then a) what are you doing with your life

I love you.
I love you.

When you say something too many times, it begins to lose its meaning.
I know this because I read it somewhere.
I know this because I felt this somewhere.
I love you.
Do you still love me?

How could we turn into strangers when you held my hand and gently promised me that this comfort with last for as long as we’re alive?
Now even a look at you has become so unfamiliar that I’d rather just look away.
Maybe this is what you meant by “As long as we’re alive.”
How could I still be alive with so many pieces of me missing, so many holes I’m trying to fill in with alcohol and spilled ink, so many lines on my palms that you claimed with your kisses?

All my life, I’ve been an actor.
I contort my emotions and make everyone believe I am someone other than myself.
Yet, the toughest role I’ve ever been forced to play is to act like we never knew each other. To choke back my tears, and rub my eyes and say I’m just tired every time they start welling up, to act like there’s nothing constantly missing from my arms.
I think maybe I’ve gotten so good at this that I can’t believe I’m myself anymore.
And the worst part is, I can’t hold this facade up for too long.
It keeps melting and have to keep building it up and I don’t know if I have the energy to keep doing this.

I still love you.
I still love you.
I’m afraid my words have lost all meaning,
And I’m afraid I will never be sorry to say that I’ll never stop loving you.
Even when I’m constantly falling apart.

—  Tamarind Fall; Writing prompt: Now we act like strangers but I’m not sorry to say I’m still in love with you.

hey folks just a PSA that when someone makes a personal post, it’s not there for you to reblog. the person that made the post just needs to vent or maybe have someone reach out to them, but it’s not there for you to showcase on your own blog, especially if it has nothing to do with you. it’s a personal post for a reason. 

just give it a simple like, maybe send them a nice message, and be on your way. thank you.

How to Live a Simpler, More Contented Life

1. Ask yourself “What’s important?” Take a step back and think about what’s important to you. What do you really want to be doing, who do you want to spend your time with, what do you want to accomplish with your work? Make a short list of 4-5 things for your life, 4-5 people you want to spend time with, 4-5 things you’d like to accomplish at work.

2. Examine your commitments. A big part of the problem is that our lives are way too full. We can’t possibly do everything we have committed to doing, and we certainly can’t enjoy it if we’re trying to do everything. Accept that you can’t do everything, know that you want to do what’s important to you, and try to eliminate the commitments that aren’t as important.

3. Do less each day. Don’t fill your day up with things to do. You will end up rushing to do them all. If you normally try to do 7-10 things, do 5 important ones instead. This will give you time to do what you need to do, and not rush.

. Leave space between tasks or appointments. Another mistake is trying to schedule things back-to-back. This leaves no cushion in case things take longer than we planned (which they always do), and it also gives us a feeling of being rushed and stressed throughout the day.

5. Eliminate as much as possible from your to-do list. You can’t do everything on your to-do list. Even if you could, more things will come up. As much as you can, simplify your to-do list down to the essentials.

6. Now, slow down and enjoy every task. Try to slow down and enjoy whatever you’re doing. Try to pay attention, instead of thinking about other things. Be in the moment. Enjoy the present.

y'all are mean. what if komaeda’s shoes have feelings? do you think they cry themselves to sleep whenever someone calls them ugly? “wELL TOO BAD THEY CANT BECAUSE THEY’RE SHOES AND SHOES DONT HAVE FEELINGS” IS WHAT YOU WOULD SAY. but hey what if komaeda’s shoes have them?? WHAT IF THEY GOT THE ABILITY TO FEEL FOR 2 MINUTES AND THE ONLY THING THEY GOT TO FEEL IS YOUR HATE and they spend their whole life depressed bc they can feel nothing but your salt. why dont we talk about amami’s shoes.. they’re horrible anD YET NOBODY IS TALKING ABOUT THEM like really what the fuck are those… i’m also fighting momota’s slippers. i’ll fight your shoes too btw. i’ll fight your friend’s shoes. i’ll figHT EVERYONES shoes. fuck it im becoming a sjw. I AM BECOMING A LAWYER. watch me make a positivity blog for the double zippered shoes. poor shoes were cursed from birth its not their fault… and y'all are just blaming them like that..what if they were having a nice dinner with family and suddenly they remember what username monodaddy said about them being a disgrace and tHEY CANNOT ENJOY THEIR DINNER ANYMORE. GOOD JOB YOU RUINED IT. IT IS TOO LATE NOW. dont come asking for forgiveness later… what are they supposed to do when their children ask them why cant they live the same normal life as other shoes? wHAT ARE THEY SUPPOSED TO TELL THEM?? even if you hate komaeda’s shoes and you’re like “hah serves them r i g h t"you should at least respect komaeda’s fashion sense… this boy did his best to look cool for you guys and thats how you repay him.. smh. they try ok. they do their best.

Keep your eyes focused on your destination. You know where it is you want to go, and will do what ever it takes to get there.

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Blueberry lemon

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The Upper Hand: Jefferson x Reader {Part 8}

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7

Hamilton – Modern Au (Law School)

Jefferson x Reader

1,676 words

We have finally made it, everyone! The final chapter of The Upper Hand. It’s been a long road for the reader and Thomas, filled with animosity, bad blood, rivalries, miscommunication, and misunderstandings. But this is the good part. I can’t wait to hear what you think of it!!

Originally posted by wegotitmadeintheshade

When you stumble through your door in the wee hours of the morning, you did not expect to find not one, but two men sleeping at your apartment. It had been a long, painful weekend, filled with avoiding your troubles with alcohol and going over the scene in the restaurant over and over. You had skipped a day of classes, needing some more time to process your life, which you couldn’t do if you saw Alexander and Thomas. Now, after all that emotional upheaval, you just want to go to sleep in the comfort of your own bed and not think about this until morning.

But Alex is asleep on your couch, lying on his stomach with one arm hanging over the floor. He snorts lightly and readjusts his position when you close the door loudly behind you. His presence makes you suddenly realize the consequences of cutting off contact with all your friends. They must have been so worried about you. At the least you should’ve let Laurens or Herc know that you were okay.

