then again that was years ago


Okay so this parallel really got to me. In this episode, we are actually introduced to Otabek, who is shy, reserved, and doesn’t really interact with others. However, he reaches out to Yurio, because this small angry blond left such an impression on him 5 years ago. He’s then confronted with the fact that Yurio doesn’t even remember him. And  yet even after that, he still asks him to be his friend.

We then discover that Viktor and Yuuri did meet prior to Viktor showing up at the hot springs. Viktor talks about how he didn’t really have a life, he just focused on skating before he met Yuuri. And as the end credits show, meeting this drunk, unknown skater at the party changed his life and made him actually feel something again. Despite this being a critical moment for Viktor, (aka the moment he fell in love), Yuuri doesn’t even remember it. 

One boy remembers strong feelings, while the other one was completely unaware that this encounter ever happened. Very similar to Otabek and Yurio, no?

Oh great, so Alpha Centauri isn’t Alpha Centauri anymore

The IAU recently made the name Rigil Kentaurus official, but kept the name Proxima Centauri for its dim companion.

The International Astronomical Union (IAU) may have supervillain status among some sky enthusiasts for its decision to demote Pluto from planet to dwarf planet 10 years ago.* Now, they’re going to divide the astronomy community again.

Goodbye, Alpha Centauri. Hello, Rigil Kentaurus.

The decision was announced November 24 as the United States celebrated Thanksgiving. (WAKE UP SHEEPLE!) The IAU gave official designations to 227 stars, making Vega officially Vega, Mizar officially Mizar, Aldebaran officially Aldebaran, and Alpha Centauri its ancient name.

Potentially adding to the confusion, a faint companion to the two stars comprising the now Rigil Kentaurus system, known as Proxima Centauri, has been officially designated by that name. This means the stars are Rigil Kentaurus a and b and Proxima Centauri.

Too many old school astronomers (amateur and institutional) think the change may not be so hard to swallow. Arabic astronomers called the star system Rijl Qanṭūris, which roughly translates to “the foot of the centaur.” Rigil Kentaurus would be a rendering of that name. It was eventually given a Bayer designation of α Centauri, and other stars in the Centaurus nebula given other Greek letters. The names have been used interchangeably, with some observers preferring the Arabic transliteration.

In the end, the amount it matters is nil. People can continue to call it Alpha Centauri, but some star charts may change to reflect the IAU designation. References might get a little tricky without a parenthetical of (aka Alpha Centauri.)

But it’s still the closest main sequence star to us and we’re still on a desperate quest to get there. Proxima Centauri still hosts the nearest exoplanet. We just have to get our Kentauruses and our Centauris straight.~

Note: Was this another last day vote after most of the members doing actual science were off to important projects?

Imagine telling Jared that you’re pregnant

Requested by Anonymous
Words: 3,666
Triggers/Warnings: Explicit language

I feel my world spinning once again after the millionth time I read the black words printed on the white sheet. I’ve been having morning sickness for a week and have done the blood test three days ago just to confirm what I already knew and still don’t want to believe.

Three days since I’ve done the test and three days with no guts to tell Jared. This wasn’t in my plans for the first years of marriage when he proposed me four years ago or when I’ve said yes at the altar three years ago.

Am I ready to become a mother? Does he want to become a father? I don’t know the answer for it, we never had this conversation, nor when we were dating.

I sigh and save the piece of paper in my nightstand’s drawer, starting to fold the clean clothes again. My mind is all over the place but the task in hands and that’s how I’m living lately, with a billion of questions in my mind, no answer and a little human being growing inside. I already feel love for him or her, but I’m too afraid that his/hers father will think of. Afraid that he’ll leave me.

I hear the front door being shut as I finish putting the clothes in the drawers and I stand, walking out the room.

“Honey?” I hear Jared’s voice coming from the kitchen.

“I’m coming,” I say, following his voice.

I find my husband eating a pear, looking as handsome as always. He turns around when he hear my footsteps and smiles, walking in my direction.

“Hello gorgeous,” Jared gives a peck on my lips. “You look even prettier as days passes by. How’s that possible?” He asks me, smiling.

“It’s your eyes, honey,” I smile at his compliment, forgetting about everything else.

“No, it’s not,” He kisses me and I can taste the pear he was eating. “What’s going on?” Jared asks after the kiss, still smiling. “You look… different.”

His words make me freeze and I suddenly remembers the confirmation of my pregnancy saved on my nightstand. “What you mean?” I cover up, moving to the fridge and taking a juicy jug from it.

“I don’t know,” He says and I can feel his beautiful eyes on me, analyzing. “You look amazing… Your skin is… glowing.” He chuckles of his own words and I smile.

Indeed, my skin looked a hell lot better since I started to have morning sickness and my hair too; something weird about pregnancy.

“Thanks, babe.” I smile at him. “But there’s nothing new,” I say, failing to tell him once again.

“Oh,” Jared says. “I guess I get surprised by your beauty every day.” He wraps his arms around me by my back and I chuckle. “So, you ready to go?” He asks next to my ear.

