then again that was years ago

It’s embarrassing to be proven wrong, I regret writing this post. [x] But I was truly delightfully charmed by COCO.

I will admit I was quick to judge Coco by it’s initial trailer months ago (the generic announcer voice trailer [X])  and the actions that the legal team was trying to do years prior. The artists at Disney.Pixar really did give their all to provide a genuine and authentic film for audiences. 

I’ve already watched the film twice before black friday I plan to go again with my family this coming weekend~!

Artist on Tumblr: I’m opening commissions again because I’m super broke. Buy my art before the bank takes my legs!

Me: You know, I’ve still got these pieces I commissioned from you like a year ago that you never got around to invoicing me for - maybe it would help your situation if you got on that, or at least told me how much I owe you?

Artist: Oh, thanks for the reminder!

Artist: *doesn’t*

She Doesn’t Need Saving

Pairing: Peter Parker x Amazon!reader

Summary: Amazon AU where a girl comes into the Avenger’s lives, in search for someone, helping them in the process. 

Warnings: Mentions of fighting (not graphic at all)

A/N: My absolute favorite movies right now are Spider-Man: Homecoming and Wonder Woman, so here’s a crossover. Sorry this is a bit short, it’s more of an introduction, the other parts of this series will be longer.

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undertale fandom plz

a million years ago someone drew Sans in this shirt:

I didn’t save it at the time but I’ve thought it about it every day since and I haven’t been able to find it since and I know it was like two years ago but if any of you know who drew it/where I can see that specific drawing again plz.  plz.  plz help me.  Help Wormy.  plz. 

thank u in advance xox

  • ZEIT magazine: Have you ever regretted a quick joke?
  • Noel Gallagher: Thousands of my comments were stupid.
  • ZEIT magazine: How often have you apologized?
  • Noel Gallagher: As often as I thought fit. There is no invoice. My biggest misstep was sure that I once wanted Damon Albarn to get AIDS. Well, that was a long time ago and these were those crazy Britpop years. Of course I have exaggerated it over and over again, but I have apologized, and today I am good friends with Damon.
Research {IzuOcha}

I am sinfully behind on IzuOcha week and I hate myself.

Scritch. Scritch-scratch. Scritch-scratch-scribble-scuff. Scribble-scribble-scribble. 

Ochako raises her head, looking up from her cooking. He’s at it again. She watches her husband hunched over a large textbook at the dining room table. He is murmuring to himself, his knuckles pressed to his lips as his other hand quickly jots down notes. She hasn’t seen him like this in a while, not since high school, and that was ten years ago. Of course, Izuku doesn’t realize he’s being watched. He never does when he gets like this, focused and wrapped up in his own world. Smiling to herself, Ochako supposes some things never change. She turns off the burner and leans back against the counter with her hands on her pronounced baby bump. 

“What are you doing?” She asks, cocking her head to the side. 

Izuku is still muttering and flipping pages. She strolls over his side and peeks over his shoulder. She raises an eyebrow when she is met with a slew of medical terminology and highly detailed and accurate representation of the fetal development. 

“Preeclampsia?” Ochako says, testing the word on her tongue, “What does that mean?”

Izuku jumps, “Ochako!”

She smile and waves at him, “Hi.”


“What are you reading?”

He blushes, scratching at his cheek, “It … it’s a medical book about … pregnancy.”

Ochako stares at his notes and his drawings of a pregnant woman featuring permanently rosy cheeks. Izuku blushes harder when his wife picks up his notebook, thumbing through the pages thoughtfully. She turns to the front of the journal. Pregnancy Guide Vol. 4.

“There are there three others?” Ochako asks. 

She takes a seat on Izuku’s lap, and he automatically wraps his arm around her waist, placing his large, scarred hand over her stomach. He looks away from her, but his thumb still runs smoothly over her skin. Ochako turns her head to face Izuku. 

“So how many books have you read?”

“J-Just another small one, and I’m only halfway through this one.”

“Oh,” Ochako hums, a blush rising to her cheeks as she carefully holds the journal in her hands.

“Y-You think it’s weird, don’t you?” Izuku mumbles. 

“What? No!" 

Ochako stands and straddles his waist as gracefully as a six-month pregnant woman can. She wraps her arms around his neck, still holding the notebook and pressing her round stomach against Izuku’s toned abs. Izuku places his hands at his wife’s lower back with a small blush on his cheeks. Ochako lifts his chin and presses a sweet kiss to his lips. 

“I think it’s great, Izuku!” she says with a beaming smile on her face; she leans in and rests her forehead against his, “I think it’s great that you care so much about our baby.”

