then come crying about it with me

Shoulder To Cry On

W: 2.7k 

PAIR: Namjoon x READER

SUMMARY: You break up with your asshole boyfriend and of course go to your favorite shoulder do cry on - Namjoon - only today you want a little more than a comforting hug from him, feeling needy and all.

The tears burned when they rolled down you cold cheeks. It was so cold you thought they might turn into ice. Embarrassed to be crying in public, you throw you hood over your head in attempts of hiding your face. 

You couldn’t stay in there though, not with him in there, not with what just happened. Arriving early from work you had already made plans in your head of how you would bake your boyfriends favorite desert to surprise him when he’d get home from work. Now you looked down at your hand all sticky from shoving your fist in the cake and throwing it at his face when he told you there was someone else. You felt so stupid. 

Knowing that you weren’t gonna sleep at home tonight, you knew you needed to call a friend. Not your parents, they would be bothered by the drama and honestly you couldn’t take your father saying he was right about that punk all along. Going through your contacts you finally found Namjoon’s name in there. The person you always called, your best friend. He picked up fast as always with a soft what’s up.

“Sorry to bother you but can I come over?” You say, voice shaky as you try to compose yourself. You didn’t want him to hear your sniffles and worry him over the phone like that, but of course he picked up on your tone.

“Are you crying Y/N?” he shuffles behind the phone and you can picture him sitting up in worry. “Let me pick you up please,” 

“No I’m close, I’ll be there soon.” you say quickly and hang up. It wasn’t a lie, you walked for about ten minutes before you were at his door. You had time to collect yourself but the second Namjoon opened the door to his apartment and you saw his soft-looking face you started to cry. He pulled you in for a hug in silence and you hung onto his waist, hiding your face in the crook of his arm. Right now you just needed someone to comfort you, no demands and no pushing. He was never judgmental and always reassuring when you were sad.

“Come on,” he lead you to the living room with his arm thrown around your shoulders and a soft smile. Your body was shaking against his because of the hysteric crying. “Calm down please,” he sounded worried as you sat down on the couch. His body was warm to cuddle up against and his firm hands held you and made you calmer. You sat like this, your body shaking against his embrace for a while in silence.

“Where are your parents?” you broke the silence, mumbling it into his arms.

“Vacation.” he whispered against your scalp as his head was resting on your head. 

Nodding you closed your eyes listening to his heartbeat. You decided to just let it out.

“He’s been cheating on me-” 

There. It was out and you could’ve sworn Namjoons heart skipped a beat. 

Are you kidding me?” he asked, trying to be calm but you could hear him curse silently. He pulled away from your hug and grabbed your arms that covered your face wet from the tears. He looked into your red puffy eyes. “Fuck- Who does he think he is, making you hurt like this?” he gritted through his teeth. “I’m sorry but what the fuck? Give me one reason why I shouldn’t go over there and punch that stupid ass grin off his face! That asshole should be lucky to have you!” 

You bit your lip and studied Namjoons face. You could tell he was genuinely upset, his vein in his forehead popping and his jaw clenching. Suddenly he stood up after you forgot to answer him when he asked if he shouldn’t just go and punch the guy. 

“Stop,” you pin him with a look and grab his arm. 

He cheated on you?” his face showed an expression of confusion, not dropping it yet.

“It’s okay, leave it. He’s trash.” you sigh and try to pull Namjoon down to sit next to you again by the arm. He plunged down on the couch and grunted. You just needed comfort and Namjoon was your therapy. At that moment you realized what you needed, a distraction. That’s what you used Namjoon for, on friendly terms. Tonight was different though, because you couldn’t deny how sexy he looked when he got pissed. 

You let your hand wrap at the back of his neck and play with his hair, massaging his scalp with your nails. Namjoon sighed at the soothing feeling. His eyes were closed and his lips where parted and looking more inviting then they had ever. You feel the urge to lick at his bottom lip but a voice tells you not to overstep the boundaries of friendship like this. Of course you ignored said voice and instead you pulled his head closer to yours by the neck and he opened his eyes, wincing in pain at your sudden pulling of the hair in the nape of his neck. His eyes dart open and meet your face, unfamiliarly close to yours. You lean forward to close the gap between yours and his mouth. The feeling of his plump lips against yours is too brief, your legs tingling at the contact.