I laugh. “Wearing this?” I ask and he takes a step back, checking on my clothes.

“What’s wrong with this dress? You look great!” Jared looks back at my face.

“Honey, I’m not going out wearing this,” I laugh, pointing at my outfit. “Neither do you.”

“What’s wrong with my clothes?” He looks at himself now.

“Babe,” I call him, giving a pointed look. “Plus, is too early… I figure out we could have a… bath.” Jared’s eyes go from mine to my hands and my legs when I slid my panties down. “Together.” I throw it at him and turn around, going back to our bedroom.

In seconds, Jared catches up with me and pins me to the hallway wall, making me laugh.

“Easy, cowboy,” I say while he approaches his face to mine.

“You can’t throw your panties at me like that and walk away unharmed.” Jared whispers against my lips, eyes sparkling.

“Hmmm,” I hum, looking at his lips. “Will you do some bad to me?” I ask innocently, staring at his eyes like a little girl.

“Yes, I will. You’ve been a bad girl.” He brushes his lips against mine but doesn’t kiss me, letting me frustrated.

“And we all know that bad girls shall be punished, am I right daddy?” I tease, using the words I know that will drive him insane.

“Ugh! I love you!” He growls before kissing me roughly.

Jared’s hands slide through my body until reaching my thighs, where he holds, pushing me up and making me lock my legs around his waist. I cup his face with my hands and without breaking the kiss, Jared walks towards our room.

Another fact about pregnancy: hormones. The same ones that make you want to cry all day, makes you willing to fuck all the time. And, when you have a husband like Jared, you really wants to fuck ALL the time. Plus, orgasms are really A thing!

After our little adventure on the bed, Jared goes to the bathroom prepare our bath and I stay in bed, pretty satisfied. A glance on my nightstand makes me remember the “secret” I have and my mind starts to wander again. Unconsciously, I lead my hand to my belly and I caress it slowly, staring at the ground and thinking.

“What are you thinking about?” A happy-smiley Jared jumps on me, making me laugh.

I stare at his face and hold it with both hands. “In you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Every day in the month, every month in the year.” I say.

“Really?” He asks and I nod. “You must get bored.” He says and I laugh again. “C’mon, your bath is ready, milady.”

My husband removes himself from upon me and stands beside the bed, reaching his out for me. I take it and he leads me to the bathroom and I’m greeted with a bathtub filled with bubbles and even candles lit.

“You’re such a romantic,” I say, surprised by the little treatment. “Did I already said that I love you today?” I ask, turning to face him.

“Yes, but you can say again,” Jared smiles at me.

“I love you,” I whisper against his lips, kissing him once again.

“I love you too,” He says back to me. “And this is the least I can do for you, you deserve much much more.” Jared caresses my cheek. “Go on! Get inside.”

The permanent smile comes back to my face and I approach the bathtub, getting inside the warm water with his assistance. I lay alone in the bathtub and close my eyes for a second, enjoying the feeling, but I return to open them, searching for Jared.

“Won’t you get in?” I look up at him standing by my side. “Nevermind, the view is great from here.”

Jared laughs at me and shakes his head. “I’m pretty sure you’d be great as a stripper. Thank God you had a father to convince you otherwise.” He comments. “Make some room for me, babe.” He asks and I sit up, watching him slide to behind me. With a sigh, he pulls me back to rest my back on his chest. “Hmmm… Your boobs look bigger.” Jared comments and wide my eyes. “I like it.” His hand travels my body.

Every time, something he says makes a reference to my pregnancy, my whole body is a constant reminder of what I have to say, but I can’t bring myself to tell. No matter what I do.

Our bath takes less than I wish and I found myself choosing a dress.  I end up choosing a simple black dress and I put it on, leaving the back zipper open, unable to close it on my own. I sit in front of my vanity and start to apply some makeup, glancing at Jared in the closet, singing an old song quietly. I open a smile, loving to hear his sweet voice.

I make a side French braid on my hair and stand, moving back to the closet to choose my shoes. I stare at my own reflection in the full-length mirror while putting earrings on. Jared approaches me slowly, kissing my should and making me smile. Carefully, he zips my dress up and I’m ready to go.

“You look even more stunning,” Jared says, resting his chin on my shoulder.

I stare at our reflection and he rests both hands on my belly and I cover them with my own. “Thanks,” I whisper. “You too; you’re always handsome.”

Jared smiles at my compliment and kisses my cheek. “Ready to go?”

“Uh-huh,” I nod and take my purse.

In the way out, Jared takes a jacket for himself and helps me to dress a cardigan. We walk towards his car and he opens the door for me, as the gentleman he always is. All the way to Shannon’s place, he keeps a hand on my thigh, talking how excited he is about the new music and I keep smiling, happy about him.

When we arrive, it doesn’t take two seconds for Shannon open the door for us, complaining that we don’t need that kind of formality.

“Hi, beautiful sis, how you doing?” He asks, giving me one of his bear hugs.

