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A short Story In which space dad is confused

Pidge groaned as she walked the hallway away from the fighting. “SHIRO” she yelled as she knocked on his door. “They’re at it again.” She said exasperatedly pointing down the hall.  

Shiro nodded, “Alright, I’m on it”  he walked towards the common room where Lance and Keith were fighting. “Guys, whats going on? Pidge just came to complain, AGAIN, about your fighting.”

“It’s not my fault he NEVER LISTENS” Lance shouted turning to Keith.

“Oh, Like you’re the perfect little angel Lance, You’re the ONE that…”

“THAT’S ENOUGH” Shiro shouted at the two. The turned and stared at Shiro completely shocked, “I’ve had it with you two!” He put his hands on his hips and his voice got louder as he went on, “You’re going to need to learn to get along!’ He stood glaring at the two as they turned from the black paladin to each other.  Keith and lance finally turned towards each other and grinned Keith grabbed Lance’s hips and he looked up to grin at Shiro. Looking back at lance he dipped the blue paladin and with a wink he kissed him. They kissed like one of the first times, deep and needy, like they didn’t know what would happen next. Finally Lance tapped Keith’s shoulder, and Lance looked toward Shiro, “Oh by the way, we’ve been dating the past few months and we didn’t tell you”. Lance kinda shrugged but he was still dipped and it just looked weird. Shiro’s face betrayed him, the absolute look of what the fuck was so apparent Keith almost dropped Lance when he started laughing. Finally standing back up Lance joined Keith in laughter. Shiro turned and walked out of the room back down the hall and stoped at Pidge’s door, “They kissed” He whispered in a small voice.

“Hunk owes me ten bucks” Pidge stated. Shiro just nodded and then went to his room to digest what just happened.

The next morning at breakfast Lance and Keith came in together. Hunk sighed and nodded at Pidge and mumbled something about money.

“We’ve kept fighting A. to make sure you guys didn’t know, and B…” Keith started

“B. Because Keith is a dick who steals my pillows at night.” Lance interjected looking pleased with himself.

“B, because we don’t agree on everything.” Keith said shooting look a glance.

      The End.

@sabertoothwalrus Has an amazing comic that this is based upon. I loved her comic so much, and this probably didn’t do it justice

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Cud u write something with Terry's jacket being Jason's. Maybe it turns out that his favourite jacket that he bought at a thrift shop used to belong to the red hood or maybe Jason gives it to him or let's him keep it cus he likes the kid

“It’s freezing down here!” Terry rubbed his exposed arms and tried to pull the shelves of his t-shirt down lower. “Why aren’t you cold? old people are always cold!” He whined to Bruce sitting at the Bat Computer in the cave. “Keep it up and you won’t live long enough to find out for yourself” Bruce said. “Go down there, to the locker room there might be a coat or something” Bruce pointed.

“wait there’s a locker room? and you’ve been making me get dressed behind the giant Penny?”

“you never asked”

“unbelievable” Terry stalked off. It took awhile to find, but once he knew which way to go Terry found it. It looked like the locker room at his high school, but bigger, and covered with dust. “Oh you have showers?” he said looking at the shower booths along one wall, and thinking about all the times his hair has been a sweaty matted mess headed back home. There were lockers with names on little brass signs. He avoided the one’s labeled “Stephenie” “Barbara and “Cassandra”.

He pulled open the one with “Tim” on it. There was an oversized long shelve shirt, a few t-shirts with the Superman S on them, a pair of shoes, school books. He tried “Damian” but it was all child sized suits and ties. “Dick” had a lot of open pictures, even a few of Bruce, and a pair of jeans. It was when he opened “Jason” he hit pay dirt, a leather jacket hanging on a hook. He pulled it down and tried it on, it fit, well it was a little large but still. 

He wiped down the dusty mirror on the wall and looked at himself, twisting this way and that. “oh totally retro badass”

6 months later

Terry half walked was half carried into the cave, he was fine but the suit not so much. The man with a craggy face and graying hair helping him dumped him into a chair. “Jason” Bruce said “Hey ‘dad’ sorry I don’t write, you know things were a little messy last time we talked”

“It’s been ten years Jason you could have bothered to let me know you were alive” 

“Aw B I didn’t know you cared” Jason sneered. “Of course I care” Bruce’s tone was as close to hurt as Terry had ever heard it and Jason froze in place. Terry struggled out of the suit as quickly as he could. “okay so I’m gonna go get dressed” Terry stood in his underwear desperate to escape, in part because it was freeze and in part because this was horribly awkward. He half ran to the locker room.

