then again i am conceited

i truly feel bad for all the people who have ever hurt me/treated me badly. i will recover and i will move on but the people who have not treated me the way i deserve to be treated, well, they won’t hear from me again. and i don’t mean to sound conceited or arrogant, but i am a lot to lose. i am only human and i make mistakes but i am good. i am good and i swear i have a soft heart. it has caused me a lot of pain over the years, but i have a heart so big it can’t help but love in big amounts. you will never meet a person like me. i have battled my own heart for years, trying to get it to stop loving people the way that it does. but the people i have loved haven’t left without my love engraved into their minds. they will always search for the kind of love i gave to them in everything and everyone else, and they will not be able to find it. i don’t love like a normal person. i never have. and that is my advantage. you can call it my weakness or you can call it my strength. either way, there is no forgetting my love. you will always remember how it felt, sort of like a warm sweater on a chilly day and you will be freezing without it. and i, well, i will always be okay. i have a big heart and it warms up my entire body. it always has. you will miss the warmth of my heart. you will always miss my warmth.