“What are you-” Namjoon breaths, obviously taken aback at the sudden kiss. Instead of letting him finish his sentence or answering, you tilted your head to kiss him again deeper. This time desire takes over your body, his silky lips kissing you back and you suck at his bottom lip. “Y/N,” he tried to protest but it came out weak, almost as a sigh of pleasure. Your hand rubbed his neck and moved to the collar of his shirt to pull him against your body because close wasn’t close enough right now. Never had you desired Namjoon like this before, but this was exactly the distraction you needed right now. Your hands were all over him but his were still lying on his sides, not daring to caress or touch your body.

Namjoon wasn’t touching you but not for any reason suggesting that he didn’t want this. Oh he wanted this. He had thought and fantasized about it many times. Your lips on his, the noises you’d make or what you would like in bed. He knew he couldn’t let you go too far, he’d feel like he was using you when you were vulnerable. He knew he had to stop you, but he wanted to feel your wet hungry mouth on his for just a little longer. 

“Wait, Wait-” Namjoon pulled away and licked his lips looking directly at you. Cheeks flushed and lips all swollen you looked so gorgeous. He had to remind himself that this wasn’t the way it should happen, if it even should in the first place. “I don’t want it to seem like I’m using you when you’re vulnerable.” you chuckled at his sweet words and for some reason him being such a gentleman just turned you on even more. 

As a grown woman you could take your own decisions and what you knew right now is that you needed sex. You needed to get fucked. Namjoon was looking very fuckable this very night, his shirt falling off his left shoulder after you pulled him closer by the collar, revealing his collarbones. The sight just made you bite your lip. He gulped under your hungry gaze.

“Namjoon,” you sighed his name and pressed your thighs together for relief. “I need you to fuck the sad out of me.” You practically moaned into his neck and you placed a wet kiss behind his ear. Namjoon couldn’t believe your blunt honesty and a shiver went down his spine as he thought of fucking you. You climbed on top of his lap straddling his hips and continued to kiss his neck. “Please,” you whined and rolled your hips down on his, smirking because he was already hard. 

At that moment Namjoon would break. He leaned his head towards you and caught your lips in a more aggressive kiss, his hands finally grasping your waist tightly. His lips parted and your tongues met, his exploring your mouth and sucking at it. The warm feeling of lust spreading in your stomach made you moan into his mouth. Namjoons hips rutted involuntarily against your ass from hearing you moan like that. Simply his kisses made you wet and you wondered why he affected you like this? Was it just today or was it Namjoon? Because you had never felt desire like this before. 

Namjoon let his hands travel up your warm back under your tank top and unclasped your bra, taking it off underneath the tank top. He grabbed your hair and yanked it lightly as a sign for you to pull away from his mouth so he could look up at you. You lips were red from kissing and your hard nipples stood against the thin fabric of your tank top. Teasingly you rolled your hips against Namjoons crotch and he gasped. His expression showed his state of horny. His eyes were half hooded and the tip of his tongue stuck out the corner of his mouth. 

His big warm hands rested on your sides and you put yours on top of them. Slowly you guided them towards your breasts and he let his thumbs brush against your nipples through the fabric. You whined softly and he pulled the shirt over your breasts in a swift movement. He took your nipple in to his mouth and rolled the other one between his fingers. Overwhelmed, you threw your back with your hands in his hair and moaned at the feeling of his tongue swirling around your sensitive nipple. 

“Your moans make my cock twitch in my pants baby,” Namjoon moaned against your skin and you bit back a smile. He kissed between your breasts and looked up at your face and he thought your face morphed in pleasure was the hottest thing he had ever seen. 

Noticing his intense gaze you lean down to bite at his bottom lip. He grunts into your mouth as you push down on his hard crotch. 

“Enough,” he says loudly and rids his shirt. He can’t wait right now, the waiting is excruciating. Here you were, half naked on top of him and asking him to fuck you and he felt like he was gonna die from being so turned on. He needed to be inside you so bad.

You kissed him, a needy kiss with your lips pulling at his tongue and you whine into his mouth. He understands you’re eager and so is he. 

“No time for foreplay Namjoon,” you pant against his lips when he tries to snake his hand inside your underwear. “Just fuck me.” 

He doesn’t need to hear it twice and pulls off his pants, his dick standing into the air. You motion for him to get on his knees on the couch like you and you’re facing each other, kneeling on the couch with your tongue down each others throats. Grabbing his neck you spin around so your back is pressed against his front. With a pull on Namjoons neck you get in all fours, pulling him to lean over you and you push your ass against his dick. He hisses, grabs your waist and takes in the sight of you on all fours, your back arched for him. Your ass is on the air and he let’s his palm slide over the curve of your ass. 

