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"Simon, what is archive of our own?"

Snow freezes immediately at this question. He looks up from his laptop, eyes wide.

“Uh…” He glaces back at his laptop, then back at me. He slowly closes it and walks quietly to his room.

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Hi Abbie, did u manage to watch today's LieV wt JB n Youngjae. So they had a mission to get the members to say good things abt them.YJ picked Mark n called him. That dork was brushing his teeth when that happened. So u could actually hear him brushing n gargling n spitting. So YJ told him that it cld be heard on air. So, Mark being the sneaky ass that he is, lied thru his teeth saying that it was not him, but was Jinyoung. When in fact, JY was not even home. Do u see where I'm going wt this? :)

OH MY GOD LISTEN THAT MOMENT SENT ME INTO SUCH A FUCKING TINHATTING SPIRAL IT WAS SO WEIRD OK LISTEN mark said that jinyoung was the one brushing his teeth next to him but then jaebum said jinyoung was busy at a schedule?? so my first thought was ok who is lying?? did mark just try to cover up he was brushing his teeth (which…. why lmao) and the 1st person he thought of was jinyoung (cute) OR jaebum lied and said jinyoung was working but what reason would he have to lie?? other than… to cover up… jinyoung… is there… with mark… but why… would he need to do that…. but then i thought well if jinyoung IS there brushing his teeth…. wtf is mark doing there r they brushing their teeth together?? or is he just sitting next to jinyoung in the bathroom??? just chilling and scrolling on his phone waiting for jinyoung to finish brushing his teeth?? and that is literally the most couple thing ever i’m gonna pass out?? like nothing else makes sense why would they need to lie about jinyoung being there like i’m pretty sure jinyoung was at inkigayo but he may have finished?? but i don’t know and this is all so shady i’m

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Hello! How did you come up with your name?

I’m assuming you’re asking about Elzear (which is actually my middle name). I chose Elzear because it was my grandfather’s middle name and I believe his grandfather’s before him, and my dead name was French and I needed a French name and as soon as I thought about it being my name I knew it was right

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Ive seen a few episodes of voltron and im considering watching the full series because i love klance but i need to know: is their attraction to eachother canon or am i just signing up for suffering

They’re not canon and i’m not sure if they will be. Tbh, i don’t think there’s gonna be romance in voltron at all? Of course, this is just my opinion and i could be completely wrong. However, if your only reason to watch voltron is klance, then you’ll probably be disappointed :/

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royai that chimera Riza au

*throws the 3-sentence rule into the sun because no one would understand the context with just three sentences* 

There was something deeply unsettling about the dog’s presence, he had seen moments before it had rushed past him and out of the home. It wasn’t Riza’s from what he could tell. No, the stray she had taken in had been white. This one had fur the color of spun gold, something he had managed to appreciate before it had bolted.

But now, he thought as he slipped on the wet earth and caught himself against a tree, he found himself with more questions than answers. Like what the transmutation circle on the floor represented. It had with it a vague, lethal familiarity, something he couldn’t quite place his finger on. Or where Master Hawkeye’s daughter had been, when he had only found her maddened father, who seemed more concerned about the dog rather than the fact that he had been coughing blood.

His heart stalled when his eyes caught sight of it frantically pacing the riverbed and he took a step forward. A twig snapped beneath it and he winced as it jumped and whirled around, panicked ivory eyes boring into him. Eyes that seemed to hold a familiarity to them. It was then that his stomach lurched and his knees buckled beneath him, sending him crashing to the ground. There was a reason why he recognized the transmutation circle, and why he could not find Riza anywhere. 

The panic in her eyes ebbed once she realized that he had understood and confirmed his horror, as she managed to whimper, “H…help me.”

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why do you keep reblogging your own art

Because very few people actually reblog my work and it doesn’t go anywhere or get seen with likes, and as an artist, it’s hard to want to actually post works if people don’t show that they like it.