“A little out of breath,” I whisper while he holds me and he laughs.

“You look beautiful,” Shannon kisses my temple.

“Thanks, handsome.” I wink at him.

“Stop hitting on my wife,” Jared complains and his brother raises both hands.

“She’s all yours. It doesn’t mean I can look.” He shrugs.

I chuckle when Jared gives a step forward to punch his brother and Shannon dodges him. We finally move out from the foyer and greet the others in the small gathering. I smile, sitting on the sofa with all the other women and my eyes go straight to a smiling baby of a friend of Shannon’s.

Of course, that would be a baby there, because, why not?

“Sis, do you want a beer?” Shannon asks me. “Or wine?” He motions to the drink the women are drinking.

He knows very well that I’m more a beer girl, but it doesn’t hurt asking. “No, Shan, I’m fine, thanks.” I decline, remembering my new condition.

I engage a conversation with the girls and, at some point, the baby girl starts crying. Her mother tries to calm her down, but she couldn’t make it, so the baby starts to pass around the arms and everyone is trying to calm her down. The funniest are when Shannon takes the baby and she starts to scream even more.

“Oh, no? Okay,” He holds the baby far from his face, like it was a bomb or something, making everyone around laugh.

“Can I try?” I ask, reaching out my arms.

Shannon nods quickly and walks towards me, handing me the baby. As magic, when I sit her in my lap, looking at me, the baby girl stops crying almost immediately, staring at my face with curiosity. I smile at her and she mimics me, giggling after it.

“What have you done?” My brother-in-law asks me, looking amazed.

“I don’t know,” I shrug, playing with the soft little hand and she giggles again.

“She likes you,” The mother says and I smile wider, holding the baby.

“She’s so cute,” I whisper, adjusting the baby on my lap.

Something tells me to look up and when I do, my eyes quickly finds Jared’s and I can’t read his face, but he smiles at me. I look back at the baby when she holds on my braid, almost like she was trying to get my attention again. In two seconds, Jared is sitting on the armchair’s arm, playing with the baby too.

“I’ve lost my hopes with Tomo and Vicki,” Ivana says, looking at her brother and sister-in-law. “Shannon is a vagabond,”

“Hey!” He protests, making us laugh.

“Just pointing out the facts, man,” She raises both hands in defense and looks back at Jared and me. “So, when will you two have a little Jared?”

I smirk, putting my best poker face on. “I don’t know,” Jared starts and I look up at him. “Now it’s too early, I think it’s better to enjoy some more years of marriage and there are the new album and tour… But we definitely gonna have a little one or mom is gonna kill me.” He laughs and I do too, trying to mask my disappointment.

“You’re boring Jared,” Ivana rolls her eyes. “It’s always work with you.” She complains, making people laugh.

“Not always,” I defend my husband, wiggling my eyebrows.

“I’m actually surprised that she isn’t pregnant already,” Emma says and I laugh nervously. “I know Jared for years, he can’t wait a week, and these two are the most proactive couple I’ve ever seen.”

“Can we stop talking about my sex life?” Jared intervenes, realizing how blushed I am.

Fortunately, the conversation moves to their new album and I can breathe regularly again. The baby girl ends up falling asleep in my arms and her mother puts her down in the stroller. The men decide to move outside and just the women stay in the living room, chatting.

I take a sip of my juice and look at the tray of snacks on the coffee table when Emma takes one of them. Suddenly, my stomach starts to get upset with me and I make a neutral face. “Is this… cheese?” I look at Emma’s face.

“Uh-huh,” She nods, looking at me. “Are you okay?”

“Excuse me,” I whisper.

I stand up quickly and kinda run to the bathroom, emptying up my stomach. I could feel the smell of the cheese and it only made it worse. I turned vegan since I’ve started dating Jared and it wasn’t hard for me because it was a healthier lifestyle, but I’ve despised other people options of food, somehow, the cheese was a bit much for pregnant me.

After cleaning my mouth, I open the door to find all the women waiting for me outside, with worried faces.

“What happened?” Vicki asks.

“Are you okay?” Emma asks. “You turned pale and green.”

“Do you want me to call Jared?” Ivana asks.

“NO! No! I’m fine,” I assure. “I’m alright, it was just…”

“Morning sickness,” The baby girl’s mother says, smiling and all the others look at her. “You pregnant, aren’t you?” 

And all the eyes turn to my face. “It shouldn’t be called morning sickness if you feel it all day…” I mumble, looking down.

“YOU’RE PREGNANT?” Emma shouts and I cover her mouth with my hand quickly.

“Can you not?” I ask, looking around.

“Didn’t you tell him?” Ivana asks.

“He has no clue! Don’t you remember about “enjoy some more years of marriage and work”?” Vicki makes air quotes.

“Why haven’t you told him?” Emma asks, taking my hand off her mouth.

“I was afraid he didn’t want it and I know he doesn’t.” I look back down, upset.

“What? Are you kidding me?” My best friend asks me, taking my hands and look up at her eyes. “Jared will love this news! You know how comfortable he gets with things the way it is and that’s us who has to change it.” She says.

