then again im exhausted

biifurcatedcoder replied to your post “my dumbfuck memory void hellsponge, listening to die young: wow…”

doesnt mean there isnt room for another though, its not dumb to think its a good song for a lyricstuck !

put s my hands on ur entire face ur sweet as hell but ive literally done it two times now im not doing it again

guess what i just played

also like… it sounds so simple but i made such a big step yesterday?? Went to my first concert since 2 years and since im doing trauma therapy and just….it feels so….weird??! to not have a little panic attack every 5 minutes?? It’s so relaxing to not tense up with every little touch from random people around me? Is this how it feels like to live normally because i sure missed that for 5 years…

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Emma is by no means perfect, I don't think she is the standard of feminism or anything like that but tbh those Beyonce comments she made in Wonderland were taken way out of context.

idt they were to be honest and I think people are 10x more willing to make excuses for white people when they do st wrong whereas a poc can make a single misstep or be accused of it and no one thinks to question whether or not it’s actually true. emma’s “clarification” of her comments was closer to an excuse imo, and rather than owning up to it and being like “you’re right! I fucked up! but, here’s how I’ve grown & reevaluated my feminism” she’s being a typical dainty white feminist and playing the “I’m being attacked” card. 

the more she talks about it the more hypocritical she sounds to me. so…she can do what she wants as a feminist but Beyoncé cant?? like sorry but emma needs to learn how to properly redact and statement and make a real apology. she’s not remorseful, she’s just upset that her own words are now being used against her and is confused as to why. like sis, you can’t make yourself the face of mainstream feminism and then be surprised when people are understandably upset by your seemingly double standards. anyway i don’t want any more emma stans in my inbox so the next person to talk to me about her is getting blocked. 

my favorite time of night is now when i question whether or not i wanna wake up tomorrow

Man I wish I had like…energy bc I’m going into animation, which I do have a talent for, but I’m also really good at helping people with their problems and since I’ve been through so much shit I’ve seen all kinds of people with all kinds of problems so I have experience with helping different people and knowing how to talk to them, naturally i’d go into being a therapist right? There’s still a lot I need to learn bc I do make mistakes but I know I’ve made a positive difference before. But helping people as a career rather than just helping my friends sounds so fuckin exhausting,, I really only have the energy for my friends (and really anyone who I know that doesn’t have a bad relationship with me. Or anyone on here even if I don’t know them just cause we have Tumblr in common). Idk it’s conflicting bc I know skill wise i’d be really good at it, and I like learning about psychology n shit bc it kinda gives me more of an arsenal (for lack of a better word) of knowledge for helping my friends who are struggling with mental health stuff
And all of this is really cheesy tbh like I haven’t totally accepted it bc since I used to be in such a bad spot I feel like I have to still be like that bc it’s actually comfortable sometimes. Also the whole “helping people!! uwu” feels kinda sappy and embarrassing but hhh. I mean if I’m not going into a career for it, which I’m not planning anyway, I’ll at least have that extra side of me that people can rely on. It’s like a bonus lmao. I’ll probably take a few psychology courses in college and maaaybe if animation falls through I’ll look into being a therapist. Really each job is exhausting in its own right but I’ll see

is something wrong or am i just exhausted? like have i done smth wrong? some1 would tell me if i had right? please? or has there been a disturbance in the balance of the universe again maybe? i can’t tell im too exhausted some1 pls let me know if either of these things have happened? please

Aaahhhh this Melbourne Supanova roundup post is SO LATE, but I’m finally back home after an epic two weeks of conventions ((lies down forever)), and look at this beautiful haul of art and shinies! LOOK AT IIIITTTT

(thank you to @katieelle for the Mad Max prints, @jacobin for the Kylo charm, @robotverve for the sparkly TFA bookmark, @picturesquegoddess for the TFA badges, @sebbdraws for the Rey+Kylo print, @yluminary for the Ladybug print, @theartofjessiec for the Princess Tutu print, and @orenjimaru for the beautiful BVS prints, I love them so much!!)

Artist Alley was seriously next level this year, and I’m so happy to have met so many lovely+mad talented artists and lovely people and cosplayers all weekend!! I’M SO OVERWHELMED, everything is beautiful _(:з」∠)_

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hope u have a speedy recovery from ur surgery!! remember, ur health comes first :) pls dont feel the need to write something for sakura & sadara's birthday. i hope i dont sound nosey or anything

thanks <3 i hope I can though but yeah i’ll definitely always take care of my health first. those painkillers for the surgery definitely messed my body up real bad. my anxiety is pretty bad today cause i messed up with the antacids and took the second one a bit too early and now it’s acting up again but i have to stay up till 1:45 am for my eye medication cause i messed that up too and ugh i worry i might not sleep again tonight.. 

im rambling omg im sorry im still so exhausted despite catching up on like 14 solid hours these past two nights so im kind of frazzled and my mind is tired and wild an dwow im doing it again

…good fucking thing i live in canada cause i dont even want to know what mess this would have been like in the U-S. not like everything’s been free but if i need to go to the hospital or the ER that’ll be free. ugh.

This House Unfinished

Rating: T
Pairing: Keith/Lance (vl:d)
Notes: For klanceweek2k16: free day (tho im incredibly late hff); featuring homesick lance, found family trope, galran keith who becomes a major killjoy in this honestly. HONESTLY. just. pls stay, keith.

“Concept,” Lance said, his voice heavy and gutted with the ache of it; he caught Keith’s gaze and smiled wide, for show. “The war’s over. We’re back home. All the things we love in one place.”

Lance keeps losing the things he’s built. Then there’s Keith.

read on ao3