then again i never like any of my work

The series of interviews conducted by Dr. George Henry with lesbians in the ‘30s illustrates a contentment in the lives of many of these women that would have frazzled the censors had that picture been reflected in the media. Many of his interviewees were self-actualized individuals, living to their full potential in mutually productive relationships. They say things such as:

I’m doing the work [as an editor] I always wanted to do and I’m very, very happy. I’m very much in love with the girl too. We click… She has had the most influence for good in my life.”  — 20-year old white woman

If I were born again I would like to be just as I am. I’m perfectly satisfied being a girl and being as I am. I’ve never had any regrets.”  —  26-year-old black woman

Our relationship is just as sweet now [after eleven years] as in the beginning.”  — 29-year-old white woman

Since we have been living together our lives are fuller and happier. We create things together and we are devoted to our [adopted] baby.”  —  30-year-old white woman

I have a great confidence in the future. I think I’m going to be a very well-known artist… Homosexuality hasn’t interfered with my work. It has made it what it is.”  —  30-year-old white woman

Odd Girls and Twilight Lovers: A History of Lesbian Life in Twentieth-Century America, pg. 112 by Lillian Faderman


Blond Skywalker genes, the secret’s out thanks to the little Matt the Radar Technician incident…


Owari no Shipping Week: Day 4:  Happy / Smiles / Kisses


shading? never heard of her

also i spent a considerable amount of time cursing under my breath trying to draw this im never drawing kisses again…. ok maybe i will but not any time soon bc wow that was difficult

The one good thing about going through old art is finding old facecannon ideas that I abandoned for some reason??? So here’s an updated Tucker.

Oh, How We’ve Grown (4/4)

Title: Oh, How We’ve Grown
Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Rating: General Audiences
Word count: 2.6k (oops?)
Warnings: nostalgia galore
Spoilers: None

Here we are, end of the line. Again. I can’t even begin to thank you all for indulging me in this plot bunny, for all the kind words and encouragements. Just like with the final part of Chasing Promises, this one kinda got away from me. It’s twice as long as any of the previous chapters, so I hope it makes up for this being the end. You are the best.

| chapter 1 | chapter 2 | chapter 3 | chapter 4 |


And I’m on my way,
I still remember these old country lanes
When we did not know the answers
And I miss the way
You make me feel, it’s real

Life never works out the way you plan. For all your years spent studying, you end up in a career almost opposite of what you have a degree in. It’s not necessarily bad. It affords you a roof over your head, food in your fridge, material comforts in moderation. It’s not exactly something that lights your heart on fire with passion in the morning, but it’s safe. Convenient.

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so now, 2 days of work, about 50 layers and laptop that cries “for the love of god, dont create another layerrrrrrr” later, this is all i was able to do

im far from being happy with it but to work on it any longer would probably destroy my poor laptop, so i guess its finished now :/

(and yes, its supposed to be water)


i feel like amber’s first tweets are related to henry’s…ugh. what the hell’s up now, sm?? they’re really screwin’ over people like this again. support henry +amber, b/c someone’s tryna hack her ://

i kinda just want my faves to leave sm, even if that means the end to my ultimate bias group :’/

- amber never got to finish Crossing, nor release any other music for herself that WASN’T for sm station
- i hope she doesn’t receive backlash for these tweets…
- luna had to drop Five Course Love, a musical which SHE was supposed to take the main role in AND was really anticipating
- victoria’s agency in china is working her too damn much
- krystal…other than Keds and other modeling gigs, i don’t even what she’s doing??
- sulli’s still under sm’s contract and i haven’t seen her act since her leaving; modeling, yes, but otherwise, she’s not really continuing off her career well

- i don’t follow henry or super junior, but they are one of sm’s eldest musical acts and should be respected just as much as the younger generations, receiving more opportunities to showcase their talents. i know at the very least that henry is a great composer of his music and instrumentalist along with his singer title, so he’s definitely more than capable to bring a solo comeback to sm’s lineup ever since his last (which! i heard was TWO. YEARS. AGO)

Im grinding my teeth again. How horrible.

My inferiority complex strikes.