You set down your overnight bag next to your shoes and cross the floor to Alex. Your hand on his shoulder jerks him out of his sleep, and he looks around, confused and scared, for a moment.

“Hey, Alex, it’s okay,” you say softly, comforting him.

Recognition smooths the wrinkles in his forehead. “Y/N, you’re back!”

You nod, unable to speak because of the tightness in your throat.

“I’m so sorry,” he says. He sits up on the couch and runs a hand through his messy, loose hair. “I totally overreacted about Jefferson. And I let my bad feelings toward him get in the way of your happiness. Apparently.”

At the questioning look in your eyes, he clarifies. “Laurens may have had a talk with me.”

“I accept your apology, Alex. And I should apologize to you, too. I overreacted, especially by not answering your calls or telling you that I was okay. I just needed a few days to think about what I wanted, and I couldn’t do that if I talked to you or Thomas.”

“Y/N, we were so worried,” Alexander says, touching your shoulder gently. “We thought you’d been kidnapped or gotten into an accident or something.”

“I didn’t realize…” You felt sick. How could you not have let your own friends know that you were okay? How selfish were you? “I’m so sorry.”

He wraps an arm around your shoulders. “Everyone went out looking for you, even Jefferson.”

“Thomas?” your heart lifts. You were afraid that he had moved on. His last message sounded like he had given up on you.

“Y/N, he really likes you.” Alex tries to keep his emotions under control. “We stayed here just in case you came back.”


“Oh. Jefferson’s in your bedroom. He passed out by the time I came back.” He tries to stay upset with Jefferson, but the light in your eyes makes it hard for him not to smile. “He made a mess in your kitchen.”

Your heart skips a beat. He’s here. You’d been over this scene countless times in your head—explaining your need for some time to yourself, apologizing if you confused or hurt him, hoping and praying that he would be willing to start over. The longer you went without talking to him, the more you missed him. You’d played his voicemails over and over again, relishing his sexy, constantly sleepy-sounding voice. Your heart hurt being away from him.

Alex senses your longing and gets up off the couch, pulling his phone from his pocket.

“Y/N, I’m gonna go call everyone and let them know you’re okay.” After a moment of contemplation he adds, “And I’ll go home too.”

“Alex, are you okay to drive? You still stay on the couch. I don’t want you to feel like I’m kicking you out.”

“Nah, I’m fine. Good luck, Y/N.”

After he gives you a quick hug, he gathers his belongings. You leave him in the living room, making your way to your bedroom. The door’s partially ajar, and you can see the comforter has been displaced by a large mass.

Thomas is lying in the middle of the bed on his back, one arm draped across his forehead, the other perpendicular to his body. The blankets cover his legs and waist, exposing his six-pack abs and toned chest. He’s a very attractive man, enough to get your heart racing and weaken your legs.

All confidence leaves you, and you consider letting him sleep until a normal time of morning. It’ll give you more time to think about what you’re going to say to him. You sneak another look at him, feeling like you’re gazing on something you’re not supposed to be looking at. His expression is so relaxed, you’d hate to disturb him. You’ll just speak with him in the morning.

You turn to leave and accidentally stub your toe on your dresser. An involuntary yelp leaves your lips, loud enough to wake up Thomas.

He jerks up in bed, clutching the covers to his chest. “You better have a good reason for waking me up at the ass-crack of dawn,” he growls.

You take a step back, affronted. That was really rude.

He blinks away the sleep from his eyes and peers into the darkness. You realize he can only see your silhouette, not your face. He doesn’t realize it’s you.

“Thomas,” you say quietly. “It’s me.”

His expression fades from irritation to surprise. He slowly gets out of the bed and turns on the lamp on the side table, bathing the whole room in weak yellow light. He’s only wearing boxers, you realize, blushing.

“Y/N, where have you been?” he asks, standing with his hands by his sides. His eyes search your face and body intensely, looking for any signs of harm or injury.

“Angelica’s,” you whisper, guilt creeping into your gut.

“Laurens called her. She said she didn’t know where you were.”

“Apparently she has something against both you and Alex, so she was okay with lying to you guys.”

“Why didn’t you call? Even just a text would have helped me stop worrying.”

“I’m sorry. I just—I wanted some time to think everything through.”

“I was so scared, Y/N.” The pain in his eyes brings tears to your eyes. “I thought you’d been kidnapped or murdered or had gotten into an accident.”

“I didn’t realize.” Your voice cracks as your throat tightens. “I’m so sorry.”

A tear slips down your cheek, and in an instant, Thomas closes the distance between you. He wipes the tear away with the pad of his thumb, conveying some deep emotion in his gaze. He loves me. His strong arms wrap around your shoulders, pressing you into his chest. You melt into his embrace, squeezing him as tightly as he holds you.

You stay that way for a long time, listening to his rapid heartbeat . And then, he pulls away, his hands cupping your face gently.

“Please don’t ever do that to me again,” he whispers.

You promise with a nod.

Slowly, softly, he dips his head toward yours, your lips brushing each other. You sigh and your arms find his shoulders, pulling his lips close for another kiss. This one is deeper, more urgent, more needy. One of his arms wraps around your waist and pulls you into his body, the other cradling the back of your head. You feel like you can fly as you kiss him.

You and Thomas break apart, breathing heavily. He rests his forehead on yours and smiles.

“I’ve wanted to do that since the moment you threatened me in Washington’s class,” he admits, his thumb stroking your cheek.

“You didn’t take me seriously?”

He laughs. “Oh, no, I did. I was scared shitless. But it also kinda turned me on.”

You blush and swat his arm. “Thomas!”

“Come on, baby. You know you like it.” He winks, and you roll your eyes at his cocky attitude.

“Dating you is going to try my patience.”

“So you want to go out with me?” he asks pseudo-innocently.

“I do, Thomas. You owe me a French meal. And a new dress!”

“Oh, baby, you’re gonna get so much more than just that.” He picks you up and twirls you in a circle.

You shriek and laugh. “Thomas, put me down!”

“Only if you say the magic word!”


“No…but it rhymes with please.”

You narrow your eyes as you think. A grin spreads across your face as you get an idea. “Mac ‘n’ cheese?”

