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Is it still your bday?? If so HAPPY BIRTHDAY

YES it actually is & i’m celebrating it by eating instant noodles

I started working on this coloring last week but since my wrist started hurting and i had tons of school work, I stopped but now I finished! It’s actually a bit swollen but yolo🤗😂 The quarter still hasn’t ended but I’m almost done with my exams so I can finally start posting everyday and maybe do some requests and collabs again❤ Changing how I color a bit cause why not ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ © @keiid for this beautiful lineart!😻


Nice To Meet You Too.

12:17 a.m.

Seychelle left Tobias alone as she went around asking for a ride home (thanks to Augie). After an hour of no sign of Seychelle, Tobias began to sober up by the pool. 

- “Tobias, right?”
- “…”
- “I saw Augie’s twitter. You and Seychelle can crash at my place if you guys can’t find a ride.”
- “Eurhh, nah, It’s cool. Neither Seychelle or I are down to drive any where else but home, tonight.”
- “Where’s there to drive to when you’re already there?”
- “Mm..? I’m sorry but, who are you again?”
- “Pffbbt, I’m Maxine but, people call me ‘Max’. Funny how you’d walk into someone’s house without knowing who it belongs to.”


(previously) (Augie’s Twitter)

This Was A Stupid Idea

Prompt from @fyotpprompts: I’ve been looking for the Vampire I made out with last Halloween for a year.  And I finally cornered him in a dead end, low lit, low trafficked alley, behind an abandoned building. I really didn’t think this through, AU.

I changed it up a little bit and I totally got carried away but yolo I guess

It’s been bugging Trini for over a year.

Zack dragged her to one party. The one time she left her dorm, the one time she left her quiet, peaceful life, she met someone. She met someone beautiful and funny and it was perfect for all of five seconds until she found out the truth.

That the girl she met was a goddamn vampire.

It’s natural for everything in Trini’s life to go obscenely wrong, of course. But a vampire?

Naturally, she found out when they were making out and the girl had bit her lip and it was damn good kiss and the bite was sexy as hell until her teeth were just a little too sharp and she was sucking just a little too hard and-

Then she was gone.

And the worst part is, Trini can’t get the damn girl out of her head.

She swears she sees her at the edge of her vision sometimes. Smirking, toying with her. In class, when she’s walking, when she’s eating. She sees this girl everywhere.

And honestly? She’s had enough.


Zack’s head flies up from where it is on the couch so fast that he falls onto the floor. He groans loudly, rubbing the back of his head soothingly. “What the fuck, T? Can’t a guy take a nap?”

“It’s Halloween this weekend. You’re taking me to that party we went to last year,” Trini says with finality, throwing his black leather jacket at him before throwing her own yellow bomber jacket onto her back. “Now c’mon, pretty boy. Make me look sexy.”

Zack grins excitedly up at Trini before hopping up off of the floor, putting his jacket on quickly. “Trying to get laid, Crazy Girl?”

Trini chuckles dryly, shaking her head at her own insane idea. “I wanna look like a damn meal.”


Zack does not disappoint Trini’s expectations one bit.

The night of the party, Zack slaps Trini’s hands away from her face, tutting disapprovingly as she tries to do her own hair and makeup. “No no, I got this. Just sit back and let the hottest pan in the house do his work.”

“Every time you say that I want to punch you in the face,” Trini rolls her eyes but sets her hands down, letting him do his magic.

“You’re just jealous I’m better at doing makeup than you are,” Zack smirks, grabbing a few brushes and a pallet of eyeshadow. “Put your contacts in before I start this, I’m not letting your watery eyes ruin my art.”

After an hour of letting Zack meticulously do Trini’s eye makeup, costume makeup, and hair (or as Trini liked to call it, torturing her), he finally lets her look in the mirror. 

Trini gasps slightly, barely recognizing herself in the mirror. Her braids are gone, her hair is tousled to look almost like it’s still wet, and her eye makeup in contrast to the blood red contacts is incredibly well done. Her lips were painted a deep red, and the fake bite marks on her neck are almost realistic. Paired with the deep cut black three quarter sleeve shirt and the connected black chokers on her neck, she looks nothing short of sexy.

“I have to hand it to you, Taylor, I look damn fine,” Trini smirks, turning slightly in the mirror to look at herself from a different angle. As she goes to flip her hair out, just to give it some more volume, she hears the telltale sound of a camera going off. Turning, she glares at Zack, who’s too busy admiring his picture to notice her angry eyes.