“You think?” I ask and she nods. “Wouldn’t he freak out?”

Vicki chuckles, touching my arm. “My dear, I know Jared for years too. He’d only freak out if you were a groupie or stripper, but you’re his wife!” She guarantees. “He’ll love the news.”

I look around and my eyes land on the baby girl’s mother. “I can’t tell him,” I say and they sigh in unison. “I can’t. I’m not ready.”

“For how long you know?” The woman asks me.

“I’ve been having morning sickness for a week and I’ve done the blood test three days ago,” I answer and she wide her eyes.

“And he didn’t realize it already?”

Ivana rolls her eyes. “You know how men are: he’ll only realize when her belly will be covering the view to his guitars.” She says, making the other girls laugh.

“Honey, tell him, you don’t have anything to lose.” The mother says.

“I do. My husband.” I whisper.

“We already talked about this,” Emma scolds me with a serious expression. “Jared won’t leave you because of it! He’s crazy about you!”

“I’ll tell him when I’m ready,” I say, putting an end on the subject. “Please, don’t say nothing about it.”

“Okay,” They nod in agreement and I let a relief sigh out.

“Fine, let’s go outside and get some air. You look in need.” Emma pulls me with her.

We all walk to the backyard and are greeted by the men with happy exclamations. I smile and approaches Jared, getting a kiss from him. I can feel the taste of the beer he was drinking on his lips and I feel the urge for it, but I ignore, allowing him to wrap his arms around me.

“Hey, Clark, show my sister that video,” Shannon says to his friend, pointing to me. “She’s a tough girl, she’s a doctor.”

“What?” I look around and to Jared’s face, he just shakes his head, making a disgusted face. “What video?” I look back at Shannon.

“Here,” His friend says, with the phone in hands.

My husband unwraps his arms from around me and I step close to the other guy. He presses play and I get surprised by horrific screams and a lot of blood. I swallow, feeling dizzy with the scenes being showed at me.

“Is this a pig?” I point at the screen and look up, seeing the world turn black.

“Babe?” Jared’s voice next to me. “Babe!” It’s the last thing I hear before passing out.

I regain my conscience slowly and I become aware that I’m laying down somewhere. When I open my eyes, I found a lot of people looking at me and I feel a horde of emotions taking possession of my body.

“Oh God, you scared the hell out of me,” Jared say, squeezing my hand. “W-why are you crying?”

“That poor little pig died,” I sob and the sorrow is replaced with anger. “WHY THE FUCK DOES SOMEONE HAS A VIDEO LIKE THAT IN THE PHONE? THIS IS FUCKING CRUEL!” I stare at Shannon’s friend.

“Babe, are you okay?” Jared asks and I look back at him to see the confusion expression in his face.

I nod and I know I owe him an explanation: it’s time to tell him. “Yes, I’m fine, but we need to talk,” I say and he helps me to sit up, nodding.

“Alright guys, let’s clear out the room,” Shannon announces and I realize I’m in his bed.

Everybody leaves the room quickly and in silence. On the way out, Emma gives me a wink and I open a little smile to her, not so sure how I’m feeling. Shannon is the last one and he closes the door behind him, giving us some privacy.

Jared looks at me in expectation, kneeled down on the floor in front of me, holding my hands. I take a deep breath, trying to gather some courage.

“Honey, there’s something I need to tell for the last three days,” I say calmly and Jared nods.

“Okay,” He says with that beautiful blue eyes fixed on me.

“I’ve been a little sick since last week,” I pause and he nods to make me go on. “And I went to a doctor three days ago,” I pause again.

“And?” Jared asks.

“I’ve done a blood test and I don’t know you don’t want it now, neither do I, I don’t think we’re ready yet, but I’m kinda excited for it now and I love it very much,” I speak quickly and open a smile.

“What’s the result of the test?” Jared cuts my reverie and I turn serious, staring at his face.

“Pregnant.” I blurt out loud for the first time and it didn’t seem as bad as I thought.

My husband remains in the same position for a whole minute, looking at me, lips partially parted, he didn’t even blink. A sour taste comes to my mouth and I start to freak out with his reaction, or the lack of it, matter-of-factly.

“Are you angry?” I ask when he finally stands up. “Jared, say something, please!” I plead, seeing him turn his back to me, rubbing his face.

And he answers me with a laugh, but I don’t know if it’s a fake laugh. “Pregnant?” I nod when he looks back at me. “Am I gonna be a dad?” I nod again and a huge smile appears on his face.

“Are you angry?” I ask again, afraid.

But he doesn’t answer me. Jared takes me from the bed and pulls me to out of the room, almost running. “SHANNON!” He shouts to his brother and we end up in the living room, where everyone turns in our direction. “I’M GONNA BE FATHER!”

Shannon’s expression goes from extremely confused to very excited and he jumps from the couch, running towards Jared and giving him a congratulations hug. I’m still standing, without understanding a thing. When Jared turns back to me, I can know now that his smile is genuine and he takes me off the ground, spinning me around.