“Correct!” He puts you down but keeps an arm around your waist. “Are you hungry?”

“Just the idea of mac ‘n’ cheese makes you hungry?”

“Definitely! But I’ll settle for some waffles and ice cream.”

“As you wish.” You take his hand and lead him to the kitchen.

As you cook with Thomas, you realize you’ve never been more content and satisfied in your whole life. He constantly touches your waist, wrist, elbow, jawline, anywhere he can reach. And he kisses you any place he can find. Everything he does and says is to make you laugh, and you do laugh. Mostly at him because he’s ridiculous and has the same punny sense of humor as your father, the kind that makes you groan and hate yourself for laughing at because it’s so bad.

Most of all, he looks at you like you’re the most beautiful girl in the world, like he can’t believe he has you. Like he desires to know you in every way, your attention, your humor, your goals and dreams, your weaknesses and strengths, your preferences in the bedroom, your embarrassing moments and your triumphs.

As he tries to paint a face on you with whipped cream, you realize that you can be satisfied with this man for the rest of your life. And with that realization, you pull him close and kiss him with as much passion and desire and love as you can possibly have inside your soul.

A/N: Hey! I hope you enjoyed The Upper Hand. I know I definitely enjoyed writing it and hearing feedback from you guys, my amazing readers :) I planned on writing a cute fluff epilogue for The Upper Hand, but I won’t do it unless you guys ask for it. If you want another short scene of Thomas and the reader being freakin’ adorable and #relationshipgoals let me know and I’ll write it up!

Also, stay tuned for more oneshots and a future Jefferson x Reader x Lafayette three part! I also really want to write any requests you guys have, so don’t be shy!

I’m worried about you

I hope you sort your shit out

I hope whatever you do, you do it because you want to be happy

I hope you figure out what you want to do with your life

I hope if you leave it’s because you want to and not because you can escape everything

I hope there’s something in you that is brave enough to face up to things

I hope you can see that there are people who want to help you

I hope that you can see that although it’s tough, i bring out a good side in you

I hope that you can stop worrying so much about what others think of you

I hope that even if it isn’t me, you can love someone because you recognise that they see in you those things you don’t see in yourself.

as young as you think i am… i hope you can see the intelligence and lessons i bring to you that no one else seems to bring to you.

I wonder what you really think of me.

thank you for recognising that pushing me away is not the answer.

thanks for holding on because we like each other. i hope i can help in some way. i hope i do help in some way! and I hope one day you can love me in the same way i really love ya.

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What did you think of the women's marches across the globe yesterday? I have been very inspired by your work advocating for animal rights and your energy has inspired me to advocate for women's rights in the US. I marched in Washington D.C., and at one point, a pro-life protester yelled at me, "abortion is murder". I turned around and said, "do you eat animals?" And the man was awestruck, as if it never occurred to them that if a life is a life, an animals life is significant as well.

Haha this is amazing! You are amazing ❤❤

2000 follower milestone!!!!!

firstly, i would just like to say thank you all so much for being so kind and supportive of what im doing here. i couldnt have ever gotten this far without all of your support. i love and care about every last one of you, and the fact that the art i make and the advice i give can make your lives better means the absolute world to me. thank you all.

ok on a still kind of serious note!! i’ve decided im going to come out with a mental illness i have that i wasnt really planning on sharing on this blog because this blog is meant for my bpd. i have dissociative identity disorder (did). and it effects my everyday life. after seeing the trailer for the movie split, i was absolutely horrified of what that meant for me and all others who have this disorder. the movie showed did in a very negative light and the stigma that will be caused by that is very upsetting to me. but, the movie went way under it’s budget and it costed millions of dollars in the end to make it which made me really happy. id like to thank all of the brave ones who advocated against it.

but now for the main point i was supposed to be making before i got off track!! for the first 2000 follower milestone i, and all of my alters will be holding a q&a!!! you will be able to ask us everything within reason! i will also be giving out their side blogs in case anyone would like to follow and get to know them! since this post is getting kind of lengthy ill be putting the personal details of my alters in the next post so stay tuned for that!!!!!

one last thank you for every single one of you reading this, and remember that i care about you all!

Its time to chill out

(( Hello! I am Mod Jonathan, the role of Patryk, FROM EDDSWORLD! If you have seen the new post off of Dudultv on how he and Paul have been harassed over the shipping of the fictional characters Paul and Patryk, then you should know how stupid people can be. I don’t understand how people could go about sending things to real life people about their characters. Don’t get me wrong, when I first got into fandoms I thought that sending stuff to the real people would increase the chances of them happening. But it doesn’t! It pushes them away from what they enjoy doing. Like other YouTubers and actors, they were pushed away from what they do because of a stupid fandom. So please, keep your thoughts to the fandom, not the real people. Tom has asked people to stop, now so are others. WE DON’T DESERVE MORE EDDISODES! I don’t really want to do Paultryk anymore from people harassing the real people, and us. We are getting sexual comments and people pushing us to make our ships happen. Please, just chill out. I’m not going to do what you guys want because you don’t deserve it, and neither do I. We are still discussing new rules and what we should do. We will bring further updates, - Jonathan ))

Something Crazy Epilogue

Summary: Its being one year since your vacation with Bucky happened, what changed in your life ?

Paring: Bucky x Reader

Words: 1144

Warnings: fluff.

Catch up in here!

Originally posted by itsjustmycrazyvibe

One year later

 You never imagined that your life would be like this, a year ago you were super single and you almost never left the house. Now you have an amazing boyfriend, you still almost never leave the house, but at least you now have company to watch TV.

 You look at your room; you have so many memories here, good ones and bad ones. You remember when you first moved in with Natasha, how you two stayed all weekend talking about what colors the apartment walls would be and arguing about who would take the biggest room.

 She won, by the way. Now here you are, packing your things, getting ready to move out and even if you are happy, you still feel a little heartbroken that this chapter of your life is about to end.

 “Doll, why do you have so many mugs? And where do you want them to be?” You boyfriend voice takes you away from your thoughts, you look at him he looks so different since you two first met.