“What the fuck are you-”

“When you see this picture, you will love me,” Zack smirks, turning the phone around to show her the picture. Trini’s jaw drops, grabbing the phone from his hand and staring at the picture of herself in the mirror.

“And that, my darling little friend, is how to transform a mess into a full course meal,” Zack says smugly.

“If I wasn’t so impressed, I would beat the shit out of you for calling me a mess,” Trini breathes out slightly. “Now hurry up and get ready. And send me that picture, it’s going on my instagram.”



“I still can’t believe you made your username ‘tinytrini’.”

“I may be little, but I’m feisty.”


The party’s in full swing when Zack and Trini arrive. Naturally, Zack had to go as something that would “accentuate his body structure” as he put it, so he’s almost completely nude, posing as a male stripper. Trini rolls her eyes, thankful that she won’t have to be around his ass much longer tonight. She needs alcohol, half decent music, and that bitch of a vampire that won’t leave her alone.

The frat boys running the party eye her unashamedly, and she has to bite back the insults crawling up her throat so that she can get into this damn party.

Once inside, Zack whoops excitedly before running to the beer pong tables, leaving Trini to wander to the drinks alone. Snagging some of the jungle juice, she downs a whole cup as fast as she can before refilling it, nursing the second drink much longer than the first. After fifteen minutes of standing around uncomfortably with an empty drink, she moves to refill it a third time when someone presses up behind her.

“If I knew you’d look so good with those marks on your neck, I would’ve had my way with you a year ago.”

Trini turns slowly, much calmer on the outside than she is on the inside, coming face to face with the vampire girl from last year. In the light she can better distinguish her features; short, choppy brunette hair that somehow looks messy and perfectly placed at the same time, deep brown eyes, full lips curled into a devious smirk, and surprisingly tanned skin.

“Vampire,” is all Trini says, is all she can say. It’s not like she knows the girl’s name or anything.

“You remember me,” the girl’s lips curl even more than they were before, excitement noticeable in her facial features. Her eyes flash with some emotion, and Trini can’t tell if it’s a good one or a ‘I can’t wait to suck all of the blood out of your body’ one. “I’m surprised.”

“I’m not,” Trini scoffs. “You’ve been following me around for the last year. You aren’t that slick.”

“While that may be true,” the vampire drawls, stepping closer to Trini. Trini steps backwards with every step she takes forward until her lower back hits the countertop behind her, the vampire trapping her against it with her arms. “It’s definitely not the only reason you remember me.”

Trini doesn’t know if vampires have seduction powers or if she just really wants to get laid, but she’s grabbing at the back of the girl’s neck and yanking her down for a rough kiss immediately. She barely gets to run her tongue along the vampire’s bottom lip before the girl is laughing, stepping back slightly just out of Trini’s lip’s reach.

“Not yet, sweetheart,” the vampire chuckles darkly, and Trini can’t help the shiver run through her body at the way the nickname sound’s on the other girl’s lips. “If you want me, you’re going to have to find me.”

Before Trini can comprehend what the girl said, her head still spinning from the kiss they shared not moments before, the vampire is smirking and sulking off into the crowd, leaving Trini alone. Trini looks around frantically, trying to see where she went, but she can only see drunk frat boys and sorority girls.

Fuck,” Trini runs a hand through her hair before taking off into the crowd, trying to find the vampire. She makes it out of the kitchen and into the hallway, catching a glimpse of the vampire girl smirking at her teasingly before disappearing to the left. Trini runs down the hallway, shoving people out of the way to get there, but the girl is gone when she gets to the end of the hall.

“You’re getting closer,” Trini hears in her ears, turns to see no one around her paying attention to her, but her eyes catch the vampire climbing up the stairs, that damn smirk still on her face. Rolling her eyes with a groan, Trini runs up after her, running into the only empty room only to find no one there.

“Son of a-”

The sound of the door slamming behind her causes Trini to jump, turning around to see the vampire girl standing beside the doorway, arms crossed and teasing smirk firmly planted on her face.

“Well, you’ve found me,” the vampire says in a sickeningly sweet tone, one that actually scares Trini. The shorter girl realizes that she’s alone, upstairs, away from the party and away from all of the people, trapped in a room with a vampire.

She really should’ve thought this through.

