then 12:30

  • Nico: You're not my mom, and you're not her mom! [points at Hazel]
  • Jason: I never said I was!
  • Nico: No, but you certainly act like it!
  • Jason: I don't act that way! Piper, do I act motherly?
  • Piper: Hey. I'm staying out of this one.
  • Jason: What do you think, Percy? Do I act like a mom?
  • Percy: [rubs his eye.] Well. I, uh-
  • Jason: Stop rubbing your eye and speak clearly when you talk!

anonymous asked:

hey could you please do something with tyler dating a really shy person?

I sure can!! Please enjoy😊😊💕💕


- Doing his best to have you come out of your shell without making you uncomfortable

- Giving you much affection to make sure your okay with everything

- Holding your hand during conversations with people you don’t know

- Not making you say anything as he knows how you feel

- The most supportive little bean to you and you love it

- Being proud of you when you finally come out of your shell

- You’re still super shy in public but not with Ty

- #SupportiveTy payed off