“I’m not angry, I’m happy, I’m SO happy. I’m gonna be a father!” Jared says happily and puts me back on the floor. “Oh my God, I love you so so so much, you have no idea.” He cups my face and kisses me.

My hormones start working again and I start to cry in happiness. I know I was being silly in have all that concernings, but I am so happy now to even remember them. And when Jared let go of me, everyone is standing to congratulate us and Shannon is the first to give me another bear hug. I can’t stop crying, not even when Jared holds me again, saying it was okay, he was happy.

"Are you licensed for specialized? If not, we'll be removing Henry this week."

“But you can keep George and still adopt him if you’re interested.”
-G&H’s CPS caseworker

Why was this a text?

I hate when kids are discussed like they are livestock. Mom is AWOL again, so I’ll let the adoption part go even though it’s callous. And doesn’t make sense because their case hasn’t even gone to trial yet.

This would have had me in full on anxiety mode a year ago. I didn’t even have an emotional response, just called and told my agency and they were like wtf? I’m licensed for specialized so it’s a non issue but still.

PS I have a home inspection in 30 minutes that I haven’t cleaned or done paperwork for but my vagina feels like it’s falling off and I can’t will myself to get up and I’m that tired where sleepy tears run down your face and you don’t even bother wiping them because that would take too much energy.

161205 Shinhwa’s Eric On ‘The List’, From Drama To Entertainment, the ‘Living Room Prince’ of 2016

Eric made it to the top 5 for the ‘Well Done! The 2016 Stars’.

On December 5th tvN revealed their ‘The List 2016’ for their ‘End Of The Year’ special.

Eric was 5th on the list. Eric starred in ‘Oh Hae-young Again!’ and played a tsundere guy, who got caught between love and strange premonitions, which won him the title ‘Life Character’.

The drama series ‘Oh Hae-young Again!’ became the most watched show among all tvN’s Monday/Tuesday series and Eric received the Roco King Award at tvN’s 10 Awards.

Later this year, Eric became a fixed member of tvN’s entertainment series ‘Three Meals A Day’ since his debut 18 years ago. In the series, he showed his unbelievably masterful cooking skills that gains great popularity.

He also returned to his original K-pop role with Shinhwa’s 13th album and  another Shinhwa concert is said to be on the way. The tickets for their winter concert was sold out within 3 minutes.

Comments on Xport News:

[+25, 0] Three Meals is beyond hilarious these days~~
[+21, 0] Has been a happy year thanks to Eric~~
[+16, 0] Three Meals, my reason to live
[+15, 0] My December, Eric got it ♥
[+6, 0]   Eric made 2016 happy~

Comments on TVReports:

01 [+56, -2] Rich in charm Mun Jeong-hyeok!!
02 [+46, -2] Way cuter than I thought, Eric.
03 [+45, -2] Too good to be true ㅜㅜ
04 [+32, 0] Charming Eric!! This year is yours to take~~
05 [+33, -1] Yeah.. Good
06 [+19, 0] This year was Eric’s year ㅇㅇ
07 [+16, 0] Full of charm!!!
08 [+11, 0] Sincerity always shines ❤❤
09 [+11, 0] It will continue to be Eric’s year. Because true heart shines. Yom!
10 [+11, 0] Eric’s glowing. Cheers~

Source: Xports News + TV Report Via Naver + Translation by EricMun.tumblr

Love after heartbreak

Pairing: Natasha x reader

Plot: Natasha x reader where the reader is a single mom of a teenage girl and her friend Wanda sets her up with her friend. When the reader realizes how fast their relationship was headed she suddenly breaks up with Natasha. It takes her daughters words of encouragement that gets the reader thinking that maybe she worthy of love after a terrible heartbreak.

You really didn’t want to go on this stupid date but your friend Wanda convinced you. She always brought up the fact that she had a friend she wanted to set you up with but you said no because you had to take care of daughter Lindsey.

That was half true but in reality you didn’t want to get involved because you didn’t want to get your heart broken again. Your partner of sixteen years left you and your thirteen daughter a year ago claiming she couldn’t do it anymore. She said wished she didn’t waist her twenties being married and taking care of a kid.

Ever since the she left you had devoted all of your time to your daughter and put dating on the back burner. You wanted to show Lindsey that although her other mom might have regretted having her didn’t mean she felt the same. But recently Lindsey has teamed up with Wanda and has been trying to convince you to go on a date. She said she didn’t want you to be alone for the rest of your life once she moves out of the house.

So now here you were entering the restaurant and praying this date doesn’t end in a disaster. After giving the hostess the name the reservation were under they told you your party had already arrived before taking you to your table. You were were awestruck when you noticed the woman waiting for you. You felt yourself getting more nervous as she stood up when you got to the table.

“Natasha?” you asked as redhead who stood up.

“Yes and you must be y/n” she held out her hand and you shook it before you guys sat down.