 His hair is short, he looks healthier and happier. It’s been almost 4 months since he had a nightmare so he looks well rested “I like to collect mugs, they are cute and you can put the box over the bed.” He kisses your cheek “I don’t think that they all fit in my kitchen.”

 Almost everything you own is in boxes, it is such a stranger feeling “Have I ever told you that I hate Steve?” You ask him “The idea of moving in with me is so bad?” He doesn’t look hurt; he was really curious and maybe a little afraid of your answer.

 “Of course not, I love you, James, and we spent most of the time together anyway, but Steve proposed to Nat and was super romantic, they are getting married in 6 months and I have to move out because we lost that stupid game about the apartments.”

 You take a deep breath and continue to talk “You never asked to me to move in with you, it feels like we are doing this because it’s convenient… … you just looked at me and said hey, so do you want some help to pack your things?”

 He pulls you into a hug, you feel lighter telling him what is bothering you “You know that is not true, I love you so much and I want us to live together but we kind of already are. I can’t remember the last time you didn’t spent the night, I am not complaining… but, can you?”

 You are pretty sure that it’s been a month since you last slept on your own bed, when you sat on it felt weird and when he sits by your side you feel silly about being mad at him in the first place.

 “Tell me, doll, there is anything else that is bothering you?” You put your head on his chest “I love this place, don’t get me wrong your place is nice but still feels like your place… I just wish you had asked me, Bucky.”

You feel his lips on yours, he holds you close and just like that you are not upset anymore “Come with me, doll.” He takes your hand, leads you to his car and open the door for you.

 “Do you trust me?” You nod and he takes a blindfold of his pocket “Kink, do you have handcuffs in your pocket too?” He smiles at you, turning you around and place the silk material over your eyes.” Trust me, you are gonna enjoy this.”

 “I always do.”

 You don’t know how much time he spent driving, you think is almost one hour, but how can you be sure? When the car stops, he helps you get out of the car and leads you to the place he wants to show.

 “I am taking the blindfold now.” You are surprised; you didn’t know what to expect but definitely not that. You were standing in the middle of an unfurnished apartment. The place was beautiful, with big widows and a balcony.

 The apartment wasn’t too big or small, it was perfect. You loved the main bedroom with the small balcony, the guest room would be a perfect nursery and you coursed yourself to think far ahead.

 “What do you think? Did you like it?” You turn around to him and nod “This place is beautiful Bucky… What are we doing here?” He takes your hand, taking you to the living room and sitting on the floor with you.

 “I bought this place a couple months ago; don’t look at me like this… I was gonna ask you two move in with me but then Steve asked Natasha to marry him and how could I compete with that propose? He bought a thousand red roses for her.”

 You put your hand on his check, he leans to your touch and you start to caresses his cheek with your thumb. “Bucky… I loved this place … but you bought an apartment… how?

 “I had the money… And I wanted to make you happy. I know that you don’t love my apartment; it is small, you always say that it needs more pillows and rugs.” You jump on top of him, placing your lips on his and you can feel his muscles under you.

 He lips travel to your neck, biting the soft skin “You know what the best part of this place is?” You shake your head a no and he flips the both of you “You are 15 minutes from your work place and they just opened a new coffee shop that has an amazing banana muffin.”

 “I love that you did all this for me, but I would move in with you to any place and I hope that you know that.” He gets up letting you rest on his lap “I know you would, you love me… but this last year wasn’t easy.”

 His hands start to caresses your back and continue to talk “With everything that happened with your dad and my nightmares. We both need I don’t know something new.”

 You agree “We could paint our bedroom walls blue, put a shelf over there and the guest room yellow.” He shuts you up with a kiss “We can do everything you want, doll, you can even put all your books in the living room.”

 He gets up and extends you a hand “What do you say about we christen this place and them I show you that coffee shop that I was talking  about? ” You get up and smile at him “I think that is a great idea.” You say taking your blouse off “What are we celebrating, my love?”

 “To something new, baby girl.” He says crashing his lips onto yours.

Thank you @drinkfantasy for beta this for me.

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Thank you for everyone that request an epilogue, I had a lot of fun writing this.

Pretty please leave feedback you make me happy doing that. I promise you I send you a candy if you do (I won’t)

If you want to be add to the permant tag list , let me know !

okay americans i’m sorry to dissuade you of this belief that seems hella prevalent but i can’t hold it back anymore:

as a brit, who has lived the nearly 19 years of her life in london, I have never heard a guy say ‘love’ unless he’s being casual/creepy. For example:

‘allright love?’ shouted across the street, or muttered in passing

but used as a term of endearment, to a girlfriend, boyfriend? nope. maybe one of your grandparents would use it, but literally no teens/young people do unless they’re guys being creepy. 

(@otherbrits, feel free to add things/correct me if your experience is different or you have other thoughts, but this is what i’ve noticed)

SILVER SPOON: Part 1 [Yoongi x Reader; Rom-com, fluff]

A girl who had to work hard every day of her life to rise from nothing, meets a man who was born with and given everything.

A classic tale of what happens when a cold, uptight farm girl meets a playful, rebellious, easy-going city boy that was born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

Summary: Having been born and raised in the country side, you have worked hard your entire life to make it to the big city. You eventually achieved your dream and now you have a wonderful paying job for a large company and you continue putting your 110% into everything you do. However, your perfect plan to climb to success through consistent effort and hard work becomes disarrayed with the arrival of your branch’s new rebellious and easy-going CEO, who never desired the position in the first place and has never truly worked hard a day in his life. Your job is on the line if he can’t be turned into a quality CEO within a year, but he has no intention of changing himself for anyone or letting you boss him around so easily. How will you work your way through this obstacle? Will you succeed in changing him or will he be the one that changes you?

Yoongi x Reader (ft. Jimin & VIXX’s Leo as side characters)
Office au
Romantic Comedy, Fluff

A/N: Hi everyone ~ sorry for the week of no story updates :) I’ve been pretty busy (good busy) – I was offered a full time job last week! WOO! So I was scrambling to get all my documents together and stuff and I didn’t have much time to sit down and write x) but anyways, as promised, here’s a light-hearted series that I had been planning to write since a while ago. :3 Enjoy!

