn well please.

So, anyway, there might be more writing posts in the future. i.e. quotes from my favorite authors or me generally crying about how hard writing is and how one can simultaneously hate and love something and *gasp* maybe even stuff about profic I’ve been writing.

(Probably not. I’m hellishly shy when it comes to stuff that’s 100 percent from me and I’ve already told myself “You can’t bring any of that up until you finish at least one multi-chapter fanfic, you half-baked pussy chicken shit.” In those exact words.)

…what was the point of this post? I don’t really know anymore. I’m sure it’s around here somewhere.

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Can I please cry and become a sobbing mess because vmin are such soulmates they even confirmed it 😭😭😭😭 oh my heart

First, THANK U FOR NOT BEING ANON (I appreciate you not a blank face:)

Since we already knew they were soulmates, vmin’s reaction to the question is what affected me the most~

Like just imagine Tae reading the post-it, then immediately checking off “soulmate”

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AND JIMIN!!! His reaction was just how I expected but 10x cuter

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Idk I’m living up right now because of today. All vmin stans should be happy. I’ll cry about it later but I’m just gonna love and hold onto this for now:)


Sometimes when I cry, 

I start to cry harder simply because I am crying,

Or I cry because I know that in the world

Somewhere there are little girls wearing tutus and singing Christmas songs,

Or because Sarah McLachlan comes onto my TV 

And tells me about the cats and the dogs that don’t have homes.

Fuck you, Sarah McLachlan.

I cry because on the internet there are pictures of pigs wearing rain boots,

And there are pictures of Sharpei puppies that look like rolled up towels,

The internet is great.

Sometimes I cry when cheese is really good,

Or when I’ve made onions. That’s just human.

I cry because they call me fat even though I am fat,

Because most of the time a word is just a word,

Until it is not just a word, it is a weapon.

I cry because there is death.

I cry because people die and maybe the last thing they thought of was their children,

And I cry because I don’t have children yet.

I cry when there is no end, and I cry because there is an end,

And I cry because you love me so well.

Because I used to cry alone,

Because I wanted to die,

And then I cry harder because your shoulder is so soft,

Because the sunset is so beautiful on the Connecticut River,

I cry because I am scared I am losing my mind,

Or because I’m on meds,

Or I’m crying because I forgot my meds,

Or I’m crying for the fact… maybe I’m not actually myself.

Or I’m crying because I AM myself and that doesn’t feel like enough.

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Hi, sorry to trouble you, but I don't know who I can speak to about this. I just came out to my mum as ftm, she didn't take it well at first and said I didn't really feel that way and I spend too much time on the internet and I need to 'get to know other lesbians'. After two hours of me crying I showed her your video addressed to ur younger self as it inspired me to come out after 4 yrs of knowing. She told me 'u do what u need to do'. Overall I'm shaken and scared and needed to tell someone...

Hey, you’re not troubling me :) 

Well done for coming out to your mum, I’m sorry her initial reaction wasn’t positive. She might just need some time to come round to it, it’s likely come as a shock to her. Give her some space with it, but talk to her if she wants to and be open to answering questions. 

If you need someone to talk to about it more, feel free to message me. 

i feel like i just need to cry. i need to let something out. but nothing’s coming, i hate wander. i hate him so fucking much. i want to ruin his life and i will go to any lengths i can to do so. i hate him so much. i hate him i hate him i hate him. he’s so fucking disgusting i hate him i hate him i hate everything about me i want him fucking dead he;’s horrible i HATE HIM SO MUCH im hghkh

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I haven't watched the preview for fear of crying at the office, but can I just point out how fucking amazing Aaron looks in dark red? *swoon* at least we'll have that to look forward to over the coming weeks!! (trying to stay positive here)

Amelia is2g me and @stolemyhheart were literally just talking about how good he looks in the prison gear

it’s better than 90% of his clothes what is this

Every cloud, baby!!!!

I’m feeling sad… I don’t want to feel sad anymore. I don’t think, anyone understands me these days. I don’t think, I let anyone understands me, because I feel shame for feeling bad. I used to feel worse than this before, but I still feel that it’s coming back. The pain in my chest is getting stronger every day. I am so stressed out. I can’t fucking chill man… I cry too much and very easily. I need someone to focus on me, ask me what the fuck is wrong… I’m crybaby and I’m sorry. I just need to express this pain, I feel. I don’t want infect any of my followers. I’m trying to getting better and I am going to start talking about it.

Let’s talk about Undertale!

On J’s prompting, I finished the pacifist run of Undertale.  I needed his prompting, because I was at a part that’s super difficult, and honestly kinda creepy.

Anyway.  I finished it.

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OMFG.  Every damn emotion that could have possibly happened, did happen.  And there was much ugly crying.  J just kept the kleenex coming and gave me lots of snuggles, as one should when one’s significant other’s heart is being DESTROYED by a video game.  (In the good way, of course)

I keep remembering stuff and crying again!! (or laughing, or getting angry, or getting scared…)

iris and shea are out there, going to school, working really hard and moving forward in life and i’m just like living with my parents not saving money and trying to figure out what’s happening to my mental health before it takes me out

i’m so happy for them and excited but i also envy them.!! which is horrible! i shouldn’t say that because i know they’re working their asses off and i know how crazy stressful their life is right now, like you don’t even know- i wanna cry thinking about how amazing they are.
but i feel like so slow, regressing. my ptsd is coming back and it makes me angrier and more scared of the world. i’m getting agoraphobic and everything feels bad a lot of the time

I was tagged by several people for this game, but can’t find all the notifications, so I’m not gonna list names in fear of forgetting somebody f^^;
I love music questions, so you’re all awesome for tagging me!

Rules: you can tell a lot about a person by what the listen to. Put your MP3 player, iTunes, Spotify, etc. And list the first 10 songs that come up. Then tag 10 people. No skipping!

1. “Cry Wolf” by Melody Gardot

2. “Amnesia” by Justin Timberlake

3. “My Friends” by Johnny Depp (Sweeney Todd Soundtrack)

4. “The Phoenix” by Fall Out Boy

5. “Came Here to Forget” by Blake Shelton

6. “Lay Me Down” by Sam Smith (feat. John Legend)

7. “American Oxygen” by Rihanna

8. “Atmadja” by Cirque du Soleil’s QUIDAM (soundtrack)

9. “Pirate Bones” by Natasha Bedingfield

10. “Lean On” by Major Lazer & DJ Snake feat. MØ

Funny how none of these are the tracks I listen to often.

NO OBLIGATION, but tagging (if you’re the one who tagged me before, I apologize!):
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why is no one talking about JJ???? He had an anxiety attack on the ice. Sure he may have been cocky and arrogant but when he screwed up, to him, that was his whole world crashing down. But he pulled through, and everyone was behind him!!!! And man the crowd and his fiance singing and crying really got me tbh. He was rly shaken but with everyone’s encouragement he became the douchebag we know and love again B’) beautiful content.


This scene

Yeah that one.

Victor’s hands are shaking

And I mean shaking

Because Yurio made fun of his happiness and his lover.

Look at that face

Levelheaded cool, calm, collected (and slightly eccentric) Victor is pissed. Trying not to show it, but he is pissed.

Ya’ll wanted possessive/jealous Victor

You got it, just in a more wonderful healthy way than Victor crawling all over Yuri and this is so great excuse me while I go cry