Although you were trying to hide it, you could tell that she could tell you were nervous. “I’m going to honest and say that I haven’t done this whole blind date thing before so I’m a little nervous.”

“It’s ok. If I’m being honest I’ve never done anything like this before either but Wanda said you a nice and that I had to meet you.” Natasha replied which put you at ease. You couldn’t stop staring at her and taking in her beauty which made her smile before she started asking questions about your life.

As the night went on you couldn’t help but fall for her. She was exactly the type of woman you wanted in your life and you were mentally kicking yourself for not agreeing to go on the date sooner. Then it dawned on you that you haven’t brought up Lindsey at all tonight and then you began to worry. What if she didn’t like the fact that you’re a mother and leave.

“I have a teenage daughter” you told her and hope she wouldn’t freak out and leave. “I needed to tell you this right away because I don’t know if that’s a deal breaker for you or not.”

Natasha let out a small laugh before she took your hands into hers. “Wanda already told me and I’m ok with that.” You let out a sigh of relief. “Listen y/n you’re a great girl and you having a kid isn’t going to scare me off. I would like to get to know you better and I hope you would like to get to know me better as well.”

You looked down at your hands and smiled at how they were perfectly intertwined with Natasha’s. “I would really like that Natasha.”

After dinner you guys actually went to an ice cream shop next door continued your date. You couldn’t believe how easy it was for you to open up to Natasha. Eventually you guys had to call it a night because both of you had work in the morning.

“Here’s my card. Call me when you want to go on another date.” Natasha handed you her card as you guys were walking towards your car.

“I will. Thank you for a wonderful night Natasha.” you were about to get inside your car but stopped when you felt Natasha’s hand on your shoulder.

“You forgot something” Natasha leaned in and kissed you. You felt a warm feeling in your stomach as you kissed her. Her lips were so soft and plump, you could stand there and kiss her for hours.

“Wow” you had a stupid grin on your face once she pulled away. “I’ll call you later Natasha”

“I’ll be waiting” she gave you one more kiss before she walked away.

Getting inside your car you drove home and told your daughter about the amazing date you had. She told you she was happy and encouraged you to call Natasha right away to show her you were serious about going out again.

*six months later*

Things were heating up really fast with Natasha and you’d be lying if you said you weren’t scared. Since your first date you guys have seen each other as much as you guys could. On the days you couldn’t see each other you spent hours on the phone with her talking about your day. You started to feel like a teenager all over again when your daughter would knock on your door telling you to go to sleep.

You have yet to introduce her to your daughter though. Lindsey was your entire world and you didn’t want to intrude her to anyone unless you were 100% sure she would be around for a long time.

Since Natasha had come back from a mission late at night and Lindsey was staying over at a friends house you had decided to have a spontaneous date at the park. You guys just wanted fresh air and there was a lovely park right by your house.

You guys held hands as you guys strolled through the park and looked up at the stars. Things were going great until Natasha said the three words that absolutely terrified you.

“I love you y/n” she had a big smile on her face as she said it so. This was the first time you heard those words in a year and it freaked you out. You started to think maybe you guys were moving too fast.

Your mind started to race as her words kept repeating in your mind. “No you’re not. You don’t mean that, we’ve only been dating for six months how can you be in love with me?”

“Of course I mean it y/n, I love you. Don’t you love me?” Natasha had a look of hurt and confusion as she tried to hold your hand.

“I’m sorry nat but I can’t do this.” you felt tears running down your face.

“Y/n wait” Natasha called out but you just ran to your car and drove home.

*two weeks later.*

It had been two weeks since you ended things with Natasha and you were an absolute mess. Although you tried to keep it together for Lindsey’s sake you cried yourself to sleep at night. It also didn’t help that Wanda kept calling you and asking what happened between you two.

Natasha didn’t call you once though and you honestly didn’t blame her. She had confessed her love and you broke up with her immediately after she said it. You thought she’s probably already moved on while you are crying your eyes out at night.

Lindsey grew tried of seeing you so sad and decided to sit you down to have a chat. “Mom just because Momma ran out on us a year ago doesn’t mean you have to stay single. In the six months you’ve been seeing Natasha I’ve noticed you’ve been smiling more. Please mom just go talk to Natasha and tell her you made a mistake and that you love her because I know you do.” Lindsey cried as she held onto your hands.

“You’re right, I’ll be right back” you grabbed your keys before you rushed to the front door so you could go to Natasha’s house and hoped it wasn’t too late to apologize.

You got startled though when you opened the door and noticed Natasha was standing on the other side.

“Y/n I’m sorry-” you cut her off with a kiss.

“No I’m sorry, I’m sorry I ran out on you after you told me you loved me. It’s just that I’m still scared from my previous relationship. She hurt me really bad and I’m scared you’re going to run out on me like she did.” You began to sob.

“It ok y/n” Natasha held onto you tight. “But do remember what I promised on our third date? I promised to never hurt you and I intend to keep that promise. I love you y/n and I’ll never run out on you.”

“I love you too Natasha. I love you so much” you couldn’t help but kiss her. “Will you give me another chance?” you asked hoping she says yes.