“I saw your little picture on instagram, and I’ve been dying to see you,” the vampire admits, biting her lip slightly as she sulks closer to Trini with each step she takes. “Despite the fact that I’ve kept myself away from you, you have no. idea. how hard it’s been.”

Despite the fear in her veins, Trini can’t help but feel her confidence skyrocket as well as her desire for the girl in front of her. Smirking slightly, she takes a step forward, helping to close the distance between them.

“I think I at least deserve to know your name for all of the stalking you’ve been doing,” Trini says with a coy smile, her eyes twinkling in delight.

“I guess you’re right,” the vampire says as she comes to stand chest to chest with Trini, her head cocked to the side playfully. “It’s Kim.”

With that, the vampire, Kim, grasps at the back of Trini’s neck and tugs her in for a rough and passionate kiss. Trini groans into the kiss, Kim immediately taking the opportunity to brush her tongue against Trini’s, both girls moaning softly at the first touch.

Trini’s hand comes up to grasp at Kim’s neck, her other pulling her closer by her waist. Kim’s grip on Trini is almost vice like, probably because she’s a vampire and probably has super strength, but it doesn’t stop Trini from whimpering into the kiss. Kim’s kisses move downward to her jawline, nipping gently at her skin and soothing the irritated area with her tongue.

Kim,” Trini whimpers, nearly melting into the taller girl’s arms. Kim’s lips move from her jawline to just beneath her ear, nibbling on her earlobe playfully, causing Trini to groan loudly into the empty room.

“God I’ve been waiting for this,” Kim husks into her ear as her kisses move further down, closer to Trini’s pulse point, kissing harshly and making sure to mark Trini’s skin, to claim her. Trini’s a panting mess in her arms, moaning and whining with every kiss placed onto her skin. “And I’m really sorry.”

“Sorry for what?” Trini manages to breathe out, too focused on the pleasure coursing through her veins due to Kim’s lips.

Suddenly Trini feels two sharp stabs of pain in her neck and she cries out loudly. She can feel the blood moving through her veins to her neck, can feel how Kim is sucking against her skin-

Then everything goes black.

Sugar on the Asphalt

bts x reader // fluffy angst, eventual smut // 2158 words

part 1 || part 2 || part 3

summary: In which Yoongi doesn’t know how to bite his tongue and you fight fire with fire.

Originally posted by enflorescence

“So all my friends think we’re sleeping together.”

“Um, Hello Hobi. My day has been great, how about you?” You scoffed, eyes wide at the way your friend blurted out something so blunt before you even had a chance to say your pleasantries. You were enjoying your Sunday afternoon sprawled out on your couch watching Stranger Things on Netflix while planning next week’s cupcake menu. You hadn’t even bothered to change out of your pajama bottoms and tank top. Your hair was curling and sticking every which way and you had a white binder full of recipes thrown haphazardly across your stomach. Unless you had plans to pick up special ingredients or hang out with Hoseok, Sundays were for pjs and minimal effort. 

Your brain was floating somewhere between sriracha chocolate and orange ginger when Hobi’s annoying ringtone screeched you out of your internal debate. He had downloaded the ringtone onto your cell himself. It was apparently Suga’s voice, and all you could hear was him screaming “J-HOOOOOPE,” over and over until you picked up. It could get really embarrassing in public. 

“I’m sorry, peach,” he chuckled sheepishly. “What are you doing?”

You sighed, reaching to set your binder on the coffee table. “Brainstorming special flavors for next week. Why do your friends think we’re having sex? What did you say to them when I left?”

“Aish! It’s not like that.” He laughed. You could just picture the way his eyes must have widened as he tried to explain what happened after you left his place last night. Apparently Hobi had kept you quite the secret. The guys figured he had found a girlfriend when he disappeared for hours at a time, or spent hours on his cellphone laughing and teasing the other person on the phone. He claimed that he never felt the need to explain his behavior, because the boys never asked, but once he began telling his band mates about you they thought for sure you were his special friend, not his best friend. 

You couldn’t stop laughing. “Unbelievable, do you boys not hang out with chicks without wanting to dick them down or something?”

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Could you do an episode analysis on the new SU episode, please? How the trio interacted? Connie's speech in the end? Lapis acting more like her true self? Anything that caught your eye.


