then again it was 3am and everything's funny then


A bunch of doodles of An and A!Sans I did for my dear waifu’s birthday ~ 

An belongs to @psukho​ and me 
Apocalyspe!Sans  belongs to the lovely @paintingit
Doodles poses-references by @blesstale and @cursetale !​


Finally, you’re an adult ! I’m so proud of you !! 

I wish I was here with you to cut and eat the cakes (again, our mum is incredible) and sing meme songs while dabbing or else…. You’re a wonderful person, PT. I know you’ll maybe cry by reading all of this but I won’t stop. Sadistic waifu, remember ? 

You’re wonderful…. But also amazing, awesome, full of kindness and you’re so funny ! Incredible, sweet, with pretty platypus eyes, beautiful, helpful and you’re always here when something’s wrong… How do you do this ? I’ve said it already a million times, but I’ll never say it enough… Thank you ! 

Thank you for staying determined despite everything ; thank you for waking up at 3am (geez…) when I have an exam or just because you want to say “Mornin ~ !” ; thank you for being such a sweet and cute person that will check if I’m fine all the day ; thank you for sharing your art, it’s stunning ! I can’t get tired of it, it’s trully beautiful ; thank you for telling me if you’re down and letting me try to cheer you up ; thank you for trusting me ; thank you for making me smile everyday, every second ; thank you for trying french and making me laugh, it’s adorable, you’re great ; thank you for your answers to the rp, it's…. wow ! ; thank you for the flirtship ; thank you for believing in me that much, I can allow me to believe I can do it ; thank you for the memes ; thank you for not giving up ; thank you for taking care of your family ; thank you for the pictures of your cats when I wake up ; thank you for all the time you take to spam me with compliments ; thank you for not caring too much about all the english mistakes there will be in that text ; thank you for always being so enthusiastic ; thank you for loving my art ; thank you for being such a caring friend, you’re my sunshine ; thank you for being alive ; thank you for being you ; thank you for loving me that much ; thank you.. 

Just thank you. 

And happy birthday from your sappy flower ! 