“Oh course y/n.” she replied before she leaned in and kissed you again.

“This is long over do but I want you to meet someone. Lindsey can you come here sweetheart.” you called over your daughter and she quickly walked over. “This is the most important girl in my life my daughter Lindsey. Lindsey this is Natasha the woman I’ve been seeing for the past six months.”

“It’s nice to meet you Natasha. I’ve heard so much about you” Lindsey held out her and and Natasha shook it.

“It’s nice to finally meet you Lindsey, your mother has told me so much about you as well.” Natasha replied “listen y/n, Tony told me about this restaurant down the street that’s supposed to be really good. Do you and Lindsey want to go? I would really want to spent time with you and I’ll like to get to know your daughter better.”

“We would love to go, let me just get our coats mom” Lindsey answered on your behalf before running towards her bedroom.

“I guess we are going” you laughed as you guys waited for Lindsey. Once she came back she handed you your coat before you guys made your way out of the house and started to walk towards Natasha’s car.

“You know” Lindsey got between you and Natasha “I could get used to this. Having two moms again. Especially since I know you can kick people’s asses”

“I could get used to this as well. The three of us.” Natasha looked over at you as you guys got inside Natasha’s car and drove off.

What’s hilarious about this “Two Battling Queens” narrative Vikings has set up is that it’s meant to make Aslaug look bad, but due to the fact that they canonically had her and Lagertha make up in season 2 and NEVER addressed their relationship for better or for worse again….

Lagertha ends up looking ridiculously petty and asinine.  From what we’ve seen onscreen, she forgave this woman–and really, it was implied, blamed Ragnar more than Aslaug from the beginning as she should have–well over a decade ago.  She even participated in a threesome with her?  Lagertha remarried–twice, if you count Kalf–and is currently with another woman.  They’ve been together for around six years, according to Katheryn Winnick.  Aslaug herself has been separated from Ragnar for years, after enduring his abuse.  (I find it hard to believe that Lagertha, an abuse survivor herself, has heard NOTHING about Ivar’s conception or Ragnar’s subsequent abuse of Aslaug but w/e.)

Bjorn has not suffered under Aslaug’s rule.  He doesn’t seem to have jumped to take the throne himself.  Kattegat is thriving on trade, interacting with other cultures–it looks better than it did when Ragnar ruled.  (And like…  As for the kingdom, Lagertha was never queen, but that’s another issue.)  You can’t even bring up what happened with Little Siggy, as character assassination-y as it was re: Aslaug, because shit–Bjorn doesn’t even seem to care, and that was his kid.  Either he doesn’t know or he doesn’t care, and it’s more his responsibility to address that than Lagertha’s.  But we all know that that was just a bit done to make Aslaug look bad and clean out another daughter character from the cast.

So what we have is a scene in which Lagertha looks disapproving of…  What?  A thriving city?  Her son’s familial contentment and wealth?  The ritualistic sacrifice that she in the past has taken part in because it’s part of HER religion?  (That’s the only angle as I could come up with, what with Hirst’s desire to paint Aslaug as a ~fundamentalist pagan~ against Ragnar and Lagertha’s liberal pagans even tho she does the exact same shit that they’ve done.)  

This is character assassination for Lagertha too–I’ve gone off of her due to Hirst’s insistence on elevating her above all other women, but I still like her when I put that aside.  But this shit is just terribly written and makes her look petty, jealous, and kind of unintelligent.  (Also: if it’s a Ragnar jealousy thing, she’s kind of being shitty to Astrid?)  Work on that, show.

It’s time again for the annual Christmas ornament picture.  My older followers will remember this offering as my attempt to hang on to Christmas past.  My wife and I have a difficult time in December as this was the month, 15 years ago, we lost Kelley Sue.  Since my daughters passing, she has become a grandmother of four granddaughters and two grandsons.  She would have been a magnificent Grandma….

A neat little detail in Pokemon Sun and Moon is that, in the Room with Totem Mimikyu you can see a picture of Ash and Pikachu from 20 years ago (when Ash still wore the blue jacket with the white sleeves.)

Which matches up with the details that Mimikyus disguise being made from old Pikachu Merchandise from 20 years ago. 

Such a odd easteregg for GameFreak to add since the anime and games are two different canons, but very well hidden and miss-able since you never see it again later after beating the trial.

thanks for @greggjanus for pointing it out. I would have  never noticed it!

