then again: when isn't it


Anakin Skywalker: 41 BBY — 4 ABY

Luke Skywalker: 19 BBY  — Present (34 ABY)

@awkwardfortuneteller of course i’ve seen that tweet

older wizard yurio would be like the opposite of howl but just as glamorous and w more sass  

I was pretty happy how this came out hehe. I’ll probs sell it as a print next month maybe or edit it again some other time. 💕

thank you @ngc5139 for giving me the inspiration to finish this. im really happy i was able to. <33 

Quick PSA

Hey guys ok, now this isn’t about me but im just gonna say a thing

Can we all please remember to be kind, patient, and gentle with creators? Hounding and nagging a creator about “when they’re going to do the thing” is NOT i repeat NOT a good way to show your appreciation for their work. We’ve gone through this before. When you do this to people, it makes them upset and anxious over what they are creating, and in the end, they get frustrated doing something that they used to enjoy. That’s not fair. People on this site do things absolutely for FREE and are SHARING with you creativity. You constantly asking for requests when they are CLOSED, when someone will UPDATE that thing, when someone is going to post another recording, etc, ALIENATES the creator from the thing that they enjoy doing. 

So, how about we all please PLEASE think before we send asks, and wonder “is what I’m sending in going to inspire/help/calm this creator in any way?” and if not, really REALLY think before you ask it, and be prepared for the creator to be upset with you. Because people are doing their best and it’s so awful to see my fellow creators get anxious over doing things they don’t have to do, and doing things they had once enjoyed.



Adoption is measured in losses and gains

A Better World

“Remember our plans to sail around the world on a boat? Take this book, get on a boat, and sail as far away as you can, to the edge of the Earth!”

On this Earth, my brother listened to me and took Journal 1 away from Gravity Falls…

rewatched part of sdc today with a friend and doodled some highschool boys


the kiddos, dressed up by somebody who is not teru

Someone in the AC tag: Ugh, another Assassin’s Creed game. They all went to shit after 3-4-whatever, nothing can redeem this franchise, why would anyone be interested in it anymore. I’d rather play any other game.

Me, clutching all the asscreed games to my chest:


Just found this interesting and perhaps relevant… ;)


Logan and William in Westworld 1x05 “Contrapasso”

for @asweetdeception


40+ Up: Ban Ji Yeon (Witch’s Romance)


I don’t know what path we will be shone; All I know is when I’m with you I’m at home.

who doesn’t love a little blueberry?


pst pst, I honestly prefer a bit more yandere for my tastes, pst pst it’s under the cut!

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Here’s to hoping that when the Rubies inevitably come back they destroy that damn barn so that Peridot and Lapis can finally move in to the Temple like actual Crystal Gems and become important to the plot again

This. This right here. I grumble and complain and pull a Lot’s wife and become a pillar of salt when it comes to RTTE, but then they do this, where everyone is high as fucking balls from sleep deprivation, and all is forgiven. So if you’ve ever wondered why I continue to watch this show despite my salty seadog attitude about it, this is why. I need more high as a kite sleep deprived Astrid becoming Peak Mom Friend and just mothering the hell out of moodswinging Snotlout okay. Just give me pure ridiculousness. That’s what this show does well. I mean they’re “away at college” or whatever. Is this supposed to be the kid-friendly, historical equivalent of that time someone gets some weed and everyone gets stoned out of their minds because I am okay with this guys. I am very okay with this.


@snackaddictmura​, @steppingonlegofme​, @henrymarsette​ & the anons who asked about Riko, here is a big dumping a general answer!

Feat: more about Riko’s important exes Jack & Yulong, and then his boss ass no romo life

>> The Kayleigh Lives AU <<

Part 1 of the Riko life rant

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