It was a really good episode, honestly! I love all the little details- Pumpkin falling immediately in love with Connie, Peridot trying to work through an issue the way she believes Garnet would, Lapis really only being here because Peridot is her barnmate and Steven is her bestest buddy ever, Connie in Steven’s clothes (I was so hype about that, honestly) and just wanting to do her assigned job but now she’s on Gemsitter duty and they’re playing some stupid game and honestly she could’ve just stayed home if this was how it was gonna be.

(Pictured: smol child who is ready for war, but not quite ready for dealing with her Tempmates.) 

And, really, it was only natural that they would fail at the roles they were assigned.

Connie’s much more straightforward and no-nonsense than Steven, and her training over the year has only exacerbated that. She can’t just sit there and talk about loving each other when deep down she just wants to knock their heads together and make them get their crap straight. She just can’t.

Peridot, on the other hand, isn’t really about that leader life. She’s great at pointing out where to go and how when she’s in her niche area- technology- but otherwise she tends to go with whatever she thinks will get her the most brownie points, not necessarily what’ll get the job done.

She tried, but Peridot just isn’t ready for any sort of leadership gig quite yet. Maybe in a few millennia. 

Lapis’ sense of humor is remarkably close to sarcasm for a Gem, which is a bit off-putting as compared to Amethyst’s “YOLO” style of poking fun. She also had no real involvement in any of this- no interest in Beach City, or the Crystal Gems. Her love is all for Peri and Steven. 

(Also, I love how, when Lapis pretends not to know her, Peridot just turns to her looking betrayed like Lapis how dare)

Lapis is slowly returning more and more to her original self. Will she ever be the Gem we met in Mirror Gem? Nah. Doubt it. But she can still find a middle ground between the two personalities. 

Peridot has only just started stretching her legs as a Crystal Gem. She doesn’t really know what to do as of yet. The CGs have been remarkably patient with her, letting her learn the basics at the farm and bringing her along on the odd mission. Their teaching style so far has been far more hands-off than it was with Steven or Connie, and it shows with her every fumbling movement. 

They really need to start prompting her more. Even if it’s just a talk to more firmly settle Peridot into the fact that she’s here, she’s one of them, and that’s all she needs to be, should she so choose.

Connie, on the other hand, is far more passionate about her job. She wants to be a Crystal Gem. She wants to prove herself. She wants it to be okay for the Gems to rely on her the next time Homeworld comes a’knocking.

And will this be enough? No. But it’s a start, and she really wanted that start. 

Then Peri and Lapis drag their feet in. Lapis isn’t a CG, which is fine- it’s her choice- but Peridot is, and neither of them have even a basic clue as to what they’re doing, yet they somehow manage to take over her show and turn it into this weird half-attempt, half-accident thing they’ve got goin’ on. She’s not unhappy, so to speak; this just isn’t what she expected.

In short- 

Somebody help me I love these characters so much.

Extra shots of Connie I found hilarious:

Nope nope nope not today friendo.

I’m gonna murder your entire family, you terrible Garnet impersonator.

You come into MY HOUSE, mock MY RESPONSIBILITIES, belittle MY ANXIETY,

You’re not even trying anymore, are you?

*Aggressively singing to herself* here comes a thought, that’ll get me in trouble….


The state of Japanese ladies at the start of the Olympic season - personal analysis

The Japanese press has already begun speculating which ladies will be on the front line in an epic battle for the two Olympic spots available, a battle that the ladies’ field in Japan has arguably never witnessed before. The “post-Mao” era - as the media calls it - sees no less than seven contenders and no clear favorite, which means we all need to fasten our seat belts because we’re in for a long, wild ride. 

In this analysis I will try to write my thoughts down as coherently as possible, all the while trying to maintain the bias to an acceptable level. Hey, even the most experienced and relevant skating analysts have their own preferences and understandably so, in a heavily subjective sport which relies on subjective judging. I’m not trying to predict which two ladies possess the skating gods’ favors to compete at the Olympics; anything can happen until the last minute. But it’s worth making a list of the qualities each of these lovely ladies bring to the table and what areas are left to improve. Using the ISU guidelines, my own experience as a skating fan and a variety of videos and gifs, I will try to cover all the reasons why you must not miss out on this race. 