Originally posted by jeonbase

          You had always been working to achieve what seemed like a far-fetched dream.

           You were born and raised in the country side of Daegu with your four siblings and several cousins, surrounded by farms and pastures. But your mind was constantly fascinated with the promising change of life that came with being in the city. The fast-paced bustling of people, how lively everything was, how there were so many buildings and stores, and how everybody had a purpose moving forward. While some people walked just to stroll, the majority of people in the city were off to work or off to pick up something before work. Everybody was going somewhere. Everybody was on their way to be someone.

           And you too wanted to be someone.

           You didn’t like the slow-paced, care-free, yet physically labor-intensive lifestyle of the countryside, and you surely had no intention of staying and taking it over. You wanted to be more than a farmer. You wanted more out of your life, and tending to animals and the fields wasn’t going to cut it for you. But unfortunately, having a large family such as yours meant strained funds. So you worked plenty of jobs to support yourself through a decent university and eventually, you took the leap and began interviewing for companies in the city.

           You were turned down countless of times without ever being interviewed and even when you made it through to an interview, they rejected you without asking you any questions. They took one look at your lack of connections, where you had grown up, where you had gone to school, and immediately dismissed you as unfit. But you weren’t going to give up; you just needed one person to give you a chance, one person to see you past the first few words of your resume.

           And one day, one such person saw your value – Chairman Min.

           You couldn’t believe your ears when he told you himself that you were hired. From the look of the other board members at the interview, they were just as astounded by his decision. As if reading yours and everyone else’s thoughts at the time, he chuckled and explained.

           "I like the fire in your eyes, and how you’ve worked your way here. That shows me you’re determined, used to hard work, and you’ve got guts to go against the grain.“ the Chairman grinned. "It’s rare to see that in people nowadays. People always constrict themselves into believing that there’s just one path to take and one route to get there, so I like how you stepped out of that mold. I’d love to have someone like you work for my company. I’m sure you’ll be a valuable asset.”

           You stood up frantically and bowed deeply. “Thank you so much Chairman. I won’t let you down! Truly!”

           He chuckled. “I believe you, Ms. Y/N. Now go show us what you’re made of.”

           And you surely did.

           You became the heart and soul of the company’s Daegu branch. Although your education only allowed you to be a secretary, you took it upon yourself to learn other skills to help out your co-workers or to fill in for someone as necessary. You were as much a fellow office worker as you were a secretary. People looked to you reliably and everyone, including the Chairman himself, knew you were the backbone of the office.

           "Good morning, Y/N.“

           You grinned, recognizing the familiarly sweet greeting of Department Head Park.

           "Good morning Mr. Park.” You grinned.

           "I told you to stop calling me Mr. Park. Sheesh. How many years has it been?“ he chuckled as he handed you coffee, which you happily accepted.

           Jimin was your closest friend in the office and in terms of work hierarchy he was at the top so you two worked together often. He was an extremely sociable man and incredibly sweet. But thanks to one office dinner party, and an unfortunately timed trip to the bathroom on your part, you discovered the other side of his personality when you caught him hitting on one of the waitresses. You dragged him outside at the time, thinking he was drunk out of his mind, but you two ended up conversing candidly the entire night– from your pasts to your dreams, etc. Naturally afterwards, he felt comfortable with you and vice versa, so you grew to be close friends. And it was nice to have someone like that in your workplace, or in general really.

             Since you worked all through your school years to support yourself and your younger siblings, you sacrificed having a social life. And you couldn’t quite vent out your frustrations to your family. You didn’t want to burden them, and you also didn’t want to give them a reason to consider that they were right about the city life all along.

           "But your office fan club might think weird things if we’re on a first name basis.” You grinned as you sipped your coffee. “Plus it’s more professional.”

           Jimin exhaled. “Always professional and uptight, Y/N.”

           "Not always.

           "Yes, always.” he responded, chuckling. “But I mean, that’s why you’re the Chairman’s favorite after all.”

           You squinted your eyes at him. “Am not.”

           "You know you are and you love it.“ Jimin grinned cheekily.

           You rolled your eyes. "Get out of here, Mr. Park. You have work to do and you’re already a few minutes late to clock in.”

           "I know, I know.“ Jimin laughed. "You have a meeting with the Chairman later right?”

           "Yes, so you have to go to the morning meetings by yourself today.“

           Jimin pouted. "Now who am I going to flaunt at the meeting to sway the others to do my bidding?”

           "HIGHLY inappropriate Mr. Park.“ You scolded sternly. "Clock in if you don’t want your chances of being CEO to dissipate.”

           "Yes, yes.“ Jimin grinned and skipped away to clock in.

           Sighing, you opened up your color-coded planner and began sifting through your schedule for the day to mentally prepare yourself.

           "Oh my goodness. He’s hott.”

           Yoongi smirked as he lifted up his hood and zipped up his leather jacket nonchalantly. He shifted his bangs over with a flick of his head, moving it away from his eyes so he could take a better look at the girls fawning over him.

           “He’s looking this way! He’s looking this way!”

           He nodded slightly to acknowledge them but continued on his way, feeling triumphant with the sound of their suppressed squeals. Then he slipped sunglasses over his eyes, hoping no one recognized him.

           "Where did I park this damn car again?“ he hummed to himself as he inserted in earphones to drown out the sound of the busy streets and the obnoxious honking of city traffic.

           He spun his keys around his finger as he bobbed his head to a song. Through his music, he heard hurried footsteps behind him but collectedly continued walking.

           "I could’ve sworn Mr. Min was heading this way!”

           "How did he slip out of the window again?!“

           "I told you to bar them!”

           "The landlord refused to comply with that!“

           Yoongi smirked as they scurried away from his path frantically. It was always so easy to get away from his bodyguards.

           Poor fellows.

           "Ah!” he grinned as he spotted his expensive sports car a good distance away. He shuffled towards it hurriedly and ended up colliding with someone also in a hurry. Quickly, he realized it was a woman and helped her up from the ground.

           "Whoa lady, gotta watch where you’re hurrying to.“ he chuckled as he watched her dusting herself off and adjusting the stiff ribbon on her neck.