We used to work together, the six of us. Out of all, I was the second oldest. However, I was the only loser that almost did not achieve any shit in real life like they all did. I never feel inferior to others, up until the point of the last september, when I was used and kicked out by a Japanese company. They kept my best friend, as you might have known. And now we are not close anymore, though she really wants it and I, at some point want it too. But she’s just like the other four in the group, success and all, I feel so reluctant.

One girl said she will get marry this December, they said we should hold a bachelor party for her. Then again, the old friend inferiority complex sneaks in, and I suddenly feel like vomiting at the idea of meeting them. They are all so success, they earn a lot, they are working hard, they strike better. I used to be the brightest, the high and mighty saleperson when we first met, but now look at me. Im so pathetic. I was used. Being taken advantage of like a fool. Worst part is, it was me who allow all that to happen, it was me to let that company used me, it was me to choose to waste my time. It was me all along, I have no face to meet them.

They are younger than me, and they are so together. I feel like shit. They are all good people, great friends, but I cant bring myself to meet them. Not like this. Not now. I dont want to look at them.I dont even want to talk to them in facebook, and because I dont want them to know and being hurt by what I feel, I post all this here.

Im so proud. And foolish.

[translation] valkyrie — unit songs

1. bewitching theater (魅惑劇 // miwakugeki)
2. castle upon sand (砂上の楼閣 // sajou no roukaku)

itsuki shuu (cv. takahashi hiroki), kagehira mika (cv. oosuka jun)
track 2 only – nito nazuna (cv. yonai yuuki)

after hearing sajou no roukaku i will never be the same again(/ _ ; )

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The bag | Jughead x Reader

Summary: When you are looking for something in your bag you often find something you didn’t expect like earrings that you thought you lost or the chocolate bar that you bought but never ate or love that you didn’t notice

Words: 783 (It supposed to be really short I don’t know what happened)

Warnings: FLUFF

A/N(IMPORTANT): Hi! I’m so happy that you liked “I don’t remember”. I will try my best to published the second part soon (probably somewhere around Sunday). Now the important part: I have dyslexia so forgive me for my grammar and mistakes, because I’m trying to write correctly, but it does not always work. So I’m sorry, again. Feel free to send my any requests, asks etc. I write anything. The thoughts are write in italics.

“It ate my pen,” I said when I was digging in my bag.
“Keep digging.” Jughead was sitting in front of me with his laptop. He didn’t move his eyes from the screen.
“But it is not there! I put it in when I finish my classes and now it’s missing”
“You will find it, you always do,” He said still typing.
“You could borrow me a pen. What kind of best friend are you?”
“The one that cares about his stuff,” He said sarcastic and smiled at me
“You are very helpful”
“You’re welcome, now keep digging,” He said and get back to his laptop.
I looked at him and couldn’t stop the smile so I quickly looked down in my bag.
“I found it!” You said happily after about 2 minutes of looking.
“I know you will”
“Now it ate my notebook,” you said resignedly
“Keep digging,” Jughead rolled his eyes
“I can’t find my phone” I sighed chagrined
The party at Veronica’s house was slowly coming to the end. It was almost 2 am and most of the guests leave already, only our six and Jossie was still there
“I have to go” I heard Josie’s voice.
“Bye” I muttered
I looked around and saw Jughead’s phone laying on the table. Its owner was in the kitchen helping Veronica to put everything into the washing machine. Betty and Kevin were cleaning the second floor. I and Archie offered to take care of the living room. We finished it quickly and Archie decided to be a nap on the couch when I was planning to help with the vacuuming but first I needed to find my phone.
I could phone to myself I thought
“Jug, I’m borrowing your phone” I shouted in the kitchen direction. I took it and I saw the lock screen. I and Jughead were best friends since first grade and I didn’t know his password. I didn’t even remember that he had the password before.
“What’s your password?” I shouted again.
“His password is (day and month of your birthday | ex.2108)” Archie said from the couch.
That was weird password. 
It is possible that this is coincident that his password is the same as your birthday date? Yeah, probably it is

