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Hey guys! So a great friend of mine @bilesandthesourwolf blog was deleted. She lost everything. I know a lot of you who follow me also follow her. Especially those in the Sterek/Teen Wolf Fandom. She makes incredible graphics and gifs. So for those of you who followed her before and didn’t know that this happened GO FOLLOW HER. And those of you who followed her before and reblogged some of her stuff please please please send her links to her creations and if you have them any personal posts you might have liked or reblogged. It won’t make up for what she lost but I hope we can at least give her back a small piece.

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I know this sounds dumb but I am so proud of you, I have followed you for years and you have always been kind and sweet to any questions I have sent you, I have ordered your book and I am telling others to as well, Unlike certain so called big blogs I won't mention, you have always been courteous when it comes towards mental health, answering people's questions and requests, I will always cheer for you, I mean it

Oh wow, this is genuinely such a kind and sweet message and not dumb at all. I really do appreciate the support and the lovely words. Thank you so much!

Random Treatment-of-Queer-Individuals-in-Panem Headcanon

This subject was brought up by @demisexualkatnisseverdeen in another thread, and I found it important enough to put my thoughts into its own post.

For how the Capitol treats its own (as long as you don’t cross it)? Likely largely egalitarian by current liberal Western standards in regards to views on sexuality and gender, including allowances for trans. As for how aces and aros would be treated? On one hand, there is definitely a strong sex and romance culture that would include belittlement of those who don’t partake. On the other, the Capitol is very big, and it is noted that Katniss really only saw the socialite class; noted is how relatively modest a lot of the actual ruling class was. So the overall atmosphere is likely not too different from a fandom section of tumblr.

How the Capitol treats those from the districts? No overt policy discrimination on basis of orientation. Now at the individual level… As others have noted, while the Capitol won’t hate you on the basis of your orientation, you certainly don’t have rights either. Even when the orientations are compatible, it’s already evil due to coercion and ensuing lack of consent. When they aren’t, it’s an additional layer of suck. You’re straight and the person is of the same sex? Too bad. You’re gay and the person is of the opposite sex? Too bad. You’re ace? Too. Bad. Alternative is to see those you care about meet awful ends.

Within districts… I’d say it depends where you are. If you are in a Career district, you’re probably fine due to relative prosperity and proximity to the Capitol. Same goes for the tech-based districts due to better living conditions and nature of the industry. However, if you are in an especially-impoverished agrarian or heavy industry district… it’s best not to be open. Part of it is the assumption that, as someone who is not marrying and having kids, you are being selfish by not pulling your weight; both in terms of industry and to help reaping odds by having children of your own in the bowl. The other part of it would be the association of things that diverge from the norm as being Capitol-affiliated (related: the especially well-educated suffer the same; we even see in canon how dismissive and hostile Katniss initially was to idealism, and she was one of the most open-minded of her district); hell, it could be very likely that the Capitol deliberately stoked that animosity to both sow division and show its citizens, “Hey look how quaint and barbaric those district savages are.”

If there’s one power that aces and homosexuals would really fear, it’s District Thirteen. Take the previously-mentioned district antipathy towards anything resembling Capitol decadence or the idea that people aren’t pulling their weight, and then ratchet it up several notches by incorporating and codifying it into state rhetoric and philosophy. Now add the obsession with population sustainability to get a eugenic bent to the doctrine, and then harden that doctrine with punative militarism. Attitudes that make all but the worst historical facist and communist states pale in comparison. Even if a homosexual couple is sterile, their fate would likely be a very public death so as to dissuade anyone from getting any ideas. And if you are fertile, you better pair up and put out, orientation be damned. Overall, Queers are the ultimate “NonContributers”, Traitors to Humanity, and as worthy being out down as those afflicted by chronic illness, disability, and genetic disorder. Had Coin managed to take power, I suspect the sight would not be pretty, and she may have prepared to take advantage of the present antipathy across the districts so as to make enforcenent much easier (during the war itself, they would have been more restrained so as to not tip their hands; even then, we saw how brutal they are for the slightest thing).

The weird thing is, as a fandom focused on injustices, it sure is heteronormative. And when homosexual relationships are written, it’s more common than not that they are fetishizations (Seriously, what is with the prevalence of Peeta/Cato on ffnet? You’d think that the top slash pairing would be Peeta/Gale. … But I digress) that revel in themes that are pretty damn toxic. Of course, this heteronormality is no doubt not helped by the fact that all explicit relationships in the books are heterosexual. However, considering how much leeway the books give us to elaborate on characters and settings, and considering how much this fandom seizes that opportunity regarding the lives of various characters, shouldn’t greater representation or at least discussion of related themes be a given in fanworks and analyses?

