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Hello! I'm a long time follower and was hoping you could give some advice. I used to be into the fandom but gave it up about 4-5 years ago. I love the furry community and want to be apart of it again but have no clue where to start/ how to meet friends/ what to do/ how to make a sona/ etc. etc. If you could give me some tips I'd really appreciate it! (side note; you're basically my furry inspiration and I probably wouldn't even be interested in the community again if it wasn't for you <3)

Hello, here is a little furry guide/tips!

  • Fursona Tip:

If you wish to make a fursona and don’t know how. Just pick your favorite animal, favorite color and just add Markings/Clothing that represent you! Make something you know you will love for a long time! Make your sona full of your love and things that you love!

  • Being Part of the furry community guide/tips:

Here are some amazing places you should check out that is part of the community (SFW/NSFW)


-Furry Network:

-So Furry:


-Furry Amino (App):





(There are also small community’s on Tumblr, Deviantart, Facebook and Twitter) 

To talk to people just shoot them a message! Be friendly and tell them you like their fursona! ^^

  • Contacting artists about commissions guide/tips:
  1. Most artists will make a post when they are taking commissions. If you want to commission them shoot them a message or email (Whichever way they ask you to contact them) and wait for a reply.
  2. When or if the artist contacts you back PLEASE BE FRIENDLY AND PATIENT. Be polite to them they ARE NOT art making robots they are like us just remember that. We all make mistakes and have a life.
  3. Make sure you have some form of payment ready when they give you a quote on your price for the commission. So its a good idea to have a Paypal account ready and handy.
  4. When you’ve purchased your art and are waiting for it please be patient and do not pester them. If they are taking a very long time politely ask them how your commission is coming along. They might be busy or forgot and that’s okay.
  5. When you receive the commission, complement how awesome and badass it is! If they made any mistakes or missed some detail of your character politely mention it and chances are they will make the quick fix for you!

I really hope this advice comes in handy for you and everyone else that is new. Enjoy and have fun because that is whats important!

OKAY. Okay. This was wild. I mean, first of all we have quite a few little gems in this new chapter like a flashback of Oikawa, Tsukishima without glasses, Hinata imitating Kageyama and the colour pages of course. 

However, most importantly, everything turned out like I thought it would turn out and how I wanted it to be. Kageyama finally got over his past experiences and dealt with it in a healthy way and was supported like he should’ve been years ago. It seams like he finally found that middle way I’ve been talking about and now he can really and truly move on. 

It’s a great character development for him and an important step towards becoming a better player, a better setter and not only being obedient and giving the others the tosses they want but also tosses that bring out the best in them. I seriously couldn’t be happier for him and I look forward to all the amazing things that are going to happen from now on!

Been Thinking about Zeph again, and tweaking her design to be a little more bearable to look at.

Ever since villagers slayed her father and cut off one of her heads 122 years ago, Zeph’s heart has been full of hatred of mankind. She dreads what is happening to the newer generation of drakes becoming so accustomed of humanity, too trusting of their inane devices for allowing them to be a part of their hoards. She doesnt really know or care about what an “Iphone” or “microwave” or “shoe” is, but there is no way in Hell they are gonna be kept amongst her lair of various shiny rocks she dug and polished with her own claws and crop. 

Her one piece of human treasury is her mysterious metal human hat, a device her father gave her before he was killed. He said (in his words) it is an item of absolute power, worn upon the head of the human spawn leaders to cast their powers on their broods. The only reason she keeps it around is out of an obligation to her father’s wishes to keep it away from humanity’s clutches.

Despite multiple heads, Zeph insists that “she” is a single individual, the loss of a head was not like loosing a sibling but  a wing. Those close with her claim otherwise, and swear that her right head is a little less bitter.

Here is a little story; towards the beginning of this year one of my followers sent me an ask and we started to talk that way until we exchanged Skypes and then we spoke to each other all the time, every day. He is now one of my closest friends and a few weeks ago I had the chance to meet him in person! We spent the day together and it made me so happy. It is interesting that I met someone so dear to me through this blog!

I thought you gave up smoking

(A/N): I don’t know if i really like this one either, but here ya go…

Warnings: Angst

Originally posted by deangifsdaily

    Dean Winchester had given up smoking years ago, threw out every pack he owned and swore never to smoke again. He had always smoked, since the day he reached 15 to be exact. He kept up the bad habit for years, reaching into his late twenties. He suddenly stopped when he met (Y/N).

    At the time they had been such a good girl, frowned upon his and habits, turned him into a good church going kid. But then the hunts hit and suddenly (Y/N) wasn’t so innocent anymore. Despite this he never took up to smoking ever again. However, he always kept just one cigarette on him, nestled safely in his jacket pocket. 

   He didn’t know what he saved it for, he never really planned on smoking again but he couldn’t bear to get rid of it. Maybe it was more of a comfort than anything, just to have something so sure and stable for once in his life. Maybe he was saving it for something special, he never knew. 

