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listen,,,i was just going to put the song in the birthday video but then it turned serious™  

also i was getting too sad with all the goodbye posts

Distractions pt. 12

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Yoongi x Reader x Jimin

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Word Count: 2567

A/N: not proofread or edited. Be ready for grammar/spelling errors. 

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Ever since you got home from Yoongi’s place, you spent the entire evening in bed cuddling with that travel pillow that he had gotten you years ago. You could have sworn that the scent of him on that pillow seemed even more prominent than before.

Everything felt perfect. Everything felt like pure bliss. You were happy. Yoongi was happy. Even thought you agreed to start over as friends, you relationship was mended again and you couldn’t be anymore happier than you were now and nothing could ruin that happiness.

Until your manager came busting though the dorm’s front door. 

All of 2S’ members gathered in the common area after hearing the loud slam. The atmosphere in the room felt heavy as all 5 members looked at Chang Mook. It was obvious that he was absolutely furious. 

Before anyone could ask why he was so angry, he reached for the television remote and turned on the TV. On the news all the girls read the headline:

[BREAKING NEWS] BTS Park Jimin and 2S Y/F/N Dating Scandal!!

In addition to the news reporter spewing many different speculations on the supposed relationship, photos of Jimin and you by the Han River were being displayed for all the world to see. 

All six pairs of eyes were glued on the screen as the images flashed by. Everyone was silent trying to make sense of the situation.

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last night I got overwhelmed by watching the cheek kiss scene and I had a meltdown and sent my thoughts to @deathcabjenny

I am gonna share them now. 

first I believe it wasn’t the first time he kissed her cheeks. This boy was comfortable, but my girl was shook. He wanted to kiss her because she is so fucking smart. and we all can agree he fucking gets turned on my her intelligence. and you know what fucking triggered me is that what if Stiles always complimented Lydia when she says something smart because he is so proud of her, because 2 years ago ( I think? ) she hid it from people and now she is blessing everyone with her intelligence, she aint hiding it anymore and Stiles loves her so much and he adores her intelligence so much, and when he kissed her cheek he was like “Yes baby, you’re so smart, don’t hide it again and here is a kiss.” 

and you know Stiles saying the word “kiss” in front of Lydia high key fucked me up and adding “you” fucked me up more and “LYDIA, YOU’RE SO SMART, I COULD KISS YOU RIGHT NOW” REALLY FUCKED ME UP SO BAD. 


and Jenn told me things that really made me cry and I am gonna let her share them whenever she wants. 

Im back

This may be long but bare with me please…

I started this blog 6 years ago. At the time I was about 150 pounds (I am 5′2) and I thought I was so fat and I kind of just went into weight loss cold turkey. I did weight watchers and I ended up losing about 30 pounds and honestly I felt great, I honestly felt like I was in my prime. About 3 weeks after reaching my goal weight I met my now boyfriend. With a new relationship came going out and eating out and getting comfortable. I started gaining the weight back. I started yoyo dieting again and my weight would fluctuate from 140-180. 3 years into our relationship my boyfriend and I bought a house together. I had just graduated college and started my career. I never realized how expensive eating healthy can be. I found that I had absolutely no energy after work and it was so much faster and cheaper to get fast food everyday. I started gaining even more weight. Then we decided we wanted to start a family. I got off the pill and got pregnant right away. It ended in a miscarriage. That sent me into a downward spiral. I was obsessed with getting pregnant and every month that I didnt I ate my feelings. I gained 50 pounds in about a year. During all this I was also diagnosed with depression and borderline personality disorder. I started taking seroquel and that made my weight ballon (seriously on my medical record it says im allergic to seroquel because of excessive weight gain) I got up to 225 pounds. 

This brings me to present day. I am 24 still 5′2 and I weigh 210 pounds. I am still not pregnant. I hide from the camera and when I look at myself I dont recognize myself anymore. After 2+ years of infertility the doctors have no answers except my weight. I know a lot of people right now are thinking “so lose weight and have a baby and be happy” and honestly I wish it was that easy. But hearing that my weight is the reason I cant have a child sends me spiraling into a dark place of shame, embarrassment and depression. When I spiral I eat. A few weeks ago something snapped in me and I decided enough is enough. 

I am done. I am done hiding in my house because I am afraid of running into someone that I used to know and having them see how much weight I gained. I am done avoiding my own family because I dont want to hear it from them anymore. I am done wanting to cry anytime someone takes a picture of me. 

I want to fall in love with myself again. 

I dont want to make anymore excuses and I dont want to keep yoyoing. I want to make this a lifestyle and I know that will take time. 

If you are interested in following my journey stay tuned. 

“If you left the fandom and returned, what made you return?”

This week’s question comes from @cantankerouskaputnik, who wondered: 

“Many people (including me) left the fandom several years ago, but now are back in it again. What caused this? Did people come back from Homestuck once it was done? Did a new interest in politics/other cultures rekindle an old flame? Was it some change in Hetalia or its fandom that brought this resurgence?” 

If you’re a returning fan, then let us know why you’re back in the fandom! We’d love to find out!

ID #72031

Name: Alana
Age: 15
Country: United States

Hi there! I live in New York and I would really like to penpal with someone again. I miss the experience a lot- I used to years ago with my cousins. I’m excited to try it again, and I’m looking to meet someone from another country so I can see what life is like there, because I don’t really know any other environment other than the US right now- and I can answer an questions you have about here!! I’m very funny to be around.