You  heard the quick steps from the kitchen
“(Y/N) wait!” Jughead ran into the room at exactly the same moment when I type his password.
I looked at the screen and then at Jughead and then again at his screen or more accurately on my photo on the wallpaper.
“What the… Jug why I am your wallpaper?” I asked looking at him.
“You weren’t supposed to see that,” he said and I saw that Jughead Jones is blushing.
“I can’t believe that you are finishing the third milkshake” Jughead was sitting on the grass next to me. The weather was beautiful. Everything was covered in sunlight. Jughead looked at me and smirked. His black hair was tangled from the wind and his famous beanie was missing. Well not missing, he put it on my head when we arrived exactly the same as every time when we meet in the Drive-In.
“I can tell you that I will probably go to Pop’s for another one,” I said.
“How it’s even possible that you are still alive after so much sugar?” He took his phone and moved a little bit.
“A years of practice” I laughed “What are you doing Jug?”
“I have to send Archie the photo of a girl that can drink 3 milkshakes and still wanted more when he almost puked after one and a half. So smile” I laughed even more and he took a picture.
“I love it,” I said when he showed me
“Yeah me too” he added quietly but I didn’t hear that.
“I know (Y/N), you will probably think that I’m some kind of freak, but…”
“I would never, ever think that!”
“I didn’t want to ruin our friendship because your my best friend and I care about you, but…” He wasn’t looking at me. His black hair got out from his beanie and covered his eye. I stood up, walked to him, brush them away and kissed him. He was surprised but he kissed me back right away.
“I love you (Y/N) and I realized that after that day when I took this photo” he whispered
“I love you to Jughead,” I said and we both smiled. This time he kissed me.
“I’M STILL HERE. SO FIND SOME ROOM” we heard Archie’s voice from the couch.

anonymous asked:

I'm a sebaciel shipper and I've heard about the "black butler was supposed to be a yaoi rumour" a lot. as much as id love that to be true, I've never been able to find a reliable source backing the rumour up. could you please tell me if yana has ever said anything about this? (sorry, English is not my first language)

No, Yana has never said anything about this issue, she has never even mentioned terms like “Sebaciel” or “yaoi/BL” to begin with^^; I’ve answered tons of questions about this in the past and it has become kinda like a “Pandora’s box” for me which I don’t really want to open again x(

So I’ll just give you a summary and if you want to know more, then please check the tag “rumours” on my blog on your own:

- Square Enix (the publisher Yana works for) does not publish any yaoi mangas

- Yana trying to start a yaoi manga on a non-yaoi magazine published by a non-yaoi-publishing company would be nonsense

- this rumour only exists in the Western Kuro fandom

I’d appreciate if you did not send me any questions about this anymore because this topic is so tiring, some people only believe what they want anyway and for me it seems like shouting to a wall at this point. If there’s something you really need to ask me about this, though, then please make sure to first check the tag mentioned above and read through my past posts. Thanks!

I personally don’t like posts that are like “where is Hillary? Why isn’t she fighting? Bernie lost and he’s fighting?!” And idk as much as Hilary made me sick to my stomach I feel like losing in such a public way, twice, probably never getting into politics again, something she’s been working on her whole life… idk as a person with depression I know that the littlest of disappointments will have me feeling like I want to hide in the woods. After such a defeat… I say let her stay in the woods as much as she wants. I may be projecting here, I admit that. But she deserves some space. And I’m against any one telling anyone how to deal with their pain.

Dating Mafia Boss EXO: Kai

Sorry for the delay! I hope you guys love it, Admin B.