   Dean often found himself reaching for the cigarette, his fingers entertaining the thought of lighting it up and taking a huff or two. But he never did, it always sat there, just lurking in his pocket. Dean thought of getting rid of it sometimes but something inside his gut told him that he should keep it, hold onto it just a little longer. And so he did. 

   It was when Castiel came to him and declared that Lucifer escaped the pit that he finally reached into his pocket and pulled out the old cigarette. Guess this had been what he was waiting for, the end of the world. He stopped, however, when (Y/N) made a comment.

   “I thought you gave up smoking,” Dean stared at the white stick between his fingers, his gaze contemplative. 

   “Yeah, me too.” And with that Dean lit it up, relishing in the smoke that curled up, savoring the way it soothed his nerves. It was his last one, and his last one ever.

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I saw on your twitter that your drawing your candy people again, are you going to continue the story or create a new one.

Bruh. idk. I’m just drawing. If by continuing the story u mean drawing them when i feel like it and answering questions ppl may have about them then yes. If you mean updating that one webcomic from years ago then no. When it comes my A Tale of Lollipops, Gumdrops, Diabetes, and Blood Clots story…..they’ve always been an acquired taste for most ppl. (snorts) So I’m trying not to get too into them again….but I never stopped loving themmm. I plan on making some story tweaks and changing the cast up but…ye…it’s..more for me and my friend (who’s probably more obsessed with them than me) as opposed to me trying to hype them up and present them to the public again. 

ALSO you can’t just call them candy people. Their world is called Cibatus and they are Cibatians. To call all of them candy people….would be almost racist since not all of them are of the candy race. Some are cookies (like Gingerbread Boy up there), some are cakes, some are ice cream, some are even drinks.

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Just confirmed I was bisexual a few days ago after a couple years of wondering and being a lesbian all my life. Now I'm going to be faced with coming out again and I know my family will be like "just pick" or "I knew you weren't gay"

i’m sorry. your sexuality is valid all in all and isn’t even their business to comment on? it’s your life not theirs? i hope you don’t get reactions like that, but either way i’m here for you

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SCREAMS AT UR CUTENESS!!! but also hair goals maaaan how do you keep the long parts behaved? XD or is that natural? mine always poofs up and goes back to covering the short side even with hair spray

I have to iron all my hair. My natural hair is kinda wavy orz

Hey look, exclusive pics of me with my natural hair (I took the other photos just as I was going to shower, so these are 4 hours later).

But also it might have to be with the fact that it’s just used to be that way by now. I mean, years ago I had my hair split in the middle, and if I tried to change it it would feel weird and make me a little uncomfortable, like when you tie your hair into a ponytail and after a few hours, if you let it loose again, it kinda “hurts”.

And from time to time I use something called “japanese straight perm”, which as the name says, it straightens your hair until it grows. So that may have helped a little too (I still have a little at the end of the long parts).

Tho, when it’s windy my hair is a mess and my sidecut gets a little covered lol

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Hello! I’m the one that asked you about resurrecting my MC or not (the prophet thing). I’m sorry to bother you again but I decided I won’t resurrect him. On the other hand, now I’m wondering if I should kill him in the first place or not. If you don’t mind, I want to tell you a little bit the argument so you can help me, please ><. It’s a world ruled by magical people that treat non-magical people with cruelty because 10 years ago non-magical people treated that way magical people So my MC doesn’t care about magical and non-magical people so he treats everyone well. That way, he becomes a symbol of unity, and magical people decide to execute him. The execution day, every person my MC has helped come to rescue him and this starts a battle. One of the magicals kills my MC in the middle of the battle, and people stop fighting because they realise that the situation is just a mess and they need to talk things. Do you think this death makes sense? Thank you a lot <3

It’s hard to say for sure, not having the same vantage as you, but from here it sounds like the only purpose of the death is to serve as a wake up call to those fighting. Here are some things to consider…

1) If your MC dies, who will the rest of the story focus on? You really need a central character, or a group of central characters, to bring the reader through the remainder of the story.

2) Why did the battle start in the first place? Presumably because the non-magicals show up to save the MC, and the magicals launch a defensive attack. If this is the case, the magicals will see the non-magicals (who showed up to save the MC) as the aggressors, and will probably want to punish them for their “attack.” That said, if the non-magicals were fighting to save the MC, it makes sense that his death would bring their fighting to a grinding halt, but why would this stop the magicals? They would probably keep fighting until every last non-magical on the battlefield is either dead or in custody.

3) Is there another character who could die, who would maybe have an impact on both sides? For example, what if some of the magicals (who secretly felt the way your MC did), decided to jump into the battle on the non-magicals side, and what if one of these people was a young person (or very beloved magical) who was important to one of the magical leaders. And, what if the young person/beloved magical was killed by another magical–maybe even accidentally killed by someone they were important to–and that could be the thing that brings everything to a grinding halt. Something like that could really have impact on both sides, and really make everyone question the sense of what they are doing.