Preferences: It would be exellent to have someone who is fluent in English, of the ages 14-17. I also feel more comfterble talking to non-males (not to be rude, they’re just harder to relate to).<3

anonymous asked:

First, sorry for this engish hahaha. My questions are: Do BTS live with their pets (all pets in the same house) or not? And Jimin has a pet?... Again, sorry for this english but I´m twelve years old hahahaha. Thank you :)

BTS’ families raise their pets, so they don’t live in their dorm. Also Jimin doesn’t have a pet. He used to have a dog, but it passed away a while ago.
- Kylie



on the road to new york

Hello! Came back from Boston last night, been on a tumblr mini-break for the past 3 days, here’s what I’ve been doing:

Tuesday morning: Per our routine when we visit family in Andover, my son Adam and I run my high school cross country course plus the rest of the campus, and so we did again on this sunny hot Tuesday morning, about 3 miles.  Always on this route with Adam, I’m flooded with billions of emotions.

Tuesday afternoon (2nd run of the day): In Boston, we stayed in Allston, between BC and BU, where I lived when I attend BU grad school 25 years ago; I redeemed my Fathers Day present with an awesome afternoon run with Adam down Beacon Street in Brookline, retracing miles 22 to 24 of the Boston Marathon with my son - the best gift - and then down to Fenway and back to our hotel.  About 8 miles.

Wednesday: Ran around Boston and Brookline again with Adam, past Fenway again and by the Gardner Museum, site of the infamous art heist over 20 years ago, then through the medical area and back through Coolidge Corner.  About 12 miles.  Heavenly.

Thursday: Adam needed rest after running more than usual the past few days, so I took a solo run around Allston, on Commonwealth Ave, past favorite spots of my graduate days.  

Being back in Boston, especially in Allston, always energizes me, reminding me of the hopes and ambitions of those days…and inspires me today, always.

Today: A 10 miler around the park on a humid but cooler evening in Buffalo, might go for a track workout tomorrow….

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lmao everyone on my feed keeps saying Josh is a snake. Josh and Drake have a PR friendship (not so much now), that's it. They stopped talking IN person 3 years ago, the rest online. Drake is an asshole - anyone can google, see evidence and know that. A lot of people say he's worst on set - he expects people to fall at his feet, he's that conceited. "Fans" are falling into his hands: he wants the attention. He doesn't care Josh is getting hate, so long as he's (Drake) trending again. Omg.

Yes thats 100% true. Drake Bell has always been an ass

litwiqueer  asked:

heyy, i did that one Classpect Quiz years ago and got the Sylph of Breath, and recently i did it again and got the exact same result! so i was wondering, what exactly does Sylph of Breath mean/entail? I'd appreciate some land ideas also (possibly smth involving snow/nature and related to aspect?), and anything else you'd like to do based on my classpect if that's okay ^^

The Sylph of Breath

A Sylph heals their aspect or heals with their aspect

Breath is the aspect of freedom and direction

A Sylph of Breath would be an incredibly free-spirited individual who wants others to feel the freedom of self-reliance that they strive for. They’d find it difficult to bring others on board, but they’d keep trying and trying to have others rely on themselves more and more. They’d be determined, but they’d practice what they preached too. They’d love solitude and exploration and adventure, but they’d detest being stuck in one place with people. They’d just want out as soon as possible, so being stuck in groups would be like torture to a Sylph of Breath. Their struggle may come from overcoming that and allowing themselves to work together while still promoting that being too reliant on others is bad for not just people, but for people that may potentially become gods.

The powers of a fully realized Sylph of Breath may include setting another player’s soul free. In other words, taking their desires and dreams and wants and needs and granting them the confidence and energy to do whatever they need to do to fulfill those desires and dreams and everything else. They’d have a gift for inspiring others, through direct use of powers or through just talking, to set themselves free and to be self-reliant. As a passive Breath player, they may be able to grant the ultimate freedom to their team - flight. For those who have or could not become a God Tier, they might be able to give them flight, a power directly associated with Breath and freedom.

Land Ideas:

Land of Flurries and Circles

Land of Vents and Maps

Land of Gliders and Gales

Finally, their (upgraded) outfit is breathtaking!

anonymous asked:

hi!!! I'm a huge fan of yours and u inspired me to start drawing again after I gave up years ago and I'd just like to thank you forever for that... I was also wondering if you found digital to be better than on paper? I'm considering switching to digital but do you think it's worth it? And again I love everything you do you are a talented legend!!!! <3

aw no problem. and thank you for your nice message!

to be honest i think that is really up to you and how you feel more comfortable at drawing so i cant answer this properly… i used to draw on paper waaay back when i was a teen but i hardly do it anymore bc i have lost touch. not saying this is a good thing tho lol i am just lazy.

i dont think one is better than the other because again thats up to you and how you manage to do stuff depending on your own process of drawing but thats just my opinion.

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last time I was actually reading fan fictions was like 5 years ago when I was 15 and I really thought that I'm just too old for this shit by now....but this is just too good omg. Erwin is such a daddy lmao. I almost feel embaressed to be such a fangirl again. You're so precious girl, keep it up and dont forget to put yourself first!

DON’T BE EMBARRASSED. LOVE YA SELF. And I second that, Erwin is a daddy, that man makes my heart do weird shit yo. I’m really glad you like my blog! You’re so sweeetttahh 💓

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13 for Hal!

13: their embarrassing memory from years ago

mahalen snuck into a merchant’s caravan while the merchant was trading with his clan and he stole a book, a necklace, and some coins. well the keeper saw hal do it, flipped out on him publicly, and made him return the stuff face-to-face with the merchant. the whole clan watched and hal felt embarrassed like for the rest of forever. he ended up stealing the necklace and book again, tho, before the merchant left. nobody knows, shhhhh


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God, Orcs 30 years ago, undead later, demon from another planet, the undead again, fanatics and crazy orcs and then demons again. When N'zoth is dealt with I want two years of being invaded by happy pugs.

I don’t. We’ll lose.