“You look so good like this,” He moans. Like he had pictured it so many times before. Not that he was gonna tell you about that.

“Shut up and just fuck me,” you pant, looking at him with a smirk. He smiles at you, grabbing his dick and letting the tip graze your entrance. You gasp and he smirks at the newfound power he has over you now when you were so needy. 

“Namjoon-” you where gonna beg him to just fucking give it to you and so he does, interrupting you. His dick sinks inside you and you gasp at the feeling, so full. A tingle goes through your body and reaches your toes as the feeling of his dick hard inside you. Namjoon daydreamed of this moment so long but now that he finally was inside your wet and tight pussy he didn’t know how he was gonna handle it. How was he supposed to not cum within three seconds when you felt this fucking good?

“Jesus,” he hissed and threw his head back. Any sounds he made just turned you on and you really felt it at the pit of your stomach when he’d moan or gasp. Knowing it was you who did that to him got you so fucking hot. 

Namjoon started moving his hips, watching his cock slowly disappearing inside you and not believing how hot this was. You bit your lip and braced yourself against the couch. 

“Baby, you feel amazing,” Namjoon moans and starts to pick up a slightly faster pace. His dick stretched your walls deliciously but it wasn’t enough, you wanted more and faster and harder. 

Almost as if he could read your mind he grabbed your hips and started slamming into you harsher and faster, the sudden switch-up having you moan loudly and cursing at the instant pleasure. Namjoon grits his teeth and throws his head back, his hips slamming into yours. His big hand swings at your ass and you gasp at the sharp pain if his smack. You can practically visualize the hand print on your ass that’s bouncing on his dick. Namjoon chuckled out of breath. 

Namjoon leaned forward to kiss at the back of your neck and down on you shoulders, still pounding into you, his body pressed tightly against his. He tongues your neck and takes your earlobe between his teeth. The pleasure is coming from all angles and you didn’t know how to handle it. Your hand went to grab Namjoons hair and you pushed ass back to meet his thrusts mid-way. He moaned at the sensation as you clenched your pussy around him.

Pleasure gathered in the pit of your stomach and you made sure to tell him how good he made you feel. Boosting his ego was a good idea because it made him want to fuck you even better and harder, exactly what you wanted! Namjoons hands roamed over your waist, feeling your warm skin and sending shivers all over your body as he kneaded your ass. Your toes curled and every thrust with his hips had his dick grazing your g-spot. His hand grabbed your shoulder for steady support as he continued to fuck you. 

“I’m gonna cum,” You gasp and hearing you say that had his dick twitching and his eyes rolling at the back of his head. His head fell to hang low and with every thrust came a grunt, your noises filling up the room. Every thrust most sloppy and eager for release. His hand reached to your front and he pressed his thumb against your clit and rubbing circles, causing your whole body to squirm and you moaned his name. Your pussy clenched around his dick as you felt yóur orgasm travel trough your body, First at the pit of your stomach and then the tingling sensation traveled down your legs and had you moaning his name over and over through your orgasm. 

Baby- Fuck,” Namjoon moans. Your walls clenching around him and your voice calling his name so sweetly is what set Namjoon over the edge and soon he was choking on his on moans and coming inside you. 

You slumped down on the couch just like that and Namjoon took a minute to collect himself before getting up to give you a towel. You sit up and you and Namjoon look at each other in silence. You’re both still naked, he’s pulling his boxers on and you both start laughing out of nowhere. You were best friends who just fucked and on top of it, the sex was amazing. What the hell could you do except laugh? 

“That was,-” Namjoon starts.

“-Amazing?” You suggest and he laughs shaking his head. “Thanks,” you say softly. He knows you don’t just mean it for the sex but for the support. Namjoon snickers.

“Friendly favor, am I right?” 

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that pic u used in reply to the stop putting phil in your ass or whatever ask legit made me tear up and it just makes me wonder what my life has come to if i’m crying over an old picture of a grown ass man crying :/ but it’s ok cos i accept it and i love the boys to the moon and back, just like them

once dan complained in a liveshow that people (really only me) were using that pic a lot on tumblr and he didn’t like it because he was talking about a cookie

there’s this 44 year old woman at the clinic who was married to a man for 20 years, but she just recently figured out she’s gay. she told me that the main reason she was able to figure that out for herself and tell other people was because she met me. she said that seeing me existing as myself, as a lesbian being happy and being proud to love women is what gave her the strength to come to terms with her own identity and what gave her the strength to come out to her friends and family.

she’s thanked me and told me that she’s extremely grateful that she met me because accepting herself as a gay woman has made her life so much better and i’m so happy she has been able to discover this about herself and accept herself and im crying just thinking about this

A moment to share

I need this post. It has been almost 2 months and I think I am ready to present my thoughts. Bare, raw, just as they are in my mind. 