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Oh lights go down
In the moment we’re lost and found
I just wanna be by your side 

like many others i started watching anime with naruto but i never really got into the fandom. though i have one big otp there and that is Shikamaru and Ino.

actually not really like they are in canon ( i stopped properly following the story halfway through shippuuden) but from the start on I had the idea of her as the stressed out white girl with this bitchy prom queen attitude who actually is really brave and loves her friends passionately. And he is the lazy unremarkable guy who’s just casually more mature then everyone and willing to genuinely understand her and saves her from being superficial and insecure. I could talk longer about how i would imagine this ship but maybe another time, thanks for reading :*

//doesnt really add to anything just wanted to show bcs it has been a while and i resketched my old art and!! i was a happy too see i had gotten bit better!!

Welp here’s the draw for san valentine’s day!!! -yeah a bit late but..YOLO-  I draw Poth -cuz i dunno :v-

Now i know that you are thinking why is goth using that flower band -and if you realize that this band belongs to red tie..welp *claps* good job dear!- 

That Flower lets anyone see the Strings of fate, so i thought that maybe Red can do a Flower band for Goth to make him have the ability to see the strings of fate. -that’s why he’s using one-

Palette: @angexci
Goth: @nekophy

Whenever I have a patient over 100 that’s relatively healthy and energetic for their age, I always ask them what they believe their secret has been to living so long and when I get home I write it down. They’re a bit paraphrased because I write them down later but here’s a few of the responses I’ve gotten so far:

“Well, I always eat an apple first thing in the morning, before coffee or tea or breakfast. I’ve been eating an apple every morning for 30 or 40 years. They say it keeps the doctor away.”

“Scotch. I drink it every night. Scotch, and I go for a walk every day, rain or shine. I’ve never missed my walk.”

“I don’t think I have a secret. Well… I had fun. I never took life too seriously and I always had fun with things. You can’t take life too seriously.”

“I wanted to learn everything. I took one or two classes every year and got my Bachelor’s degree at 68. But I could never choose a major because instead of learning a lot about one thing I wanted to learn a little bit about everything.”

“I dance!”

Stop The Clock - A Poth Fanfic

Chapter 5- 16 Hours Remaining

  • Goth and Palette had returned to their homes, both feeling very different. They had skipped school because of the incident and had much to catch up on. Geno phoned up the school, telling them that Goth won’t be attending school anymore. He was reluctant to give an explanation, but the school got the hint and hung up, removing goth from registers and classes.

    Ink called up the school, claiming that Palette was ill and couldn’t attend for a week. The truth was that Palette had begged Dream and Ink ( I do ship ErrorInk, but I feel like dream would be nice for this fanfic! Please don’t beg me to change it) to let him off if school for a week so he has time to love and remind goth! So he can mourn in peace and quiet…

    He knew death was inevitable… But he wanted to know that goth did know and love him!! He wanted reassurance from goth. To see him smile, get flustered…. To be his for one more day..

    And that’s what he will achieve!
    At the Afterdeath household
    Goth was sitting in theiddle of his room, looking at pictures of him and palette, him and his parents. He remembered something…. He was….
    “Goth… Please meet me under the Christmas tree after school…. It’s important…”
    The Palette person was going to confess! He remembered feeling joy about that.

    Goth felt like he needed to be somewhere… Under the tree! He looked through his contacts. He remembered Palette showing him WhatsApp messages… So… That must mean he has him as a contact! Goth found palettes name, and asked him to meet him under the tree:
    G- Hi. Please meet me under the tree in school! After hours, obviously!
    P- What??
    P- sure!! >\<
    G- why are you… Blushing?
    P- it’s nothing
    G-see you there in 5!!

    He was prepared! He wanted his memories, and someone somewhere in his head told him that palette could give him them!!

    They met after hours under the tree. And Goth’s memories came flooding back! He started to talk about them all, whilst palette looked, crying tears if happiness!

    Palette took his chance
    His sweet, sweet chance….

    Palette got the chance to confess :

    “Oh goth! You remember!! I guess I can do it now…”
    “do what palette?”
    “I know it’s been obvious….. But I love you with all of my heart, Goth! Please be my beautiful boyfriend!”
    “Palette….. Of course I will!!!”
    It was a beautiful moment. Like one from an anime, or a cliché fanfic! But it was beautiful all the same….

    12 hours remain…
    How will they be spent?

  • Palette - @angexci
  • Goth - @nekophy
  • Geno - @loverofpiggies
  • Ink- @comyet
  • Dream- @jokublog

  • A bit of happiness ~

Pen pressure decided to not work - but In actuality I quite like how these turned out?
                  [Pictures have captions]