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Love your tumblr! I myself AM a vintage geek, so this is my drill.

Well, the funny thing about being vintage is, if you wait a little bit, anything comes back into style again. I hope the same is true of you. One of the most gratifying things of the past decade is that people are discovering things I always loved, like 70s Marvel Comics and so on. There’s nothing lamer than whatever was big 10 years ago, and nothing cooler than whatever was big 25 years ago. Thanks for following!


A fence on Woodlawn on the east side of Detroit covered with memorials to people who used to live in the neighborhood.

From Camilo Vergara’s fantastic “Detroit is No Dry Bones,” some background on the fence:

“On the east side of Detroit, on a fence facing Woodlawn Avenue, there are more than twenty poster-size memorial portraits of people who once lived in the neighborhood. Bill, who lives on Woodlawn, does not like the display of mostly young bloods who “lived the fast life.” One of those memorialized, Big Pope, was loved in the neighborhood and remembered for dressing like Santa Claus at Christmas. His poster, at the center of the display, is decorated with yellow plastic flowers.”

I came across this fence a couple years ago, forgot to record where it was, and couldn’t find it again until I stumbled across it in Camilo’s new book of Detroit photography. The yellow flowers Camilo mentioned below Big Pope were not present, apparently, when Bing drove past in 2014.

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Re: suffragettes 100 years ago were against abortion. Yes, this is true. What's also true is that, 100 years ago, abortion was a decision that a MAN made, with no need to consult the woman beyond making sure she was healthy enough for the procedure.

It’s so funny when pro lifers think that outdated social norms are somehow relevant in today’s debates over what is acceptable or not. 

…but then again, no wonder they think that the fuckin 40-year old studies that they pull out about how “dangerous” abortion is are still relevant….

my entire family is rewatching inuyasha (english dub duh) and i ragret it bc inuyasha honestly ruined my life over ten years ago and its starting 2 ruin my life again…and i dont have a neopets guild as a creative outlet so what am i gonnna do

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Heya dude! How did you do the cool pink glow around the lines in that awesome Magnus art?!? It's such a neat effect!

Oh gosh okay, so, maybe a year ago I was looking up how to make a drawing look more 80s (I was doing art promoting the 80s themed game grumps charity livestream) and I found a cool tutorial for lines! 

I’d never ever be able to find it again because it was on the deep dark web but my steps are (and this is for the program FireAlpaca, which I highly recommend over any other program, so keep that in mind):

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Thank you guys so so so much! This is unbelievable! Thank you guys for following us! I never thought we’d reach this far. I’m so ecstatic that we’ve come this far. Thank you. Thank you. No words can express how grateful I am.

It’s been especially tough these past few months as you guys know, only Temari and I were left but Temari has been taking a break for a few months and only I was operating the blog by myself. Thank you guys for being so understanding. It was greatly greatly appreciated. I’ll try my best to produce better content! ^^

A few days ago, I also missed the blog’s birthday. :( but happy two years! This would be the best present for the blog haha xD

Anyways, thank you, once again. Let’s keep supporting Rotty and her books!

- Jae [26th March 2017]

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Hi, guys! 

So, I was going to wait until I reached a milestone of followers to make this post, but I couldn’t wait lol

Anyway, I really want to thank everyone who has read my stories, commented, liked it, etc. because you have no idea how much it means to me.

I made this blog out of a whim to post my stories (away from my other blog) and I can’t believe how good of a decision it was to do it. 

This fandom is fucking awesome. Every single one of you are so supportive of others and nice and TALENTED. I can’t believe I’m surrounded by such a talented group of people whether it be by writing or fan art – you guys are fucking great. 

I started writing fanfiction when I was a sophomore in high school and that was seven years ago. I hit a slump and was deep in writer’s block, then just these past few months, I gained the inspiration to write again (except it wasn’t for Robert Downey Jr., lmao)

Honestly, this post is to simply thank you guys for following me, for reading my stuff, etc. 

To share the love for a certain actor with a group of the most talented, supportive, and nicest people makes me so happy that I joined this fandom. The feeling of banding together and freaking out whenever there’s a new JDM pic or if he tweets or even his scenes from the stuff that he’s done, it will never get old. 

ALSO YALL CHEER EACH OTHER ON WHEN HE MEETS FANS AT THE CONS AND IT MAKES ME SO HAPPY (especially since I’ve seen a few people from other fandoms get angry at fans meeting their fave actors)

Ugh guys so seriously, thank you. Not only for reading my stuff, but for also welcoming me into this wonderful fandom. 

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me years ago: i already reblogged this post before, i can’t do it again, it would look bad for my blog!

me now: *reblogs the post about donkey kong smashing a barrel over my head ten times a day*

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I don't think I've seen much of your ocs before. Could you introduce a few to us? If you would like to that is.

I’ve never introduced my OC’s before, actually!

And it’s because i literally spent two whole years drawing them. So i decided to take a little break from them! But a few days ago Ink and Sarah made me feel nostalgic about my OCs so i started drawing them again!

