My friend and I conversing over the Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus fandom
  • TheMysteryCan: I hate this fandom
  • Me: you know how Marijuana is the gateway drug that sooner or later leads to other drugs? This is the gateway fandom.
  • TheMysteryCan: Yup
  • TheMysteryCan: Actually, no.
  • TheMysteryCan: Harry Potter's like weed, PJO is like doing Heroin.
  • TheMysteryCan: PJAO and Heroin will both ruin your life.
  • TheMysteryCan: HP just screw you up...
  • TheMysteryCan: Same with weed.
  • Me: The last straw before you go down into Tartarus....
  • TheMysteryCan: Yup.
  • Me: I'm sorry...
  • Me: I got you into this....
  • Me: I wasn't going down alone, though