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I heard muslamic people slay five times a day, it is true? And shakira law? I thought it was called sharliah law? ://

its shakira law rule #1 is if ur hips dont lie…. then u gotta die


s3 ep7 suga sketch dump from my twitter because let’s be real he was great and i am so proud of him i cried 3 h straight

( can we talk about how completely ridiculous my drawing style gets when i work fast like holy. that’s the real me ladies and gentlemen ) 

BIG BANG Reaction to Their S/O Grindin’ on dat Dick.

A/N: SOMETIMES I AM NOT SERIOUS OK. DAT DICK THO. Anyway, reuqested by anon:ย โ€œ Can o request something *coughs* dirty? How would Big Bang react to you sitting in their lap and start grinding down on their member because youโ€™re horny?โ€ย 

Warnings: NSFW? I guess? i dunno.

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