The three you just saw were Ethan Doskas, Lyra VanBelleghem and Liam Hooligan! Best friends since they were 4 years old! ヾ(。・ω・)シ

They were some of the main characters of a story i was making. But i gave up with it since i had a lot of ideas but no chronology. And making it a story was no fun anymore.

Ethan is a demigod, son of Zeus, Lyra is a banshee and I really can’t remember which creature Liam was. I wrote it somewhere but i lost the file ;v;

Why must people post and reblog a stalker’s photo with harry that we’ve already seen 2 years ago which he posted again just for the attention and likes and comments….

022 // Loose Images No.6:
“The Hand of Jeremiah” and Celia Roscoe.

Welp, I did not get as much ready as I had hoped to. I spent a lot of this week smashing my head against a mountain of old code from years ago that I meant to update and never did, or that I did not know needed updating until I actually dusted it off again and subsequently felt compelled to update it. Arduous stuff!

Celia is actually animated to climb the tree, and she does quite elegantly! But! She is not yet animated to sit down properly, and my myriad neuroses will not permit me to send a screencapture out with missing frames. No, no, no.

Therefore, in the interim, you get this: Celia goofin’ off in the branches (she’ll actually do more next time, I swear!) and a somewhat colourful expository moment about the tree in the graphic, below.

Enjoy! :y

This big tree is a member of the species Corymbia terminalis-III salite; a hardwood that likes salty, rocky soil and which has been growing on that spot since before the Erusa Skyfall disaster. The girl sitting in it is Celia Roscoe, who you know.
This tree is named “The Hand of Jeremiah.” Celia named it that.
Celia has only told her mother who ‘Jeremiah’ is and it’s a secret.

C. terminalis-3 salite trees absorb salts in the soil and minerals they grow through and inter it in their thick, scab-like bark. The trees regularly shed their bark to eliminate excess salt, and, normally, the wind and rain will carry the discarded salt-laden wood off before it crumbles and re-salinizes the soil.
'Jeremiah’ is in the shelter of the Matan Escarpment, though, and the bark does not travel very far before it decomposes, and that is why this particular tree has such a broad space around it for it to thrive in. Others like it can be found growing in oceanfront groves and scattered across salty alluvial plains.
The species of tree is now fairly rare on Luan-II, as non-seaside plants tend to die out as the salt in the soil is depleted– a task they were specifically bred and engineered to perform in biocycle-terraforming situations.

A thick pseudolignotuberous root crown can support several trunks and stems per plant, sending thick, woody runners out from an original trunk and growing thick, appendage-like roots that may eventually branch into new, connected trees. The result is a plant with a thick, central trunk and several heavy, insect-like 'legs’ splaying out in all directions, sprouting smaller trees of their own.
These legs are where the species gets its nickname: Roga’s “Walking” Corymbia.

Salite bark can be ground and used as a pretty-okay seasoning, but you really have to like salt. It tastes terrible on its own.

Alex & Major - Major Hobbie

Peacefull times where Major can dedicated to write his bookspells, Alex doen’t mind spend time understanding - or triying - what Major do, and when is in a good mood, she helps him finding stuff in his books.

Originally I wanted to make a Intro again, but instead of that, this idea come into my mind and I take advange of the moment  and I thought to make them decent casual clothes. 

Some background/stories/etc of Alex and Major for the people who read until this point/or matter (which I greatly thank):

- Major was married before meet Alex(+10 years ago), but has a bad ending, causing him to not trust in the relationships, having for this reason casual sex without importance. 
- Alex  does not realize when she falls in love, the time it happened (Have a Crush on Xander), it was almost because Major told her that she was.
-Since they regroup with Nohr-army, Alex have no more feelings for Xander.

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Did you know that Bob used to smoke pot? And is your opinion on that and just pot in general.

No I did not know that @robertsheldon used to smoke pot but it’s cool. I mean I smoked for three years now… I think. I stopped a couple weeks ago but I am thinking of picking it up again to help with my stress and anxiety.

I remember when I came out to my mom 2 years ago about being trans and she said I’ll “never be a boy” so I went home and burned every bra I ever possessed and have worn nothing but binders since then and I thought she would notice and say something about it but she hasn’t said a thing. She doesn’t look me and see anything different. And it wasn’t until I was taking a picture of myself just now that I realized I’m small in the chest region. I was flat before but I’m even flatter now.

Okay, is there a way to search your blog for only the posts that you created?

I have not always been very good about tagging things properly. Hell, I still suck at it; but there are things that I posted like a year or two ago that I would like to find again, but I post so much in a day, that even going through the archive is super slow and pointless. So– is there a better way? Is there some hack to filter through this chaos, or am I just doomed to sift through it until I’m 80 years old and no longer capable of remembering why I started looking in the first place?

i feel like all big famous tumblr users are friends with each other and have secret group chats and stuff so half a year ago i tried to join in and be cool

let’s just say i’m never doing that ever again


Did I ever tell y'all about one of my Christmas traditions? I have a mini tree in my room which I have affectionately dubbed my “Mickmas Tree” and every year I decorate it with pictures of Mick Jagger that I find amusing or strange. The whole thing really explains a lot about what kind of person I am. 💋🎄