           "I believe the proper response would be an apology?” she glanced at him, clearly offended.

           "My bad. It was a joke.“ Yoongi lifted his hands up.

           "Well it’s fine I guess.” she replied curtly.

           Yoongi furrowed his brow. “Well?”

           She glanced over. “Well what?”

           "I think I deserve an apology too.“

           "What? You bumped into me.”

           "No we bumped into each other.“ Yoongi crossed his arms. "And I helped you up. I believe the appropriate response is ‘thank you’.”

           The woman exhaled and glanced down at her watch. “Sorry I’m in a hurry. Thank you and I apologize. Goodbye.”

           Yoongi shook his head at the obviously insincere statements, but before he could make his retort, she was scurrying away, her heels clanking dangerously on the sidewalk.

           "Everybody’s always in a hurry around here.“ he snorted as he jumped into his sparkling, sleek black car. He pulled his hood down and ruffled his newly dyed pink hair. "Oh well. Now where should I escape to?”

           You huffed as you hurried to the Chairman’s office building. You were going to be a minute or two off schedule because of that hoodlum you had bumped into on the street. Luckily, the elevator was already on the main floor so you quickly boarded one and checked your reflection to make sure you were presentable. You pursed your lips as you found your stockings had formed a small rip from your fall and hurriedly made a note on your phone to sew it together later. The elevator doors opened and you found the Chairman walking past you, emerging from the adjacent elevator.

           "Chairman Min!“ You called out brightly.

           "Ah Y/N! I was worried I had kept you waiting.” he smiled warmly. “You’re always so early.”

           "I’m sorry. I ran into some unexpected things earlier.“ you bowed and he chuckled.

           "No, that’s perfectly normal, Y/N. You’re right on time. How it should be. Come in.”

           You two entered his large office and his secretary set out tea for the two of you then left the room.

           "How’s the company doing?“ he smiled as he took a sip.

           "Well. Department Head Park is doing a great job handling it.” You answered.

           "As are you.“ the Chairman complimented.

           You bowed your head gratefully. "I’m just doing my job, Chairman.”

           "And you’re absolutely fantastic Y/N. That’s why I’m enlisting your help with a rather personal matter. And I understand you’re close to Department Head Park to explain the situation as well.“

           You looked at him inquisitively.

           "You see,” the Chairman glanced out of his window forlornly. “I’m getting old Y/N.”

           "No you’re not, Chairman!“ You blinked, flustered at the topic.

           He laughed, "Why thank you for that vote of confidence, but I’m afraid my age is increasing regardless of my youthful appearance, and I really want to retire in a couple of years.”

           You nodded understandably.

           "With that being said, I believe I’ve spoken to you about my grandson?“

           "A bit. About how he’s handful.” You smiled slightly, remembering the frustrations of the Chairman over his rebellious grandchild.

           "He’s still a lot to handle.“ he chuckled. "But he is still the rightful heir to the company. The board of directors aren’t too keen about him, considering he’s done nothing much to help the company except act as the handsome face of it. But I know he has great potential and a good head on his shoulders. I think he just simply lost his parents too soon and I haven’t really been there for him as much as I should have. He never had a sense of direction or a guide.”

           You remained silent, wondering where you were going to fit into all of this. As if hearing your thoughts, the Chairman’s eyes found its way to you and you straightened up, waiting.

           "I want you to help him find direction. I want you to train him to be a great CEO, and a wonderful leader.“

           Your mouth hung open, a million questions dangling on the tip of your tongue. Mostly, wondering how exactly you were supposed to do that. Sensing your hesitancy, the Chairman chuckled.

           "Just be yourself Y/N. You’re so determined and passionate. You’re organized and a natural leader. You’re professional and on top of everything that needs to be done. I’m instating him as the Daegu branch’s new CEO, and I want you to work closely with him to show him how things are done. Keep an eye on him and keep him in line. And I hope your personality will be a good influence on him.”  He exhaled. “But I’m afraid you’re going to have an incredibly difficult time handling him, so I would double your pay as compensation, should you agree to help me. It’s a very important matter to me, and to the Min family. This company has been under our care since the beginning.”

           Your mind was already locked onto the mention of “double pay”. He could tell your interest was piqued.

           "And…“ the Chairman slipped a black credit card towards you. "Should he force you to buy him things, should he break anything, or should you have to chase him to across the world to drag him back to work, this card is linked to his account. I trust you’ll use it wisely for repayment… and revenge.”

           Your eyes widened in surprise and spotted the Chairman’s eyes twinkling mischievously. You giggled understandably, and took the card off the table.

           "I’d be honored to help you Chairman Min.“

           "Thank you, Y/N. I know I ask a lot of you. Should you ever feel it to be too overwhelming, you can always back out from the deal, and I will take over from there.” he smiled warmly. “But I do have to stress and emphasize how important it is for your job as well. Should someone else come into power, I can’t promise to protect you.”

           You stood up understandably and bowed. “I’ll do my best.”

           "I know you will.“ he patted your shoulder encouragingly.

           You grabbed your bag and headed for the door. But he called out, remembering something.

           "Oh Y/N.”

            You stopped and turned to face him again.

           "I do have one rule about this deal.“

           "Yes sir?”

           His expression turned serious as he stared at you. You gulped, never seeing the Chairman without a smile before.

           "Don’t fall in love with him, or else there will be consequences.“

           You nodded slowly, "You have nothing to worry about, Chairman. Work is always work for me.”

           "See to it that it is.“

           "Yes sir.”

           "Mr. Min.“

           Yoongi exhaled as his tall, lean, broad shouldered bodyguard towered over him.

           "Figures you would be the one to find me in the outskirts of town, Leo.”

           The man’s face remained unmoving as he stood beside Yoongi, waiting.

           "Well, have a seat. You’re scaring people as it is.“

           "Yes, sir.” Leo bowed and obediently sat in front of him.

           "Do you want any food?“

           "If you want to give me food, Mr. Min.”

           Yoongi groaned. “Leo, are you hungry or not?”