Related, one of the major characters whom I do headcanon as asexual is one whom the fandom tends to characterize as sex-obsessed: Johanna Mason. Have you noticed that she never actually flirts with people (that was movie-only, and there are so many unfortunate implications regarding how lecherous they made Haymitch during that scene)? Every time she strips, it comes off more as frat-ish hazing or simple comfort with her own body rather than anything sexual.

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I'm happy that Chris and Darren were at the same event and got your hopes all up . The disappointment will be greater when nothing changes by this time next year

Oh darling I love when I have my dearest haters write to me thinking they can drag me down . 💚 Anyway as usual don’t worry about me. C and D have never disappointed me in the past. And I’m sure they won’t disappoint me the future. I hope for them and expecially for D that you would be able to love and support him no matter what when you won’t have no other choice than see his true and wonderful colors.

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I've been feeling like shit this whole week (like my whole life tbh) and I would just like to say thank you for all the art you have posted/ are posting right now. I'm sure this won't mean a lot to you but my heart goes out to you for helping me survive this past week and ever since I've followed you. You are an amazing person and hope to excel at art like you. Just thanks for everything. <3 the forgotten anon

oh honey, this means so much to me dont even Talk Like That ;;;;A; I enjoy drawing for you all so much im glad to help you get through tough times!! 

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Hi Ladies! Do you have any advice on starting a side hustle? My college is in a very small city type place with four other colleges in the immediate area so actually getting a part time job doing anything is so incredibly difficult because EVERY college kid wants that job. I'm going crazy with no income coming in (plus thousands of dollars in tuition going out) and I feel like I'm ruing my financial future. Help?

Fear not, our darling yet ambitious baby penguin. You have so many options!

So. You’re living in a small college town glutted with college students all competing for the same meager handful of part-time jobs. You need work that will grant you a flexible schedule so you can go to class and get your homework done. 

Welcome to… the Internet.

Here you don’t have to compete for a handful of jobs with your geographic neighbors. Here you compete with the global population for a metric bajillion jobs! Here you won’t have to be beholden to a brick and mortar business’s constricting schedule. On the Internet, you can make your own work schedule.

The Penny Hoarder has a great list of online jobs that pay a decent wage. In particular, I highly recommend virtual assistant and online tutor, as I have friends who have managed to make those jobs work really well for them. But remember to think outside the box: what kind of virtual services would you pay for? What kind of virtual services can you offer to people in your community? 

You can advertise your services on places like Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and Nextdoor. Troll the same sites for job offers and requests for help. 

Once you’ve found your flexible online niche, remember to properly value your work. Don’t under-charge customers, and don’t burn out your mind side-hustling to pay for your education.

Good luck. You’re going to be great.

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Hailey, never take those things to heart! We all have those days where things don't go our way. But think of it as this; If you do all these negative things today, you won't have negative tomorrow!

That’s one way to look at it, I guess

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any garden witch tips? i'm new

Sorry it took so long for me to get to this! Busy week! Anyways, yes! If you want to get your hands into some soil and incorporate it into your craft, a great way to do so is by growing your own herbs! The staple herbs I would recommend are sage, lavender, rosemary, and thyme. But depending on where you live, these plants won’t grow year round, so you have to do your research. I live up in the PNW, and our grow season is only 2 short months, then it gets too dark and cold to grow anything (even if I keep my herbs indoors, there’s still not enough light coming through the constant clouds! October - June I have to focus on low-light houseplants).

Speaking of houseplants, some of the things you can do are: water them with moonwater or blessed water; draw sigils or runes in the dirt to help them grow strong; if you have indoor houseplants like I do, you can draw sigils/runes on the bottoms of the pots, then place them in a windowsill on the night of a full moon to charge the sigils.

Plants love a welcoming enviroment, so keep your space clean & cleansed & warm, and shower them with affection!

Hey guys !!! Do you have some show to recommend me ? I mean I maybe won’t have the time to watch them now but I’ll keep them in mind. Heard of the Good place ? Is it good ? Other shows I can watch ? :D Kiss ♥

Talk to me about you too ! I want to know you !!! I also have time this evening to answer some questions ^^ ♥

Andddd if someone wants a specific shoot gifset I can make it ! ♥ just ask me ♥

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Maybe you have to put autistic disclaimer in your description or somewhere else highly visible. So you don't have to keep publishing reminder posts and anons won't have any excuse of not seeing it. If you still get rude anons after that then you know they just want to be rude for the sake of it and stir trouble. It's just a suggestion though. P.S. I love reading your posts :D

Yeah, I’m mixed on that, because I also feel like NT people need to start taking responsibility in general for their assumptions – and they need to start treating people with varying communication styles with respect – because I haven’t said anything that I can think of that was downright mean spirited or intentionally rude.