(Thank you for our little rp at night) And I promise, one day <3


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  • this group is filled with memeboys and even if he didn’t seem like one in the beginning he’s def a meme boy
  • but like if you take a look at him for like 1 sec you know he’s so fucking kindhearted and gentle
  • he’s the embodiment of a fluffly fanfic
  • never raises his voice when he’s angry
  • does he even get angry? it’s more like a little irritated
  • but he’s the boy you wanna take home to your parents he’ll treat you so nicely
  • also fucking cliche cheesy things like giving his jacket when you’re cold, opening the door for you, if the collar of your jacket isn’t right he’ll straighten it and stuff
  • also fucking serenading on his guitar and you bet he’s gonna change some lyrics in the song to make it either funny or insert a memory of you both
  • he will have a pic of you as his background def
  • and be 0% embarrassed about it if someone mentions because he’s just so chill
  • but don’t get me wrong he was a stuttering mess before you started dating or at the beginning of your relationship
  • but he’s just a calming person like and very understanding and supporting, like for instant you’re not christian he’ll be v accepting and encouraging for you to do what you believe in
  • would love love giving but also receiving forehead kisses
  • sometimes hand kisses because those make you a cute mess
  • wouldn’t care what fashion style you had like if you were always clothed casual af or always dressed up he wouldn’t care
  • because you gotta do you
  • if it’s getting colder better prepare yourself for the cuddlefest 
  • he will like being the big spoon tho like he might be a sub but I think he’s want to wrap his arms around you because he’s all about making you feel loved and safe
  • hot chocolate/coffee with movies is a thing for you to
  • okay we know he’s like very tender and soft and I think that would stay the same with making out
  • like with his finger under your chin softly touching your side with his other hand
  • basically he wants to make your heart explode because this boy will be your end
  • teasing you and not immediately kissing you but just staring at you while being 2 cm apart
  • you gotta take the initiative on this sorry
  • if you start going a little less softly he’ll give in because this guy he has a few more tricks up his sleeve
  • instead of laying his hand on your side it’ll disappear under your shirt or get on your ass
  • also when you part he won’t stop like he’ll attack your neck this little nasty
  • up to your jaw to start again
  • he cares very much about you and he would want people to know about you and funny stuff you did and shit
  • like ‘Hahaha guys you gotta hear what Y/n told me yesterday!!’
  • is only good at keeping secrets when he knows they’re really important
  • but like a juicy story about someone I mean heh he’s a gossiper
  • if he ever tells something you really didn’t want him to he’ll forever feel guilty like sometimes he’ll apologise for it again months after because he thought of it again
  • also little surprises like leaving a note somewhere in a hidden place like in a really messy closet ‘finally you cleaned up this mess that you call your room xxJosh’
  • just him being memish and funny all the time
  • no strange 3am texts because he wouldn’t want to wake you up
  • also dates with Joshua are a mess like you’d think he has everything figured out but he’s a last minute guy
  • maybe you wanted to go to a restaurant, tuns out he made no reservations and you have to go search around the whole area for a restaurant where there is actually a table free
  • you go to mcdonalds in fancy clothes because you were supposed to go to this fancy restaurant
  • also he is a guy that loves taking selfies but wouldn’t initiate it so just ask, he’ll be thankful
  • a pic of your fancy clothed mcdonalds date was his background for months because he found it so funny and he loved telling the story
  • teasing him is so so funny 
  • also if you give him something very ridiculous as a gift and you know it’s horribly embarrassing he will still love it
  • that tshirt with a huge picture of him making a horrible meme face
  • but at least that’s what you think because he just thinks it’s funny and will ironically wear it
  • and guess what you’re getting for valentines day?
  • eventually you’ll agree on swapping the shirts and that’s how your couple item obsession begun
  • just he loves all matching things, on tour he’ll buy one thing in each country if they have some
  • phone cases are his fave
  • I’m guessing you’ll be close to some other members but not all just like some of them but the ones you know well will be like almost best friends
  • all the English convos just he wants to keep practicing his English so he won’t lose it and being honest Hansols English isn’t like top level
  • and I think he really really misses speaking English a lot like it’s a part of him and not getting to speak English is really a pain in the ass
  • he uses yolo and stuff ironically don’t worry he’s up to date with his memes
  • wow this got longer than I thought it would…


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I wish he would text me first, i wish he would call me first, I wish I was number one in his book, I wish I was with him right now because I feel like total shit and it isn’t even funny how much I wish he could look at me with those loving eyes again, it makes me sad in to just think of what we had together and knowing it might not be like that in the future. He was the only one I could really rely on and tell everything to but some where along the path I lost myself and I lost him, now I am laying down awake at 3am writing in tumblr about what I wish I still had with him.

dontdreamit-behim  asked:

What are the stages of Tim Curry addiction?

1. Who’s that man with the interesting face in this film/tv show/on the stage. He looks good in those fishnets. I like his eyebrows.

2. He’s a great performer. This is enjoyable. Yes. 

3. He’s kind of familiar. Hmmmm. Is it the same guy who was in…hmm…

4. *Googles* *IMDB* Tim Curry. Okay. Cool. *mindlessly browses*


6. *starts to pay more attention to IMDB*


8. Oh this piece of entertainment with this nice Tim Curry chap has ended. I’ll go continue with my day to day life now. 

9. Oh look a new day. Ha. Remember that guy Tim Curry from yesterday? Hmmm. I have a spare ten minutes.

10. *Googles again*

11. *Clicks onto Images*

12. Oh. Hello. *save*. *scroll scroll*. *save* *save* *save* *scroll* *save*

13. *opens YouTube*

14. Four hours pass. 

15. He’s so charming. And funny. And intelligent. And his face. Is so. Perfect. He’s so. Attractive. Like. Everything. About him. Is. So. Attractive. Oh god. Wat.

16. *Googles* 

17. *discovers Tumblr*

18. *scrolls Tag* 

19. Five hours pass. 

20. Holy shit it’s 3am. Didn’t I have a job/education/life to tend to today?

21. I’m so tired. BUT OMG LOOK AT THIS GIF OF HIS FACE. Just ten more minutes.

22. *saves* *saves* *saves*


24. No. I must sleep. I MUST SLEEP.

25. Well just one track.

26. OMG. What the FUCK is this? I sort of hate it. But I want to play it again. And again. And again. Okay. Sleep. Well…Maybe if I just…find a couple more first and I pop them on my….zzz…zzzzzz…

27. *wakes up next day*

28. Well. I have 24 minutes before I need to get out of bed or I’ll be late for the important thing I have to do. But I’ll just check the Tumblr tag quickly.