Just some things to consider. :)

The WQA inbox is closed until 9/29. If you have a question in the meantime, please have a look at my post master list, or you can search the tags on my main site. :)

You Said You Owed Me, pt.1

Summary: Teen!Dean saves your brother from a dijnn on a hunt with his father, and you thank him afterwards, telling him you owe him a lot. Fast forward two years, it’s the beginning of October of your senior year, and guess who turns up in your literature class?

Pairing: Teen!Dean x Teen!Reader

Word count: 1837

Warnings: Near death of character (really brief), mention of divorce (does this need to be a warning?)

A/N: I didn’t even know I was into teen!Dean fics before reading this by @impalapossible two-three days ago. But then again teen!Dean has had a special part of my heart ever since ‘After School Special’ so I guess there’s that.

Originally posted by deanimagines67

Your name: submit What is this?

You see the impala in the highway as its headlights are cut through the window; you run outside, your heart pounding in your chest. When you only see Dean getting out of the car, you feel like dying.

“My brother,” you whisper, staggering towards him. “Where is he?” you ask. “WHERE IS HE?” you scream, but your voice is not angry; it’s filled with despair.

“Calm down, Y/N ,” Dean starts, “You need to breathe right now.”

“Did you even find him? Is he-” you ask, on the brink of losing complete control over yourself.

“He’s not dead,” he says, grabbing your shoulders and shaking you up a little. “We brought him to the hospital; my dad’s there with him, and I came to get you as soon as I dropped them off,” he explains.

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Deacon! You grow up and go talk to Grillby!

“Oh, yeah okay. I’m sure that’ll be great. I’ll go say something like, ‘Hey, remember that week we screwed around? A ton? Like five years ago? How about that, huh?’ And then he’ll stare at me and not say anything like he always does, and it’ll be great. I’ll be like, ‘Good talk, we should do that again sometime.’”

exactly a year ago (september 28th, 2015; 11:30pm) etherealchen posted it’s first gifset. 

1k+ posts and 5k+ followers ago, etherealchen was basically nothing lmao, but now it’s become something i never intended or thought it would ever be. so, genuinely from the bottom of my heart, thank you. thank you for dealing with my lmao-did-you-even-try-quality and wow-this-quality-is-through-the-roof content. thank you for not unfollowing or hating me for going on hiatuses Constantly. thank you for loving and appreciating jongdae for who he is and all the great and wonderful things that he’s done for he world. and thank you for supporting me and this blog and being so N*ce honestly wtf y’all are so nice and i’m just an asshole end me

i hope to make more and more content, growing and learning more as i go, for more years to come. so, finally, thank you for not only 5k+ followers which i only hit just a few days ago, but also sticking with me for as little as five minutes ago or as long as the whole year, i love all of you.

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SO QUESTION… I have this team rocket shirt that I got at a convention YEARS ago. I was really happy with the purchase but I’ve only worn the shirt a couple of times since I bought it because my parents were really weird about it. It’s black with a big red R on it. They were like “haha… looks like R for r*tard” 

I was so embarrassed that I never wore it again except at conventions, i’m afraid that non-fandom people will see it and think the same thing or something =_=;; do you think most people would see someone wearing that and have the same reaction?

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was thinking of doing Kurtoberfest again this year, since it was so much fun last year and everyone seemed to enjoy it. 

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to get Kurtoberfest up and running in time for October. I’m going to be working a lot over the next little while to pay off some dentist bills that are going to come up and I won’t have the time to put in as much work as Kurtoberfest deserves. 

What I am going to do is reblog all the same prompts from the previous year and if you want to still write something Kurt-centric for October, you still can. Maybe you weren’t inspired last year, maybe you were too busy to try. I’ll try to update the new posts as often as possible during the month. 

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DO YOU KNOW HOW BETRAYED I FELT AS A CHILD WHEN YAMI LEFT? HE WASNT EVER SUPPOSED TO LEAVE YUGI BUT HE DID AND IT RUINED MY CHILDHOOD I WAS CRUSHED And then when they came out with GX and you see Yugi for that tiny bit in the first episode and he's STILL WEARING THE MILLENNIUM PUZZLE I CRIED OK ALSO I hate everyone who made a "Yami came back and is a huge asshole to Yugi/hates him and/or all his friends hate him after Yami leaves" fanfics you are all terrible people (sorry this is incoherent)

I KNOW RIGHT!!!!! I started watching yugioh when i was 8 years old but i only made it till season 3. I picked it up again like a year ago (im 16 now) and i finished it less than 6 months ago and i know if my 8 year old self would have seen the end of yugioh that i would have never stop crying i was so fucking sad as a 16 year old!!!! I have only seen 1 episode of gx so sorry buddy i dont feel the same pain. The one episode of gx i did see though is when yami gave judia the kuriboh and then he called curibo Aibou i about fucking died. Also fuck those fics right. i read one were yami was supper abusive becaus he was on coke and i was like WTF???!?!?