All I’ve done is disagree with people and ask for clarification on a post I didn’t quite understand. People misidentify disagreement with something beyond that sometimes – an implication that there is malice. But… I dunno, I can’t speak for NT people, but my disagreeing with someone doesn’t mean I don’t value their opinion or understand their perspective.

I think I know who it was – or at least what it was in relation to (someone I blocked). The thing with hateful anons is that they are usually people who are already PISSED about one thing, but once they see ANOTHER thing they can latch onto and exploit, they cling to that and start firing away mean messages because they’ve got a vendetta against you, now.

I think they clung to the Scavengers Hoard response post because it’s easy to take my comments out of context and make it look like I’m trying to knock those ladies and the hard work they do – when that is CLEARLY not what I was doing. 

Anyway, I respect the other meta writers on this site who present with informed analysis and promote intellectual discussions. I love that even when I disagree with some of these people (Scavenger’s Hoard, Star Wars Connection, Knights of Rant, Ohtze), I can still read or hear their metas and be BLOWN AWAY by the work they’ve done.

I hate that people are trying to pit any of us against each other for… I dunno, whatever reason. I can’t really understand why anyone would do that. Trying to compare my actions and personality with other meta writers in a way that makes it look like you’re making it a competition?? Just upsetting. I felt bad that they even had to see my response. I honestly never in a million years thought they’d ever see it, so I’m kind of sad they had to feel a need to apologize at all. It was never my intention to make them feel responsible…

Ugh, I’ve gone on too long to over explain myself again, sorry.

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Can you write a story where Bruce adopts a new boy but doesn’t tell him about how he’s Batman and Tim drake is in it slot 🙏🏼🙏🏼😊

“Okay, here comes the bump” Tim said hooking his foot under the bar in the back of Miles’ wheelchair trying to give it some lift over the threshold. Miles gave a little “oof” as his chair bumped. Tim winced but his friend didn’t say anything and just pushed his dreadlocks out of his eyes and looked around. “Some place you got here Tim” he nodded toward the grand stair case “think you can beat me in a race?” Tim laughed “yeah yeah” Miles said taking the wheels of his chair in each hand, “you got working legs, but I got style” 

Tim slipped in front of Miles and walked toward the elevators. “Sorry about the door, we have carpenters coming this week to level that out so you won’t have a speed bump coming in.” Miles waved his hand dismissively. “aw come on dude you guys don’t need to do that. I can’t believe you put in a chair lift. It felt like the cross town bus coming in here.” Tim looked back at Miles as they reached the gold doors of the elevators. He looked thoughtful and a little grim.

“You didn’t have to go through all the trouble, Tim. I mean it’s super cool of you and your dad, letting me stay here till my mom gets better.” Tim smiled “No trouble dude” They both knew Miles’ mother wasn’t going to get better. Miles and Tim had been roommates at Gotham Academy for two and a half years now. Miles’ mother had started to get sick about a year ago. 

Cancer had ripped through her body leaving her once bright face thin and tired. Her skin had been a rich brown that glowed, now it was gray and hung off her. She was barely 90 pounds and as much as Miles didn’t want to admit it, this was the last time she’d go into the hospital. Miles had done his best to take care of her, and deal with medical bills, but they’d been on the edge of being evicted when Tim found out. Bruce had taken care of money and the hospital, a private room with a view of the sea. Tim knew it was months if not weeks before his friend’s mother would die in that room. 

the elevator dinged open and Miles rolled himself inside and Tim followed. “Please tell me you guys didn’t put this in for me” Miles said looking at the brass buttons on the old timey elevator. “Ha no, this is from like the 30s dude” Tim said punching the button. “That fills me with a warm fuzzy feeling” Miles said pushing at his hair again. 

With a ding the doors opened on their floor and Tim lead Miles toward the bed room. “Uh those are Dick and Jason’s rooms, they don’t really live here but sometimes they stay over” He waved at two doors side by side. “Damian is at the end of the hall, put off meeting him as long as you can, I think you’ve met Duke he’s cool, he’s across the hall, I’m right next door to you, we share a bathroom” Tim pulled open a door and they went inside. Miles looked around “Shit man this is as big as my apartment” Tim blushed and shuffled his feet. “Thanks again for doing this for me man” Miles added. 

Potatoes last so long so you can get one for one a day whenever you go shopping, have home fries every morning, and they won’t go bad so you’ll have them until your next grocery visit

Unless you store them by your onions!