29. Maybe I’ll just do a quick Twitter search of his name.

30. It’s okay. I don’t need to shower. Or eat. Or dress. Mmmm Tim Curry. *save*

31.  I’m glad I stayed up an extra two hours last night to put his albums on my ipod. Maybe I’ll just play Simplicity onceeee more. Okay maybe twice. 

32. I know you’re probably talking to me about something interesting/important but every time you pause for breath I’m sort of thinking about Tim Curry’s Hair. I wonder if he’s ever truly been in love?

33. *browses Tumblr* *opens next tag* *reads interview* *opens Youtube* *checks Twitter*  *refreshes Google images*

34. Oh look it’s 4am again. Oh well I had a great time talking to these lovely ladies who he seems to have emotionally maimed in a similar fashion who happen to be in various different time zones. 


36. No. I can’t come into work today. 

37. Maybe I should just TRY and write a chapter of my own….


39. Why did I just pay $39.99 for that piece of a magazine page? 

41. Oh well. At least I got a good deal on this dvd. And the blu ray of the same film. And the VHS copy. And the alternative front cover.

42. I wonder if I google certain phrases next to his name if I can…NO WAY! He ate some DINNER ONCE!? OH MY GOD I LOVE HIM. HA!

43. I wonder if this person can tell me something exciting about him because they worked with him for 43 seconds once? I’ll just email them just in case…

44.  Hmmmm. How long is *too* long to spend giffing something?

45. *browses Tumblr* *opens next tag* *reads interview* *opens Youtube* *checks Twitter*  *refreshes Google images*

46. *hears him saying a word/phrase repeatedly for five hours in own head*

47. Doesn’t actually mind. 

48. *Pops on Fearless for the 90876th time since last Tuesday*. 

49. What’s that normal person who I know in real life? What? Why do I love Tim Curry? Uhhhm. It’s hard to explain, I guess. I just sort of love him? Hmmm…Uhm…*starts thinking about the shape of his bottom lip* *smirks* Sorry. WHAT? Yes. Yes. A drink would be great. 



I got to face time Jason Mraz on my birthday and i’m still not at all okay.

I don’t know where to start but i think i should begin by telling you that everything that you’re going to read about in this text post happened because of Evie Suzie and Genevieve and i’m beyond grateful to have them as my friends and i know i’ll never be able to thank them enough for making this happen. (but i’m gonna try so stay tuned for the huge thank you that’s coming up).

On the 20th of June i found out that Evie Suzie and Genevieve had just bought tickets to see Jason at Royal Albert Hall on the same day as my birthday (26th of September) and i was so so happy for them but i couldn’t help but feel a little sad because i couldn’t be with them, especially that i have never ever seen him live. 

When they saw how sad i was (not just because of the show, i literally felt so hopeless because i thought i’m never going to get my chance to see him or talk to him and they knew how sad it makes me and they would always try to cheer me up and tell me that it’s gonna happen but somehow i never believed it) they said ok, we’re going to do everything we can to try to get him to face-time you even if it’s just for a little bit, and they got the whole thing planned out.

……26TH OF SEPTEMBER 2014…… (the 27th if you wanna get technical)


Genevieve:Shows over be on your phone

Me:omg okay 

-12:50am: Evie practice face times me and tells me they’re waiting at the stage door and that there are a lot of people.