           Leo was about to say something but his stomach gurgled, doing the answering for him. The seemingly stoic man finally blushed and casted his eyes downwards, embarrassed.

           Yoongi grinned, “Another order here ma'am!”

           "Yes!“ the server called out enthusiastically.

           "I’m sorry.” Leo bowed his head.

           "Consider it a reward for always finding me.“

           "I never lost you sir.” Leo muttered.

           "What? How?“

           "I just thought you should know your Grandfather has been trying to contact you.” Leo handed him his cell phone. “You had left this behind in your escape. Then your car is a bit flashy and obvious so it wasn’t hard to track you on the road.”

           Yoongi exhaled. “You didn’t want to take me back?”

           "My job is to just protect you, Mr. Min.“ Leo glanced at him, as if it was the most obvious answer in the world. "I have no right to intervene in your life.”

           Yoongi laughed loudly. “You’re always so interesting, Leo.”

           "Thank you sir.“

           "Well? What did my gramps want this time? Is he mad about the last photo shoot and interview that I did without consulting him?” Yoongi smirked.

           "No. He told me to say…“ Leo coughed lightly, a dust of pink forming on his cheeks, and reiterated verbatim. ”'I’m hiring you, you brat, so get off your lazy ass and get to work like other people your age! I texted you the address. If you want more details, join me for dinner.’.“

           Yoongi chuckled as he continued munching on his meal. "Work, huh? He doesn’t consider doing photo shoots and interviews as work?”

           "Well you never say anything in relation to the company.“ Leo responded.

           "That was rhetorical, but thanks.” Yoongi stated flatly.

           "What shall I report to him, sir?“ Leo questioned.

           After a minute or two of contemplation, Yoongi’s lips curled up, "Hm…I guess I can’t turn down a free dinner. Let’s hear the old man out.”  

           "What do you mean someone else is going to be CEO??“ Jimin whined and melted into his seat sluggishly.

           You had taken him out for dinner later that day to break the unfortunate news to him. You knew he was working his way up to become CEO and had had high hopes that he was going to get that promotion soon.

           "It’s nothing on you, Jimin.” You patted his shoulder. “It’s the Chairman’s grandson so he got special perks.”

           "WHAT?“ Jimin’s eyes widened and he sprang back to life. "The Chairman’s grandson is going to be in OUR branch?”

           "Um yeah…“

           "Oh my goodness.” Jimin clapped. “That’s fantastic!”

           "What?“ You furrowed your brow, wondering why his mood had completely flipped.

           "He’s pretty famous in Daegu you know. People refer to him as ’D-boy’.”

           "Why? Does he do like cool tricks or something?“

           Jimin laughed. "Nah, it’s just his title really. It’s already crazy for Daegu to be home to the Headquarters of a big company as opposed to Seoul, but to have their very own 'celebrity’ too? Everyone hypes him up and he milks it. The public wants him and he doesn’t mind. He is a chaebol, the next heir to the company after all. He was born into the height of wealth and never had to work a day in his life. So I’m surprised he’s agreeing to be CEO. He sounded like he wanted nothing to do with the company in his interviews.”

           "The Chairman himself said he was a handful.“ You exhaled. "And who knows if he agreed of his own accord.”

           "Yeah…“ Jimin glanced at you. "Hopefully you don’t take this offensively, but he seems to be the complete opposite of you.”

           "Why would that be offensive?“ you chuckled.

           "Well regardless, you’re going to have your work cut out for you.” Jimin smiled, clearly amused.

           "Why do you think so?“

           "You like to be in control of all the variables, Y/N.” Jimin chewed and pointed his fork towards you. “What’re you going to do if someone isn’t predictable and can’t be controlled by your schedules and time table?”

           You chuckled. “Everybody and everything is predictable in some sense. I haven’t met anyone that I couldn’t coerce to work.”

           "You’re such a manipulator.“ Jimin teased.

           "Am not! I prefer an intelligent motivator.”

           "Ma-ni-pu-lator.“ Jimin sang.

           You huffed then continued eating.

           "Well, I’m looking forward to it. I think work is going to get a whole lot more interesting if this guy is really a handful.” Jimin grinned as you rolled your eyes at his excitement.

           "I don’t know about that. I mean how bad could the Chairman’s grandson be?“

           "Mr. Min.” Leo stood at his bedroom door as Yoongi was half-way out of his window, ready to make yet another escape.

           Yoongi groaned at being caught. “I’m just going to walk around, okay?”

           "Are you going to check out the company your Grandfather is assigning you to?“

           Yoongi furrowed his brows. "How’d you know?”

           "You wrote it on that post-it note on your desk.“ Leo pointed out nonchalantly.

           Yoongi huffed and stepped out of the window completely, landing on the fire escape. "Yes I am. So don’t bother following me. I’ll be back soon.”

           Leo nodded. “As you wish.”

           "Great.“ Yoongi was going to make his way down when Leo suddenly poked his head out of the window, causing him to flinch.

           "Geez Leo! What?” Yoongi snapped.

           "Mr. Min.“ Leo handed Yoongi his cell phone. "You were about to forget this again.”

           "Ah…“ Yoongi laughed nervously and slipped it into his pocket. "Thanks.”

           Leo nodded and pushed down the window with a definitive thud.

           Yoongi chuckled and shook his head. His main bodyguard was really something else. He pulled his mask over his mouth and flipped his snap-back backwards, hiding his obnoxiously pink hair underneath. Pushing his hands into his over-sized sweater’s pockets, he made his way to the company his grandfather had insisted for him to take.

           "Y/N.“ One of the office interns hurriedly called you, out of breath.

           "What happened?” You glanced at her worriedly.

           "Someone’s trying to enter the company and causing a ruckus in the main lobby. They wanted to see who was in charge here.“ she frowned. "Department Head Park is in a meeting so….”

           "I’ll take care of it, okay?“ You smiled at her reassuringly then flew down the stairs to get to the lobby.

           You walked over to the security guards blocking off the entrance to the office floors. They relaxed as they spotted you and gestured towards the man dressed in all black leaning against the wall arrogantly and clearly irritated. He looked suspicious with a mask covering half of his face and a hood casting a shadow over what was visible. But you caught sight that his eyes were sharp and piercing. He was a bit intimidating.