He spent as long as he could in there, but there’s only so slowly you can tie your shoes. He slowly edged his way back toward the main room of the cave. There wasn’t any shouting or gun shots both good signs. As he rounded the corner his eyes bugged out, Bruce and Jason were hugging. Terry stood there for a moment before clearing his throat. The two older men broke apart and Terry was sure he saw Jason wiping his eye. He turned toward Terry and looked him up and down. “That’s my jacket”

“um, yeah I guess so, sorry uh you want it back?” Jason laughed and waved at his broad chest and wide shoulders. “I don’t think I could fit into that old thing any more kiddo” He smiled a soft smile “keep it”


“hell yeah, I like you kid, you’re good for the old man” Jason clapped him on the shoulder and walked toward the exit of the cave. “see you around Terry” 

I Want Us to be Batman and Robin Forever

Summary: While cleaning the attic, Bruce finds a letter written by a ten-year-old Dick, and Dick ends up thinking about the consequences of becoming Robin all those years ago. Day 5 of batfam week

ao3 |

“Hey, B,” Dick said, a cheerful smile on his face as he pulled himself up the ladder and into the attic. “I heard you were looking for some slaves to help you clear out some boxes.”

Bruce raised an eyebrow. “You offering?”

“Tim said he was bored,” Dick said as he walked towards where Bruce was sitting in front of an open box, “and so I told him you wanted some help. His answer was a big fat no, so I figured I might as well give you a hand if he wouldn’t, old man.”

Bruce grunted, but didn’t look up from the paper he seemed to be entranced with. Curious, Dick moved closer, crouching down right behind Bruce and squinting over his shoulder.

“What’s that?”

“A letter.” There was a smile in Bruce’s voice, even if a glance at his face didn’t show it.

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You Jealous? - Newt x reader Oneshot

Fandom: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
Warning: None, a little fluffy
Pairing: Newt x reader, slightly Mr. Graves x reader
Summary: Mr. Graves flirts with reader and Newt gets jealous and accidently confesses that he loves reader.


A/N: My first Fantastic beasts one shot, I hope you’ll enjoy it. :D This one was so much fun writing.

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I just read that swear jar question, and I imagine Jackson walking onto a room, dropping like fifty dollars into the jar, and saying "you'll never guess what this b**** said to me today"

He doesn’t even try anymore. He knows there’s no point in trying to save himself. Everyone else just settles in and enjoys the free entertainment.

It took Cruz longer than she’d like to admit to become used to his language.

Cal cruises in one day, curious to see what’s happening, and notices that the jar’s almost full. He can’t believe it. There was only like ten bucks in it when he retired.

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who said that about kaldur???

I’m not naming names because a) I don’t want to start shit over a character almost 2 years gone or shit in general and b) a lot of people have the same opinion for the same reasons and it’d be unfair to just call out this one person just because I’m frustrated with literally hundreds of dick heads.

I am just- very tired of the things Kaldur has been put through/put himself through being dismissed just because he doesn’t do a monologue about his emotions every ten episodes. And I’m tired of people simplfying him to “the stoic leader dude who’s really level-headed and calm and who’s basically just there to serve as a balance for the rest of the team because he’s the only one there without any major issues”.

Look, I get it. Kaldur isn’t exactly emotionally open- but with many characters in other shows the majority of the fandom takes that kind of personality as an invitation to speculate on what that character is thinking or how they feel. People make conjectures, they look at what the character DOES and DOESN’T DO and what they DO SAY and try to figure out what’s going on in that “stoic” little head. See: Sherlock from the BBC show, Thorin from the Hobbit Movies, Snape from Harry Potter, Levi from Attack on Titan, BATMAN, Sasuke, Itachi and half the rest of the cast from Naruto, Riza Hawkeye from FMA, L from Deathnote, Haymitch Abernathy from the Hunger Games, Javert from Les Miserables, Robin and Raven in Teen Titans.