“Of course I care and I care about you too. I just … I just want the two of you to be okay.”

Ochako pecks him on the nose and grins, “I think we’re going to be okay. I mean we do have the number one hero looking out for us.”

Izuku blushes as he looks at his brilliant wife. She unwraps her arms from his neck and begins to flip through the book again, half in awe and half confused by his notes. Ochako stops on one page, running the pad over Izuku’s writing. 

“So will you teach me about this stuff?” she asks, showing him a page, “I know some, but I don’t think I know as much as you.”

He blinks, “O-Of course! Where do you want to start?”

“Um, here,” she points to one of the longest words one the page, “What does this mean?”

He nods and begins to explain the ins and outs like he was the one who wrote the book on it. Ochako listens attentively sitting in her husband’s lap as she looks at his hand drawn diagram. Izuku blushes slightly while he continues to rattle information, noting the slight furrow in Ochako brow and pout in her lips as she concentrates on his little lesson. Every now and then, she pipes up, asking a few questions to quick Izuku quickly answers. Ochako nods and flips to another page. Holding it to her chest, she timidly looks up at Izuku.

“Do you mind teaching me a bit more?”

Izuku smiles and nods. The two of them sit in the dining room together, his hands gently supporting her lower back and her hands still holding the fourth volume of Izuku’s Pregnancy. Minutes bleed together and, Ochako leans against her husbands chest, her peckishness forgotten as she listens to all of his research.

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ok 2 options for the unaware father kristoff- the already discussed 'we had a one night stand and now we're meeting again and wait fuck are YOU... IS THAT????' but also consider 'you donated sperm 7 years ago to make a quick buck and now my kid REALLY wants to meet you can we all get dinner some time'

Oh my gosh 😭😭😭
We’ve had a sperm donor au before but it was very different from this one 👀

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Storytime: about a year ago I met two girls in Hot Topic, we chatted for a while. I gave them my instagram and Snapchat and never really spoke to them again. Today, at HT there was a cute girl standing next to me. Well apparently she was one of the girls I met and she was like “SIERRA!” and I’m like where do I know you from and she’s like we met here. She hugged me and I couldn’t remember her name and I had a panic attack from sensory overload. I’ve spent the night trying to find her online.


omg ahahaha I can’t help thinking thats amazing even though it would be terribly awkward and uncomfortable to be faced with a situation like that!! Still, re-finding people you met like that in the same place, maybe its fate x3 I hope you find her online!

Two years ago, years of campaigning finally paid off when Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie was greenlighted once again by Nickelodeon, and now my childhood hero Craig Bartlett finally gets to complete the story the way he wanted to. I want to thank him for being incredibly supportive of The Arun Mehta Show, and I hope I’ve paid him back by supporting the Save TJM Campaign.

I also want to thank Anndi McAfee, Justin Shenkarow Jamil Walker Smith and Olivia Hack for appearing and entertaining the Hey Arnold! Fans during the uncertain times.

I’ve also feel very proud to have stood shoulder to shoulder with my cohosts Patricia Miranda, Josh Dushack, Harry Dyer and Ajia Wood. May that continue long into the future. Shout out also to fellow HA! podcasters Morgan Terry and Sylvie Soulet for their dedication to the cause. Broadcasting is a powerful tool in helping to inspire and create. May they all continue to prosper.

Tonight I will sit with my family and friends, and watch the story 17 years in the making finally play out. I wish everyone the greatest success and hope this is just the beginning of something special!

See you all on the other side! 🙂

     PLEASE LIKE/REBLOG  if you wouldn’t mind interacting with a Pokemon SuMo OC.
 ‘  —– PROFESSOR    KALINA    KAPULE,  first  Pokemon  Professor  from  the  Alola  region.  Her  specialty was  the  study  of  legendaries  branching  from  Alolan  native  culture,  that  suggested  they  had  something to do with the harmony between Pokemon and people. Professor Kalina after her travels as a trainer around many regions and becoming a professor, was inspired to set up a gym like system on Alola without sacrificing culture, but celebrating it. Her original tribe from Poni island, which had all slowly moved to more inhabitable islands, believed she was the reincarnation of a goddess who communicated with Pokemon and was the keeper of peace between the two. Perhaps that were so, due to her high success in her work. Twenty five years ago, inspecting a strange report in the verdant cavern, Kalina was transported into another dimension, sought after by a great legendary beast who asked for her help to harmonize people and Pokemon again. The balance was torn, and it was up to her to restore it. With the help of the beasts own knowledge and power that he lended the professor, she was transported back, the same as she was, but twenty five years later. She was long dead and gone, statue erected in her honor, but back with a new purpose to end these rise of evil teams and radical ideals. ‘  – SEMI SELECTIVE . MUN + MUSE 18+ . POSSIBLE NSFW THEMES .  written by cass .