I still miss him. Knowing he won’t be coming back is still so painful. Ridiculous no? Crying for a fictional character. And a villain!. Really there must be something off about me, a fucked up mind having a thing for older, attractive men.

But you know, there’s far more than this. Why? Because within several years I got attached to this character, this one truly annoying, intriguing and dangerous person..To his relation with the Realm, with Catelyn..with Sansa. I got fascinated by his revelations throughout the story and the way he played the Game. 

There will never be anyone like him again. I cannot imagine any other actor performing so greatly here. 

Showing Littlefinger’s charm, intelligence and humor . No other actor, than Aidan Gillen. 

He is the true gem of the show. He is a discovery. There were so many other brilliant actors there..underestimated and now appreciated..But Aidan, he achieved the top of what a dramatic actor can actually raise to. He made us love his character, along with hating him at the same time. He made us applaud him in his intrigues, but then knowing it’s wrong, condemning it. He made his character sinfully attractive, yet…dangerous and suspicious..

But most of all, Aidan Gillen got us to know Littlefinger. Or rather Petyr Baelish. In his last scene we see it all. How the unbreakable, solid and treacherous liar finally breaks his walls to return to who he really is. A lonely boy, whose purpose was never the Iron Throne, but something deeper. 

Love, acceptance. Belonging. 

Thank you Aidan Gillen for bringing this all to us. 

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To the anon complaining about that sidlink picture being about rape, you realize Link and Sidon are FICTIONAL CHARACTERS right?


As I said. I don’t support rape. The bite thing is just a kink that a lot o people (me too) have!! We are in 2017, come on!

So I have Key flirt with her. Hey gets his want satisfied, and obvs she is happy about it.

Sophie is like wtf you just asked me to marry you on the first date, then screwed me in the photobooth, and now you come out to flirt with some other girl? wth?

So Key gets slapped and reprimanded and he’s all shocked.

Meanwhile my simself is just happy someone payed attention to her for once hahaha she doesn’t give a shit that Key is getting beat up now.

And now Key is crying again. Of course!

Sophie stomps away angrily but hilariously it still ends as a dream date. Apparently Sophie’s idea of a dream date is rejecting a marriage proposal, doing the dirty in a photobooth, and then getting cheated on in the course of a single date.

And my simself goes back to dine alone and order spaghetti for the third time that day lololol RELATEABLE

I started crying when I was on the phone with my dad. I’m going home this weekend to visit and plan on seeing my Aunt who has cancer. She doesn’t know that I know she has cancer so I’m uncomfortable about how this is going to go. My dad told me I need to be prepared because she looks very sick and its obvious she is. It just brought me back to when my grandpa was sick and and I kept asking to come home but everyone told me he would be fine. By the time my family told me I needed to come home, my Grandpa was already unconscious because they had given him the medication to make it less painful when they took him off life support. I ended up saying how I feel I deserve to know she’s sick because God forbid something happens, I don’t want to be in the dark until the last possible second. I ended up crying in the middle of school and having to compose myself before my second class started. And surprise surprise because I can’t deal with emotions, my first reaction is “don’t eat” because I can just numb myself and be in control and not have to think about that if I’m focusing on restricting. I just hate everything right now and want to go home but I have class until 8pm. Yay. Sorry for complaining. 

Trust me

I know

I walk into the same room as you

But eyes linger on you

And the eyes on me are as fleeting as cherry blossoms

You are the color of a winter’s morning

I am the color of the the background

An afterthought

An echo

Your eyes as blue as jewels

Do you look into my eyes and see muddy waters?

(Do you look into my eyes and see the clouded water that refugees died in because they weren’t a jeweled eyed winter’s morning?)

