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Prompt: Loki tries to talk down to the reader, needless to say, it doesn’t turn out very well.
Fandom: Marvel
Note: This, like everything I write, is an AU of sorts. That being said, this is taking place under the assumption that CW never happened.

You took a deep breath, holding your head as the team faced you with reality. Loki was staying with the team, as ordered by Odin. It made sense, if it made Thor a better person, it should do the same with Loki. The only problem was that he was driving you insane. While many people were willing to bow to him and serve him, you were different. You were an Avenger, and the only time you took orders is when you were either on a mission or going on one.

Loki always acted as if he was better than everyone else, and it got under your skin more than everything else. While he was better than most people of Earth when talking about his skill in magic, he wasn’t the only one with the ability. You’ve met others who share the ability to use magic, or cast illusions, and you’ve battled people a thousand times more frightening than he is. While he does get on everyone’s nerves, Nat, Bucky and Tony are really the only one to say anything.

“He’s going to be here for a while, you might as well just ignore him.” Steve said and you sighed.

“The duration of his stay does not change his treatment of others.” You defended.

“No, but-” Nat began.

“What are you mortals talking about?” Loki asked, entering the room, “Trying to wrap your small mortal mind around something, Y/N.”

“Go away.” You demanded.

“Is the poor child upset?” Loki taunted.

“This is your last warning.” You spoke in a low tone.

“What are you going to do?” Loki questioned, “You’re just a puny human girl who-”

“That’s it!” You yelled abruptly.

You stood up, and took a few steps back so you could give yourself proper room. Loki was caught off guard for a moment, not sure what exactly you were doing. You whipped back around and glared at him as you took a running start. Once you were close enough you jumped up and used Loki’s body as a staircase. You gave a harsher kick once you reached his chest, and he flew back. You curled your body and did a backflip the rest of the way.

You landed in a crouch, and you looked up with your hand touching the floor to balance you. While you wouldn’t have acted this way with his usual comments, you drew the line at sexism. You knew plenty of women who could kick some major ass, just like you knew people who had powers similar to his. Black Widow was one of the badass females that you knew. Regardless of your connections, you didn’t tolerate sexism of any kind.

“Damn.” Natasha commented, and you turned your head.

“I think it would be best for you not to anger her again, Loki.” Thor warned, trying not to smile.

You slowly got up from your position and walked toward the god that was motionless on the floor. You stood above him, face hardening as you put your boot on his chest. He definitely looked shocked, above all things; but you also knew he wouldn’t be making his comments again. You cocked your head to the side and he raised a brow at you. There was something else in his eyes that you couldn’t quite decipher.

“Did a weak little girl just take you down?” You questioned in a dangerous tone.

“No,” You put more weight on the boot that was on his chest, “A woman just took me down.”

“Still going to make your comments?” You continued.

“No, I can assure you, I will not say anything like that again.” He promised.

“I tolerate a lot, sexism is not one of those things.” You clarified, and he nodded.

“My apologies.” He spoke.

You stood there for another moment before taking your boot off of his chest. You offered him your hand as he got up, and he cautiously took it. Tony was the first to start chuckling, which led to the rest of the team laughing. All at Loki’s experiences too, so that’s a plus. You decided that he had learned his lesson about not just insulting you, but being a closed minded moron in general. As he stood on his own feet, Thor spoke up again.

“Loki probably will be harboring hate for you for some time, but I assure you it’s not personal, it’s just Loki.” Thor spoke.

“On the contrary, I quite like her.” Loki confessed, looking at you with a smile.

“Like? What do you-oh my god.” You rolled your eyes.

Well, you had managed to both kick Loki’s ass, and get him to have a crush on you, all in one day. You took a deep breath before coming to a conclusion: at least he wasn’t going to be making those comments anytime soon. Instead, you might have a whole new set of comments to deal with. 

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Hiiiiiii ! I don't know if you still take prompt but if you are inspired and have time can you write a Lucy/Alex fic where Alex has a thing for Lucy's military uniform ? :D

two plus two equals seven and the five carries the ten

Alex shields her eyes from the sun with one hand as her eyes involuntarily rake down the figure of the woman standing in front of her. Her left eyebrow quirks up in surprise when her eyes land on black little heels digging into the sand of the desert.

The woman is wearing heels. With a skirt. In the goddamn desert.

And the name of this infuriatingly overdressed woman? Major Lucy Lane, here to ruin the day with her fancy red toy and fancy high heels.

A bead of sweat rolls down Alex’s neck. She squints her eyes as the Major explains the Red Tornado’s super awesome military capabilities, with her arms clasped behind her back and her crisp little hat shielding her eyes from the sun.

Kara’s standing next to Alex with her arms crossed tightly in front of her chest and a frown creasing her forehead. Hank is on her other side, hands in his back pocket as he grunts and nods.

And Alex?

Alex is trying really, really hard not to stare at the Major’s skirt.

“All we require from you, Supergirl, is your strength.” The Major’s eyes tighten around the corners when a particularly strong wind hits their little camp with sand.

“You want me to punch him,” Kara flexes her arms and Alex feels the vague twinge of embarrassment, and it isn’t at all because Major Lane’s lips purse unpleasantly. “I can do that.”

The Major nods, one sharp movement that has the metal in her cap glistening against the sun. Alex tries not flinch guiltily when the Major’s green eyes catch hers. Instead, she lowers the hand shielding her from the sun and squares her shoulders.

The Major blinks. And turns on her heels, thoroughly unimpressed.

“Alex!” Kara nudges her on her shoulder, hard, and Alex tears her eyes from the uptight woman.


“I said, that’s Lucy.”

“Yeah, I know. I caught her name, Kara.” She wasn’t entirely distracted.

“No,” her sister shakes her head an steps forward. Hanks looks vaguely displeased. “That’s Lucy. James is dating her.”

“Oh,” Alex’s eyes cut across the sand to look at the woman standing next to General Lane. She’s tiny. “Do we hate her?”

“No,” Kara says again, sighing. “I don’t know. She is dating James.”

“Yeah,” Alex nods distractedly. “That’s a bummer.”

“I know,” Kara whines and then straightens out and plants her hands on her hips when Hank clears his throat.

“Shall we get started?” The tiny Major yells across camp, her back straight and feet neatly placed close to each other like she’s not sinking into the sand. “I’m afraid we don’t have time to wait.”

She doesn’t give them time to open their mouths and respond, simply turns her back and continues talking to her father.

Alex follows Kara and Hank with a frown on her face, and decides that Lucy Lane isn’t even worth her time. Because of Kara. And her situation with James.

Who the fuck wears heels in the desert, anyways?

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