The town was unfamiliar to me for the first few weeks, every face I saw seemed new to me even though I passed the same ones every day and talked to the same people again and again. I still never recognized any of them. To say that his stuck out amount the rest was a lie, he seemed just as blurry in my head as the rest besides the fact that he was one of the most handsome people I had ever seen. Like a model from a magazine had walked out of the pages onto the street in front of me. He seemed like a regular where I worked, always in his corner at the same time with the same man wearing the same grim expression. Maybe it was the way I kept catching his eyes lingering on me that made me notice him, that made his face stand out more in my head. He was waiting for something.  It was the day that I cleaned his table and found his number on the napkin he had left behind that my coworker grabbed my arm. “Don’t. He’s bad news, y/n. You can find a better man around here, there’s plenty of them in town that aren’t leaders of a mafia.” I stared at her as she let go of my arm, shaking her head and mumbling about how I’d be missing in a week. I never called him, but something in me wouldn’t let me throw the number away. Maybe he was hurt that I hadn’t called or maybe he realized that stories of him would get to me eventually, and the ones that did were never good, that made him stop coming in. But I didn’t feel terrified like I should have when I saw him on the street that night on my way home, his eyes tracking me and every move I made like prey, even knowing all of the death and fear he caused. Curiosity got the better of me as the clouds finally broke in the sky and let the rain fall. I held his gaze from the other side of the street, not noticing the worsening storm, as I reached for my phone, somehow I didn’t have to look to find his number and call him. “Why are you following me?” I asked, still glaring at him.“No ‘hello, how are you?’ Isn’t that rude?” I could see him smiling, wanting to laugh. I turned and headed towards a store as I tried to hang up before hearing his voice say, “Wait, y/n…"But my phone had already ended the call as I made it to the door of the store. I tried the handle but it had closed hours earlier. I was stuck outside, covered by the small awning of the store, when I heard his voice beside me."I told you to wait.” He was close enough that I could feel his hot breath on the back of my neck.“Maybe I didn’t want to. Maybe you scare me the way you watch me like a wolf.” I shot back.“A gentleman is simply a patient wolf.” Kai smirked as he leaned against the glass on the door, the awning barely big enough to keep us both out of the rain. “Besides if I scared you, you wouldn’t have kept my number, would you?” He leaned in to whisper against my neck, smirking as he pressed his lips to my skin. A hand running down my arm and then snaking around me to pull me closer. I wasn’t scared that this man was a member of the mafia, the leader of a mafia. No. I was terrified of what I felt for him. I knew if he asked I wouldn’t shy away at being part of his violent world, I’d bask in it if it meant being with him. A part of me drifted to thoughts of if he was taken from me while doing his job and the idea of that stirred something in me. As he trailed his lips further down my body, my clothes disappearing with each move of his hand, distracting me for a second from thinking of anyone who could be lurking in the night waiting for him to be vulnerable. I didn’t think of being in the open as he played with the lace standing between him and my body, or what anyone would think of us as I felt his lips go lower. And then he stopped. “Say my name.” He stared up at me, waiting, as I shook my head. He growled in response before I felt his tongue in me.Surprised, I couldn’t help but let his name slip off my lips, “Kai.If they knew what a gentleman you were, would they still call you a beast?

i’m gonna shut up in a second but ian saying that’s not his life anymore after an entire episode where he is better at being on the run than mickey???

like he getaway drives from the gas station like a pro, hotwires the car faster, keeps mickey from fighting a guy who could sneak them across the border, gets them money from the bank efficiently, tries to get them to the border as fast as possible, and i personally do not have a doubt in my mind that there is a deleted scene somewhere where they walk into goodwill and ian picks up that dress, throws mickey a shiteating grin and says ‘got an idea’.*

like budddddddy let’s not pretend mickey is the bad influence here, you’ve had stealing and scamming in your blood forever and you do it reflexively, and we can pretend that him going home means that he’ll never have to do any of that shit again but let’s be real.


*the last one is pure speculation but everything else actually happened.

Today, I finally watched “the End of the Galaxy”. It was a very cool episode, I loved it.
And then, I learned that it was the last episode of Wander over Yonder.

Since the day I saw the first episode, WoY became my favorite cartoon. I liked everything about this show. I can’t really put into words how sad I am to know that I’ll never see another new adventure of my favorite space heroes again.

I don’t know if the future will give us any new episode or season. Anyways, thanks to all the talented people who worked on this series. You did a beautiful job (and you really made me laugh).