You are the main dish

(Meant to be savored, a recipe hailed from generations before you)

I am a special treat

(Devoured, now you can check that off your list of flavors to try before you die)

The first Christmas a friend invited me to their home, they asked me if I celebrated Christmas

I told them yes, yes

The story is about the coming of a man with my complexion

Who was baptized where my grandmother was baptized

I wanted to cry


I wanted to belong

Without explanation

Without doubt

But then again

I didn’t know I was at odds

Until you told me

And then I realized

My nose went downward

Like the mood of a funeral

And yours curled up

Like the elevator to the penthouse

And I wanted that nose

But then again

I have a nose like my grandmother’s

Graceful, like a waterfall

And I have her name

And her dark brown hair

And her freckled tan skin

And her peaceful smile

And I’m growing into having her hardworking hands

Hands that could sow seedlings from absent soil

But if I don’t distinguish my own worth

Who will?

A fated flower from the pot of my womb?

I will be her sun

But first

I must be my own

Don’t be fooled by this adorable face. I’m actually doped up on cold medicine and hacking up a lung all while crying about my itchy ears. I’ll come bother you all when I’m not feeling like butt, until then, someone lay me to rest.

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I'm in grade 11 and I suck at math and am realizing that I won't be able to go to university. I have nothing that I even would want to do as my career anyways and I don't know how I'm supposed to survive without any aspirations or intrinsic motivation. I hate school immensely. The environment makes me miserable and I cry every day thinking about how I have to go. I have a test tomorrow in math that I didn't get a chance to study at ALL and I know I won't pass and I'm just crying and dk what 2 do

right now? you need a breather. go away for half an hour. listen to some ghibli and feel some things. get a hot drink. don’t come back to your work until you’ve finished.

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Six Movies I’ll Always Watch

Recommended by the amazing @elegantmoonchild

1.) Pretty Woman–I grew up watching this over and over with my Mom, I can say my first major crush was Richard Gere.

2.) Titanic–Never could get tired of watching Leonardo Dicaprio I mean come on now.

3.) Grease–They remind me of Bughead what can I say, ENDGAME

4.) 10 Things I hate About You–Reminds me of high school

5.) Never Been Kissed–Love me some Drew Barrymore

6.) Cry Baby –I have to agree with @elegantmoonchild on this one.  Johnny Depp is my all time fav actor.  He reminds me so much of Cole and she is right when she says it definitley is Serpent Juggie./Good girl Betty Trope.  LOVE IT!!

I am passing this on to @mogitz @amab1060 @adorebughead @zor-el-schott

@betsforsythetrash @oleekingcole

Love you guys!!

is there anyone else here that absolutely lives for canon lance and keith being the same height???

because they are. they are the same height. in the one screenshot that everyone uses to prove that keith is shorter than lance, lance is actually standing quite a bit behind keith and perspective (or in this case surroundings, the color of the stone they are standing on changes, indicating that its height changed too) has to be taken into account:

but when they are right next to each other, they are the exact same height and

guys, guys just- just listen

all these missed opportunities 

they are lance and keith

lance and keith, neck n neck

they are literally on the same level

they are the same, equal partnership,,, ,

guys i’m s o b b i n g no one is above the other it’s so perfect pleas e just listen they are the same-

[continuation here]


okay, but you know what i would love to read? aftg from kevin’s pov.

like, it starts right after riko breaks his hand - it shows him running to wymack because wymack is his father but shows us his fears: of riko, of what riko could do to wymack, of the backlash that could fall on the foxes because of it

i want to know what was going through kevin’s mind when he gave his back to andrew and what their friendship was like pre-neil. i want to know more of kevin’s backstory - about the scars in places no one can see, about the bruises, the broken bones that he had to fight through because riko would not allow him to tarnish their appearances. give me 400 pages detailing kevin’s fears and hopes and dreams, instead of turning him into an exy/alcohol robot.

i want to read about exy being the thing that makes kevin feel close to his mother, about kevin pushing himself to be better for her, i want to read about the pain of losing his mom and how it’s something he still struggles with daily, about him wondering what his life would be like if she had lived.

i want to read about his friendship with jean, how it got to the broken state it is, what riko did to ruin it (and them)

i just want more of kevin, because he is not emotionless, he is not just an exy player. he is a human being who has lived a childhood full of trauma and abuse, while simultaneously being forced to smile and act like nothing is wrong when there are a million eyes on him at all times.


Happy 163rd Birthday Oscar Wilde!

[Art] is a veil, rather than a mirror. She has flowers that no forests know of, birds that no woodland possesses. She makes and unmakes many worlds, and can draw the moon from heaven with a scarlet thread. Nature has, in her eyes, no laws, no uniformity. She can work miracles at her will, and when she calls monsters from the deep they come.