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I've been following you ever since I started Tumblr a couple years ago. I just wanted to let you know that you've been a huge factor in helping me overcome my misconceptions about asexuality and realizing that I'm asexual. Thanks :)

I am so glad I could help you with that, Anon! Ace hugs! <3

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A couple years ago I read this amazing fic about country boy kibum when he first comes to SM and it was so well written and complex like the plot was wild. I remember the first chapter was him fighting with Minho and they hated each other so much but eventually became so close and I NEED to find this fic again so I looked on the authors ao3 and found this page please help

Wow. This is so surreal. In early 2014 I wrote If God Wonders Too. The fanfic  is about Key coming to SM and deciding who he wants to be. The summary at the time was:  “Some had ambition burning in their eyes. Some had the sharp thorns of envy sticking out of them, even if they were the most beautiful rose in the room. Some.. well, some were just normal people who happened to be devastatingly beautiful and mindbogglingly talented. They told corny jokes, laughed loudly and ate like pigs. They were so fucking humble it made Kibum’s heart hurt. He hated them (him) the most.”  If this is the fic you’re looking for…congrats on shocking the fuck outta me. HOW you remember it is beyond me. It was barely popular & I took it down really early and deleted that side blog. Anyway I still have it and I’ve been reworking it. In the spirit of the holidays, if you message me your email I’ll send you the edited version! 

Whoa I just hit 10.000 followers and it’s been like forever since my last ff so I wanted to make one this time~ I want to thank every single one of you who keep putting up with this blog till now, those who followed me from the very beginning 4 years ago or those who followed me just now, i’m very thankful you did! Thank you so much for following me and reblogging my stuff! Thank you so much for talking to me and sending me nice messages! They mean a lot to me! You don’t even know that your short messages could made me smile wider~ And these are some amazing, awesome, great blogs I follow, thanks to them I have quality dashboard to enjoy ♡ (( I don’t do bold because all are my favorites ^^ ))

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So I kept searching and searching and I came to the realization that I hadn’t posted this on my Tumblr. This picture I drew a few months ago that completely updated the cast of my “The Legend of Zelda and The Five Heroes” story idea I had long ago.

I did however post the cruddy photoshop job from 2010. I did back in my youth in the intervening years of original conception and now 

In the words of Aaron Burr: It isn’t pretty.

Anyhow, some background on this crap

This old idea I had was a webcomic about how the spirit of the hero of time was fragmented for one generation resulting in five races becoming the hero of time at once who all had to work together and combine their individual shards of the triforce of courage to stop Ganon once again.

Why? Because I love ensemble casts and a good globe trotting story and it was going to incorporate a lot of elements from a lot of games like the Oracle games and stuff.

So the team was Link a Kokiri and his best friend Dede the Deku Scrub. Dede was a shrewed and smartass back-talker who was over protective of his more naive friend, Link, who was a scaredy cat with a lot of hidden anger.

Their team leader was Nabooru, a young Gerudo thief. Her younger brother Zant was to be Geurdo King but was kidnapped by the forces of Ganon, . She was the street wise, flirty, but mostly level headed woman in charge. She was also the one amongst the group most concerned about money, but not as much as Dede.

The Goron member was Darunia, a young teen who wanted to become a great hero of justice, a powerful mage, and to help others in a noble and chivalrous manner while always having fun.

Which leaves their loner and odd man out Ralis, the sheltered prince of the Zora kingdom who is very serious, thinks he should be in charge of this mission, and thinks he knows better than everyone else. His intentions are always good but his attitude leaves much to be desired, like kindness, or a smile.

You didn’t love me, while I was crying in my room, I pretend like you do love me. You got drunk and told me things will never change, said a million sorry for the sake of your next evil scheme. You clearly played with my feelings, while I was happy, because I thought you are a true person. You used me for your own guide, you let me get lost. It was my first love, also tragic. You’ve left these scars in my heart, now It’s so hard for me to love again. Scared to find happiness and soon it’ll fade, the pain stays longer.
You made me feel that I was the one who went wrong, I’ve showed you the wrong part of me, my part that you’re not desirable to see. Maybe my soul wasn’t that good, maybe it wasn’t beautiful as you thought. But you laughed like I was wrong again. You never wanted who I am, you wanted the thing that you could get, you wanted to own me, but not the love I feel for you. You’re wrong, I didn’t love you, because I wanted to be loved, I loved you because I am sure with that. I was in silence every time someone mentions your name, and maybe I should just laugh.
I wonder why I gave up, I wonder why my love for you was gone, maybe it’s not gone, it’ll never fade. But all you gave to me was the hurt, not your love, maybe the pain absorbed my feelings for you. Remember that, whoever you are and whatever the bad things you did before, I’ve accepted you with no doubts. I didn’t care about their criticisms about you, I wasn’t blinded, I knew it was simply a deep feeling, and I needed to fight for you. But all you did was a lie, all you did was for fun. It was all done for us, now please don’t beg for me to come back, It won’t make me feel bad anymore, It’s annoying and pathetic.
Thanks for the nice game, thanks for the bruises and scratches that you left. Thanks for the fears you have made me feel. It makes me see different changes from my soul, I can feel the cure. For all the fears, I realized that there’s a good face waiting, I should just be brave enough to seek for it. Thank you for being part of my life, you aren’t just the one I’ve loved, you are one of my lessons that I have learned. You are a great mistake, while I was one of your great regrets.
—  For the first someone I’ve loved.

so nice to finally have a dragon age novel on my bioware hell shelf :3 thanks again to the lovely @ghostgirlvii!