           Encouraging yourself, you puffed out your chest confidently and marched up to him.

           "How can I help you?”

           He visibly scanned you up and down then clapped, surprising you.

           "You’re the rude lady from the other day!“

           "Excuse me?” You raised an eyebrow.

           He pulled down his mask to reveal his full face, grinning. “We bumped into each other and you didn’t apologize properly. Remember?”

           "Ah. Did you follow me all the way here to get an apology?“ You glared skeptically.

           He scoffed. "Don’t flatter yourself lady. I just wanted to tour the company, but these goons won’t let me through. What kind of place are you running here?”

           You exhaled incredulously. “I’m not sure who you think you are, but there are rules and regulations in the workplace. First, if you have an appointment, you should have seen the receptionist over there and they would have contacted whoever you were supposed to meet with. Second, you can’t come barging into a professional building dressed like you’re lounging around your house or hollering at chicks on the street.”

           The man laughed loudly. “Excuse me? I’ll have you know these are all expensive brands of clothes. And who are you to judge my appearance? Your stockings have a hole in it.”

           You hurriedly glanced down and bit your lip. There really was a new rip in your pantyhose. Heat traveled to your cheeks from embarrassment and anger. You raised your head and gave a threatening look to the gentleman.

           "I’m sorry if I said anything to offend you, but you have no business here. You’re scaring away our workers and taking time away from their day. I have to kindly ask you to leave.“

           "You’ll regret asking me to leave and saying all those mean things about me.” he smirked.

           "This is my company, sir. Please leave before I have to get rough.“

           "Oh?” the man chuckled. “You? Rough?”

           You blushed and gestured to the security guards who began approaching the man. He hurriedly scurried to distance himself.

           "Whoa, whoa, whoa. Let me make a call and show you that I really do have the right to be here.“

           You furrowed your brow and lifted a hand to stop the guards.

           "What makes you think that’ll change anything?”

           The man glanced over at your badge as he dialed his phone. “Miss Y/N, is it?”


           He raised his hand as he spoke into his phone, cutting you off mid-sentence. "Hi old man. Still kicking? Well, I’m at the company you asked me to check out but someone named Y/N is telling me I shouldn’t be here.”

           You glanced around at the growing crowd in the lobby. Jimin emerged at the front of it, his eyes wide at seeing you on the scene. He gave you a questioning look and you shrugged. You really had no idea what was happening.

           "Facetime you? Wow. So high tech.“

           The man swiped at his phone and handed it to you. You fumbled with it and nearly dropped the phone when the Chairman’s face appeared on the screen.

           "Ch-chairman!” You gasped.

           "Hello Y/N.“ he chuckled. "I see my grandson is already giving you a hard time.”

           You gasped and glanced over at the man in front of you who was grinning triumphantly.

           "Oh my goodness…I’m so sorry…Chairman I didn’t kn–.“

           "No, no. That brat should know better than to dress like that. Let me talk to him.”

           You nervously handed the phone back to its owner.

           "YOONGI! How dare you interrupt their work?!“ the Chairman’s voice roared.

           "Well I was just gonna take a look and not bother anyone but THEY made a big deal of everything.”

           "And they should! You look like a delinquent right now!“

           "That’s hurtful gramps.” The man clutched his chest playfully. “Well I’ve seen enough so I’m gonna go old man. Thanks for vouching for my awesomeness.”


           The man hung up nonchalantly, not letting his grandfather finish speaking, and extended his arm out to you; his smirk clearly jeering at you for your grave mistake.

           "Now let’s try this again.”

           He grabbed your hand forcefully and shook it.

           "I’m Min Yoongi, the grandson of the Chairman, the new CEO of this company, and well… your new boss.“

           He grinned cheekily.

           "Now Miss Y/N, what did you say about me having no business here?”


anonymous asked:

Hey there, I'm frustrated... I wanna go to africa to do some social work. I want to make the World a better place, but my parents dont belive in me.. What should I do? I cant imagine in doing something else than helping my whole life. ❤ love you girl

“Mediocrity always attacks excellence” people who choose the easy path, the mediocre life, will always feel threatened by people who choose the path that is right, which is never easy. They will criticise them and disempower them to make themselves feel better in the life choices they made. The thought of another consciously pursuing their potential, is threatening to what they know as their life and their own security. It’s almost instinctual to oppress those that threaten your sense of safety and unfortunately most of the world has settled for a secure mediocre life, thus anyone who tries to obtain higher is a threat to them.

I suggest you work on developing a strong belief system within yourself and learn not to be so easily moved by other people’s opinions. What your pursuing is what Joseph Campbell refer to as “The Heroes Journey” maybe reading his books would help you out, I love him I think he’s wonderfully wise, I have his quotes written everywhere they’re very empowering to stay on the path of your destiny. Here are some:

“Life has no meaning. Each of us has meaning and we bring it to life. It is a waste to be asking the question when you are the answer.”

“We must be willing to let go of the life we planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us.”

“If you do follow your bliss you put yourself on a kind of track that has been there all the while, waiting for you, and the life that you ought to be living is the one you are living. Follow your bliss and don’t be afraid, and doors will open where you didn’t know they were going to be.”

“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.”

“If you can see your path laid out in front of you step by step, you know it’s not your path. Your own path you make with every step you take. That’s why it’s your path.”

“Sit in a room and read–and read and read. And read the right books by the right people. Your mind is brought onto that level, and you have a nice, mild, slow-burning rapture all the time.”

“We’re not on our journey to save the world but to save ourselves. But in doing that you save the world. The influence of a vital person vitalizes.”

“Where you stumble and fall, there you will find gold.”

“The Hero Path

We have not even to risk the adventure alone
for the heroes of all time have gone before us.
The labyrinth is thoroughly known …
we have only to follow the thread of the hero path.
And where we had thought to find an abomination
we shall find a God.

And where we had thought to slay another
we shall slay ourselves.
Where we had thought to travel outwards
we shall come to the center of our own existence.
And where we had thought to be alone
we shall be with all the world.”

Joseph Campbell