-2:04am: (this is where the madness begins) Evie face-times me the first time and i freak out because i literally thought Jason was gonna pop up on the screen and talk to me but no, Evie tells me that Jason won’t come until an hour and her mum won’t let her stay that long(at this point i was starting to tell myself that okay it probably won’t happen and started to calm myself down) but they spoke to his tour manager Matt and he told them he’s gonna try to get him out for like 5 mins and we closed the call a few minutes later she face-times me again and she tells me that he came out and that i’m gonna talk to him soon and that i need to stay calm, i panicked and put my hand on my mouth in shock i started crying and shaking hysterically and breathing heavily like i had just escaped a mental hospital and Evie told me to calm down about 100 times and i wasn’t able to i kept crying so  hard and she started turning the camera and showing me Jason from afar (like 2 meters away from them) and i was begging her to turn the camera around and yelling and crying because i wasn’t ready to see him and it just made me sob so much harder and i looked like a mess and was basically one, and everyone was either laughing or asking if I’m okay because i was breathing so heavily and they started getting closer to Jason and my reaction was: “Evie oh my god do i have booger in my nose from all the crying" and Evie just started laughing and i heard other people laughing too and at this point i realized that over 20 people witnessed my mental breakdown.

(this was my reaction along with hysterically sobbing and heavy breathing and screaming whenever they showed me Jason)

 ANYHOW everything happened so fast and evie handed the phone to jason and told him:"Jason! Jason! this is Mona it’s her birthday!" and he grabbed the phone and took it from Evie and was like "oh yeah!”  and he waved and said hi and i was sobbing and stuttering jas jas jason jassoonnn and he was like looking at me and smiling waiting for me to say something and i started talking with a voice shaky and squeaky like you wouldn’t believe and sobbing and i told him that no words could ever describe my love for him (the fans went AWWH at that point) and he joked and was like “i think this should be a private conversation!”   (i didn’t realize he said that until Evie and Genevieve told me) and i carried on talking and said that he has saved me so many times and that i’ll never be able to thank him enough for that and burst into tears and told him i loved him again and he said “I love you too Mona!” and smiled. then i pulled myself together and wiped my eyes but kept crying and told him that he’s the most important person in my life and that i love him more than words could ever describe and i thanked him and you don’t understand how concentrated he was he was listening to every word i had to say and he thanked me as well and said something really long that i do not remember because i was too shocked but he said something about love being inside me (u know the usual Jason) then there was a slight moment of silence and i was wiping my eyes and crying and meanwhile he turned the camera to him and the fans standing behind him and they all waved at me ( they were amazing, i am still in shock by how brilliant this little family of ours is, about thirty people went completely silent and listened to every word i had to say and didn’t interrupt this whole thing even once) and i was like “please come to israel!”  and i swear i sounded like a little girl begging her mom for a lollipop and him and the fans laughed and then he wished me a happy birthday and blew me a kiss and waved me goodbye and i told him i loved him again and that was it and i make it sound like eternity when it was only 2 minutes but they were the two minutes i’ve been waiting for for that past 5 years and i’m still in shock and grateful that this all happened and Jason was the sweetest human being you could ever imagine, he was funny, kind, and concentrated (seriously he smiled and listened to everything i had to say) and i love him even more now and i didn’t even know that was possible.

i don’t know how i managed to screenshot but i’m happy i did 

after the face-time Evie and Genevieve face timed me again and we all started sobbing from joy and talking about what happened and it was everything i could ever wish for. 

after we finished face-timing i phoned about half a city at 3am to let them know that this just happened and i would get sudden waves of realization and would cry and shake a lot and i spun around the house about 20 times with excitement and my mascara was running down my cheeks and my pajama shirt was wet from all the tears but i didn’t care because I just talked to the most important human being in my life for the first time and he smiled and told me he loves me.

if by now you already forgot here is a reminder that everything that happened yesterday was because of my 3 amazing friends that i love to the moon and back 

Evie surveythestateofyoursoul

Genevieve oncewerock

& Suzie jason-thomas-mraz

i don’t know what it is that i did to deserve you but whatever it is i’m happy i did it. and i can’t begin to express how grateful i am for having such amazing friends in my life. you made my dream come true and you made me the happiest girl on this planet, i have been smiling for two days and the corners of my mouth hurt from happiness. this is the happiest i have ever been and ever will be and it’s all because of you, thank you for being the amazing people you are and making me the happiest person ever. i can’t tell you how grateful i am and how much i love you but i have a lifetime ahead of me to try.

Thank you.

(also if you are still reading this, you deserve a huge hug. ily)