I really did….But..

Have a Rocknrolla Kingsman mashup….

Fred the Head was a very dirty bastard. After Len dies people find out fairly quick that he was part of lens squealing squad.He runs off long before anyone can take care of him…

The wild bunch take the over the speeler.Arch “retires" and converts len’s empire to legit business for Johnny.

And Hamish returns to Kingsman.

Years pass, Lancelot dies,Lancelot is knighted,Galahad dies,Galahad is lost,Galahad lives,Galahad is found.

But Merlin most certainly thrives and grows.

It takes surviving a landmine blast, but his memories of that deep undercover mission so long ago are jarred loose.

Merlin shakes off the joy from saving the world (yet again) and allows Archy to finally take care of one Dean Anthony Baker who just happens to also be formerly known as Fred the Head.

The Wild Bunch may have gotten a slight tip as to his last known whereabouts.

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I hope this is okay to ask. I'm an ex-cult member. I left years ago. Recently I've grown interested in another religion and attended a service. I thought I'd be fine since I hadn't had any cult-related symptoms in awhile, but now they're returning and I can't stop worrying that I'll end up being hurt again. I don't have any solid reason to suspect this but I can't get it out of my head. Do you have any tips to help me cope with this? I want to pursue this, but the fear is eating me alive.

It’s not uncommon amongst cult survivors to get this sort of anxiety when looking into new religions/beliefs, I would recommend looking over the ICSA’s checklist for cult criteria and comparing your group to it. Hopefully (and I’m assuming) it checks out and is a Good group thats something you can use to quiet your brain. Remind yourself that you’ve been thorough and it’s not a cult. If you get super anxious, go over it again. It’ll take time, and the anxiety will come back every once and a while but the more you pick at it the easier it’ll get. I support you anon and the first step for this kind of thing is understanding how/why these feelings are happening and you’ve already completed it, so thats good news. 

Message us again if you need to <3 

~Mod Jas

Me: Hey I just got a PS4, can you guys help me with my old account

PSN: yeah your account is like super mega banned for being $200 in debt from disputed charges on a cancelled card, buy a bunch of cards from us to wipe away the debt and you can get going again

Me: wait. I told you guys my PS3 was stolen years ago, and you told me to just have my debit card canceled. So I did. While I was on vacation. That was incredibly convenient. Now you want me to go ahead and pay for fraudulent charges made under my name? FFS, I already owned a physical copy of GTAV and had beaten it, why the hell would I buy it on the PSN? Can’t you just clear the disputed charges and games from the account?

PSN: ooh yeah sorry I can’t actually see that info, so I sent you an email to help you get started paying the debt-

Me:  is there anyone who CAN see that info-

PSN: hey you what’s up man give me money please

Me: uuuuuuuuuuuuuugh gooooooooooood okay can I just like make a new account

PSN: Yeah, that’ll work.

TL;DR: F15_Prinny is now Punished-Prinny

(⊙ ‸ ⊙);; wait srsly?

I really love to dress up, but I’m not good at making costumes. I daydream about cosplay a lot more than I’ve done it. 

Because daydreaming about it is fun, I started daydreaming a few days ago about how I might be in town for a local con next year, and a close friend of mine recently moved back to the area. Now, we’ve done a lot of dorky things together over the past decade and beyond, and we have have a rather intertwined fandom history. So as I started daydreaming of a character I thought would be fun to do, I didn’t feel right cosplaying her without her dynamic duo partner, so I asked my friend:

Two questions: If money and the laws of physics were no object, what would you like to cosplay with me? If we realistically were to do it, what are your thoughts? 

As a bit of a joke to show I didn’t have my heart set on the particular duo that came to mind, I threw out a set of characters from a manga she lent me yeeeeeeeeeeeears ago, since they’d be difficult to cosplay and I didn’t even know if she remembered how we likened ourselves to those characters at the time. 

She ecstatically replied that she’d always dreamed of cosplaying these characters with me and started throwing out ideas for how we could get around our lack of costume-making skills. 


I guess I need to review this series since I hardly even remember the details of the plot. 

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Hey man! Happy Thanksgiving! I'm thankful for a lot of the cool experiences I've had this year, ones I'd never think possible a year ago. Shooting DISCO was one of them. Thanks again for a fun time, and congrats again on a good year!

Thank you so much, have a great holiday season!