But for some strange reason, when presented with a character who left his home behind to fight for good and was only gifted with heartbreak when he tried to return, who has shown INCREDIBLE disregard for his own life and happiness (USUALLY FANDOM CANDY), who has a tragic back-story, who has time and time again made sacrifices for the sake of protecting the people he cares about, who has been shown to have a hidden sense of humor few get to see, who has freely admitted to doubting his own worth (THIS IS USUALLY FUCKING CANDY FOR PEOPLE AND INSTEAD ALL THE GIFS AND DISCUSSION ABOUT THAT EP ARE OF EITHER DICK OR WALLY), AND WHOM HAD A BEST FRIEND WHO HE NEVER SPOKE ABOUT FIVE YEARS LATER AND WHOM MENTIONED HIM ONLY IN PASSING AND HELLO PEOPLE WHERE IS MY FIC ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED THERE, who has been confirmed via Word of God to be canonically queer-

They look at this kid, who is gorgeous and broken and whose selflessness seems to spring from self-hatred as much as it does heroism, and they decide they don’t want him.

They don’t want to talk about him because, in their eyes, he’s not worth talking about.

They reduce him. They reduce his role as both a leader (if I see one more goddamn ignorant little brat say that the plan was Nightwing’s when we have actual evidence that is WASN’T and no evidence suggesting it WAS I’M GONNA BLOW A GODDAMN GASKET) and a friend (he’s been a mentor to like half the team my god), and they relegate him to someone who could probably be replaced by a particularly calming and nicely-voiced robot.

And I know what at least one of the reasons for this shit is, and it’s an awful reason that makes the injustice of it all something that applies to more than just a kids’ tv show. I’m thinking it, you’re thinking it, and I can guarantee you that if Kaldur’ahm of Shayeris looked like Garth that he would be one of the most loved and talked about characters in the show.

And that fucking breaks my heart in ways I don’t have words for.

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Modern AU - Thorin and Bilbo are attorneys at the same legal firm and every day Thorin shows up with a kid's lunch box, filled with carrot sticks, granola bars, juice boxes etc. and Bilbo thinks it's the cutest thing ever b/c when your ten and five year old nephews make you lunch, "just like our lunches, uncle!", you take that lunch to work and you eat it.

Oh my god this is the most precious idea ever!!!

Bilbo as the new guy and Thorin as his imposing, ever grumpy office partner who basically hasn’t said a word to him once in his entire first week save a low, impatient grunt when Bilbo first introduced himself (because Thorin so does not want to share his office space and so far it worked out fine because he basically drove everyone off within a week but this one just won’t leave and keeps on trying to initiate mindless conversations about tomatoes and he wants to share his blueberry muffins with Thorin and Thorin will have to have words with Gandalf this is unacceptable!) . Bilbo tries to make the best of it cause he needs this job and he’s not going to let some rude, unfriendly co-worker bully him out of his own office but he is a bit apprehensive seeing as Thorin is a head taller and bulky and dark and generally has the air of someone who’d know how to kill someone with a spoon (not to mention his best buddy who’s covered head to toes in tattoos, probably either in the secret service or on every wanted list of said secret service).

So a few weeks go by with Thorin grumpily refusing to pay Bilbo any mind and Bilbo fretting endlessly about how long it’ll take until Thorin will snap and quietly murder him and thus dispose of his body. But then one glorious day Dwalin’s not there to pick Thorin up for lunch so Thorin decides to eat in the office and Bilbo is treated to the sight of Thorin pulling out a SpongeBob lunchbox filled with the most horrendously unhealthy meal ever composed. And he’d watch in utter amazement how Thorin would sigh and then slowly and reluctantly start to eat before his daily midday check-up phone call to Fili (“Yes I took the lunch box, thank you Kili can you put your brother ba- Yes it was … delicious… but next time maybe you shouldn’t mix the carrots with gummy bears- no no no Kili, it was lovely forget I said anything… ”).

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jikook for "your voice sounds like my thinking voice and that’s really freaking me out au" ^-^

Jungkook likes the way his voice sounds. It’s mature, pleasantly low and husky at times. It even sounds experienced when he wants it to be. It helps when people are willing to dismiss everything he says due to his years.

To put it simply, Jungkook loves hearing his voice.

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