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If Toriel's been locked in the Ruins, then how does she know that the children she let loose died?

(undertale spoilers)

While the door is locked, communication is possible. Napstablook visits the Ruins, the door is thin enough that two can communicate when it’s closed, and the spiders in the Ruins communicate with Muffet via telegram. It’s possible Toriel may ask burrowing or ghost monsters for information, or use a system similar to the to the spider telegrams to learn what has happened outside the Ruins. A human soul being collected would probably make big news in the Underground, so this information may spread quickly to the Ruins via TV or the Undernet. 

There is also the possibility that Toriel gives a phone to every human who falls. While Frisk cannot call Toriel after they defeat Toriel, it’s not because of a faulty signal. Toriel chooses not to answer.

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It’s possible she refuses to speak to Frisk to keep her resolve of letting them go. Regardless, this opens the possibility that Toriel was able to keep in contact with the other humans who traveled through the underground. If she no longer hears from them but Asgore is still king, then Toriel would know that the children have died.

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Aime and Forge: 4, 13, 17


4. Best places to kiss on their body

13. What gets them flustered

17. Regrets


4 and 13 answered!

17. Regrets

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Fuck/Marry/Kiss: Bokuto, Bokuto, and Bokuto?

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Why you believe in plance so much?? I ship them but they almost had no interactions...

I mean like. I’ve always shipped Plance more for the potential than what we currently have going for us in canon. In my own personal opinion and from a writers perspective I think a relationship between them out of any they could have between the other paladins would be the most beneficial for their characters character development wise and just in general??? I talk about that here in detail I think. I’m a multi shipper and ship pretty much everything but I think it could help both of them grow a lot. But also I don’t want a relationship between them until some kind of growth happens. They might have a lot of potential but they also are one of the ships that would require A LOT OF SLOW BURN. Which is why I think it’s silly when people ( antis ) think we want a 14 year old and a ‘late teen’ to get all kissy right away because 9/10 times we don’t because 1. that’s unrealistic to their characters and 2. they’re freaking kids and deserve to have time to figure themselves out before barreling into that kind of stuff. 

As for believing in them??? I guess it’s like. I’ll be honest going into this ship last year I had about zero faith in them ever being canon and if I’m still doubtful that it may happen. But every time I rewatch I see these little moments with them and I know I have shipper goggles on but I can’t help there could be something especially when you add everything together. We’re still only 2/8 seasons into the show so we have no idea where the show is headed but some things just seem to hint at it y’know. A little blush here a little punch of jealousy there. 

Not to mention the crew has been seen to support it. The crew are also multi shippers but crew members have been seen to actually draw plance in romantic situations on multiple occasions. Which can only be said for that and I think sh/eith ??? At the end of the day it doesn’t make the ships canon or confirmed but it does make me have some more hope in them since the crew knows stuff we don’t. 

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Random I know but I read milk and honey and I feel like perhaps she had a few good poems but I think what happens a lot with Instagram writers is when they want to write a collection they have to fill it with, well, filler and it kind of shows

yeah, no, to be fair i think my opinion is a bit more nuanced like. she writes about her personal experiences of rape and sexuality and womanhood, and no matter what format she writes in, those experiences are important and should not be mocked or reduced to that. also, my issue w/ her was more in regards to how similar her style is to other writers than her actual writing. 

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I never seen anything for red/red in dhmis. Can I have a drabble for it? Please and thank

“We have flour, eggs, white sauce, bread, eyes, and cheese. Are we missing anything?”

The other red creature shifts his coat up his shoulders slightly, pulling a cigarette out of his pocket. “Did you get the aspic?“

“Aspic, right. I think that was back on aisle 5.“ Red Guy grabs the cart and starts wheeling it over, passing an orange dog and some sort of green… something lying still on the floor. “Hey, wouldn’t it be funny if one of these boxes of oats came to life right now?“

“Not this again.“ There would’ve been mirth in the other red thing’s voice if they were capable of not speaking solely in monotone.

“Come on, you have to admit, it would be pretty funny. It could do a little song and dance number or something.“ He pauses and pulls a can off the shelf, showing a grinning green bird’s head in a puddle of blood. CANNED DUCK. 50% OFF. He puts it back on the shelf.

“If something came to life and tried to sing to me, I’d smack it with a broom,“ the other intones, finding the lighter for his smoke. “Or at least toss it in a bin.“

“You’ve been working in that office too long,“ the other objects, going back to push the cart. It was full of cans of duck meat. He didn’t put them in there. “No sense of creativity.“

“If being uncreative means I get to wear my clothes still, then I’m fine with it.“ They move to the check out counter, stepping over the body of the green thing on the floor. There are police sirens in the distance.

“That sounds really boring,” Red muses as something without a face runs their items through the belt. The two hold hands as they exit the store.

Somewhere, a broom comes to life and starts singing about cleanliness.

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First gentleman Sid choosing bullying as his pet cause like all presidential spouses get to pick. He works on effective anti bullying programs and Geno is so proud of him. Geno loves watching Sid talk to kids and teenagers and see them understand what he's saying about being kind. Sid makes kindness look strong and brave and wonderful. Secretary of defense Ilya Bryzgalov groaning "why you hef to be mad?" in political meetings that get shouty