Never Again (Smut)

Originally posted by ajl-bae

Pairings: Sebastian Stan X Reader
Word Count: 3K
Summary: There is some tension in the air surrounding you and Sebastian, so you decide to logically solve this problem
Warnings: Swearing, Smut, Daddy kink

A/N: This is my very first smut so any criticism is appreciated at this point. I would like to thank @sickyaoi for the smut help. Requests open! Thanks for reading :)
You and Elizabeth had been hanging out for the past few days, just relaxing and catching each other up on your lives since Civil War came out, she had been working on a few other projects and you had  been finishing a few long overdue paintings.

“We should see if the guys want to hang out”  Elizabeth offered, grabbing another dress of yours and putting it over herself to see if it would look good on her.

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It still really bugs me that people put so much emphasis on Goku’s absences as reasons for “bad husband” or “bad dad.”

Like. I’m sorry. Did something happen to you personally? Or have you never experienced a father / husband who had to leave you for long periods of time but wasn’t an actual deadbeat lol? Then again our media tends to paint any husband or father who spends a lot of time at work or away on business trips as “not good” even though I’ve lived with my husband being gone for long-ish trips, and, uhm, I’m sorry - I consider my dad pretty dang awesome, okay? He was involved with us when he was home and that was enough for me. He does things right when he can be here and that’s what really matters. I’ve seen broken homes. And it’s nothing like what I grew up in, even though my dad was gone a lot.  

It’s not just as simple as “lol he was gone for a long time” - you really need to dissect the why here.


Dead for 1 year to train because threat to the Earth.

- dead

- threat to family/friends

- technically didn’t have a choice because Kami pushed that “training for a year while dead” shit on him w/out asking lol

Seems legit to me. Moving on.

Stays away for a year-ish after Namek and denies Almighty Dragon Wish to return early.

- you could have an argument here BUT I see it as him training to protect his family / control that Super Saiyan state -> protect his family. But you can see it how you want and I’ll allow that, though I’d argue there isn’t really evidence of Goku leaving his family to go train up until this point so, eh~

Don’t count the 3 years training for androids because with as little as we know, he was home every night? 

Dead again, 7 years, denies possible option of bringing him back to life

- Was gonna be permanent

- Did it to protect everyone b/c he saw himself as a threat-magnet 

Seems legit to me.

[and yall wonder why Super feels off when he tries to sneak behind Chi-Chi’s back in that one episode… especially when the very first episode of Super shows Goku straight up asking her if he can go train because he was busy doing what she wanted and providing for the family derp]

Leaves to Train Uub

- absolutely no indication of how long this lasts

- GT’s “10″ or “5″ years don’t count in debate because it’s GT and the fanbase as a whole doesn’t count it as canon

- Neko Majin Z shows him with Uub with the whole family at his house so… eh. Inclined to go with what that leads us to believe? Nice thing Toriyama envisioned at the very least.

EDIT: I guess I just want to say I’m tired of hearing “lol Goku was always gone” - because my actual response (and my husband’s response) is always “no he was not and anyway it was legit reasons 90% of the time when he was gone” - it’s not like he was at home with no major threat and walking out on the family to train or gone from the house 24/7 - there’s so much there of him being active with his wife and son, of him being supportive, so how you can just write off everything because “lol but he was gone” 

100 Followers Prompts!

Good morning!

I have reached 100 followers as of 1am this morning. As a THANK YOU, I would like to open up prompts. It can be for any of my series (Melt-verse, Ever After-verse, Ballet AU, or something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT - It’s all fair game).

I’ll work on them between chapters of Ever After, and then focus primarily on them once the series is done.


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(A word of advice: I recently discovered that the ask box doesn’t like a lot of ……….. or ,,,,,,,,,, or even emoji’s, really? So try to keep it to a minimum or else I might never ever get your prompt and I will be SAD :( )

persephone-queen-of-hades  asked:

Heya dude! How did you do the cool pink glow around the lines in that awesome Magnus art?!? It's such a neat effect!

Oh gosh okay, so, maybe a year ago I was looking up how to make a drawing look more 80s (I was doing art promoting the 80s themed game grumps charity livestream) and I found a cool tutorial for lines! 

I’d never ever be able to find it again because it was on the deep dark web but my steps are (and this is for the program FireAlpaca, which I highly recommend over any other program, so keep that in mind):

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